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Christopher Spivey.


Since the newspapers are hell bent on continuing to push the fraud inquest into the Westminster Bridge ‘terrorist’ attack, I will continue to make you aware of the REAL facts.

So lets continue on from my last exposé of their pantomime (found HERE) and look at the ‘death’ of Leslie Rhodes as reported by the Government propaganda outlet; The Chimp:

The air ambulance called to treat the oldest Westminster terror attack victim was diverted to the policeman stabbed later in the incident, an inquest heard today.

Retired window cleaner Leslie Rhodes, 75, was walking home from hospital when terrorist Khalid Masood ran him over on 22 March last year.

Medics were told that a team from the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) was on the way – but the crew was redirected because Rhodes could not be saved.

Now, it is really interesting that the shit-rag states that the air ambulance was diverted because Leslie Rhodes “Could not be saved“.

I mean it is really hard to know who made that call since the photo evidence provided at the time suggests that Mr Rhodes looked perfectly savable to me.

PHOTO: Leslie RHODES lying in the ROAD clutching his leg.

Of course, the yellow workman sign that you see in the background to that photograph PROVES that the Terrapin, Mad Masood could not have been driving on the pavement when Rhodes and at least Three other ‘victims were hit by his motor. After all, had Masood been driving on the pavement that sign would have been knocked flying – a fact that this fraud inquest completely ignored.

Yet Rhodes was supposedly walking home from the hospital when he was hit so are we to assume that he was doing so in the middle of a busy road? Indeed, that is not what the photo evidence that has come to light since suggests:

Now that timestamp means that it took Mr Rhodes 2 minutes to walk to where he was hit which is an awful long time even for an old fella:

And as you can see in the above, it would have been impossible for Mad Masood to navigate that workmans sign.

Nevertheless, the Chimp old bollox continues:

The air ambulance team was instead sent to the aid of PC Keith Palmer, who had been stabbed by Masood near the Palace of Westminster.

Passing doctor Gareth Lloyd said as soon as he saw Mr Rhodes he realised that his injuries were ‘unsurvivable’.

Which is a very strange diagnosis by a qualified doctor, especially since the BALD, Leslie Rhodes was awake and leaning up on his elbow at the time.

PHOTO: Take no notice of the red line, that was for something else that I was pointing out. Nevertheless, Mr Rhodes looks far from death doesn’t he?

The 75-year-old was hit by Masood’s Hyundai Tucson and dragged along the road for around 33 metres. Source


If that was the case then he must have been hit right at the entrance to the bridge… And dragged the satanic 33 meters at the proven 18 MPH… Roger that.

Yet note that the Chimp sentence states that he was dragged along THE ROAD, as opposed to the pavement which suggests that Masood was never on the pavement and as such, Kurt and Melissa Cochran – the first two victims – who were on the pavement less than 33 meters away could not have been hit… Simples.

However, the ‘new’ photos show Mr Rhodes to be on the pavement yet to be hit he had to have been wandering around in the middle of a busy road?  Doesn’t make sense does it.

Nevertheless, Leslie Rhodes (Les Rhodes = Less Roads as in less roads around Westminster), for the benefit of those who don’t know, was the last of Masood’s victims to die.

PHOTO: Leslie Rhodes

Mind you, when you read the Telegraph’s description of how he died, you do have to wonder how the fella on the bridge holding his leg can possibly be Les:

The window cleaner smashed his head on the pavement as he was flung into the air by the Masood’s hired Hyundai. Source

Which is a different set of events to how his death now occurred which sees him being dragged along the road for 33 meters.  Who knows? Perhaps a road and a pavement are the same things these days!

However let’s continue with that Telegraph article which was published on the 24th of March 2017 – the day after Rhodes died following the hospital switching off his life support machine.

You see, the newspapers claim that Rhodes died after banging his head on the pavement and the Chimps inquest claim of him being dragged down the road for 90 odd foot greatly differs from the OAP’s neighbour, Mr Philip Williams version of events:

Mr Williams said he had been told by neighbours who went to see him before he died that Mr Rhodes was attending the hospital and may have been coming from or going to a bus stop nearby when he was hit.

He said: “I’ve been told he was at the hospital, St Thomas’, and he went by public transport and he was apparently crossing the bridge when this car hit him.

