Behind the flag Part2: Everybody Looks The Same

Christopher Spivey.


If you haven’t read part 1 to this expoše on the Glasgow bin lorry hoax you can find it by clicking HERE

Unfortunately this second part has now been severely curtailed thanks to the corrupt British justice system which has been used to breach my human rights by taking away my right to free speech.

You see, I can convincingly link this Glasgow hoax to that of the one that took place in May 2013, time and again but to do so would mean that I break the disgusting bail conditions set down by Judge John Woollard on the 23rd of January 2015 at Southend Magistrates Court – strange that of all the dates that I could have been given for my hearing, although silencing would be a far more befitting term & description for my court case – I get the day where a District Judge is presiding.

Course, the real irony is the fact that the first two charges that I am accused of (harassment without violence) relate to articles that are still instantly accessible on this website and free to be read by anyone who wants to read them, yet if I discuss – or even mention – the contents I will be arrested and put in prison.

And of course, things go from the sublime to the ridiculous when you take into account that the two charges relate solely to those articles yet I have never once been told to remove them meaning that I must be continuing to break the law and have been doing so since July 30th 2014, with Essex CID fully aware of the fact.

Indeed if I have committed a crime then you could liken it to a scenario where someone walks into a newsagent, picks up a bar of chocolate, puts it in their pocket in front of the shopkeeper and walks out without paying. The shopkeeper then phones the police who arrest the person for theft and in the following months, whilst waiting for the court case to arrive, the thief walks into the same newsagents every day and steals a bar of chocolate in full view of the shopkeeper without any further police action… That may sound silly, but it is a fucking accurate comparison.

So, lets kick off Part 2 by carrying on with the silliness.

You see, according to today’s Telegraph (27/01/2015), nineteen year old Ross Loraine (Lorraine Sweeney? Same or similar name = standard procedure for a false flag) from Sunderland – remember Sunderland for later on – accepted a police caution for tweeting a joke in poor taste about the Glasgow bin-lorry HOAX.

Yet as far as I am concerned the only bad joke is the depth that this country has sunk to in banning free speech:

A man who sent an offensive tweet about the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy has been punished with a caution.

Ross Loraine, 19, said the incident which claimed six lives was “the most trash it has picked up in one day”.

Loraine, known on Twitter as @RossLoraine, handed himself in after posting the message just hours after the horrific accident on December 22.

He is from Wearside, Sunderland, and was given a caution by Northumbria Police for making a malicious communication.

Kelly Cawthorne tweeted: “How can someone even make a joke over this!!! It’s heartless. Source

Fuck me, we need to get our act together when we live in a country where a bad taste joke becomes a crime… Wakey fucking wakey.

And since I have now repeated the tweet in reporting about it am I not as guilty as the Telegraph and therefore as guilty as Loraine in doing so? … Or is it okay to repeat the ‘joke‘ as long as you are not the author?

However I do kinda suspect that this story is just old fanny designed to deter people from attacking or questioning ‘news’ stories that the government want you to obediently buy into – but if it isn’t then fuck me, we really are in trouble.

I mean, the Tweet is open to interpretation for a start. After all ‘Loraine’ could have been referring to the sign posts and traffic lights that the out-of-control bin wagon DIDN’T knock down although we are ordered to believe that plenty were – if you see what I mean.

Yet I am now positive that if anyone at all died then they certainly were not the 6 people named – not a cat in hells fucking chance. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with the conclusive proof of that fact because I would need to breach my bail conditions to do so.

Never the less, what is worse? A young fella full of the bravado of youth tweeting the following tweet which – if genuine – is blatantly taking the piss out of the over dramatic reporting that was being shoved down our throats:

And indeed the young fella is right since the binwagon shouldn’t have even been there.

Or are the following GENUINE tweets in connection with an unmentionable false flag worse?

Because I can tell you now, not one of those stupid cunts in the screenshots above were so much as questione by the old bill… Rather strange that, don’t cha think?

“Time to start beheading Muslim children”!  Tweeted by a WOMAN… What a dirty fucking whore she is. I am not going to waste anymore words on the piece of shit.

“Come to our country and kill our soldiers”! Everyone has the right to be thick but that slag Daisey abuses the fact.  I mean, it isn’t as if we invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and systematically murdered millions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN is it?

So, either there is something VERY, VERY Wrong with our Government – yes, yes, I know, but you know what I mean – or Ross Loraine is just another made up story in a long line of made up stories.

Certainly his Facebook has a fake feel to it – his twitter account has been deleted – with his photos made up of the blurry, grainy kind that most most people would discard. His friends are also a giveaway in so much as they are all clones of each other and best of all, Ross supposedly works for the DWP.

trolls (1)gemma mccannel

I will come back to more photos of Erin McQuade and Quade McErin and whoseaface etc, etc, a bit later because it does my fucking head in sorting out who is who.

Course, another example of made up stories, specifically relating to the Glasgow bollox is the one in the Daily Mirrors sister paper, the Daily Record.

The story in question relates to the ALLEGED brother of Jacqueline Morton and his *aherm, aherm, quest for *aherm, aherm, truth as to what went so wrong with the bin lorry on the 22nd of December 2014, that 6 people – including his sister Jacqui – ended up dead.

FORMER bin lorry driver John Morton says he has resorted to asking bin crews on the street for information because Glasgow City Council have failed to respond to his requests for answers.

Talk about tug at the heartstrings! Yet how coincidental that Johnny should just so happen to be a former bin lorry driver… So you would have thought that he would have had half a fucking clue as to what could have gone wrong wouldn’t you?

John Morton: looks very familiar to me. His name certainly is familiar to the hoax. John Morton and his dead sister Jacqui Morton (51 yrs old and she died a Morton!)… John Sweeney and his daughter Jacqui McQuade… Same names all of the time. It adds to the confusion.

John, a former bin lorry driver himself, added that he expected to hear first-hand accounts of the tragedy in the days that followed the crash on December 22.

But he has now resorted to asking bin crews on the street for the information he is desperately searching for.

He said: “We have had no answers from the council. We’ve phoned several times. It’s like a wall of silence.

Now quite obviously what this old fanny is doing is trying to add credibility to the fake story. I mean if you think that a bin lorry with no one steering can travel around 200-300 yards traveling somewhere between 40 – 70 MPH and do no real damage to anything apart from 6 people then boy; you is fucking dumb.

However, lets pretend that this old bollox is true and Jacqueline Morton was a real person despite there still only being the one photo of her – and I have already shown you where that came from.


Which “bin crews on the streets” has Johnny B Goode been asking?

I mean I can understand his frustration. After all, the driver has been out of hospital for this long time and it seems that no cunt has had the front to ask him what went wrong, but Johnny lives in Macclesfield and the crash happened in fucking Glasgow… Or do dustbin men have a secret network?

 John, who lives near Macclesfield, Cheshire, has had a 30-year career driving lorries and heavy goods vehicles and spent a year behind the wheel of bin lorries. He said: “The driver was doing a public service and I take my hat off to him for that.

“I do understand tragedies happen. I just wish I could understand it a bit more. It’s not making sense to me.

“I’ve been sitting in my truck for two weeks since I returned to work just going over and over it in my head and trying to think of the scenarios.

“I picture it in my head all the time. I just can’t see in my experience with heavy vehicles, how it has managed to travel that distance.

“The other crew members must have been terrified.”

Ahhhh, now the old bollox is really beginning to show.

First off, he’s taking his hat off to the driver for doing a public service – as if  to make out that the job is more of a calling than an occupation.

Moreover, we see him letting the other two mushes who were in the lorry off the hook: “The other crew members must have been terrified.”

However, I think what he really means is: THE OTHER CREW MEMBERS MUST HAVE BEEN FUCKING USELESS!

Fuck me, I betcha any money you want that if I had of been one of the two I would have stopped that lorry and that ain’t being a hero or fuck all. ITS JUST NOT FUCKING HARD TO DO.

And you can forget all of that old flannel about Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum being separated by some kind of partition making it impossible for them to access the handbrake or steering wheel.


Dog give me strength.

However, if John, John the Pipers Son has been driving HGV lorries for 30 odd years and still believes that the lorry was doing 60 MPH then I’m telling you now that he ain’t been driving HGV lorries for 3 fucking days, let alone 30 fucking years:

He said: “It beggars belief that it was allegedly seen reaching speeds of at least 60mph. Trucks being used in built-up public areas as congested as Glasgow city centre should be limited to 45mph at the most.

“The council has a duty of care to the people of Glasgow. If it had been limited, I’m sure there would not have been so many lives lost.

“People would have been undoubtedly been saved that day if it was going slower.

Now, I really hope that the official version of codswallop is not going to insult our intelligence by saying that the Bin Lorry turned from Ingram Street into Queen Street at 60 MPH.


Indeed, to make the turn – and the chances are that the bin lorry would have had to stop at the junction anyway for the traffic heading down Queen Street – the lorry would have made the maneuver very slowly.


If you have read Part 1 you will know that the numbers relate to the victims.


Yet we are suppose to believe that on turning into Queen Street the lorry almost straight away ploughed into Alix Stewart, Irene McAuley and Danielle Dawson!

After all, had the lorry been travelling at speed when it allegedly struck the girls it would have continued into the Wellington Boots Square, not turned at a nigh on 90 degree angle and carried on straight down Queen Street.

Moreover, it would have taken the bin lorry LESS than 7 seconds from the time that it turned into Queen Street to the time that it hit the Millenium hotel…. LESS THAN SEVEN SECONDS.

Yet it would take double that time for a bin lorry to reach 0-60 MPH and that is without going through the gears.

If on the other hand the truck was an automatic the driver would have had to have his foot on the accelerator, yet what are the chances of his foot staying on there once it bounced up and down the kerb a few times?

And then there is the breaking distance. Indeed, it would have been impossible for the lorry to reach anywhere near 60 MPH and then slow to a crawl in order to hit the Millenium Hotel so gently.

In fact, the braking distance for a lorry travelling at 60 MPH is nearly 200 yards (585 feet) Source.

Therefore the bin lorry would have had to have been doing around 60 MPH when it entered Queen Street and begun to brake almost immediately to stop at the speed it did when it hit the hotel.

Yet some reports have the lorry travelling along the pavement of Queen Street at speeds in excess of 70 MPH… Indeed, you would have to be some kind of cunt to even entertain this story.

So, what does our 30 years worth of experience man think went wrong then?

“He would have been getting thrown around in the impact as it moved – but why wouldn’t his foot have moved off that pedal?

“I think he could have got his steel-capped boot jammed under the pedal and when he has got free, he has tried to control it.

“It looks like it has slowed. If it had continued at that rate, it would have ended up on platform 3 in Queen Street but there was just a crack where it got the hotel.

“The general public might not understand and be able to accept this but with me doing the job I do, it just doesn’t make sense.”


And there you have the cover up: “The general public might not understand and be able to accept this but with me doing the job I do, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Well sort of anyway… I mean its driving a fucking lorry you corrupt twat not piloting a fucking space rocket… How fucking condescending can you fucking get.

And I am not talking about John Boy Walton Morton here, I’m talking about the script writers talking down to us as if we are fucking imbeciles.

For a start if the drivers foot had got caught under the pedal, although fuck knows how; the lorry would have slowed down not speeded up! And since the driver hit the trio of aforementioned girls almost straight away, whatever the fuck it is that the script writers dream up was wrong with the driver, it would have had to have happened as he made the 90 degree turn (45 degree if he cut the corner) from Ingram St into Queen Street – which had to have either been from a stand still or at best a crawl.

Therefore, whichever way that you look at it, the story is pure fabrication… Couldn’t happen, didn’t happen.

I also see that John the stooge is also trying to explain away the lack of damage to the hotel by drawing on his 30 year experience AS A FUCKING LORRY DRIVER and hazarding a guess that the lorry slowed down despite still exaggerating the damage by one hundred percent: “But there was just a crack where it got the hotel”… No there wasn’t Johnny the Bosch.

There was no damage to the hotel whatsoever because as I have proved beyond all doubt in Part 1 – unless you are one of those mindless morons who can’t abide the thought of me being right – the hotel was already boarded up, and specifically done so with a void built in between the ply and the hotel glass & brickwork, just incase the driver fucked up a little bit… Which he didn’t.

The lorry was however travelling at a snails pace.


Five MPH absolute maximum I reckon.

However, as most of you know I had to break off from writing this article in order to get the site updated etc, etc and whilst on that break the Sun Newspaper released an article addressing the very same issues that I have just addressed… Albeit with very different results obviously.

So lets compare the two.

The Sun article starts thus:

THE runaway bin lorry which killed six people in scenes of carnage took just seven seconds to hurtle down its nightmare path of destruction.

CCTV footage reveals the truck accelerated to 50mph after the driver suddenly took ill and lost control in packed Glasgow city centre, before ploughing into shoppers.

Two workmates on board had no chance of averting the disaster.

Police inquiries in the wake of the tragedy on December 22 also quickly ruled out terrorism as a possible cause.

Witnesses told of seeing the driver slumped over the steering wheel as the council vehicle mounted the pavement outside the Gallery of Modern Art and careered up Queen Street before smashing into the Millennium Hotel at George Square.

Good start, sort of. I have it as less than 7 seconds start to finish and the Sun has it at 7 seconds.

Mind you, the purveyor of pish does manage to mention no less than three times that the ‘accident’ was not a ‘terrorist incident’… In fact if I had been ordered to write the fictitious account I wouldn’t have been able to help myself and would have had to add by way of conclusion that it was all down to a Bin Lorry and not a Bin Laden… But I digress.

Now, the Sun does not address the anomalies surrounding that 7 seconds i.e the driver must have been fine as he turned from Ingram Street into Queen Street, and in all likelihood must have done so from a standing start given the heavy traffic that would be coming down Queen Street at that time of day – or alternatively, if not a standing start it would have been a crawl.

It certainly wouldn’t have been at any speed because the lorry would not have made the turn.

Moreover, the Sun either didn’t ask or deliberately didn’t publish whether the lorry was a manual or automatic gearbox.

But then again, it is quite, quite obvious that the Sun is part of the cover-up and trying to make the impossible, possible.

After all, I think that I have proved that the lorry was doing no more than a crawl when it came to rest next to the Millenium Hotel.

Therefore, given the acceleration time and the braking distance needed there is no way that the lorry could have got up to anywhere near 50MPH in the given distance of 300 meters.

Indeed for the Sun to arrive at the 7 second time they had to be working on the basis that the lorry was travelling at 50 MPH when the driver took ‘poorly’ at Ingram Street and still travelling at 50 MPH when it hit the hotel… So the shit-rag is talking bollox there for a fact.

Indeed, I like the way that they have added AN EXTRA ROAD to their map and ignored the body count if their given directional path is to be believed.


Course, I addressed the question of the driver slumped over the wheel in Part 1 – he wasn’t but if you can’t be arsed to read Part 1 then the proof is in the above photos.

Nevertheless, the Scum continued to perpetuate the myth that the drivers workmates were powerless to help by adding a bit of old fanny about the driver being separated from his colleagues by what the shit-rag first describes as being both a partition and then later describe as being “a pod” –  two totally different things:

It took out traffic lights, lamp-posts and bins as it continued on to the north side of George Square where it hit a silver taxi before colliding with the side wall of the hotel next to Queen Street station.

Our source told how a partition between the driver and his colleagues inside the cab meant they were powerless to intervene.

