Bridgit, The Midget & The Royal Racketeers in concert


Christopher Spivey.


Now that has to be the cleverest title ever, bar none – as you will come to recognise by the time you have finished reading.

However before anything else, I best tell you that I still haven’t finished editing ‘A Bridge Too Far’ yet due to the fact that the little bits & pieces that I intended to add as I was doing so, have turned into nearly an extra 5,000 words – so far.

And that means that along with the photo explanations – which are written as part of the photo and as such do not register on the counter – the final word count is going to be somewhere between 110,000 – 115,000.

Not that I am apologising for not having done editing it yet. After all the process of writing up the project was always going to be a massive, extremely complicated undertaking to document all in one go.

Therefore having now done that, the editing was never going to be a five minute job either – although I really should stop being so conservative with the time estimates that I give you.

Course, even now, as I am in the process of editing, the drama continues to evolve & unfold in the MSM – as was also obviously the case when I was writing it… I mean talk about making a hard thing harder.

In fact I sometimes get the feeling that the Minions have a direct line into my computer in order to try and stay one jump ahead of me… Not that they can because no matter how much fairy dust you sprinkle on a turd, it’s still shit when you look closely at it.

But nevertheless, I feel sure that most of you will have no idea if a word count of 110,000 is a lot or not. I mean I certainly didn’t until I started this writing for a living malarkey.

Therefore to put that 110,000 minimum word count into context in order to give you an idea as to the scale of the job, the following is a list of famous books and their word count:

30,644 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl
35,968 – Old Yeller – Fred Gipson
36,363 – Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis

47,094 – The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

58,428 – The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame
59,635 – Black Beauty – Anna Sewell
59,900 – Lord of the Flies – William Golding

63,766 – Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
64,768 – The Martian Chronicles – Ray Bradbury
66,556 – The Color Purple – Alice Walker
66,950 – Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

72,071 – White Fang – Jack London
73,404 – The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger
77,325 – Philosopher’s Stone – JK Rowling

82,370 – The English Patient – Michael Ondaatje
82,762 – Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank
87,978 – Persuasion – Jane Austen
88,942 – Nineteen Eighty-Four – George Orwell

95,022 – The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien
97,364 – Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maud Montgomery

100,388 – To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee
106,821 – Prisoner of Azkaban – JK Rowling
107,349 – Gullivers Travels – Jonathan Swift
107,945 – Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
109,571 – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

Don’t cha just love statistics… Especially the vital ones.

Indeed, such is the size of  ‘A Bridge Too Far‘ that it will have to be released on here in three parts to prevent problems with it loading.

Moreover, those above-listed books are all fiction and as such did not require anywhere near the research and repeated fact checking that I have needed to do for mine… The added time being especially necessary since there are those nonce-creatures & critics who are going to try their damnedest to pull it apart when it is released.

Although I’ll bet the Noncey-Boys & wannabees fucking can’t… Just sayin’.

And neither did those books have the countless photos that ‘A Bridge Too Far‘ has – which was a mammoth task in itself just collecting, analyzing, preparing and putting them together in batches.

Here, have a butchers at the following example:

And straight away you will recognise the future King of England in one of the inset photos, sat at the bedside of the lying scumbag terrorist-attack-victim, Travis Frain.

Indeed according to the Chimp, it would appear that Travisty Frain is lucky to still be alive:

Poor love!

And predictably, the Frain-In-Pain has aspirations of becoming a politician… So best we have another butchers at him and his two bum-chums:

Mind you, he certainly appears to have all of the qualities needed to succeed in his quest.

I mean he always finds time to call his mother when he is at work, no matter how busy – or ‘hurt’ – he is.

And he certainly knows the importance of courting the press… In fact there he is in the photo above, talking to a reporter – who just happened to be passing – seconds after the despicable Terrapin, Dick Dastardly Masood had run him and at least 50 odd other people over.

PHOTO: Boo – Hiss, Dick Dasterdly Masood. Boo-Hiss

Neither can Travisty be accused of over-doing ‘it’ as he certainly knows how to pace himself… Here he is taking off his shoes.

And he certainly doesn’t need to be told twice to sit down and do fuck all!

Or for that matter does he need to be told twice to lie down and do fuck all… Although it is obvious to all that the boy sweats blood during the course of his working day.

And so, with his criminal, self-serving, blatant lack of morals and ability to separate right from wrong being second to none – the exact same qualities embedded in all of our sick-minded MP’s – Travis is bound to go far.

Although it is kinda strange how none of the national press picked up on the fact that Travis and his two treacherous slug-mates were not hurt at all one minute and being rushed into the operating theater the next… From one theater to another really

Likewise, I cannot find any evidence of anywhere near the official final victim count of 6 dead and 49 wounded… And believe me I fucking tried, I really did.

