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Christopher Spivey


On the 27th of April 2013 I wrote a short response to a Chimp article about the Scum Cameron spending taxpayers money on funding the building of prisons in foreign countries in an attempt to ease overcrowding over there.

Now the reason for the Chimps article was two fold.

Firstly it was designed to enrage its readers – which had it been a genuine story, written without ulterior motive, it should rightly have done… But it wasn’t.

Secondly it was written in an underhand, covert attempt to garner public support for the UK to scrap the human rights act, and set out in such a way so as that the communal, haphazard way of thinking running prevalent in the public’s minds would override the fact that the human rights act is in place for their benefit, in favour of concluding that the act is there to outrageously protect foreign criminals.

The following is what I wrote back in 2013:

So let me get this straight.

The cunt Cameron is going to use our money to build prisons in countries such as Nigeria and Jamaica so as a few thousand foreign prisoners can be sent packing to serve their sentences in their own country. 

Okay, go on.

As it stands at the moment, prisoners are not sent home because “jails abroad are overflowing or do not comply with human rights laws”.

Yeeesssss. Carry on.

Meanwhile, on a separate issue, the cunt Cameron has also revealed that he is prepared to leave the European Court of Human Rights, so as he can breech the radical Muslim Cleric, Abu Qatada’s human rights and send him packing.


You heard.

The Cunt Cameron is going to spend millions of pounds of our money building prisons for other countries so as he can send a few thousand foreign prisoners home without breaching their human rights.

Meanwhile, he is conning the gullible British public into giving up their human rights under the guise of having to do so to get rid of Abu Qatada, whose human rights he has no qualms about breaching.

Do you understand yet Zombies? Source

Sadly that was neither the first nor far from the last time that I have had cause to write about this insidious agenda involving the British Government’s attempts, via stealth to pave the way for scrapping what little scant recourse that we still have left to fall back on to protect ourselves from tyranny.

Which brings me up to today where we have the obnoxious, treacherous, beyond contempt shit-rag reporting on some MP’s urging our unelected Prime Mincer – the Right Orrible, Terry May – not to “betray the electorate” by reneging on the promise to abolish the human rights act.

Tory backbenchers last night urged Theresa May not to ‘betray’ the electorate by abandoning plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Whitehall officials expect the Prime Minister to shelve her predecessor’s proposals to replace the HRA with a British Bill of Rights.

Insiders said they had been told that Mrs May had more pressing priorities and did not want to pick a fight with Parliament that she may not win – and would not make a huge difference even if she didContinue Reading

You couldn’t make this shit up!

I don’t remember any such promise being made to the electorate, do you?

And did ya clock the calming line “and would not make a huge difference even if she did”, in the report?

I beg to differ on that and would suggest that it will make one unholy mother-fucker of a difference, which we will have no recourse to address because we will not have any fucking human rights… Beam me up Scotty.