He added: “The speed the lorry was travelling and suddenness of it all meant it was impossible for his workmates to prevent it.

“He was in his own ‘pod’ in the front so the pair weren’t actually sitting that close to him.

“They were behind him in a section which is separated by a partition and yellow hold bars.

“This set-up allows them to easily hop in and out to load rubbish.

“Even if they’d been able to reach the driver quickly, there was no ‘kill switch’ so stopping the vehicle wouldn’t have been easy. There was nothing they, or anyone else, could really have done.”

Okay, first let’s deal with the daily comic’s claim about the damage caused by the bin-lorry: “It took out traffic lights, lamp-posts and bins as it continued on to the north side of George Square where it hit a silver taxi before colliding with the side wall of the hotel next to Queen Street station”.

Now again I dealt with this ‘damage’ in Part 1 but it is worth mentioning what Jay – a Scottish reader of mine who took the excellent photos seen in Part 1 – stated the other day in a comment:

The Article says that signs, bins, traffic lights were taken out. —- Days after, I tramped the path of the truck taking many photos.

With the exception of the traffic light at the Copthorne, the trucks final resting place, there is no evidence of this…at all. Bins are still rusted in places, everything shows evidence of having auld stickers on it, old scuff marks etc etc etc…

So, that puts that myth to bed.

As for the partition/pod? Well what would be the fucking point of it? At best it would have been the same height as a bus drivers cab – the difference being that the bin lorry cab is for workmates, not paying passengers and the bin lorry driver doesn’t charge his colleagues to ride.

In other words, totally pointless since those emptying the bins rarely travel in the cab, and there are two seats in the front anyway… One for each bum in fact.

However, the scum states that the reason for the partition/pod was so as that they could: easily hop in and out to load rubbish.

But as I say, binmen do not hop in and out and anyway, why put up a partition? I mean it wasn’t needed. By that I mean the Scums drawing of the cab layout suggests that the 2 passenger seats have been removed but that doesn’t explain the need for a partition still.

There was certainly no mention of a partition in the early reports on the accident, that is for sure:

There has been intense speculation as to why the lorry’s two other crew members had not intervened to stop the wayward vehicle. But claims have emerged that they had not been shown how simply pulling the hand-brake on the dashboard would have stopped the 26-tonne lorry.

It is also believed bosses at Glasgow’s other refuse depots began showing their non-driving staff how to perform the emergency stops on Tuesday – less than 24 hours after the crash had left six people dead and another 10 injured.

A council insider said: “It’s horrific. If any of the crew had simply pulled the hand-brake it would have stopped the lorry. It’s as simple as showing staff where it is and how to pull it. But very few of the non-driving staff – if any – knew about it. They are being shown now but tragically it’s too late for the people killed on Monday.”

Police are currently investigating the accident but have ruled out any suggestion it was intentional. Officials from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency are examining the vehicle to see if there were any mechanical faults.

Another source has told The Sunday Post that, unlike a car, pulling the handbrake would have cut the lorry’s engine.

He said: “If they aren’t drivers they wouldn’t have been shown it. The crew would have been sitting behind the driver and not alongside him. There is a bar between them and the driver and the brake is on the dashboard like lorries of a similar size. They could simply reach over and pull it.

“But you don’t know what’s happened. It might not have been immediately apparent that the driver was not in control. And the guys might have had seatbelts on, which would have slowed down their reaction.” Source

And besides, a partition would break the health & safety regulations which can be found by clicking HERE.

Moreover, you would think that Glasgow Council would have been bang on where driver & crew training were concerned having been fined twenty grand in April 2014 following the death of a pensioner who was run over by one of their bin wagons:

Glasgow City Council has been fined £20,000 following the death of a pensioner who was struck by one of its refuse vehicles in the city centre.

On Friday (11 April), Glasgow Sheriff Court heard how Malcolm McCulloch, 71, was walking across Holm Street, Glasgow, when he was struck by the reversing lorry on 10 August 2012.

According to the defence, the driver checked his mirrors, turned on the vehicle’s flashing beacon and reversing siren, and reversed down the street while his colleague sat in the passenger seat. Source

Got that?  “while his colleague sat in the passenger seat”


And don’t even get me started on the time of the collection which also goes against all the health & safety rules.

So it is safe to conclude that the Scum is spreading total disinformation, and obviously breaking every rule in the book yet the press watchdog the IPCC would do absolutely fuck all if you were to report them.

Course, most of you will not be able to read that Scum report because you have to subscribe to do so and there are not that many of you who are mug enough to pay to be lied to… Obviously I have to, but hey, that is a different thing altogether.

Never the less, you can find the article page by clicking HERE

Okay, lets get back to Jacqui Morton’s brother John and his bullshit. The following is what he tells the Daily Mirror in regard to how he found out about his *aherm, aherm, ‘sisters’ death:

John was at work in Cheshire when he received the call from his family to tell him that Jacqueline had died.He said: “I had seen it unfolding on the news and thought, ‘Oh those poor people, just before Christmas.’“It wasn’t until I got the call the next day that I knew. I was standing in work with the newspaper in my hand.“He told me and I looked down at the picture on the front of the paper. I just ran out of work. 

Fucking Liar!

Jacqueline Morton was the last to have her photo published – for obvious reasons. Therefore there were no photographs of her until the 24th of December… These people have no shame whatsoever.

You can find that bullshit by clicking HERE

Course, they aren’t real family; they are just crisis actors. I mean fuck me, if they were real they would have some awkward explaining to do.

Take Danielle Dawson for instance. Danielle is the supposedly 13 year old girl who claims to have been thrown 12ft onto the raised part of Wellington Boots Square… Which as we know is bollox by the following photos taken from Part 1.


And as you know, coincidences always play a big part in these false flags and fuck me, the ‘Dawsons’ have got more than most.

For instance, Danielle’s mother ‘Karen’ is supposedly pregnant and was on the way to the hospital for a scan when she learned that Danielle was also on her way there.

Moreover, Karen Dawson just so happens to work there part time:

Karen, who works as a domestic at the Royal Infirmary, added: “When we arrived at the hospital, we could hear people saying that six had died.

My partner Sandy took my hand and we went to reception to find out what we could. We were told that Danielle was sitting up and speaking and that she was on her way to the hospital.

“We went to cancel the scan but they took me in and gave me a five-minute scan to make sure everything was okay. They were worried about the shock.

“When we got back to A&E, Danielle was there. Sandy and I went in. We looked at her and she looked at us and we just broke down. We were all cuddling each other.Incredibly, X-rays revealed that the 13-year-old had not suffered any broken bones but was badly bruised. She only spent one night in hospital. Source

Okay lets have some photos:

zGlasgow police officers

Course, it would now be easy to roll your eyes and think to yourself “aye up, Spivey is off on one of his lookalike kicks again”.

And no doubt those with a vision akin to Stevie Wonder will do so, but you have to ask yourself why these doppelgangers and unbelievable coincidences are in such abundance when it comes down to false flag operations?

I mean Andy Tochal is far from alone when it comes down to dead-ringers for those who played a part in the Clutha hoax and other manufactured incidents.

But more on those frauds later.

You see, when it comes down to the Dawson family and the Australian false flag Lindt cafe bollox the coincidence department goes into overtime.

I mean for starters the bird who was ‘shot dead’ in the Lindt cafe drama was called Kat Dawson, a mother of 3 who at 38 would be somewhere around the same age as mother of 3, Kaz Dawson – mother to Danielle Dawson:

A barrister who died in Sydney’s terrorist siege was today hailed a hero after it was claimed she was killed shielding a pregnant friend from gunfire.

Mother-of-three Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, the manager of the Lindt cafe in Martin Place, were the two hostages killed in the bloody climax.

Mrs Dawson, 38, whose children are all under ten, was a barrister in Sydney’s central business district opposite the siege site and died of a heart attack. 

She had been getting coffee with pregnant Julie Taylor when Man Haron Monis entered the building – and later admirably shielded her friend from bullets. Source

False flags always have to have a hero or two. And of course this Lindt cafe siege old fanny took place exactly a week before the Glasgow bin lorry crash.

However, I betcha, betcha that you didn’t know that Kat Dawson’s old man is none other than Australian SANDY DAWSON, who on the 20th of September 2013 became the Captain of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews in SCOTLAND – for 2013-2014:

It was a proud moment for Australian golf as Sydney’s Sandy Dawson assumed the captaincy of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews at the traditional driving-in ceremony on the 1st tee of the Old Course on Friday morning.

Following the firing of a cannon, Mr Dawson drove straight down the middle in front of a large crowd of rugged up onlookers.

Dawson, the current president of Royal Sydney Golf Club – host to the 2013 Emirates Australian Open – is only the second Australian to be elected to the role after Viscount Bruce of Melbourne served in the position in 1954.

“It’s very exciting to be the second Australian Captain.”

“It’s 60 years since there was an Australian Captain in Viscount Bruce so it’s great that there is another Australian.”

“My family are all here watching. I think they are very proud and happy and relieved that I hit the ball down the middle.”

Mr Dawson is a former Australian Universities Golf Champion, a Captain of Royal Sydney Golf Club and President since 2010, where he plays to a handicap of four.

He has been a Member of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews since 1974.

Mr Dawson lives in Sydney with his wife Jane and has three children and nine grandchildren. He plays to a handicap of four and is also a keen skier. Source Source

Now, as well as Kat Dawson being a Barrister so is her brother who is also called Sandy Dawson… A very dodgy, top deformation barrister at that.

Indeed Dawson Jr is part of a very high profile on-going deformation case down under at the moment, which next month will see him cross-examine Australian Politician Joe Hockey, the Federal Treasurer in Mad Abbott’s government, on behalf of Australian media billionaire Kerry Stokes. Source

Photos please:


Now, if you have read my article “Man on the moon” you will know that Kat Dawson is a dead ringer for Charlotte Bevan, the woman from BRISTOL who walked out of Hospital on December 2nd 2014 with her 2 day old baby… Sadly both were found dead a day later.

The following photos (rows 1-5 are Bevan & Dawson). The others are self explanatory or explained underneath.


Just to clarify here, I am pointing out that the bereaved never look devastated in these hoax productions – which is because it is fuckng hard to act devastated when you’re not.

Neither Bevan’s baby father or her mother look even remotely concerned about the disappearance of Charlotte and her baby.

Likewise, the same can be said of Jacqui McQuade and her husband who are burying not only both of her parents but their 18 year old daughter too.


Funnily enough, Charlotte Bevan’s order of service does not mention anything about a funeral.

It is also worth pointing out that the photo from Erin McQuade’s ‘Linkedin’ account shows a woman who looks exactly like Charlotte Bevan… Erin McQuade is obviously the teenager killed with her grandparents, John & Lorraine Sweeney, by the Glasgow bin-lorry.


Now, I am not saying that the Bevan case is a hoax, but at the same time there are a lot of anomalies surrounding the story that have to be addressed, especially when you take into account what I have uncovered with all these fake social network profile accounts… Or do we all really look the same?

Indeed, the CCTV of Charlotte leaving the hospital looks staged and the baby appears far too big for a 2 day old baby. I should also point out that Charlotte is herself a big girl height wise.


Now I expect people will wade in with their usual “Everybody reacts differently to grief” bollocks, but I don’t buy it.

In each and every hoax it seems that there is plenty of dry crying by the bereaved families but no real tears, no red sore looking eyes, nothing.

Indeed, the only people that you see crying in these hoaxes are strangers.

And as I say, the Bevan case just doesn’t add up. I mean fuck me, the hospital cannot even give an accurate time that Charlotte and the baby left the hospital. Does their CCTV not have time stamping?


Course, I appreciate that it is too much of a leap of faith for some people to believe that the Australian Lindt Cafe Siege hoax and the Glasgow bin-lorry old fanny could be connected – but that is just narrow minded thinking for ya.

Indeed, most people have trouble believing that the British hoaxes could be acted out by the same people, let alone connected to those halfway around the world… But they are.

It is in fact quite common to find the same cast members, including politicians, appearing in multiple hoax productions and even taking part in ‘family’ photos in order to add credibility to a false profile – if you understand what I mean.

On second thoughts, I best show you what I mean.

eileensmiths105952 (1)

Without a doubt, we are being taken for proper, proper cunts!

Or are you going to try and tell me that John Morton – who made the front page of the nationals last month is not the same fella as Clutha victim Callum Grierson?


And whilst I am not 100% certain that Swinney is the fella at the wedding you only need read part 1 to know that he has no qualms about playing someone else.

Yet people think that the likes of SMP John Swinney and the Israeli PM, Benny-Net (see my article where do the children play) would not take part in these kinda things, but the truth is that of course they would.

They have no morals whatsoever.

Indeed Scottish Council Leader Gordon Matheson has been prominent in both the Clutha and the bin-lorry hoaxes, yet he is indeed very representative of all our sleazy so called leaders:

LABOUR’s top council chief issued an emotional public apology last night after being caught cheating on his partner.

Gordon Matheson, 46, was found by police allegedly performing a sex act with another man in a car park.

The Glasgow City Council leader is one of Scottish Labour’s rising stars and took over from disgraced Stephen Purcell, who quit in 2010. Matheson was caught in a car park at Linn Park in Cathcart, Glasgow, last month.

He was meeting an old flame behind the back of his long-term partner Stephen Wallace. Source

Yet the man that Matheson took over from is even seedier:

DISGRACED former council leader Steven Purcell was held for 14 hours yesterday by police investigating an alleged assault at his home.

Hours before police raided his flat, Purcell, 39, had hosted a party to celebrate the news he would not face charges over claims of cronyism and drug abuse.

The former leader of Glasgow City Council had been under police investigation since quitting two years ago.

On Saturday night, he was joined by more than 50 friends at a party at the Lorne Hotel in Glasgow’s west end.

He made a short and emotional speech thanking them for their support and saying that he “wouldn’t be here” without their friendship. He added: “I don’t mean to sound dramatic but I am a drama queen.”

Purcell then told his friends he intended to get drunk and spend Sunday recovering from his hangover.

Instead, he was in police custody after a 5.30am disturbance at his plush flat in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Purcell and an unnamed 36-year-old man were taken in for questioning over allegations of assault.

Last night, he was released from custody without charge. Police said the other man had been arrested.

Purcell, once a Labour high-flier tipped as a future First Minister, walked out of Stewart Street police station in the city centre at 7.30pm, looking tired and with sunken eyes.

He began walking towards the city centre and put his head down when he spotted the Record’s photographer.

A few seconds later, a police car drove up beside him, offered him a lift and sped away.

The politician, who left his wife and came out as gay in 2006, quit his council post in March 2010.

He checked into a rehab clinic, then went to Australia and Ireland, where he admitted in an interview to taking cocaine and having a serious booze problem.

It later emerged organised crime detectives had warned Purcell of a potential blackmail plot after a drug dealer claimed to have incriminating mobile phone footage of him.

The Crown Office announced on January 20 there was “insufficient evidence of criminality at this time” in Purcell’s case and “no further action is currently appropriate”.Source

Talk about being protected!

Matheson & Purcell

And I can show you an awful lot more connecting these hoaxes together… But not as much as I would like to. You see, the law is preventing me from doing so.

Just take a moment to think about that. I have information that can blow ALL of these hoaxes wide fucking open but instead of a pat on the back, If I divulge that information I will have the old bill round here, carting me off to prison faster than you can read what I have to say.

