Dangerous Pretence


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Do you know what?

If I was a Muslim – or of Asian appearance even – I would be deeply concerned for the safety of myself and my family living in this country at this point in history.

Indeed, scum Zionist owned shit-rags like the Chimp are not even trying to be subtle in their vile vilification of Muslims Asians… The Zionist hypocrisy fucking stinks.

Yet the fake, blatantly racist newspaper’s fairy-tales, designed to verbally crucify Asians and published with the full intent of starting a race war are almost too pathetic for words.

The MSM message is in fact loud and clear: “White Christians are the good guys, Muslims are scum”…  Indeed, it would seem that another true distortion of history is on the horizon and embarrassingly my fellow WHITE countrymen are too fucking stupid to see that they are being played like an old fiddle.

Well I hope that they are anyway since I would hate to think that they were independently minded and harbouring such abhorrent racist views.

And of course, you then have to wonder how much longer the Muslim/Asians are going to put up with the persecution?

How long before the government created non-existent tewwowist, becomes the real mccoy?

Yet to hate someone just because of the colour of their skin, or because they believe in a different god, or even because they may have different values, is pathetic, unjustified and hugely moronic.

But what follows this foreword is typical of the absolute shite that the scum-cunt, would be journalists are churning out on a daily basis in the British national press.

Indeed, it is blatantly FALSE, blatantly RACIST, and blatantly CRINGE INDUCING.

The problem is that it is also being accepted as fact by white christians, too spineless, dumb and insecure to realise that they are acting like pre-school children afraid of the dark.

So now I am going to deconstruct the slimey skinned repeaters poorly constructed article, written by Queeranne Corcoran & Spam Matthews, for which the pair of obnoxious cunts – along with the rest of the racist monkey scum at the Chimp – should all be looking at a 7 year prison sentence for inciting racial hatred.

If I offend anyone in my deconstruction, get over it, because the MSM offends me every fucking day of the week.

And as always with these things, the Chimpanzee’s bits are in yellow, my bits are in off white and the sourced links are mostly in blue.

The moment American blogger’s wife was left covered in fake blood next to her husband’s mutilated body making out that after he was hacked to death by pretend Muslim militants claiming that they did so for insulting Islam and ‘in retaliation for U.S. strikes on ISIS’… Or “Dangerous Pretence” for short 

  • Dr Avijit Roy was attacked on Thursday night by cleaver-wielding extremists by university mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh… No he wasn’t
  • Militants, Ansar Bangla 7, claimed responsibility, saying Dr Roy’s writings were a ‘crime against Islam’… A seven year old wouldn’t have done that.
  • Obscure militant group said that Roy’s U.S. citizenship made the killing a ‘2 in 1’ – doubling as revenge for airstrikes in Syria… Did they fuck
  • Doctors said Roy’s wounds – three deep, deliberate gashes to the head – were made by ‘professional killers’… We will discuss this later.
  • Roy’s wife, Rafida Ahmed, was slashed after trying to protect him – and is in hospital with a deep gash to her head… I heard Roy’s wife has a deep gash as it happens.
  • Police believe that the attack is linked to Dhaka university – but have yet to arrest anybody… They probably do as it happens. Our plod believe blatantly obvious bullshit too 
  • The couple, both of whom are bloggers, were living in Atlanta, Georgia, and were visiting Dhaka for a book fair… They are both buggers – not sure about them being boogers, although it is true about the book fair. Their paperbacks liked the dodgems best 
  • Roy was well-known for his writings against religious extremism, both online and in published books… Was he fuck.
  • U.S. condemned ‘horrific’ murder on Friday – but said it could not give a motive… Their script writers haven’t thought that far ahead.
  • WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT… Least there is now that I am on the case. 


PUBLISHED: 07:51, 27 February 2015 | UPDATED: 21:35, 27 February 2015

Okay, who is going to kick off Gay-Boys, me or you? Too late I have already done it. Your turn:

This is the moment a prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger was hacked to death in the street by militant Muslims after denouncing religious extremism.

HUH? What? Right now is the moment?

Dr Avijit Roy, 42, from Atlanta, Georgia, was jumped by the gang of machete-wielding assailants last night in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh – leaving his injured wife standing over his bleeding body. He is well-known in Bangladesh for for his outspoken atheism.


There was 2 of them you pair of twats:

The couple were on a bicycle rickshaw, returning from a book fair, when two assailants stopped and dragged them on to the pavement before striking them with machetes, local media reported, citing witnesses. Source

On a “bicycle rickshaw” were they? Interesting… And quite easy to stop too, I would imagine.

But just so we are clear, Avijit Roy – strange surname for someone from Bangladesh – and his wife who is called Rafida Ahmed (source) or Rafida Ahmed Banya (source) or Rafida Ahmed Bonna (source) – a different surname to her husband anyway, were on their way home from a book fair when they were dragged off their Bicycle Rickshaw by two fellas, dragged onto the pavement and hacked to death with machetes… Got it.

Just incase you haven’t, here is another report:

The couple were returning from the fair on a bicycle rickshaw when two assailants dragged them onto a sidewalk before hacking them with machetes. Source

And that also confirms the Bicycle Rickshaw, so there can be no doubting that fact can there… Can there?

As he walked back from the book fair, assailants plunged machetes and knives into Roy and his wife, killing him and leaving her bloodied and missing a finger. Source


Well at least we know that it was 2 assailants… After all, a mob is two people isn’t it? … Can two people be a mob? Or Is a mob the same as a gang?

The following is from the Guardian:

Avijit Roy, who was hacked to death with machetes by a mob of unidentified attackers in Dhaka, had already received several death threats from Islamists for his writings on religion and science. Source

Hmmm. Well at least we know for definite that the couple were attacked with “machetes”. Isn’t that right Al Jazeera:

Sirajul Islam, a local police chief, told The Associated Press news agency the assailants used cleavers to attack the couple.


“Several attackers took part in the attack and at least two assailants hit them directly,” Islam said, adding that two blood-stained cleavers were found after the attack. Source

Oh… Are you sure that it was cleavers, and not Machetes? What does Mrs Roy Ahmed, Banya or Bonna say that they were attacked with?

Avijit, son of DU teacher Dr Ajay Roy and also the founder of Mukto-mona Blog, and his wife have been admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital in critical condition immediately after the attack.

Oh… Righto… Sorry about that. So she won’t be able to tell us then:

Bonna told the Dhaka Tribune: “Two miscreants attacked us with cleaver near TSC intersection around 8:45pm.”  Source

She wasn’t that critically injured then!

Still, you can’t help but wonder who would do such a thing, can you?

An obscure militant group, Ansar Bangla 7, claimed responsibility for the attack, which it said was in retaliation for his ‘crime against Islam’.


Fuck me they always seemed so nice when they were singing on Top Of The Pops… I liked that one of theirs, Never Had A Dream Come True… And, Don’t Stop Moving. That was another good one.

