Behind the flag Part 3: Blood Bath


Chris Spivey.


I feel sure that most of you will know by now that the story of the Glasgow bin lorry bollocks has changed beyond all recognition.

For instance, the two crew, who were allegedly powerless to stop the bin wagon because of the imaginary metal SAFETY RAIL have now come out and said that the lorry was travelling at 20 MPH… Fuck me, all those witnesses who had it travelling at 60 – 70 MPH look pretty darn silly now don’t they.

Course, if the wagon was travelling at 20 MPH how did 6 people die and up to 10 people get seriously hurt?


It is really, really simple for crying out loud:

  • There was no crew, the driver was fine and did what he was supposed to i.e. drive the bin lorry very, very slowly into the hotel that was already boarded out in preparation.
  • There is no safety rail, why on earth would you need a safety rail that causes danger in a bin lorry.
  • Nobody was killed. The funerals were fake. IT WAS A FUCKING HOAX

The question is: What is anyone going to do about it?

I suspect fuck all.

Nevertheless, writing about the old fanny has taught me a few more things about government hoaxes that I hadn’t realised before, as well as confirming one or two things that I had already suspected.

For instance, there is usually a Silver Estate car involved as well as a red car – usually of the small kind – always in the background somewhere… Buses play a big part too for some reason, as do references to royalty and bikes for some reason.


Course, I suspect that this is some kind of code, or way of letting other cunts know that it is not a real accident or incident.

Registration number plates are also usually used as a clue, with most relevant number plates obscured except in certain photos released every now and again.



And as I say, there will usually be some connection to Royalty for example the name of the road i.e. Queen Street in the case of the Glasgow Bin-Bollox.

Football clubs are always involved too; whether knowingly or otherwise.

Indeed I could tell you exactly how these clubs connect had it not been for my bail conditions… Roger Firth would no doubt be able to tell you though.


He gets about a bit does Roger; London, Manchester and Scotland… And he is a proper, proper wrong-un:

Roger Firth can often be seen stewarding English Defence League demonstrations in the South East.What he has not revealed to his friends in the EDL is his past, in particular his imprisonment for his part in attempts to fix a Premier League football match.

In 1999 the floodlights went out at a Premiership match between Charlton Athletic and Liverpool, played at Charlton’s ground in Greenwich, southeast London. The failure was the work of a Malaysian betting syndicate allegedly linked to Chinese Triad gangs, and was part of their plan to rig football fixtures in England.

In August 1999, four men were sentenced for their part in the match fixing scandal. Two were Malaysian nationals – one an electrical expert – who each got four years. The third was a 49-year-old security guard from Eltham, south London, employed by Charlton Athletic. That man was Firth, now the defender of all things English in his pernicious role with the EDL.

Firth turned against the gang and became the chief prosecution witness in return for a reduced sentence. He had been paid £20,000 in cash to allow the Malaysians into the ground in his part of a “highly professional, technical, criminal operation”. 

All the men went on to plead guilty to conspiracy to cause a public nuisance. The judge described Firth’s motive for helping the syndicate as plain and simple greed.

The gang was rumbled when Firth tried to bribe a fellow employee at the club with £5,000. Firth received an 18-month sentence, while his accomplices were later deported. One newspaper at the time labelled Firth a “supergrass” and alleged that he was to get a new identity and address to protect him from the Triads’ clutches.

A former Territorial Army soldier, Firth was in charge of daytime security at Charlton Athletic and was a former bodyguard for the football stars Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne.

When he is not stewarding for the EDL, Firth is one of the leaders of the tiny, radical anti-Muslim English Nationalist Alliance, a ragtag bunch of racists based mainly in outer east London and Essex.

If there is one thing the average EDL member despises it is a police informant, so it is no surprise that Firth has hidden his shady past. He has successfully managed to dodge the Triads; his next hurdle could be his comrades in the EDL. Source

Not that Roger always uses the name Roger, Roger?

Course as you all no doubt know, I have recently discovered that there are crisis actors/security service personnel with untold social media sites.

And a lot of these fake accounts belong to military people or at least ex-military and ex-police officers… Which I have of course documented in Behind the Flag Part 1 & Part 2

There is always a hill or underpass involved in most of the hoaxes and likewise a river or the sea will be very close.


And of course, there is always the OTT first reports, with at least one person advancing a theory as to “who did it” or “how it happened”… After which the story totally changes.

There are always heroes involved – usually women, and there are dreadful stories of utter carnage yet the photos always tell a different story.

Inevitably there will be young children, or the disabled or such like caught up in the old fanny so as no one except cunts like me will dare to question the story.

The photo evidence will never match the official version of events and the live action videos will always be of piss poor quality so as you cannot make head nor tail of what is going on.

Likewise, there will be very few photos of the victims or villains until a month or so afterwards. The photos available to start with will look as if they have been taken in a sandstorm and the photos that follow will bear little resemblance to those seen in the early efforts.

