Blitz and pieces

Chris Spivey


I got all excited for a minute.

You see, I clicked on the Chimps website and my eyes were immediately drawn to a headline which screamed:

We must deal with these psychopathic murderers says Cameron as RAF prepares for bombing raids using Storm Shadow ‘bunker busters’, Brimstone missiles and Paveway IV bombs 

Then I realised that he was talking about the ISICLES in Syria as opposed to him going on a Rambo type mission, killing all of the MP’s in the House of Conmens, quickly moving swiftly on to machine gun all of the nonce ponce dress-me-up subhumans in the House of Gaylords, before shooting himself in the head… A kind of Cambo does Parliament.

Mind you, you have to ask yourself why the good old US of A needs us to give them a hand what with all their military might and stuff. And of course the answer to that is that they don’t. At least, that is to say that they don’t to hear Gay Barry Obarmy talk when he has his tough guy head on:

Warning jihadis to leave the battlefield, the US president said the terror group understood only violence. ‘No God condones this terror. No grievance justifies these actions. There can be no reasoning – no negotiation – with this brand of evil,’ he told the UN.

Now, once again I got a bit confused here, I mean is Bazza talking about ISIS or his government? Then again, I suppose that it should have been obvious really when you take into account that Bazman has already started with the fighter jets:

President Barack Obama told the UN on Wednesday that he launched military strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria because ‘the only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.’ Source

I’m pretty sure that he was talking about his government this time?

However, it isn’t about doing the job with fighter jets as far as David Camakazi is concerned… Its all about putting boots on the ground:

But the Prime Minister said the fight against Islamic terrorism could last for years.

Mr Cameron, who last night held talks with Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi to finalise military plans, stressed that British troops would not be sent back to Iraq. Source

“Could last for years”?

How the fuck can airstrikes last for years with no opposition and modern firepower?

And the answer to that is they can’t, but note the clever play on words: “Stressed that British troops would not be sent back to Iraq”.

I mean the fat cunt didn’t say fuck all about Syria did he?

And of course it is all about Syria. After all, why the fuck would Camercon be interested in putting our military personnel in Iraq when he has already finished raping the country and installed a compliant puppet government.

The butch psycho then went on to say in a speech to the UN:

My message today is simple,’ he told the UN. ‘We are facing an evil against which the whole world must unite. And, as ever in the cause of freedom, democracy and justice, Britain will play its part.’

And of course he is right about his message being simple… The cunt is talking about a New World Order.

The article continues:

Ahead of his speech he told reporters: ‘This is completely different to 2003. Everyone can see that Isil (IS) is a direct threat to the UK. They have taken hostages, they have conducted plots to kill and maim British citizens. They are a clear and present danger to the United Kingdom. They are also clearly a massive danger to the region.

Can you believe the breath taking arrogance of the lying cunt? The only direct threat to the UK is the UK government.

Course, that is just another example of government and media ‘conditioning’ working in tandem with each other… Or put another way: the cunts telling people what to think, where to think and when to think it.

I mean, ISIS is about as much a threat to the UK as the Teletubbies are.

And then, totally unable to stop himself spewing verbal diarrhoea, Cameron continued the interview with another whopper:

IS has murdered three Western hostages in recent weeks and is now threatening to kill kidnapped British taxi driver Alan Henning.

Really Dave the Rave? Three of them?

I wonder who they are then? After all, he can’t be including James Foley amongst the trio.

I mean, notwithstanding that Jimmy, Jimmy is in all likelihood played by John D Viener, an American actor best known for his work on ‘Family Guy’; his family all appear to be made up of crisis actors.


And as well as Mother Foley  being Adrana Munoz, Jimmy F’s sister, Farta Foley – or whatever the frauds name is – doubles up as Alex Israel, an old school classmate of  Sandy Hook patsy, Adam Lanza. Source


And besides, it now appears that Jimmy, Jimmy was killed at least a year ago:

Fresh doubt has been thrown on the narrative behind the James Foley beheading video after a Syrian government spokesperson claimed that the American journalist was killed by ISIS militants a year ago. Source

Moreover, there is no evidence to suggest that the other two fellas were beheaded or even killed. They certainly weren’t in the fake videos that’s for sure.