Mind you, that does somewhat contradict what the Bangladeshi Plod were saying at the same time that this article appeared (27/2/15 at 7:51PM):

Police recovered the weapon used against the victim aged about forty years. She was not able to confirm that the killers were Islamists – (27/2/15,  14:40PM)Source

And then there is this published by the (Asian) Daily Star on 1/3/15:

Some are trying to link the incident with some comments in the leaked telephone conversation of Mahmudur Rahman Manna. Source

Sorry to interrupt but I should just explain that Mahmudur Rahman Manna is a Bangladeshi Politician and a media personality. He was the former Organizing Secretary of ruling party Bangladesh Awami League.

There is also the following published on the 27th at 22:45PM:

Police have launched a probe and recovered the machetes used in the attack but could not confirm whether Islamists were behind the incident. Source

And on the 28th – two days after the ‘murder’ – the American press had this to say:

Investigators are proceeding on the notion that Roy’s murder was an extremist attack. His father, Ajay Roy, filed a case of murder with the Shahbagh police Friday without naming suspects. Source

And Al-Jazeera wrote on the 27th:

Al Jazeera’s Tanvir Chowdhury, reporting from Dhaka, said it was not known who was behind the attack, but the family of the victims are blaming “religious fanatics.”  Source

But the best contradictory report must go to the Asian on-line news website New Age:

DMCH police outpost inspector Mozammel Haque told New Age that unidentified people on a CNG-run auto- rickshaw had come to the TSC area and attacked the couple.

But Shahbagh police officer-in-charge Sirajul Islam said two people attacked the couple as they came out of Suhrawardy Udyan near TSC around 8:30pm and struck them with machetes repeatedly.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police additional commissioner (detective branch) Sheikh Mohammad Maruf Hasan said police had started investigation but were yet to have any clue to the motive for the killing. Source

However, what is really interesting is that on the 27th – the day after the murder – The Guardian wrote the following:

In December, Bangladesh News 24 reported that a man named Shafiur Rahman Farabi had written a Facebook post that read: “Avijit Roy lives in America and so it is not possible to kill him right now. He will be murdered when he comes back.” Source

Now how the fuck would the Guardian know that? Especially so soon after the ‘murder’ when no cunt seems to know what fucking happened.

However, when you click on that Bangladesh News 24 link, the story isn’t as straightforward as the Guardian suggests… And so as no one gets confused, as I know that can easily happen with foreign names, the all important one is Shafiur Rahman Farabi:

Police in Chittagong have reportedly detained two college students at the instigation of a blog activist who is said to have advocated militancy in the past.

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinees Kazi Mahmudur Rahman Raihan Rahi, 18, and Ullash Das, 18, were hauled up from the port city’s Chawkbazar under the much-debated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act.

Now I don’t want to treat you like thick cunts, but some of you are. So for the benefit of the thick cunts, News 24 are saying that Shafiur Rahman Farabi – who the Guardian had found out was threatening to kill Roy – had managed to get the two young fella’s arrested for their comments on Facebook.

That would suggest – as the two young fella’s family’s are also suggesting – that Farabi carries some clout.

I want you all to also take note that the two young fellas came from CHITTAGONG a stronghold of the Jamaat affiliate… This is really important for later on.

And as an aside, you may have noted that Farabi allegedly wrote: “Abhijit Roy lives in America and so, it is not possible to kill him right now. He will be murdered when he comes back.” – which kinda makes a mockery of all these terrorist threats that our and the US government bombard our respective MSM’s with on a daily basis.

However, what is also interesting is that not only did the Guardian come up with Farabi’s name on the 27th… The fella was arrested on March the 2nd, four days after the incident and 3 days after the Guardians article:

Four days after American atheist blogger Avijit Roy was murdered in Bangladesh, police have arrested Farabi Shafiur Rahman for the crime. Source

I could go on, but I don’t want to steal your thunder boys, so you have another bash now… And another bath, you fucking stink… And not just at journalism:

The extremists also said he was singled out because he is a U.S. citizen – and characterized the vicious killing as ‘revenge’ for attacks on ISIS in Syria. 


Now I gotta tell you that apart from this Chimp article and one by the Guardian, I left the UK reports alone… Basically because they are shit and totally inaccurate. Besides, this is a MASSIVE story which has made headlines across the world.

Therefore I didn’t need to rely on the Shit Brit Knob Press… So I can tell you now that not one other European, Asian or US report that I have read has come out with that ISIS bollocks.

Give us some photos Monkey Cunts:

Brutal: This image, circulated by extremists on social media, shows Dr Aijivit Roy dead on the floor in Dhaka, Bangladesh (right) on Thursday night. Left, his wounded wife, Rafida Ahmed, stands over his body

Brutal: This image, circulated by extremists on social media, shows Dr Aijivit Roy dead on the floor in Dhaka, Bangladesh (right) on Thursday night. Left, his wounded wife, Rafida Ahmed, stands over his body


Except that the MSM circulated this photo – and others – and she isn’t standing over his body… Neither is he dead.

Apart from that you are spot on chaps:

He died during transport to hospital. His wife was seriously injured, she lost a finger , “said Sirajul Islam, director of the local police.  Source

See, the French, quoting the local Director of Police say that Roy the Boy died on the way to Hospital.

The same is said here in an Asian newspaper:

“He died as he was brought to the hospital. His wife was also seriously wounded. She has lost a finger,” local police chief Sirajul Islam said. Source

But even the French and Asians can’t get it right.

You see, according to Banglanews:

The injured were rushed to DMCH where Avijit, also son of a former DU teacher Dr. Ajay Roy, succumbed to his injuries around 10:20pmSource

That is nearly 2 hours after the event.

And the following report is also worth a mention:

The couple were immediately taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. ‘He suffered fatal wounds in the head and died from bleeding around 10:00pm after being brought to the hospital,’ said the on-duty doctor Sohel Ahmed. Source

As is this:

“Roy suffered fatal wounds in the head and died from bleeding… after being brought to the hospital,” doctor Sohel Ahmed told reporters. Source

I really am a lot better at this than you pair of cunts aren’t I? … And why don’t you use a proper fucking photo? … Like this one:



What other photos have you got fellas?

Roy was described as a 'free thinker,' by a friend

He was also said to have a 'strong voice against Islamic fanatics'

Outspoken: Blogger and author Dr Roy, 42, was described as a ‘free thinker’ with a ‘strong voice against Islamic fanatics,’ by a friend

Hmmm… No comment… For now. Any more?

Murder: The body of Avijit Roy was found in a pool of blood after being attacked by a clever wielding gang in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday night

Murder: The body of Avijit Roy was found in a pool of blood after being attacked by a clever wielding gang in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday night

How fucking come the background is different to the other photo where Mrs Boner is walking around all bloodied up?

As it happens… Don’t answer that.

I will discuss the matter in detail when I have had enough of showing you pair of stinking arseholes up for the proper racist cunts that you really are… GET ON WITH IT:

Police said at least two men, who are believed to have links to Dhaka University, attacked Roy around 8.45pm and landed three strong, deliberate blows to the right side of his head.

Meanwhile, New Age news website stated:

‘He suffered fatal wounds in the head and died from bleeding around 10:00pm after being brought to the hospital,’ said the on-duty doctor Sohel Ahmed. There were as many as nine marks of stab on his head, he added. Source

Now, since that is the doctor being quoted, you would think that he would know the difference between three gashes and nine. I mean I know a gash when I see one.

