Common Law


What is Common Law?

  • The unwritten Law of the Common man.
  • Comes directly from higher self/conscience/intuition.
  • Religious codes of conduct (example: the ten commandments)
  • Summed up as ‘Harm None’
  • These Laws are for Man and protect
  • That which is lawful
  • Law of the Land
  • Almost universal, worldwide
  • Protects those whose Rights have been infringed upon
  • Crime with a Victim

What is a Statute?

  • A statute is a legislative act of a society
  • Formal written agreement which governs a country or state
  • Something that has the ‘force of law’ or colour of law
  • Almost always comes with a monetary ‘Charge’
  • These laws are on man and restrict freedoms
  • That which is legal
  • Commercial law
  • Maritime admiralty law
  • Law of trade
  • Law of the sea

Do you know your rights?

  • You are Born Equal and Free (and Equality Before the Law is Paramount)
  • You have the Right to Life, Freedom and Security
  • You have the Right to Trial by Jury of Peers
  • You have the Right to Bodily Integrity
  • You have the Right to Travel Freely
  • You have the Right to Freedom of Expression
  • You have the Right to Freedom of Assembly
  • You have the Right to Freedom of Association
  • You have the Right to Religious Liberty
  • You have the Rights of the Family
  • You have the Right to Inviobility of your Dwelling or Home
  • You have the Right to Privacy

Here are some important definitions: Person


  • corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person.
  • Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation. However, corporations, counties and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice, and therefore are not liable for punitive damages unless there is a statute authorizing the award of punitive damages.


  • A Society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent.
  • Societies are either incorporated and known to the law or un-incorporated, of which the law does not generally take notice.
  • A civil society is usually understood as a state, a nation or a political body.
  • In civil law society means a partnership.



  • A law enacted by the legislative branch of a government
  • An act of a corporation or its founder intended as a permanent rule
  • An international instrument setting up an agency and regulating its scope or authority


  • Act in the law: An Act that is intended to create, transfer, or extinguish a right and that is effective in law for that purpose; the exercise of a legal power.
  • Act of the law: The creation, extinction, or transfer of a right by the operation of the law itself, without any consent on the part of the persons involved.



  • A freeman possesses and enjoys all civil and political rights under a free government
  • Not a slave.

You may notice that the definition of the word “person” means a corporation. When you go to court you are acting as an agent representing that corporation which was created with a similar name to your own near the time of your birth. The only way that a statute or piece of legislation can affect you is if you agree to represent that person or corporation. Have you ever noticed that whenever you receive something from the government, the bank, the credit companies, insurance companies, or any other legal entity they spell your name with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? That name is not you, it is the name of your person. This is one of the most important things to come to terms with when trying to take back your freedoms. Remember that you are not a person, you have a person.




“You just send the letters”

Whenever you receive a demand for payment from a Bank, Building Society, or Loan Company, all you need to do is to respond correctly, the drift of which is to request them to provide three things:

1. Validation of the debt (the actual accounting), and

2. Verification of their claim against you (a sworn affidavit or even just a signed invoice – signed is important!), and

3. A copy of the contract binding both parties.

Write to say you would be happy to pay any financial obligation you might lawfully (important word!) owe as soon as these three documents are received.

They can’t validate the debt because they never sustained a loss.

They can’t verify any claim against you – as a flesh and blood human being with a living soul – they will be attempting to talk to your legal fiction NAME.

They can’t produce a copy of the contract because a lawfully binding one doesn’t exist.

What exists is an unenforceable unilateral contract.

What they refer to as ‘your contract with us’ is not a valid, bilateral, agreement – since the four requirements of a lawful, binding contract were not met on the Credit Card (or whatever) ‘application’, namely:

1. Full Disclosure (we are not told that we are actually creating the credit with our signature), and

2. Equal Consideration. They bring nothing to the table, hence they have nothing to lose. (“Consideration” means ‘something of value’, e.g. money, or an item of value – something they are trading for your signature/promise – something they have to lose), and

3. Lawful Terms and Conditions (they are based upon fraud), and

4. Signatures of BOTH Parties/Meeting of the Minds (Corporations can’t sign because they have no Right, or Mind, to contract, because they are soulless legal fictions)

Credit Cards and Loans are win/win for them, and lose/lose for everyone else – it is the slickest con game on the planet.

More detail, with regard to Mortgages (which are slightly special – because dwellings can have encumbrances attached), can be found here

But you have to know, and realise all this. If you don’t they will steamroller you. They will try every trick in the book, because it is their life-blood.

Stick to your guns.

ENSURE THAT EVERY LETTER YOU SEND CLEARLY STATES “Without Prejudice”, which means that you reserve all Rights in law, and yield to no contract unless it is lawful by virtue meeting the four conditions above.

Conditions (1) and (2) can never be met. Simply because they never have any money to lend in the first place. Banks are not allowed, by law, to lend any Depositor’s money. Loan Companies do not have any Deposits anyway. Therefore they can only ever lend what you gave to them in the first place, based on your signature on the Loan Application.


They will get the message, because they know they are operating fraudulently.

But what about my Credit Rating?

IN THEORY, since you have no judgment against you, your Credit Rating should remain intact.

(I did say … “In theory”)

My son says “Well, yes, but two wrongs don’t make a right”

Banks/Building Societies/Loan Companies have never had, nor ever will have, any money to lend you … except your own (created by your signature on a Promissory Note – called a Loan Agreement).

So they con you into paying them in order to use your own money.

The ‘wrong’ is that they charge you for the use of your own money. It is ‘right’ not to let them play this confidence trick on you.

If you do (somehow) end up in court

You will be asked your name, or whether you name is <whatever> … e.g. Veronica Chapman.</whatever>

The correct reply is “If I tell you my name, will I have a contract with you?”

If the answer is “No”, then you say “I’m a flesh and blood human being, with a living soul, and commonly called Veronica” (Obviously substitute your own Given Name – or use mine which would constitute a fraud … your choice). If they continue to use your legal fiction NAME (e.g. ‘Ms. Chapman’), do your best to ignore it, until they make it clear they are addressing you, and then repeat “I’m sorry, were you addressing me? I’m commonly called <whatever>”.</whatever>

If the answer is “Yes” then you can say “Then you need to provide me with FULL DISCLOSURE, some CONSIDERATION, the LAWFUL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and we would both need to SIGN. Is that not so?”.

Either way, you would be seriously looking at “Case Dismissed”!

If they threatened ‘Contempt of Court’ (a trick they often use), then the response is “Is that CIVIL or CRIMINAL contempt?”.

DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN ANSWER. (Do not be sucked into filling in ’empty silence’).

If the answer is “Criminal”, then the response is “Who makes the CLAIM, what is the CRIME, and who is the INJURED PARTY?”. If they say “The COURT makes the CLAIM”, the response is “You know that the court is not a human being, and that only human beings, blessed with a living soul, can make a CLAIM!”.

If the answer is “Civil”, then the response is “Please explain the CONTRACT. Will you provide FULL DISCLOSURE, what is the CONSIDERATION, and will you provide the SIGNATURE of a human being with a living soul?”

(I wish I had known about this when I was young!)

(By the way, they generally hate LIPs – Litigants In Person – who actually know the ropes. On the other hand, if you stick to your guns, there’s not a whole lot they can do about it. But they are sharks, and will try every trick. You need to remain alert. More information here)

Veronica: of the Chapman family – (January, 2009)


Letter written by the British Constitution Group.Like if you agree

For the attention of: –

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Edward Miliband and all Members of Parliament,


We Have Had Enough.

This letter is a warning – from the people. It is not a request that requires an answer, but it does require a response – by way of action on your part that demonstrates that you understand its substance and the seriousness of our intent.


The collective political establishment has betrayed the British people by transferring our national sovereignty to a foreign power without our consent. This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason.


You do not need to know how many people we represent today, only how many we might represent tomorrow and you should know that our numbers grow daily. This letter thus serves as your window of opportunity to make amends and give remedy for the crimes committed against us. We will show compassion for those who recant and we will be ruthless with those who do not concede to the wishes of the people.


Ignoring this letter is not an option… if you think it is, then this serves only to demonstrate that your intellect is subservient to your arrogance.  You may feel that you can ignore it because you are too powerful, but to do so is to underestimate the seething resentment that the people feel for the political establishment in general.


I, the undersigned, did not write this letter, but it expresses what I think about the way that we are being misgoverned. You have acted in contempt of the principles of democracy and shown total disregard for our right to govern ourselves. It does not matter who penned the words of this letter, what matters is what it says.


For the past several decades the British people have been treated with extraordinary and total contempt by the collective political establishment. It has not mattered which political party has been in office or ‘power’ as you insist on calling it, nothing ever changes. We are continually subjected to the same global agenda. We have been used and abused like pawns in your game of supremacy in which a dynastic ruling class see themselves as ordained to rule as masters – with impunity, whilst we the people, as virtual slaves, are supposedly destined to obey – without question. You have persistently and consistently undermined our democracy by agreeing to treaties with foreign political elites who have no business in our affairs.


You have rewarded yourself with the trappings of office – high salaries, luxuries denied most of us, privileges, pensions, prestige and benefits that we can only dream of… whilst burdening us with ever-higher taxes, derisory pensions and declining standards of public services. It is we who pay the price for your malfeasance.


The story of Britain over the past several decades that will be told in the history books of tomorrow is the story of betrayal, greed, corruption, nepotism, treason and modern day fascism – the latter of which manifests itself in the global agenda being imposed upon us against our will.


The European Union – a step process towards global governance is now fully exposed. Built on lies and deceit is being hoisted by its own petard – the edifice is crumbling but still the political elite like demented fools, continue to feed on their own delusions. The docile masses, mesmerised by trivia, propaganda, complacency and ignorance have still somehow managed to grasp some basic elements of the truth, alerted almost certainly by the blatant and arrogant refusal of the political elite to tell the truth even when it stands proud in the rubble of political deceit and betrayal.


The political class are discredited at every level. They rant about the benefits of our subjugation to a foreign enterprise, peace, prosperity and democracy where in reality chaos, dictatorship and corruption reign supreme. European economies are on the brink of collapse because of the corrupt banking cartels, there is visible resistance on the streets and people call for lawful rebellion. But less known, there is clandestine resistance behind closed doors. Whilst the majority advocate a peaceful uprising, the extremes will always be in the mix and when passion and anger are fused and those aggrieved can find no remedy… violent resistance is as understandable as the passion for life itself.


The police and militia that you currently rely on to defend yourselves against the people’s retribution… are made up of our own, they are not your people – and when they learn about your betrayal and your intent…. AND THEY WILL – they will turn against you. Their awakening, which you cannot stop, is your Achilles heel. Your greatest fear must be that we will impose upon you the regimes and repression that you had planned for us.


People are meeting in groups across the country, talking across oceans… they are disparate, disorganised and without an effective plan to repel the global agenda… as yet. BUT a leadership is emerging… organisers are co-ordinating and small groups are linking to form larger groups.  The dichotomies of left v right, Christian v Muslim, , black v white, Catholic v Protestant, which have been used to great effect to divide and conquer in the past, will find no favour in this war. The call to arms that will unite us will be ‘the people v the global elite’ – the cry will cascade street to street and find easy passage and universal support – for our common purpose has greater value and strength than yours.


We have a constitution – which you ignore. We have been denied our democratic rights, regardless, we have clearly expressed our wishes, in one opinion poll after another, that we do not want to be governed by a foreign unelected officialdom, but still you disregard us. We are promised a referendum on our future, but then you recant. You speak in support of our views when in opposition, but act to the contrary when we elect you.


You consult with corporate executives, international bankers, non-government organisations, international charities, academia, foreign dignitaries, political elites, think tanks and lobbyist – collectively a tiny minority, who do not represent us. These groups all emanate from the same social strata, with their own agendas to satisfy and all funded by the same cartel. You take note of their every whim, but you care not a jot for what we think or what we want. Your children are given jobs, with big salaries fresh from university and then rapidly climb the corporate ladder as reward by the same corporate bodies who you have favoured with your decisions. Our children must make their own way in an increasingly desperate world.  Your corporatism suppresses our freedoms with deliberate and malicious intent.


You accommodate tyrants, dictators, arms dealers and all manner of dubious characters, with whom you are happy to keep company. You turn a blind eye when the smell of money wafts your nostrils… it suppresses the stink of corruption and evil. Your moral compasses are defunct… your values deplorable and motives despicable. Our soldiers die to service your corporate agenda – their blood is on your hands.


You are educated at the same elite schools and members of the same elite clubs and you allow these influences to override the consideration which should be paramount in service of the people.  You have adopted the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” philosophy… because you have learnt from your predecessors that corruption and deception do indeed pay. The European Union is awash with it and you have determined to get your snout in the same trough. You take comfort from the fact that you control those who have the authority to indict you for your criminality… because they too have fallen prey to the corruption. You have sold off our national resources to your friends, divided communities, deprived villages and towns, undermined, destroyed and bulldozed. You have laid waste where once prosperity was enjoyed. But you have not suffered… you have remained aloof, disengaged, uninvolved – removed from the debris and the misery that you have wreaked upon the rest of us.


