British Intelligence, MI5 And MI6 Behind Underwear Bomb Plot.


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British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 were ultimately behind this week’s contrived underwear bomb plot, it has been alleged by sources spoken to by London’s The Telegraph.

MI5 reportedly recruited a British passport holder of Saudi origin with the mission to infiltrate Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and gather intelligence which could be used to kill purported master bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri in a drone strike.

Once the double agent had been recruited, MI6 collaborated with Saudi intelligence and the asset was sent to Yemen, where he successfully infiltrated militants and walked away with the explosive device currently being analysed by the FBI in Virginia.

Upon completing his mission the man reportedly travelled from Yemen to Saudi Arabia, via the United Arab Emirates, where the underwear bomb was passed to the agent’s British handlers. He also provided intelligence which was used to kill purported “director of external operations” for Al Qaeda, Fahd al-Quso, in a CIA drone strike in Yemen on Sunday.

At a time when the British intelligence services are being investigated for their involvement in “rendering” militants to be tortured in Libya during Gaddafi’s rule, as well as facing heavy criticism in relation to the death of spy Gareth Williams, the publicising of British involvement in the contrived underwear bomb plot is particularly awkward for MI5 and MI6.

They are not supposed to provide “targeting information” that can be used to summarily execute suspected militants who are being routinely killed in drone strikes without experiencing any kind of due process.