Chrissy one Jag: If I were a rich man ya ba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dum


Christopher Spivey

Fuck me I do worry about you fucking lot.  I disappear for 4 or 5 days – not through choice I hasten to add – and what do you know, I come back only to find I’m public enemy number fucking one and Russell Brand is in charge of the Alternative fucking Media.

Moreover, there has been more news than ever this past week, although to be quite honest I haven’t really been keeping up to speed with the AM or the MSM.

After all, I have been too busy riding around in my new X type Jaguar… You do know about my new X Type Jag  that I apparently ripped you lot off for don’t you?

Never the less, I must have had a crisis of conscience or some fucking thing cos fuck me, like the proverbial bad penny… I’m back.

And, while I was cruising around in my new Jag – very fucking nice too – ignoring the news, because I’ve apparently retired on the thousands upon thousands of pounds that you lot have donated;  means that I wasn’t ripping into the Chimps over at the Daily Chimpanzee.

So, at least give me credit for being nice to dumb animals.

And, lets face it; they don’t come much fucking dumber that those Monkeys writing for the Daily Chimpanzee… Except maybe for the three stooges whom I intend to deal with in a minute.



Anyhow, going by what has been written about myself, I would say that the above was a fair synopsis of events since I had it on my toes last Sunday… Least I think it was last Sunday. How time fucking flys when you are having fun.

That said,I didn’t get fucking far did I being as I’m back?

Unless of course, I am only here to rip you off some more – as has been suggested.

Oh, and one more thing. You’re all a bunch of cunts… Apparently.

Well those of you who comment regularly on my articles are anyway… At least according to ‘expert analysis’  you are.

Personally, I love you all to death.

And, that’s about it really.

So if you could just hit the donate button on your way out, I would be eternally grateful.

Well? What are you waiting for? … Off ya pop, the  Donate button won’t push its fucking self. Jheeezzzz.

Alright, come back, I’m only joking… Sort of.

Now let me tell you what I have really been doing… Although, I really, really haven’t been reading the AM or the MSM, meaning that I have really been nice to dumb animals.

As for the  new Jaguar, I’ve only done about 40 miles in the 11 days (I think) that iv’e had it, and which your very kind donations enabled me – in part – to buy… Thank you very, very much, and I do mean that most sincerely to all of you who donated and in equal measure to those of you who could only afford to send messages of support.

And fuck me, there have been many of those messages… Which kinda makes the dumb fuck hypocrites who slagged me off that little less irksome… But more on those pricks later.

Okay, first things first.

I never read the Alternative Media… Never ever, unless I am directed there by say, a Google link.

“Why not Spiv”?

Ello Voice of Reason.

Well firstly, to a large extent I have no interest in what anyone else in the AM is writing.

Why should I have? … I’m certainly not in competition with any cunt, that’s for sure.

Never have been for that matter.

However, that only applies as a general rule.

Obviously if I am writing about a specific story, I may get directed to an AM website via a Google link.

And of course, I quite often get links to stories sent to me, with the usual explanatory note along the lines of  “Oi Spiv, you seen this”?

I should quickly add that I don’t have a problem with that explanatory note at all.

Keep them coming, although it is a bit pointless sending me links to the Daily Chimpanzee if I am being honest… I spend a lot of time reading their shit as it is and nothing much escapes me on their web page.

Never the less, with regard to those AM Google links that I mentioned earlier? The vast majority of the time the only ones I do tend to click on will be linked to websites such as the excellent

After all, I didn’t get this far by not being able to recognise the purveyors of old fanny.

However, in truth I always try to source from the MSM whenever possible.

You see, it certainly isn’t unusual for Joe Public to get lost whilst Googling the MSM news, only to suddenly find that they have inadvertently drifted into the much scarier, darker, wrong side of internet Media Town – inhabited by us alternatives – where the news is much more accurate albeit nowhere near as glamorous and a lot less palatable.

I also tend to find that by using the MSM’s source links – mostly to their detriment and in the opposite way to which they intended – tends to make the buggers come back a couple of days later to have another peak and then a couple of days after that, another one and another until the penny finally drops that the MSM are the villains of the piece; not us.