We have seen our three billion annual fishing industry handed over to foreign control for nil reward. Our farms no longer feed us, crippled by regulations made to favour foreign farmers. Our ship-building has been dismantled and our merchant fleet whittled to nothing. Our armed forces are under strength and we see foreign troops being trained on our own soil on the pretence that they may be needed to protect us… when the reality is they are being trained to subdue us… to protect you from our vengeance. Our children are victims of social engineering in the schools and declining standards of education. They are being sexualised by explicit exposures before they have the emotional maturity to be able to cope. You are destroying their minds and their childhoods.


You have engineered a police state with legislation that empowers you at our expense and you have been blatant in your contempt for our democratic and constitution rights and our common law, which have been known to us for centuries. You deny us our rights and our freedoms and contemptuously imply that you can provide us with a new Bill of Rights. Would we seriously trust a thief with our wallets? You have corrupted our courts by appointing judges who are contemptuous of our common law and you have bowed to the pressure of foreign elites who have inflicted their inferior system of justice upon us… without our consent. You have not defended our interests… you have conspired merely to enhance your own.


You have dissected our nation and sold off our infrastructure. We buy our own water from foreign corporations who grow rich on the back of our suffering. Pensioners die of cold because they are unable to afford their heating bills visited upon them by foreign corporate greed. You are then rewarded by them with lucrative directorships when you slip quietly from office with your bulging pensions. You remain oblivious, unconcerned… disconnected. We will no longer be ignored as you go about you globalist agenda. We will resist your controlling and petty rules and regulations… we will resist your fines and penalty charges and challenge your corrupt and biased judges, we will defy the over-zealous police, and your oppressive and unlawful taxes.


It is our intention to govern ourselves… we do not seek your permission – this is our right. You have had your opportunity and you have failed. We will take control of our own lives in stages, as and when it suits us. Our numbers will grow as we show by example that prosperity is the natural consequence of honest and fair governance. We will expose you for the parasites you are.


This country has a constitution – which you ignore. We have Magna Carta, the declaration and the Bill of Rights… we have trial by jury, habeas corpus, the coronation oath. We have our customs, traditions and common law. We have the right of petition, free speech, and free movement and above all… we have the right to govern ourselves. These are our inalienable rights – they are not privileges granted to us by you or your ilk. They cannot be taken away or extinguished at the whim of political diktat or through corrupt judicial process and certainly not at the behest of foreign undemocratic institutions. You have no authority to dictate… your duty is to serve.


We do not recognise regions imposed upon us by Europeans to affect their control over us – to divide and to conquer us. We are a sovereign nation… a proud people. We have watched our country slowly destroyed… by you – we now see clearly what you have done… your purpose and you betrayal. We will honour our inheritance – the freedoms fought for and secured for us, and we will ensure that we will pass this on to the next generation, to our children and theirs.


You have been sent this letter by a constituent.  On sending a copy to you, they have also registered your name with the co-ordinators. This will remain with us as evidence for your trial… for treason, should it be necessary. It’s your choice


We are many – you are few… and our leaders are emerging.


You have been warned.



What do Tony Blair,John Major and Margaret Thatcher all have in common? They are all cousins!


PARLIAMENT. from the french ‘parlez’-to talk and the latin ‘ment’-lies.


PARLIAMENT- To talk lies


Our Parliament is a registered company, you can find it on Du-port, the new companies house website.


Parliament- registered company UC2279443. if you look on these websites you will find the labour party, They trade under the name Alistair Darling MP, Mr Darling is a diplomat and has diplomatic status which means certain rules can be got around!


David Cameron, the current prime minister is a registered company as is the conservative party (2010)


CONSIGNIA (customer managment LTD)


A private limited company with share capital. non trading since 04-11-02

Part of a group of 35 companies under the parent company The Seceratary for Trade and Industry,

including 2 foreign companies, General logistic systems bv(netherlands) and Citipost international(Bermuda) and 10 post office companies


Who was the seceratary for trade and industry? Alistair Darling MP!. So the taxpayer is paying for a parent company that should be a govt department.


The post office is owned by JP MORGAN LTD, A foreign bank owns the post office?

Consignia used to trade as T.V. Licensing and take 3 billion pounds per year!


T.V. Licensing is now under the managment of a company known as CAPITA.





POLITICS- Pertaining to policy or the plan or course of action of the administration of a Government, Political party or corporation.

POLICY- A written contract or Certificate of insurance.

Acts of PARLIAMENT become STATUTES, Primary legislation which in turn are ENACTED and ENFORCED by STATUTORY LEGISLATION




we live in contract law by DECEPTION


Parliament do not have to enact a whole act, they can sneak in STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS and just enact part of the act so they dont have to keep passing whole acts through Parliament




A society is a number of persons united together by MUTUAL CONSENT, in order to deliberate, determine and ACT jointly for some common purpose

SOCIETY- The socially dominate members of a community

the common purpose of the socially dominant members of our community is to simply maintain their SOCIAL DOMINANCE

This is simply THE LAW SOCIETY and as a man or woman you are not a member


CONTRACT- An agreement between 2 or more PERSONS that CREATES or MODIFIES an existing relationship

There must be mutual CONSENT of ACCEPTANCE from all PERSONS engaging in the CONTRACT or the CONTRACT cannot exist.




The fundamental RULES written or unwritten that establish the CHARACTER of a GOVERNMENT,CORPORATION or GROUP by defining the basic principles to which that SOCIETY must CONFORM


A man or woman is LEGALLY known as THING for nothing of substance(natural) can exist in the LEGAL INDUSTRY, Thus the Thing has to be given a LEGAL PERSONALITY, a CERTIFIED NAME.


The man or woman is nor a member of this SOCIETY, the CERTIFIED NAME(LEGAL PERSONALITY) is. This is all that is BOUND by the RULES of the CONSTITUTION of the LAW SOCIETY – ANDERSONS CONSTITUTION





A LEGISLATIVE RULE of SOCIETY given the FORCE of the law by the CONSENT of the GOVERNED, a Rule as of a CORPORATION

by its own definition it is not a LAW, it is only given the FORCE of law by the CONSENT of the GOVERNED


from neuter of latin- STATUS the LEGAL CHARACTER or CONDITION of a PERSON or THING


MAXIM- International recognised fact in law that cannot be re-butted or changed. it is a FACT!




formerly known as THE UNITED KINGDOM PLC, the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION and believed to currently be the UNITED KINGDOM PLC. this has been denied strongly that it even exists but some digging at a public records office uncovered the following


1)RECORD:HC Deb 22 October 1940, VOL 365c942w. Discussion between Mr Craven Ellis and Mr Johnstone on the United Kingdom Corporation

2)RECORD: HL DEB 03 May 1944 VOL 131c616-21. Discussion by the EARL OF CARLISLE on United Kingdom Corporation

3)RECORD DEB 24 February 1949 VOL160cc1168-84. Discussion by VISCOUNT SWINTON on United kingdom Corporation.