Nevertheless I will push it as far as I dare.


You can find John McGarrigle’s obituary by clicking HERE

Okay, moving on and I was also sent more evidence of Erin McQuade being a made up person, in the form of some photos passed on to me by one of my readers. It should also be noted that I am presenting the information and the photos to you exactly as they were sent to me unless stated otherwise:

See these glasgow linked photos; megan kerr has lots of friends, like ainsley baird and brendan black who has his photo taken with ainsley baird at school… its fucking erin mcquade, now brendon black is also friends with ryan mclaughlin who has erin mcquade for a girlfriend but so does declan wallace !! plus brendon black has a sister called siannon black who is also erin mcquade… as you say, you couldn’t make this shit up.

10942823_1428536794105013_840395949_n (1)10941675_1428548204103872_1645287175_n10937796_1428536790771680_443268315_n10565726_1428536797438346_658941328_n10937541_1428536804105012_244875169_n

Well yes she does look familiar until you look at the top of her head… Then she looks like an alien.


Rhys Gilmartin looks very like Brendon black to me.

10942823_1428536794105013_840395949_n (1)


But just ignore me, back to the info and photos that I was sent:

here’s another of erin mcquade aka Ainsley baird, some bloke was asking weird questions on twitter so I told him the pics were fake THEY ARE NOT they are all from facebook accounts, I have all the page links saved for you


more new pics of erin mcquade being posted by her fake friends in only one minute the ‘LIKES’ jumped to 28 !… I have kept all the facebook links for you mate


here’s another of erin from megan gilliands facebook


I hope you don’t mind me sending these pics but ive found so many fake erin’s I just wanted to show you. ok here is the connection between *CENSORED & erin mcquade *CENSORED has a facebook just 2 photos.

1 of the photos is ‘liked’ by Linda S Horner who looks like a cop i think, anyway Linda has NO friends but 21 people like her photo in a shiny bronze dress & hat, one of those friends in Nicola Fairbairn who is friends with Becca Jade Crossley AKA erin bloody mcquade again or i’ll eat my hat.

*I have had to remove the name as I would be breaking my bail conditions by leaving it in… Remember, Free Speech, truth & justice has been taken from me by a Judge in order to prevent me exposing the treason committed by the current British Government.


many erin’s


erins instagram page




Okay, I may as well add some more of my own photos of Erin McQuade whilst I am at it.


And if that hasn’t got you angry yet, there is still plenty more to come… Such as Liam Sweeney.


Liam Sweeney… Fuck all to do with Erin McQuades grandparents, Jack & Lorraine Sweeney, who were killeded in the dustcart disaster obviously… Or not as the case may well be.

Liam Sweeney, a Geordie (Newcastle already having been linked to the Glasgow fanny) was killeded in the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 false flag fanny:

Two Newcastle United fans going to the club’s pre-season tour were on a flight that crashed in Ukraine.

John Alder and Liam Sweeney, 28, were on the passenger list for flight MH17, Malaysia Airlines confirmed.

The Boeing 777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed on Thursday with 298 people on board.

Newcastle United and manager Alan Pardew have paid tribute to the fans. The names of other British people on the flight are starting to emerge.

They include Ben Pocock, from Bristol, who was studying at Loughborough University, and Richard Mayne, a Leeds University student from Leicestershire.

Flight MH17 came down 50km from the Russia-Ukraine border.

The two fans were travelling to New Zealand to see their team play. Continue Reading

What the fuck has this got to do with the Glasgow bin-lorry hoax, apart from a surname, I hear you ask?

Well for starters the following is a photo of Liam Sweeney:


Now I feel sure that if I kept schtum none of you would say “hold up Spiv… You cunt. That is two different people”.

And indeed it is… Well that isn’t exactly true. It is the same person but two different characters. The first is Liam Sweeney, the second is Craig David… No hang on that’s not right. The second is David Craig:

A BIGOT jailed for making disgusting threats against Neil Lennon has hijacked a vigil for the victims of the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy.

Sectarian yob David Craig, 27, is muscling in on plans for a candle-lit memorial for the six people killed in the horrific crash.

Vile Craig was locked up for 14 months for his internet hate campaign against Lennon.

And last night there was a furious reaction after the Daily Record discovered he is planning a memorial event for the six bin lorry victims tomorrow.

Craig has also set up a Just Giving fundraising page asking for £5000 in donations. He says he is raising money for the British Heart Foundation Source

But it doesn’t end there because I am pretty certain that Sweeney & David are also actor, Tom Urie:

HE felt compelled to perform it after one tragedy, now he’s recorded it to help the victims of another.

But Tom Urie would rather he had never had the inspiration to do either.

When the unimaginable news spread across Glasgow in November 2013 that a helicopter had fallen from the sky on to the Clutha bar, killing 10 people, the actor and musician turned to the words of Michael Marra’s song Mother Glasgow.

Michael Marra’s family back heart-rending recording of song

Now, to raise money for the victims of the George Square bin lorry crash, Tom has returned to the lyrics of the man known as the Bard of Dundee.

The River City actor recorded a moving new version of the song for the Lord Provost’s Queen Street Fund, to be released on Monday.

He joined forces with the Glasgow Philharmonia orchestra earlier this month to record a new version of the song, which was popularised by Hue & Cry and Eddi Reader in the 1990s. Source


Hard to believe really isn’t it? But the world is just a stage.

Now, Liam Sweeney’s ‘dad’ Baz, had the right fucking hump about his son being killed by the Russians… Least that is who the warmongering shit-rags in the MSM are holding responsible for shooting the plane down.

However, the question is, who is Barry Sweeney?


Yeah, yeah I know. I have no credibility left… Then again, we never had a Prime Mincer who murdered children did we?

However, despite the uncanny similarity in eyes, nose, mouth, and certainly top ears, I tend to think that on this occasion the likeness between Sweeney & Swinney is coincidence… Maybe.

And then there are these photos to consider:


Now it cannot be a coincidence that all these ‘lookalikes’ are connected. Indeed, you would not be able to pick random Facebook accounts and just match people to different disasters.

However, I could convince you a lot easier were it not for my bail conditions which are severely curtailing my ability to show you how it all works.

Never the less, I will struggle on… But as I say, do bear in mind that I am leaving major details out.


And I could honestly go on for days and days just matching these faces up. Indeed, the best way to get a feel for it is to pick a character from a hoax job, scroll down their friends list and see how many people from the hoax you can spot or how many different people they are playing.

It will proper do your box in, let me tell you.

However, one person playing multiple characters is not a new concept. Indeed, some believe that 1000’s of people were killed on 911, but that is not true.

You see, what the conning cunts in Washington did was use the same victim, 3, 4 or even 5 times in manipulated photos.

There are infact any amount of videos on Youtube showing these manipulated photos or if you prefer to read – as I do – there is a good website which delves into fake victims to be found by clicking HERE

The following photos are but a few examples:



Now, whilst I have been writing this 2nd part to the Glasgow hoax, our man the bus driver Harry Clarke has come out in public and said that he can’t remember fuck all about the crash because he was unconscious:

The driver of a council bin lorry which careered out of control in Glasgow city centre, killing six people, has said he has no memory of the crash.

Harry Clarke, 58, told the Daily Record newspaper that he understood bereaved families and those who were injured wanted answers.

But he said he had been unconscious, and could not remember anything.

He said he had no heart problems before the crash on 22 December and his health had not improved much since then.

The lorry went out of control on Queen Street and crashed in George Square.

In a statement published by the newspaper, Mr Clarke said: “I want to be able to reach out to the injured and families of those who died on December 22.Source

Now, for Big ‘H’ to say that he remembers fuck all absolutely stinks.

I mean, I discussed such a scenario earlier in this report and it would have to be a Gazillion to One chance that the lorry would end up where it did if Harry was unconscious as he turned from Ingram Street into Queen Street… Absolutely imp-fucking-possible.

Indeed, about as impossible to happen as it was for the dry run to happen as we are told… The dry run in question was held just outside Edinburgh a month almost to the hour before the main event in Glasgow.

THE driver of a bin lorry died after being crushed by his own vehicle as he tried to stop it rolling off a pier.

Staff from a pub, where the vehicle had been parked, tried to help the victim but he died later in hospital.

The tragedy happened on Saturday afternoon in South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, and left the vehicle hanging precariously over the water’s edge.

The 58-year-old man, who has not been formally named, was pinned against a wall after the red truck, owned by waste services company, Biffa, mounted the pavement.

It then hit a parked car before crashing through the railings of Hawes Pier, where it came to rest, balancing on the edge.

Staff at the nearby Hawes Inn, where the lorry had been parked, rushed to help the victim before emergency services arrived. 

A spokeswoman for the pub said: “Our team helped out as much as they could in the moments after the accident happened and contacted the emergency services. 

“We are fully cooperating with the police investigation and our thoughts are very much with the driver’s family.”

Councillor Norman Work, who represents Edinburgh’s Almond ward, said: “It’s a tragic accident. It appears that the driver was trying to prevent the accident from happening.

“It’s tragic but could have been a lot worse. 

“We are grateful no one else was injured, because it’s a very busy area round the whole promenade. Obviously, our thoughts go out to the family of the driver.”

Last night, a spokesman for the bin lorry’s owners said: “This tragic incident has shocked everyone at Biffa and we send our heartfelt condolences to the family and close friends.

“Naturally, we will work with the police to try and understand the circumstances behind the incident, whilst also carrying out our own full internal investigation.” Source

Now, straight away the similarities between the two events jump right out at you… As does the bullshit and improbability of the situation.

The following is from the Chimp:

A bin lorry driver was killed by his vehicle after it crushed him against a wall as he tried to stop it rolling out of a car park.

The 58-year-old man was pinned against a wall after the waste truck started rolling across the road before it mounted a pavement in South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, yesterday afternoon.

The lorry, which is owned by waste management company Biffa, crashed into the back of a Jaguar X-Type before careering through railings and before coming to rest hanging over the edge of a pier.

Sergeant Brian Smith, of Police Scotland’s Edinburgh Road Policing Unit, said: ‘This tragic accident happened as the driver tried to stop his lorry from rolling out of the car park of the Hawes Inn.

‘He was crushed against the wall by the lorry, which then hit a parked Jaguar car before rolling across the road and mounting the pavement, demolishing a bench and fencing before it came to rest hanging over the edge of the pier.

‘Although this is a busy road, with a number of pedestrians in the area at the time, fortunately no one else was injured.

‘We are carrying out a full investigation and I am appealing for any witnesses who have not already spoken to us, to call Police Scotland on 101.’ Source

Okay, let’s have a butchers at some photos then:


I feel that I should just clarify that last photo to you. What I am pointing out [badly] is that as you can see, the building in the inset photo is set further back than the building next to the lorry. Whereas in the main photo the further away building appears to be set forward of the one next to the lorry. This is done to try and convince the viewer that there is enough width for the lorry to sit on.

Now just like the Glasgow crash, the driver was eventually named although no further light was shed on the anomalies:

A BINMAN was crushed to death by his own truck as he worked a weekend shift.

Tragic 58-year-old Maurice Willis was pinned against a wall after the bin lorry he had just stepped out of careered across a main road and mounted the pavement.

Witnesses said brave Maurice had tried to stop the seven-tonne truck from rolling ourt of the car park at the famous Hawes Inn.

But as he selflessley put his own life on the line to protect members of the public, the truck crushed him to death.

The unstoppable bin lorry then burst through metal fencing and was left dangling over Hawes Pier in South Queensferry, nearEdinburgh.

Police were yesterday understood to be looking into the possibility the handbrake may have failed on the Biffa truck.

Dad-of-three Maurice, who was known as Mo, died on Saturday night in hospital from his injuries.

His devastated family took to social media to pay tribute to the driver who they described as a ‘gentle giant’. Continue Reading

Course, it is fair to say that there have been a whole host of very strange bin-lorry crashes over the past couple of years and there has to be a reason behind them… Exactly what that reason is, is not immediately clear.

However, none of them received anywhere near the publicity that the Glasgow hoax did.

By the same token, I am sure that the hoax didn’t receive the press coverage that it did just so as TPTB could declare that the old fanny was not terrorist related.

So why make it up? Why go to the trouble of holding funerals for non-existent people?

The following are some – but far from all – of those stories involving bin-lorries:

A refuse lorry which crashed into a warehouse has not been removed because it is “holding the roof up”, the building’s manager has said.

The Biffa truck was collecting waste from the Jewson building in Watford when it crashed at about 11:15 GMT.

Branch manager Sam Williamson said the driver, who was taken to hospital and later discharged, “had a very, very lucky escape”.

Biffa said it was carrying out an investigation into the crash.

No one was in the warehouse at the time.

Mr Williamson said the crash had caused several tonnes of masonry and a reinforced concrete beam which “carries the main power supply” to come down on the lorry.

“A few more inches and it could have been through the windscreen,” he said.

“We were closed briefly while a structural engineer surveyed the damage and carried out safety checks.

“The lorry’s going to stay there until the beam can be removed, because frankly that’s what’s holding the roof up at the moment.” Source

Holding the roof up was it!



Now I did find another report on this ‘accident’ which sort of sheds a a bit more light on things in so much as where all the bricks came from:

Driver taken to hospital after truck crashes into Jewson, in Queens Avenue, West Watford Source

This incident took place on the 20th of November 2013 so it must be an annual thing for Biffa lorries and on Queen Avenue to boot. Other anomalies worthy of a mention although not major are

  • Why report that the lorry was holding up the roof when it wasn’t?
  • Why did the fire crew come all the way from Borehamwood, home to Elstree TV studios instead of nearby Watford?
  • Why is the damage inconsistent with the photos?
  • Why was the driver taken to hospital?


Makes very little sense does it?

Is it important? Does it matter?

Well yes, I think that it does because we are being lied to. And there has to be a reason for that.

Three months prior to that on the 22nd of August 2013 (the 22nd appears a good date for bin lorry crashes) the following took place in South Yorkshire:

A runaway dustbin lorry wreaked havoc in a Sheffield street yesterday when it smashed into two cars and  flattened a lamppost, before finally careering into a shocked pensioner’s front door.

Amazingly no-one was hurt after the Veolia wagon started on its trail of destruction when it took off down a hill at 9.45am while on its round in the South Yorkshire city.

Another runaway lorry! Yet I have never seen a driver get out of the cab to help empty the bins. Are these lorries that don’t seem to have working handbrakes never maintained?

Or don’t the drivers know where the handbrakes are either?

Jamie Smedley’s silver Vauxhall van was among the wreckage after it was picked up by the truck and dragged down the street.

“Picked up”? How the fuck was it picked up?

The 28-year-old shopfitter said: ‘I was in the house when I heard this “thud, thud, thud” and then a “bang”.

‘I came outside and saw the wagon had crashed into the house opposite, and my van, which had been parked at the bottom of my drive, was at the side of it.

Absolutely impossible, as you will see from the photos shortly.

‘The lorry had hit a black Corsa first and pulled that along the road, then dragged my car down the street, across the road and into the house.

What! Do all these cars have hooks on them? Total, total bollocks.

There was an elderly lady in at the time. I think she was a bit shaken up.’

Hands up who didn’t laugh at that. I mean, if an out of control bin-lorry knocks at your door you are bound to be shaken up, so imagine the state that poor old Ethel was in.

Mr Smedley added: ‘Veolia couldn’t apologise enough. I was just glad there were no kids playing out.