Yet I failed miserably.

In fact, believe it or not I tried very hard to make all aspects of the official version work, but the very, very best that I could come up with for the victim count was; 6 pretend dead and 29 pretend injured – and to do that I had to suspend all common sense & logic.

For instance, take a look at these photos:

That cunt in the last photo is from ‘The Land Of The Giants’ isn’t he?

Now to make matters even more abhorrent, there can be no doubt that the government propaganda production was extremely racist.

And again, by way of example you may remember the following [government planted] Tweet – which led to ALL of our bigoted national press publishing it in an obscene attempt to whip up racial hatred towards Muslims:

Cept the “dying man” is actually a woman ya fuckin’ Cabbage and there is fuck all wrong with her – as I go on to prove beyond all possible doubt in “A Bridge Too Far”.

Nevertheless the story – a very apt description – ran in the press for ages yet just like the rest of the government sponsored hoax, it was staged… You see, like Travisty Frain & the Coconuts, the woman is an actor without conscience… She is a Slug.

PHOTO: The Slug being prepped for her walk of shame

Certainly, the photo below appears to show the exact moment that a group of Muslims – invited onto Westminster Bridge by Metropolitan Police chiefs, on behalf of the British Government for a show of solidarity against Terrapinism – cottoned on to the fact that they were being used to covertly lay the groundwork for a race-war:

Either that or they are also actors and traitors to their race – the human race.

However, you did not need to read about purposely planted Tweets and stooge Muslims to realise the racist intent behind the fraud… Indeed the presence of Little-Fluffy-Bunny Robinson at the play-act on the 22nd of March should have alerted anyone with a least one eye on the ball to the fact.

Mind you, if the ‘right minded‘ Turnips want to believe that it was pure coincidence that the Midget Robinson – who lives in Luton – happened to be in Westminster that day – stood amongst the gathered press on Victoria Embankment – why should I burst their bubbles?

Indeed, if the ‘right minded‘ Turnips further believe that Robinson angrily – and repeatedly – stating on camera that; the drama was a “Terrorist Attack“, an hour after it happened (when he could not possibly know such a thing), was just a measure of the little-fellas perceptiveness, then I am afraid that it will take someone a lot sharper than me to burst those bubbles of theirs.

PHOTO: Little-Fluffy-Bunny-Robinson is hopping mad as he points to the “Terrorist Attack” that took place on Westminster Bridge… Around an hour before the Met announced that the hoax was being treated as a terrorist attack. 

Now personally I strongly believe that the Government-Stooge Robinson was on the bridge at 2:40 pm when the acting-slugs were doing their thing.

But then again I am sure if asked, he would deny it.

Likewise, I also strongly believe that the callous ‘Muslim’ bird involved in the ‘Tweet Lie‘ went for double-bubble by taking part in the follow-up London Bridge fraud.

But once again, what the fuck do I know!

After all, Dani Singer – the prominent anti government activist for gay rights and racial harmony – would certainly not take part in a government hoax would he she?

And she was certainly there.

All wrong-un’s to a man… Probably literally too.

Certainly the hero-of-fools, Tommy Robinson, AKA Stephen Lennon, AKA Christopher Yaxley, AKA Andrew McMaster, AKA Paul Harriswhy so many names? – has become a lot more high-profile since taking part in the government hoax, than he has been for a long time.

In fact hard nut Tom Thumb has featured in-excess of 25 Chimp articles following the day in question – non of which are designed to show him in a bad light as far as I can see… And that in itself is no easy task.

Mind you, I am certain that I stated somewhere on this website that ‘you hadn’t heard the last of 4 ft 2 in tall Robinson’ when he quit as the EDL leader.

Still, as an ending to this segment of what you can expect from A Bridge Too Far  – coincidentally mentioned in today’s Chimp:

Although I don’t recall seeing Eddie Fox in any of the hundreds of photos that I looked at – you will all be pleased to know that Travis is recovering nicely:

What a “true hero“… What a cunt more like.

In fact the term “True Hero” is rapidly becoming a Chimp euphemism for “Proper Cunt” as far as I can see… But there ya go.

Now there are three reasons that I have given you the above insight into  “A Bridge Too Far” –  consisting of around 800 words which roughly, only makes up around 7% of the information contained within the 110,000 – 115,000 word exposé… Just sayin’.

The first is to shamelessly promote the forthcoming book because I have worked fucking hard on it and by neglecting everything else I have got myself in serious financial trouble… And I mean serious, although I won’t bore you with the details.

