UK News

Charades anyone?

The Daily Mail.   Good old Rebecca English. I love reading the old bollocks that she writes about the royal parasites.  I wonder if she actually believes the shit she types? Here we have an article about Kate Gold Digger Smith and her Mother Carole Dunne Digging. The scenario more or less sticks to the(…)

Hard up Harris/ House hold name Comedian, about to cop it

The Daily Mirror   Blimey! Rolfs finances have taken a battering haven’t they? He signed the latest company figures off 15 days before his arrest. Or put another way 4 months after he was first questioned.  Mind you. He may end up glad his finances have dried up. After all, if he is found guilty(…)

UK to pay for foreign jails in a bid to repatriate more prisoners

The Daily Mail.   So let me get this straight. The cunt Cameron is going to use our money to build prisons in countries such as Nigeria and Jamaica so as a few thousand foreign prisoners can be sent packing to serve their sentences in their own country.  Okay, go on. As it stands at the moment,(…)

There is nothing about Cameron that is good & clean

  The Daily Express   Fuck me, call me Peter Griffin if ya like but this cunt grinds my gears. The only thing that the cunt Cameron is set to reveal is more plans to totally enslave you. I am against censorship because I don’t need some cunt watching something and deciding whether or not(…)

Funeral heartache for Jades parents.

The Bolton News   Another absolutely disgusting piece of news that highlights just how far down the social scale the UK has dropped. That a 14 year old girl was mauled to death by four out of control dogs is both criminal and a tragedy.  That her already heartbroken parents now have the extra heartache(…)

Grow up short arse.

The Telegraph/The Daily Mail   The Bercows! The ultimate in how to take the piss. Course, having said that,  there can be no denying that the more privileged people become, the more they want, instead of being grateful for what they have. John Bercow, four foot two tall in his stocking feet is a failed politician. Never(…)

‘My poor husband can’t sleep’: Rolf’s wife speaks of the emotional strain since his arrest over historical sexual offences

The Daily Mail.   Oh poor me, poor him, poor act. I certainly don’t feel sorry for the vile cunt. If he kept his fucking dirty, pervert paws to himself he wouldn’t have these problems. No doubt some mindless morons will comment “oh you’re so out of order. He hasn’t been convicted. In this country(…)

Silence of Rolf Harris as he is named in sex abuse inquiry

The Daily Mail.   Not one of those arrested will do jail time. That is, cept maybe Stuart Hall, who looks like being singled out as the fall guy Course the Police will now be able to  say “I think with such a high profile arrest such as Rolf Harris, no one can turn around(…)

More NSPCC bollocks in order to increase child stealing by the state.

The Daily Mail   The NSPCC has to be one of the most dangerous organisations in the country where our children are concerned. Championed by paedophiles, the NSPCC is calling for earlier intervention in child abuse… Namely removing the baby from its mother as soon as it is born. The word is slowly getting out(…)

Call yourselves Journalists?

The Spiv, The Sun, The Daily Express and me old friend, The Daily Mail   I have now removed the Sun newspaper photo, and fully accept that the building depicted was not the Shard. This however, does not change the fundamental purpose or impact of the story. Note to self: Double check everything, no matter how reliable the(…)

The pathetic, ruled by the pathetic.

Various   No, No No. This is all wrong people. We have not got a government working for us! What we have is overpaid, under-worked puppets who are having their strings pulled by unelected bankers and corporations. That is totally unacceptable. I don’t want to see our elected leaders kicked out of parliament. I want to  see(…)

Sally Bercow ‘is now kitchen table blogger’: Her tweets that ‘defamed Tory peer’ read by 60,000 followers

The Daily Mail   Ahhh, the act of parliament is finally getting under way. Because that is all it is, a fucking act. McAlpine is a paedophile, and Silly Moocow  couldn’t put on an innocent face if she tried.  Still waiting for my letter Mr Reid.   Mrs Bercow tweeted ‘Why is Lord McAlpine trending?(…)

Minimum wage to rise another 12 pence an hour.

BBC News     At last, real action, real commitment and real progress by the UK government in helping the poorest members of society. No they have not all committed suicide. What the government, or to be more specific, what Vince Cable has done is accepted the recommendation of the Low Pay Commission and increased the minimum wage(…)

The lies of a liar.

The Daily Mail   Ian Smiff’s bullshit apparently knows no bounds. According to our Nonce infested, corrupt, parasitic, government, ‘Revised’ figures now show that 1 in 4 of those who were going to have their benefit cut have found work… And the cunts promote that like its a good thing. Okay… never mind the fact(…)