Furthermore, what with the bad name that we have here in the AM amongst those normal nice folks of restricted thinking capabilities, means that anything sourced from elsewhere must be lies… So, instead of spending my time browsing the AM for a story, I tend to trawl the MSM.

And why is that?

Altogether now 1, 2, 3: ” BECAUSE IF ITS IN THE MSM IT MUST BE FUCKING TRUE”… Well done everyone, although about a third of you left out the word “fucking”.

Moreover, and although I am not comfortable discussing this, I honestly believe that there are very few writers or AM news sites in the Alternative Media pro rata, who are doing it for the right reasons – mentioning no names, John Ward over at the Hard Slog…  You cunt.

Now, as you will know I tend never slag off other AM writers or AM news sites because, (1) it isn’t conducive for what I myself and others are trying to achieve (2) I can’t be arsed (3) I do my own thing and (4) I certainly don’t have the time to see what others are up to anyway – do I John Ward, you useless cunt.

Okay, I hold my hands up, I do occasionally slag off the useless, Zionist, disinformation merchant, John Ward… But only because he started it with an unfounded, unwarranted, and totally unnecessary attack on my person – Which then in turn makes it perfectly acceptable for me to do onto others as they would indeed, do onto you… But never first.

Indeed, I have over the course of years discovered that turning the other cheek only ends up with you having a sore fucking face.



Course, it goes without saying that what we in the AM should all be doing is looking out for one another and putting out a united front, regardless of those sites that we know are not as noble as they would have you believe…. Unfortunately, instead of doing that; the AM is in a fucking mess.

However, I am not going to name the names of those I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw them, hi John Ward… And even if I was, there are far too many to mention.

Anyone who reads the AM regularly should have the savvy and common sense to see through the ones who are not on the level.

If you can’t, I’m certainly not going to tell you who they are.

On the other hand I will happily endorse websites that I genuinely believe do their thing for the right reasons.

There are indeed many that I could name, but once again, don’t have the time to list them all.

Never the less, the following people all tried in some way to help ease the load off of my shoulders last month – A very, very stressful and frustrating month it was at that.

That to me shows that they truly get ‘it’.

So a Massive thank you to Henry from the Tap Blog, who was the first to offer me help – and more or less from the moment I started being targeted to boot.

Same to Jimmy Jones at the Outlaw who has passed me all manner of information in the past, which has never been less than 100 percent spot on… Disinfo merchant my fucking arse.

Steve and the lads at VoxInfo Media – They totally, totally  ‘get it’ and I apologise for not replying to your e-mail mate, I have had the week from hell.

Tim James from the Alternative News Network… What that old bastard said about me nearly brought a tear to my eye… Nearly, but not quite.

Big Jim from The Rock Show… I really am surprised that we havent had the heavy knock on the door after Monday nights show.

Alex G from Red Alert Radio/ Peterborough FM

The author John Hamer

And finally, the slightly eccentric, but a fucking nice  fella all the same, Matt Taylor .

All of the above offered either help, advice and/or support for which I am extremely grateful…  And I wont forget it.

Apologies if I left anyone out and as I say, there are many more genuine writers, broadcasters and news sites in the AM who as far as I can see are all on the level.

And that is the way it should be.

Unfortunately, when you get those who are doing their thing for the wrong reason, it is the disruption and fall out that gets noticed rather than the good work achieved by others.

And this is why I find it easier to just get on and do my own thing.

However, avoiding conflict and fearing conflict are two totally different things, so when someone has an unnecessary pop at me we will go to fucking war if I think any damage could possibly arise, I can promise you that… As you will see in a moment or two.

Course, it is hardly surprising that the AM is written off by Joe Public as being nothing more than a bunch of freaks who write shit about shit, when we are so divided amongst ourselves and attacking each other.

But, if we are not united then we cannot expect our readers to be either.

And the problem there is that there are a lot more of you than us which makes for big dividing squabbles and chaos – which is never going to get us anywhere.

All that in-fighting does is make us all take our eyes off the ball and ends up with nothing ever getting done to bring about change.