It seems this country is a CORPORATION and has EMPLOYEES

It seems the EMPLOYEES are not just CIVIL SERVANTS but EVERYONE

It seems that if i have a NATIONAL INSURANCE number, that means i too an am EMPLOYEE of this CORPORATION


COMPANY POLICY of this CORPORATION requires me as an EMPLOYEE to pay tax and follow all the LEGISLATIVE RULES of that CORPORATION, in this case STATUTES

As in any COMPANY if i break the RULES i will be DISCIPLINED under that COMPANIES LEGISLATION




It seems the POLICE of the UNITED KINGDOM are all COMPANIES


It seems the courts of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION are all COMPANIES

If i break the RULES they will invite(SUMMONS) me to their place of BUSINESS to discuss my PUNISHMENT

They are not inviting me i only though they were

It seems even the highest court in the land is a CORPORATION- THE HOUSE OF LORDS






Duty under common law to serve and protect

to uphold COMMON LAW








NO POWERS but given a Warrant card and copy of pace for future use



To get you used to people with no authority having authority over you under a corporate banner



You are in common law jurisdiction not civil

All police forces are registered companies.



LCC was incorporated(IPoo666C) in 2002, its registered office was 3rd floor Christchurch Precinct, County Hall, PRESTON. it was completely DISSOLVED on 25th JAN 2008

All of the assets and liabilities of LCC were transfered on 12th November 2007 to another company called the BLUES and TWOS CREDIT UNION PLC

The registered address of this company is LANCASHIRE POLICE HEADQUARTERS po box 77 HUTTON PRESTON, they now own all of LCC’s assets and liabilities


A member of the public called due to confusion that he paid COUNCIL TAX to a COMPANY called LCC, he was told he shouldnt because that company no longer existed and no one is trading with that name.

LCC was later removed from companies house






are being taken over by a company called SOUTHWEST ONE

SOUTHWEST ONE is part of a group of companies who’s ultimate parent company is IBM

But this is a POLICE CONSTABULARY, a public service paid for by the taxpayer who only have any form of authority because of their individual oaths of office

So now a police constabulary is being told what to do by a private company,and not only told what to do but what happens to the oath of office as a CORPORATION can have no authority, for a MORTMAIN can have no authority,


MORTMAIN means DEADHAND. companies are classed as dead, it is the individual persons within the company that hold the oath of office. a company does not live or breath, it is dead. They cannot own land, that is why your house is called property.







The manipulation of the English language



Legalese is a recognised language, just like chinese, japanese or cantonese etc, it is English but words are given different meanings, we are simply not being told this, ALL legal documents are written in LEGALESE not ENGLISH!!! There is a big difference between the two!





JOINDER- i am asked for my full name, address and date of birth, This is only to establish the LEGAL PERSONALITY, the address of the LEGAL PERSONALITY and the date the LEGAL PERSONALITY was created

Once JOINDER has been established they can then offer that LEGAL PERSONALITY a CONTRACT (ACT)

But they need my CONSENT so i am asked do you understand

I would sign at least one piece of paper if not more to say i am the LEGAL personality and i as that LEGAL PERSONALITY understand




UNDERSTAND is synomanous with STAND UNDER

It is a legal requirement that you understand( stand under) but not that you understand(comprehend)

During any process i am SUBJECTED to by the CORPORATION OFFICERS, i will be asked at sometime ” do you understand?” this is simply about consent

Do you STAND UNDER me, do you give me (A CORPORATE OFFICER) AUTHORITY over you?

but it is not you, it is the LEGAL PERSONALITY (piece of paper) you have just agreed to represent




In LEGALESE a NOTICE is not a BILL, a NOTICE is not a DEMAND, a NOTICE is nothing more than an offer of a CONTRACT

when the offer has been made, the LEGAL PERSONALITY must be established through JOINDER for the LEGAL PERSONALITY is nothing more than a PIECE of PAPER

Because of this they need the man or woman to agree to represent that PIECE OF PAPER by saying I UNDERSTAND

FIXED PENALTY NOTICES are the same as all and any STATEMENTS made, they are simply self perpetuating CONTRACTS.





We will present any evidence found of your watching tv without a license which MAY include a statement taken under caution by one of our enforcement officers.

Using legales change MAY for MUST as they are synonamous with each other

by giving a statement you are admitting your guilt.

read these documents carefully because you are being conned.




SUMMONS is synonamous with INVITATION, so it is simply an invite, a choice

They are inviting a LEGAL PERSONALITY to a CORPORATE place of BUSINESS


This LEGAL PERSONALITY was created by the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION and is not me.

They are using DECEPTION as every MAGISTRATES COURT is a trading name of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE.

There is no parent company which means THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE is the parent company.

A report was obtained which showed that THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE has been registered since the year 1600. This means our country has been lawless for 410 years as the whole justice system is being dealt with by a company,

according to the report they have a ccj against them and were only given 1 star, in other words don’t do business with this company,




If i got to court(corporate place of business) as the accused, i would be asked to confirm my name, they would even presume to know who i am would ask as such “phillip michael rogers?” the full name entered on my BIRTH CERTIFICATE, THE LEGAL PERSONALITY


MR is the title of the LEGAL PERSONALITY as is DR LORD PC MP QC and all other titles, they will not ask for this as it is not required


so when they ask for my name they are talking to LEGAL PERSONALITY, not me, but why?


Why the need for the DECEPTION OF THE NAME?


LEGAL is form only(person) a man or woman is of substance or words of nature

LEGAL is the antithesis (exact opposite) of moral or natural

NOTHING can exist in the LEGAL WORLD without PERSONALITY(a NAME) and a PIECE OF PAPER to say it exists

So when they ask for my NAME they are not talking to me “the man” because as a man i cannot exist in the LEGAL WORLD, so as you can see they are talking to a LEGAL PERSONALITY, a PIECE OF PAPER


you are just not told this.




