Behold The King


Christopher Spivey.

Now I know that I keep on about QAnon and the Historian, Greg Hallett – and his claim to be the new Kink of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Europe and some of the Americas – but it is an important topic.


Well simply because so many daft cunts have fallen for the con… And trust me, you would have to be a daft cunt to believe the total and utter shite that these clowns are pushing.

However, the real ‘fall out’ will come when these mindless morons wake up to the fact that they have been conned because that will have a knock-on effect for all of us.

Indeed, I cannot even express how demoralised I am by these half witted imbeciles for falling for this shit – seemingly in their hundreds of thousands.

For example, the latest shite claims from Greg Hallett AKA King John III is that the Russian Royal family have now supposedly recognised him as the “Kink of Kings”, which is totally laughable since Russia doesn’t have a Royal Family – only a group of various people scattered around Europe who claim to be decedents of Czar Nicolas II:

Maria Vladimirovna is the most widely acknowledged pretender to the throne of Russia. This great-great-granddaughter of Alexander II, who was Emperor of Russia until his assassination in 1881, now lives in Spain. Her father, Vladimir Kirillovich, was born in exile in Finland in 1917, and from 1938 claimed to be head of the Russian imperial family… Source

More exciting still is that the American Military has now also recognised the new king… That fact is confirmed by one of Hallett’s ‘spokesmen’, who tells us that during the course of a photo shoot, the American Supreme Commander, “General W” (the spokesman could not divulge his real name apparently) rang Greg to say that they recognised his claim to the throne and were “opening him bank accounts” Source.

Course, quite why the American Military are opening bank accounts for Greg wasn’t stated but it will be a nice source of income for the new King, along with the £1000’s of Pounds that he is still conning his many supporters out of.

Mind you, there is no proof of these new (or old) claims whatsoever, yet judging by the hundreds of comments left on this latest update, the Zombies are lapping it up!

And in further news also broadcast on the 8th of June 2020, three hundred more cabal members have now been arrested and added to the huge number of those alleged to already be under house arrest… These ‘detainees’ already include, The Queen of England, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, The Pope, Tom Hanks, and hundreds more celebrities.

Course we have President Donny Fart to thank for all these arrests along with JFK jr who has risen from the dead (see HERE) and his cousin, Robert Kennedy jr… Oh my fucking days.

I mean, Trump and the Kennedy’s for fuck sake!

Hallett of course, claims that he helped Trump become the President and further claims that Donny Fart acknowledges this in a video address… Which he doesn’t.

Mind you, the Kink and Fart being friends would make perfect sense, what with Hallet being Cheeses and Trump being a man of God

Hold up! Didn’t David Icke claim to be the son of god and con his supporters out of £1000’s of pounds for ‘The Peoples Voice’?

Nevertheless, Trump has proved that he is tough on nonces having freed all of those captured, sexually abused children from those hidden tunnels… Although there is no proof whatsoever that he did so, or even any proof that any children were freed at all.

But if ‘Q’ says it’s so, then it must be true:

And that WIGWAM thingy that all ‘Q’ and Hallet supporters end their posts and comments with seems to have originated from the great man himself, John F Kennedy:

PHOTO: JFK’s boat bell, with the inscription: Where We Go One, We Go All… OR WWG1WGA as Q supporters like to say.

Course, we shall ignore the fact that the Kennedy’s were – and probably still are – one of the most perverted, amoral families of the 20th century.

Nevertheless, in Trump’s favour, he did say in 2012 that paedophiles should be given the death penalty:


Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that fact when he became President… Which he would do since the cunt is alleged to be a nonce himself:

In late April 2016, rumors began to circulate online holding that Republican presidential Donald Trump had either been sued over, or arrested for, raping a teenaged girl.

One of the earliest versions of the rumor was published on 2 May 2016 by the Winning Democrats web site, which reported that woman using the name Katie Johnson had named Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit, accusing them of having solicited sex acts from her at sex parties held at the Manhattan homes of Epstein and Trump back in 1994 (when Johnson was just 13 years old): Source

And although the charges were dismissed, you will note that the fact that Jeffery Epstein was also included in the case adds credence to the accusation being true.

After all, Trump was very good friends with Epstein for a very long time… Just like Princess Andrew was – who also isn’t a nonce.

PHOTO: The Orange Man is not a nonce… Apparently.

Although there are many more [unsubstantiated] allegations of noncing where Donny Fart is concerned:

Yet the Q supporters fucking love him and believe him to be their saviour… Despite the fact that I have been telling you for years that he is a Nazi and is only in power to do the monster elite’s bidding:

Although it has to be said that he is doing a fantastic job:


But it doesn’t end there. You see, Donny Fart’s new BFF – Kink Hallett – has also given us further proof that he has rightfully taken his place on the throne in the form of an envelope which has a [white] rabbit cut into it!

