Criminally Insane


Christopher Spivey


As most of you know I was sent on a wild goose chase on the 1st of July – my court date – after I had presented myself at Chelmsford Magistrates half an hour earlier than I needed to be there, only to be told that I was meant to be at Southend Magistrates.

However, if that was a deliberate tactic to fuck me about and thus demoralise me, boy they dumb… Indeed, things like that wash straight over me and the only person mortified was my very good friend, Pongo who had been given the wrong information… No mistake on his part, even with his scouse accent you can’t make the place name ‘Southend’ sound like the place name ‘Chelmsford’.

However, it is a very little known fact – which Pongo & my friend Gill can verify having travelled from Chelmsford Magistrates back to Southend Magistrates with me – that I am the best driver in the fucking world, bar none.

And with that being the case we were only half hour late and before I left Chelmsford Magistrates I made sure that reception rang Southend to tell them about the mix up – no dramas and I feel sure that the colour will have returned to pongo & Gill’s faces by now.

In the event, it was a total waste of time and the only thing that really surprised me was that Judge Woollard didn’t go fucking mental at the Prostitution Counsel for not doing what they have had two months to do in order to be ready for the hearing… Namely, set out exactly what the charges against me relate to rather than just holding up 650 odd photocopied pages of my articles – which are all still readily available to read in full on this site, with nowt teken out – and which I haven’t once been told to remove in the year that I have been waiting for the million pound taxpayer funded misdemeanour case to be heard.

But just to clarify what I mean by that for those who are a bit Jimmy quick – how in the name of fuck me backwards can anything that I have written in those 650 odd pages constitute a criminal offence if I haven’t been told to take them down – you don’t need to be a Rocket Saladist to work that fact out.

After all, if what is contained within those pages is a criminal offence then I have continued to commit that offence every single day since my arrest… Basically, that means that some nice policemen are going to get educated by having to read through those 650 odd pages and be ready in time for the rearranged hearing on the 10th of July at CHELMSFORD MAGISTRATES COURT – you couldn’t make this shit up

However, what the prostitution have been busy with is making applications for my accusers to give ‘hearsay evidence’ at the trial on the 30th & 31st of July.

Or put another way, just have their statements read out in court so as they cannot be cross examined. And if that application gets turned down, the Prostitution want the Judge to allow my accusers to give evidence via webcam – which like it or not, my Barrister is going to strongly oppose.

After all, I have seen the witness statements and if those claims are to be repeated, then I want them in court so as perjury is committed in person – something that I can prove beyond ALL DOUBT, just by producing the transcripts to various conversations which are already logged with my solicitor.

How many years in prison does committing perjury carry?

Course, so as such trivialities cannot be – shall we say – overlooked, it is vital that there is not an empty seat in the house on the 30th & 31st at CHELMSFORD MAGISTRATES COURT.

Mind you, funnily enough Judge Woollard was extremely nice to me at the hearing and I am not even taking the piss. I mean, it isn’t unfair to say that on the previous two occasions that we have met he looked at me as though I was a bit of shit on his shoe.

However, at yesterday’s hearing (or whenever it will be by the time that I have finished this extremely time consuming article) he looked at me like I was a human being, spoke to me in a civil tone and did not make me sit in the dock due to my hearing problems… Indeed, he even joked that architects did not design the court house with acoustics in mind… Hmmmm.

I did in fact catch him studying me whilst the Prostitution blustered their way through their old fanny for not being prepared… And it wasn’t in a “what the fuck is that” type of way either… Again Hmmmm.

And talking of committing perjury – what kind of prison sentence do policemen get for doing so?

I only ask because I got statements in the post from FIVE of the wholly corrupt, piece’s of shit, Piglets, who made up 71% of the human filth who illegally invaded my home on two occasions to arrest me… Course, where the statements from the other 29% are is anybody’s guess.

However, I feel sure that the timing of these statements and transcript of my interview for my second arrest along with the evidence that these hugely unintelligent muppets are going to rely on – and which you are not going to fucking believe, trust me – was no coincidence since they arrived after I had already left for court, which meant that my three delinquent dogs did their best to eat them.


Nevertheless, I did manage to salvage enough to realise that these cunts must think that I am a proper fucking idiot… Don’t you just hate smug mugs who think that they are a lot smarter than they really are?

So let me tell you this:

  • Andrew Ronald Bent Cop Chant
  • Kevin Bent As Fuck Oxlade

Whom make up two of the four corrupt cunts from my first illegal arrest – I told you two of them were more than just coppers didn’t I.


  • Ian David Bumble Fuck Pattercakeson
  • Ashley Peter Lying Scum Holland
  • Daniel Francis Dear Oh Dear Brand

The three plainclothes thugs who trashed my home and have a tendency to seriously assault young fellas.