Natural law/common law- they need me to represent


acts of parliament(statutes)

Statutory instruments(contracts)- the legal personality/piece of paper




The only basic principles that any people of any nation need to adhere to are those of natural law which should be mirrored in common law. NEVER CAUSE HARM OR LOSS




They need a man or woman to CONSENT to REPRESENT the LEGAL PERSONALITY because a piece of paper cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot pick up a pen, because it is simply STATIONARY


CONSENT can be given through IN-ACTION as well as ACTION as you have seen by the DECEPTION OF THE WORD UNDERSTAND.

nodding your head is IN-ACTION, actually saying YES is ACTION





Man created GOVERNMENT which in turn created the LEGAL PERSONALITY, this is not me, it is a LEGAL FICTION which i have been falsely identifying with

i do not get to say what its RIGHTS and DUTIES are, THE UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION do

But it had to MISLEAD me into doing so via DECEPTION as you have seen

They want me to believe i am this LEGAL PERSONALITY




created by MUM and DAD

subject to common law jurisdiction

must never cause harm or loss to another

Free and unlimited ability to do anything within these principles






Must fullfil all DUTIES given to and governed by COMPANY POLICY (tax etc) under ACTS of PARLIAMENT.




Most men and women in the world today believe they are a PERSON and have a PERSONALITY

Their PERSONALITY is the social mask all men and women wear, this is simply the EGO which need STATUS and needs CONTROL

This is why the Deception of the personality works so well, for it mirrors something that is already going on inside of you, there is no mistake that the word STATUTE comes from the word STATUS

It preys on your need for betterment, STATUS, the need for CONTROL, what your MIND desires, not your HEART




When i was born my parents submitted a BIRTH CERTIFICATE APPLICATION FORM, a PIECE OF PAPER

In the formulation on any LIMITED COMPANY,CORPORATION, there is always a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION, to create its LEGAL PERSONALITY via its NAME, a PIECE of PAPER

WARNING the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is not EVIDENCE of IDENTITY, so it quite clearly states it has nothing to do with a man or woman

Also the fact that it holds a CROWN COPYRIGHT on it, shows it is not even ours!




Consider this, Could the GOVERNMENT actually take my car away and crush it lawfully if i actually owned it?

By using the process of REGISTERING my car they duped me into handing over LEGAL OWNERSHIP of my belonging(my car)

I got V5 DOCUMENT as the REGISTERED KEEPER, a DOCUMENT that gives me PERMISSION to use it as long as it used in accordance with all of their RULES

This deception is not only about cars, it applies to anything that you have REGISTERED including your CHILDREN




if you get a parking ticket that applies to the owner, send it to the owner, the DVLA!




All GOVERNMENT COMPANIES seem to have the same prefix at the begining of their company number “UC”

UC companies and ROYAL CHARTER COMPANIES do not have to publish their accounts as they are exempt under law

The service they provide us with is a BUSINESS to BUSINESS service and they do not include GOVERNMENT COMPANIES in any of their search packages





but a CONTRACT can only exist between two or more persons from the definition given earlier


The LEGAL PERSONALITY is just a PIECE OF PAPER as the one attached to you, so the CONTRACT only exists between the PIECES OF PAPER, as a man woman or child cannot exist in the LEGAL INDUSTRY, so the CONTRACTS simply cannot apply to them.



The Magna Carter 1215 started the process of the separation of power)devolution) away from the sovereign to a parliament of BARONS, on the pretence that parliament was to set up to represent US, the people and to protect us from a tyrannous sovereign

now what we are seeing is the devolution of power away from government to the 3rd sector(private companies) to remove the oath of office, to destroy the sovereign and peoples sovereignty.

To finally create the CORPORATE REPUBLIC, to stop everything that was created on this island being un-created.


But they have a problem for as long as i live and breathe, this island, its people and their descendants will never perish and nor will their sovereignty




An AFFIDAVIT is a maxim, unrebutted, it stands as truth in law

Therefore with this lawful AFFIDAVIT, there is no higher authority than me. i am sovereign in law as i have removed authority from our representative, our sovereign, until such a time as a true representative is our sovereign.


We the people of this island have the power to simply say NO, this affidavit says NO, All the peoples of the commonwealth can say NO.


This was based on article 61 magna carter 1215, a clause written to secure the peace of the land


Lawful peaceful hinderance- NO VIOLENCE.


You do not need a sollicitor to execute an affidavit, just 3 independant people.




To survive without money is nearly impossible in the world we live in, but that does not mean that just some of us are enslaved by this product, it means all of us are, EVERYONE

If you have the power to create money why would there ever be debt?




Money is not a VALUABLE COMMODITY, YOU ARE!, because of the work you do, the only way you will do that work is to be PROMISED you will receive MONEY for that WORK, so you can survive

COMPANIES AND CORPORATIONS only exist because of money, the money they receive from you is simply their lifeline, to feed their GREED, to maintain their delusion of STATUS, to maintain their SOCIAL DOMINANCE

The simple question is what happens to these COMPANIES when everyone simply says NO, we’re not paying you anymore? they cannot survive


Simple conclusion- DON’T GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY!!




I peacefully resist all claims against me by refusing to re-present the LEGAL PERSONALITY-the PIECE OF PAPER

I never accept any of their paperwork (forms) and no-one can ever make me accept them, I send every letter back simply writing on them ” NO CONTRACT-RETURN TO SENDER”

I only say as little as i can answering every question with the prefix “THE PERSON”

I never sign anything and i never write a statement or have have a statement written for me.

I deny them period, any of the lifeline they so desperately need, which is money, i will never give them a penny.



Every man woman and child on this island are sovereigns in their own right, a sovereign nation, but we are only this as long as we have a sovereign to invest that sovereignty in a line in the sand that cannot be crossed

No KING QUEEN OR GOVERNMENT have the right to rule us, they are there to represent us, nothing more/nothing less with no greater dignity than anyone they represent

All the power within this island is held by you and granted by you. Everything that is wrong can end when you will it to

we must allow for that line in the sand to be drawn once again


copied from John Harris, lawful rebellion conference video,





  1. Kevin
    December 29, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

    I’ve been fascinated by your site Chris, some of the articles are quite amazing and, if they’re factually correct, very disturbing.

    Today I’ve been trying to get my head round this section, dealing with the Freeman alternative. However, the basis of the majority of it seems to rest on the definition of ‘person’ as so interpreted by the legal fraternity. This article states that ‘Person’ is defined as ‘a corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person’. However, this is incorrect. Black’s (the assumed definitive legal dictionary, relied upon by the courts) defines ‘Person’ thus:

    ‘1. A human being: 2. A corporation (it then goes on to define corporation)’

    Obviously, we could then extrapolate the definition of ‘human being’, but is there any point, as we are all fairly aware of what is a human being and the courts – where any doubt may exist – will utilise common parlance and understanding if common words.