Nevertheless the police should also fucking know. After all, according to Asian News Net, they were there at the time:

 Now the question is not who killed Avijit, rather everybody is asking how he was killed when there were policemen within approximately 10 yards of the incident. Pictures were published in the newspapers showing common people and police standing near the crime scene, and some of them were taking photographs with their cell phones. This is what we had seen at the time of Biswajit killing, when media took videos of the whole scene rather than rescuing him. Source

And then there is this from Al Jazeera:

Witnesses told our correspondent that police and onlookers were present during the attack, but no one came to help the victims. Source

Hmmm, it is beginning to look like an inside job isn’t it… You know, like JFK where the Security Services knew about it and just let it happen… Egypt’s President Sadat was another one.

Indeed, think back to that Daily Star article that I quoted earlier which hinted that the Bangladeshi politician Mahmudur Rahman Manna knew about the assassination.

Photo of Manna purrrleazze:

images (3)

That is a joke by the way, for those hostile readers devoid of all sense of humour – devoid of all sense as it happens.

Nevertheless, that Daily Star article does go on to say:

 There is speculation that nothing will happen to the killers considering the result of investigations in the case of Professor Humayun Azad, Rajib Haider, Professor Lalon, Sagor-Runi, and so on.

In the Avijit killing the photographs published in the newspapers and social media show that there were eye witnesses, including police. The killers can also be tracked down by tracing their cell phone activities. Police seized two motor cycles and two machetes from the crime scene. If those motor cycles belonged to the killers then the registration details will lead to identification of the killers. All we need is to find the killers.

If the investigation is successful despite all odds, then we can demand holding of the trial in Speedy Trial Tribunal, and also transfer of all the previous cases like that of Humayun Azad and Rajib Haider to the same tribunal. In this crisis, the society needs a judicial precedent to get back hope.

Recent news reports have raised some questions about the role of security agencies as published photographs show that police were standing near the victim while Rafida Ahmed cried for help! Police probably could not prevent the homicide but they could at least have attempted to catch the killers.

Some are trying to link the incident with some comments in the leaked telephone conversation of Mahmudur Rahman Manna. If they want ordinary people to believe what they are saying, then they should also admit that the sole responsibility of protecting us lies upon the government. If the government knew that there would be an attempt to kill someone in the Dhaka University campus to boost the opposition protest, then it should have taken extra measures to protect the lives of the citizens. The antithesis is there as well which casts suspicion upon the people who are claiming the “Manna theory.”

You fucking tell em mate.

And unlike our MSM the Bangladesh MSM do allow controversial comments, with the following one being left on the Bangladeshi BD News website.


Just sayin’.

On you go with your bull crap now boys:

They turned on his wife, Rafida Ahmed, when she tried to save him, then fled into the crowd, dumping their weapons as they ran. Police have expressed shock that extremists struck at a university book fair, which was heavily guarded.

Fuck knows why the Bangla-Plod expressed shock, its not as if they didn’t know about it… And it didn’t happen at the book fair. Honestly lads, getcha fucking act together:

Witnesses have even said officers and bystanders were there during the murder – but did nothing. Several onlookers told Al-Jazeera nobody intervened in the brazen attack, while even police chiefs had said they were baffled that a man could be murdered so close to the heavily-guarded area.

The United States today said the murder was ‘horrific in its brutality and cowardice’ and represents an attack on the ‘principles’ of Bangladesh.

How does it?

Bangladesh is 90% Muslim. Roy was continually slagging Muslims off. Would Salman Rushdie who said an awful lot less have given a speech at a book fair promoting his book slagging Muslims off?

And anyway, America has no room to fucking talk. They murder their bloggers too… As do the UK.

Roy’s body was found in a pool of blood on Thursday night after the brutal attack. Ahmed, 45, is also a blogger. She is reportedly now in hospital with a deep cut to her head.

How was Roys ‘body’ FOUND in a pool of blood. His Body wasn’t lost?

As for Mrs Roy – who apparently isn’t Mrs Roy? Well the story has evolved since this old fanny was written.

I mean as you know, she was admitted to hospital in critical condition – albeit walking and talking – but she has an awful lot more than a nasty gash… Although no one wants a nasty, deep gash pouring with blood, do they?

Never the less, according to the Dhaka Tribune:

Witnesses said some unidentified miscreants swooped on the bloggers and hacked them mercilessly between 8:30pm and 9pm while they were returning from the book fair, leaving them critically injured. Source

FUCKING HELL! It’s hardly surprising that Roys dead and Mrs Roy-Who-Isnt is in critical condition.

I mean no one could withstand being “mercilessly hacked” for half an hour and expect to come off lightly… Or when the tribune states that the couple were mercilessly attacked between 8:30-9:00 are they estimating the time of the onslaught?

Course, the Tribune Journalists have the excuse that English isn’t their first language… But even so.

Meanwhile, our new friends BD News24 – whom Roy used to write for apparently – had this to say earlier today (3/3/15):

Meanwhile, on Feb 26, US-based Bangladeshi writer-blogger Avijit Roy and his wife and fellow blogger Rafida Ahmed Bonya were brutally hacked near the Amar Ekushey Book Fair.

Avijit died later and Bonya, whose condition is said to be critical, is undergoing treatment. Source

Our other new friends New Age noted:

Rafida’s left hand fingers were severed in the knife attack. Source

And as for the Americans? Well they went for an inbetweenie:

As he walked back from the book fair, assailants plunged machetes and knives into Roy and his wife, killing him and leaving her bloodied and missing a finger. Source

Hmmm, you have a go boys while I think about this old fanny for a minute… After all, you two aren’t are you:

Roy, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen and also a bio-engineer, had been receiving death threats online for years.

A Bio-Engineer aye?

Now I will be honest and tell you that I hadn’t a Scooby what a Bio-Engineer does. So I looked it up and it turns out that:

Biomedical engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes (e.g. diagnostic or therapeutic).

A medical, doctory type job then… Which is cool… Except…

The Guardian states:

A US citizen of Bangladeshi origin, Roy described himself on his Facebook page as an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. Source

Furthermore, a website promoting Roy’s books states:

Dr. Avijit Roy is a Bangladeshi-American blogger, published author, and prominent defender of the free thought movement in Bangladesh. He is an engineer by profession, but well-known for his writings in his self-founded site, Mukto-Mona. Source

And Wikipedia has the best description of Roy’s career of them all:

Avijit graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from BUET and worked as a lecturer of the same university before leaving Bangladesh for higher education. 

He achieved Master’s and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore. 

Later he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he worked as an engineer. He is owner of two US patents.

Now there is a marked difference between an “engineer” and a “bio-engineer”.

On the other hand the US news website KETV states:

Software was his career, but writing and blogging were his calling. And he did not speak alone. Source

Meantime, Al-Jazeera (controlled opposition) only mention Roy’s profession being that of a “prominent US blogger”:

 Police say unidentified attackers have hacked a prominent US blogger to death in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. Source

And as far as I can see that simply isn’t true. Okay, yes he was the founder member of the *aherm, aherm, “free-thinkers” website, ‘Mukto-Mona’ – a consortium of many various “freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, atheists, and humanists of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent”.

