Blame the Unemployed. In fact blame anyone except us, say the government.


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The DM are out banging the drum for the government again I see. As I have said before, these kind of articles are equivalent to spreading Race hatred. The Newspaper might just as well have claimed that Muslims are allocated 1 in 3 council houses or 1 in 3 Black men will rob you. Had they done so those statistics would have been just as misleading and just as inflammatory.

You see, your average employed Joe Public will read the article published below and acquaint it as stating that the lazy scroungers who can’t be arsed to get out of bed to go to work are costing them £1 in every £3 of their taxes. A quick calculation by a fella with a wife and 2 kids to keep, while earning £500 per week and paying say, £70 PW in tax, will tell him that he is handing over £23 PW to keep the great unwashed in beer… “Fucking liberty mate and no fuckin messin”.

In reality of course, he is handing out £1.32 PW or £5.30 in total based on the following:  

In 2011–12, over £200 billion was spent on social security benefits in Great Britain. This amounts to approximately £3,324 for every man, woman and child in the country, or 13.5% of GDP. At 29%, expenditure on social security represents by far the largest single function of government spending. Income based JSA = 2.08 of total yearly benefit bill.

However, even that £5.30 figure isn’t the true amount because Joe will be getting nearly £34 per wk in child benefit… Ohhh. So Joe is paying out £5 a week to the unemployed but still making a £29 a week profit from the benefit system.

In fact, Approximately 30 million people in the UK – approximately half the total population – receive income from at least one social security benefit. Obviously, the above is just an example. The different permutations are mind blowing. The point is, the article is grossly misleading, with the full intention of villifying the unemployed. That is obvious from the above photo which accompanied the article.

Course, if the government were to ensure that there were jobs aplenty, which paid a decent living wage so as people had incentive to work and didn’t depend on top up benefits to mange, then the benefit bill wouldn’t be rising by £22 Million an hour.

And, just imagine, if Gideon Osborne made his Corporate masters cough up the £32 Billion a year they are cheating the country out of… Shhhh

The bottom line is the yearly welfare bill is far too high. However, that isn’t the unemployed’s fault. Its the fault of the corrupt government… Fucking shit stirring idiots.


Benefits bill to hit record high this year as £1 in every three raised in tax goes on welfare

Britain’s benefits bill will hit record levels this year – even though ministers claim they are restricting welfare.

More than £208billion in welfare payments will be funded by the taxpayer in 2012/13, according to an analysis by the House of Commons library.

It means that almost one pound in every three raised in tax will be spent on benefits.

The figures come a day after it emerged handouts for the unemployed have risen almost twice as fast as average wages over the past five yearsThe figures come a day after it emerged handouts for the unemployed have risen almost twice as fast as average wages over the past five years

The total eclipses the £205.6billion spent last year and far outstrips the £129.8billion spent when Labour took office in 1997/98.

The figures come a day after it was revealed that over the past five years, handouts for the unemployed have risen almost twice as fast as average wages.


Out-of-work benefits have jumped in value by 20 per cent since 2007, while wages have crept up by only 12 per cent.

The Coalition contributed to this by agreeing last year to a 5 per cent rise in payments to the unemployed. 

Conservative chairman Grant Shapps said it is not right that people on benefits should get a higher pay rise than those workingConservative chairman Grant Shapps said it is not right that people on benefits should get a higher pay rise than those working

The increase wiped out savings made from other benefit cuts – and the total welfare bill will now only start falling next year, on current projections.

The House of Commons library research shows that the total welfare bill is due to peak at a record 13.2 per cent of national income during the current financial year.

Ministers have unveiled plans to slash the burgeoning bill by restricting entitlement, and by ensuring that in future years the annual increases for those of working age are restricted to a maximum of 1 per cent a year.

This is actually a year-on-year cut, because prices are rising much faster than this.

The measure, proposed in the Autumn Statement last month, is being opposed by Labour and will be voted on by MPs in the coming weeks.

The Commons research also showed that just 43 per cent of welfare payments are now contributory – made to those who have paid National Insurance – compared with about 70 per cent of benefits paid in the 1960s and 1970s.

Tory chairman Grant Shapps said yesterday: ‘I do think that it’s right for the taxpayer at large, who after going out, working hard, paying their taxes, should feel that they’re not having to pay for people who are in receipt of benefits to get a higher effective pay rise than the people actually working. So I think this is an argument about fairness.’ 

But Labour’s work and pensions spokesman, Liam Byrne, said his party would attempt to block the below-inflation rise in benefits and tax credits.

‘For those people who are in work and are at the low paid end of the labour market, tax credits are absolutely key,’ he said. ‘The lion’s share of the savings from this bill will actually come from people’s tax credits… that’s going to hit hard-working people very hard.’

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