I mean, just take a look at the trickery used in the Stephen Sotloff video for fucks sake.


Neither can Cameron be talking about the French fella, Hervé Gourdel who was supposedly beheaded on the 24th of September being as the Prime Mincer had already made the comment prior to the hapless Herve having the deed done.

Mind you, since Gourdel was topped by the Algerian branch of ISIS there is now great potential for widening the ‘war’ by invading where ever the fuck they fancy in Africa.

Its just a shame that some of the £2 million pound a day that the terrorist group are/were reportedly earning from a captured Syrian oil refinery wasn’t channeled into the Algerian branches film making department.

herve2Never the less, it is extremely coincidental that on the same day that Gore-delivered lost his head, the puppet Iraqi Prime Mincer, Haider al-Abadi let it be known that he just so happened to have received some ‘credible’ information from intelligence officials in Baghdad about an imminent attack on the New York & PARIS subways:

Intelligence officials from the United States have been stunned by claims by the Iraqi Prime Minister that ISIS militants are planning to carry out terror attacks on the New York and Paris subways.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi today claimed to have received ‘credible’ information from intelligence officials in Baghdad that foreign fighters belonging to ISIS were plotting attacks.

Asked if the attacks had been thwarted, he said, ‘No’ but added that America had been alerted.  Source

Strange really then that the London underground wasn’t included in those plans, don’t cha think… Then again, perhaps it isn’t.

And since Brit, Alan Henning hasn’t been topped yet – although some apparently premature reports saying that he had been appeared on one or two news sites – Camercunt couldn’t have been referring to him as being one of the trio either.

Besides, Henning does appear to have a certain affinity with ISIS anyway as it just so happens.


No of course that isn’t Jihadi John with Henning… Probably not anyway.

And anyway, after being told by the press that the fella in that last photo was Jihad John, it turns out that it wasn’t.

Never the less, the propaganda machine has gone into overdrive this past week and of course Jihadi John – whoever he is – played a big part in it.

The father of the ISIS militant suspected of being ‘Jihadi John’ today wept as he admitted plotting with Osama bin Laden to blow up U.S. embassies.

Adel Abdul Bary, 54, pleaded guilty to charges of making a threat to use an explosive device and conspiracy to murder Americans at Manhattan federal court.

His charges were in relation to the 1998 plot to bomb two U.S. embassies in Africa, which left 224 people dead, including 12 Americans.

The Egyptian lawyer, whose son, British rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, is suspected of beheading three hostages on video in Syria, made the guilty pleas in a bid to greatly reduce his sentence. Source

Again, how coincidental that our intrepid rappers dad was matey mates with Osama Bin Laden!

However, its strange that the Chimp are still stating that Abdel Bary is suspected of being Jihadi John when the security services ruled him out as such ages ago… Yet the Chimp article was written on the 19th of September.

Course, that doesn’t alter the fact that Bary is still a Jihadi Baddy… At least he is if the Chimp are to be believed.

Fighter: Abdel-Majed Bary (pictured performing ISIS's one-finger salute while holding a gun) showed his barbarism when he posted a grisly picture of himself holding a severed head to his Twitter account

Then again Bary the younger did allegedly leave a one million pound house just so as he could go and potentially get blitzed by the Yanks, don’t cha know… Still, I can’t help thinking that the above photo of him looks very photo-shopped.

However, quite amazingly, the Chimp had said prior to that article that Abdel Bary ISN’T Jihadi Johnny… They want to make up their fucking mind mate:

 Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary – a London rapper initially identified as a suspect – has been ruled out after analysis of his voice as well as his height and mannerisms. Source

No speculation there then, just good solid fact. So why was the fuck was the shit-rag telling us four days later that Bary is still a candidate for the ISIS Beatle?

And then, just yesterday, we got the following old fanny in the form of “Breaking News” from the useless cunts:

 The FBI has identified the ISIS executioner who appears in the beheading videos of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker John Haines.

Agency director James Comey told reporters today that he knew who the militant was but would not be releasing his identity or nationality to the media.

