David Amess: Spivey’s Sleezebag of the day


Chris Spivey


I see that the Southend West MP, David Amess is in trouble for expenses again. Course, with me living just outside of Southend, I know only too well what the Snaky bastard is like. In fact, the local Newspaper, the Southend Echo is always reporting on his wrong doings.

Not that he is unique amongst politicians. They are all under the delusion that their positions of power, give them a licence to do whatever the fuck they please. That includes helping themselves to the Taxpayers money. 

I know I keep saying it, but this really has to stop people.

I mean, why the fuck should these corrupt wankers be allowed to claim for things like their 2nd mortgages, decorating their houses, landscaping their gardens… And the list goes on and on and on. The piss taking spongers even charge us for their porn films. This from Reuters in 2009:

In March, the husband of Jacqui Smith, Britain’s interior minister and one of the most powerful politicians in the country, had to publicly apologize for charging two pornographic films he watched at home to his wife’s parliamentary expenses.

It followed a disclosure about Smith’s use of parliamentary housing allowances, and led to a flood of revelations about politicians’ expenses in The Daily Telegraph newspaper that has gripped the nation for the past four weeks.

An awful lot of people in this country don’t have the luxury of one home, let alone two. Worse still, some of those homeless people find themselves having to contribute towards the cost of these parasites second dwellings. But being allowed to claim for the cost of  these 2nd homes isn’t enough for some of the arseholes. The following appeared in the Scottish Herald last October:

MPs were embroiled in a new expenses row today after it emerged that 27 are letting out London homes at the same time as claiming public money to rent in the city.

 Shadow ministers Jim Murphy, MP for East Renfrewshire, Andy Burnham, and Chris Bryant; Communities Minister Don Foster; and former defence secretary Liam Fox are among those listed as raking in income from properties while receiving up to £20,000 a year in expenses. …

Research by the Daily Telegraph identified Tory MPs David Amess and Peter Luff, and Liberal Democrat ex-defence minister Nick Harvey among those letting out properties in the capital while also claiming expenses for renting.

Fuck me, it was only 4 years ago that they were all caught out big time. No surprise that only 3 went to prison, but all the same, you would have thought that they would still have put a lid on their thieving .

However, even by claiming expenses legitimately they are still taking the piss. After all, why should they get their TV licence’s paid, when even those out of work have to pay for their own. Why should they get their travel paid? There are millions of ordinary people travelling the same distance that Amess has to travel who have to pay the  £4000 yearly train fare themselves? The following is from the Guardian last October:

Row over expenses widens as 185 members are shown to have claimed for first-class rail tickets despite official guidelines…
More than a quarter of MPs have charged first-class rail travel to the taxpayer in the past year, contrary to parliamentary guidelines that discourage the practice unless it is genuinely cheaper than buying a standard fare.

And while we are at it, why the fuck should the Taxpayer pay for their Gardens to get done? Why should we pay for their decorating… Do they pay for ours?

Speakers wife, Sally Bercow spent £45 grand of your money doing up their grace and favour apartment in Westminster Palace. She said she had to spend a good part of it redecorating because her Autistic son didn’t like the Red Wallpaper. This came just after her husband John ‘the midget’ Bercow had been caught up to his neck in the MP Expenses Scandal… That’s probably not a good comparison of measurement being as he’s only 2ft 9ins tall, but you know what I mean.

And then, instead of holding his hands up to thieving public money, the piss taking dwarf tried to get a law passed allowing MP’s not to have to disclose their expenses. When that failed, the little cunt still didn’t give up.Talk about fucking blatant:

John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, has asked the parliamentary expenses watchdog not to publish official documents which identify MPs’ landlords.

Publication of the names, which was supposed to take place on Thursday, may have exposed any MPs who were renting their homes to one another. The loophole means MPs can build up capital in property at taxpayers’ expense, despite official attempts to stop the practice after the expenses scandal.

A stolen computer disc sold to the Daily Telegraph disclosed the existence of a “property merry-go-round”, with dozens of MPs renting out their previously taxpayer-funded homes and immediately renting nearby homes, claiming the new rental costs from the taxpayer.