So I try and do my bit by not attacking anyone. Remember, retaliation is a totally different thing to attacking, although it is  also unfortunately negative, albeit sometimes necessary.

I mean, there really should be no need for conflict.

If we all do our own thing yet help each other out in times of need there will be no problems.

Fuck me! We could actually become a credible body of information with united readers if we did that.

And by doing so surely is the way forward to making in-roads into bringing about change.

That then is another reason why I keep myself to myself and just do my own thing… But that isn’t enough for some bitchy cunts with their sly little Nancy boy, ill conceived, unfounded,  pathetic little digs.

Sometimes, I can ignore these cunts who have no interest in bringing about change. Other times their platform is too big for me to ignore.

And, where as ignorance is bliss, when I have people bringing these cretins to my attention, I have no choice but to answer the criticism.

I mean, as I have said in the past, keeping a dignified silence often proves that the silent have something to hide.

Now, one thing that these cunts – who are as minor as an irritating fly yet just as annoying – have in common is that they all speak as if they have achieved something to bring about change or that change is their main priority.

Course, if that was true, they would keep their mouths firmly shut before spouting venomous shite without doing any research first.

They also tend to spout their shit with an aloof  “oh I’m considerably more articulate than you and I may give you my opinion, I may not”, twat in the hat attitude. These nobodies who think they are somebodies add absolutely nothing to the absolutely huge task we face.

On the contrary, any progress made is quickly destroyed by these cunts who are either paid trolls or too fucking self obsessed to realise that they are just a fucking nuisance and have no place amongst our ranks… Not if you lot are fucking serious about changing the world anyway.

As I say, if they are not trolls, then they are just sad cunts under the mistaken belief that they are enlightened – but believe me, these pathetic cunts  couldn’t be more asleep if they were snoring in their beds dosed up with tamazepam.

So let me enlighten this trio of pansies who are three of many standing in the way of those of you who want change. And, as long as you Muppets tolerate them, we have no chance.

Funnily enough, the last place you would expect to find useless, sad pathetic nobodies like these three snivelling little rats is on David Ickes forum.

Allowing free speech is one thing but allowing free speech by those who are either ill informed or have an alternative agenda, both of which are detrimental to what you are hoping to achieve is just madness.

I would imagine that David Icke is far too busy to get on to his forum, Dog knows I certainly am too busy to get on mine very often.

However, with that being the case, I make sure that I have someone – in this case Dogman –  in charge, who is clued up enough to prevent this kind of shit appearing.

So let me start with  this self important cunt who goes by the faggot sounding name of flamesong… What kind of name is that ya flaming Jessie.

Who do you think you fucking are to tell me where I’m going wrong you pathetic nobody?

Talking like some proper queer cunt with an arsehole the size of a paddling pool, while giving it the big I am, la-di-da “oh I’m far to superior to contact Spivey direct, I want to make myself look like a clever cunt on a forum that Spivey has neither the time or inclination to read” .

I know what I bring to the table ya mouthy cunt, but what do you bring? Fuck all.

And for all your perceived know it all attitude  you are wrong  on your diagnosis anyway ya fucking knobhead… And I certainly don’t need help from the likes of know nothing cunts like you anyway.

You add fuck all to the AM, you just hinder it and as far as I am concerned commenting on a forum doesn’t put you anywhere near what I fucking do day in day out, so keep your fucking gay boy, in the fucking navy, pathetic, unhelpful comments to yourself ya fucking knob head.

If you dont like what I fucking write fine… Fuck off. Don’t read me. But don’t slate me either you thick cunt.

You my friend are one of those weirdo cunts who doesn’t like what I write, pretends to have no interest or even visit my site, but inevitably fucking reads my shit anyway before scuttling off to give your vastly inflated ego an airing  on where I and no doubt others are going wrong .


Just what the fuck do you think you are adding to the mix to help us overcome the almost impossible task of  bringing about change you thick fuck?

Did your fucking Mother never tell you that if you can’t say something nice, keep ya fucking mouth shut… By doing so, you are helping.

By not doing so, you are hindering.

You might impress a few right dopey cunts but you don’t impress me at all fag boy

Now that’s what you call attitude ya queer cunt… In the fucking Navy indeed. Prick. Fuck off.