Those hurt or killed will always be of top notch character, hard working and selfless.

There will always be a charity involved with the victims and/or bereaved families having “Go Fund Me” pages set up double quick time.

So I guess that it is time to look at the Bath lorry crash saga… Indeed, this story has the lot.

In fact, it is supposedly the little girl who died, Mitzi Steady’s funeral today (23/2/15) yet to be frank, the ITV news report appears more concerned with fund raising for the family:

The funeral of the four-year-old girl killed in the Bath lorry crash will be held at Bath Abbey on Monday.

Mitzi Steady was walking with her grandmother on Lansdown Lane when they were hit by a runaway lorry on 9 February. Her grandmother remains in a critical condition in hospital.

The funeral will take place at the Abbey at 1pm.

Since her death funds have been pouring in to a charity page set up in Mitzi’s memory, which has so far received more than £11,500 in donations – more than the original £1,000 aimed for.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

All those that knew her or have been touched by her short life in some way are welcome. We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who helped the injured at the scene of the accident and have looked after our family, and the other families involved, since then. We thank you for all of the kind words and donations to date, they give us strength.


So what we have straight away is a death that no one dare question, a quickly set up “Go Fund Me” page and a Charity who stands to benefit… Good start.

Now it is fair to say that we have heard much from the local yokel’s about this “dangerous road” called Lansdown Lane and indeed there is supposedly a 6ft vehicle width restriction in place which apparently no one takes any notice of:

A young girl is among the four people who died when a tipper truck collided with vehicles and pedestrians on a steep hill in Bath.

Police have described how a tipper truck loaded with gravel went out of control on a steep hill in the city and careered into cars and bystanders.

Witnesses described how the lorry appeared to suffer a brake failure and then gather speed, hitting parked cars and walls as the driver hurtled down the hill struggling to bring the vehicle under control.

And again we see this “new speak” which is very much in favour with the MSM at the moment and in this instance used by the Telegraph to inform us that the lorry in question “went out of control”… The Lorry has a mind of its own then?

The Telegraph then continued:“Witnesses described how the lorry appeared to suffer a brake failure and then gather speed”.

Again, that makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.

Then again, since the Telegraph report was published on the 10th of February – the day after the incident – unsurprisingly, we again see the makings of a hoax by the OTT witness statements.

I mean, how the fuck can ‘witnesses’ assess the lorry as having suffered “brake failure”?

After all, you cannot see brake failure, yet not only do these psychic witnesses know the cause for the lorry ‘wenting out of control’, they also know the precise moment too, because the lorry then “gathered speed”.

Course, brake failure does not make a vehicle “went out of control” and neither does it make vehicles go faster… Although to be fair, you can have trouble slowing if you are going down a hill without brakes.

Whatever ya do, don’t freewheel… That would be my advice.

Never the less, in the UNLIKELY event that a vehicle you are driving does suddenly suffer brake failure – despite, you normally getting plenty of warning that your brakes are dodgy, although not on lorries apparently – you do not combat the situation by hitting the accelerator.

You use your gears as a brake along with the hand brake… Or was that fucked as well?

A good basic rule of what not to do in times of brake failure is do not drive onto a pavement full of pedestrians – especially children. Indeed, if it is a choice between a head on collision or driving onto a pavement full of people, always opt for the head on collision.

Neither does the Telegraph make any sense by saying that the lorry was “hitting parked cars and walls as the driver hurtled down the hill struggling to bring the vehicle under control”.

I mean, surely if there is a 6 ft width restriction in place then there would be double yellow lines? After all, it is pointless having such a width restriction if the road is going to be made narrower still by parked motors?

Moreover, the newspaper is very specific in stating that the lorry was hitting “walls”, which means that the driver was either driving down the pavement or he was on and off it which would imply that the steering wheel had come off in his hand… It certainly doesn’t sound like brake failure.

Either that or the power steering had gone although a big strong lad – as the driver was – should still have been able to handle it.

Carry on The Telegraph:

The lorry eventually crashed after failing to negotiate a bend as the road narrowed close to a primary school on Lansdown Lane.

Now I have to tell you that is total bullshit and extremely misleading… Although I think that it had been doing plenty of crashing before “eventually crashing” – although I am referring to the description of the location as misleading – which I will come back to shortly:

Five people including the driver were treated in hospital. One adult pedestrian is said to have been critically injured and three others are described as “walking wounded”.

“Walking Wounded” could actually mean anything from a bruised finger and I suspect those “walking wounded” are pretty much okay.

Never the less, at this point the Telegraph kindly treated us to a map.

Crash_3193796a (1)

Not much of a fucking map really is it?

I mean, which bend did the driver “fail to negotiate“?

The arrow goes far too far and strangely enough that road in the middle of the three roads named is not called Broadnoor Lane… Now would that be down to journalist error or would it have been done deliberate?

You see, the road is actually called Broadmoor Lane… As in the secure hospital for the criminally insane. Indeed given the name it is a bit hard to see how the mistake could have been accidental.

