Beverly Allitt – Twenty Five Years On.

Christopher Spivey


I see that the MSM are once again dragging the ‘Angel of Death’ up.

And no, I am not talking about old Joe… I am talking about ‘nurse’ Beverly Allitt.

Allitt supposedly murdered four children and tried to kill nine more back in the day.

Yet now, one of those alleged victims is calling for Allitt to be transferred from the nut house to prison.

But why? As in why the fuck should one of her attempted murder victims now care if she is in the looney bin or prison after spending the last 25 years under lock and key?

A victim of the nurse known as the Angel of Death has demanded that she be moved from a psychiatric hospital to a regular prison.

Bradley Gibson – who was five when serial killer Beverley Allitt tried to murder him – said his attacker was ‘living the life of Riley’ in Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

Baby-faced Allitt was 22 when she murdered four children and tried to kill nine others by tampering with their injections at Grantham Hospital in Lincolnshire in a 59-day period in 1991.

Allitt was diagnosed with Munchausen’s syndrome in which she invents illness and inflicts injury on herself to attract attention and also the same syndrome by proxy, in which she harmed children for the same effect.

PHOTO: Bradley Gibson – My, wasn’t photography bad 25 years ago! 

She received 13 life sentences in 1993 after she was found guilty of four counts of murder, three of attempted murder and six counts of grievous bodily harm. Mr Justice Latham described her as ‘cunning and manipulative’, and told her she would never be released.

The court heard two expert psychiatrists offer different advice as to where she should be kept and the judge said the choice between prison or hospital should be left to the then home secretary Michael Howard. Allitt has spent almost 27 years in Rampton Hospital – instead of a prison.

Mr Gibson, 32, said: ‘She’s a criminal, she’s a murderer, she’s a child murderer. She’s been living the life of Riley in [Rampton]. She should be serving her life sentences in a prison behind bars.’

His view is shared by several experts. Psychiatrist Jeremy Coid said: ‘She doesn’t sound like somebody who has a severe mental illness or a personality disorder so severe that she needs to go to Rampton.’ Criminologist Elizabeth Yardley added: ‘When we start talking about mental ill health, we’re looking at people who aren’t in control of their actions, but Beverley Allitt knew exactly what she was doing.

PHOTO: Michael Bradley now

She knew it was wrong and she chose to do it anyway. I think somebody who has committed murder knowingly, willingly, should be in prison. This woman is an incredibly manipulative individual.

‘She’s somebody who has managed to pull the strings of other people for years and years before she was even convicted of these crimes. So, why would she have changed her behaviour?’ Mr Gibson was admitted to the special children’s unit at Grantham with pneumonia in March 1991. One night he told Allitt that his drip was causing him some discomfort. Instead of helping him, she administered an almost-fatal dose of potassium.

He suffered a heart attack and doctors gave him at least eight electric shocks in a desperate attempt to save his life.

After 32 minutes, they were about to give up on him when they detected a weak heartbeat.

Mr Gibson told ITV: ‘I lost the use of my legs, so I wasn’t able to get out of bed, wasn’t able to move around. I couldn’t control my bladder for a number of years afterwards. I had nightmares. I remember waking up quite a number of nights, just screaming. You put so much faith and trust in nurses. They’re supposed to help you.’ Allitt had started attacking children a month previously when seven-month-old Liam Taylor was admitted with a chest infection.

The softly spoken nurse went out of her way to reassure his parents that he was in safe hands. She volunteered for extra night duty so she could inject him with insulin without being watched.

Two cardiac arrests left Liam with brain damage so severe that his parents took the decision to turn off his life support machine.

The Angel of Death was not questioned about Liam’s death and went on to kill 11-year-old Timothy Hardwick, two-month-old Becky Phillips and 15-month-old Claire Peck. Alarmed at the death toll, hospital staff finally called in detectives. By then, Allitt had tried to kill nine others. Source

Now I have to say that Bradley’s crap photo very much reminds me of murdered schoolboy, Daniel Pelca’s photo:

PHOTO: Daniel & Bradley.

