Clowns & Clones


Christopher Spivey.


A farticle appeared in the Chimp the other day which goes a long way to vindicate what I have being saying for a good few years now… Or at least goes to show that what I have been Claiming is highly possible.

The farticle is about a FEMALE Hollyweird A-Lister whom unbeknownst to her audience also played her MALE co-star in her latest film:

Hollywood A-Lister comes clean to reveal SHE played her ’82-year-old male co-star’ – using four hours of make-up (including fitting a prosthetic manhood) and a false biography… but can YOU guess who it is?

  • The British actress is starring in horror remake Suspiria with Lutz Ebersdorf
  • Pictures showed resemblance between her and first-time actor Ebersdorf
  • The director dismissed suggestions they were the same person as ‘fake news’ 
  • Tilda Swinton has now come clean and revealed she used prosthetics and make-up to appear as an old man

When pictures of first-time actor Lutz Ebersdorf first emerged, snatched from the set of a new Hollywood movie, they sent gossips into a frenzy.

The 82-year-old, they said, bore a striking resemblance to the film’s star. Could Tinseltown fakery be afoot?

But that star, decidedly female and not octogenarian, denied she had anything to do with it.

The film’s director, Luca Guadagnino, dismissed claims as ‘fake news’. And when a page for Mr Ebersdorf appeared on the Internet Movie Database, the debate was seemingly put to bed.

And so it remained until today, when the actress involved, British star Tilda Swinton, admitted she had donned the disguise to play her own co-star for new horror film Suspiria.

Ms Swinton, 57, told how she went through hours of often invasive prosthetic-fitting – including donning a fake penis – to turn into Mr Ebersdorf in order to then play the character of Dr Josef Klemperer in the film.  

Tilda Swinton has now revealed she underwent four hours in make-up every day to transform into the character of Dr Josef Klemperer

Asked why she was posing as Ebersdorf, Swinton told The New York Times: ‘Undeniably, I would have to say, for the sheer sake of fun above all.

‘As my grandmother would have it – a motto to live and die by – Dull Not To.’

Guadagnino, however, insists Swinton playing the role of a male was essential because the film is about female identity. Source

Mind you, Swinton was by no means the first to covertly play the part of both a male and female in the same film.

I mean take the actor Blake Harrison and his on-screen girlfriend supposedly played by Jessica Knappett in the film: “The Inbetweeners”.


In reality, they are the same person:

Just sayin’.

Now, as my regular readers will know, I believe this practice to be widespread and in particular when it comes down to false flags.

Course, some of you might say that it is easy to get away with this type of deception on a closed movie set, but they wouldn’t be able to get away with it up close and personal with the general public – to which I would say hogwarts hogwash.

In fact the actor Johnny Knoxville proved time and again that it is possible in the movie, “Bad Grandpa“.

In that film, Knoxville – a good friend of the sick-fuck, Steve O – dons latex skin in order to play a geriatric bad grandpa.

And like I say, this practice has been going on for years but not just in film. Indeed, it is going on in all aspects of life in order to further the monster’s various agendas.

In fact one of the sickest episodes that I have uncovered of this type of deception is where the wholly corrupt, Israeli Prime Mincer,  Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu – who has been relatively quiet of late – donned latex skin to portray a Holocaust survivor in order to perpetuate the ‘six million’ myth.

That made-up victim was supposedly William Brasse and good old Billy boy was supposedly a Jewish photographer at the Andy Pandy Concentration Camp:

These chilling images of a young Jewish girl at Auschwitz are among thousands that have haunted a Nazi photographer all his life.

Wilhelm Brasse was forced to take photographs of frightened children and victims of gruesome medical experiments moments from their death at the extermination camp where some 1.5million people, mostly Jewish died in the Holocaust.

Mr Brasse, who died this week aged 94, has had relive those horrors from inside Auschwitz but is considered a hero after he risked his life to preserve the harrowing photographs, which later helped convict the very Nazi monsters who commissioned the photographs. Source

But as I say, Brasse was a made-up character played by old Benji-Boy:


How fucking sick is that… Yet the monsters doubtlessly pissed themselves stupid at our naivety.

Course, Benny Nutty-Yahoo is far from alone when it comes to dressing up to further the Monster agenda.

For instance George Bingham – the ‘son’ of the fabled Lord Lucan – donned a dress, wig and make-up to play his own ‘mother’.


PHOTO: Son and Mother… Or Son and Son?

And the Monster-Minion, Declan Donnelly – of Ant & Dec fame –  stood in for the photos of the actor Rodney Bewes when he died.

And what I mean by that is the fella in the photo above is not Rodney Bewes, it is in fact Declan Donnelly done up to look like Bewes:

Course, that isn’t to say that Bewes never existed. However, I believe that there was a much more sinister reason for the press using Donnelly in the photos rather than using Bewes himself.