The executioner, who has a British accent and has been dubbed Jihadi John, is one of four British jihadis known as the ‘Beatles’ holding hostages in Syria.

He appears in the group’s execution videos wielding a knife – and taunts President Obama before carrying out the killings

Today British officials would not say if the identity had been shared with the authorities on London, and would not be drawn on whether any arrests are imminent.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: ‘We won’t be commenting on matters of security at this stage.’ Source

How the fuck is that “breaking news!”

Indeed, I am fucked if I know how, being as the Chimp carried another article on the 19th of September stating as fact:

Jihadi John was known to MI5 before he travelled to Syria to join the barbaric Islamic State.

Security officials have now identified the Briton who played a key role in the murder videos of UK aid worker David Haines and two American journalists.

But his name and background are being kept secret to avoid jeopardising any hostage rescue missions.  Source

Do the Monkey Cunts not keep track of what they write?

Yet quite bizarrely that aforementioned article from the 25th, stating that the FBI knew Jihadi John’s identity then continues:

Comey added the FBI is still working hard to identify two people in ISIS videos who appear to have American or Canadian accents.

I believe that I may be able to help them with that.

In fact I strongly believe that the pair are James Foley and Steven Sotloff… Or at least two actors portraying them.

I mean, they can’t be talking about anyone else can they as there were only ever two people in the videos and one of the was Jihadi John from Sarf Landon.

Neither was the 15th of September the first time that the Monkey Boys had published an article stating that Bary wasn’t Joltin’ Johnny.

The Shit-Rag did in fact also refute the claim on the 3rd of September:

Confusion reigns over the identity of the brutal ISIS executioner known as ‘Jihadi John’ after security experts now appear to dismiss suggestions he is a former rapper from west London.

The masked man, who speaks with a clear London accent, has appeared in two chilling videos showing him beheading American journalists and issuing a threat to kill a British hostage.

The main suspect in the sickening murders was thought to be Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, the so-called hip hop jihadist who left his £1million home in Maida Vale to join Islamist militants fighting for the Islamic State group in Syria.

It is now understood however, that although officials are confident they have worked out the killer’s identity using high-tech analysis of his body and voice, they do not believe it to be Abdel Bary. Source

Hunted: British Inteilligence sources are reportedly close to identifying the man dubbed Jihadi John who executed American journalist James Foley on camera last week. Rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, from west London, is one of those who is being investigated

Photo: Jihadi John… Or Abdel Bary… Or both, I am losing track.

Now, interestingly enough on the 26th of August the Chimp published a photo that an America police profiler had put together – in other words, guessed  – supposedly showing a likeness of what Jihad Johnny looks like.

Indeed, it is fucking amazing what these profilers can come up with when they only have a pair of eyes to go on, isn’t it?

Forensic experts have unveiled the face of the British extremist wanted for the brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley. Images have been released showing a man in his late 20s or early 30s with hooded, eyes and Arabic features

Looks fuck all like Bary to me!

It does look a bit like his old man though:
Bary (right), whose son, British rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary (left), is suspected of being 'Jihadi John', made the guilty pleas in a bid to greatly reduce his sentence, but the deal was put on hold

Photo: Jihadi John Snr

Am I the only one who finds it mighty fucking strange that they have these fellas in custody yet the photos are always shite?

I have to say though, that it is one hell of a coincidence that out of the hundreds of thousands of ISIS terrorists – as there surely must be to do all that we are told they do – Bary became the prime suspect for being Jihadi John.

Then again, as luck would have it, the Monkey Boys had in fact published an article about Bary just 6 days before Jimmy Foleys ‘official’ death date – the 19th of August:

A British rapper who travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS has posted a photograph on Twitter showing himself posing with a severed head.

The sickening image was taken in the city of Raqqa – the capital of ISIS’ self-declared caliphate – and uploaded to the social media site along with the caption ‘Chillin’ with my homie or what’s left of him.’

The photograph shows masked former rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, holding the decapitated head while standing in Raqqa’s central square – the same location where the seven-year-old son of Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf was seen holding a different severed head earlier this week. Source

Brutal: It has been suggested that Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, a rapper from West London, could be the man who killed James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Here is pictured holding a severed head in the Syrian city of Raqqa

Never the less, photos of alleged ISIS terrorists holding severed heads up for the camera are ten a penny.