Ahh, so he was in the road. But why would he be crossing the very busy road on the bridge when there is a crossing right outside the hospital.

Moreover, as you will see later in this article, it is stated that Mr Rhodes was walking to a bus stop yet all buses stop outside St Thomas hospital. Even more bizarre is the fact that he was crossing the road to catch a bus that would go past St Thomas Hospital where he had just come from!

The Telegraph’s old bollox then continues:

“As I say, I’ve been told he was hit in the midriff. He had many broken bones. Apparently he went into a coma straight away.”

Course, quite obviously the newspaper didn’t feel the need to clarify the situation… Although the fella that we see playing Les most certainly did not go into a coma straight away.

Nevertheless, like all of the dead victims of these hoaxes, the Minions insist on giving the ones they feature their own spin off stories.

I mean Kurt Cochran was on the last day of his holiday when he was killed by Masood. And not just any holiday either – it was the holiday of a lifetime celebrating 25 years of marriage to Happy Smelly Cochran.

Moreover, Andreeeeea Christie was on a romantic holiday with her FIANCE who was bizarrely going to ask her to marry him… And so on, and so on.

And “Lovely” Leslie was no different. I mean he had spent his life working as a window cleaner with Winston Churchill being one of his customers.

Course, when you know Churchill’s true story I find that fact quite plausible since 75 year old Rhodes had never married and had no children. Moreover, his favourite song was “These are the days of our lives” by Queen… Queen being the favourite of all 75 year olds I would imagine.

Which was nice of them what with old Les not having any family at that point… And just so as not to further fuel rumours of Mr Rhodes’ sexuality I will point out that Chris Carney is in fact Christine Carney:

And straight away I clocked that Carney – like most of the actors in this  pantomime – also pretended to be a witness to the old bollox.

Moreover, the old bird is in all likelihood also the gruesome twosome seen below:

After all, these actors do like to show their versatility.

Course, having known Leslie Rhodes for THIRTY years, he would indeed ‘almost be like family‘ to the Carney’s wouldn’t he?

Nevertheless, the old fanny continues:

He became like family“… No truer word spoken. As you will find out shortly, but for now, old Les had no family:

So Les moved to the block of flats with his mum & dad when he was in his 30’s. And as coincidence would have it, his next door neighbour was Michael Carney whom Les had known since the 1960’s… Roger that… Although that would make it that Carney had known Leslie for at least 50 years despite the fact that his wife has just said that they had known Leslie for 30 years.

Still, what is 20 years between friends? The old bollox then continues:

Mr Williams said Mr Rhodes had grown up in the block of flats he was living in when he was killed“! It kinda makes you wonder if the cunts who write this shit even read what they have written… I mean one minute Rhodes is a 30 odd year old fella moving into a flat with his mum & dad and the next minute he ‘grew up‘ in the very same flat.

Purposely muddying the waters in other words.

Nevertheless, the shit-rag also contradicted their own narrative by stating – via a good friend of Rhodes – that the OAP had no family “since his brother had died ten years ago” before conducting an interview with his sister-in-law:

So Mrs Carney is lying then since Leslie wasn’t dying alone… He had FAMILY with him.

Course “Mrs Rhodes” neglects to say how she received the news at around 6 pm on the 22nd of March but we now discover that Leslie’s brother who had previously been dead for a decade only died two years ago.

Worse still – as coincidence would have it once more – Leslie died on what would have been her 60th wedding anniversary… Gosh, isn’t life unkind.

Still, if we assume Leslie’s brother and sister-in-law married at 20 then they would both be 80 years old (Roy 78 yrs old when he died), making Leslie 14 or 15 years old at the time (depending how long Roy and his Mrs were courting before getting married), which in turn makes it right that Leslie would have been a schoolboy when he first met his future sister-in-law.

I also note that Mrs Rhodes description of Leslie’s injury’s are  different to Mr & Mrs Carney’s and the Telegraphs.

Nevertheless, the old fanny continues:

And it immediately becomes clear that Leslie’s sister-in-law hadn’t a fucking Scooby-Doo what old Les was up to when he died. And of course neither did Mrs Carney make any mention of Mrs Rhodes being present when Leslie died.

Now before I continue, I will just point out that they are direct quotes that the MI 5 controlled Telegraph has used.