    Notwithstanding the above, it’s all interesting stuff…


    • Scott
      April 8, 2014 @ 12:50 am

      Hi Kevin you do give up rather easily…
      How are we ruled but with WORDS….are you a Human…? mmmmm
      You failed to check the Black’s definition of Human…’see Monster’….
      A person is not a MAN or a WOMAN you can only be conned into thinking that you are ‘human’ rather than a ‘CHILD OF THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE’ which is the most powerful of all!


    • David
      December 31, 2016 @ 10:35 am

      Kevin do some research please…if you look in blacks law early editions I.e edition 1 you will see what a person is before they watered it down..and it clearly states in edition 1 a person is divided into 2 a natural and artificial person.
      Natural person as such as the God of nature formed us
      Artificial as such as are created and devised by human law for the purpose of society and government which are called cooperations or bodies politic…they are from edition 1 I suggest you always refer to edition 1 or 2 because the later editions have been watered down


  2. Dave Starbuck
    January 26, 2013 @ 5:01 pm

    Hi Chris,

    It’s always great to find another freethinker from this part of the world 😀

    I’ve been in lawful rebellion for 4 years now since I sent affidavits to queen lizardbreath and since that time I have challenged everything I possibly could with varying results:

    I’ve also given talks and helped as many people as I can see through the bullshit.

    The key lies in helping as many people as we can have their own “Aha” moment and wake up to reality, and I appreciate and applaud your efforts to do so.

    Keep it up mate and If you ever fancy killing a few braincells with a pint or two give me a shout, I’m only down the road in Basildon 😀



  3. Rolo
    April 30, 2013 @ 6:51 pm

    In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.
    Power to the people, well done geez.


    May 13, 2013 @ 1:33 am

    Chris sorry didnt know where else to post this but know your readers would be interested [pics dont show for some reason]…..

    Disclaimer: the posting of stories, commentaries, reports, documents and links (embedded or otherwise) on this site does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of any of such posted material or parts therein.

    Saturday, May 11, 2013


    Sister Megan Rice

    On 8 May 2013, “an 83-year-old nun, Sister Megan Rice, who broke into a Tennessee depleted uranium storage facility in 2012 …. exposing a massive security hole at the nation’s only facility used to store radioactive conventional munitions, was convicted and sentenced to a term of up to 20 years in prison.”


    Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.

    Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.

    Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.

    Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.

    Victim of the US government’s depleted uranium.

    The USA is a Nazi state.

    The USA has very bad karma.

    If there is a Hell, it will be mainly filled with Americans, especially those from Tennessee.

    Tennessee is filled with Nazis.


    May 13, 2013 @ 12:12 pm


    Sign of the times eh? An elderly lady gets thrown into prison for trying to help victims……………………. give me strength!!!!!!!!!!!11111


  6. Bob Wilson
    July 30, 2013 @ 9:44 pm

    Much of what John Harris says is total crap, he thinks politics means “many blood suckers”, he thinks parliament means “to speak lies”. Crap! crap! crap! he thinks the Magna Carta only gives freedom to the Barons, he thinks democracy is “mob rule”, crap! crap! crap! Read the Magna Carta the general public are well and truely included, democracy is not “mob rule”, thats what the bogey men want you to think, democracy is safety in numbers. Politics means the governing of the city, from similar Greek stem in Metropolitan which means “mother city”, the word police is from the same stem, all refereng to a “city” or “polis” in Greek, Policy referes to the art of governing a city. There was also an old warrant in writing for money called an apodissa, now polizza in Italian, the Normans brought it here as “police d’assurance” which means an insurance policy in English. And the Spanish have a poliza de seguro, an insurance policy. Policy in English coming from two different unconected stems and meanings, neither of them having anything to do with blood suckers(ticks is from German teke). Parliament is from parler lament, parler means”to speak”, got that bit right John, lament means “complain”. The Kings used to summon a meeting of the barons to speak of the peoples complaints, to parler lament, not to speak lies. Common sense tells you that assertion is a load of bollocks. Be careful folks, there is some proper bull shit going about, and much of it comes from the British constitution group. They can take an ounce of sense and turn it into a pound of tripe. Can you tell them where they are going wrong? can you hell, they do not want to know, they are becoming their own enemy.


    • gutsfull
      November 2, 2013 @ 9:37 pm

      Once went to a talk by Harris a few years back in Ebbw Vale expecting it to be all about common law. Very dissapointed like a lot of people there. Nothing about what we were expecting at all. He seems to believe that he is special for some reason. Mostly talked a load of crap if you ask me.


    • Steve Mc
      June 11, 2014 @ 2:26 am

      Bob Wilson

      Couldn’t agree more, he has his own website called TPUC or something and was talking about not having to pay for this and that and our rights as free men. I got kind of caught up in it all as I hate being told I “have” to do something when I don’t. But the long and short of it is that I followed some of his “rules” and rebellions and it has cost me a lot more than it would have to just complied in the first place.

      I have seen videos of people being able to deny the police certain things and I do believe he has an answer on one or two things but definitely not what he makes himself out to be. Lets face it, the last few governments have not been stupid in including lots of lawyers in their ranks and knowing how to invent laws or repeal laws that give us rights.

      I think the man is just an egotistical twat, he may get away with some things himself but will always point out he does not stand behind all he says and “it may not work” .. Which in English means, you’re on your own and will more likely get nicked or cost a lot more than to do it right!


  7. Dafyd Miller
    August 21, 2013 @ 2:15 am

    I just want to have an insight about the lawful rebellion of John Harris. We should not forget that we are equal beings as man and woman created by God with equal rights and we have to exercise that given rights.


  8. Decency
    October 16, 2013 @ 10:58 am

    We Need a Constitution that Upholds Basic Rights as our ” Un Written ”
    Constitution has Undermined Them

    Take the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech for Instance , As Thanks to
    our ” Un Written Constitution ” there is Not that Politicians in Westminster
    Parliament Circus were Able to Pass Diktats Interferring with the Right to
    Protest outside the Palace of Westminster


  9. PJ
    November 7, 2013 @ 9:01 pm

    Been visiting the site for about a year now Chris and never seen this page – BRILLIANT !! Michael TELLINGER in S Africa is doing the same with the banks there in two lawsuits. Love it. As a by the way – having real trouble getting to your site via google – think they’re at it again. Keep it up.
    Have a non-gay kiss from Canada !!