Diane Clayton, who owns the black Corsa, said: ‘I heard a “bang” and the next thing my neighbour came to alert me that my car had been damaged.’

How come Diane didn’t mention Ethel? Doesn’t she like her or something? I made Ethels name up by the way… Just sayin’.

The 59-year-old, who works as a housekeeper at the Northern General Hospital, added both of vehicles would probably have to be written off.

Works in a hospital aye? A bit like Danielle Dawsons mother then.

Police were called to the scene to direct traffic and National Grid was called in to fix the flattened street light.

Direct traffic! What fucking traffic?

A Veolia spokeswoman said: ‘We would like to apologise to all concerned. No-one was injured but there was some damage to vehicles and property.

‘We are carrying out an immediate investigation. We take health and safety extremely seriously.‘ Source

Hmmm, and once again no explanation. Never the less, lets have some photos:

article-2400952-1B6C596C000005DC-614_634x475 (1)

Then there is this one from January 2014:

HOMEOWNERS had a lucky escape yesterday after a huge refuse lorry ploughed into their drives.

The vehicle – owned by the Dorset Waste Partnership – was metres away from two properties in Marston Close, Blandford.

However, a brick wall separating the two homes brought the lorry to a halt before more significant damage could be done.

Teri Wareham, 45, was making lunch when she heard “an incredibly loud noise”.

“It sounded as if gravel was being delivered, but the sound went on and on and just got louder,” she said. Source


Now you can’t help but notice that the details of the accident are vague, and not as described. And again the driver was taken to hospital yet he couldn’t possibly have been hurt:

A spokesperson from Dorset County Council said: “A Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) vehicle has been involved in an incident in Marston Close, Blandford.

“The vehicle has crashed over a wall. The driver has been taken to hospital as a precaution and the other occupants are shaken but uninjured.

“The vehicle is waiting for recovery, but waste collection will be unaffected since another vehicle has already been dispatched. The cause of the crash will be determined by an investigation.”

Funny how you never read about the outcome of these crashes isn’t it?

An even stranger ‘accident’ took place on October 14th 2014 ( I don’t know if that is significant or not) again in Watford where the Biffa lorry crashed into the Jew-Sons building:

Waste management firm Cawleys has expressed its shock after a driver employed by the company died in Watford after becoming trapped under a waste collection vehicle.

Police are investigating after the man, who has yet to be identified, became trapped under the vehicle he had been driving at Woodside Leisure Park on the morning of October 14 2014. The vehicle caught fire as a result of the incident.


The driver – who is understood to have worked for Cawleys since 2011 – was freed by firefighters and airlifted to Watford General Hospital, but died later from his injuries.

The incident occurred in the car park of the leisure complex, where there is a Vue cinema, Hollywood Bowl and a number of restaurants.

Speaking last week, a spokesman for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue said: “When we got there, there was a person trapped under the vehicle and the vehicle was well alight. And so we used air mats to try to release that person – these inflate and lift the vehicle. We had four engines at the scene. We finished all our operations at 8.20am.”

He added: “We know it was accidental.”

Did they put the fire out first, since the lorry was “well alight”?

And how do they know that it was accidental?

Was the driver on his own? And if so what time did he start since the firemen were done and dusted at 8:20AM?

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire Constabulary added: “The Health and Safety Executive has been informed and police are working with the HSE and Watford borough council and partner agencies to establish the facts of what has happened. HM Coroner for Hertfordshire has also been made aware of the incident.”

If they still  have to “establish the facts of what has happened”, how can they know that it was “accidental”?

Speaking to today (October 20), Cawleys operations director Tony Goodman said the firm was still working with police to establish what had happened.

He said: “The fire was a result of what happened rather than a cause of the death. We are absolutely shocked by this. We don’t know really know what led to the incident and that is why it still sits with the police.”

Again, if they; “don’t know really know what led to the incident”, how do they know that the fire was a “result of what happened rather than a cause of the death”? I mean it seems to me that they haven’t a clue what fucking happened.

In a statement, the HSE said that it was not investigating the incident due to the nature of where it occurred, although it may be called in to provide specialist assistance at a later stage. Instead the investigation is being handled by Watford borough council.

Again, earlier on in the report it is clearly stated that: “police are working with the HSE and Watford borough council and partner agencies to establish the facts of what has happened”.

Is this the worst bit of news reporting ever?

It is not yet clear if the fatality will be counted among the waste sector deaths recorded by the HSE in its annual statistics.

A spokesman said: “We are not investigating, at least at this stage, as because the incident occurred on the grounds of a private leisure company, responsibility falls on the health and safety team at the local council, Watford borough council”.

A spokeswoman for Watford borough council said: “We are very saddened to learn of this incident. We are working closely with the police and doing all we can to assist them with their enquiries.” Source

And yet there was only one photograph of the incident.


I can’t see any evidence of a fire, can you?

However, things get even more bizarre when you read the Watford Observer’s account of the incident written on the 30th of October – over 2 weeks after the fact:

A man who died after becoming trapped under the waste disposal truck he was driving in Watford, has been identified as Peter Coleman.

Mr Coleman, from Dunstable in Bedfordshire, died in hospital hours after becoming trapped under the waste disposal truck he was driving during a collection at Woodside Leisure Park on Saturday, October 11.

That’s a good start then. He has got the day wrong… Or one of them has at least.

An investigation into the cause of the incident is ongoing. At the time police suggested the 54-year-old got out of the truck before it rolled back on him. As a result of the incident, the truck caught fire.

The investigation is being led byHertfordshire Constabulary.  

He was airlifted to hospital with “extremely serious injuries” from the rear of the Woodside Leisure Park shortly after 6.33am that morning.


Earlier this month, Tony Goodman, operations director of Cawleys, told the Watford Observer his driver was on a routine pick-up of chemical waste and recyclable material from the site off the Kingsway North Orbital 
Road when tragedy struck. Source

Mind you, the Watford Observer were probably taking a leaf out of the Sun’s book.

You see, the Sun newspaper also tends to tell tales whilst the accompanying photos tell quite another:

A DRIVER had to be cut free and 37 others were hurt after a horror rush-hour crash between a bus and a bin lorry yesterday.

Morning rush-hour traffic was plunged into chaos as the lorry toppled over and blocked the road.

The front of the packed bus was completely destroyed and the driver was trapped inside. The driver of the lorry had to kick himself free through a window.

Police sealed off the area as emergency services battled to free the trapped driver.

The accident happened at 9.30am at Glasgow’s Anderston Cross.

Residents living several hundred metres away reported hearing a loud bang.

Ten ambulances were called and passengers were treated at the scene.

Both drivers were taken to hospital but had only received minor injuries.

Student Stephanie Reid, 20, who cut her head, said: “Everyone started screaming. Someone opened the emergency exit and we all just ran out.”

Salesman Brian Malone, 52, injured his shins in the smash.

He said: “There was no chance to stop at all.

“The bus hit the lorry and it just went right over.”

Sam Jones, 43, who lives nearby, added: “I heard the bang and thought something had come off the bridge.” Source

Fuck me it all happens in Glasgow doesn’t it albeit this incident took place in 2010.

But I mean to say: “The front of the packed bus was completely destroyed and the driver was trapped inside. The driver of the lorry had to kick himself free through a window.

Police sealed off the area as emergency services battled to free the trapped driver”.

That is well bad innit?

But only 10 ambulances! Fuck me, they had treble that amount on the 22nd of December 2014.

Yet when you look at the photo you realise that the story is a load of bollox.

SNA0112A-682_1055150a (1)

Yet when you think of all the publicity that the George Street hoax got you have to wonder why so little publicity was given to these other hoaxes?

Indeed, if you buy into the George Street hoax, nine people were killed by bin lorries in Scotland in a 6 week period the last of them being killed a week after the much publicised false fanny:

The man is the ninth person killed on Scottish roads in bin lorry accident since the end of November.

On November 22, lorry driver Maurice Willis, 58, was killed in South Queensferry as he tried to stop his vehicle when it rolled out of a pub car park on to a busy promenade.

And on December 3, 80-year-old wheelchair user Peter Wills died when he was hit by a bin lorry in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire.

On December 22, six people – five of them women – were killed when an out-of-control bin lorry careered down Queen Street and across George Square in Glasgow. Source

Death crash scene

On a hill to boot!

As was the ding-dong in the dingle which took place on the 31st of July 2014:

Terrified pedestrians jumped out of the path of a runaway truck as it made its way through the heart of a busy tourist town yesterday.

The driver of the waste collection truck was taken to hospital and three people sitting in cars hit by it in Dingle, Co Kerry, were taken to the medical centre.

“It’s a miracle no pedestrians were injured — the streets would normally be crowded with people at that time of the day and at this time of the year,’’ said Sergeant Noel Burke.

Fuck me, I got a bit of deja vu reading that… Have you noticed that there is a pattern opening up though, in so much as we are told that all these roads would usually be busy but as luck would fucking have it, they wasn’t on the day of the ‘crash’.

Dingle is enjoying a bumper peak season, with visitors from many parts of the world.

The drama started around 1.30pm when the truck appeared to get out of control, near the library, in Green St, and moved downhill towards the town centre.

It came to a halt after crossing a junction and crashing into the window of a woollen shop beside Garvey’s Supermarket in Holy Ground, about 200m away.

How the fuck does a lorry “get out of control” when the driver is in the fucking thing?

Course by telling us that it “got out of control near the library”, helps us immensely!!!

Tellingly, the lorry run down a HILL, onto HOLY GROUND about 200 meters away… The same distance as the Glasgow bin-lorry then.

As the driver sounded the horn, people on the street leapt out of the way.

What were the daft cunts walking in the road for?

“When people heard the continuous beeping of the horn, they knew something was wrong and scattered as quickly as they could. It all happened so fast and was very frightening,’’ said one eyewitness.

The lorry clipped six cars and two were extensively damaged by the impact. Three people sitting in the parked cars were taken to Dingle Medical Centre and some were said to have been suffering from shock.

Had they nothing better to do than sit in their cars then?

Yet if old Paddy had concentrated less on bipping his hooter he might have been able to avoid smashing into PARKED cars… A bit like the young fella driving that lorry in Bath… He was bipping his hooter too:

The truck driver, believed to have sustained a limb injury, was taken by ambulance to Kerry General Hospital, Tralee.

Green St, Strand St and Holy Ground, all in the centre of Dingle, were closed for several hours after the accident and major traffic congestion resulted. The streets were reopened to traffic last evening.

Gardaí are investigating and their technical experts are to examine the truck and the accident scene.

Gardaí would not comment on speculation that brake failure caused the truck to run down Green St out of control. Source

Brake failure doesn’t cause a vehicle to lose control! Are we supposed to assume Paddy didn’t know where the hand brake was? And was he struck dumb by the trauma since he appears not to have been questioned about the incident?

Shall we have some photos then?


There is – as you will not be surprised to learn – another story just like this one, and the other ones, which occurred in Wales on 08/04/08:

A runaway recycling truck left a £50,000 trail of wreckage in a quiet village when it ran out of control down a steep hill.

The wagon was collecting green rubbish bags when it suddenly careered through the village, smashed into six cars and demolished a telegraph pole.

Amazingly, no-one was hurt by the truck’s 500-yard trail of destruction on the village hill.

Recycling worker Dean Leather, 23, told how he was collecting the green bags when his 20-tonne truck began rolling away.

He said: “I had just got off the wagon and, as I turned to throw two bags on, it started rolling down the road.

“I chased behind it and saw it smash into a Rover car, then a w

hite van. Then, amazingly, it missed the bus coming straight up the hill.

“It then hit a parked Audi convertible, took out a telegraph pole and hit another three parked cars at the bottom of the street.

“It then ploughed into the garage at the side of an end-of-terrace house.”

An investigation is under way into the drama at the village of Ynysybwl, near Pontypridd, South Wales.

Driver Lyndon Gough, 49, was in the truck throughout the drama and mystery surrounds how it started rolling away.

But he was praised for steering it away from the school bus and trying to bring it under control without any injuries…

… Neighbour Martyn Lane said: “The garage at the bottom of the hill which the wagon ploughed into went up in the air like dust.

“It’s hard to say what has gone wrong – it could be a mechanical fault, the brakes could have failed or the accelerator could have been stuck.

“The driver is a bit of a hero in my opinion.”

The investigation is being conducted by South Wales Police and Rhondda Cynon Taf Council who operate the recycling service. Source

And once again we are told that 6 cars were hit, the driver was a hero despite not being able to stop the lorry and despite taking the half dozen motors out, he somehow managed to steer the lorry around a SCHOOL BUS coming up the HILL in the opposite direction.

Tellingly the bus does not appear in any of the photos.

Moreover, in true false flag tradition we hear early on from a witness who designates the driver a hero and comes up with a reason for why the old fanny happened.

Photos please:


Want another one?

Try this one from 18/08/00:

It appears that the truck’s brakes may have failed as it began its descent on Georges Street, and in a desperate attempt to stop, the driver veered to the side of the road, crashing through double garage doors of DAWN, Drogheda Area Women’s Network, finally grinding to a halt in the front door and hall of the building.

‘Only he took evasive action the situation could have been much worse,’ said a Garda spokesperson.

‘We got a terrible shock,’ said centre’s co-ordinator, Noreen O’Donnell. ‘Everytime I hear the sound of a lorry now I jump. Another five feet and he would have landed in the creche which, fortunately, wasn’t open that day,’ said Ms. O’Donnell. ‘There were five women upstairs doing computer training but they weren’t injured thankfully.’

Massive traffic disruption followed the crash, with diversions in operation until after 5pm. The footpath around DAWN has been sealed off to pedestrian traffic since the incident.

Classes held at DAWN have been suspended but should recommence shortly in a new premises. ‘We will be relocating in the interim and are seeking new and larger premises in the long term,’ said co-ordinator Noreen O’Donnell. ‘We will do our utmost to have classes up and running shortly.

‘DAWN committee really appreciates the help and support we have got from other agencies in the town in our time of need, especially from Drogheda Partnersip, FAS, and DYD,’ continued Ms. O’Donnell. ‘Some courses take place off site anyhow and will not be affected.’

Regarding childcare offered at DAWN, approval will have to be obtained from the NEHB before it can commence in any other venue.

The George’s Street building now structurally unsafe and has been boarded up now and will be for the forseeable future. All equipment has been removed from the building by staff. Source

George Street!

“Crashing through double garage doors of DAWN, finally grinding to a halt in the front door and hall of the building”!

Out of control lorry, the driver saves the day!

Long delays!

Photos please.

FC/ Bin Lorry Crash 1

Shall we have one more, although I could continue going on seemingly forever… And that is without the bin-lorries that inexplicably burst into flames.

Indeed, these inexplicable staged accidents could be about Insurance fraud as well as ritual.

Never the less, have a butchers at this Chimp old fanny:

A mother and two babies narrowly escaped being crushed after a bin lorry rounded a corner and toppled over onto parked cars.

Michelle Brink watched in horror as the truck careered towards her with its tyres screeching and crashed just feet away, leaving three binmen trapped.

The 25-year-old had been sitting in a parked car with her ten-month-old son Andries and her friend’s eight-month-old baby Ethan. Luckily all three were uninjured. Continue reading

Now, what I want to know is how? As in how the fuck did the lorry tip over.

Photos purlease.