And I would bet you 100-1 that Bradley’s face overlay’s Daniel’s perfectly. In fact if you look at Bradley’s face closely, you can see where the fingers have been removed from the mouth.

However, in reality the story of Beverly Allitt is like so many other major stories over the years – a total hoax.

And with that in mind take a look at the following four photos

Now those 3 boys (which include Bradley Gibson) and the girl, Kayley Desmond are allegedly all victims of the former nurse, Beverley Allitt who is allegedly currently residing in Rampton Maximum Security Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

And as we have seen, in 1993 Allitt was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to a further six children… Yet Twenty Six years later, the Beverley Allitt hoax is still being used for government propaganda purposes.

Nevertheless, when you look at those 4 children in the photo above there is no denying that three of them could all be the same person – Kayley, Bradley & Michael, despite Kayley supposedly being a girl.

Now I am assuming that Kayley Desmond (a very unusual spelling of the name Kayleigh) is now called Kayley Asher, since she is also the subject of a government propaganda farticle released over 25 years after the Beverley Allitt’s crime-spree – despite the article not carrying the above photo of her.

You can find that farticle HERE

However, the article does carry the following photo – to which I have added an inset of the above for comparison purposes.

So far so good then, despite the obvious fake ear tagged onto the side of Kayley’s head in the baby photo.

However, that farticle also has an up-to-date photo of Kayley, clearly taken specifically for the farticle.

And to my eyes – although not totally out of the question – the Kayley seen in the photo above is not the same Kayley as the two seen in the photo above it.

Neither can I see kayley or Bradley Gibson in the Allitt Survivors photo below.

However, here is the thing. None of them appear particularly brain damaged… And there is a lot more than nine of them!

Moreover, no mention is made on Allitt’s Wikipedia Page of Kayley being brain damaged as a result of the Bon-Bon nurse’s alleged actions.

Yet the Victims who were left with brain damage or long term disabilities as a direct result of Allitt’s attempted murder all have a description of what those disabilities entail… Very strange.

Especially so when you consider that the Daily Mirror Shit-rag specifically states in their farticle that Kayley was left brain-damaged as a direct consequence of Allitt’s actions:

Kayley Asher, who suffered brain injuries when she was attacked by child killer Allitt as a baby, has spoken for the first time of how the horror still preys on her mind.

Kayley was 13 months old when she was left with brain damage after Allitt injected an oxygen bubble into her bloodstream.

As a child, she was paid £11,500 for the ­injuries she suffered, which grew to just over £16,000 with interest by her 18th birthday. Source

Yet tellingly, the Mirror farticle then goes on to say:

Kayley suffers from a rare birth defect called Kabuki Syndrome, which can affect both a child’s physical and mental development.

So from that last paragraph we can conclude that Kayley was already mentally disabled before Alitt even set eyes on her then!

Stranger still is that Allitt’s Wikipedia page only lists 9 victims by name and detail, instead of all 13, with neither Michael Davidson or Patrick Elstone being given a mention either.

And of course the photos of the victims were all shown in the usual fraud-hoax technishite.

Now I have to tell you that I am already convinced that the Beverley Allitt case is bollox just on the little bit of research that I have done for this piece of work alone.

Indeed all of the usual signs of a government sponsored hoax are in play including the fanciful old bollox that is published in the MSM days, months and years after the event… Twenty Five years in this instance.

You see, that Mirror farticle on Kayley has the usual fear factor interwoven throughout:

In her first ever interview, Kayley, now 26, tells how she is haunted by the face of twisted nurse Allitt, who attacked 13 children on a hospital ward in 1991, killing four.

She said: “I can still see her face.

HUH? Kayley was 13 months old at the time and would not remember anything about it… Indeed she would not even have been aware that Allitt tried to kill her.