    • Dogman
      November 7, 2013 @ 9:02 pm

      Thanks PJ. On behalf of Chris, I have nominated MrTrotsky’sGhost to accept that non-gay kiss.


      • MrTrotskysGhost
        November 7, 2013 @ 9:14 pm

        I refuse the kiss, man hugs are welcome 😉


        • Dogman
          November 7, 2013 @ 9:22 pm

          AUN, put this man on jankers. Refusal to take one for the team!


  10. MrTrotskysGhost
    November 7, 2013 @ 9:35 pm

    I do believe that under Sect. 3, subsection 86, para 69, line 42 of The Tooting Popular Fronts “Guidelines for Members”, of which I have the only surviving copy, which has not been repealed by the Wombles Repulican Army’s own manifesto, it should be noted that the following holds true:

    “Non gay kisses may be replaced by none gay man hugs.”

    I rest my case. Can I still have the blue wellies AUN?


    • Dogman
      November 7, 2013 @ 9:41 pm

      Bloody barrack room lawyers…….


    • arm-urself-now
      December 9, 2013 @ 11:13 pm

      Lol you said they have been disbanded by some tea maker called Hebrew T , also the following “AUN, put this man on jankers. Refusal to take one for the team!” , has come to my attention which is more than I did while in the army , never the less the other Womble members have said it’s now your turn in the barrel and you have been demoted to the cabin boy , Roger and out , (see that lol) , no charge .

      All rights reserved © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013
      Formally known as the Tooting Popular Front .


      • MrTrotskysGhost
        December 10, 2013 @ 1:01 am

        @arm-urself-now, read it and weep :
        According to TTPF GFM as the decyphered and digitally enhanced faded copies, as analysed by the famous Slovakian Hebrew Scholar, Tenký Modrý Kože *, clearly state:

        Section 9, subsection 18, para 1, line 86
        Nice try, you Stalinist dictator. Too God damn motherfuckin late. Let the counter revolution begin.



      • arm-urself-now
        December 10, 2013 @ 1:33 am

        Please note that following , The Tooting Popular Fronts “Guidelines for Members” , has now been abolished by the © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013 at this morning’s EAGM ( Emergency Annual General Meeting ) , which was attended by the full committee namely myself and Wolfie with an overall majority of two votes to nil has been truly abolished to the realm’s of history as per the appendix in The Tooting Popular Fronts “Guidelines for Members” , which states only founding members are allowed to alter any rules and/or re-write them as we see fit , this includes voting while drunk , high as a kite or when giving the neighbours mrs one , no charge .
        I rest my case Ma’Lord said Parker , lmao .

        All rights reserved © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013
        Formally known as the Tooting Popular Front .


      • MrTrotskysGhost
        December 10, 2013 @ 3:50 am

        You say:
        “as per the appendix in The Tooting Popular Fronts “Guidelines for Members” ”
        I say:
        Liar, I have the only surviving copy as everybody knows by now, we have all been chuckling at your signature of the – lmfao, formerly known as, womble repub…….no charge, copyright…. etcetera, etcetera etcetera – most of us have been chuckling for days………..I love it when a plan comes together, pass me that milk.
        Mr T.


      • MrTrotskysGhost
        December 10, 2013 @ 3:54 am

        btw a-u-n, no appendices were ever printed…….another lie………just sayin…..


      • Wolfie
        December 10, 2013 @ 7:55 am

        Get your own He brew T lol , you only want the milk for Jess , just saying and as I and aun wrote the whole rules in invisible ink I fail to see how you decoded it or how your He brew scallop even analized it , sounds like a load of old crap and smells rather fishy to , now were’s me post lol , POA.


      • MrTrotskysGhost
        December 10, 2013 @ 11:44 am

        You just cannot stop lying can you? The TPF GFM was written by,
        Walter Henry Smith
        Ken Mills
        Harry Fenning

        I will update you when I get more info 😉


      • arm-urself-now
        December 10, 2013 @ 12:24 pm

        Walter Henry Smith better known as Citizen Smith aka “Wolfie” a young marxist urban guerilla and founding member of the revolutionary Tooting Popular Front (the TPF, merely a small bunch of his friends)
        Ken Mills real name Heather
        Tucker was kicked out and joined Grange Hill
        Speed was thrown out along with his mobility scooter as he couldn’t keep up
        Harry Fenning who refers to Wolfie as “Trotsky” btw ,
        just saying , no charge.

        All rights reserved © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013
        Formally known as the Tooting Popular Front .


      • MrTrotskysGhost
        December 10, 2013 @ 12:50 pm

        and the name Wolfie inspired by Theodore Wolfe Tone, the father of Irish republicanism. I’m an expert on all things TTPF, can you spot the deliberate mistake? It’s been there a while……. 😉


      • arm-urself-now
        December 10, 2013 @ 1:11 pm

        Yes lol , “According to TTPF GFM as the decyphered and digitally enhanced faded copies” , there only ever was one copy and Bungo – Rile_Dup ate it so there lmfao , no charge ,

        All rights reserved © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013
        Formally known as the Tooting Popular Front .


  11. iwonder
    November 23, 2013 @ 2:12 am


  12. Bob Wilson
    December 7, 2013 @ 3:53 pm

    the trouble with John’s research is that he believes corruption to be substance. If I told you an Act of Parliament has made dog shit legal tender, would you all be shovelling dog shit off the pavements? The greatest lie is that parliament has “unlimited powers”, they do not in any way have such power, the parliament of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain” is under treaty agreements, they are bound under international law to obey the Treaty of Union. Even if we tacitly accept the Treaty of Union and Great Britain, the facts of the law are that an English parliament can not bind it’s successors, so the reality is that Great Britain has never realy existed, and all the statutes and treaties made by “Great Britain” are utterly bogus.

    So legalese is bogus, the corporations created by GB are bogus, all the Acts of Parliament for GB are bogus, no one in England under any law needs take any notice of British bull shit, and there is no point in John telling us we are the slaves of British bull shit, we are merely slaves of our own stupidity . Now who wants to buy a shovel? and be ready to exchange some lovely dog shit for some corn flakes, just in case some quasi elected dickheads in the British Parliament want to continue playing dipsticks with the English people. Johns got his shovel ready,


  13. krav maga
    December 8, 2013 @ 12:37 am

    Oh…and Viking Chick, Goodnight milady.
    dogman, r u editing my posts?
    Yes u r
    No I’m not
    u fukin r
    Only a little bit!


  14. lorraine
    December 10, 2013 @ 1:00 pm

    arm-urself-now Hi AUN. I’ve decided I will become your Womblette but you have to marry me first!!!(lol).