However, from what I can see, Roy used this website to relentlessly trash Islam and champion homosexuals – no wonder TPTB want to give his death as much publicity as possible. There is always an agenda behind the MSM.

But nevertheless, as that excellent article by the Asian Daily Star points out:

The killing of Avijit gave rise to questions like what and how far the bloggers can write in their blogs, a very legitimate question. Be it blogs or any other media, as per international law, no one can be allowed to incite child pornography, genocide, racial hatred and terrorism. Source

Agreed one hundred percent my good man… Not that I am convinced that Roy was murdered.

Never the less, Roy is either vilified as a hateful ranter of anti-Muslim sentiment or sainted as a humanitarian. Again the US website KETV had this to say:

How stark was his criticism?

Very. Roy and the blog’s other critics took off the gloves when it came to religion, particularly Islam.

Roy was a fan of Bill Maher’s harsh reproach of Islam and a critic of Reza Aslan, who has countered Maher’s standpoint.

His blog called Aslan “an Islamic apologist, who obviously feels threatened by the growing Atheist movement in the U.S. and worldwide.”

Roy likened women in burkas to “living zombies,” tweeting out a cartoon of one standing next to a child dressed as a ghost for Halloween.

Personally, going on what I have read Roy was a hypocrite of epic proportions.

For instance KETV state that the following was one of Roy’s last Tweets:

“So, Pope Francis thinks ‘evolution is real’! And it is still a major headline news in this century,” he recently tweeted.

Yet elsewhere I found the following:

Roy sought enlightenment in doubt, criticism and reason. Question everything, was a theme in his online posts. Never think you’ve found the truth.

He was a science geek who admired Charles Darwin, evolutionary psychology and astrophysics, according to a Facebook account in his name. CNN could not independently verify it belongs to him.

Roy was a fan of “Cosmos,” the TV series explaining the science behind the origin of the universe, and of the geek sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”

Mukto Mona contains sections titled “Science” and “Rationalism,” but most of the articles hold science up to religion as a litmus test, which it invariably fails.

“To me, it is a rational concept to oppose any unscientific and irrational belief,” Roy said. source

DARWINS THEORY OF EVOLUTION! He’s a fuckng deadhead not a freethinker for fucks sake!

Then again, anyone who is a fan of Bill Maher is hardly a freethinker are they?


Moreover Roy wrote about obvious false flags as if they were genuine terrorist events.

For instance KETV stated:

He [Roy] began one of his final articles by writing that January’s Charlie Hebdo massacre in France was “a tragic atrocity committed by soldiers of the so-called religion of peace.” Source

Freethinker? Are you fucking sure sunshine?

And according to the Guardian:

In a tweet from January he linked to an article that compares religion to a virus, particularly in the context of the attacks on a Peshawar school in which 145 died and the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Source

For the benefit of any newbies, both Charlie Farley & the Push-a-war School shooting were false flags.

Course, the Guardian – like all of the UK MSM – has to follow the elites agenda.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the shit-rag was full of glowing praise for the hateful shit-stirrer:

Ahsan Akbar, a British-Bangladeshi writer and poet who had worked with Roy, described him as a “gentle guy who wanted to promote science”.

Akbar said Roy’s “beautiful writings in Bengali” were an attempt to educate people without directly attacking religion. “He was not a hardliner like Richard Dawkins who goes out of his way to offend people. Roy was sensitive to people’s beliefs and thought offending people was the wrong approach.”

Ahsan Akbar is nearly Allahu Akbar – how quaint.

Course, Alsatian Akbar or whatever his name is, is either a made up name or he is in on the hoax… Trust me on that.

Never the less. Roy was no Richard Dawkins – Roger that.

However, I do find that glowing recommendation quite strange in view of what the Daily Dot has to say about Roy:

Roy, known to some as “the Richard Dawkins of Bangladesh,” wrote 10 books with titles like The Virus of Faith, and kept a blog called Mukto-Mona (Free Mind) about religion and skepticism. Source


Indeed it would seem that just like the MSM, Roy the Boy also had a habit of talking shite. For instance, in 2005 a website called “News from Bangladesh” carried the following article:

Avijit Roy wrote an article “Secularism” I have reviewed on NFB. In response Avijit Roy came out with some very silly and childish remarks, characterizing my work as “monkey dancing.” He calling me “Bahari head,” “…committing Red herring.” etc. Such over confidence by Mr Avijit claming himself also as a philosopher compelled me to share with the readers some additional but serious flaws in his work.

Philosopher or a swindler

I asked Mr Roy some simple questions. Mr Avijit Roy in his latest reply didn’t mention them because he does‘t seem to have the answers. To remind the readers, my question was about the three following paragraphs from his article”Secularism.”(I put within inverted commas). Source

It is no wonder that Roy lived in America is it!

Course, what the pro-Roy, Zionist press are trying to convey is the message that Muslims want anyone who is a non-Muslim dead.

And that is just total and utter bollocks… Which I know for a fact.

You see, I have over 1000 Muslim friends on my Facebook and they have been there for nearly 2 years.

Course, they are all well aware that I am not a Muslim, indeed, they are all aware that I do not follow or agree with any religion… Yet they do not try and convert me.

And as far as I am aware, not one of them wants to kill me… Or are we meant to assume that those 1000 people are not representative of Muslims in general?

Fuck me, even my Solicitor is a Muslim.

However, if I started disrespecting Islam I don’t doubt that my 1000 plus Muslim friends would turn against me very quickly… Then again, Islam is extremely important to my friends and as such I wouldn’t dream of insulting them.

It is called mutual respect… So fuck what you read in the newspapers, which imply that ALL Muslims – translated as ALL Asians – hate ALL white, non-believers and want to kill us; because nothing could be further from the fucking truth.

Carry on ya pair of useful fucking idiots:

One Muslim fanatic, Farabi Shafiur Rahman, had reportedly posted threats on Facebook last year that Roy would be killed as soon as he returned to the country.

Yeah, it doesn’t take to much working out that Rah Rah Rasputin – or whatever Rahmans name is – is the Bangladeshi equivalent of Anjem Choudary… Fucking strange that they couldn’t get to Roy in America though… Very fucking strange.

Nevertheless, just like Choudary, Fabreeze Rasputin – or whatever the fuck his name is – gets tugged in by the plod on a regular basis just so as no one suspects him of being a wrong-un:

Police on Sunday arrested Farabi Shafiur Rahman allegedly for threatening the Imam with death in a Facebook posting for administering burial ceremony for slain Shahbagh uprising activist and blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider.

Assistant Police Commissioner of Chittagong for Hathajari circle AFM Nizam Uddin told bdnews24.com that Farabi was arrested at the second entrance to Chittagong University at 8pm 

He is an honours final-year student of physics at the university. Farabi whose hometown is Brahminbaria lived in a mess adjacent to the place where he was arrested.

“Farabi has been arrested on charges of issuing death threat in Facebook to the Imam who administered Janaza of Rajib,” said Nizam.

He said police had intelligence that he had been involved in the politics of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Nizam refused to elaborate on the matterSource

Yet we have already read earlier in this report about the kind of sway that Febreeze holds with the Bangladeshi authorities.

I will also once again remind you to remember the place Chittagong at this juncture.

