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The Daily Star   Michael Adebowale was the more seriously hurt of the two suspects yet unbelievably he is the first to be released from hospital… Like they do a week after being shot at close range between 4-6 times. For some strange reason, he had both hands bandaged and the trademark limp. Then again,(…)

Send for Sam Cam!

The Daily Mail   Good idea Andy… Did ya hear that Dave? Andy Coulson says you need to wheel out your devil worshipping, coke head wife, else you’ll lose the next election.     Send for SamCam! Former No 10 spin doctor tells PM: Your wife is the best weapon you’ve got to win the(…)

Divided we fall.

The BBC   Fair play to the York Mosque offering Tea and Biscuits to the EDL. After the haters turned up at the Mosque only to find that they were heavily outnumbered, it would have been all too easy for the 100 or so Muslims to have kicked the shit out of them. Instead, they(…)

Boris Johnson attacks Islamist ‘mumbo jumbo’ and says Britain must not allow killers to divide country through ‘war’ myth

The Daily Mail   Boris Johnson is a fat useless robbing cunt who wants to stop getting married women pregnant and concentrate on his job. Perhaps then he would know that the vast majority of English Muslims are ordinary, decent people with no interest in having Sharia law imposed on Britain. It is a stupid(…)

It would seem that Bullshit flows faster than blood

The SUN   Here we go again.  You would have thought that the MSM would have toned things down a bit by now. Fat chance of that appatently. So, for as long as they keep publishing their shite, I will keep on attacking it. Now, like I have said previously, I am sure that Lee(…)

How the UK security services connect the Woolwich killing to the war on terror

Stop the war coalition   This is a most interesting article by John Rees and well worth a read. And, whilst I don’t agree with his assessment that Michael Adebolajo, ‘flipped’ that doesn’t detract anything from the overall focal point of the piece regarding the recruitment of young Muslims by MI5. It is my belief that Adebolajo was in(…)

Case closed, the dead fella did it.

The Daily Mail   Thank god for the British police. They can solve any case going. No need to dig up  Robert Murat’s driveway. Stephen Birch wasted his 50 Grand.  Apologies for ever doubting the McCann’s sincerity. It was the dead fella that did it. Case closed


The Daily Mirror Watch this now around 47 keep going till 58 seconds body gets up and walks around  while across the rd people casually get on the bus


The Guardian     There is fuck all in the Guardian article below to suggest that this was a terrorist attack or that the fella involved had his head cut off. Except of course the woman in the articles testomony which contradicts the MSM reports. So why are the police treating it as a terrorist(…)

Boris’s secret lovechild and a victory for the public’s right to know

The Daily Mail   Honest to fucking god, the people running this country are totally devoid of moral decency. Article to follow on this subject sometime later today, but fuck me, we really have to get rid of these cunts.  By MICHAEL SEAMARK013 The public does have a right to know about Boris Johnson’s philandering past,(…)

What a load of bollocks… All five of em.

The Daily Mail   There is something not quite right about this something not quite right investigation.  Now, for those of you who need me to explain every single word I write, I am not condoning flashing underage girls. But if the ex Corrie actor Neville buswell is being investigated for flashing 2 underage girls(…)

Where have all the real men gone?

The Telegraph   I really hope that this Tony Breeze didn’t kill himself because of his debts. It was certainly an extreme way to go about it if he did. And, by that, I mean I hope that it was an accident. But what if he did mean to kill himself? Which, to be honest(…)

Sex-claim Rolf goes back on stage and tells his fans: ‘I’m learning to dance in the rain’

The Daily Mail   Is there no end to the British public’s hypocrisy? Had knobber Harris been an ordinary Joe he would have been abused every time he left home. Yet here we have fuck-wits giving him a standing ovation and shrieking “we love you Rolf”. I don’t know who “we” is but it certainly isn’t me.(…)

“Infamy, Infamy, They’ve All Got It Infamy” – Carry on Nigel

The Daily Mail   The problem that I have with Nigel Farage, apart from him being an ex City Moneyman - for the Rothschild’s no less (thank you Trevor) - is that he is no different from the 650 cast members of the Westminster puppet show that we already have.  For instance, he is all cocky, smug and smarmy when(…)