And last but by no means least:

  • Defective Cuntstable Adam Coombes 

You will all be committing perjury with you evidence statements… Or put another way, you have deliberately lied to try and cover up your serious misconduct which includes conspiracy to steal a child, dig yourselves out of a fucking shit filled hole and convict an innocent man – for which I feel 100% positive that most people will consider you each to be on a par with a syphilis ravaged paedophile who has a tendency to forget to wipe his fuckng arse.

You see orifficers, I can prove beyond all doubt that you are lying cheating whores and with 23 of your fellow scumcunts already on restricted duty and another 6 under suspension, you really, really couldn’t have picked a worse time to embark on your criminal endeavours… TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK.

Nick Nick, Dick Dick, Tick Tick… Tock

Sooooo, who wants to read the solidified diarrhea witness statements – I will have to be selective in my response to them though, because where would the fun be in not seeing the look of total horror on their ugly, dwarf like features when the penny drops that they are nowhere fucking near as clever as they think they are, before it then dawns on them that I have the intellect, determination, ability to see errors that most can’t and obviously the driving skills to enable me to run absolute rings around the fucking idiots… You are going to prison boys.

Anndddd… Who wants to read the transcript of the funniest police interview you will ever read?

And for dessert, who wants to read the charge sheet which includes a whole array of abhorrent crimes  such as the possession of a Led Zeppelin album cover – of which if you went on ebay right now you could by 571 of them with the CD or LP thrown in to boot.

Of that 571 copies of that Led Zeppelin album, ‘Houses of the Holy’, 432 of them are brand spanking new and sealed, following the groups reissue of the successful 1971 album last year, which includes the exact same cover as the original… There are no flies on the Essex Defectives that’s for sure.


Around a million pounds that lack of detective work will have cost all of you people who are in gainful employment.

Yet of the 21 or possibly 22 images that they are charging me with, 18 of them are legal images – readily accessible on this website and all of which I have republished on here since their decision to charge me.

And the remaining three – maybe four – relate to uncategorized extreme pornography none of which has fuck all to do with child porn and which they have no chance of getting a conviction.

So lets start with my first illegal arrest on the 30th of July 2014 that was used to illegally snatch my computers, took place without arrest warrant or search warrant at a totally unsuitable time after which they made an unnecessary, completely false, malicious allegation to the social services in order to lay the groundwork for snatching Clayton.

I will remind you that to arrest anyone you need evidence of a crime. To simply do so on the orders of a superior officer is not a defence.

The evidence that they are using is all contained within those 650 odd aforementioned pages which they were panicked into using by way of a reply to my email sent to Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh, a wholly corrupt man, Essex PCC Nick Alston, a wholly corrupt man, the IPCC, a wholly corrupt organisation, MP James Duddridge a man taking public money under false pretences and the wholly corrupt police officer dealing – or not as the case is – with my complaint against the police thugs who illegally entered my home.

Behind The Painted Smile (Must Read) Updated

Indeed, the fact that they have used those 650 pages to base their entire case on confirms that they did not have sufficient evidence to arrest me. Neither had they any need to take my computers since those 650 pages were – and still are – freely available on here for anyone to read and print off… Remember, you cannot harass someone if that harassment has not been made public or sent to the victim so why did they even need my computers?

See HERE for a copy of the e-mail that I sent to the above which I had checked by a Barrister first for accuracy.

And what follows now then, is the statement (page 1 was eaten too badly by the dogs unfortunately) of the criminal Andrew Chant… If anyone has any further information on this thug please let me know.


Just briefly going back to what the lying-thug-scum-copper claims that Stacey said, which was obviously part of laying the groundwork for the SS to steal Clayton, the corrupt wanker must have been kicking himself for not waiting 3 months before putting his fraud account into writing.

You see, Wednesday (1/7/15) was the first time that I have read these police statements yet a week after my second arrest Stacey wrote the following on this site:

Most of you know me, I’m Chris’ daughter Stacey, I’m Clayton’s mother and I’m 18 years old!

Before I fell pregnant with Clayton I was doing dancing for most of my life at a professional dance school for about 12 years.
This included Tap, Modern, Ballet and Jazz. I did dance exams which all I have ever received in the exams is A’s and B’s.
My dance certificates that are apparently dad’s nursing certificates are all on my hall way wall. I was working there for a while, I was an assistant dance teacher helping 3-4 year old children do Tap and Ballet. 

When I was around 10 I won a trophy for being the best dancer in the lower school, I will never forget that moment, my dad was the proudest man in the audience then, no word of a lie.

I went to The King Edmund School. I never enjoyed school, if I could get the day off I would, I would also leave during the day If I could.
I had friends but I just never enjoyed it, I would watch the minutes go by in each lesson and dread going to another one.