Well fuck me! What more proof do you need? I mean, if you do want more – although why anyone would need more as I am more than convinced of Greg’s integrity – there are apparently 100’s of “legal” documents to be found on Hallett’s website which have since enabled the new Kink John III to take his rightful place on the toilet… Throne – I meant throne.

These “legal” documents were all supposedly filed with the ‘Common-Law-Courts’, registered in Canada… Although I should point out that this is a toothless organisation and has no jurisdiction over our courts whatsoever… But fuck it, why let that fact get in the way of the truth.

Hallett, also claims to be a direct descendant of Jesus Christ… You know, that blonde haired, blue eyed pale skinned son of god of Middle Eastern Origin.

Mind you, unsurprisingly, Hallett’s mother and sister’s have spoken out in a YouTube video, publicly denouncing Hallett as being bonkers… The following was also supposedly written by his sister:

I am Greg Hallett’s sister and I find all this hilarious, albeit a tad disturbing that people take all this crap seriously.

Anyone with half a brain knows history is written and rewritten by the winners and things are not and never have been what they seem. Yes, the subconscious is a photographic memory, yes we are susceptible to suggestion and suggestion breeds its own reality….brainwashing has been around forever. It’s used every day from the day we are born…it’s what with and how we are brainwashed that causes the problems. Nothing new there. Our father taught us to believe about 4% of what we read in a newspaper so thinking outside the box has always been the norm. However… the trouble with our Greg is, as anyone who’s read his work will understand….that he starts off with a little bit of plausable stuff and gets carried away adding on and adding on until it becomes sublimely ridiculous. Hilarious though. He should have been a comedic writer…he’d be famous as fuck by now,…and rich!

Shame! That’s what he his own words…’waking up and peeling the dollar signs off my eyes’. He could’ve used his comedy to enlighten people but instead he has isolated himself from most of the world, including his family. Our poor mother who is admired by all who have ever met her has lost a son…and not to death. She’ll be 80 in a few months and he hasn’t spoken to her for about 15 years. She’s an independent thinker herself. He sent her a bill for $250,000 cos he thought his life was fucked up and it was her fault….go figure.
If you could read some of the affidavits he’s written about us you’d take a week getting off the floor with laughter.

Regularly (every year or so) we invite him back into the fold. He tells people (including my own daughter), that WE dumped him….not true, but when we reflect on our loss we often come to the conclusion that he treated us with such derision and disrespect that we are better off without him. The rest of us have a good strong loving relationship and we are all independent, very happy people.

The pedophilia and brainwashing he talks about….he spent a year or so living in a cult commune when first at Uni….everyone was encouraged to sleep with others whether they fancied them or not and partners were chosen for you…goggle it….Centrepoint, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand…the guy who ran it is in prison for pedophilia. Now that’s when Greg really started to get strange, all who knew him back then say the same.

Make no mistake, he is NOT a psychopath, he is a sociopath. There is a big difference. He was born without a conscience….I could tell you many stories….
The EGO…it’s huge and always has been, part of the sociopathy. This is where the dickhead stuff comes in. He never used to be a dickhead, he was intelligent and fun but that was a long time ago.

He’s not been under threat of death in NZ….politicians there think he’s a joke. An over vivid imagination, yes. Never any evidence is one problem. He has some good points and I agree with quite a bit of the stuff he says about the situation of fathers in law courts (all across the world not just in NZ) but he’s not telling you the truth about his own experiences either.

It had always been agreed that his daughter would spend a year with him before becoming an adult which she willingly did. Her experience living with him is her story but he lost his benefit when she left and went to Uni and not long afterwards he left the country without even telling her. She has a very close and loving relationship with her mother.

We had a fun and carefree upbringing, we were very lucky. Every family has their idiosyncrasies but most people grow through that, not let it become them.
Saying that, he’s still the funniest guy I’ve ever known but if you’re not saying what he wants to hear, the conversation is over….forever.
Tom is probably right, he would set up his own publicity stunts.
Chain smoking….addictive personality…he didn’t start smoking till his 40’s, he didn’t drink in his 20’s and 30’s…he loathed it as a habit and disrespected people who smoked and drank…ironic.

Anyway, if he sees this it’ll annoy the shit out of him but won’t make any difference to our non-existent relationship and he will turn it around to suit himself. I wanted to balance the scales a little.

Greg, if you do read this…please…become a comedy writer…it was always your forte. We are a very funny family and I mean that in an hilarious way!

Unfortunately, I do not believe that Hallett has lost all sense of reality – although I wish to fuck that he had.

You see, I am now convinced that our new King is following in the footsteps of Alex Jones and David Icke, with a mandate to destroy what little credibility the Alternative Media has left.

And since he has aligned himself with Qanon (although he denies the fact), all I can say is shame on you Greg… And shame on all of you brain-dead zombies who are falling for this crap.

You are all architects of your own downfall.

Just sayin’.