So with that in mind let’s have a look at what the Scum newspaper has to say on the matter:

And straight away we learn that Mickey Carney had only known Leslie for 40 years now… Not 30 years as his wife had claimed and not 50 years as Mick-the-dick had himself claimed in the Telegraph.

Moreover, you can only conclude from the above snippet – given the direct quotes – that Mick Carney couldn’t be arsed to go up the hospital and as such did not witness his daughter fuck about with Leslie’s dead body.

However, the Scum does at least divulge the name of Leslie’s sister-in-law unlike the Telegraph who just referred to her as Mrs Rhodes:

And ‘Audrey’ confirms that her husband Roy Rhodes died two years ago, and not the 10 years reported in the Telegraph.

Course, come the next day and the Carney’s had some new information to tell us about Leslie’s death… The following is from the Express:

Strange how they had only just remembered those details don’t cha think?

Nevertheless, now the good bit. You see, having given the gullible masses enough time to forget all of the above bollox (around a month and a half), the Chimp along with every other national newspaper reported on Leslie’s funeral held on the 5th May 2017… And it doesn’t get more in your face that this breathtaking old fanny which I shall comment on along the way.

Course, as we have seen in the inquest report, Dr Gareth Lloyd declared at first sight that Leslie was beyond help but there is no photo of ‘Gareth Lloyd’ accompanying the article from above or from the inquest article.

Nevertheless, Mr Lloyd – a surgeon at GUY’s hospital – was walking (not driving) to ST THOMAS hospital when he came across Old Leslie… Meaning that Lloyd must have ignored all the other 50 odd other casualties that he walked passed.

Kinda makes you wonder why then why they took Leslie to KING’S College hospital… Albeit not by helicopter… I mean he was only about 33 meters away from St Thomas hospital!

The article then continues:

You couldn’t make that shit up in a million years!

However, what we now have is Leslie’s sister-in-law, Audrey Rhodes morphing into 72 year old Carol Carney, whose name is nigh on the same as Leslie’s 70 year old neighbour of 30-50 years, Christine Carney!!!

Moreover, since Leslie died on what would have been his brother’s 60th wedding anniversary, his brother must have married a TWELVE year old.

Still, at least Audrey/Carol knows why Leslie was on the bridge now, yet this next bit is fucking scandalous:

So Leslie’s brother, Roy Rhodes has now become Brian Rhodes, who didn’t die two years ago, or even 10 years ago but did in fact die around 45 years ago. Talk about in ya face!

And why the fuck was Rhodes cremated in Surrey after living his whole life in London?

Mind you, in truth there was no Leslie Rhodes killed in the hoax attack and I would imagine that the face we see reporting to be Rhodes is just a played-about-photoshopped mugshot of the pipe bomber, Jonathon Taylor

Nevertheless, I think that I can throw some light on Leslie’s new found family.

For instance I imagine that alleged mother & daughter, Corol Carney aged 72 & Amanda Rhodes aged 52 are the same person.

Moreover, Leslie’s cousin Carol Mardon (seen in the photo below with Amanda Rhodes) is probably Rita Beckwith.

And Rita Beckwith is of course the joint owner of City Cruises.

PHOTO: Carol Mardon compared to Rita Beckwith

City Cruises – as I proved in my last article and my three major articles entitled A Bridge Too Far Parts 1 to 3 – were heavily employed in the fraud.

Oh and best that we don’t forget Leslie’s other mate & neighbour, Philip WILLIAMS.


Indeed, WILLIAMS also gave plenty of TV interviews and couldn’t speak highly enough of poor old Les.

However, since Philip WILLIAMS is also David WILLIAMS I should think old Les was turning in his grave.


You see, according to the press David Williams was very good friends with serial killer, Fred West and was later convicted & sent to prison – along with his wife Pauline – for being a paedophile.

PHOTO: Comparison of David WILLIAMS and Philip WILLIAMS

And that concludes the evidence to suggest that Les Rhodes did not exist… Or at least he wasn’t killed on Westminster Bridge during the government sponsored hoax of the 22nd of March 2017.

However, since Les is the actor seen holding his leg on the bridge it is obvious that he was neither:

  • dragged anywhere, let alone 33 meters along the road underneath a motor.
  • was not thrown into the air and landed on his head.
  • was not beyond all hope of saving.

Just sayin’… Again.

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