Once I left school I went to college to study health and social care level 1. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant which I then told my teacher and I remember her turning round and point blank saying “you will never finish this course Stacey, every girl that has fallen pregnant has never completed the course”.
Of course I proved her wrong and proved every one else who doubted me, even my friends said I wouldn’t get through the course.
I was getting morning sickness morning, afternoon and night but I still went in to college.
I would travel by bus every single morning at 8am and go home by bus every single afternoon around 4/5pm. The only time I ever had off was with scans and if I had to go to the doctors for blood tests, I also had some time off when it was snowing that year because it would of been unsafe for me to travel to college. I completed the course 4 days before my due date.
I then went back to college in September 2013 and my dad had Clayton whilst I was there, I also passed that course with a DISTINCTION*.

I was due with Clayton 26th may 2013 but I ended up being induced 2nd June 2013 and Clayton was born by emergency C-Section at 4am and my dad was one of my birthing partners along with one of my friends Katie.

Growing up I had a good life considering I had to grow up without a mother. I don’t respect my mother or care for her in any way.
The way she has spoken to me over the years is disgusting, I wouldn’t talk to dog shit the way she has spoken to me.
I’ll get a message at Christmas or my birthday saying “I have presents here but if you want them you’ll have to come and get them”, she knew full well I wouldn’t go.
On my 18th birthday (December 2013) she apparently sent a cheque and it’s funny how it never turned up?
When I was 6 months old my dad was having me one night and she rung dad saying ‘can you feed stacey before bringing her home, I’m not strong enough’ to which my dad turned round and said ‘if you’re not strong enough to feed her you’re not strong enough to have her’. She hung up the phone and didn’t contact him again for a couple of months.
Of course I would of loved to grow up with a mother who cared, who I could speak to about things and I could do girly things with but shit happens, fortunately for me I have my dad..

My dad is my very best friend, I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me over the years.
I’ve never wanted for nothing. If I was upset I could talk to my dad, he wouldn’t ever turn me away or laugh at me he would simply be there for me.
I love my dad with all my heart for everything he’s done for me, he is more or less the only person in this world that I can rely on and he has always been there for every situation.
When I was 9-10 I was getting bullied terribly and he was there throughout it all, went up the school to talk to teachers to sort it out, everything he could!
We will always and forever be inseparable.

When I told my dad I was pregnant with clay he didn’t shout, he asked ME what I wanted to do.
Obviously he was disappointed but what parent wouldn’t be if their child fell pregnant at such a young age of 16, but never the less after thinking about it all I wanted this little baby.
When Clayton got taken to my dad, he cried, he denies it but he did cry.
Clayton has made this family a whole and I wouldn’t change him for the world.
My Clayton is a proper grandads boy, he will go over to my dad at every opportunity he can and if I take Clayton away, I will know about it because he will kick off!

Now I get into the website, I will make my feelings about this perfectly clear.
I believe everything my dad writes, but nothing breaks my heart more than him having it.
I’m scared of a car pulling into our car park because I’m scared it’s one of the police officers coming to accuse dad of more shit.
No matter how old I am I’m still always going to be scared of the police barging into my home.
Right now more than ever I feel my dad should close his website for the sake of me and Clayton.
This doesn’t just effect my dad, it also affects me. if some nutter comes to take my dad then I’m left with no one? No one in this world.

After the last arrested I already felt asif I have no friends, none of my friends come to sit with me or offered? Hardly any of them even contacted me to ask if I’m okay.
My heart breaks every day and night over the fear of what’s going to happen to my dad and of what the police going to accuse him of next.
One of my fears is also some nutter taking me, if someone wants to get to my dad they will consider taking me or even worse, Clayton.
I shouldn’t have to live my life in constant fear yet I do. I have begged and begged him, I’ve sat in tears and begged him to give up this website and all I get back is ‘im doing this for everyone’
If I’m honest, quite frankly I couldn’t care what he’s doing for everyone, I want my Clayton and me to be put first.
Right now I’m devastated over what’s happened and I don’t know if it will all ever get easier. People might say ‘why don’t you move out’ but why should I have to move out? I’ve lived my dad since 6 months and I’m now 18 and still living here. I won’t move out until I’m ready but at this moment of time I am really thinking about it, last thing I ever want to do but I can’t live my life in fear for much longer.

I thought dad’s 1st arrested was bad, coming into my house at 2am. They was searching through my room where my son was asleep is disgusting.
They was very rude, telling me to ‘grow up’ because I was crying and they did make me feel very intimated. As most of you know after that I had to move out to my Nan’s for mine and Clayton’s safety. Now for anyone who can tell me that is fair needs their head testing, I had to up route mine and clays life and go and live somewhere else, living with another family member or not it’s still hard and another unfair thing to happen to me.