The second reason is to alert any Muslims reading this that they are in serious danger and the problem is not going to go away by crossing their fingers… We are not all racist, brainwashed thugs in this country and it is possible to break down the barriers being put up to divide us.

Although that is obviously a two way street.

PHOTO: The real face of Terrorism in Britain today

And remember, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

And the third reason is to make Prince Charles aware that he has been duped into believing that the Westminster Bridge terrapin attack was real.

I’ll bet he is fucking furious… And humiliated again. I mean he has only just got over being tricked into marrying a bird who never existed.

Yet Harry Of Gingerbottom is about to do the same:

Prince Harry has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and would like to pop the question to Meghan Markle before his birthday in the autumn, friends of the young royal have revealed.

Despite their busy schedules, the US soap actress and the Prince have a pact never to go longer than a month apart and speak using FaceTime on their smartphones twice a day when they are separated.

Miss Markle has made herself at home in Nottingham Cottage, Harry’s Kensington Palace quarters and is so comfortable she keeps a wardrobe of clothes and a shelf of organic cookbooks in the kitchen, according to friends. Source

You see, just like Diana Spencer, Maple Syrup is a made up persona who Benny Henry has never met. Yet there can be no doubt that he is playing along with the fraud, evidenced by the photoshopped snappy-snapz & faked videos that have appeared in the news.

I mean take that video which was supposedly Harry & Maple walking through Soho after going out for a meal… Total, total bollox… Why the fuck would Henry walk his bird through Soho in the dead of night?

Answer: He wouldn’t.

He wouldn’t have been allowed to for starters due to the security issues involved. Indeed if he did go out for a meal with ANYONE – which is highly unlikely – he would have stepped out of a car into the restaurant and then done the same in repeat order on the way out.

Therefore, if you want to know where the video template came from look no further than the Beckhams.

Indeed find a similar video of Dave & Posh (there are plenty) and watch the way that they walk – especially Sticky Vicky and then compare her movements to Maple Syrup in the fake Stroll-In-Soho video.

And purely for the benefit of the half-witted, paedo-trolls who obviously mis-read everything that I write: Victoria Beckham is NOT Maple Syrup and Dave the Rave is NOT Henry of Gingerbottom.

However, H & M have borrowed V & D’s bodies for their fake stroll.

And then there is the photoshopped images of H & M at a wedding in Jamaica… Again total, total bollox.

PHOTO: H & M just being lovey-dovey on their own, in front of a faked background. Henry’s got his girly socks on and his leg stuck in the chair. His trousers are a cardboard cut-out to save his modesty and his hair is far too thick – when over comes a bird in a cheap version of Maple’s dress. The grass doesn’t quite match up with the table but fuck it… And ignore Maple Syrups teeth.

PHOTO: Teeth.

PHOTO: A bit of a snub there for Maple by the one footed woman, which could explain why Maple is walking as if she has Polio as well as pretending to have Arthritis… She is playing the sympathy card so as Henry notices her… Meanwhile Henry’s jacket has stretched to cover his stride… And I hope that they don’t get twatted by that low flying giant palm leaf… Although they certainly fucking deserve to be.

PHOTO: Henry’s dying for a dump… Which would explain his trouser situation. Either that or he wants to play one potato, two potato, three potato, four… Nice of them to stand up for the waiter though, although he didn’t ought to be linking Maples arm whilst giving the glass a wank.

PHOTO: Maples day is ruined when another bird comes and sits down – adopting what surely must be the most uncomfortable looking pose ever where her arms are concerned. However, sour-faced Maple pretends to not care by making out that she is playing the violin. But Henry’s not daft. He knows the difference between hair and a violin… Probably. Yet having said that, he is too dumb to move that fake pineapple out of the way instead of having to reach around it every time he wants to sip his drink.

PHOTO: Henry finally cottons on that Maple has the hump when she pinches his back. At which point they all ignore each other. And at least Maple can take pleasure from the fact that her arm is outlined in a darker colour to her rivals.

Now, if Maple was real why did they need to get Potty Middleton to play her part at the start – I type in rhyme all the time.


PHOTO: Maple & Poppy. Reverse one of the photos and they would have matching moles.

Course, Potty Middleton isn’t the only one to play the part of Maple Syrup… An actress playing an actress, how very bizarre!

In fact there are that many I don’t even keep track of their names anymore.

PHOTO: Quite how the fuck her body is keeping upright under the weight of her fucking massive bonce is anyone’s guess.

And at least with Diana you got to see someone who was note worthy playing the role… As opposed to some two bit model.

Or Disney’s Rachael Berry.