Course, this queer bin lorry malarkey isn’t exclusive to the UK.

In fact the photo that I used of the bin-lorry early on in this report to demonstrate how slow the Glasgow lorry was moving is taken from a Dutch news video about a dust-cart with a mind of its own.

Likewise the following screenshots are taken from an American news report about a bin lorry that had run over its driver… Like they do.


And indeed it could very well be about insurance:

Biffa boss says arsonists won’t shut him down

THE BOSS of a firm left counting the £1.7million cost of an arson attack has vowed his company will bounce back.

David Savory, director of environment and external affairs, at waste disposal firm Biffa, said the firm was continuing to trade as best it could after the fire, at its yard on Rawreth Industrial Estate, in Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh. Source

Very near to me is Rayleigh, in fact I have a brother who lives there… Not that I am suggesting that he started the fire.


And as I say, I would imagine that there is a lot of Satanic ritual going on with these strange ‘accidents’.

I mean, when body parts are discovered in a BIFFA bin in BRISTOL on August the 1st 2014, you just know that someone has been up to no good:

This is the first picture of the father-of-one whose body parts were found at a recycling plant.

Matthew Symonds, 34, was found at the Biffa waste depot in Avonmouth, Bristol, on Friday morning.

Police believe he may have been transported 45 miles in a recycling bin from his home town of Swindon.

Grim: The body parts of Matthew Symonds, 34, were discovered at a recycling plant in Bristol

Wiltshire Police’s senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Bevan said officers were still keeping an open mind with the investigation.

He said: ‘Police enquiries so far suggest the body was transported with commercial recycling waste collected in Swindon and therefore the focus of the investigation will be in that area going forward.

Mr Symonds’ own Facebook page revealed he had just recently been released from prison halfway through an eight-month sentence.

At Booth House, the Salvation Army’s base in the centre of Swindon, staff referred enquiries about Mr Symonds to local police.

One resident at the site recognised Mr Symonds as someone who had been staying there as recently as the weekend of July 26 and 27.

‘He had just come out of Bullingdon (Prison). I think it was for shop thefts, something like that – nothing violent.’

Mr Symonds’ entries on Facebook include comments indicating his grief at losing his mother, Madeline Leadbetter, who died last year.

He indicated that he had found her dead on the morning of September 9, two days after he was released from jail after serving six weeks of a 12-week sentence.His comments also show Nazi sympathisings.

As well as a drawing of a Second World War German soldier, with a swastika behind him, on March 19 this year he ranted: ‘I dont give a f*** about no 1 except my self and family any more.heil f***ing hitler.’

On the same day he wrote: ‘sieg hail.hail hitler’ (sic). Source

“Hail, hail” like the flatdick footballer who I wrote about in my quick fill in article the other day then.

But can we ignore the HEIL on the bin lorries?

And of course, things are never just that straight forward.

You see, I believe that Symons is also Gary Watson, a fella who was found murdered in his Glasgow home just last week:

THE family of a father who died following an incident at his home have spoken of their devastation.

Garry Watson, 27, was found dead inside his flat in Kennishead Avenue, Glasgow, on Thursday afternoon.

Police subsequently launched a murder inquiry and believe he died at some point between the early hours of Wednesday and the point when his body was discovered.

Mr Watson’s relatives said they will miss him very much.

In a statement released through police, his family said: “Garry was a loving father to Liam, a loving son of Gary and Angela, and a devoted brother to Jennifer, Natalie and Gemma. Continue reading

And obviously my belief is not just based on the fact that both photos are shite… As well as being the only two available, although obviously those facts both point to a false flag operation.

I did in fact reach that conclusion by overlaying the two photos using different back-lighting and transparency.

And for those closed minded fools amongst us, I should remind them that to get two supposedly different people from two totally different photos and find that they overlay practically perfectly must have the same odds as winning the lottery if they are not one of the same person.

FC/ Bin Lorry Crash 1

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that those two are the same fella… Which one of them was murdered and when, if indeed at all, is anyones guess.

Shall we have another bullshite story?

How about this one:

A BATTLING punter was celebrating yesterday after beating the bookies in a year-long legal battle.

And delighted Billy Hamilton said: “I couldn’t have done it without the Daily Record’s help publicising the story.”

We told last year how Rangers fan Billy bet £40 at 33-1 on his heroes going unbeaten throughout the 2013-14 League One season.

Billy outside the bookies

Billy said he laid the bet early in the campaign and got more and more excited as his team racked up the wins.

He stood to win almost £1400, and planned to use the cash to take wife Linda to Bali for his 50th birthday.

But Billy told us that as the season wound down, he was shocked to get a call from bookies LoganBet in Brechin. They told him they’d got the odds wrong and should only have given him 14-1.

Offshore worker Billy refused to take it lying down and sued to get his cash.

He told us at the time: “It’s not on. It’s the same as shortening the odds of a horse when it’s leading by 20 lengths down the home straight.

“I put the bet on early so I’d get good odds. Another punter made the same bet at 33-1 and LoganBet honoured it.”

The bookies refused to budge and the case went all the way to court. Source

I feel sure that you will already have guessed where this one is going.


And of course with the two Clutha victims being alive & well, you can understand why Nicola Sturgeon is pretending to kick off at Cameron for the hoax investigation taking so long to conclude.

Didn’t I tell ya that she is being thrust into the limelight:

NICOLA Sturgeon slated the length of the inquiry by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and condemned their refusal to pass findings to Crown Office in Scotland.

ICOLA Sturgeon has attacked delays and silence surrounding the Clutha disaster inquiry in a withering letter to the Prime Minister.

The First Minister slated the length of the inquiry by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and condemned their refusal to pass information and interim findings to the Crown Office in Scotland.

And she accused the AAIB and their bosses at the Ministry of Transport of “lacking respect and understanding” of the Scottish legal system and the need to keep bereaved families informed.

Ten people died after a police helicopter crashed through the roof of the Clutha bar in Glasgow on November 29, 2013. More than a year later, families are still waiting for answers about the cause.

The AAIB say an interim report is expected soon with a full report due
later in the year, but victims’ relatives are frustrated by the lack of information.

In her letter, Sturgeon asked Cameron to intervene to speed up the inquiry. Continue reading

Not much more to get through now.

However, since I have been writing this article, there has now been another update on the Bin-bollox.

Moreover, this time it is a drive to shore up the official narrative of the old crock of horseshit.

I fucking love when the useless cunts do this kind of thing because in endeavouring to do so, they make themselves and the story look proper, proper stupid:

The Sunday Post has had the main picture you see here in our possession since a few minutes after the bin lorry tragedy in Glasgow’s George Square.

At the time, we chose not to use the image. It would have been wrong to do so.

As our readers would expect, we acted responsibly and sensitively — in the same manner all our competitor newspapers did at that terrible time.

We decided there was a risk of adding to the raw grief of the victims’ families by publishing a picture, that we had exclusively, which showed the driver of the lorry, Harry Clarke, unconscious at the wheel.

However, the images here significantly add to the understanding of what happened on that day.

Newspapers exist to bring clarity and to explain to their readers what happened. The friends and relatives of the victims also deserve to know exactly what happened. Indeed, there have been persistent calls for more information

We knew Mr Clarke’s identity within days of the tragedy. However, we chose not to publish any of his details – or this picture – in order to not cause any distress.

Today we have decided to reveal the photograph, after careful editorial consideration, to underline and support Mr Clarke’s assertion that he knows nothing about the tragedy.

The timing is right and we needed to wait until Mr Clarke had recovered and was ready to tell his story.

The images add weight to claims the 57-year-old made in an interview last week that he was unconscious when the truck ran out of control, killing six shoppers and injuring several more.

Our main image shows passers-by rushing to the aid of a cabbie while Mr Clarke is slumped at his wheel after ploughing into the wall of a hotel.

That has to be the biggest pile of dogshit ever reported… I bet the journalist repeater was nigh on in tears writing that shite… Reading it made my my buttock cheeks clench anyway.

And of course, the bin-lorry didn’t plough into fuck all. Never the less, it is quite, quite obvious that the real reason that the photo has been published is not to prove that Sick ‘Arry’ had a heart attttacackcackcackahhh.

Indeed, the reason is to push the yellow railing old fanny so as the cunts can explain away why the two crew members didn’t take over following  Sick ‘Arrys’ heart attttacackcackcackahhh.

Anyway, I suppose I best show you this jolly jape of a crap snap… I couldn’t stop fucking laughing when I saw it, I really couldn’t.

image (3)

I think that it is totally unacceptable that the corrupt gangster cunts in government are allowed to get away with this shite, but it really makes my blood boil when the arse clinkers are making proper mug cunts of us in the process.

Never the less, the ‘lets make chumps out of our readers’ article continues:

The father-of-one’s identity was first disclosed by The Herald newspaper two weeks ago.

Since then he has revealed he’s been diagnosed with a heart condition.

The worker – who had a long and exemplary record as a driver – said in an interview that he knows “a lot of people want to know what happened that day”.

However he added: “I wish I could tell you but I can’t. I just want all of the families of the injured and deceased to know I can’t remember anything.

“I wish I could but I was unconscious.”

The member of the public who took this picture and passed it to us said, in his opinion, it clearly shows Mr Clarke was unconscious at the time of the incident.

He said: “You could see he was completely out cold.”

The series of snaps were taken in the chaotic first few seconds after the lorry hit the Millennium Hotel in December. Its main headlamps are still on while – in another heartbreaking shot – one of Mr Clarke’s clearly-distraught colleagues is being comforted, slumped against a wall.

See what I mean about taking us for proper thick fucks?

And the fella that they are talking about who is “clearly distraught” is not ‘fit as a fiddle’ Arry’s mate. He is the road sweeper who didn’t bat a fucking eyelid at the false fanny.

In fact, I have already proved in Part 1 that the roadsweeper creeper is played by 2 different pieces of dog turd. The Shit before the lorry crawls to a rest is a skinhead spook. The fella who replaces him is a moptop useful idiot.

image (1) image (1)

The article then concludes:

The passer-by who took the photographs said it was a scene he’ll never forget.

The Crown Office is expected to make a decision on the case by the end of the month.

But the full facts may not be known for some time. Fatal accident inquiries can sometimes take several years.

Erin McQuade, 18, and grandparents Lorraine Sweeney, 69, and Jack Sweeney, 68, all from Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Gillian Ewing, 52, from Edinburgh, and Stephenie Tait, 29, and Jacqueline Morton, 51, both from Glasgow, lost their lives in the accident.

Last week, family members of those killed offered their support to Mr Clarke, who is recovering from the accident at home with daughter Karen, 32.

An un-named cousin of victim Erin McQuade has said: “I hope he can get on with his life.”

Marc Gardiner, a nephew of Jack Sweeney, added: “I hope he is recovering okay and I hope mentally he is doing good also. It’s a horrible thing to have to live with.” Source

And there are a couple more new photos, wanna see ’em’?

Of course ya do.


As for the new accident that involved an out of control lorry on a HILL near BRISTOL & BATH – the knights templar and whatnots – which allegedly killed 4? Well it certainly has the ingredients of a false flag but there is a little nagging voice telling me to hold tight and see how it unfolds… And I always listen to that voice.

“Spivey hears voices as well as dresses like a woman”!

That will be the next topic of conversation to fill up the comments section on that useless dwarf’s errr… Site type thing where people go to talk about me.

Other false stories doing the rounds at the moment are the middle class couple living at Heathrow airport… They are having a nice little payday out of it… And they even have the front to say: “How could anyone think we’re lying?

Homeless couple living at Heathrow are ‘horrified’ at claims they made up story for money – as generous strangers raise £9,000 to help them” Source

They are proper fucking liars, and I have in fact come across their fake Facebook profiles, but I am fucked if I can find them again – I wasn’t looking for them since I didn’t know about the story at the time…

Kind-hearted strangers offered up their spare bedrooms to a middle-class couple forced to sleep in Heathrow after losing their home.

Well-wishers flooded Katrina Smith, 62, and Alan Lane, 71, with offers after reading of their plight in the Daily Mail this weekend. 

The couple spend five nights a week sleeping in Heathrow Airport after losing their home in Dorset and all of their savings. 

Their only luxury is a room in a £50 airport B&B twice a week when they forego proper meals for beds and access to a washing machine.  

Alan Lane and Katrina Smith have been inundated with offers of accommodation from kind-hearted strangers since sharing their story. The couple have been sleeping at Heathrow Airport after losing their home 18 months ago

Within hours of their story being shared online, the couple received more than £9,000 in donations from kind strangers across the world via a Go Fund Me page set up in their name

Different surnames again… Yawn.

Although you just gotta love “Go Fund Me”! Friend to crisis actors everywhere.

Still, if people are that fucking dumb that they believe the load of old fanny about the OAP’s… Well they will be reading that there stunted Welsh plagiarist’s errr… Site type thing next.

He is a funny little fucker… Mental as ya fucking like… Deluded as ya fucking like… But funny as fuck.

Another story doing the rounds that I believe to be a hoax is that of Alan BARNES, the disabled pensioner who was allegedly mugged whilst wheeling his dustbin out to the front of his house.

The attack left BARNES – a significant surname but I can’t tell you why because of my bail conditions – with a fractured shoulder and too scared to remain in his home.

Now, apparently after reading about the mugging, 21 year old Katie Cutler felt sorry for Alan and decided to try and raise around £500 to help the pensioner relocate. This led to the public donating over £330,000… Yes you read that right… A third of a million pounds.

The following is what Katie wrote on the GO FUND ME page that she set up:

On Sunday night 67 year old Alan Barnes was attacked & knocked to the ground outside his home, on Hillside Place in Low Fell. Alan was born with a number of defects including sight & growth problems after his mother contracted German Measles during Pregnancy.

Having been knocked to the ground by the thug who attempted to rob him, he suffered a broken collar bone and has been left extremely distressed.

Alan is too frightened to return to his home so with the help of his sister he’s looking for new accommodation. I’m trying to raise £500 for Alan which will help him towards the cost of relocating in order for him to feel safe & carry on with his life.

After reading his article on the I was so upset that anyone could target a disabled pensioner & be so cruel.

We can’t take away what has happened but with a little donation we can make the future a prettier one & help towards the cost of his new home. Thank you all. Source

Katie Cutler set up a fund to help disabled pensioner Alan Barnes after he was attacked in the street

He looks a bit like Prince Charles don’t cha think?

And after finding himself three hundred and thirty grand better off, Alan graciously asked Cutler to put a block on the donating.

Cutler, happy to oblige promptly put the following message on the GO FUCKING FUND ME page:

Good morning, after speaking with Alan & his family. They have asked me to stop any further donations to his fund. He is very grateful for all your love, support & donations. We will be having a little presentation to hand him his cheque so I’ll keep you all updated

They have also asked that you can spare your time to read Kacies Story
Thank you all do much. X

Unfortunately, Cutler does not seem to be having the same success with young Kacie’s fundraising, what with only eight and a half grand having been donated so far.

And this must be a bit of a blow for young Katie Cutler – who has her own beauticians shop apparently – since she had set her sights higher by hoping to raise £11 Grand for Kacie:

Katie, meanwhile, is a 21-year-old mum. She has 15 GCSEs, a set of very lustrous hair extensions, runs her own beauty salon and dreams of being a manicurist to the stars.

Over the past week she has been called ‘the Angel of the North’, ‘Alan’s fairy godmother’ and an online campaign is calling for her to be awarded an OBE. 