The second arrest, oh my god, the police took it to far. Smashing my door down and breaking my window knowing full well my Clayton is here. My dad told me to record it and I did, then one of my upstairs neighbours come down and recorded from when the police was inside.
When the police was in here they was so rude. Clayton had been taken upstairs by another neighbour because I didn’t want my son seeing me upset and I wanted to know what the police was saying to my dad, yet the police officer was very rude yet again and also called one of my neighbours ‘a fucking moron’.

Now this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about. The massive WANKER known as Tom Cahill.
According to him I’m a typical chavvy teenager from essex. Doesn’t a typical chavvy teenager from essex wear loads of make up? Has a lot of fake tan on? Drinks a lot? Sleeps around? Things like that. well none of that is me.

I hardly ever wear make up! I don’t fake tan unless I’m going out clubbing which is very rare, I don’t drink even when I do go out because I have Clayton to go home to and I for sure do not sleep around.

Apparently I have a ‘scummy’ daddys girl tattoo on my back? That one made me laugh, 1) it’s not scummy, I am a daddy’s girl, and I wanted that tattoo so after MONTHS of begging my dad he let me get it and 2) it’s not tattooed on my back you wankstain, it’s on my wrist, get your facts right before trying to bring me in and slagging me off. 

If you’re reading this tom, you really think you’re on to something don’t you? You idiot. As for my dad having nursing certificates on our wall thats shit because they’re my dancing certificates so however long you sat there talking about my dad having them, once again you’ve made yourself look a Pratt because you didn’t have your facts correct, you idiot.

I can’t wait to hear your next video and see what you have to say about me.. That was sarcasm Tom, thought I’d tell you because you are an idiot.

I woke up this morning to listen to my dad tell me people are saying I’m being paid? I’m sorry? Being paid? I hardly have a pot to piss in and my dad isn’t working for the government I assure you of that. My dad works for himself and himself only. 

Some don’t believe my dad was arrested which is stupid and you will feel stupid when I’ve finished chasing the boys upstairs for the video they took, which as some people with a heart should understand that video is the last of my worries at the moment as I have enough going on. 

I’m sure that someone is going to try and say my dad told me to write this. When I saw the video that tom did yesterday I said I wanted to write an article. Dad wasn’t to sure but this morning after him reading that I’m being paid he said I could write one.

The ridiculous allegations that the police have come out with is sickening and I’m very upset and annoyed about this. They couldn’t have come up with a worser allegation. I mean come on you all know how fake this is!!!! It’s terrible and I know they’ve done it because they want to shut my dad down.

I want my dad’s website off the air but not like this, not by making up VILE rumours. As soon as I found out why he had been arrested I rung my friend and her exact words were ‘I would bet my absolute life on this being fake’ and that’s coming from one of my friends.

For anyone who thinks my life is easy should try stepping into my shoes before they judge me on this because I’m telling you now, over this past year my life has been far from easy. Source

Lets face it.

She certainly wasn’t scared to be without me here before my first arrest and that is a measure of how frightening, aggressive and intimidating these dirty, sneaky, wanna be hardmen, bully boy, shit stains on society are… And for scaring my daughter and grandson half to death they have to take the consequences and I will never let it drop until they are in prison… Which with a little help from you lot will be a lot easier to achieve than they realise.

Right, next up we have the statement of of Kevin Oxlade… If anyone has any information on this corrupt orifficer please let me know:


Now like I say, the other two corrupt plods – or security service agents dressed as plods didn’t do witness statements. So, moving on to my 2nd arrest by 3 plain clothed thugs who a few weeks before that had arrested a young fella, who once they had him in the back of the car – the very same car that they took me away in – one of them began to throttle him while screaming “I’ll fucking kill you”.

Meanwhile, his two corrupt thug colleagues stood in the driver’s side door and rear passenger door in order to stop the young fellas girl friend from filming. Turn the volume up on the video below and you can hear what is taking place.

They are not policemen, they are mindless trained monkeys.

The following is the statement of Monkey number 1 Daniel Francis Brand:


Oh Danny boy, the jail, the jail is calling ♫

Next up Monkey number 2, Fag-Ash Holland. And if anyone has information on this cunt please do let me know:


Here is the proof that the social workers were told that I had been arrested on the 1st of October, although the police must have told them that I had actually been arrested before the 1st of October because social worker Nicole Miles would never have written the date on the assessment otherwise – if you understand what I mean.


Either that or Miles and the other corrupt social wanker, Julie Robinson – both working in tandem with the bent plods – must be awful clairvoyants.

The plod must then have told the two social workers that I had been arrested on the 3rd of October and again they must have told Miles & Robinson before that date or else it would have never been added to the assessment:


And here is Section 17 explained:

Section 17(1)(e) of PACE gives the police the power to enter and search premises without a warrant, in order to ‘save life or limb’ or prevent serious damage to property.

