Camilla Parker Bowles confronted on video, about paedophilia.


Spiv & Jane



There follows three short videos taken by my very brave friend Jane.

The videos are all taken at Portsmouth Dockyard last wednesday, 26/2/14 when Prince Buggerlugs & his old woman, Camilla Parker-Horseface came to officially open the Mary Rose Museum.

Now, Jane, being Jane – Dog bless her – took the opportunity to ask Parker-Horseface on camera what her husband intended to do about paedophilia which, as if Parker-Horseface didn’t already know, is running rife throughout this cuntry.

I will leave you to watch Parker-Horseface’s reaction & reply for yourself.

However, Jane has balls of steel – make no mistake about that, and had she been able to get close to Buggerlugs, she would most certainly have asked him instead of the monkey.

I know that for a fact due to material she has sent me in the past in regard to the vile sniffenpissin Mike Hang-Cock. That material included a secret recording of the evil twat who has been accused of paedophilia on more than one occasions.

I do of course fully intend to release that information in the future.

But for now, back to Buggerlugs & Camilla Hairy-Chin.

Obviously, as soon as Jane got in Parker-Horseface’s face chin, she was roughhoused out of the way by the parasites bodyguards, who then attempted to lead her to a car – which she refused.

She was then apparently followed to a cafe by the police, who questioned her on what she had been doing and whether or not she was filming.

However, Jane is nobody’s fool and told them fuck all except that she had just been innocently, taking photos of the Royal couple.

Now, I did want to add a bit more detail to this post but have not been able to get hold of Jane yet. Therefore, it could well be updated later.

In the meantime, well fucking done that woman.