And of course Donnelly also actively – albeit covertly – pushes the transgender-agenda.

You see, I also believes that Dec is the [alleged] Monkey-Writer, Annabel Cole:

Course, you know by the fact that she says she was more excited at the prospect of buying a pencil case than she was about attracting the attention of boys indicates that the farticle is total bollox… I mean 1987 was hardly the era for ‘the darling buds of may‘ and although I hate to admit it, I am older than her yet the only 15 year old virgin birds in my school year had already made a life long commitment to being ugly as fuck… And slightly smelly.

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the evidence.

PHOTO: “Annabel Cole” and her ‘daughter’.

Well, she certainly looks like Declan Donnelly and with the farticle coming out at the height of the recent Ant & Dec old fanny, it is very much in keeping with the way that the Monster’s like to mug us off.

So, best we go compare:


Why the fuck not aye… In fact lets go for the photo of a young Cole:

PHOTO: Young Donnelly compared to Young Cole.


One more?

I don’t mind if I do:

Annabel has apparently been writing for the Chimp since September 2015… And in that time she has only written 13 articles in total for the shit-rag… Cosmic.

Which now brings me to the next part of this exposé and relates to my recent article: “The Nazi’s Yesterday & Today” in which I showed you evidence that the top Nazi’s from the Third Reich have all been cloned.

You see, this cloning agenda also relates to our celebrities and if you do your research you will see that it has been documented a lot more than once that all top stars are cloned.

So is Donnelly a clone of Bewes?

Well the pictorial evidence would point to it being so:

Mind you, Rodney Bewes didn’t exactly set the acting world on fire did he? Yet he may have been a lot more influential off screen than on… If you get my drift.

After all, his on screen co-star James Bolam – who now works in children’s television – appears on the list of Satanic Paedophiles that I published on here a few years ago.

Nevertheless take a look at this next photo:

Can you tell who is who?

Whats more, that is just the tit of the Goldberg. For example, take the actor Harvey Keitel (now 79 years old) and 49 year old actor, Jason Bateman:

PHOTO: Harvey Keitel/Justin Bateman comparison

And then there is 38 year old Charlie Hunnam (Human?) and 54 year old Brad Pit:

PHOTO: Human/Pit comparison

And I could give you plenty more examples of that shit, I can promise you that. The monsters also like to play swapsys.

For instance, in 1972 the actor Pete Duel – who starred in the 1970’s TV show ‘Alias Smith & Jones’ -allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Yet 12 hours later, Duel’s role had been taken over by Roger Davies and filming continued.

PHOTO: Pete Duel and Ben Murphy

However, I noticed something that no one else seems to have noticed.

You see, I think that Pete Duel is the actor Tommy Lee JONES.

And together they are a clone of former, racially aggressive U.S President Andrew Johnson:

Mind you, there is a lot of that type of shit that goes on with the Monsters… Former President Fillmore and actor, Alec Baldwin for example:

Now you have to understand that this type of close-lookalike does not randomly continue to occur. I mean, sure everybody knows someone who looks a bit like someone else, but nowhere near to the degree that we see in ANYTHING connected to the Satanic elite.

I mean even if we – as some “scientists” claim – all have 7 people in the world somewhere that looks like us, that would still be one person in more than a billion. Sadly, most people do not have any idea of how big a number a billion is, because if they did they would be absolutely outraged that when talking in terms of the rich nowadays we are talking in terms of multi-billionaires as opposed to not so long ago when the words multi-millionaire preceded their name.

In fact to put a billion into perspective, If you could count continuously in perfect rhythm, one number per second, without breaks for sleeping, eating, and you know LIVING… It would take 31 years251 days6 hours, 50 minutes, 46 seconds to count to a billion (Source)

Therefore, you are looking at 64 years to count to 2 billion if you did so continuously and if you took tea-breaks and sleep-breaks while doing so, even if you were born with 2 billion pound, you would be dead before you could count it to make sure that it was all there.

And as such, the chances of finding one of your seven lookalikes in your life time are practically zilch, yet in the world of monsters, doppelgangers interact with each other on a daily basis!

However, the one-in-seven theory is just total and utter bollox, since commonsense should tell you that even if everybody had ONE single double then one half of the worlds population would look exactly like the other half. Therefore, as I published in an article on here, a segment taken from a respected journal (I can’t remember the article or the source – my bad), the chances of one person looking exactly like another is thirty billion to one (30,000,000,000 – 1).

Now think about that for a moment or two and then look at this next photo batch of Hollyweird lookalikes:

Now those are just some of those lookalikes that appear in a YouTube video found HERE

Yet even ALL of those shown in the video only make up a fraction of the many doppelgangers to be found in the cult of celebrity… Thirty Billion to One remember.

And as such, at what point do you stop putting this all down to coincidence?

Just askin’.

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