However, it is not enough that the police should have a general welfare concern about somebody in order to use this power of entry, which may only be used in cases of emergency, not general welfare. Source

And now the photos:


The bedroom window was opened by me to take a photo from the outside.

And the things that they missed in the first search following my first illegal arrest and despite me mentioning those things in an article before my second arrest, they still missed them the second time round too because they were not looking… You see, the ‘evidence’ had already been planted on my computers and the bent cunts were just going through the motions.


My laptop and DVD’s situated in my lounge. The laptop had to be here or else I wouldn’t have been able to do all the writing I did between the 30th of July and the 6th of October and I am still using it now. This is despite me being held in the LOUNGE where the laptop lives… Errr Helloooo!


The laptop that was on the magazine rack underneath the table that it is sat on in the photo and where it stayed throughout the one and a half hours that the fab-fucked-four spent searching in here after my 1st arrest and the 5 minutes that the three-thick-sick-fucks didn’t bother searching in here at all, following my 2nd arrest.


Photo albums in plain view on top of a cupboard & drawer in which, had they looked, Find & Sneak would have found a digital camcorder, 8 camcorder tapes, a computer hard-drive, a memory stick thing and about a dozen memory cards… Indeed, a PRIME EXAMPLE of the things that you would expect a police officer to seize whilst conducting a search in the home of someone who had child porn ‘found’ on their PC’s.


There are literally 1000’s of DVD’s there, of which each case could contain a child porn DVD, yet Find & Sneak didn’t think to check a single one. Neither did they think to seize the brand new printer that I bought around a month after the 4 RoboCop thugs had nicked my broken one in their hour and a half seek & find mission in my living room.


Now, just look at the hundreds, if not thousands of recordable DVD’s sat on top of the DVD cases on the bottom and top shelf… The half-assed-apes didn’t so much as look at them.



Okay, lets have a look at my property layout.


Now unfortunately PJ Patterson’s statement is too badly eaten to put up.


But I feel sure that it will be bollox along the lines of the other two’s shit.

So, I will remind you of what my family has had to put up with for me telling the truth.

Okay, moving on and lets have a look at the transcript of my police interview although some of the pages are too eaten to put up. Nevertheless, since it is a real time conversation you won’t get lost.

The first few pages are too badly eaten but obviously just deal with formalities such as me telling the pair of cunts that I hadn’t been read my rights when I was arrested.


You will also notice how scared I sound… I mean I must do because Junkie Catpoo in the jungle who makes narcissistic videos that no one watches said I was scared… And the Junkie Monkey is never, ever, never, ever wrong.

After all, he also told himself on video that he had “flushed me” and that I was finished, and that I would announce within 6 months that I had cancer… 8 or 9 months ago – still cancer free.

Indeed, Catshit is about as reliable for information as that silly growth-stunted Welsh twat who writes articles made up of other people’s work yet hasn’t the sense to shut up despite the fact that my audience reaches ten times the number that he claims he gets… Perhaps he thinks he’s ISIS.

But it’s no skin off my nose having a pop at the pair of no-mark skid-marks… Quite fun actually.


As you can see from the bottom three sentences, it is very badly transcribed – unless we was both being a bit thick.




And this is how silly it got, discussing photos of PAINTINGS that were hung in an art gallery and are LEGAL images.

However, what I didn’t know at the time was that they were going to remove the ones that they put on there such as the “hidden file”, because I haven’t been charged with a single one of those photos that they added, which were obviously the most extreme images.

Therefore, they were desperate to pin something – anything – on me… Dirty cunts.


Now in December 2012 I was sent some links to child porn sites that were on twitter by a reader who had first sent them to the Daily Mirror to help get them removed but the newspaper had declined to do so… The snaky plod cunts must have known that fact because they have read my emails.

The reader who sent me the links didn’t want to go to the police because he thought that they may try and tuck him up. Obviously I had to check the links to make sure that he wasn’t trying to make me look a cunt by sending me links to say, Coronation Street stars from the past.

After verifying that the links were genuine I contacted Chris Wittwer, who owns the site with the biggest database of paedophiles on the web – because being a lot newer to the game back then I wasn’t sure what the best way to go about getting the links removed was.

I then sent the links to Chris who sent them to the internet police division. When they were not removed by the on-line plod, Chris had a group of Hackers take the sites down and the story made the front page of … Wait for it, wait for it… The Daily fucking Mirror.


Now these two clowns must have known this because as well as the conversations still being on Facebook and in Emails – which I know for a fact that the nosey cunts have been through – I also wrote two fucking articles about the links which like everything else are still on this site today… But it wouldn’t suit their agenda to bring that up.


Stop fucking laughing these are Britain’s finest defectives, bless them.


This would be referring to the other side or the inner sleeve of Led Zeppelins album, “Houses of the Holy“… I told you in previous articles that Coombes seemed much more interested in this legal record cover than he was about the most serious images of little boys kept in a ‘hidden file’, that for some reason – *yawn – they haven’t charged me with.