Carry on Monkey-Boys:

Roy and his wife were visiting the city of Dhaka for a book fair when they were set upon opposite the Dhaka University Central Mosque. Police have said the attackers likely have links to the university. 

So they have arrested someone who didn’t have instead then… Righto… No doubt that will make sense to some.

Mind you, they have also arrested some more mushes today (3/3/15) who also don’t have links to the university:

The latest detentions were made in raids since Tuesday morning, Deputy Commissioner Masudur Rahman said.

He, however, declined to give the reasons for the arrests. Source

Carry on dumb-fucks:

Jubilant extremists writing on social media were quick to praise the attackers. The account for Ansar Bangla 7 made a post which linked the killing to Roy’s nationality – and American airstrikes on ISIS. 

Yeah, you have already mentioned S Club 7… And the ICI airstrikes… Stop talking bollocks and give us some more photos:

Survivor: Rafida Ahmed is pictured above being stretchered to hospital after the attack on Thursday night. Police say she was attacked after trying to defend her husband 

Survivor: Rafida Ahmed is pictured above being stretchered to hospital after the attack on Thursday night. Police say she was attacked after trying to defend her husband 

It was very fucking good of the paramedics to give her a good wash down – remember all that blood over her in the first photo?

And they made a good job of bandaging her shirt… Is that to stop the garment from ripping any more?

I also note that she is covering the hand with the severed fingers/finger/thumb.

Mind you, it is a bit crap for a Getty Photo. Hang on, let me delve into my files and see if I can find a better one of Mrs Roy-Who’s-Not… Or two… Or three… Or maybe even more.


Spivey doesn’t do MSM newspapers but if he did…

Okay Monkey-Scum, I know that you won’t be able to top that but show us some more photos:

Home: Dr Roy and his wife, Rafida Ahmed, lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and were visiting Bangladesh when they were attacked

Home: Dr Roy and his wife, Rafida Ahmed, lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and were visiting Bangladesh when they were attacked

What fascinating scenery… What fascinating places these people go to.


Sorry chaps, I was showing off a bit… In fact I best remind the readers of your last line… In the article, I don’t mean your last line of Charlie:

Jubilant extremists writing on social media were quick to praise the attackers. The account for Ansar Bangla 7 made a post which linked the killing to Roy’s nationality – and American airstrikes on ISIS. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, put your hands together – and keep them that way –  for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Fucking Dum.

Take it away Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Fucking Dum:

It said: ‘The target was an American citizen.. 2 in 1. #America recently martyred 2 of our brothers in #Khurasan & #Shaam. #Revenge+#Punishment.’ 

Khurasan refers to Afghanistan. Shaam is a term for Syria, where American airstrikes have been a major part of the fight against ISIS.

They also said he had been their ‘top target’, and tried to justify the killing by saying he ‘crossed his limit’ after being ‘warned many times’.

So why haven’t Rachel and the other 6 been arrested then?

Aged well haven’t they? Especially Billy Bunter and the blonde bird:

According to an autopsy report obtained by local site BDNews24, Roy was killed by three deep gashes, which cut through his skull to the brain.

Doctors examining Roy’s body said the attack had the hallmarks of professional killers, who acted with ‘planning, skill and brutality’.

They did say that indeed… Clever old BD News24 for getting the Autopsy report… I did mention that BD News24 claim that Rob Roy worked for them now and again, didn’t I:

The doctor who has autopsied the body of Avijit Roy says the killers were professionals and struck three blows ‘very expertly and with ferocity’ on the head of the writer-blogger, causing him to die from profuse bleeding.

If the ‘killers’ dragged the Roys off of a rickshaw, how the fuck did they take careful aim? Or did Rob Roy not struggle or fuck all?

This style of attack surprisingly resembles those carried out by militants where upper parts of the body, particularly head and neck, were the main targets.

BEHEADING YOU MEAN?… Say what cha fucking mean for crying out loud. Muslim Extremists behead people… We get it… But is that the kind of information for a Pathologist to decide then?

Investigations into deadly assault on professors Muhammad Yunus and Humayun Azad and blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider point to the involvement of religious zealots.

Why does it? Did they all stand there and let the killer strike 3 excellent blows to the head too then? Was it the same pathologist for all four? Are they telling us porkies?

Dhaka Medical College Forensic Department’s Assistant Professor Dr Sohel Mahmud told bdnews24.com on Friday there were three deep gashes on the right side of Avijit’s head caused by a sharp weapon like a machete... Or a cleaver.

He added the gashes were parallel, only half inches from each other and strongly struck, without overlapping one another. 

Best I add some photos as we go I think.

20150227001513 (1)

The blows had cut through the skull and reached the brain causing excessive bleeding. There were also blows on the back and over the left eyebrow, he added.

Avijit1 The severity of the blows on the back of the head and excessive bleeding caused the death, Dr Mahmud believed.

He “believed”?… What kind of Pathologist is he?


Yeah, I thought so Jack.

I mean to say, the “severity of the blows” didn’t kill him did they, else he would have been DOA.

“This is the handiwork of a professional. They knew where to hit to kill a man. They were very skilled and ferocious,” the doctor said, adding it was impossible to carry out such an attack without ‘planning, skill and brutality’.

Fuck me, Detective Doctor Muddy well done indeed! Were the killers related to Jack? … The Ripper obviously, not Klugman.

Shahbagh police’s SI Subrata Haldar did an inquest (Surathaal) on the body before the post-mortem examination.

An INQUEST? Before the AUTOPSY! … Roger that.

 He said one of the wounds in the back of the head was three inches long and the other six inches. “Both of them are nearly two inches deep.”

What about the 3rd one?

A bio-engineer and a naturalised US citizen, writer Avijit Roy was hacked to death on the street opposite the the Dhaka University Central Mosque when he along with his wife was returning from the Amar Ekushey Book Fair on Thursday night. Source


BDNews24 reported that she had lost a finger in the attack and had a deep gash to her head. 


Ohhhh you’re talking about Mrs Roy, who isn’t Mrs Roy now… A finger and a deep gash… Roger that.

But fuck me chaps, you really should make yourselves clearer.

Police are yet to arrest anybody over the killing – and said on Friday they still have no leads – though they think the killing is linked to the university. 

But as we know, that has all changed now… And it wasn’t S Club 7 and the detainees were not linked to the uni.

Claiming responsibility: Militant group Ansar Bangla 7 said they were behind the murder - and linked it to U.S. action against ISIS

Claiming responsibility: Militant group Ansar Bangla 7 said they were behind the murder – and linked it to U.S. action against ISIS

They were being wannabees though.

Target: Messages posted by the militant group strongly linked the attack to his American citizenship

Target: Messages posted by the militant group strongly linked the attack to his American citizenship

Not that strongly as it turned out… A US citizen who USED TO LIVE IN US? Hmmm, strange thing to say… Amazing how the twats tweet in English is it not?

Giz another photo fellas:

Family: The couple have a daughter who is at college in the U.S. - the picture above is believed to show Roy with his wife and the young woman

Family: The couple have a daughter who is at college in the U.S. – the picture above is believed to show Roy with his wife and the young woman

“BELIEVED” to show Roy? Mind you, it doesn’t look much like him does it… Scenery is crap too.