Because Katie also has an extraordinarily big heart — even if that’s not quite how she’s put it herself.

‘I’m quite a sensitive person. I always have been,’ she says quietly. ‘I can’t watch the news very often because afterwards I can’t stop thinking about it and it gets me so upset. It sounds silly but I sort of feel people’s pain. I could talk to a complete stranger and get a bit choked.’

So last Thursday, when she read a local news story about a physically disabled pensioner being mugged, hurled to the ground, left with a broken collar bone and too afraid to return to his council flat, just 20 minutes from her home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, she took action immediately — setting up an online donation page in his name.

‘I just thought, if I can get £500 to pay for new carpets and curtains in his new place, it’d be nice. Just a bit to show him that people cared.

As anyone who has opened a newspaper, watched television or listened to the radio in the past week will know, that’s when things went a little crazy.

Because Katie’s ambitious £500 target was achieved in less than an hour.

By last Saturday, she’d raised more than £50,000. By Sunday more than 21,000 people from all around the world had donated £281,122. It wasn’t just money. One kind person promised a kitchen for Alan’s new home. Others offered a bathroom and a conservatory.

Removal companies, cleaning companies and security firms all offered services free of charge. Alan’s also been inundated with offers of free groceries, free meals and free drinks.

By Wednesday morning, with the fund tipping £330,145 and offers of gifts and services coming out of their ears, Katie, Alan and his astonished family thanked everyone very much indeed, then asked them to stop giving and closed the fund.

‘It’s all been a bit crazy,’ adds Katie, clearly rather shaken by the whole turn of events.

‘I thought this sort of thing only happened to other people — to famous people, or when there’d been a disaster,’ adds Alan, ‘It’s very kind, but it’s more than enough. So I’d like to pass some of it on to other people who might need it more.’

Today, Alan (in a hand-knitted tank top and right arm still in a sling) and Katie are sitting on her brown corduroy sofa in the cottage in Gateshead she shares with her boyfriend John, 28, and their daughter Gracie, nearly three.

They have been holding hands since Alan arrived.

‘People say she’s my fairy godmother. I don’t know what she is, but she’s absolutely magic,’ he says, beaming. ‘It’s as if all the good has somehow cancelled out the bad.’

And it was bad. A vulnerable man attacked outside his own brightly lit front door at six o’clock in the evening as he put the bins out.

His assailant demanded money, rifled through Alan’s empty pockets and then pushed him to the ground, smashing his collarbone and damaging his knees.

‘He wasn’t massive, but I suppose I’m not very big! I shouted for help and he ran away.’ It was over in seconds but, for Alan, everything had changed.

‘I knew instantly I wouldn’t ever be coming back. I was too afraid. I’m a person who makes decisions quickly and sticks to them.’

For a small man, Alan has a steely look about him — perhaps because he has overcome so many obstacles in life. Born the eldest of six children to a modest family in Gateshead, he has lived in the town all his life.

As a baby he did not flourish and underwent a pioneering cataract operation to restore some sight to his right eye when he was just one.

‘It helped. Today I can tell colours, but not much more.’ Continue Reading


What an angel and no fucking messing

Mind you, the Northumbria plod weren’t going to fuck about either:

The thug who attacked disabled Alan Barnes is now one of Tyneside’s most wanted criminals, a leading officer said today.

Chief Inspector Mick Lillico has urged the would-be robber to hand himself in.

And he warned that every Northumbria Police officer is now looking for the crook, as police remain determined to see him caught.

It has been more than a week since a mystery man pushed 67-year-old Alan over outside his Gateshead home, and searched his pockets for cash.

And today, as the manhunt continues, Chief Insp Lillico told the Chronicle the case has become one of the force’s priorities.

He said: “Every officer in Gateshead and across the Northumbria Police area is fully aware of what occurred and everyone is working to trace the offender, he is very high in our priority list.

“We will get him eventually, there is no doubt.”

Chief Insp Lillico has issued a personal message to the attacker, urging him to hand himself in.

He added: “In time Northumbria Police will find you, you will be arrested and you will come to court. So I would ask that you come to a police station and hand yourself in.”

Alan was born with sight and growth problems after his mum contracted German measles during pregnancy.

He targeted as he moved his wheelie bin outside his bungalow, on Hillside Place inLow Fell, last Sunday evening.

Without warning a stranger knocked frail Alan to the ground before searching his pockets for cash, at around 6.30pm.

The attacker then fled empty-handed leaving his victim, who is just 4ft 6ins tall and weighs less than six stone, with a broken collar bone.

Alan’s sight problems have meant he is unable to give police a detailed description of the mugger.

However, detectives say they do have potential forensic evidence, which is now being fast-tracked by scientists.

“Because Alan is partially sighted we are really struggling to get a good description of the offender, so we are having to rely on other methods,” said Chief Insp Lillico.

“At the moment we have got a number of lines of inquiry including, forensics and CCTV, and we still need the public’s help.”

Since the Chronicle told Alan’s story last week, thousands of well-wishers have flooded an online fundraising page with donations for the 67-year-old. Read More

Chief inspector Mike Lillico talking about the Alan Barnes attack at Whickham police station

Chief inspector Mike Lillico

And they now have their man, 25 year old Richard Gatiss who has apparently been remanded in custody:

Richard Gatiss has been remanded in custody after making his first appearance at court in connection with the incident.

The 25-year-old was brought before Gateshead Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

Gatiss, of Split Crow Road in the town, is charged with assaulting Mr Barnes, with intent to rob, on Sunday January 25.

Alan who is disabled and registered blind, was allegedly pushed to the ground outside his home on Hillside Place in Low Fell as he moved his wheelie bin.

Police launched an investigation after Mr Barnes struggled to a neighbour’s home for help, and officers made an arrest during the early hours of Monday morning.

The curly-haired accused spoke only to confirm his name, address, and date of birth, during the brief hearing.

He sat in the dock listening as Keith Laidlaw, prosecuting, told the bench the charge was so serious the case would have to go to Newcastle Crown Court.

 Mr Laidlaw said: “The Crown would invite you to send the matter to the Crown Court today.”

He also asked that Gatiss be remanded in custody until his next appearance, which will be on February 24.

Chair of the bench Sue Eltringham said: “Yes, we would send it to Crown Court.”

There was a heavier than usual police presence as Mr Gatiss made his first appearance, after news outlets around the country reported on the alleged attack on Mr Barnes.

Two uniformed officers sat at the back of the courtroom throughout the hearing. Source

Facebook photo of Richard Gatiss


So what is my problem?

Well, just about everything to be honest.  The story absolutely fuckng stinks.

Lets start with the fundraising. Alan lives in a council flat and would be relocated for free, but the attack itself makes no sense.

You see, all the bins down Alan’s road are already out front. So why are all the reports stating that Alan was wheeling it from his backyard out to the front?


Course, my theory that this is a bollox story is not just based on the bin anomaly.

I mean, it also has to be said that mugging an OAP is a cunt of a thing to do, but as muggings go, this one was pretty lame.

Indeed, Barnes has only fractured his collarbone, not broken it… Which of course is not trivialising the situation. But if there had been real intent behind the attack, I feel sure that Little Al would have been far more seriously hurt.

And it is quite obvious that – had the attack been genuine, and I am not even saying it wasn’t – then obviously Little Al done his shoulder falling to the ground… Gatliss didn’t karate chop him or anything.

However, how the fuck did the plod catch Gatliss? After all, the mugging sounds like something a desperate crack-head would do, not a hardened criminal with extra plod drafted into court presumably to protect the public:

He pushed me down and put his hands in my pockets, then told me to give him my money, but I didn’t have any.

‘I shouted ‘help’ and then he ran off. As soon as he had gone I got up, and I knew I had been hurt.’

Mr Barnes’s broken collar-bone will take nearly two months to heal, in which time he will need special care.

He added: ‘I’m just frustrated now that I can’t do anything for myself. They say it will take four to six weeks for me to recover. Source

Fuck me, in the one sentence they say that it is going to take nearly two months to heal in which time he will need special care – I didn’t know that there was any special care for a fractured collarbone… Perhaps they mean Special K.

And then in the very next sentence the Chimp quotes Barnes as saying: “They say it will take four to six weeks for me to recover”.

So, it won’t take nearly 2 months at all… It is only a fracture.

Never the less, the Plod – after going all out – caught Gatliss by his DNA… What fucking DNA, it was over in seconds!

Yet the plod have apparently gone overboard and all out to catch the cunt… Which is admiral yet the useless twanks should be going all out on all crime.

And heinous as it is, there are much worse crimes being committed than pushing an old man to the ground and having a quick rifle through his pockets.

Now that is again not trivialising the act, but fuck me, even a crack-head should have known that attacking an old-fella wheeling a bin outside of his house, on a council estate is not going to yield more than a few pence.

Yet Gatiss warranted extra plod in court and was remanded in custody? It doesn’t ring true to me at all.

Moreover, Barnes is being touted as frail, blind, uneducated and vulnerable whilst at the same time being praised for living on his own, working – past retirement age – walking miles every fucking day and knitting a blanket for his doppelganger, Prince Charles (from a difficult pattern to follow), whilst entertaining children with his lightening mathematical skills… As always, the Press want it both ways, which is a major clue to a hoax story.

In fact I am surprised that the little fella didn’t turn round and twat Gatliss.

And as for the £11 grand that Cutler is now trying to raise for a £27 Grand wheelchair for Kacie, who could apparently die any second… It is all a bit cutesy, caring,“look at me, I give a fuck” type bollocks, when you just know that it is anything but.

I mean, quite where the other £16 Grand for the wheelchair is coming from is anyones guess… Indeed, you would have thought that Alan would have bought the poor little child a wheelchair.

I mean had he done he would still have had over £300 Grand left for himself – which is £300 Grand that he didn’t have two weeks ago:

 Hello my name is Katie Cutler & I set up the Alan Barnes Fund… Tonight I met a very special Little Girl called Kacie, who for the past year has lived between home & hospital.

Kacie has the severest form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Type 1. SMA is a genetic Muscular disease and children who have it are not able to hold up their heads, roll over, crawl, sit up without support, or walk.

All of their muscles are extremely weak, with the weakest muscles being the legs, upper arms, and neck. SMA affects all muscle systems including sucking, swallowing, digesting food, and excretion.

The life expectancy of these children is very short & children rarely see it past their second Birthday, however every child is different & Kacie will reach 3 on the 12th of April. Kacie so desperately needs a special wheelchair which costs £27000, that despite her severe weakness and young age this will give her a new lease of life, for however long that might be.

It will be customised especially for her Source

And of course, people are now calling for Cutler to be given an OBE!


I mean she only set up a GO FUCKING FUND ME page, with the hope of raising 500 nicker. The fact that people wanted to mug themselves off donate was fuck all to do with anything that she did.

Yet clever Kate with her 15 fucking O-levels is apparently that clever that she doesn’t even know what an OBE is:

And the campaign for Katie Cutler OBE? ‘I didn’t know what one was, to be honest. But I’d like to meet the Queen. I’d rather that than an OBE, whatever it is.’

But even then, that is nowhere near the extent of the problem that I have with this bullshit.

Photos please.

25461E9600000578-0-image-m-54_1423260522753 (1)

And of course, I have Adele down as playing Samantha Lewthwaite, but if you want to find that article, which is still on here, then you will have to find it yourself because if I put the link on here, guess what? I will be breaking my bail conditions… That is the mentality of our law-makers.

However, if I am right about Cutler being Brown – which I believe that I am – then the latest bit of old fanny published today 14/2/15, is just more in a long line of bullshit from the Chimp:

Disabled pensioner Alan Barnes, who was mugged outside his home last month, said receiving £330,000 from well-wishers was ‘like a fairy story’ as he spoke at a glitzy ball in his honour.

The celebration was organised by Katie Cutler, the 21-year-old beautician who started the fundraising campaign which led to 25,000 people donating worldwide. 

The 4ft 6in visually-impaired pensioner, 67, said he still had no firm plans on how to spend the money but has previously hinted at buying a house near his new friend Katie. Source

'Fairy story': Disabled pensioner Alan Barnes, pictured with Katie Cutler, who organised the appeal, thanked people who donated as he spoke at a celebration thrown in his honour

And it certainly sounds like bullshit to me.

Oh, and I best make a quick correction here.

In the last batch of photos I have Plodman Lilico/Bazza Sweeney down as looking like flight MH17 victim John ALLEN.

Indeed, ALLEN – who was a TOP LAWYER *sigh – is in all probability Barry Sweeneys other son, Liam, the one who didn’t die beside Johnny Allen.


Keeps it in the family though doesn’t it?

And I best give you a bit about Paris Brown before I carry on with the photos, hadn’t I?

Britain’s first youth police commissioner was facing urgent calls to quit last night after she tweeted a torrent of foul-mouthed rants boasting about her sex life, drug taking and drinking binges.

Paris Brown, 17, also posted violent, racist and anti-gay comments.

She was appointed last week to the £15,000 taxpayer-funded post to represent young people’s views on policing.

But politicians last night insisted that her position was untenable after her disgusting outbursts were revealed by The Mail On Sunday.

In one she appears to condone drug-taking, revealing: ‘I really wanna make a batch of hash brownies.’ Elsewhere she complains: ‘Worst part about being single is coming from a party/night out horny as f*** and having to sleep alone.’

Another says: ‘Been drinking since half 1 and riding baby walkers down the hall at work oh my god i have the best job ever haha!!’ And in one vile message, she says: ‘i want to f****** cut everyone around me.’ Elsewhere she rails against gays as ‘fags’, immigrants as ‘illegals’ and travellers as ‘pikeys’, while admitting she has ‘a thing for older men’ – an apparent reference to a teacher at her former school.

Just two months ago, Miss Brown wrote: ‘F****** hell why are the people from Direct Pizza so difficult to talk too!! IT IS CALLED ENGLISH. LEARN IT.’

And she attacked the male actors in the reality show Made In Chelsea, writing: ‘Everyone on Made in Chelsea looks like a f****** fag.’

In the months leading up to her appointment she repeatedly demonstrated her apparent disdain for the law and propensity to anti-social behaviour. Source

I should also point out that Paris Brown was appointed by the Kent’s Police & Crime Commissioner, wait for it, wait for it… Ann BARNES.

Now as most of you know, I have been very critical of Essex PCC Nick Alston recently. However Ann BARNES makes Alston look almost adequate.

In fact BARNES was back in the news just a couple of days ago (12/2/15):

Kent’s gaffe-prone police and crime commissioner who had to apologise after making a ‘toe-curling’ appearance on a ‘disaster’ TV documentary has used £16,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for media training, it has emerged.

Ann Barnes, who started her £85,000-a-year post in November 2012, spent thousands on PR consultants who were hired to give the force communications advice to improve its ‘brand’.

It has also emerged that £2,400 was spent providing media training for youth commissioner Kerry Boyd, who was twice suspended after admitting having an affair with a Tory councillor more than twice her age. Continue reading

LOL at Kerry Boyd.

Boyd was of course appointed after Paris Brown got the tin-tack.


Ann-Barnes-and-Paris-Brown Whatever ya do, don’t look Barnes in the eye.

Okay, we are really going to go down that Rabbit hole now.

So let’s get straight on with the photos then… Oh, and you do know that Malaysia Flight MH 17 was just bollocks designed to allow the cunts in government to start WW3 with Russia… I only ask because I am going to be mentioning it a lot from now on… You did?