But just to clarify, those photos of little lads were planted so as to make me appear to be a danger to Clayton, so as they could steal him… Personally, I think that the snake eyed, perverted, slug slime should be kicked to death but I will settle for him getting a long prison sentence… Where the inmates can kick the sick-fuck to death.


They would also have known about these attacks despite them playing dumber-fucks than the dumb-fucks already are because like everything else, the attacks are well documented on this site.

I mean they have looked at all of my photos and as such would have seen the one below sent to me by Wolfie when no one could get on the site due to the SS attacks, as the date testifies to.

Be part of the change.

Unless of course they really are the two worst defectives in the world… Highly likely as it happens.


Honestly it was like talking to two 5 year olds.


And nevertheless it was used in my articles “Celebrity Paedophiles” and “All In It Together” to show how sick these elite cunts are and what they deem as being art.

Moreover, the photo is still in those articles and DCI Gary Biddle knew all about it yet did fuck all to get it removed.

Mind you, I always thought that the prosecution had to prove you guilty not the defendant prove himself innocent.

Yet these two clowns are pressing me on photos that they should have known the legality status of before their piglet colleagues so much as even knocked on my fucking front door.


Fuck me, Coco the clown should have taken the hint from the fucking caption… Or do child porn site have captions under their photos condemning them?

It certainly sounds like Coombes is getting another hard on by talking about the photos… I mean, why the fuck is he asking me what is underneath the star that I used to censor the photo… I FUCKING CENSORED THE LEGAL PHOTO AND THAT SHOULD SPEAK VOLUMES TO THE PERVERTED SICK-CUNT… Indeed, why is he asking me what the girl is doing when he can see perfectly well what she is doing… Vile nonce.

Hello Mr Coombes, hope you’ve had a nice day catching criminals… I know he likes to read my site, his career is after all make or break by this very costly to the taxpayer shambles… And it certainly isn’t going well for him.


So in other words I censored A BOOK COVER, from a book that is not BANNED, yet instead of checking their facts, these two clowns are questioning me about it a lot more vigorously than the illegal – most extreme – images that they planted and which I have not been charged with… Roger that.

You really could not in a billion, zillion years make this shit up… No wonder they have the word “restricted” at the bottom of each page. I mean, I would be ashame of myself too and certainly would not want the public getting wind of the cringe inducing, very costly, police farce, but I have done nothing wrong and I am fucked if I am just going to sit back and let these bent cunts tuck me up on fabricated evidence taken from my stolen computers.


Have you noticed how in some of the coppers sentences there are great big gaps between the words… Might be nothing but very strange all the same.


Who is right, me or the nonce copper who thinks that the horror of child porn should be kept away from the public?


There are actually 13 articles written about beastiality on my site, but I feel sure that the corrupt cunts knew that anyway.


That was a very strange question indeed wasn’t it?


Wankers… Now as I say, and as they knew only too well since it had to be on the police computer, DCI Gary Biddle knew about these photos in 2013 yet never did fuck all about them after I had ignored his letter, meaning that there cannot have been any illegal content on there.


Now it is a bit hard to say exactly what I am charged with because one of the listed sheets was far too badly chewed up to read but as far as I can make out there are 34 images listed on the sheets although when you read the list the same images are repeated time and again and I believe that there are in reality 18 images of what the plod have described as the lowest category, although as far as I can make out they are all legal bar one which I know fuck all about.

There is also one image of beastiality which is of a woman giving a rottweiler oral sex which since I own Rottweilers I would have remembered if the pair of clowns had shown me a photo with one in and as such I can’t have been questioned about it or pleaded guilty or not guilty when I answered bail last time so fuck knows how that works.

And I believe that the other charge is: Possess indecent photograph/pseudo photograph of a child, for which there are two photos involved which I think – although can’t be sure – are to do with the manga. Either way a pseudo photo is a created image made by computer graphics i.e not a real person,

All the more extreme child images including the hidden file have been dropped, as have ALL the charges of making indecent images.

the beastiality photos that the police couldn’t say whether or not they were unintentionally downloaded covertly with something legitimate – although I doubt it as I can’t download – have now been reduced to that one single image that I haven’t been questioned about.

Therefore in theory there are only 4 photos that I can’t account for until I see them which isn’t bad when you consider that I have written well over 300 articles on child abuse, 13 articles on beastiality and at least 20 other people have used the computers in all the time that I have had them… And you can bet your life that the bastards looked as hard as they have ever done to find them.

Never the less, according to my Barrister we will be having the hard drives independently checked to see if they have been tampered with.

And the rest are legal photos… I’m the first person in history to be prosecuted for 18 counts of not breaking the law – maybe even as many as 21 counts… Good fucking luck with that you fraud wankers.