Yet just 5 days after Foley was[nt] beheaded and 11 days after that article first appeared in the Chimp, low & behold Abdel Bary was now in the frame:

Spies are close to identifying the hooded jihadist dubbed Jailer John who beheaded the journalist James Foley, Britain’s ambassador to the U.S. revealed today.

‘I can’t say more than this but I know from my colleagues at home that we are close,’ Peter Westmacott told CNN. ‘We’re putting a lot into it and there are sophisticated technologies, voice identification and so on which people can use to check who these people are’.

Some senior British officials have gone so far as to say they have definitively identified John, according to the Sunday Times.The sources wouldn’t release the name, but investigators have been focusing on three suspects including 23-year-old former rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, from affluent West London. Source

How very fucking convenient!

And neither was that the first time that Bary had been the focus of a Chimp article. Indeed, you would need to go back to the 31st of December 2013 for that:

Posing with an assault rifle after joining rebels fighting the Syrian regime, this is the British son of a suspected Al Qaeda mastermind.Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, is the latest in a growing stream of young men to join militant groups in the war-torn Middle Eastern country.He walked out of his family’s £1million home several months ago telling them he was ‘leaving everything for the sake of Allah. Source

However, you may have noticed that the article of August 24th states that “Spies” were close to identifying Jihadi John. And a whole fucking month later, they finally have done…  Allegedly.

But if they really have then they are keeping his identity to themselves.

What complete and utter bollocks the Monkey Boys talk!

And to keep the propaganda going, we are also supposed to believe that MI5 asset Anjem Choudary has been nicked… Ho fucking hum.

As if he really, really has.


However, I have saved the best for last. You see, the blatantly racist shit-rag has for the past year or so been subtly trying to persuade us that these extremist Muslims are all converts – usually from good Christian families.

But that has all changed now.

You see, according to the Monkey Cunts, radicalised extremists are now most likely to come from the families of Muslims who have lived in the UK for a long time… You really couldn’t make this shit up:

British Muslims most at risk of radicalisation are those whose families have the strongest links to the UK, new research claims.

A University of London study found being financially comfortable but suffering from mild depression and being socially isolated were also factors which linked those sympathetic to terrorism.

Recent immigrants, on the other hand, were far less likely to support violent protest, even if they felt unwelcome in their adopted communities.

It comes as hysteria mounts in the UK over the number of homegrown Islamist hardliners who are believed to have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight with the Islamic State insurgency  Source

Personally, I would suggest that any mounting “hysteria” stems from newspapers such as the Chimp printing total and utter fucking shite.

Still, that will give the brainless thugs over at the EDL plenty of ammunition to justify their hatred of Muslims in general I suppose.

I tell you what though, Syria’s President Assad must be wondering just where the fuck did it all go wrong. I mean, fuck me, he had his hands full with the on going civil war.

And then things got even worse for him when his country was invaded by ISIS terrorists – who proceeded to help themselves to his oil refineries, military airports and anything else that they fucking wanted to.

That alone is enough to give any President a migraine. But then to cap it all, the UK, USA, France, Australia and Holland have now all decided to add insult to injury by getting in on the act… Now you really, really, really couldn’t make that shit up.

All we need now is Putin to step in and we will all be fucked.

After all, it was only a year ago that he threatened a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia if the West attacked Syria:

A grim “urgent action memorandum” issued today from the office of President Putin to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is ordering a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria.

According to Kremlin sources familiar with this extraordinary “war order,” Putin became “enraged” after his early August meeting with Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan who warned that if Russia did not accept the defeat of Syria, Saudi Arabia would unleash Chechen terrorists under their control to cause mass death and chaos during the Winter Olympics scheduled to be held 7-23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Source

As it was, Cameron didn’t get the go ahead in August 2013 and neither was US President Barry Obarmy prepared to go it alone.

Whereas this time, the vote went in Dave the Raves favour.

The clock is ticking people… Just sayin’.