For more H & M photoshops click HERE & HERE

Course, Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff is a construct to… Only she is a lot more scary that Meghan & Diana:


Indeed to goodness its a good job that the Troglodytes are not really hers… I mean imagine having her tuck you into bed before turning the lights out! Fuck me, you would get under the bed where the monsters live wouldn’t you.

Course,  Tiffany – AKA Kate – hasn’t looked back since landing the part of Gold-Digger-Smiff.


So fair play to her although once again, Like Diana & Meghan, the role is not exclusive to one person.

I mean there is this bird although she is pretty much only emergency back-up and photo templates.

However, I feel sure that the following bird gives Tiffany a few sleepless nights.

Want more?

Of course you fucking do.


However, Tiffany does have one (maybe two) big advantage over this bird and that is the fact that she is English – whereas the bird above is French. Her name is Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and she is a proper old bike… Fanatic.

Course, the only time that Prevot’s accent would become a problem is on ‘live’ appearances where “Kate” would be required to interact with the public – A problem which at all other times can easily be overcome via the use of Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment

Nevertheless, the French and Brits are very intertwined when it comes to the royal hoaxes. For instance in the photo below we see Little Bald Willie stood with the fella who supposedly killed his mother, Diana:

1498531-le-maire-patrick-jardin-bernard-950x0-1 (1)

Although Henri Paul now calls himself Bernard French-Name and he is the country’s Prime Mincer.

Course, just like Diana, Gold-Digger-Smiff has no past and as such she had to have one invented… It is kinda strange that they used a murdered school girl (Sarah Payne) and a serial killer (Joanne Dennehey) for her childhood photos though.

The following is taken from my soon to be released, major works entitled: Book Ends which connects EVERY major murder in this country from the 1950’s to present day.

And do compare the all important ears, especially in the second one up from bottom… Unfortunately the Minions cottoned on to this problem and as such lugs are by and large altered these days.

You also need to remember that they are just photos that we are talking about, used to represent dead children or depict adults in the news as they looked when they were children.

And talking of childhoods – or the lack of them as is the case – I see that the Daily Chimpanzee continues to try and whip up Diana fever with a further deluge of articles last week, including one article about a glossy magazine that the shit-rag has put together supposedly containing 17 never before seen photos of Diana:

Told ya.

The article begins:

Saturday’s edition of the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine is a special tribute issue launching our scintillating new five week series marking the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, beginning with a dazzling album of remarkable unseen photographs. Source

Which is a very bold claim by the Monkey-Kuntz, I do have to say… Don’t cha just hate the smug cunts?

Mind you, I bet that they haven’t got the full frontal – including bush – uncensored, naked photos of Diana… I have. Indeed they are to be found in my eBook “Genesis”.

UK Customers click HERE

US Customers Click HERE

Still, shall we have a butchers at these allegedly never before seen photos then?

Of course we fucking shall. And the first photo on offer from the Ape-Shitz was this one:

Interesting… Very interesting… *Spiv begins to whistle tunelessly

You see, I have the full set of those and in fact have had for a couple of years now. Unfortunately the full set is on a memory stick which I do not have ready access to – for obvious reasons – so I can’t show you them all.

However, I can show you the one that the Monkey-loserz claim is unseen because I put it on this computer in February of this year.

Mines better than theirs.

And to go one better still, I can also show you this next one which is actually a screenshot of the photo so as you can see the time and date that I put it on this computer:

Next up the Chimp had the following photo on offer:

They really are pulling out all the stops aren’t they… Cept that isn’t Diana.

Now as you know there is a third part of my Diana trilogy still to come, provisionally called “Di: Another Day”, which is already half written. However, as you probably also know, I temporarily shelved finishing it in favour of writing “A Bridge Too Far” and “Book Ends”.

In fact the last time that I worked on Di: Another Day was January 23rd 2017 at half past four in the morning:

And so in anticipation of a donation or two, what follows is taken from that draft (set out in bold font) which I will start here with a photo batch that includes the vast majority of the Monkey-Liarz “unseen” photos:

“Who the fuck is Charlotte Colbert “ I hear you ask?

Charlotte is the youngest daughter of James Goldsmith (although that information is not readily bandied about) and as you should be aware, Goldsmith is in all likelihood the father to the fictional Diana Spencer… Add twists and turns with an added drop of scandal into a story and it becomes all the harder to take apart, see?

Indeed, once you get the hang of it, it isn’t hard to grasp what is going on – money making hand over fist by the ‘elites’ as they bleed us dry using multiple personalities.

Course, first you have to get your head around the fact that nothing is real.

And with that in mind, what follows are comparisons between Diana and Charlotte – whom, were Diana real, they would have been half-sisters.