Indeed it would be laughable if it was not for the fact that I have had all these sick-fuck cops reading my private correspondence and gawping at my private photos, made worse by the fact that I have committed NO crime and as far as I am concerned, ANYONE who finds that acceptable is as sick as the sub-human filth who illegally stole the computers in order to try and steal my grandson… Unforgivable.

However, if you think about it logically, I had been saying for well over a year before my first arrest that I was due to get nicked so why would I keep illegal content on there when I could just get Wolfie to wipe the hard drives in the blink of an eye.

Course, if they are going to insist on prosecuting me for the photos are they also going to prosecute the 100’s of other website owners who are showing the same photos as I type.

For instance, the screenshot found below is of the results via a Google search conducted right now (7.04 AM 03/07/15) and all I did was simply typed “Brooke Shields in the bath” into the search bar.
You will note that I have not used the word“young” or in fact mentioned age whatsoever. Neither have I mentioned the words “nude” or “naked”, yet the first 2 photos are of an uncensored, naked, 10 year old Brooke.

None of the photos shown are from porn sites and the site that I took mine from is called ICONIC PHOTOS which first appeared in 2010 and is still active today with the photos still in place:



They are not illegal photos see.

Neither is the bird in the bath. Indeed if the pair of clowns had checked they would have known that fact because it says so on the Iconic photos website:

The photo has already been published in a book and shown in several major European galleries without complaint when it came to the eminent Rhodes+Mann gallery in Shoreditch, east London in 2002. Public outcry ensued in Britain and Scotland Yard threatened to charge the gallery’s director with the Obscene Publications Act. Although denounced as pedophiliac, the photo was not withdrawn, a court deciding controversially that the reputation of the gallery and the strength of other photos in Strba’s work is enough to consider the picture as a work of art.

Sonja-Maria Bon, who claimed she was 16 not 12 in the photo, also didn’t think the photo was pornographic or pedophiliac. Sonja, now herself a photographer, claimed it is one of her favourite pictures by her mother: “I was 16, I had a boyfriend and a job in a hospital. I knew what I was doing. And it was my mother taking the photo. It is only a problem for other people if they see it in that way. If they think of pedophiles, it is their fantasies when they see the picture, but it is not a problem for me or other people.”


So I guess that it is only illegal when I use it in an article condemning the photo then?.

Now I have already shown you; that Led Zeppelin cover is still perfectly legal except for when I publish a photo of the cover of course and then it becomes illegal according to the CPS.

However, CD’s are not all that Ebay is selling in regard to Houses of the Holy.

So what I want to know is am I breaking the law by publishing this photo of a cup – just one of many for sale on Ebay – because if I am I won’t never, ever, never, ever, never, never publish it never ever never again.


And will the owners of the house selling the photo print (seen below), which is being sold on Ebay, now get raided along with all the other houses and shops selling similar prints?

images (3)

How brazen can people be!

Well a lot more brazen than that according to Ebay:


I reckon Ebay are right on the button there.


That was actually very droll… But being proper serious, I feel sorry for the person in this next photo:


What a choice! Amputation or prison.

Unless of course there is a different law for Christopher Spivey?

Because this is not a fucking wind up. They really have charged me with possessing a Led Zeppelin cover… No joke, no april fool, I have broken the law by publishing a photo of a record cover.

Yet that one law for me, another law for everyone else doesn’t just apply to record covers. It also seems to apply to that vile photo owned – or once owned – by Elton John:

A photograph owned by Sir Elton John and seized from an art exhibition is not an indecent image, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said.

The photo, Klara and Edda Belly Dancing by American Nan Goldin, was taken from Gateshead’s Baltic gallery by Northumbria Police on 20 September.

It was withdrawn the day before it was due to go on display.

The CPS had first considered the image of two naked young girls in 2001, but it was then deemed not to be indecent.

Kerrie Bell, head of the CPS Northumbria South Unit, said the CPS had to consider whether “standards of propriety” had changed since 2001.

‘Legitimate defence’

She said that to consider the photograph indecent now, the CPS would have had to be satisfied standards had changed so much that it would be likely a court would now conclude the image was indecent.

But she said: “I am not satisfied that is the case.

“Even if the photograph was now considered to be indecent, a defendant would be able to raise a legitimate defence, given that the photograph was distributed for the purposes of display in a contemporary art gallery after having been deemed not to be indecent by the earlier investigation.

“Accordingly, I am of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to justify proceedings for offences of possession or distribution of an indecent photograph.”

The “Thanksgiving” exhibition, which contained a further 148 photographs owned by Sir Elton, went ahead in September.

But I feel the need to double check.


That screenshot was taken at 07:45 PM today (3/7/2015), with 1,580 results and a strip of 7 uncensored copies of the photo..

Do you think that the prosecution are going to look silly in court?

