Cameron’s fast track to Fascism: Without the right to protest the only option is revolution


Daily Mail, foreword by Chris Spivey.

Cameron is a C***. Lets not beat around the bush. Lets be quite clear about his new proposals too. What he is doing is exactly the same as Hitler did when he came to power. Little by little he is taking away our democratic rights. These people in government want to stop protesters  full stop. This is just the start. And why the need to fast track? Is it because he wants to get it made law while we all have our eyes on the Savile fiasco? Cameron is corrupt to the core. He was Maggie’s go-fer and she packed him off on some dubious missions, I can tell you. The man certainly has a lack of judgement… Look at the type of people he associates with. Derek Laud for starters. And that’s not just through work. Laud is a good friend to Cameron’s wife’s family. He even attended their wedding. What kind of man associates with Paedophiles. Certainly not a man with morals… And that’s at best. This new  law stinks, is dangerous for the people as a whole and as the song says; if you tolerate this, then your children will be next… Wakey, wakey.

Cameron to unveil fast-track planning rules ‘that will curb the right to protest

Residents opposed to big building projects will find their right to protest dramatically curtailed under radical plans to be unveiled today.

David Cameron will tell business leaders he is overhauling the system of judicial review, which is used by homeowners to oppose plans for airports, railways and roads.

In a move that was last night branded undemocratic, the cost of making a planning complaint will increase and critics will see the time limit for bringing a case reduced in an attempt to fast track infrastructure projects and kickstart the economy.

The number of appeals that can be brought over a project will be halved from four to two in an effort to dissuade people from resisting building plans.

The Prime Minister will use a speech to the Confederation of British industry to denounce the ‘bureaucratic rubbish’ that delays projects and insist that Whitehall goes on a war footing to boost growth. ‘In this global race you are quick or you’re dead,’ he will say.

Last night critics said the right to protest could be denied to those who face seeing their neighbourhoods concreted over.

The changes would make it more difficult for homeowners affected by HS2, the Government’s controversial high speed rail scheme from London to Birmingham through the Chilterns, to protest.

They could help a new hub airport – or a new runway at Heathrow – get pushed through more easily against local opposition.

Mr Cameron will tell the CBI: ‘Government can still be far too slow at getting stuff done.

Opposition: The news could prevent those against major projects like tje HS2 scheme from effectively protestingOpposition: The news could prevent those against major projects like tje HS2 scheme from effectively protesting

‘Judicial reviews are a massive growth industry in Britain today. Back in 1998 there were 4,500 applications for review and that number almost tripled in a decade. We urgently needed to get a grip on this.’ 

He will say the Government will ‘reduce the time limit when people can bring cases, charge more for reviews – so people think twice about time-wasting. And instead of giving hopeless cases up to four bites of the cherry to appeal a decision, we will halve that to two’.

Details of the costs and time limit will be announced later.


Shaun Spiers, chief executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: ‘The system is already stacked against local people trying to protect the areas they love. The only way for local people to oppose a bad development that has already been granted planning permission is through judicial review.

‘This is already very expensive and time-consuming. Putting this option further out of reach for many people will only make it even harder for local people to take a democratic role in planning decisions where they live.

'Bureaucratic rubbish': The plans by Cameron could result in less protestation against proposals like Heathrow expansion ‘Bureaucratic rubbish’: The plans by Cameron could result in less protestation against proposals like Heathrow expansion

‘The Prime Minister should be careful not to make it easier for dodgy developers to put up eyesores that will, in the long term, damage the economy and our quality of life.

‘The risk is that reducing democratic controls won’t result in more development – just more of the wrong sort of development.’

Mr Cameron will also use the speech to attack the civil service for dragging its feet over plans to boost growth and demand that Whitehall goes on a ‘war footing’.

‘Whitehall has become too risk-averse; too willing to say no instead of yes,’ he will say. ‘I want every minister and every official to understand that the dangers are not just in what you do but what you don’t do – that the costs of delay are felt in businesses going bust, jobs being lost, livelihoods being destroyed.

‘When this country was at war in the 1940s, Whitehall underwent a revolution. Normal rules were circumvented. Convention was thrown out. Well, this country is in the economic equivalent of war today – and we need the same spirit.’

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