Good, then I shall carry on.


Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about how all the football clubs link up… And you know why I can’t by now. Furthermore it is an important link too.

Course, there is something fundamentally wrong when I am posting photos of corrupt or fake coppers yet I am barred from telling you about a major act of treason.

Nevertheless, on with the photos.

vincentkompany (1)1

And before we carry on with Barry Sweeney, we may as well have a full house of recent hoaxes whilst we are at it. And fuck me, this one really takes the bastard piss.

On January 17th 2013, at approximately 8AM experienced Helicopter pilot Peter BARNES heading for ELSTREE TELEVISION STUDIOS was forced to abandon that plan due to a thick early morning fog hanging over the Capital.

Flying dangerously low, at around 700 feet – a definite no, no over London – the helicopters blade clipped a tower crane located at … Wait for it, wait for it … ST GEORGE WHARF, sending the helicopter plunging to the ground killing BARNES and Matthew Wood who was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time:

A small change in weather conditions could have ‘trapped’ the experienced helicopter pilot who crashed in the capital, killing himself and a pedestrian below, an aviation expert claimed today.

David Learmount spoke after the helicopter clipped a tower in Vauxhall, central London, at 8am yesterday and plunged 700ft to the ground, killing pilot Pete Barnes, 50, and Matthew Wood, 39.

The conditions near The Tower St George Wharf may have become very tough, stopping the pilot from landing where he wanted, the operations and safety editor of Flight International magazine said. Source


Okay, let’s take a look at the pilot Peter BARNES – who as I said, is also friends to the stars.



Indeed it may be but that doesn’t make it any less true. In fact it all makes perfect sense to me.

Nevertheless, back to Bazza and his tricks.

1405697875732_wps_22_Liam_Sweeney_at_Christmasa140718-mh17-malaysia-victims-1830_6f78fe756aaaabf3e913b6029f9f8e18a44444444444Malaysia-Flight-MH17 (1)02_manhandling-of-corpses-MH17

Well, if the MSM can make up old bollocks then why shouldn’t I be able to add to it?

However, once again I will stress the football theme that is certainly part of all the bigger hoaxes.

Nevertheless, I cannot demonstrate to you the major connection with football and these hoaxes – in particular certain football clubs – because of my bail conditions.

Therefore you will have to take my word for it, although I have already documented some of the connections which can still be found on this site. Unfortunately, I cannot add what must be one of the final pieces of the jigsaw which connects it all together.

Certainly, Newcastle Utd, Sunderland, Rangers and Celtic play a big part. I mean, we have already seen Alan Pardew greeting Bazza Sweeney at Liams funeral, like a long lost, dear, dear friend, whilst Pardew makes sure that the ‘order of service’ is in clear and overstated view of the cameras.

Here are a few more photos:



Indeed, you have to question what many were doing on that flight given their destinations and reasons for travel.

Course, if you feel like it you can in fact read many of the victims stories which unintentionally makes most of their journey’s a joke, by clicking HERE

Never the less, there can be no getting away from the fact that the hoax surrounding Flight MH17 was a very dangerous one for us as a nation.

mirror-frontAnd war is looking inevitable when you have hundreds of thousands of brain-dead zombies reading the likes of Domidick Handfuck or whatever Dominic Sandbrook’s name is… Cunt would be accurate:

Yesterday, watching the news on television, I saw something that felt like a scene from the darkest days of World War II.

In an apartment building in Kramatorsk, a railway town north of the breakaway Ukrainian city of Donetsk, a weeping mother films Russian separatists’ rockets coming closer and closer to her tower block. As the shells burst on the horizon and the sobs catch in her throat, it is impossible to mistake the sense of looming tragedy.

Scenes like this were supposed to have disappeared from the European continent a generation ago. For centuries, it had been scarred by bloodshed and fear, but when the Cold War ended, we told ourselves that it could never happen again.

Horror: Relatives of a victim killed by shelling in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramotorsk yesterday. Scenes like this were supposed to have disappeared from the European continent a generation ago

But the conflict in Ukraine, now perilously close to all-out war, has turned that naive optimism on its head. And as the Kremlin-backed separatists push further west, using their superior weaponry to outfight their Ukrainian adversaries, it is increasingly clear that the West has utterly and shamefully failed to halt President Vladimir Putin’s expansionist ambitions. 

The terrible irony of the Ukrainian conflict is that it is happening in precisely the same eastern borderlands that suffered the worst horrors of the 20th century. It was in the villages of Ukraine that Stalin’s demented policies saw some ten million people killed by starvation, and it was there, a few years later, that the Nazi occupiers murdered millions of Jews. Continue Reading

We are the warmongers, not the Kremlin.

And just briefly returning to the Flight MH17 hoax before I move on, it is worth mentioning that whilst we are led to believe that airlines the world over are having trouble staying in business, Air Malaysia appears to be the exception if Flight MH17 is anything to go by.

You see, 298 people were killed on board the 282 seat aeroplane including the FOUR pilots one of whom was naturally the best pilot in the world.

Yet of the 10 Brits killed, Liams ‘dad’ Barry Sweeney – the man of 1000 different personas – received by far the most attention.

However, if this next bit doesn’t make you ROFL – whatever ROFL is – then you definitely are not with the program pal.

vincentkompany (1)

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA… You couldn’t make this shit up in a million fucking years.

And has anyone ever heard of the Liverpudlian actor called Andrew Schofield?


You can find the American actress Kylie Johnsons, CV by clicking HERE

As for the other Kylie Johnston from Scotland, well she has been a bit of a naughty girl… Although it has to be said, it is a bit of a weird story:

A woman has admitted killing a pensioner by driving dangerously at a north-east holiday park.

Kylie Johnston pleaded guilty to causing the death of holiday-maker Andrew MacKay when she appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

The 26-year-old, of Stonehaven, admitted she was controlling the steering wheel of the car from the passenger seat as it travelled through East Balthangie Caravan Park at Cuminestown.

The silver Daihatsu Terio went out of control, crossed a grassy area and went through a fence.

It then collided with Mr MacKay, of Renton, West Dunbartonshire, who was standing in front of a static caravan.

The 65-year-old was crushed between the car and the holiday home, and died of his injuries.

Johnston had also been accused of driving without a licence or insurance, but her pleas of not guilty were accepted by the Crown.

Nathaniel Cooper, the man accused of being in the driver’s seat of the car when the tragedy happened on July 21, 2013, also appeared in court yesterday and denied the charges against him.

The 30-year-old, of Inverbervie, is accused of controlling the accelerator, brake and clutch while Johnston operated the steering wheel.

Mr MacKay, 65, had travelled from his home in Dumbartonshire to visit Aberdeenshire with his wife.

It is understood he had been cooking his evening meal and had just stepped outside to cool down when he was hit by the 4×4.

Firefighters were called to the park to free Mr MacKay from underneath the static caravan using airbags, but he died at the scene.

Cooper will go on trial on April 7 at the High Court in Aberdeen.

Johnston will be sentenced at a later date.Source

Now there are one or two other candidates for Mueller, although I would imagine that she is the American Kylie Johnson in reality. Nevertheless, one of them in particular is worth mentioning.

Laura Stewart funeral

Now 20 year old Laura was killed along with her friend 18 year old Mhairi Convy when a Range Rover driven by a William Payne mounted the pavement in Glasgow city centre.

The following is from from the BBC in June 2014, some three and a half years following the ‘accident’ and I have highlighted what I consider to be the important bits:

A man whose car mounted a pavement in Glasgow killing two students has been accused of lying and being reckless for not disclosing he suffered blackouts.

William Payne appeared as a witness at an inquiry into the deaths of Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20, in Glasgow on 17 December 2010.

The 53-year-old refused to answer some questions after being advised he did not have to if it may incriminate him.

A previous criminal case against Mr Payne was dropped by the Crown.

Following this, the fatal accident inquiry was then arranged to look at the circumstances of the deaths of Ms Convy and Ms Stewart.

They were killed by Mr Payne’s Range Rover on North Hanover Street in Glasgow.

Appearing as a witness, Mr Payne was advised that his examination did not constitute a bar to criminal proceedings.

He was warned by Sheriff Normand that he was not required to answer any question which may show him to be guilty of a crime or offence but he did have to answer questions that did not incriminate him.

During his appearance, Mr Payne faced a series of questions from Dorothy Bain – the QC representing the families of the two women – but he refused to answer many of them.

Ms Bain still quizzed him on the renewal of an HGV licence in July 2010 – five months before the accident.

The QC said the “no” box was ticked on a document asking if Mr Payne had suffered any blackouts in the last five years.

However, the court heard a number of claims Mr Payne had collapsed during that time – including once while taking his dog to the vet.

Ms Bain accused Mr Payne of being “totally and utterly unreliable about his medical history”.

She went on: “If you had answered ‘yes’ (on the document), you would not have been allowed to drive.

“You were reckless to the safety of other people using the streets because as we have seen today you are just looking out for number one.

“That should be your mantra – number one, that is what matters.”

Mr Payne replied: “I don’t want to answer that.”

The QC also said: “Your selfishness has taken the lives of two young women. What more serious thing has happened to you.

“Two young women perfectly innocently going out doing their Christmas shopping.

“You could have prevented that by telling the truth.”

Mr Payne again replied he could not answer what was put to him.

The QC later referred to Mr Payne’s police interview after the accident in which he claimed he was “sorry”.

Ms Bain said to Mr Payne: “You could have been stopped driving in the July. Do you know what would have happened?

“You would not have to be sorry or even be here today as Mhairi Convy and Laura Stewart would be alive.

“The responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders.”

He replied: “I cannot answer that question.”

The inquiry continues. Source

Hmmm, if only it was that easy for everyone.

However, that still isn’t the half of it, but I tell you now, this most certainly is a hoax that wasn’t picked up on.

Moreover, right before Christmas and in the same area as the Bin-Lorry Hoax and the Clutha Hoax.

And it is worth bearing in mind that Glasgow is a big city; it isn’t a little town.


Now the following is from the Chimp, published on the day after the accident, the 18th of December 2010, which I have printed in full so as to highlight those initial OTT witness statements crucial to all false flags.

I have also commented where necessary:

Two students were killed yesterday when they were hit by a 4×4 as it swerved onto the pavement to avoid a bus.

Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20, were in the middle of Glasgow when the green Range Rover appeared to run out of control.

The car apparently swerved to avoid a bus then hit one of the girls, before swerving again and hitting the other, who was thrown in the air by the impact.

How the fuck does the driver do that if the girls are together? And what was a bus doing on his side of the road, which it must have been for Payne to swerve onto the pavement.

Two other pedestrians were also hit, although their injuries are not thought to be serious.The car only came to a stop after it rammed into two lampposts, causing one to topple over on top of it.

So, the Driver actually hit 4 people and hit 2 lampposts causing one to topple over it… Roger that, can we have a photo purrrlease

Death crash: Pedestrians Mhairi Convy and Laura Stewart were killed when they were hit by a 4x4 in Glasgow

Ahhh, Press Association… Usually dodgy as fuck but all looks to be in order here although I can’t see the other lamppost. Never the less, that would explain all that damage to the bonnet.

Janet Brown, 40, was walking to work when she saw the incident unfold.

Fuck me, she must have a good job since the accident allegedly happened around 11 AM… Wasn’t Janet Brown a comedian? And of course we have had a few Browns mentioned in this article… Course, Brown – pronounced Brooon in Scottish – is a common surname, so fuck all suspect there.

Carry on Monkey Boy:

She said: ‘I saw the 4×4 come speeding up the road. It was flying. Then it met a bus and had to swerve drastically to avoid it. The car hit the first girl as she was stepping off the pavement.

Okay. I wouldn’t have thought that the Range Rover would have been coming down North Hanover Street towards George Square since we cannot see any damage in the photo, in particular to the 1st [invisible] lamppost.

However, as I have just questioned; how the fuck did he meet a bus unless he or the bus was on the wrong side of the road?

Moreover, if the 1st girl stepped off of the pavement, either she didn’t wait for the green man on the crossing or Willie Payne jumped a red light.

See, patchy, muddied details being reported from the off.

‘She was thrown clear over the top of it, then the car swerved and hit the other girl. She was thrown 5ft into the air and landed on the road. It all happened in seconds.’

AT LAST, A BIT OF REALISM. Because when you get run over at speed you go straight over the top of the motor. You don’t land on the bonnet and get carried along… You get huffted high.

Both women, who were students at the Glasgow College of Commerce, were left lying in the road covered in blood. Their belongings and clothes, including a handbag, pink gloves and boots, were left strewn everywhere.

A passing female doctor and first-aiders from the nearby Buchanan Bus Station tried desperately to save their lives.

Ahhh, here we go with those passing doctors and the pesky first aiders… No doubt CPR will be mentioned at some point.

Along with paramedics, they battled for 20 minutes to save them. The women were rushed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary but were pronounced dead on arrival.

Miss Brown added: ‘It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I will ever forget the scream of the second girl.

‘I feel terrible for the girls’ families, especially because it’s happened at this time of year.’

The incident happened in the main shopping area of Glasgow, at the corner of department store John Lewis and Buchanan bus station.

The girls were near the junction of North Hanover Street and Killermont Street when they were hit at around 11am.

There are three universities and two colleges in the area.

Eye-witnesses claimed they were not crossing the road together when they were hit by the range rover.

That makes little sense if they were out together, unless of course one was reckless and did that cocky crossing thing that teenagers do.

Another two pedestrians, and the driver of the car, were also injured.

Four ambulances and a fleet of police cars rushed to the scene. Officers closed off the busy road so they could launch an investigation into the incident.

Jim Orr, 49, was working at the bus station when it happened.

He said: ‘I saw two girls lying in the road. One had obviously been hit with such force her shoes had come off. She was just wearing her socks.

Good start Jim. Indeed people are knocked straight out of their shoes. I don’t know why but they are because I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

‘Her handbag had gone flying too. The paramedics were doing their best to save them, but you could see that it was too late. 

Why on earth were the paramedics trying to save the girls shoes and handbag?

‘They were such young girls. It’s absolutely tragic. I think I’m still in shock.’

Ahhh, that self diagnosis. A bit like that plastic surgeon who was having flashbacks a couple of hours after the Bin-Lorry Bollocks.


Sorry, just thought that they were worth looking at… Back to the bollocks story:

Michael Lawson, 70, also works at the bus station and heard the bang when the car went into the lampposts.

He said: ‘I saw one of the girls in the road and her face was covered in blood.  It looked awful.

‘They were just ordinary girls. Probably students. I can’t believe something like that can just happen on the street.

Ha, ha, the girls could have been toilet cleaners for all he knew, yet he correctly, if somewhat inexplicably, guessed what their occupation was… Give the old fella a Werther’s Original.

‘One of our first-aid workers from the bus station was trying to help. He just looked ashen when he walked away from the scene.’

Yeah, they do that. It even happens to plastic surgeons and Martin Clunes don’t cha know.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: ‘Two women were left with serious injuries after they were hit by a vehicle.

“Serious injuries”! “Serious fucking injuries”… They were dead, it don’t get more serious than that.

‘Two other pedestrians were taken to the Western Infirmary with ankle and back pain. The male driver was taken to the same hospital with back injuries.

‘Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.’ Source

So how come the other two victims got off so light?