    • arm-urself-now
      December 10, 2013 @ 1:16 pm

      Ok it’s a deal as long as you bring your own rubbish as Wellington – MrTrotskysGhost has bin refusing (see that M-T-G lol) , ooh and a double bin liner so we can snuggle up , hope your pillows are ample for a weary head after a long day keeping the ranks in order , you are now officially Miss Adelaide – Lorraine , soon to be Mrs 😆 , no charge .

      All rights reserved © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013
      Formally known as the Tooting Popular Front .


  15. lorraine
    December 10, 2013 @ 1:36 pm

    arm-urself-now You’re on AUN(lol) And yes I have two VERY nice pillows!!!


    • arm-urself-now
      December 10, 2013 @ 8:17 pm

      Well they say the proof is in the pudding lol , although to be honest i am quite adept at pumping up pillows , lmao , no charge .

      All rights reserved © The Wombles Republican Army ® 2013
      Formally known as the Tooting Popular Front .


      • Dogman
        December 10, 2013 @ 9:28 pm

        Steady arm, deceptively tough creatures these ladies. I just wandered into the kitchen and put my arms around my wife and offered her a romantic interlude and she just looked at me and said “so, it’s half time then?” So judgemental, always calling us shallow!


  16. Mo Ibrahim
    March 7, 2014 @ 8:54 pm

    A brilliant article. I commend you on your work. Truly eye opening.


  17. Dave
    March 28, 2014 @ 5:20 pm

    for information on common law this is the man you need to listen to
    Karl Lentz; http ://
    talkshoe radio; http ://
    resources ; http ://
    learn how to turn the court, and file a superior claim above their complaint


  18. Q E
    August 31, 2014 @ 12:19 pm

    WOW and WOW again, what a remarkable piece of writing.
    Thanks Chris :- )


  19. Lee1963
    December 17, 2014 @ 4:10 pm

    John Harris banned me from his website, after calling me a liar, I can only think of one reason for why he would and that was myself having had previously referred to my mrs and a mate being my carers, I said I had two carers! (not having divulged they had helped me through a benefit sanction as opposed to helping me with say personal care) and he interpreted that as meaning I was disabled and incapacitated! I was given a time frame to admit I lied which only left me one choice, to deny that I was what he said I was, he banned me for it anyway!

    Worthy of a mention was finding out one of the habitual posters on his forum (a member called Wifi) had some involvement in providing evidence of the London incident to a certain brand of newspaper. Taken from a certain flat/view point from a mobile phone, other stuff about people on that bus also, all there on the forum, the alarm was at that point raised!
    The forum was shortly after removed from tpuc (not sure why) while my thread (who was this drummer = google it) was sitting there still waiting to step up a gear at 30 odd pages long, no conspiracy there but some of the behaviour on that forum was all wrong imho.
    Strange that the remaining full time habitual posters all hounded me and another guy called Rollandsmoke (who added some excellent questions) even bringing Harris & Ben (admin) out of their lairs, I guess I was next to get booted, my critique of their behaviour wasn’t deemed “being nice”.
    I don’t trust John Harris, purely because of his shying away in pm to debate the motives behind his ideological sales pitch, he had the revolution covered a bit like Brand, burn all the churches (obviously its the churches that are to blame, never people lol) but could never go into detail about what laws he would be replacing existing ones with OR on whos authority he would be doing this for as it certainly wasn’t for monotheists (or preserving laws that protect humanity) nor were these ideas to be scrutinized by anyone who still continued to questioned them, Harris was more comfortable talking coffee and preaching being nice just before banning you around his yes men for any serious debate to be enjoyed there. I’m left with the feeling he is a danger to himself and I fear his website was yet another steer of the “truth movement” (doublespeak makes me cringe…truth movement = steer them away from the proverbial) and I question whether someone had put him up to doing it, especially when you consider his family links and his ties to some other even more dodgy folk who he had dinner with or did business with.
    Time will tell.


    • Gallows
      December 17, 2014 @ 5:01 pm

      Hello Lee welcome, iv always thought of harris as a good bloke but i don’t know much about him to be fair.
      Rollandsmoke posts here, he’s a top bloke who pops in from time to time with information about something or another, he’s an asset to any site he contributes to.


  20. Lee1963
    December 17, 2014 @ 4:18 pm

    having googled it myself just now (needs the letters tpuc added afterwards) is showin that it has 10 posts and 4 authors (it had 30+ pages!)


  21. Lee1963
    December 17, 2014 @ 5:59 pm

    Hi Gallows,
    John was very sincere towards me in the beginning and to say I haven’t learn’t anything from him would be a lie, but it all changed when I learned by beliefs had no place in his future utopia where he would be king, JH took a big dislike to my angle of questioning and his forum dogs (especially a poster with the name Bodge) were just waiting for an excuse to get rid, it came via my thread regarding Spivey’s article about Drummer Lee Rigby, and has raised more questions than could be answered. good luck to him, just don’t expect me to trust him again.

    Rollandsmoke is indeed a genuine poster, only spoke to him a few times on tpuc and was unsuccessful getting any further messages to him before and after that banning incident, enjoyed both his input to my thread and his sense of humor, got lots to ask his opinion on so hopefully we will get in touch here perhaps and continue where we left off.

    “third eye no lie kinda guy” still gives me a chuckle.


    • Bob
      February 16, 2015 @ 5:42 pm

      Hi Lee,
      If John Harris has banned you from his web site, he has probably done you a favour. You can always tell when someone is not right when they refuse to answer your questions or even enter into an open debate. I met him at the very first British Constitution Group Conference, where he pretended to cry on stage, pathetic. He had his rant about “legalese”, but since I am probably more up on constitutional knowledge than he will ever be, I approached him to question his beliefs, he just said “I cant help you mate” and walked off.

      Perhaps that’s what your supposed to do if you ever get summoned to court, just write back and say “I cant help you, sod off”, has any body just given that a go?

      If you are being summoned to court, the first point of call is to ask the people sending the summons for a Quo warranto at common law. They are duty bound to define the origins of their authority, if they do not or can not, you have no obligation to answer the summons. If you are taken before a judge, you have every right to request that said judge proves that they have a lawful commission, and are operating under Her Majesty’s name and under Her Majesty’s laws. If he can not or will not, he is either an imposter, or he is committing perjury, which ipso facto renders him void of office and liable to arrest and punishment. You wont get that information from John Harris.


      • Dogman
        February 17, 2015 @ 6:55 am

        Thanks for that Bob, I’ll add that to the forum info on Common Law etc.


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