Lets see what I have in my photo stock.


All checks out okay… Sorry to show you up again boys… Giz annuder:

Hunt: Police are investigating the killing in Dhaka, Bangladesh but have not yet made any arrests following the bloody attack 

Hunt: Police are investigating the killing in Dhaka, Bangladesh but have not yet made any arrests following the bloody attack 

Hmmm, I think that we need to look at this “crime scene” in a bit more depth Gay-Monkeys.

Now we are told that Roy was hacked to death opposite the “Dhaka University Central Mosque”.

Photos purrrleazze:


Absolute bollocks!

Give us another photo ya pair of Germalists:

Threats: Farabi Shafiur Rahman, pictured, reportedly threatened Roy with death should he come back to Bangladesh

Arrest: Rahman was taken into custody after the online comments - but it is unclear what happened to him next

Threats: Farabi Shafiur Rahman, pictured, reportedly threatened Roy with death should he come back to Bangladesh

Yeah, we know the plod have nicked him:


Mind you I did have to chuckle at the following:

They wasn’t that rapid were they?

The international community, including the UN, US and EU, strongly criticised the murder of the founder of Mukto-Mona (Free-thinker), a blog which used scientific facts to address religious radicalism.

The UN did in fact have this to say on the matter:

Secretary-General of the United Nations spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric condemned the killing and said “On the attack of the blogger, we spoke to our human rights colleagues who obviously condemned the attack and expressed the hope that the perpetrators will be quickly brought to justice through the due process of law.


He looks upset doesn’t he?

Carry on:

The US offered the services of their Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help investigate the murder, after Bangladesh government took up the matter with it, Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali told journalists on Sunday.

I hope they have more luck finding the killers than our lot had finding Madeleine McCann… Notice how after all those suspects and imminent arrests the stories have now died down?

I bet I could find her… At a fraction of the cost.

Just sayin’:

RAB Media Wing Director Mufti Mahmud Khan said in a briefing around noon that Avijit and Farabi met each other on Facebook around four to five years ago.

Avijit had blocked the fanatic blogger two years back because of their ideological differences.

HUH! What are they? A couple of teenage girls?

“Farabi in different statuses and comments, had posted pictures of Avijit with his family and threatened to kill him when he returned to the country.”

Mufti added that Farabi also posted religiously provocative statuses from a Facebook page called ‘Farabi Blog’. Source

I’m fucked if I can find “Farabi Blog” on Facebook… In fact it would be easier to find Madeleine McCann.

Never the less, the good old US of A are in a right Tiswas over Roy the Boy’s death:

A bipartisan group of six US Congressmen has asked Secretary of State John Kerry to ensure that those behind the brutal murder of American-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy is brought to justice.

“We must stand strong for freedom of speech and freedom of thought,” said the letter signed by Congressmen Mike Honda, Ed Royce, Eliot Engel, Grace Meng, Steve Chabot and Ami Bera.

Noting that the attacks around the world by religious fanatics against freedom of speech advocates was growing, they said the US cannot allow extremists to operate with impunity. Source

US Secretary of State John Kerry (left) and murdered Bangladeshi-American origin blogger Avijit Roy (right)

*Heavy Sigh

Carry on Monkey Boys:

Bangladesh News 24 quoted a police spokesman saying the murder was ‘university-centric’.

Egg-Centric more like.

He said: ‘Those who had come to kill [Roy] with machetes were not outsiders. This is university-centric’.

Is that his word/s of the fucking day?

Roy was of a Hindu background – a religious minority in Bangladesh which which has been historically persecuted. He is also the son of a prominent secularist and human rights activist, Ajay Roy.

AHHHH… A Hindu background aye… There is no love lost between Hindu’s and Muslims don’t cha know?

However, why bring Roy’s religious background up if he is an Atheist?

As for Daddy, Ajay Roy?

Well, no one seems to be able to get his name right either… Yet I would imagine that Mr Roy Snr is very, very well connected – if you know what I mean?

You see, according to Wikipedia:

Avijit was the son of Ajoy Roy, a retired professor of physics at Dhaka University and an Ekushey Padak recipient.

The Ekushey Padak is the highest Civilian Honour a Bangladeshi can receive… Apparently.

Therefore, you would think that the cunts would know if his name was Ajay or Ajoy, wouldn’t you.

Mind you, it is obvious where Roy Junior gets his shit stirring from:

Avijit’s father professor Ajay Roy filed a case with Shahbagh police over the murder on Friday, accusing unnamed assailants. 

He said extremists were behind the murder and “Jamaat(-e-Islami) has backed them”.

And then there is this:

Roy’s father said the writer, a US citizen, had received a number of “threatening” emails and messages on social media from hardliners unhappy with his writing.

“He was a secular humanist and has written about ten books” including his most famous “Biswasher Virus” (Virus of Faith), his father Ajoy Roy told AFP. Source

And plenty more along the same lines.



She must be his bit on the side… A wife would just say “wipe the pizza off your chin ya messy sod”.

The following is from the Times of India:

People from all walks of life, including Roy’s friends, relatives, well-wishers, teachers and students, gathered at the Dhaka University premises with flowers to pay their respect to the slain writer, who was on a visit to his native city in mid-February to attend a book fair. Source

Everyone except his wife and daughter then!

Course, the fact that his son lost his life on the University Campus – I know, I know, but you have to play along – where he worked is quite coincidental isn’t it?

Moreover, you know where Roy’s body is going don’t you:

Mr Roy’s body was brought to the Dhaka University at around 10.40 am today and was later taken to the spot where he was killed. 

“My son’s body will be placed at Aparajeyo in front of Kala Bhavan at Dhaka University where he studied,” said a grieving Ajay Roy over phone from Dhaka.

The body will later be donated to Dhaka Medical College for research.
Ajay Roy, a professor of physics at Dhaka University, told NDTV that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), had contacted him and offered help with investigations. “I have been told not to share details,” he said. Source

Yep, Roy’s body is being donated to the Dhaka Medical College… How convenient.

Indeed, according to the Times of India, it was Roys wish that his body be donated to the Medical College:

Roy’s body was later handed over to Dhaka Medical College (DMC) for medical research as per his wish. Source

It’s a good job that he didn’t die back home in America then isn’t it?

In fact it is a fucking good job Mrs Roy-The-Boy didn’t also die in the attack or else it would have been a Double Dhaka.


Thank you Barry.

Nevertheless, it is good to see that these Bangladeshi blood-thirsty tewwowists have morals.

I mean, it was awfully nice of them to wait until Roy came back to Bangladesh to kill him when they could have just killed his mum & dad instead.

Doesn’t make fucking sense does it?

Neither does the fact that Roy Snr doesn’t know how many books that his son has written:“He was a secular humanist and has written about ten books”

I mean, fuck me we are not talking about how many books he has read! We are talking about how many books that he has written… And as such, you would think that a clever old bastard like Ajoy/Ajay would know how many fucking books his clever bastard son had written.