I think that we need a few more details here, to be honest. Lets see what the Scottish Express can offer us.

This report is from February 2014… Fuck me, how time flies:

THE driver of a Range Rover sat in his car staring straight ahead after killing two students in a horror crash, a Fatal Accident Inquiry heard yesterday.

William Payne was driving his 4×4 in Glasgow on December 17, 2010 when he hit Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20.

The 53-year-old also injured Mark Hopwood, 36, who was thrown onto the road but survived.

What about the other person? Or has he/she disappeared from the old fanny now?

Yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court, eyewitness Gary McGinley told how he saw the victims’ bodies as he gave evidence at an inquiry into the deaths of the two women.

Mr McGinley said he had left the John Lewis car park when he saw Mr Payne’s vehicle approaching him on the opposite carriageway.

Mr McGinley said: “My initial thought was the speed the vehicle was travelling.

“I thought it was a ridiculous speed to be travelling in the inside lane.”

Aha, now we are getting somewhere. However, you can only turn left out of John Lewis’s carpark and the accident happened to the right.

Have a butchers at these photos:


Do carry on:

He then realised the Range Rover was on the pavement before it collided with people near some traffic lights.

He told procurator fiscal depute Jim Graham: “It was a bit of a frenzy. I know after the event when I stopped the car there was three pedestrians struck but at the time it was hard to distinguish how many there was.”

Mr McGinley said he went to see the girls on the ground, then the driver of the car, before going to Mr Hopwood.

Mr Graham asked what state the two girls were in and Mr McGinley said: “Their bodies were slightly twisted and in a bad way. It was quite gory to see.

Ohhh, its all gone tits up now. I mean what McGinley has just told the inquest is a pack of lies since he would have had to turn left when leaving the John Lewis car park and as such would not have been able to see fuck all.

“I ran over to the driver, he was just facing ahead, pan faced, eyes fixed.”

He had a long fucking run then.

He said: “I asked, ‘You OK pal?’ No response from him. He looked physically OK, he was sitting back in the vehicle and the window was open.”

Following the incident Mr Payne told police he had fallen earlier that day, and suffered blackouts dating back to 2007.

PC Gary O’Donnell, who spoke to him in his car and at hospital, said Mr Payne told him the blackouts were put down to a viral infection.

The inquiry, before sheriff Andrew Normand, continues.

Miss Convy, of Lennoxtown, Dunbartonshire, and Miss Stewart, of Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, were accounts students at the former Central College of Commerce.

They were heading to the city centre to go Christmas shopping when they were hit. Both students died of their injuries at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The inquiry comes four months after pub DJ Mr Payne, of Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow, was told he no longer faced prosecution over the incident.

He appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court in November 2012 charged with causing the deaths by driving without insurance. But last year prosecutors revealed charges had been dropped.

The Crown Office said the decision to drop the case followed a recent UK Supreme Court ruling which placed doubt over the offence of causing death while uninsured. Source

So how does that work then?

Willie Payne lies about having blackouts on his Licence forms, has no car insurance when he runs over at least 3 people, killing 2 of them in the process, but the charges were dropped… So I will ask again: How the fuck does that work?

Well, like the following I suppose:

A driver who was accused of killing two students no longer faces prosecution.

William Payne was charged with causing the deaths of Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20, by driving uninsured in Glasgow on 17 December 2010.

Both teenagers died after the 53-year-old’s Range Rover mounted the kerb and struck them in North Hanover Street.

The Crown said the decision to drop the case followed a recent UK Supreme Court ruling which placed doubt over the causing death while uninsured offence. Continue Reading

Course, things don’t have to make sense when the events are false… Which is just as well, as I feel sure that you will agree once you have had a butchers at this next batch of photos.


The Jury is out on that one.

Another story that has made the headlines this week and that I find highly suspect not to mention coincidental is that of the conviction of Yorkshire lorry driver Andrew Walker for causing death by reckless driving:

A lorry driver has admitted causing the death of a student after he drove through a red light and crashed into a taxi in Glasgow.

Russian business student Anton Dementyev, 19, was with three friends when Andrew Wilson’s articulated lorry hit them on Argyle Street.

Andrew Wilson, 55, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to causing Mr Dementyev’s death by careless driving on 8 May 2013.

He will be sentenced next month. Source

So what the fuck is strange and coincidental about that you may ask… The article continues:

Wilson also admitted causing severe injury and permanent disfigurement to the other occupants of the car – taxi driver William Tombe and students Juan Doval, from Madrid, Camillo Herrara, from Columbia, and Daulet Abalov, from Kazakhstan.

Fuck me, I’ll bet those 3 students had some rare old conversations… Still, nothing much remiss there, except maybe these government hoaxes seem to feature a lot of students and a taxi driver.

And so the article continues:

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Wilson had gone through a red light on Argyle Street, at the junction with the M8, and collided with the Skoda taxi at about 23:20.

Bingo! Or maybe not, after all a lot of taxi’s are Skodas.

The lorry, which had been travelling at 34mph in a 30mph zone, pushed the taxi into a Kingston Bridge support pillar.

34MPH in a 30MPH zone isn’t reckless driving and as for the red light? Well it could have been one of those close calls and if Walker was in an articulated lorry, it may not have been safe to stop. So, a bit negligent maybe and a tragedy for the students family but fuck me these things happen.

Indeed, the way things are going in this country you will be arrested, tried and sent to prison for farting in public.

Unless of course, i’m reading less into the story than there is:

Mr Dementyev had been on his way to a nightclub to celebrate the end of his university exams.

Following the crash he was taken to hospital with a severe head and neck injury but died the following day.

‘Tragic accident’

The court heard that Mr Dementyev was in the middle seat in the back of the taxi. None of those in the back were wearing seatbelts, but a pathologist later confirmed that a seatbelt would not have saved Mr Dementyev.

When police arrived at the scene, Wilson told them: “I didn’t see the second set of lights.”

Defence counsel Simon Gilbride said Wilson has been driving since he was 17 and had held an HGV licence for more than 30 years.

Nope, still not reading anything major into it… The lads didn’t have their belts on. Isn’t that an offence regardless of whether or not it would have made a difference to the outcome of the accident or not.

Course, you would have thought that being in the middle, Dementyew – unfortunate name – would have been the safest.

Never the less, Wilson held his hands up and said he didn’t see the 2nd set of lights. Well fuck me, it can be a nightmare at the best of times if you are driving somewhere that is new to you and if this was the case then missing a set of lights could be easy.

I mean, the fella has been driving for over 40 years… Give the man a break, he isn’t a boyracer and I would imagine that he’s absolutely gutted that he was responsible for the young fellas death.

Unless of course I am reading the story wrong:

He said his client wanted to give his condolences to all those involved, particularly Mr Dementyev’s family.

Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell said: “This is a particularly sad and tragic accident because the accused failed to observe and obey a red traffic light causing the collision in which one young man sustained injuries which he would not survive.”

He added: “The accused has been a driver for many years and has held an HGV licence for more than 30 years. He has no previous convictions and this is also a tragedy for him.”

And that is the end of the BBC article.

Moreover, Sheriff Ken said himself that it was a “tragic accident”.

An “accident” is by definition: something bad that happens that is not expected or intended and that often damages something or injures someone

Or: without intending to, or without being intended

Neither had Wilson any previous convictions, yet he is looking at a prison sentence whilst on the other hand, Willie Payne kills 2 young girls and injures a fella in the process, whilst driving without insurance and gets off Scot free – no pun intended.

Best we get a second opinion:

Business student Anton Dementyev, 19, was with three friends when Andrew Wilson’s articulated lorry hit their taxi.

Wilson, 55, went through a red light on Argyle Street at the junction with the M8 motorway and collided with the Skoda.

Russian teenager Mr Dementyev was taken to hospital with a severe head and neck injury but tragically died the following day.

Taxi driver William Tombe and students Juan Doval, from Madrid, Camillo Herrara from Columbia and Daulet Abalov, from Kazakhstan, were also injured.

Wilson, from Ripon, North Yorkshire, pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to causing Mr Dementyev’s death by careless driving, on May 8, 2013 and causing severe injury and permanent disfigurement to the other passengers.

The court heard Wilson left Harrogate in Yorkshire with plumbing materials to start his journey to Glasgow.

Okay, so far so fairly goodish… Certainly the report puts the BBC to shame, but fuck me, that isn’t hard to do.

Perhaps the reporter could have been a bit more specific on the time that Wilson left Harrogate but all in all, eight out of ten so far.

Carry on Journalist type bloke:

Around 11pm on May 8, Mr Doval phoned a taxi from his student accommodation on Dumbarton Road, Glasgow.

He and the other three teenagers – who were all friends – were headed to Glasgow city centre.

Procurator fiscal depute John Bedford said: “All were en route to a nightclub in Queen Street, Glasgow to celebrate the conclusion of their exams.”

Hold up!

Queens Street… The location of the Bin Lorry Bollocks? The area where a lot of hoaxes seem to take place?

Okay… Carry on:

Mr Abolov sat in the passenger seat in the front while the other three sat in the back with Mr Dementyev in the middle in the back.

None of the students in the back of the car was wearing seatbelts.

At around 11.20pm Wilson came off of the motorway and travelled through the junction towards the traffic lights on Argyle Street, travelling at 34mph in a 30mph zone.

At the same time the taxi made its way along Stobcross Street to the junction with Argyle Street.

Mr Bedford said: “The accused failed to comply with a red traffic light at the junction and struck the taxi on its near side and pushed it southwards.

“The accused’s vehicle and the taxi then collided with the support pillar for the Kingston Bridge.”

Fuck me that is nigh on identical to the Bin Lorry Bollocks!

When police arrived at the scene Wilson told them “I didn’t see the second set of lights.”

Those in the taxi had to be cut out using specialist equipment and Mr Dementyev was taken to to the Western Infirmary with “a significant head and neck injury”.

He later died the following day as a result of his injury.

A pathologist later confirmed that even if Mr Dementyev had been wearing a seatbelt it would have made no difference.

Mr Tombe had a fractured left cheek bone and cuts to his left ear and eye which were stitched.

Mr Herrara suffered swelling, grazes and bruising to his face and head and a cut above his left eyebrow.

Mr Abalov had a fracture to his pelvis, groin and chest injuries and a fracture to the left temporal bone in his skull.

Mr Doval broke his right leg and left wrist and suffered a fracture to left of his skull as well as multiple pelvic fractures and bruising to his lungs.

He had glass embedded in his forehead and a cut to the right side of it.

All will have permanent scars as a result of the incident. Source

Hmmm, still not that much info… So we will have to work it out for ourselves… Or I will have to.

Now Harrogate to Glasgow is a 200 mile, three & a half hour journey… So lets be generous and say it took Wilson over 5 hours. Why would he leave Harrogate at 6 PM to go and deliver plumbing supplies knowing that by the time he got there his destination would be closed?

Makes no sense does it?

Moreover, the accident happened at the same place as that strange bin lorry and bus crash. Tunnels are another place where the elites like to make sacrifices and whilst a bridge is not exactly a tunnel, it would be symbolic enough for the cunts purposes.


Now there was something else that caught my eye about this story and not just the lack of photos, the slope, underground sacrifice symbolism, students, taxi drivers, the location etc, etc, etc and that is Andy walker himself.

You see, Walker reminded me very much of one of the pallbearers who carried Erin McQuades coffin.


And once again, there is much, much more to this than I can tell you because of the… yeah, yeah, blah, blah.

It is though, nevertheless true… Even if that isn’t Andy Walker carrying the coffin.

One more thing.

Because of the lack of photos concerning this tragedy [?] which got so much publicity, the press resorted to using the following snap:


A strange choice in my opinion and I would contend that it was widely used because there is a message included within the photo to do with the Marriott hotel group.

The Marriott has of course featured in a number of FF’s not least that of McCann troll Brenda Leyland.

Article Lead - wide6171399310qsmbimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.10qqtl.png1412594656990.jpg-620x349

And there is always a clue in most of the photos forwarded for press use. Even if some clueless cunts are just too stubborn, scared or antagonistic to realise the fact… I do so love the Wide Awake Club. Just sayin’.

But anyway, lets move on.

Now there was another story doing the rounds last week about an old bird who had been kicked out of SAINSBURY’s because of her unsightly psoriasis scars:

KATE Dalessio accused bosses at the store in Meadowbank, Edinburgh, of escorting her out the premises after complaints from two customers but store bosses say they “acted with the best of intentions and in good faith”

BOSSES at supermarket giants Sainsbury’s have hit back after being accused of asking a psoriasis sufferer to leave a Scots store due to her appearance.

Kate Dalessio claimed at the weekend that she was told fellow shoppers in the firm’s store in Meadowbank, Edinburgh, had commented about scarring on her arms and said the manager asked her to leave.

But Sainsbury’s officials deny the claims, saying the store’s deputy manager acted with the best of intentions to deal with “personal confrontation between two groups of shoppers”.

Angry Kate, 58, accused the supermarket giants of treating her like a shoplifter and plans to sue. Source


People can be very cruel.

Now that story ties in with this next story about a woman called Jacqueline Beattie, which you may remember is the name of Cheryl & Shannon Beattie’s mother – Cheryl Beattie also being Lucy Jane Ewing… Who said that this job is fucking easy.

However, the Jacqui Beattie in question comes from NEWCASTLE and involves a dead child and a  football club:

Mum Jacqueline Beattie created the shrine to son Jack after he died in 2008 – but his things have been damaged THREE times

Heartless thieves have targeted a dead lad’s remembrance garden for a THIRD time.

Yobs stole items from the home of mum Jacqueline Beattie, who set up a shrine to little Jack after he died from a severe illness.

It is the third time Toon-mad Jack’s belongings have been damaged since his death seven years ago.

Jacqueline said: “I’m fed up of it and it has me so worried. I don’t know what goes through people’s head to make them want to steal from a dead boy’s remembrance garden.

“It makes me sick.”

Jacqueline set up the shrine in the garden of her bungalow in Annfield Plain near Stanley, County Durham after she moved there in 2013.

Jack was born with the rare genetic disorder methylmalonic acidaemia, which prevents the body from processing certain proteins and can have serious health implications for sufferers. Continue Reading

Jack Beattie

Now, if you look at that photo without concentrating too hard you automatically think of a sick little boy in hospital.

At least that is what I thought when I first saw it, but my interest was more to do with who he looks very, very much like although guess what? I can’t fucking tell you who he looks like.

Never the less, as I became more interested in the story I realized that young JACK Beattie is on a bus… And he doesn’t look all that ill either when you look properly.

So anyway, enough old fanny as I am sure that if you have read this far, you will want to know the connection between the two stories.

And that connection is Jacqui Beattie and Kate Doolally or whatever Kate Dalessio name is… Here have a butchers at these photos:


Okay, I think that I am going to leave it here for now, the reason being that I have found out some more extremely interesting information on the Bath lorry crash and there has also been some more bollox released about the Glasgow bin-lorry – which if you have been paying attention it will not have taken you long to realize that.

Therefore, there will be a Part 3 to come.

However, the bottom line is that we cannot trust a single thing that the government or MSM tell us.

It is indeed quite obvious to me that EVERYTHING put out is gearing us up for a world war, the rest is just distraction or public sacrifice to appease the elites blood lust.

Change is needed and needed quick, because whilst I may not have everything correct, the evidence is there for all to see in plain sight… All you need do is open your eyes.