Especially since most of the roads around there are called Broadmoor something or other.


So, fair to say that just like the Glasgow Bin Bollocks, the story is being sensationalised.

Carry on Telegraph:

The young girl killed in the incident was just four years old and is believed to have been walking along the road with her mother and grandmother.

Okay, I think that we need to get a second opinion here:

The eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, said: “The girl who died and her grandmother were on a bus, which stopped to let passengers off.

“They got off the bus at the stop.

“There is a pedestrian crossing about 40 yards from where the bus was stopped. I can’t be sure if they were crossing it when they were killed. Source

Hmmm, a bit of a different explanation isn’t it?

What does the Daily Mirror have to say on the matter:

Mum Ellie Grimes, 21, whose son Alfie is almost two, said: “The truck driver came down the hill frantically waving his hands and beeping his horn to warn people he could not stop.

“I think his brakes must have failed.

If he was “frantically waving his fucking hands”, it’s no wonder the lorry was out of control… Unless his steering wheel had come off obviously and then he would have been entitled to wave his hands about.

And it seems that Ellie Grimes is also a psychic mechanic: “I think his brakes must have failed”.

As for beeping his horn? Well the lorry actually has 2 air horns on the cab roof. Now it is quite a long time since I have been in a lorry but with air horns you used to have to pull a dangly chain which was always on the drivers right hand side attached to the roof… Course, things may have changed now, but air horns are fuck all like “beating his horn”… Sorry, I meant Beeping his horn… Beating it is something different altogether.

Carry on Mrs Grimes:

“A bus had stopped to let people walk over the pedestrian crossing and the truck driver didn’t want to hit the bus.

“He went round the bus and that’s when he hit the little girl and her grandmother on the pavement “It’s just horrible to think about.”

So, I think that we can assume that the grandmother – who is still in intensive care apparently – got off the bus with Mitzi.

However, where they got hit by the lorry is still up for debate.

If only we had a local shopkeeper who doesn’t want to be named who could perhaps shed some light on the matter.

Whats that? We have? Brilliant:

A local shopkeeper, who did not want to be named, said: “Mitzi was on her way to meet her siblings with her granny in the after school club when she was hit.

“She had got off the bus and was walking across the road holding her nan’s hand with no idea what was coming, bless her.”

 Fuck knows where the shop is, but it sure isn’t on Lansdown Lane… But let’s ignore that little anomaly.

Carry on:

Mum-of-three Natalie Fellows, 33, whose daughter Maddison, four, is a pupil at the school, said: “It’s just devastating.

“She kept thinking her best friend had died because she was at an after school club and walked home that way.

“I had to ring up the mother to reassure her. Maddison said she didn’t want someone in her class to die.” Source

I must be reading that wrong or something because it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

Course, neither does this bus malarky… Photos please.

Emergency services attend scene of accident on Lansdown Lane in Weston, Bath.PAY-Tipper-truck-crash (10)

Sorry, just to clarify, the red Escort not the red Mini or whatever it is.

Tipper truck accident in Bathchurch


Indeed, given the circumstances I find it hard to believe that Mitzi’s mother could stand up in front of 800 people and read a letter to her dead 4 year old.

I certainly would not be able to get past the “Dear” part without losing it:

 Emmajade Steady, the mother of Mitzi, read a letter to her daughter to the congregation, which began ‘Dearest Mitzi’.

‘How can it be that there will be no more memories?’ Mrs Steady read. ‘You were just becoming a young girl. So smart, so open and free.

‘I want to come home to you throwing yourself at me again. I want to give you your special milk on your cereal and ask ‘what shall we do today?’

‘You were such a confident child, so sure in the love that surrounded you. You had the most beautiful, wonderful everything.

‘Stubborn and kind, loving and determined. Vulnerable but so fearlessly giving. You were so vibrant and alive.’

Mrs Steady remembered tents she used to build and play in with her daughter and the games she used to play with sister Mycha.

She told the congregation of ‘rough and tumble games’ Mitzi played with brother Eric and described how excited her daughter was for her first sleepover.

‘We only had four years with you but they were the best years of our lives,’ she said.

‘You were the light of our lives, the love that filled our souls. You were the sparkle in a dark night and the laughter ringing in our ears.

‘You brightened up every corner of our world. I held you and you gave me peace, you gave me happiness and joy and so, so much more.

‘Not just to me but to everyone you knew. You were so smart, funny, stubborn, gleeful, just amazing. I want you here with me forever.

‘I want to share forever with you. We will go on and try to live better, fuller lives, and to share the joy, you gave to us with others.

‘You taught us all so much about life and love and living in your short years my sweetest angel and I can’t believe that I will never get to hold you or sing with you, giggle with or comfort you.

‘I hope with all my heart that you are safe in heaven my darling baby girl and that we will all join you one day and have many more happy memories. Goodnight and God bless, our sweet princess.’  Source

But maybe that is just me.

