Blood on their hands


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This is absolutely unforgivable.

Worse still, the article is getting on for a year old so imagine the total now.

Course, you won’t see anywhere near the true number of deaths – if any at all – printed in the MSM.

All they are interested in is propaganda and promoting paedophiles.

Iain Dickhead Smith – the cunt – and his band of cronies surely have blood on their hands.

However, as I keep saying; the cunts will only get away with what you let them.

These Monsters need removing from power and being made to account for their crimes… Because make no mistake, they are all guilty of serious crimes against humanity.

They make me fucking sick… Evil, useless cunts.

10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending


Subject: Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients (July, 2012 statistical release) See:

10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending. This latest statistical release adds some information not covered in this article:

I wish to point out that the DWP improperly responded to my request and did not provide mortality statistics on 2012 ESA claimants; see

This information certainly must be available as the Department is supposed to be monitoring and modifying systems on a continual basis.

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Documents and analysis of deaths.

Posted by Kessa Treedweller:

‘Allow me to introduce researcher John William Brown:

I’m beginning to understand the various figures I’ve been supplied with on the DPAC FB page and it is not simple – I WILL TRY RECAP – IN BRIEF – It is greater than one thinks!

Number of deaths for Jan. to Nov. 2011 = 10,600 – supplied by DWP via Atos from page 6 of following pdf
Those with Assessment not complete 2,200 (50.6 per week)
Those in Work Related Activity Group 1,300 (29.9 per week)
Those in Support Group 7,100 (153.6 per week)Total number of deaths 10,600 (to nearest 100)

Jan to Nov inclusive is 11 months = 47.5 weeks
10,600 deaths divided by 47.5 weeks = 223.2 deaths per week
Total approximation in EACH group is 223.2 divide by 3
Approximation of deaths in each of 3 groups = 74.4 per week