Now to read a fairly recent Chimp article brown nosing these parasites, you wouldn’t actually believe that the faces mentioned were all fucking related to each other in one way or another… A fact that the Monkey-Boyz failed to mention.

For instance, mentioned and photographed in the Chimp article was the aforementioned Charlotte Colbert (‘Goldsmith’ – a branch of the Rothschild’s and the real maiden name of Kate Middleton) as was her [unstated] sister in law, Alice Rothschild.

Mind you, the Chimp wouldn’t mention the relationship since Alice was at the bash posing as Alice Naylor-Leyland.


Not that the Chimp would have mentioned the relationship even if Alice had been there as Alice Rothschild.

Also at the bash was Kitty Spencer – a bird who has been in recent years very much overly promoted by the Chimp.

Kitty is of course Diana’s niece ‘officially’ and the daughter of Earl Charlie Spencer – who also plays David Cameron’s brother, Alex Cameron:


For more proof, see my article: Lets Go Play With The Astors.

Course if you have read that article along with my article: Agenda Bender Part 1, you will know that the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths were also behind the Lucan Lash Up – James Goldsmith obviously being the father of Diana:

And the father to Zac Goldsmith the MP married to Alice Rothschild: 

As well as being the father of Ben the banker, pictured below with mother Annabel Goldsmith (who played Myra Hindley):

Not forgetting Sir Jim’s other daughters, Jemima Anyones

And the aforementioned, Charlotte Colbert:

That said, Charlotte is not the daughter of Annabel Goldsmith, who was very much James Goldsmith’s wife at the time of his death – albeit the marriage was very unconventional… In keeping with the norm for the elites.

Meantime, Ben Goldsmith was formerly married to Kate Rothschild; sister to Alice (married to Ben’s brother Zac), who are both daughters of Amschel Rothschild and the nieces of  Jacob Rothschild – the current head of the UK branch of the Rothschild family.

It is however important not to lose track of the fact that Charlotte Colbert is in reality the youngest child of the now deceased billionaire, James Goldsmith:

After his third marriage, Goldsmith embarked on an affair with an aristocratic French Woman, Laure Boulay de la Meurthe, with whom he had two more children, Jethro and Charlotte. He treated de la Meurthe as his wife and introduced her as such during the last years of his life. Goldsmith died at 64 of a heart attack brought about by pancreatic cancer.

The fact that Charlotte was born in France to a french woman is also relevant to this sordid tale, as you will find out later.

As for Annabel Goldsmith, well I have just read her unintentional, extremely telling book: Annabel Goldsmith – An unconventional life.

Indeed Annabel was a very good friend of [the fictional] Princess Diana who would of course have been Goldsmith’s step daughter had she really existed.

The Princess of Wales (L) is escorted fromLahore airport by Jemmina Khan and Lady Annabel Goldsmith (R) February 21

Annabel is also the mother of India Birley – India’s now deceased father being Nightclub Owner, Professional Gambler & Annabel’s first husband, Mark Birley.


PHOTO: Lady Annabel Goldsmith with her children: Baby Ben, Zac, Jemima and India.

India Birley is also a candidate for the young Princess Diana.


Just sayin.

Nevertheless, you can read a whole lot more about Annabel Goldsmith in my aforementioned article: Lets Go Play With The Astors – much of it being very relevant to the Diana Trilogy.

Moving on and the “supermodel“, Cara Delevingne was also there at the bash reported on in the Chimp – and she is a weird bird, I can tell you.

In fact I wouldn’t at all be surprised to find out if it is actually a he/she.


Indeed you have to ask yourself why someone supposedly so beautiful and one of the most sought after models in the world also has to wear false teeth.


But you’ll like this next bit… You see I think ‘it’ is Harry Styles, or at the very least they are either clones or from the same spunk bubble.

Now before I elaborate further on this fuck-up or pair of fuck-ups, let me tell you that I have had my beady eyeball on ‘One Direction’ for a long time… See, this job ain’t just writing, in fact I spend an equal amount of time – probably more in fact – researching and collecting stuff that may not be of use to me at the moment, but I know only to cotton-pickin’ well that it will be at some point in the future.

Moreover, it is a bastard good job that I do because t’internet is slowly being closed down with information and photos slowly but surely, continuously being removed.

But anyway, I did in fact write a little article on ‘Wrong direction‘  two years back although at that point they hadn’t really become a concern to me as boy-bangs usually cum and go very quickly… See what I did there?

The wrong direction for One Direction

PHOTO: The Queer & The Duck meeting the group Wrong One Direction.

You can find that article HERE

And One D – see I’m still groovy – are now well and truly on my radar.