Okay lets get back to the Telegraph’s report:

The driver is thought to have been thrown through the windscreen when the truck tipped over, landing on top of a black car.

Does that mean that the lorry driver landed on the black car or the lorry did?

Witnesses said it was feared three people who had been travelling in the car had been killed.

Witnesses need to get their fuckng eyes tested because neither the lorry nor the lorry driver landed on a black car.

In fact strangely enough, the lorry driver wasn’t hurt badly at all.

There were also reports that pedestrians, including parents who had been collecting children from the nearby school, were among those injured.

Reports from whom exactly?

Not that it matters because whomever they were their reports were bollocks.

Primary school children don’t come out of school at gone 4 PM. Carry on Spy Monkey:

The incident comes just weeks after a bin lorry ran out of control in Glasgow, killing six people including three members of the same family.

Ahhh, I wondered when the Glasgow bin bollocks would be mentioned… Not exactly the best choice of incidents to use when trying to give another shaky story credibility in my opinion.


Mind you, the Glasgow fanny had a much bigger flower budget… Get on with it Telegraph Flunkey:

People living just yards from the scene described hearing a noise “like a bomb going” off and said they were greeted with a scene of complete carnage as they ran from their homes to help the victims.

Really? A bomb?

Now where have I heard that kind of comparison before?

“I was in the cafe when I heard a huge bang and screams — at first I thought it was a bomb”.

“One GOMA worker, who did not want to be named, said: “We just heard a massive bang and people screaming and we thought at first that it was a gun shot or that it might be a terrorist attack”.

Oh yeah, the Glasgow bin-bollox. Do carry on ‘T’:

An air ambulance took the most seriously injured to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, while others were taken by road to the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

I wondered when the helicopters would make an appearance… Mind you, it must have been a big helicopter. I was always under the impression that they only carried the one casualty.

Bristol is a bit of a trek though… Then again, we all know about Bristol don’t we?

Course, even that was an exaggeration:

We can confirm that we have taken one patient by air ambulance to Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Three patients have been taken to the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

There were two air ambulances at the scene, five ambulances, three paramedics in rapid response vehicles and a BASICS doctor.


Mind you, the helicopter landed so far away from the incident that you have to wonder what was the point?


Peter BARNES used to fly air ambulances don’t cha know?

Carry on:
The witnesses said onlookers rushed to the nearby Weston All Saints Primary to fetch help, and bodies in the road were covered with blankets.

It is believed the school was turned into a makeshift medical centre to treat the wounded.

Please don’t laugh, it will start me off: “The witnesses said onlookers rushed to the nearby Weston All Saints Primary to fetch help”.

Are teachers doctors now? I mean, was there nowhere closer?

As for “bodies in the road” being covered with blankets! Well there was only Mitzi and we still aren’t certain that she was in the road. The other 3 bodies were in the car… The “black car”.

“It is believed the school was turned into a makeshift medical centre to treat the wounded”… No it wasn’t.

Just get on with it, you’re getting on my fucking nerves now:

The lane has a 20 per cent gradient at the top and a width restriction of 6ft on vehicles.

I’m going to do the road in a moment, so carry on for now:

Parents speculated that the lorry’s breaks had failed and locals said that school children were thought to be among those injured or killed.One woman, who ran outside when she heard the crash, said: “It woke me up and it was the kind of sound you don’t hear everyday.“It was a loud rumble and then all of a sudden all you could hear was a lorry that started beeping constantly and then there was a loud bang and the beeping stopped.“I think he was trying to warn people he couldn’t stop.

See, all the time “brake failure, brake failure, brake failure”… Its bollox… Or in the case of the Telegraph: break failure, break failure, break failure”

“One woman, who ran outside when she heard the crash, said: “It woke me up and it was the kind of sound you don’t hear everyday”… What was she doing asleep at 4 PM in the afternoon?

“It was a loud rumble and then all of a sudden all you could hear was a lorry that started beeping constantly and then there was a loud bang and the beeping stopped”… Fuck me, she must have moved like greased lightning to have woken up, heard all that commotion, and run outside whilst it was still going on.

Tipper truck accident in Bath

“I couldn’t see anything so I ran out in my pyjamas. There was a bus stopped and the driver was a bit shaken up.

Hmmm, seems that she forgot her pyjamas.

“He saw it and someone took him into their house for a cup of tea.”

Speculation your honour:

The 21-year-old woman added: “I asked a woman who was there what happened and she said there was a truck and people and it was a mess.

What is she? Fucking blind?

“There was someone lying in the road with a blanket over them. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I could see there was a red car all smashed up.”


Woops, sorry obviously she is:

Another resident, a 37-year-old, said residents suspected the brakes on the lorry failed.The mother of two, who lives 100 yards from the accident spot, said: “My friend from up the road was first on the scene and she went straight to get someone from the school when she saw it.


Fuck me, its that far away I should think that the road was reopened by the time she got back.