As for myxomatosis or whatever your fucking idiot name is, who the fuck are you to slag my readers off? Oh yeah, I remember, you followed a Jimmy Savile thread for a year and that makes you a fucking all round expert… Fucking dick head.

Those “disrupting folk”  that you think you are worthy of passing opinion on are guilty of being loyal to me you thick fuck. They don’t tolerate fucking idiots while encourage those who have something they want  to contribute to do so… Something you are severely lacking. Twat.

As for Talk Talk? What the fuck are you suggesting you fucking idiot?  You and flaming lala are meant to be senior fucking members of a forum attached to the biggest AM site in the country, yet all your stupid comments are doing is causing division… So what are you doing to help with the immense task?

Or in your tiny fucking minds do you believe that causing doubt amongst the troops is helping.

But let me tell you this Squark Squark. Any bad taste in your mouth is where you have been talking shit for too long.

If you had a problem, or doubt about me, why didn’t you grow a fucking pair and ask me… I am the easiest person in the world to get hold of, because I dont hide from no cunt and I make sure that I am transparent. So you have no excuse for not asking me yourself . Apart from a lack of balls of course.

Had you asked, you would have got your questions answered and wouldn’t be setting the AM back years every time we make a bit of fucking progress.

So I’ll answer them now you fucking thick gobshite.

My take on this spivey thing being suspended i feel that it is quite disgraceful tbh.
something aint right about this.
1. he gets away with all of the foul language and targeting of politicians yet nothing is done apart from a cop saying he wants a quiet word!

Yea, Twat Twat, I think its fucking disgraceful that the site was suspended too. Especially as I have thrown over £660 pounds at the problem in the last 3 weeks.

” apart from a cop saying he wants a quiet word!… How old are you with your stupid little blue faces. My daughter used them too till she hit puberty. Some fucking warrior you are ya fucking schoolgirl.

That Cop is a fucking Detective Chief Inspector you fucking clown… “a cop”??? … Are you for fucking real?

As it happens, I have done absolutely fuck all about this “cop”. The reason for that is I don’t suffer knee jerk reactions.

You of course wouldn’t have the bollocks or foresight to be in my position. That is obvious by the lack of critical thinking you display.

Yet I just know instinctively that if  by some miracle you ever were, you would immediately write “the cop” a sycophantic letter of apology full of little girl blue face fuck things.

However, since I  am actually trying to do something to bring about change, which has made me extremely high profile, at great personal risk to myself and my family, I cannot afford to be as flippant and dismissive about “the cop” as you are.

I have to figure out why a DCI should write to me with a view to arranging a meeting – at my convenience – to discuss illegal content on my website, with a blatant threat attached if I dont meet him… If it is just about illegal content all he need do is dispatch two mugs in uniform to either arrest me or order me to take it down you muggy cunt.

You dont have DCI’s arrange a meeting to discuss illegal fucking content on a website. Therefore, there is a lot more to it you half baked festering sore.

I hope to fuck that you are not representative of those in the so called truth movement because fuck me, if you are we are in real trouble.

I have to weigh up how much fucking danger I’m in because I am doing something a lot more productive than slagging someone off who has the balls to act instead of being too cowardly to do anything other than write unfounded comments in a forum, you pathetic little weasel.

Be a man and do something to help the cause and get your half wit gay cunt nonce protecting pals to help you… Pathetic cunts

I would have ripped all your fucking throats out 20 years ago. You are lucky I’m Mr Niceguy these days. Fucking gutless Faggots

Now, another reason that I haven’t answered DCI Birtles or what ever his fucking name is, is down to the fact that I am trying to figure out the best way to turn this to our advantage, regardless of the consequences to myself.

That fact should answer any fucking doubts you have about my integrity… Something you clearly lack.

If I was working for the government, do you think that I would have to throw £600 quid at  this site in a failed effort to keep it on line… And then invest another £60 in another site?

And yet somehow you are a senior member of David Ickes forum… Mate you are a serious member but that is about all ya fucking big cock?

I do like this next bit though ya faggot fuck.