You will notice that there was a need to clarify which particular Queen, that Ni Ho – cool, baby, cool – was referring to. You see the young trainee wrong-uns are always being invited to hang out of with proper dodgy queens.

Posing up: After the show, Sir Elton posed alongside Harry, after giving him a shout out during the show

Elton Bog for example… He looks off his tits doesn’t he?

Nevertheless, Cara & Harry! Let’s have a fuckin’ look shall we?

Yes of course we fucking shall:


Tattoo’s come and go to suit the photoshoppers mood. But did you clock their noses and their ears… If ya didn’t, go back and have a proper fucking look and don’t come back down here again until you have.

Now of course the very notion sounds nothing short of madness… At least it would do if having read nowt else of mine, I came to you and said; “ere, I reckon that Cara Delthingyvigne is that Nobby Stiles from 1D… Well either that or I reckon that they are clones”.

And indeed were that the case you would rightly think “big deal, Cara Deathray looks a bit like Farmer Giles. So fucking what, people do look alike – fuck off ya bonkers baldy bastard”.

But that is not the case because this madness is but a fraction of the madness that I have brought to you already and another fraction of the madness still to be released… And I don’t think that you needed to be so fucking rude… “Go away ya Barmy Bald Bloke” would have sufficed.

You see, you have to look at the coincidences as a collective – state the bleedin’ obvious Christopher, why don’t ya – and when ya do, you quickly realise that continually putting all the madness episodes down to coincidence is madness.

Course, whether Cara Waft-Titz knows that she is Harry O’Lady-Boy or alternatively, that they were grown in the same petri dish is anyone’s fucking guess.

I mean we all know that MK-Ultra type brain scrambling still goes on and the sick-fuck Monsters are doubtlessly continually experimenting with these human robots.

But nevertheless, the other bit of info that I was holding on to in regard to the boy band – whom have apparently split up following the departure of the Muslim Member, Insane Malick, although I suspect the break up, break up never ever make up will be relatively short lived – was in regard to throbber-lobber bandite, Louis Tara Palmer Tomkinson.

You see, I am 99% positive that Louis Tonkatoy is Elliot Spencer (apt surname) – I created joinder there see, before anyone decides to accuse me of going off topic.

And Elliot Mess is of course the young wife of Stephen Gay Fry.


PHOTO: Mr & Mr Fry

That is a quirky photo of the pair of lovebirds isn’t it?

Well it would be if it wasn’t so darkly Satanic.


Hours more fun to be had there then! But if you don’t know what I am on about then you obviously haven’t read Part 2 of this trilogy: Night Of The Living Dead… So why are you reading Part 3 first?

And strangely enough Elliot is billed in the MSM as a stand-up comedian, which has to be funnier than anything Fry’s-Guy can come up with.

I mean fuck me, there isn’t any video footage of the soppy-cunt speaking anywhere let alone of him on stage telling fucking jokes… Although there most definitely is something funny about him.

So, shall we compare Steve’s Stud-Muffin, Elliot to 1D’s, Louis Twonk And Some?

Yeah, why the fuck not aye.

And that would be why he never speaks.

Yet the thing is, where the likes of Cara Devalue are concerned I’m thinking to myself: Why?

As in why is she fucking famous?

I mean I see lovely looking young ladies in their late teens – early to mid twenties every single day of the week, just going about their everyday business, yet unlike Deviniger these birds are real – Not airbrushed. Not digitally altered. Not wearing fake skin over implants. They have their own, brilliant white, perfectly straight teeth. Natural body shape – and as I gawp I think to myself “why the fuck is she not famous? Why the fuck has she not been snapped up by a modelling agency”?

Course, the reason is because; belonging to Monsters Inc means being born into Monsters Inc.

Indeed, very, very few ‘outsiders‘ make it into the club and these paranoid monsters must live in daily fear of people like me discovering what they really are… Or more to the point, WHO they really are… Which is why they are trying to destroy me.


PHOTO: The Duck and Angela Delevingne allegedly taken sometime in the 1930’s.

Indeed it is in fact, not only the vast millions to be earned/stolen/generated by taking on multiple high powered roles, it is their fear of being ‘outed‘ that forces them to play multiple personas whilst keeping it in the family.

You see, it is far too risky to take chances on ‘new blood‘. One blabbermouth and it could be over within days for the dirty inbreeds.

So, when I look at Cara Delevingne’s ‘old man’, Peter – who was also at the Chimps reported on society bash – I immediately see Michael Middleton… Step-Father to the future Queer of England.


And if they are not each other, then they are closely blood related.

He is a strange one is that Delevingne though.