David Laws, the Liberal Democrat minister, was forced to resign and repay tens of thousands of pounds after being exposed for paying rent to his boyfriend.

Now, while I feel sure that it must be difficult for the Bercows having an Autistic son, there are many other people besides MP’s who have Autistic children. Difference is, they have to pay for their own fucking decorating if their Autistic child doesn’t like the wallpaper.

Its not as if these thieving smegheads ever learn.  Especially David Amess.  In fact, even those ponces who lost their jobs over the 2009 expenses scandal, are still wanting to come back for more. This from the Evening Standard just 3 short months ago:

A string of former Labour MPs who lost their seats following the expenses row may be planning comebacks at the 2015 election, the Standard has learned.

Former minister Dawn Butler, who was ousted as MP for Brent in 2010, is seeking a rematch against Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather and has won the backing of senior Labour MPs for a bid for the Brent Central seat.

Ms Teather won a 1,345 majority in 2010 after Ms Butler’s campaign was overshadowed by the furore over her expenses, including a report that she claimed for a “whirlpool” bath.

Ms Butler, 42, claimed £37,245 in taxpayers’ cash over two years to pay for a second property. Her office said that she moved into the Wembley house after being elected in 2005 to allow her to serve her constituents.

And do these ponses in parliament work hard? Do they fuck. There are far, far too many parasitic Politicians riding the gravy train. This from the National Post in Dec 2011:

Belgium still afloat after 17 months of no government

Across Europe, governments are falling as a result of the financial mess into which they’ve dumped their countries. Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland… But Belgium is different. Belgium has hadn’t a government for 17 months, and is still in better shape than some of its neighbours.

So, exactly what is it that these cunts do? I’m fucked if I know. I do know that I once asked my MP James Duddridge to intervene in an extremely serious matter. That was the first and last time because the fucking arsewipe was incapable of grasping the simplest of facts, let alone resolving a complicated matter.

Is there anyone who can hold their hand up and truly say that their MP is value for money? Mind you, to be fair to Duddridge, who is the MP for Southend East, his expense claims are lower than most. Then again, the twat does fuck all and shouldn’t be entitled to any:

James Duddridge, MP for Rochford and Southend East, has claimed back £2,000 in taxi bills since March last year, for 24 trips between Westminster and his home in Fermoy Road, Thorpe Bay.

He argued the taxis were necessary because he had stayed in the capital for late-night sittings in the House of Commons, and it was cheaper to pay for a journey home than a hotel room in London.

The last c2c train service from Fenchurch Street to Shoebury leaves at 12.25am on weekdays, while the London Underground routes which serve it do not stop until well after 1am.

Returning to David Amess.  actually saw him in my local Tesco once. Buying flowers believe it or not. Course, he was accompanied by a member of Staff, although I don’t know whether that was to stop him from shoplifting or not. In any event, I didn’t see him pay or leave despite sitting in my car for ages to see if he did or not. I got bored of waiting in the end so I Emailed Tesco to confirm or deny whether he had paid for his flowers or not (A serious offence for a Politician to take freebies from a company). Tesco then sent the following reply:

I just want to let you know that your email has successfully reached us, and we 
promise to be back in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Tesco Customer Service

Predictably, I never heard no more.

However, before I go any further here is the article that appeared in today’s Daily Mirror, that spurred me on to write this shit in the first place :

New expenses storm: Tory MP with two London homes claims £8,500 in hotel bills from the capital

David Amess owns one home in the capital AND receives taxpayers’ cash to rent another.

A TORY MP has claimed more than £8,000 to stay in London hotels in the past year, ­despite owning a home in the capital AND receiving taxpayers’ cash to rent another.

David Amess has hit the taxpayer with 23 separate expenses claims for ­hotels since July 2011.

Yet he owns a flat in East London which he rents out, while official records say he lives at an address in South West London. And his constituency home in ­Essex is only 41 miles from Westminster.