PAY-Tipper-truck-crash (15)

“The police came to see us and they said it was quite hard to find witnesses.

Fuck me, the newspapers had no bastard problem!

“If it had been half four it would have been worse with all the kids coming out of the after school clubs.

“Maybe the brakes went. The sound that he was making before makes it sound like that.

“You just thank god it’s not one of your children. There are however many families out there suffering tonight. It’s so sad.”

Only slightly OTT then! What sound does brake failure make though?

 The road was cordoned off with white plastic sheeting hung across the road between traffic lights.

But why was it? I mean there was fuck all to see at either end… Mind you, they did the same with Glasgow.

The area inside was lit up and what looked like sand bags littered the road. The crash sight is in a dip in the road, approached on both sides by steep hills.

“SANDBAGS”??? And shouldn’t that be “crash site”… Where do they find these “journalists”?

As for the “dip in the road approached on both side by steep hills”, I think that the cunt must be looking on the wrong google map page!


Carry on:

A 66-year-old woman who lives in a house opposite to where the lorry came to rest said: “My whole house shook, with a terrific noise like a bomb going off. I rushed outside and it was just mayhem.



Did ya notice the “bomb” going off again?

“The lorry was on its side on top of a black car, and I was told three people in the black car had died.

No it wasn’t . The lorry was on top of the black road… Nothing else.

“The gravel from the lorry was all over the road and the fire brigade arrived and cut the bodies free from the wreckage.

How the fuck did they do that if the lorry was on top of the car?

“The lorry had hit lots of other cars on its way down the hill, and I was told there was a grandmother, mother and daughter walking along the pavement and that the little girl had been killed when the lorry mounted the pavement.

Now here we see a classic example of how the story changed as it evolved.

You see, a lot of “witnesses” originally said that Mitzi’s mother was present too… And then the story completely change.

Likewise, the lorry HAD NOT hit loads of cars on its way down.

“Other people were injured in cars that the lorry hit, and there were injured people everywhere you looked. It was horrendous. I’m still shaking now.

No there wasn’t, so the reason that you are probably still shaking is because you are either an alcoholic or you have Parkinson’s disease.

“The lorry seemed to have had brake failure and it came to rest on the corner of Brookfield Park. It demolished the walls of all the houses on the corner and two workmen said the driver shot through the windscreen.”

There is only one house on the corner and that is the only wall that the lorry demolished… And half of that was a wooden fence that seems to have disappeared… Probably liquidised or something.

Notice how I am refusing to bite on the incessant brake failure bollox… Good boy Chrissie.


Now call me Mr Pedantic if you want but to me, three 5 ft x 6ft fence panels and a squashed black car is a lot to lose… Especially when we are being told that 3 fellas died in the car.

Indeed, compared to what we are told, there isn’t a great deal of damage at all.

9479420-large (1)9458294-large3531571

Now that isn’t normal behaviour by anyones standards… Not that the MSM has any.

Righto, is everyone alright and following the action okay? Good because you need to stick with it as I am going to blow this hoax right out of the fucking water.

And then you can all get mad, march on Downing Street and oust the government… Or just do the normal acceptance thing… Its up to you.

Anyway, as I say, stay where you are because you will be fucking impressed by the time I’m finished.

“Stop fricking waffling and get on with it Spiv FFS”.

Oh hi Voicey… Sorry, you are quite right. Now, I best show you the retaining wall hadn’t I?


I should point out that those photos were not the really good bit that I was going on about… You will know when you have read the really good bit… Just sayin.

Okay, shall we return to the Telegraph? Yes! Yes we bloody well shall:

She added: “It was an accident waiting to happen. I have complained to the police before about these heavy lorries going up and down the lane. It is too steep and too narrow for such big, heavy vehicles and there is supposed to be a six-foot width restriction on the lane but they just ignore it.”

She’s lying.

Another resident said: “It was school run time and I was told that at least one of the people killed was a child.

He/She is lying too. It wasn’t school run time at all… And I am pretty damn sure that no child died… If anyone died at all:

“It’s a 20mph limit all the way down the lane and when you stand at the bottom of the road you can smell the lorries’ brakes burning.

No it isn’t and no you can’t.

“It’s supposed to be no vehicles over 6ft wide but the lorries have been using it as a shortcut for years and no-one has ever done anything about it. Maybe they will now, but that’s not going to help those poor people who have died.”

No its not.

Another local described seeing the lorry hurtle down the hill out of control with the horn blaring.

Fuck me, are the MSM journalists too fucking shy to ask a persons name? Nevertheless, we fucking get it. The lorry was out of control and the driver was pipping his hooter… Jheezz.

He said: “I saw the lorry go past, it was going quite fast and was obviously out of control. The driver was sounding the horn and overtook another quarry lorry. It was clear he could not stop.”