Which explains a lot really despite Mick Middleton only being touted as Gold-Digger-Smiths Step-Ladder.

Course, for the benefit of the terminally gormless, the Middletons were touted as being commoners (the surname allocated to reinforce the blatant lie)… Just like what we is, thus proving that the Winsor RiffRaff are not snobs and anyone can become a princess, even a never aging, fatherless, chavette from a canncil haas… With the surname of Goldsmith.

Do me a fuckng favour!


PHOTO: The Duck and Peter Middleton… Step-Ladder-Grandadder to Kat Gold-Digger-Smith

… And that’s ya lot from “Di: Another Day” until it’s finished, but in my opinion that preview is well worth a quid of anyone’s money.

You can also buy my eBook “Night Of The Living Dead” which explains exactly how the Monsters got away with passing Diana off as a real person and how the car crash was faked and no one was hurt – let alone died… And I will add that the content has never been debunked – and never will be because it is the truth.

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Mind you, the Monsters are certainly having a bash at changing the lie in favour of a new lie – as I pointed out in my last article ‘Carry On Willie’.

You see, the Monkey Nutz have just released a total bollox article that has the driver of the ‘mysterious white Fiat Uno‘ – that supposedly collided with Diana’s Merc seconds before the crash in the tunnel – later spraying the car red that very same night.

Therefore we are now supposed to believe that the French plod knew all about him doing so but did not consider it serious enough to investigate further.

Talk about taking the fucking piss!

He is the man who may hold vital clues to the Paris car crash that claimed the life of Princess Diana.

Yet 20 years on, Le Van Thanh – who has undergone an astonishing transformation into a prize-winning bodybuilder – is still refusing to talk about what happened on the night of the tragedy.

The 42-year-old owned a white Fiat Uno identical to the one that struck Diana’s Mercedes moments before the smash in the Alma tunnel. In 2006 his own father claimed that Mr Thanh had resprayed his car red hours after the accident.

Mr Thanh is in a stand-off with the former head of Scotland Yard who led a three-year inquiry into Diana’s death. Ex-Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens has twice written to him in the past year urging him to tell what he knows.

What the fuck has it got to do with the criminal Stevens who was quite clearly made a lord for white-washing the three year British “investigation” (named Operation Paget) into Diana’s ‘death’… I mean fuck me he isn’t even a copper now… Not that the criminal was one before.

And why pray tell was Sir Stevens a criminal“? I hear you ask.

To which I would answer that he was/is a criminal because, amongst other criminal acts Stevens played the part of James Andanson – the WHITE FIAT UNO driving, member of the paparazzi, whom a Minion-derived conspiracy theory was purposely constructed around and leaked into the public domain:


Just sayin’… Carry on Monkey Kuntz:

The Parisian taxi driver’s refusal has been a major disappointment for Lord Stevens, who hoped his testimony might help dispel lingering conspiracy theories.

Details of the impasse are revealed by Lord Stevens today in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail in which he states publicly for the first time that he believes Mr Thanh was the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash.

And he says an appalling blunder by the French authorities fuelled rumours about the accident that killed Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and his heavy drinking driver Henri Paul.

Henri Paul now being promoted as not being drunk as a skunk anymore – unlike the way that he was back in 1997, on the night in question:

A fact which I continually state would be down to Henri Paul now being the French Prime Mincer: Bernard French-Name:


Carry on Bo-Bo:

Eleven years ago an exhaustive inquiry by Lord Stevens demolished claims Diana and Dodi were killed in an Establishment conspiracy – but far-fetched allegations about the case still flourish.

I am guessing that this cunt has never read the mind-numbingly-boring Paget Report compiled by the bent-cunt Stevens since it raised more questions than it answered… I should know I read the fucking thing three times.

Mind you, the Chimp later quotes the 3 year investigation as costing £3.5 million squids which has been reduced from the £12 Million squid quoted at the time… I wonder who pocketed the £8.5 Million?

I mean obviously there was no real investigation since there wasn’t anyone to really investigate but think about it, if I remember correctly there were supposedly a dozen detectives working full time on Operation Paget so that is 12 men x 3 years = £3.5 Million?

Fuck off witcha… Gerron wi’it ya Gob-Shite Babboon:

To try to eradicate the myths, the ex-Yard chief has twice contacted Mr Thanh in the past year. But he is adamant he will not speak, insisting through his solicitor he had nothing to do with the crash.

Lord Stevens says he believes that whoever was driving the Fiat fears they could be prosecuted for leaving the scene of an accident.