Expense accounts reveal he has so far received £7,375 of taxpayers’ cash to rent the South West London flat using the MPs’ accommodation allowance.

Amess is one of 27 MPs who have been claiming expenses of up to £20,000 a year to rent a second home in London while letting out a property in the capital. He has done nothing wrong under parliamentary rules

The loophole allowing MPs to claim in this way may now be closed by watchdogs.

Meanwhile, the revelation about Amess’s repeated hotel stays were condemned by political opponents in his Southend West constituency.

Ian Gilbert, leader of the Labour group in the seaside town, said: “In the context of the Government austerity drive which he is probably supporting it seems hypocritical with all the various cuts taking place.

“You could argue that Southend is close enough to commute from, as many people do.”

Council Independents’ leader Martin Terry said: “This is disgraceful…people will take a dim view.”

In 2009, it was revealed Amess claimed more than £20,000 a year for a second home in London and the maximum MPs’ food allowance of £400 a month for four years.

When challenged by a newspaper the MP fled into a hairdressers.

He has declined to comment.


Now, as I say, living in Southend, it is easy for me to keep tabs on the thief. Below are links to just some of the many articles that the Southend Echo has published about the ponce’s wrong doings:

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Astounding that MP ran away

The sheer arrogance of Southend West MP David Amess is astounding.

He not only claims for a second home in London, when thousands in Westcliff commute daily (many with far more unsociable hours than MPs), but also claims £400 each month for food.

That he should then run away and hide from the press in a local hairdresser to avoid being brought to account for his profligacy, simply beggars belief.

He may consider that, sitting in a safe Conservative seat, his antics render him bombproof.

MP Smith claimed £1,833 for tax help

MP James had petty cash paid into his bank account

MP John Baron: re-mortgage claim broke expenses rules

MP’s apology for breaking new rules

Still waiting for my MP’s reply

I am surprised to learn that David Amess regards the MPs’ expenses scandal as unimportant and that there are more important issues to be dealt with.

Well there are, but answering letters from his constituents are obviously not high on his priority list. I am still awaiting an answer to my letter sent on October 28, 2008.

Counting the cost of parliamentary questions

The Echo recently reported on the number of written questions David Amess, Southend West MP, has tabled in the House of Commons during the past year (June 12) Some of the 929 written questions relate to some pretty bizarre issues.

As as MP, he is entitled to ask questions, and no doubt some should be asked.

However, at the reported estimated cost to the taxpayer of £149 per question, a total of some £140,000 for the questions he tabled, would he be so keen to pay for them out of his own pocket?

One of Mr Amess’s recent oral questions was on MPs’ expenses. On June 15 he asked how many debates and votes there have been on the subject since 1983, the year he became an MP.

One can only speculate why he asked this question!

MP still hasn’t faced his voters

MPs defend second home expense vote

Essex MPs notch up £849,458 expenses

MP says his bags were packed by Bin Laden, is violently ill on plane – and then sends letter of complaint to Virgin

Acceptable? Not in my book it isn’t. Its a fucking disgrace.

And as I say, Amess isn’t a rarity in Parliament either. They are all at it . Yet when you point it out to people the sum total of their outrage is to nod blankly. I really, really do despair.

Course, these cretins who run the country are meant to be clued up and have their finger on the pulse. In reality, the vast majority  of the fucking idiots are indeed just that. Fucking idiots.

Good old Davy Amy proved that he was no exception when in 2006, he stood up in the House of Commons and asked a question (which presumably cost the tax payer £149) about the deadly drug ‘Cake’. This from the Guardian: 

Chris Morris’s Channel 4 show Brass Eye devised similarly elaborate ruses to induce its subjects to believe satirical guff such as the existence of the deadly drug Cake, or the “fact” that paedophiles and crabs share the same genes. The Tory MP David Amess was fooled into asking a question in parliament – it was answered, too – about the perils of Cake. Amess took his case to the Independent Television Commission, which ruled in his favour. “If there are individuals who have been duped as I was about a serious subject, my advice to them is not to let it drop,”

You really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.

David Amess, You are the Sleezebag of the Day.