But then again, just like no cunt seems to know Roy’s wife’s name or his fathers, no cunt seems to know how many books he’s written either:

Avijit authored more than nine books. Two of his books — Biswaser Virus’ (Virus of Faith) and ‘Abishwaser Darshan (Philosophy of Disbelief) — were launched in the ongoing book fair.  Source

This is a good one:

Avijit, a Bangladesh-born engineer, who was living in the United States, rose to prominence with his books on philosophy, scientific thought and human rights issues.

Among his books are Biswas and Bigyan (Belief and Science), Abishwasher Darshan (philosophy of atheism), Samakamita: Baigyanik ebong Samajmanastattik Anusandhan (Homosexuality: Scientific and socio-psychological intervention), Satantra Bhabna o Buddir Mukti (individual thoughts and freedom of thoughts) etc. Source

They named 4, got stuck and thought “fuck it“.

But surely KETV must know how many books this “famous author” has written:

As usual, Roy defied the threats and departed his home in suburban Atlanta for Dhaka, where he appeared at a speaking engagement about his latest books — one of them titled “The Virus of Faith.” He has written seven books in all. Source


Fuck me, even a website that sells his books doesn’t know how many he has written:

As an advocate of atheism, science, and metaphysical naturalism, he has published eight Bangla books, and many of his articles have been published in magazines and journals. Source


And as we have already seen, no one knows what he does for a living… Or how old he fucking is:

Roy, said to be around 40, is the second Bangladeshi blogger murdered in two years and the fourth writer to be attacked since 2004. Source

In fact, for someone so fucking famous, he’s not very well known is he?

Neither does Roy Snr know how is daughter in law is after the attack:

 Avijits’s father Ajay Roy is a retired professor of physics at Dhaka University, he said. Rafida’s left hand fingers were severed in the knife attack. Source

It is almost like Roy has been made up on the spur of the moment:

He was a prominent voice against religious intolerance, who had been sent death threats over his writings. 

Was he Monkey Cunts? Was he really. I mean we keep hearing what a famous, prolific, freethinking, blogger he was on his Mongo Blongo website yet according to the Guardian:

 The Mukto Mona site, which was discontinued a couple of years ago, carried an “access forbidden” error message until this morning. But in the last couple of hours a message in white has been put up against a black background which reads: “Amra shokahoto kintu amra oporajito” (“we’re grief stricken but undefeated”). There is no other content accessible on the site. Source

DISCONTINUED A COUPLE OF FUCKING YEARS AGO! I am literally sat here shaking my fucking head in bewilderment.

Mind you, Dogman will like the screenshot of that message left on the Mumbo Jumbo website.

images (4)

Come on boys, nothing to see here. Carry on with some more Monkey madness:

Chief Sirajul Islam said said: ‘Several attackers took part in the attack and at least two assailants hit them directly,’ Islam said, adding that two blood-stained cleavers were found after the attack. ‘

Shilby Noman, Dhaka’s assistant police commissioner, said: ‘Nothing of note has been revealed so far. 

Isn’t Shilby a well known trolls name?

‘But we hope that we’ll be able to arrest them and bring them to book so that this kind of crime does not take place again.’

Yeah, yeah, just give us some more photos.

Grief: Dr Roy's father, retired professor and activist Ajay Roy, called for his killers to be punished on Friday

Grief: Dr Roy’s father, retired professor and activist Ajay Roy, called for his killers to be punished on Friday

That would be the “killers” who didn’t think to target old Ajay and his wife at their home in BANGLADESH because terrorists can’t get to their targets in America… Despite what the MSM shit-rags would have you believe… As for grief?

He wants to have the fucking grief I have to put up with… He would know what grief was then.

What other photos have you got Chimps?

Torches raised: This crowd of women marched through Dhaka Friday night in Bangladesh in protest

Torches raised: This crowd of women marched through Dhaka Friday night in Bangladesh in protest

Yeah, fucking amazing how they got their burnie things so quickly… And were allowed to close a major road so as they could march.


Tribute: This candle-lit memorial was set up near the site of the murder in honor of Roy

Tribute: This candle-lit memorial was set up near the site of the murder in honor of Roy

HONOR??? Is the Chimp American now?

But I digress. The candle lit memorial was actually set up in the middle of a major road… With permission given by the understanding, sympathetic Bangladesh Government… Why are they using a photo of Chairman Mao? … Which they got printed up pretty damn quick.

Roy was often threatened over his writings, which appeared online, in newspapers and in several published books.

All in Bangladeshi… Not in English you understand.

Police sources in Dhaka say that, despite the violent threats, he had never asked them for protection.

I haven’t bothered either as it happens.

According to the Dhaka Tribune, the religious extremist Farabi Shafiur Rahman was one of those leaving threats.


He is said to have written: ‘Avijit Roy lives in America. So it’s not possible to kill him now. He will be killed as soon as he returns home.’

And he didn’t want to be nasty by killing Roy’s parents… That just isn’t cricket… Are you having this old fanny?

In a later post, he is said to have continued: ‘It’s now time to openly kill those atheists who will make obscene comments against Allah and His Messenger, giving them slow, painful death… In Bangladesh, either we Muslims will survive or the atheists will.’

Except in Roys case where they tried to make it a painless quick death… Roger that.

The Guardian reported that he was arrested for the comments – but it is unclear whether or how soon he was released. 

Errrr… Hellloooo… He is a government stooge… One of three I believe.

Roy was the founder of a popular Bengali-language blog – Mukto-mona, or Free Mind – in which articles on scientific reasoning and religious extremism featured prominently.

I have already covered the bollocks blog that discontinued 3 years ago, was written in Bangladesh – is that grammar correct? – and 53% of the websites readers live in Bangladesh

On its pages, Roy had recently published a defense of atheism, writing in January that it was ‘a rational concept to oppose any unscientific and irrational belief.’

No he hadn’t.

Next day: A worker is pictured above cleaning the blood from the street where Roy was hacked down by his attackers

Next day: A worker is pictured above cleaning the blood from the street where Roy was hacked down by his attackers

A WORKER? He’s a little boy… Poor fucker.

Here, have some of my photos:

5-Mainoor-Islam-Manik--04White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) Dinner Events

Okay Barry, don’t milk it… Nice fangs by the way.

Shall we have another of your shite photos Monkey-Boys?

Together: The husband and wife were jumped by the gang after leaving an event. Rafida Ahmed was beaten, bruised, and lost a finger - but survived

Together: The husband and wife were jumped by the gang after leaving an event. Rafida Ahmed was beaten, bruised, and lost a finger – but survived

Yeah, alls well that ends well… Nice scenery… Do carry on:

The website was shut down in the wake of the attack and now displays a message in Bengali, which reportedly reads: ‘We are in mourning, but not vanquished’.

Well, according to the Guardian it was shut down 2 years ago… But hey, why worry about details.

Roy has also written several books – two of which had been launched earlier in the book fair he was visiting. 

Interesting. How many books has he written exactly?

Roy’s father, retired professor and secular activist Ajay Roy, called for harsh punishment of his son’s killers, and said their actions were a sign of Bangladesh’s declined.

Oh… Right. You don’t know either then.

He told reporters: ‘The Bangladesh that was earned by the blood-sacrifice of the martyrs has now turned into a den of militants.

And you need tall wellingtons when it rains too.

‘I demand that the government immediately stops militant activities, vbbrings them to book and ensures exemplary punishment.’