Bloody hell fire… That’s a new one… A quarry lorry aye? Which obviously didn’t think to stop although how he got past the tipper truck once it had done the do is anyones guess because the road was blocked with dead bodies, injured bodies, crashed cars and a lorry load of sand.

Or are we meant to ignore that fact too. You see, the Journalist should have pointed out the pitfalls to the fella  in his story. Otherwise what they are doing is just printing shit, based on bollox… Which breaks the rules of the press standards… Just fuckin’ sayin’.

Get on with it you useless cunt:

Chief Superintendent Caroline Peters said it is understood the tipper truck, which was carrying aggregate building materials, lost control as it travelled downhill and hit two pedestrians and other vehicles as the driver tried to avert an accident.

You would think that Caroline Peters would know better than to advance a theory wouldn’t you.

Speaking at the crash scene she said: “Unfortunately we are dealing with a very tragic collision here that has had four people lose their lives.

“We believe a tipper has been coming downhill, down Lansdown Lane here in Bath.

Fuck me, she’s greased lightning isn’t she.

“We think it has lost control and made attempts to avert an accident. However, it has made contact with two pedestrians as they have gone down hill, and a number of other vehicles, and sadly we have lost four people here at the collision site.”

She said police were treating the crash as a “critical incident” and have launched an investigation into what caused it.

Fuck off Caroline Peters you are a disgrace to your uniform:

Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, described the incident as “obviously devastating, tragic and awful”.

“The community is in shock, both for the families of those killed and also those who have been affected,” Mr Foster said. Source

Fuck off Don Foster you are a disgrace to the high office you hold.

And that was the end of the old fanny… A truly disgusting bit of Journalism – not that it was journalism in the true sense of the word.

But anyway, it’s time to do the road… Photos purleazze:


So, nothing makes sense.

  • The lorry “went out of control while the nan and Mitzi got off the bus”. 
  • Somehow the lorry swerved around a Quarry lorry and the bus which was at the bus stop
  • Going by the photos, the nan and Mitzi were run over on the crossing.
  • The bus then pulled up to the crossing and stayed there overnight. The Quarry lorry disappeared, quite how is anyones guess.
  • The lorry, having knocked nan & Mitzi over smashed into 2 or 3 cars, which in turn blocked the road. If the road was blocked by the cars how did the tipper lorry get past them? Did it jump?
  • If it did jump that would explain the devastation to the gardens between Broadmoor Park and Brook Field Park where the lorry came to a stop on its side crushing an invisible black car beneath it.
  • Jumping would have been the only way that the lorry would have got up onto the retaining wall where it did.

Anyone buying that because I’m fucked if I am?

Just like the Glasgow bollocks, we are being lied to AGAIN, and I fucking hate being taken for a cunt.

Now funny as it may seem, the Yorkshire Post appeared to be much more clued up 4 hours after the accident than the above Telegraph article which was published 19 hours after the accident.

Course, if that being the case the YP article has either been updated –  in which case newspapers usual state as such -or the accident happened the day before it was meant to have.


But we will just assume that the article was updated and the YP couldn’t be arsed to say so.

The article states:

The Scania truck carrying sand and gravel hit the pedestrians before overturning onto a Volvo at the bottom Lansdown Lane in Bath just after 4pm yesterday, leaving a scene described by one witness as “absolute carnage”.

Chief Inspector Norman Pascal said: “This is a tragic incident in which three men and a young girl have lost their lives and we’re carrying out a full and meticulous investigation to find out what happened.

“The tipper truck has been recovered and will undergo a full examination and our investigators will be carrying out further inquiries at the scene today.

Okay, they are still going with the lorry squishing the car but when you consider that this article was PUBLISHED at 8:14PM – 4 hours 14 minutes after the accident – the timeline for removing the lorry doesn’t feel right… Or that may just be me… Unless the article was updated.

Carry on YP… So much better than the Telegraph… But not by much:

A man who desperately tried to help those killed has described the aftermath.

Brian Fisher, 53, was working nearby with a colleague when he heard the 32-tonne lorry’s windows blow out.

“Working nearby”? That is very vague. Mind you, it’s funny how he heard the windows “blow out” as opposed to a “bomb going off”.

But at least the YP got Mr Fishy’s name.

He said: “It was carnage, absolute carnage.”

Mr Fisher’s colleague called 999 and relayed details of the casualties to the emergency operator.

Fuck me, why didn’t the Telegraph know about old Fish?

Nevertheless, this is the important part… Sort of:

Mr Fisher said: “He went further up the road and that’s where he saw the little girl. We went to the silver car in which the three people died. We didn’t see it at first, it was at the other side of the lorry. We rushed there and tried to do what we could, to lift bits of the car off and get them out, but you wouldn’t recognise it as a car.

Mr Fishy is either a fucking liar or the whole story is totally different to the official story.

I mean, how can you confuse a black car with a silver car?

And as we have seen, there was no car under or behind the tipper lorry… Unless they removed it first which would have required a crane on Lansdown Lane to lift it over the lorry.