I really feel for all of those that did donate to keep him on line because it seems he’s used that money for a fkin JAG
he would have been donated thousands so why did he not pay the extra 200 quid and stay on line for his followers?
his followers are now panicking and miss his site.
so is this a ploy to extract more money? or has he had enough?

You dirty low life piece of dog shit. Who the fuck are you you sad pathetic fucking loser.

Did you know, that I have been without a car for 3 months shit for brains?

And did you know that I had saved every spare penny that I had for those 3 months by tattooing. As well as working a minimum of 12 hours a day on the site… Minimum?

I saved £900 by knocking my bollocks out tattooing, while still working 12 hours a day on here and running a home.

Yet up until 4 months ago when I was FORCED to ask for money to save my dogs life, all that my efforts on here had yielded was about a grand.

A grand for two years work, 7 days a fucking week for a minimum of 12 hours a day.

Moreover, I did it at the cost to my health, my social life (I haven’t had a girlfriend for nearly a year and a half now) and my tattooing business that up until I started to neglect it in favour of this shit never gave me less than 25 grand a year.

And, I tell you something else you thick cunt, I never had to tattoo more than 8 hours a fucking day.

Two years ago, I would have gone out and bought a car the next fucking day, instead of having to save up for 3 months just to buy a car that is on its last legs wheels.

Neither would I have had to beg for money to save my dogs fucking life 2 years ago, you minuscule brained, mouthy fucking moron. She would have been to the vets at least a week sooner and I wouldn’t so much have blinked at the cost.

Yet two and a half years after putting my all into this website, which then as a consequence meant having to put myself at risk, begging for money to save my dogs life and spending 3 fucking months saving up to buy a Lemon – when I do finally have enough money to buy the said £750 seventeen year old car, in which, amongst other things I have to risk doing a 416 mile 8 hour round trip to Hull and back to give a talk to truth juice in December for nothing more than my expenses, I have dog shit like you, ya mouthy snot ball question my fucking integrity?

Would you feel confident in a 17 year old car doing that trip?

Dont even answer that you pathetic cunt.

Yet instead of buying a 17 yr old car, I had to spend £350 quid of  my car money  to keep this site on line, just so as I can have know nothing cunts like you slag me down you lump of maggot infested dog shit.

And you perceive yourself as someone helping to bring about change?

You’re a fucking joke pal.

But be very clear on this you smeg infested bellend.

I did not beg for that last set of donations.

I will never beg for anything again you pathetic fuck up.

Had donations not been forth coming I would have just walked away, with a clear fucking conscience.

You see, having had to humiliate myself 4 months ago to save my dogs life, I thought what the fuck am I doing knocking my bollocks out for £500 a year, to write articles read over 4 million times, yet still have to pay for the privilege of cunts like you to do so at the expense of  now not being able to buy a 17 year old car. .. Well, you fucking thick dickhead, I was fucked if I was ever going to beg any cunt again.

So I laid it on the line that if the money needed to keep the site going wasn’t forth coming, I would jack the fucking site in.

And following that, I had 3 and a half grand come in.

Three and a half fucking grand that I have worked fucking harder for, than you have ever worked in your fucking life you massive gob shite.

Now use your tiny mind to try and keep up here Co-Co.

Instead of buying a £750  seventeen year old car, I thought I’ll buy myself …. Myself mind,  because I have fucking earned that fucking money you cheap insulting useless wank stain, I thought i’d buy MYSELF – with money that I had more than fucking earned – a two and a half grand, 12 year old car.

And you have the fucking arsehole to question my integrity? Mate, 20 years ago I would have ripped your worthless fucking throat out for even daring to hint that I’m crooked you fucking pathetic prick. Right now, that temptation is still there you worthless cunt.



But wait, that isn’t the end… You see that left me about a grand. And when people were still wanting to donate, I told them not to because I was now, for the first time in two years okay for money.

And, had you taken the time to read the comments from my LOYAL readers, you shit stirring nonentity, you would have seen a lot more than a few refusals to take their money written by myself in response.

You see, unlike you ya useless waste of fucking fresh air, I have more integrity and honesty in my little toe nail than you posses in your whole body… Do yourself a fucking favour you know nothing cunt. Read the post cos the comments are still on there.

