Bomb Bons


Christopher Spivey


Talk about pile on the bull shit!

Bomb, bombs are driving me bon, bons.

Now I haven’t had time to look into the Brussels Bollox properly but what I have seen is already more than enough to convince me that it is what the name suggests: Bollox. 

For instance, take a butchers at these photos.


It is the same old same old which is very boring to write about and indeed I feel like I need a frontal lobotomy to do so. Fuck me, even the actors taking part are the same.

Kenneth W. Smith Jr.

And that is without me even trying.

I do in fact doubt that I will write in any depth about Belgium as it is so blatantly a hoax with all of the usual bullshit from MP’s, photos of men wailing like children who have dropped their chocolate bars and armed soldiers & police with masks on, looking like terrorists, patrolling the streets to keep us safe… Indeed, only a proper cunt would fail to see that they were being mugged off.

Likewise all of these harsh sentences being handed out to people who don’t exist for pathetic things such as making totally insane bomb threats:

A hoaxer has been jailed for planting a fake explosive labelled ‘Watch out: Bomb by Taliban’ in a busy shop on Christmas Eve. 

Vincent Rudland, 45, stashed the suspicious package amongst a chocolate display and forced the shop to close while it was investigated. It was made using a battery, shaving gel and masking tape.

Terrified shoppers fled the store, which was estimated to have suffered around £4,000 in lost sales. 

Police were called to the Bargain Buys shop in West Bromwich, near Birmingham, on December 24 last year after the package was spotted by a member of staff.

Rudland was arrested after shop workers recognised him on CCTV footage.

He admitted placing an article with intent and has now been jailed for 27 months.

Sentencing him at Wolverhampton Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Webb told Rudland that ‘because of the world we are living in’ he had put people in fear that the package had been placed there by terrorists.

Judge Webb, who also made a restraining order banning him from going to Bargain Buys, said: ‘This was a particularly worrying hoax bomb for which there is still no explanation.’

Rudland, of no fixed address but previously from West Bromwich, was recognised by staff as having previously offered them sweets. Source


PHOTO: Vincent fakenose Rudland

That was yesterday (23/03/16). The day before it had been the turn of Stewart Nightingale:

A man who phoned a superstore threatening to blow it up with a bomb he said he’d left in a bag was today jailed for five years.

43-year-old Stewart Nightingale from Great Yarmouth made the call to Tesco in March 2015.

Nightingale directed a store manager Susan Crowe to where the bag was and she was shocked to see a shoebox with wires coming from it and a mobile phone.

He warned her he would detonate it if she tried to evacuate the store in Yarmouth’s Pasteur Road.

He then told the general manager that if money wasn’t left in a bag into the town within 15 minutes, the bomb would go off.

Although staff believed the bomb to be genuine, bomb disposal experts from Colchester discovered it to be a hoax. Continue Reading

Only thing is, Nightingale and Rudland are the same mush.


Still, it all goes to prepare the dumb-fucks for the coming storm I suppose.

Personally I will be glad when its here because at least it will be over and done with…