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Forced labour ruled illegal – Shit for Brains is rumoured to be livid.

The Morning Star   Tuesday 12 February 2013 by Paddy McGuffin Home Affairs Reporter The government’s controversial back-to-work programmes lay in tatters today after the Court of Appeal ruled their regulations unlawful. Three judges unanimously ruled that the regulations which most of the schemes have been created must be quashed. The ruling is a huge(…)

Breaking: Six journalists arrested in hacking inquiry

The Independent Spivs Comment This is outrageous. If the News Of The World had 6 Journalist working for them. Why the fuck didn’t they ever use them? Unbefuckinglievable!   Six current and former journalists, including two staff members at The Sun, have been arrested under a fresh police investigation into phone hacking. Scotland Yard said detectives(…)

Royal fury after Italian magazine publishes pictures of pregnant bikini-clad Kate on the beach in Mustique

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment Talk about making mountains out of molehills… No that is not a reference to Gold-Digger-Smiths chest. It is a reference to the sycophantic Daily Mail and the parasitic in-bred Royal Family. Just when are these frauds going to stop leaving themselves open to a kick up the jacksy?  We paid for the(…)

Tom Watson: If brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow the top of his head off.

Chris Spivey Since publishing my article ‘Do what son’ a couple of days ago, there has been a few new developments to the NSPCC scandal – not least of all, my encounter with the man himself, the MP Tom Watson. Needless to say, the moron showed his true colours. However, before I give you the(…)

Oh what a gay day.

The Telegraph/ UKIP Spivs Comment Following hot on the heels of my newly released article ‘Cameron’s Closet’, the Telegraph today leads with an article that claims Sam Cam was behind her husbands dogged determination to get Gay marriages legalised. I can’t say that I’m surprised. However, does anyone actually remember voting for Sam Cam to become(…)

When Jimmy Talks, you would be wise to listen.

The real Jimmy Jones   Spivs Comment Below this foreword is a piece written by Jimmy Jones in regard to Operation Fernbridge.  Jimmy says that he is; “not a Journalist, nor an Investigator, or even an accredited writer. I am just an ordinary bloke who happens to possess a enquiring mind, a sharp tongue and a firm(…)

Thatcher’s police ‘guardian’ is caged for sending child porn to fellow perverts

The daily Mail Spivs Comment You may have read the article that I posted on this site a couple of days ago in regard to Esther Rantzen and the 5 year old girl who was molested by an old man in Rantzen’s swimming pool. Well, Rantzen has fuck all on Slaggy Thatcher. The old battleaxe(…)

The land of make believe

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment This Daily Mail article first appeared in the Sun, so it is obviously doing the rounds in the MSM in an effort to lambaste the unemployed. I am not going to waste my time doing the usual breaking down of the figures. I have done that a time or two(…)

Council pays £118,000 for year-long study revealing parents don’t like the idea of strip clubs outside schools… Next up?

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment I bet that you are all glad to hear that your  Tax money is being spent wisely in these times of Austerity? Who would ever have thought that parents wouldn’t want a Strip Club near a school? The article tells us that: The research was funded by the Economic and Social Research(…)

Schoolboy, 11, raped six-year-old girl after walking with her to pond to look at fish

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment If the government agenda to sexualise our children is allowed to continue, then I’m afraid to say that headlines like this will become common place. Teaching sex education to Primary School Children! What the fuck is that all about? Our apathy will be our children’s downfall. When I was 11, my dick was just for pissing(…)

BBC presenter Stuart Hall questions the police’s ‘clear pursuit of celebrities’ after being charged with historic sex offences

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment There are a couple of lines in the following article that made me giggle. The first one being: A police spokesman said: ‘We take all allegations of sexual abuse extremely seriously’… No they fucking don’t . Wankers! The second:  ‘The clear pursuit of celebrities – an 83-year-old in this instance –(…)

Updated* Stuart Hall charged with rape and 14 counts of indecent assault

The Daily Mirror The 83-year-old was arrested this morning after he attended an appointment at a police station, police said Broadcaster Stuart Hall has been charged with rape and 14 counts of indecent assault, Lancashire Police said tonight. The 83-year-old is charged with one count of rape allegedly committed in 1976 against a 22-year-old woman.(…)

No Excuse

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment Take a long hard look at the above photo and tell me how the fuck could anyone stick a knife into something so innocent and precious?  This really has to stop. We are reverting back to savages… Poverty, Drink, Drugs, Depression?  There is no excuse I’m afraid. You cannot defend(…)

Gang of men ‘who groomed young girls for sex drove terrified victim, 14, to the woods at night and threatened to cut her head off’

The Daily Mail Girls as young as 11 were groomed and raped by a child sex ring before being sold to abusers across Britain, a court heard yesterday. Nine men, mostly of Asian heritage, befriended vulnerable girls with gifts of perfume, alcohol and drugs before subjecting them to a ‘living hell’ for eight years. The(…)