Boston bombing victim: I’m a quick healer like Wolverine… And a lying cunt to boot.


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I get so fucking angry when I read manipulative, patriotic arousing, mind control shit like this. 

As someone who can so easily see through this transparent, vomit inducing old bollocks, I can’t get my head around how people not only fall for it hook line and sinker, but they also lap it up.

Truth to tell, I’m really beginning to resent these stupid morons.

And, with evil cunts like Bauman and his partner in CRIME, Cowboy Arredondo happy to continue milking their cash cow, the elite controlled MSM  are only too happy to oblige the moronic, brain dead public.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if people are stupid enough to send these conmen their hard earned, why should I care? 

The saying a fool and his money are easily parted is so very true.

I don’t even resent these Moronic Mug Muppet’s for being so fucking gullible  that they are akin to a child believing in Santa Claus. 

I mean, ANYONE who believes these pair of cunts deserve all they are going to get. 

In truth, the first line of this article says it all for me:

In one of the most memorable pictures from the Boston Marathon bombing, Jeff Bauman is being hustled to safety in a wheelchair by Carlos Arredondo after suffering life-threatening injuries that included the loss of his legs.

Go Jeff and Carlos… Wankers!

The fact that the photo in question is probably one of the most memorable of all time, let alone the Boston Bombing sums up the state of retardation running riot through the vast majority of the Worlds population.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you how ludicrous the photo is… A photo that never fails to get the imbecilic fuck wits reaching for their wallets.

But fuck me, how fucking thick do you have to be to not cotton on to the fact that you’re being conned when there are also photos of much less severely hurt bomb victims leaving the scene long before Bauman does, all surrounded by paramedics, while strapped to stretchers and being given Oxygen?

Yet Bauman has to manage on his own until Yipeekaye has finished taking down the fucking picket fence and trampling Krystle Whatsherface to death. And even then, he only bags Jeff a wheelchair???

But instead of people sieving with rage at the obvious faked scenario, they smile and tell themselves that  Bauman was left till the end because he’s tougher than the rest.

So, if the pathetic cunts are stupid enough to fall for it, more fool them; why should I care?

The reason that I am rapidly losing patience with the so called ‘critical thinking masses’ is the fact that their crass stupidity is going to take me, my family and the small minority of good, independent, free thinking people down with them.

Give me fucking strength.

Course, its only right and proper that the Daily Mail get in on the act too… Useless cunts. 

After all, there are just the same percentage of people over here whose brains are made of mushy peas, as there are in the USA.

The Mail does like to go into more detail than the American articles tend to do, which only goes to make the fraud even more fucking obvious… I guess the Americas must have a smarter class of mushy pea heads.

Either that or the American MSM are just a bunch of shit ya pants.

The English MSM aint scared of fuck all mate. They proper flaunt the fact they are laughing their cocks off at the pathetic public.

For instance the Mail goes into great detail about how Bauman is now nigh on deaf  because of the bomb blast:

His right eardrum was destroyed when the bomb detonated, and his left one suffered a sizable hole, which doctors have said is unlikely to heal.

And then the propaganda rag brazenly go and include a video in the article of Jeff  talking to a reporter without a single “huh?”, “sorry?”, “pardon” or “What ja’ fucking say” being uttered.  


But that isn’t the best bit. The Mail also talks about the serious burns Stumpy received:

‘It’s insane,’ he said. ‘I’m a quick healer. They were calling me ‘Wolverine’. It’s an X-Men, the guy that heals really quick, because I have burns… But [after] four weeks… my burns were almost gone.’ …

… Two weeks on, and he was still being kept awake by burns on his back

Course, the Mail also makes sure that you know he’s an indestructible super strong hero whose only concern in life is the happiness and safety of others.. Not to mention bringing the culprits to justice:

 Bauman, who is learning to walk again with prosthetic limbs, has now spoken out about how he was determined to identify Tsarnaev after seeing him acting suspiciously before the April 15 blast.

‘He wasn’t with anybody, he was standing right next to me,’ Bauman told Brian Williams on NBC News. He ‘looked kind of –  wasn’t laughing, wasn’t having fun.’

Once in the ambulance, he tried to explain what he had witnessed.

‘Even in the ambulance ride I was trying to say something, trying to say, like, “I knew who did it, I knew what went on”,’ he said. ‘And then I think they were kind of thrown back by that.’

He said that his first thought was to make sure no one else fell victim to the men. He became emotional as he mentioned Sean Collier, the MIT police officer allegedly shot dead by the brothers.

‘I just wanted to get a face out there,’ he said. ‘And just to help. I just wanted to help.’

Or, maybe I am just being a cunt?


Maybe there is no easily accessible evidence to suggest that Jeff is a lying abomination of a half man?


Maybe he really deserves that three million dollars that people donated specifically because he had his legs blown off at the Boston Marathon?

Perhaps pigs can fly?


Have a fucking word.

You can read the Daily Mail article HERE



Boston bombing victim: I’m a quick healer like Wolverine

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In one of the most memorable pictures from the Boston Marathon bombing, Jeff Bauman is being hustled to safety in a wheelchair by Carlos Arredondo after suffering life-threatening injuries that included the loss of his legs.

Bauman, 27, has become the face of the resilient spirit of Boston in the wake of the bombings as he continues to heal and learn to walk with his prosthetic legs. Arredondo, wearing his trademark cowboy hat in the viral photo, has come to symbolize the selflessness of strangers who ran toward the danger to help those injured. The two spoke with NBC’s Brian Williams in a segment on TODAY Thursday about the strong bond they have formed in the aftermath of the ordeal.

“He’s great,’’ Bauman said. “Every time I see him now, he’s so uplifting. He’s so concerned with how I’m doing and how I’m feeling. He’s amazing.”

Bauman has gotten financial assistance to help defray the cost of his prosthetics, which are $100,000 each, from the non-profit Wiggle Your Toes Foundation. In May, he threw out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game and has resumed normal activities like swimming and boating.

“I’m stronger,’’ he told Williams. “Way stronger. Like I could lift my whole body weight with these, probably about 100 times if I wanted to.”

Bauman’s remarkably quick recovery has even surprised his medical team.

“It’s insane,’’ he said. “I’m a quick healer. They were calling me ‘Wolverine.’ It’s an X-Men, the guy that heals really quick, because I have burns, and they were gone (quickly). I know it was great care – the nurses tending to my wounds every day that helped me. But (after) four weeks…my burns were almost gone.”

Bauman would not have made it to this point were it not for Arredondo, a Costa Rican-American peace activist who can be seen in the picture pinching a severed artery in Bauman’s right thigh to help stop the massive blood loss.

“He was the one that picked me off the ground,’’ Bauman said. “He said his shoulder was hurting, but he grabbed me with one hand in the chair.”

“I saw the quantity of blood on the floor, and I know Jeff was a person who (needed) to go soon,’’ Arredondo told Williams. “(He needed to go) very quick to the emergency room because he lost so much blood at the time.”

Without Arredondo’s assistance, there is certainly the possibility Bauman may have bled to death.

“It’s pretty insane,’’ Bauman said. “It’s cool.”

Now focused on his recovery, Bauman is looking toward the future.