Never the less, the tipper lorry came over the garden of the corner house – very slowly – so how did it tip onto the silver/black car?

A young girl was one of the four people who died when a runaway tipper truck collided with vehicles and pedestrians

How the fuck did the lorry cause the damage there?

I mean obviously the only explanation that would make sense was if the silver/black car was coming out of Brookfield just prior to turning onto Lansdown lane. But even then the tipper lorry would not topple over on top of it.Surely the lorry would just have smashed into it?

And what the fuck is Fishface on about: “We rushed there and tried to do what we could, to lift bits of the car off and get them out”.

“Lift bits of the car off”??? The lorry couldn’t have been on top of the car then.

Go look at the photos and tell me where the car is… You won’t find it and it should be in full view.

Carry on YP… I am fast changing my mind about your quality though, I have to tell you:

“I couldn’t even tell you what make it was – the damage was that bad.

It was a Volvo apparently Brian.

“There was a nurse who tried to clear a guy’s airway but it didn’t work. I don’t know where they found the third person because we only found two.

A nurse aye? How very convenient.

In fact I am surprised that it wasn’t Ingrid Loyou Lying Cunt, bearing in mind the part of the country that the accident occurred in.

Nevertheless, why was she clearing the guy’s airway? Did he swallow the steering wheel or something?

And that last sentence: “I don’t know where they found the third person because we only found two” – is very fucking strange indeed.

“I spoke to a police officer who said that in 25 years he had never seen anything like this.


I think that it is safe to conclude that Fishy is a plant.

A sign reading “school” lay in a pile of metal rubble next to bricks, bollards and foliage which had been ripped from a nearby garden.

See how many times that “school” is mentioned? Course, we know how the sign got there. After all, the “metal rubble” was the neatly stacked lamppost.

Tipper truck accident in Bath

Carry on YP:

The lorry’s load was spilled onto the road, leaving sand across the pavement of Lansdown Lane in Upper Weston.

Early witness reports given to police suggest that the driver of the tipper lorry, who was injured in the incident, had been trying to avert an accident.

The area was busy with parents collecting children from school.

No it wasn’t.

 “There are obviously a number of witnesses who would have seen aspects of the collision, and we do know the tipper finally came to a corner, has lost control and come over and lost aggregate across the floor,” Chief Superintendent Caroline Peters said.

Hmmm, well you all know my opinion of Peters.

However, this next bit is very interesting:

The tragedy comes less than two months after a bin lorry veered out of control in Glasgow city centre, killing six, and is likely to lead to renewed scrutiny of regulations on the use of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in built-up areas.

Ha, ha, ha… Now we are getting somewhere.

And indeed, this next bit which is supposedly a counter argument is also interesting:

But Edmund King, the president of the AA, said banning HGVs from residential roads would be difficult.

“Most of our goods in our shops are actually delivered by heavy goods vehicles or relatively large vehicles,” he said.

“Construction work goes on in our towns and villages and requires larger vehicles, so it is actually quite difficult to say large vehicles should be banned because some of them may be there for good reason.”

Ha, ha, ha. Edmund King!… King Edmund.

Course, as King Edmund says, you can’t ban HGV lorries from built up areas… Maybe some sort of tariff could be enforced… A bit like the congestion charge… Cunts.

I mean, the fact that we have had lorries on the road the size of the tipper and bin wagon for the past 80 year or so counts for fuck all I suppose.

Oi, I have an idea YP! Why don’t you compare the accident to another similar one. Just to really get the point across?

The crash in Bath is reminiscent of a horrific accident in 1993 in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, when six people died after a tipper truck carrying 20 tonnes of gravel lost control on a steep hill, colliding with a van and then a shop.

The driver of the truck and the van were both killed, as were four pedestrians including a two-year-old girl. The truck was found to have eight faulty brakes, but the only successful charge against the company was a failure to maintain the brakes, resulting in a £5,000 fine.

The bereaved families fought successfully to overturn a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to bring a charge of manslaughter against the company, but by the time the firm was eventually charged the evidence was insufficient to gain a conviction.

Nice one… Do carry on:

The national road safety charity Brake was founded in the UK in 1995 in the aftermath of another crash which involved a freight lorry which lost a wheel as it was not roadworthy.


How very coincidental of the YP to bring up the chariddy BRAKE – the very same chariddy that Mitzi’s father coincidentally started a Go Fucking Fund Me page for just a couple of days further on.

Indeed, on the strength of Mitzi’s death BRAKE are getting on for being £20 Grand better off.

I do in fact find it amazing that all these ‘victims’ families even know about Go Fucking Fund Me, let alone the keenness that they demonstrate by so quickly setting their pages up.

I mean, I can only speak for myself but if my 4 year old daughter was killed instantly under a lorry’s wheels – or as Mitzi’s father puts it; “Passed away” – and my mother was fighting for life in hospital, then I’m afraid that Go Fucking Fund Me would be very down my list of priorities.