Yet, after spending £600 at that point, the only way to keep this site going was by committing myself to £150 per month to combat a very sophisticated virus that no one was able to stop. The site still has the virus so fuck knows how long it will stay on line. Now your a clever girl, who do you think has got me under attack?

Probably the same people who the week before threatened my host with legal action if I didnt remove an article… Didnt threaten me sunshine, because they know I dont fucking scare… They threatened my hosts who then gave me the kind option of removing the post or removing me… And you have the audacity to question my fucking integrity boy!

So, if you spent half the time reading the good that I do instead of getting a hard on every time you think you have a bit of gossip on me, you would know that as a point of principle, I wouldnt commit myself to a needless payment of one thousand eight hundred pound a year, of which shit for brains – my loyal readers had offered to more than cover, but which I refused… What would you call that shit for brains?

Mugging my loyal readers off?

Mate, you are either a troll or one stupid pathetic dick splash… Which are the same thing in my book. But the likes of you wouldn’t last two minutes on my forum.

Moreover, I have invested in another website as a sign of my commitment and so as no one has to finance me to the tune of £150 per month.

where’s your commitment to bringing about change ya spineless cunts.

You read my site regularly Squawk Squawk, where is your donation? … Or do you think everything in life is a free ride?

You take, criticise but put fuck all back. Fair assessment?

Are you a troll?

Or do you think that causing friction on the back of false claims is helping with what we are desperately trying to achieve at great personal sacrifice?

Why dont you three spineless trainee nonce cunts come on over and explain your motives to my readers?

Lets see how confident you are then.

Course, you must know already that I ensured all my loyal readers were aware that any further costs incurred would be met by myself until the money ran out… I’m transparent like that.

That is because I strongly believe that when you are being funded by the public those who fund you should know where their money is going to.

Did you not see the vet bills I posted? Or the transactions of the money I had spent keeping the site going?

Or the article about the car that I had now been able to buy following the donations?

And no disrespect to David, but I find it strange that you use his forum to question how I spend money donated to me… Then again, I expect no different from a hypocritical, spineless cunt.

But my bad, I neglected to mention that I spent nearly £300 on clothes for me and my daughter who havent had any for two fucking years and my grandson who is fucking growing at a rate of knots… Is that taking the piss too you fucking snivelling cunt?

Because if it is, you best let me know now since I’m thinking about decorating my 2 bedroomed ground floor housing association flat thats riddled with fucking  damp, for the first time in 5 years… The two bedroom flat that Me, My Stacey, My Clayton and my two rather big dogs cram into…

However, making time for decorating is hard, with all the shit I have on my plate at the moment, but at least my fucking Jag looks nice parked out front you low life scumbag.

And just for information purposes you understand, these photos are of my mansion:



Now fuck off ya trio of queer, useless, know nothing, hindering toe rags… But be warned, more people will be reading this than your unhelpful, snide, girly gossip with gay blue faces… fucking tossers.

Fuck me, and they reckon that they are awake. If they were commenting in my forum like that… Well it wouldn’t happen. Dogman has far too much integrity.

Furthermore, if that trio of useless cunts had anything about them at all, or were really interested in bringing about change, they would issue a very prominent  public apology.

I won’t however hold my breath.

Course, I could show you much harsher criticism of myself but that is all on sites read by the brain-dead and unimportant.

However, when unfounded, totally unwarranted criticism comes from the biggest alternative media site in the country, you can then relate to why I am always so negative about this so called ‘mass awakening’.

You can have a look for yourself HERE

And, whilst I intend to stay transparent – after all, I always practice what I preach – I do not intend to justify myself in this time consuming way again.

Anyone who doubts my integrity, first get your proof and then open your mouth. Until such a time, keep it zipped.

If you don’t like me, fine, don’t fucking read me, but keep ya mouth’s firmly shut because you are doing no one any favours including the fella whose site you are using as a platform.

Moving on.

Russell Brand?

Since when did he become the face of the AM?

What the fuck is the matter with you lot?

Fucking awake?