Mr Thanh’s stance has dealt a significant blow to Lord Stevens’ hopes of producing an updated version of his Operation Paget report into the deaths of Diana, Dodi and Mr Paul. SOURCE

So the bent-cunt Stevens is now admitting that his *aherm, aherm, three year, three and a half million squid report was sub-standard… Roger that.

Course, you only have to look at the main photo in the Chimps article to know what total bollox it all is.

Right, getting back to that other Chimp article and their never-before-seen-photos, and the ones that I haven’t already shown you above are all in fact on that unavailable memory stick of mine… Bar two.

And the first of those is a photoshop of Willie casting spells:

It is a bit hard to tell which actor is playing Diana in the photo what with her head tilted back like that.

However, there is no such problem with the second of the two that I don’t have in my collection.

She is without doubt Sophie Rees Jones… Another one who follows the royal tradition of letting the nation see her tits.

And as an aside, you can in fact find Sophie’s tits on this website if you so desire although I personally cannot be bothered to look.

Yet nevertheless, even that ‘unseen’ photo is a photoshop.

You see, the original photo clearly would have had Sophie’s head staring nigh-on straight ahead, hence the reason that the eyes & teeth in that photo have been painted in and there is a particularly bright sheen added to the right side of her face in order to disguise the fuck up that they made to her jaw when they added it… Not to mention the strange sparkly background matching her black top also being a giveaway.

There ya go, you can now see where that fuck up occurred as well as how her eyes and teeth have been painted in.

And the original would have looked something like the following:

All of which reaffirms what I wrote in “Night Of The Living Dead” about there not being a single photo of Diana that has not be photoshopped.

Now Sophie did of course quite often take on the role of her ‘sister-in-law‘ which is why there is only around ONE photo of the pair pictured together on’t interweb… Which is photoshopped obviously.

Other things to note besides the gap in the teeth and ear is that the 3rd photo up (between the two score comparisons photos), showing Sophie next to Diana, are both taken from the same photo cept Diana has had her eyes painted in to change the direction that she is looking.

And in the wedding photo comparison, check out the position of their thumbs… Or put another way, Diana & Sophie both wave in the exact same way i.e bend their thumbs to do so.

Moving on and it was announced in the Chimp (as well as all the other shit-rags) last week that Little Bald Willie had now quit his £40,000 a year job (and the fucking rest son) playing with his chopper under the guise of being an air-ambulance pilot.

Course, the brown-nosing presstitutes pushed the theme of how Willie “was just one of the lads” and how he used to get “stuck in“, etc, etc, etc.

Total fiction in other words, since there was no way on earth that Willie could carry out that job because of the security issues involved… Not least the problem of how to fit his four armed protection officers into the helicopter along with the other four crew members.

Nevertheless, once again you only had to look at the photos to know it was bollox:

Unless of course Little Willie really does have a telescopic neck

And Finally, to complete this article on the total load of old bollox put out by the Press about our parasitic, fraud royal family, I should mention the fact that I was going to show you the evidence to suggest that Willie & Goldsmith, Daddy Dobby and the Prime Mincer, Terrance May have not really been in Belgium for the last couple of days commemorating the 100th anniversary of the WW1 battle of Passchendaele.

But I have already spent too long away from getting on with the job of editing “A Bridge Too Far“, so I will have to save that for another time… Indeed it is a perfect example of how “they” are able to fraudulently siphon off Millions of Pounds every year from public funds.

However, I cannot ignore the announcement of Gold-Digger-Smiff’s new private secretary, Catherine Quinn:

The Duchess of Cambridge has signalled her determination to beef up her office – and public profile – with the appointment of a high-flying new private secretary.

Kate has poached Catherine Quinn, currently chief operating officer at Oxford University’s Said Business School, to become her ‘gatekeeper’.

Mrs Quinn, 58, who previously held roles at the Wellcome Trust and the Middle Temple, is likely to receive a six-figure salary which will be met by Prince Charles through his private income from the Duchy of Cornwall. Source

PHOTO: Catherine Quinn

You see, I did at first think that she was former MI5 boss, Stella Rimington.

But then I thought to myself: No, Stella isn’t Catherine  – and not just because of the 26 year age gap either since that would not be too much of problem for the Minions to get round.

You see it was the timing of the highly promoted non-story that troubled me – what with Kate & Willie being exploited for all that they are worth at the moment.

I mean with the Belgium bollox in over-drive and the twenty year celebrations of Diana’s ‘death’ in full swing, the Kate hires Cat, so fucking what story, just didn’t make sense.

And then the penny dropped… Cath is Diana – or at least one of them… Although of course, I could be wrong.

However, pulling off a stunt like that is right up the Monsters tree … “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

There goes my fucking knighthood.

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