“I just want her to stay inside for ever, it’s a nightmare. Allitt is very evil, she’s a bad person.

Hmmm. That is fast becoming the standard narrative for victims:

Every day she must take psychiatric medication to calm delusions that Allitt will attack her again – costing up to £40 a month.

Delusions” is an excellent choice of word, meaning a belief in something that is not true… Carry on:

Each night Alan and wife Sharon have to empty every drawer and wardrobe in Kayley’s bedroom to reassure her that Allitt is not lying in wait.

Alan said: “We can be up until 2am or 3am checking the room. Kayley will look behind ever door and check under the bed, even 25 years on.

As if!

“She went through a phase where she just shouted in fear. We always try to reassure her.

“Kayley takes medicines for her digestion and needs psychiatric medicines to calm her delusions of Allitt.

Therefore, if there is any truth in that old fanny then someone must have really tried to spook her good and proper about Allitt at a much later date.

Kayley, who lives with her family in Grantham, only found out she was a victim of Allitt when a teacher let it slip at school.

Ohhhh… The teacher spooked her… Roger that:

She rushed home from her lesson and asked her parents: “Is it true a nurse tried to kill me?”

She has never before spoken about Allitt’s crimes – even in the monthly meetings she still has with a psychiatrist.

And she began sobbing as she contemplated the possibility of Allitt being released.

Kayley said: “She might come out one day. She might remember me – what happens if people tell her who I am?”

Alan, 59, went on: “Kayley has seen Allitt’s face many times over the years in papers and on the TV. She would recognise her instantly. Allitt’s face is very much in her mind.

“The dreams sometimes come every night, but usually every week at a minimum. Sometimes it can be a fortnight of constant dreams.”

And you thought that the Chimp was the king of crap!

Journalism at its absolute worst.

Especially when these newspapers shit-rags know that they are deliberately pushing disinformation.

After all, the editors MUST KNOW that Kayley’s ‘mum’, Sharon Asher is also Doreen James, the mother of Deepcut Barracks dead soldier, Cheryl James.

Hmmm… Now why would that be?

And knowing how the Monster-Minions like to take the piss I wouldn’t rule out Kayley being Allitt herself.

PHOTO: Kayley & Beverly Allitt

After all, there is at least 25 years between the above two photos and that the Monster-Minions do like to take the right fucking piss is beyond doubt.

I mean as another example you may be surprised to learn that Doreen James & Sharon Asher are both Lady Justice Hallett – Hallett-Allitt-Geddit?

Hallett and Allitt… Geddit?

And there is a one Hundred percent match on both James & Asher, no matter what photo I use of them to compare with Hallett and vice versa.

Now funnily enough, at the end of the Chimp’s farticle on Bradley Gibson there is a video of James Bulger’s mum talking about his murder… Which has fuck all to do with Beverly Allitt.

Well that is in theory since the two cases are Satanically connected.

You see, Beverley Allitt’s ‘victim‘, Michael Davidson is also the James Bulger killer, Jon Venables.

PHOTO: Michael Davidson compared to Jon Venebles.

And both are of course Kayley Asher.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, Jon Venables is also Robert Thompson – hence I have never heard of anyone giving detailed accounts of having spent time with Thompson and/or Venables in secure child institutions.

Nevertheless, the proof is in the pudding so take a butchers at this next batch of photos coming up.

And in doing so, bear in mind that I have only used the basic versions of ‘Zoner‘ and ‘Paint‘ – as compared to the photo altering technology afforded to the security services – which along with constraints on my time meant that I haven’t spent anywhere near as long as I would have liked in preparing the pictures.

And Robert Thompson & Co were also – in all probability – murdered schoolgirl Genette Tate.

I would in fact imagine that the Gennette Tate photo was used as a template for many of the children that have gone missing or were murdered in this country over the years… For instance, Michelle Calvy who was allegedly murdered by, Anthony Eintwistle.

Just sayin’.

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