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Press hits back over ‘chilling’ media crackdown as campaigners warn Internet sites face ‘threat to free speech’

The Daily Mail FUCK OFF CAMERON AND STICK YOUR ROYAL CHARTER WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE SUNSHINE>     Press watchdog to cover websites even if not connected to newspaper Foreign sites targeting UK audiences could face huge damages for abuses Lawyers say bloggers could also be affected but Government says no Full details on(…)

Did Savile Murder 15 year old Samantha Claire?

The Daily Express After reading the first article of the following four, you can’t help but get the feeling that Savile knows a hell of a lot more about the death of 15 yr old Claire McAlpine than he is letting on.  When you read the article carefully the words take on a different meaning(…)

What goes around, comes around.

The Daily Mail Oh no! Chris Huhne is being bullied for money in prison… No one likes to hear that kind of news. Even if that is what him and his cronie cunts have been doing to the nation for years. All together now. A one. A two. A one, two,  three, four:  ♫ If(…)

Freeze on foreign nurses as NHS chiefs admit they have no idea how many lied about qualifications and experience using fake IDs

The Daily Mail Well, that’s the NHS well and truly fucked then. All the highly trained English Nurses either work in BUPA Hospitals or fuck off abroad rather than work for the pittance they would get paid working for the NHS. It’s a bit fucking rich putting the freeze on foreign Nurses now though. In(…)

You want the truth? They can’t handle the truth.

The Independent How convenient! The family of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse murdered by the Royal parasites have been turned down for legal aid. Without legal representation, the Saldanah’s fear that the truth about Jacintha’s death will never come out… But then again, the truth isn’t meant to come out, is it.  I can’t help but wonder(…)

Satanic Majesties

The Daily Mail I’m hugely disappointed that she left hospital alive and hope to fuck the hospital has done a roll call of their nurses. This ghastly parasite is the personification of  pure evil… Scroll down for photos. However, should you be in any doubt who the  the Head of the Church of England pays homage to. Check(…)

CUNT… A noncey looking tramp cunt at that.

The Daily Mail. Spivs Comment Seconds away. Round 3. Okay, this Councillor Collin Brewer who said that disabled children should be put down. Fair enough. He’s entitled to his opinion. The only problem I have with him, is the fact that the obnoxious, cunt is still breathing. He’s fucking Albert Steptoe isn’t he… In every way, shape(…)

9/11 hype comes crashing down faster than the Twin Towers.

Inquiring Minds Spivs Comment Before I say anything else, I have to say well done to Tony Rooke for having the balls to stand up and be counted. If there were more like him in this country things would be nowhere near as bad as they are. Having said that; you just know that I(…)

Send the aged back to school says MP who cannot change a lightbulb

The Guardian. The Telegraph Spivs Comment Within the realms of ‘you couldn’t make this shit up’, this story really is a beauty. Where the fuck do these toads hide before going into parliament? It must be somewhere fucking safe because how this cunt doesn’t get a good fucking hiding every time he leaves the comfort(…)

“Are they Quare”? (apologies to anyone who doesn’t watch Harry & Paul)

The Daily Mail Spivs Comment. I’m very pushed for time so I will make this brief. Cameron, Gideon Bean. You are truly a pair of cunts. As long as you are in power, I shall haunt you both. You want to hope and pray that you leave under your own steam, because if you are(…)

UK most unequal country in the West

The Independent Spivs Comment No surprise there. It is going to get a lot worse. The plan is to get people on the streets protesting. Throw a few government paid agitators into the mix and then crush the revolt. Game over… Do not fall for it. There are other ways to skin a cat AKA a pussy(…)

Peter Watt and his role in the NSPCC cover up of Operation Yewtree

Chris Spivey. On January 19, 2013 I released my article ‘The Crook Report‘, which was based around a Daily Mail article reporting on the release of the Operation Yewtree Report. The report, if you can call it that, was compiled jointly by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC. The following is what Peter Watt, the(…)

Coronation Street star charged with child sex offences

The New Zealand Herald   Spivs Comment Fuck me! It almost beggars belief doesn’t it? Here is what I said in my article Celebrity Paedophiles: Coronation Street for some strange reason seems to have had more than its fair share of Paedophiles and perverts. Amongst those are actor Michael La Vell (Kevin Webster) who was arrested(…)


Zoompad Blog Spivs Comment Well, well, well, no sooner do I release my article ‘Camerons Closet‘  than this gets sent to me – Thanks Jane. It would certainly seem then, that I am not alone in my suspicions about our Prime Ministers sexual preferences… Lets get the cunt and his fellow perverts out of office now.   (…)