Do you know who Russell Brand is?

He goes out with Jemima Khan, who is the half sister of Princess Diana. Her dad was James Goldsmith, a fucking Rothschild. her Brother is the robbing, fraudulent piss taking MP Zac Goldsmith – good pals with the cunt Cameron – and he is married to Kate Rothschild.

Her other brother Ben Goldsmith was married to Alice Rothschild.

The following is from Wikipedia:

The Rothschilds are an international family of bankers at the centre of a web of wealthy families who control most the countries through a worldwide network of: privately-owned central banks (masquerading as federal banks), major news chains, trusts, councils, etcetera.   An unnamed source has put their monetary worth near $100 trillion—dwarfing the net worth of the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc.

zacjemima (1)

Zac Goldsmith (married to Kate Rothschild) winning the election with sister, Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith)(right), and mother, Annabel Goldsmith

Socialite, heiress Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith) posted 20 000 pounds ($32 000) for the bail of Wikileaks’ leader Julian Assange.  She’s genetically related to the Rothschilds and she is a sister-in-law (Daily Mail Online, 10 May 2010).  Her father, the late James Goldsmith—British banker, publisher–is a cousin to the Rothschilds.   James’ grandfather Adolphe Goldschmidt  came to London as a multi-millionaire in 1895 and changed the family name from the German Goldschmidt to the English Goldsmith.   The Goldschmidts, like their neighbors and relatives the Rothschilds, had been prosperous merchant bankers in Frankfurt Germany since the 16th century.

And you think you have found your fucking saviour in Russell Brand?

Where the fuck are your heads at? If Brand was the saviour of the human race do you think that he would be allowed to fuck Jemima Khan?

Scrap that, do you think he would get within ten fucking miles of Jemima Khan?

What the fuck is it with you lot that a celebrity says something that you want to hear and you immediately take them at their word?



Needless to say, the Hero of the moment ignored my request for an interview… Then again, why would he lower himself, I am after all, only one of the biggest names in the Alternative media… Fact, not ego, just saying.

The website next I think.

Okay, I dont know how long this site will stay up, because its STILL UNDER ATTACK.

However, I have purchased nearly £60 of gb’s for the new site which will be exactly the same as this one. All the content will be moving over and the forum will be up and running all before this site runs out of GB’s I hope.

The £60 is a monthly payment… £56 and a few pence to be more precise and gives me unlimited GB’s… But read the small print and those unlimited GB’s are only up to ‘within reason’.

How many unlimited GB’s that are within reason remains to be seen.

If I go over “within reason” ( how has unlimited even got a within reason attached to it?)and you want me to continue I will have to upgrade to Unlimited, unlimited GB’s (and yes, probably within reason) which I think the Stig said was about £80 or £90 quid a month.

Obviously I cant afford to pay that, so if you want the site to keep going you will have to make sure that there is £60 per month in the kitty.

Course, there are other ways that I could keep the site going.

For instance, the traffic that this site generates could be covered by a couple of adverts, one of which, the Stig told me he could arrange immediately.

I turned it down. I don’t want adverts on the site.

I could also charge for a news letter which would certainly cover the cost.

But I refuse to do that because when I give my word on something, that is as water tight as any contract and I defy anyone to find someone who can say that I am not a man of my word.

And as such, ALL of the information on this site will ALWAYS remain free for all to access.

I don’t however envisage the £60 per month being a problem… Because unlike some, I don’t think you are a bunch of cunts at all. Truth be known, I have a bit of a soft spot for you all.

Course, we will worry about that upgraded cost if  and when it becomes necessary.

Never the less, whether I’m still running this site or just writing for other peoples sites, we have got to get our act together.

Which brings this little gee up more or less to an end.

However, I don’t think I told you why I haven’t followed the MSM this past week.

Well, obviously there was no point since I had no site to put any news on.

I have however got half way through writing a major new article which I think will more than interest you all, and I have also been made privy to information that would shock every cunt in the country had the AM had any credibility amongst the masses … I will share that information with you once I get through doing the usual checks and research.

And no doubt by doing so,add another letter to my death warrant… But fuck it, that’s the kind of guy I am.