Couldn’t give ATOS


Christopher Spivey

As it so happens, I know someone who appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

What’s more, he was a perfect candidate for Jelly Kyle to have a right fucking pop at. You see, he didn’t work, didn’t give a fuck about much, wasn’t very bright and was asked on the show for being a bad boyfriend and father.

Yet the really strange thing is; Jelly went really easy on him – none of the usual shouting in the face, calling him a cunt and general humiliation that many who take part in the show are subjected to.

And this led me to believe that many of the ‘guests’ on the show are just actors, simply following a script alongside an irate Jelly.

Course, that is by the by now since the show has been permanently axed following the suicide of one of Jelly’s guests – after he failed a lie detector test:

ITV today permanently axed The Jeremy Kyle Show after a grandfather was found dead just a week after being filmed for the controversial programme.

Network chief Carolyn McCall admitted it was ‘the right time for the show to end’ given the ‘gravity of recent events’ after an outcry followed the death of Steven Dymond, 63, with MPs having urged the broadcaster to pull the programme.

Mr Dymond took a lie-detector test on May 2 to convince fiancée Jane Callaghan he had been faithful, but was told he had failed. His body was found in his Portsmouth flat a week later on May 9 where he had been dead for days… Source

Now notice that in the second paragraph it clearly states:
“with MPs having urged the broadcaster to pull the programme.”

Also note “MPs” as in plural.

However, I will come back to that because first I want to discuss the axing of the show, although to my mind it is about time someone took an axe to the arrogant cunt Kyle.

I mean, closing the show down just because someone killed themselves is a bit drastic don’t cha think – unless of course there is more to this story than first meets the eye.

After all, the show was a very popular money-spinner although as far as I can see, once you have watched it 2 or 3 times it becomes a tad tedious & repetitive.

But nevertheless, the fact is that no one forced this mush who allegedly killed himself to appear on the show… Indeed, I know for a fact that the producers do not give a fuck if you appear or not because I was contacted by the show in March 2018:

Now, at this stage I should point out that I avoid using phones like the plague. And despite Zeta posing with Jelly in her profile picture I did not connect the inquiry with the show.

After all, in the past I have been contacted by both the BBC and Chanel 5 asking me to take part in programs about something that I am barred by law (a restraining order) from talking about… So I replied thus:

Which to me is a perfectly reasonable request.

However, Zeta then replied:

Now I find that very, very strange. I mean why the fuck could she not discuss the matter in a private direct message on Facebook? Did she not want me to have recorded proof of what she wanted to discuss with me?

Course, at this point I checked out Zeta’s profile and discovered that she worked for the Jelly Kyle show, which was a bit of a shock because I haven’t been a bad boy in over 23 years.

However, having said that I do know that Jelly Kyle does occasionally do shows that don’t involve hillbillies trying to kill each other… And so I replied:

And that was that… No further conversation and to this day I still don’t know what she wanted.

However, there you have proof that the show does not hound people to appear. Moreover, I doubt that there is a person over 14 in the cuntry who does not know what goes on with the people who do appear on the show.

And since this now-dead mush was on the show to do a lie detector test and as such probably contacted the show himself, despite knowing that he would fail and as a consequence be subjected to a Jelly tirade, I really cannot see how Jelly or the show Producers can be blamed for his death.

After all, the fella was 62 years old, not some easily led 16 yr old misfit.

Course, Kyle’s show is not the first to be cancelled because of the death of a guest. In fact I think that honour goes to Noel Edmunds and his “Late Late Breakfast Show”:

The Late, Late Breakfast Show was Edmonds’ first Saturday evening light entertainment show on the BBC. Presented by Edmonds live on Saturday evenings from 4 September 1982 to 8 November 1986, initially with co-host Leni Harper, it also featured Mike Smith and John Peel.

The programme is remembered for several accidents during its regular “Give it a Whirl” stunt slot; in particular the death of Michael Lush. The show was cancelled by the BBC on 15 November 1986, following the death of Lush two days earlier. While rehearsing a bungee jump to be performed live on the show, Michael Lush plunged 120 feet (37 m) to his death when his rope came loose. Noel Edmonds quit the show immediately afterwards… Source

And once again, I seem to remember a big public outcry at the time, although I cannot remember if there were any hand-wringing MP’s calling for the show to be axed… Mind you, Noel soon got over the tragedy as I feel certain Jelly will too.

Yet I do know that like Steven Dymond on the Kyle show, no one forced Michael Lush to appear on the Noel Edmunds show… In fact Lush would have most definitely asked to appear.

Nevertheless, the point of this article is to point out that it is all extremely hypocritical of our nonce MPs and the brain-dead public to be calling for the Jelly Kyle show to be axed whilst ignoring the thousands upon thousands who have died – many by suicide – after being declared fit for work by ATOS:

Nearly 90 people a month are dying after being declared fit for work, according to new data that has prompted campaigners and Labour leadership contenders to call for an overhaul of the government’s welfare regime.

Statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed that during the period December 2011 and February 2014 2,380 people diedafter their claim for employment and support allowance (ESA) ended because a work capability assessment (WCA) found they were found fit for work.

Ministers insisted that the data could not be used to link claimant deaths to its welfare reforms, but the figures focused attention on the government’s fit-for-work assessment process, which has been dogged by controversy in recent years… Source

Now there is a program that really needs shutting down, yet I do not hear any outcry from our self-serving, perverted MP’s or the ever so righteous mushy-pea-brained public… Just sayin’.