Fuck me, he is full of himself ain’t he? What is “vbbrings”?

Hundreds of students and activists gathered in Dhaka today to mourn Mr Roy’s death and protest against the intimidation and murder of secular writers.

Yeah… I will let you into a secret Monkey-Shit-For-Brains… It was all fucking staged.

Islam is Bangladesh’s state religion but the country is governed by secular laws based on British common law, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has repeatedly said she will not give in to religious extremism.

Shame Britain doesn’t operate under common law really, isn’t it?

Anujit Roy, his younger brother, said Roy returned to the country earlier this month from the U.S., and headed back in March.

HUH… “Headed back in March”! … Forget it, I’ve lost interest… Mind you, Ajay, Avijit and Anujit all in one house… With the surname Roy… You couldn’t make this Avishit up.

Anujit? Wasn’t that what Ryu used to shout in that Street Fighter video game? That and “spinning bird shit”?


Seriously, fuck off now Barry.

Baki Billah, a friend of Roy and a blogger, told Independent TV that Roy had been threatened earlier by people upset at his writing.

Well what’s the “bloggers” name then?

Fuck me, two of them and they still can’t structure a sentence properly.

But as if someone is really called Baki Billah… Just get on with it.

‘He was a free thinker. He was a Hindu but he was not only a strong voice against Islamic fanatics but also equally against other religious fanatics,’ Billah said.

What? He wasn’t charged for thinking? He was allowed to do it for free?

And once again the fact that Roy is/was a Hindu is brought up and that he was a “strong voice against Islamic fanatics”… Or put another way: A fierce critic of Islam.

‘We are saddened. We don’t know what the government will do to find the killers. We want justice,’ he said

They had the Rapid Action Squad on it mate… They got the stooge after 4 days.

Memorial: Tributes: People were today gathering  at the spot where the blogger was ambushed and hacked to death

Memorial: Tributes: People were today gathering  at the spot where the blogger was ambushed and hacked to death

How fucking poignant is that photo?

Well, not very as it happens… It is just sick propaganda in fact.


Are you getting the picture yet?

International condemnation was also mounting over the murder.

Well of course it fucking was… That is the whole point: ‘Muslims kill a kind, innocent man because he doesn’t believe in Allah – If we don’t clamp down they will kill you next’

Its not rocket science.

State Department spokesman Jen Psaki addressed the killing in a briefing today. She said: ‘The United States condemns in the strongest terms the brutal murder of Aijivit Roy, which was horrific in its brutality and cowardice.

That’s the way Jen Psaki… Make sure you remember to point out the BRUTALITY and the COWARDICE… “All Asians are brutal cowards who need stamping out”.

Dog give me strength!

Imagine if Jen Psaki ever got with Baki Billah – they would be Psaki Baki… Well you have to amuse yourself don’t you?

Come on Dacre’s Dunces… Work:

‘He was a journalist a humanist a husband and a friend and we extend our condolence.

He was also a digger driver and a computer expert according to some fucking sources… Probably a travel writer too.

He was taken from us in a shocking act of violence.

He was taken from us in a shocking act!

‘This was not just an attack against a person, but a cowardly assault on the universal principles enshrined in Bangladesh’s constitution and the country’s proud tradition of free, intellectual and religious discourse’.

Get off your fucking soap box you obnoxious cunts. Fuck me there were over 7000 arrests and 30 odd people killed in January of this year alone – which has since risen to over a 100 deaths ya fucking Muppets.

Indeed, last month the UN expressed its concern at the on-going violence in the country and never ones to let an opportunity pass them by, the elite cunts are using that on-going violence to spread Islamophobia.

In truth, Bangladesh goes from one humanitarian crisis to another. In fact if they are not killing each other they are drowning in floods.

Wake the fuck up:

She said the U.S. embassy would help Bangladeshi authorities if asked – but refused to comment on possible reasons for the killing. 

I could put forward a few reasons for the ‘killing’ as it happens.

Representatives of the European Union in Dhaka said: ‘The Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh condemns the brutal assault and killing of blogger Avijit Roy and wounding of his wife last night in Dhaka.

White Noise.

‘The EU reiterates its strong attachment to freedom of expression which constitutes an essential element of a democratic society and calls for a prompt investigation to bring perpetrators to justice.’

White Noise.

Meanwhile Robert Gibson, the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, said on Twitter he was: ‘Shocked by the savage murder of #AvijitRoy as I am by all the #violence that has taken place in #Bangladesh in recent months’.

Then again Robert Gibson is a massive cunt.

Similar attacks have taken place before in Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation of 160 million people ruled by secular laws. Investigators have said religious fanatics were behind those attacks.

Yeah it has been going on since the 1970’s, why suddenly make a big deal of it now? Don’t bother trying to justify it. We know why ya racist, shit houses.

Now the final bit of the Chimps old fanny is just distorted history and I see no point in getting involved in that since this ‘killing’ has fuck all to do with Bangladesh’s violent history.

Mind you, George Harrison put on a very good benefit concert for the country in 1971 as it happens – which was right at the time of the uprising… I like George Harrison.

However, there is one more thing that I want to discuss before I put this article to bed and it has to do with the surname Roy.

I mean as you know, to my mind the Western surname is at total odds with the ‘familys’ Eastern first names.

And as such I went to investigate, eventually coming up with a Bangladeshi born fella called Avijit Roy BISWAS who appears to work or has worked in SOFTWARE.

Course, the fact that Roy’s last book was called ‘BISWASer Virus’ will be a coincidence.

As will the fact that Avijit Roy Biswas lives in AMERICA, and attended the Southern University of Bangladesh in CHITTAGONG, as well as the CHITTAGONG GOVERNMENT City College, the National University of Bangladesh in DHAKA and the Midwest Missouri University, USA… All coincidence of course.

Just like the fact that Biswas – who describes himself as an “open minded man” on Twitter, spent time in SINGAPORE… Just another coincidence then.


I know, I know… I’ve lost all my credibility, despite the viewing figures shooting up.


Fuck off Gay Boy.

Thats it… I’m outta here… Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Dr Avijit Roy is the latest in a line of figures standing for free speech who have been killed for expressing their views. 

In 2013, another atheist blogger, Ahmed Rajib Haider, who also spoke out against religious extremism, was murdered near his Dhaka home. Those attackers also used machetes, and left Haider’s body so badly mutilated it could not be identified.

In 2004, Humayun Azad, a prominent writer and a teacher at Dhaka University, was attacked just yards from the spot where Roy was murdered. Azad, who was also subject to religious threats, was seriously injured but ultimately survived the assassination attempt.

Writer Taslima Nasreen also received death threats from Islam extremists in the mid 1990s.

‘Avijit Roy has been killed the way other free thinker writers were killed in Bangladesh. No freethinker is safe in Bangladesh,’ she said on her blog according to the BBC.

Outrage: Bangladeshi students and social activist  have taken to the streets to protest against the killing

Outrage: Bangladeshi students and social activist  have taken to the streets to protest against the killing

Marchers: Bangladeshi social activists shout slogans and march through the streets in the wake of the attack

Marchers: Bangladeshi social activists shout slogans and march through the streets in the wake of the attack

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