Are you, as taxpayers happy that this million pound investigation (based on the costs of the Robert Green investigation and the Rusty Rustige investigation) has resulted in me being taken to court for images that are deemed LEGAL by the British law courts?

And what about the sick-fuck Graham Ovenden?


Okay, I have just this moment taken this screen shot (7.51 AM on the 3/7/15) and every single photo that I have ever published of Ovendens sick work is on there uncensored.

So they are only illegal when I put them on display condemning them?

Thats a bit unfair don’t cha think?

Am I now going to get nicked for publishing them again?

Oh I do so, so hope so.

Now, what would help my case is if you all bombarded the rather corrupt Stephen Kavanagh, the rather corrupt Nick Alston and the CPS who refused to prosecute Greville Janner with emails asking them what the fuck is going on.

After all, there is a massive investigation taking place into the Essex Police force at the moment which just gets bigger and bigger, yet they refuse to investigate my complaint – which ties in with the other complaints being investigated at the moment – despite the fact that they are breaking the law by not doing so.

And instead, they prosecute me for having LEGAL photos on my website.

Now that kinda contradicts what Kavanagh has said in the Guardian:

Essex police have apologised after uncovering serious failings in 28 investigations affecting nearly 60 alleged victims of child abuse.

The force announced drastic measures to overhaul its child abuse investigation team in north Essex as the police watchdog mounted a review of cases stretching back to 2011.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it was investigating the conduct of five Essex police officers, including one who allegedly fraudulently signed a complainant’s statement.

Another IPCC investigation is under way into the force’s response to reports that a girl was allegedly the victim of child sexual exploitation.

Ch Con Stephen Kavanagh said he was “very disappointed” to discover the failings, and he was determined to set things right, “not least for the victims”.

Not that disappointed and not that determined either as it happens, but do carry on:

He said: “The force is working hard to put in place new systems to stop this from happening again. If individuals have failed in their duties then they will be held to account, but we will also look at all possible aspects of why this has happened.”

Most of the 30 investigations relate to the work of the child abuse investigation team that covers north Essex. The force said new officers had been put in charge of all 30 investigations and a senior retired detective had been brought in to review the ongoing child abuse investigations. Source

As for Nick Alston? Well he did say the following:

The world of policing is changing to meet the challenges of the Twenty-First Century. We must also ensure that public money is spent wisely and judiciously. Both Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh and I are determined to work closely together to ensure that Essex Police is built on firm and robust foundations. Source

Was he lying then?

But the best bit of tub thumping bollocks comes from the Policing Minister, Damien Green:

I want now to take the time to reflect on the challenges a little too, as well as the opportunities. On the 6th of March, the Home Secretary delivered a statement to the House on the findings of Mark Ellison’s review. As she said, what that report shows is deeply troubling. You will have all seen the report and our response, including the establishment of a public enquiry, led by a judge, to investigate undercover policing. In February last year the Home Secretary announced to the House specific measures to address corruption and misconduct, to ensure greater transparency, to provide clearer rules on conduct, and to improve standards of professional behaviour.

In the Home Secretary’s recent statement she also said that she wanted to ensure that those who want to report corruption and misconduct are encouraged to do so, and that proposals to strengthen protection for whistleblowers would be brought forward in due course. We will also be creating a specific offence of police corruption. The Home Secretary was clear that there needs to be a change in culture and that we need to continue the work we have already done to reform the police. This includes work on direct entry. Source

Without your help these monsters will be allowed to get away with this unbelievable affront to justice… Don’t let that happen.

And finally.

I actually got an Email from the HCPC on Wednesday. And it appears that the case has now been handed to someone else and worse still, Nicole Miles seems to have got lost in the transfer.

Dear Mr. Spivey,

Health and Care Professions Council and Mrs Julie Robinson

I am writing further to the concerns you have raised regarding the above named Registrant.

Your case has been allocated to me as the Case Manager. I will have conduct of the matter. I will review the information you have provided and write to you to explain what will happen next and if necessary, request further information from you.

Now I would like to think that Ms Vandewotsits has had the case taken off her because it is so serious.

Unfortunately, my confidence in these people is zero and I kinda think that new Case Manager, Akua Dwomoh-Bonsu has been brought in to orchestrate a cover up… Especially since they have already lost Miles.

Are we going to let a cover up take place?

We can do this, we can take these cunts down if enough pressure is put on them. I can’t do it without you.

I mean, imagine if anyone else but me had been charged with having photos of a record cover – the MSM would be all over that shit like a rash.

Look at all the money that has been wasted trying to steal an innocent child.


PHOTO: Guess what? Another day has gone by where no harm has come to Clayton… The only time that he was in any danger is when the sick fuck police & social services were plotting to steal him.

And now it is going very, very badly wrong for them… Don’t give them chance to get their act together.

Lets go to war.