And as I said earlier. I find these remembrance services held before any funerals have taken place, very, very suspect.

Indeed, they are always packed to the rafters, with people “silently weeping”

I mean, I have known of people killed in car accidents but I have never heard of a memorial service being held especially for them:

Shocked residents attended a moving prayer service at All Saints Church in Weston, close to the crash site.

Children, parents, grandparents and other members of the local community filled the church for the hour-long service.

Rector Patrick Whitworth led prayers and lit candles for the three men and the little girl killed in the tragedy.

Readings included Psalm 46, Romans Chapter 12, while hymns such as O Love That Will Not Let Me Go were sung.

Mr Whitworth told the congregation: “Anything I say will be inadequate given what the families, friends, those who died, those who are in hospital, experienced and suffered.

“We can never answer adequately the question why. There is an investigation going on into the vehicle in the terrible accident, the lorry.

“We will hear whether there was some kind of mechanical failure.

“Why, on what was really one of the most beautiful days of the year, with fresh sunshine that goes with February, that out of nowhere such a terrible disaster should happen.

“I cannot answer the question why and I don’t think anything else can either.”

Oh I would think that there were quite a few men in suits who could answer that question Rev.

The vicar described the community as “close knit” and said police had expressed thanks to those who helped at the scene yesterday.

Teachers at Weston All Saints Primary School, are attending a special meeting today to plan for the re-opening of the school this week. Source


In fact, why was the school closed anyway? It was nowhere near the accident and Mitzi didn’t go there.

Moreover, very few children saw the ‘accident’ because the school had finished for the day at least an hour before hand.

Yet I am reading reports of children being offered counselling… GET A FUCKING GRIP.

They are 4 – 11 year olds who saw fuck all and in all likelihood didn’t even know Mitzi.

Fuck me, no wonder we are a nation of emotional cripples:

DISTRAUGHT children at a school where a tipper truck killed four will receive help to cope with the tragedy.

HUH! Is this a different accident?

The tipper truck never killed anyone at the school and wasn’t even near the school.

But anyone who doesn’t know the story won’t know that!

Bereavement counsellors will talk to kids affected by the horror crash, which left Mitzi Steady, four, a chauffeur and his two passengers dead.

Why on earth would the kids be affected by something they didn’t see?

Police suspect the brakes failed on a 32-tonne truck laden with sand and gravel as it travelled down a hill outside Weston All Saints Primary School in Bath on Monday.

How the fuck was that outside Weston All Saints Primary School?

Mum Sarah Gleave, 39, wiped away tears as she stood at a memorial outside after dropping off her two youngsters.

She said: “I am shocked and confused.

Stop sticking your fingers in the plug socket then ya silly cunt.

“One of my children is upset and knowing how to help them is the hardest.”

HAVE A FUCKING WORD… With yourself I mean, not your child.

Mum-of-three Anita Walker, 36, said: “Most people in the community would have known of Mitzi.

“She was just the most beautiful, smiley little girl.” Source

Certainly the would have KNOWN OF HER after the accident.

Course, all of that old bollox just increases my suspicions about the ‘accident’.

Indeed, all of the indications of a government hoax are in play, so I am afraid that I must question Mitzi’s death… And the other three whilst I am at it.

You see, whilst I continually hear that everyone reacts differently to grief, people involved in false flags react remarkably the same I.E business as usual.

And as you know – I hope – it is incredibly hard to convincingly feign grief. And I am afraid that the Steady family have far from convinced me that they are grieving.

Moreover, there are only 4 photos of Mitzi on the internet… And at least two of them look like photos that you would see in a magazine.


And that is it photo wise except for a tiny one on the Go Fucking Fund Me page.

Course, silly me always thought that photos of your kids looked kind of like this:


Excuse me one moment.

Dear Social Services,

Well another week has passed where nothing untoward and no harm has come to Clayton… Just sayin’.

Fucking idiots. The corruption in this country has to stop.

Right I’m back.

Now, people who lose a young child – particularly when least expected – are crushed. And they comfort each other.

Moreover, at the funeral people approach them and try offer comfort. Those who don’t know how to do that or feel embarrassed about doing so will usually keep glancing over at them.

What the bereaved and funeral guests don’t do is stand around like strangers waiting for a bus… I have been to quite a few funerals in my time, don’t cha know.


And since there is no easy way to do this, I will just come out with it.

I think Mitzi Rosanna Steady is Madison Horn, a 2 year old child allegedly murdered by the fella babysitting her in April 2014.

Read the following report (HERE) and tell me how fake the mother sounds:

Distraught AnneMarie White posted a picture of blonde toddler Madison and wrote on Facebook this morning: “Well I suppose everyone knows I lost my precious little girl last night.”

Like ya do.

So bearing in mind that the photos you are about to see of 2 year old Madison are a least a year old, see how you think that they compare with the photos of 3-4 year old Mitzi.

Madison is to the left, Mitzi to your right:


I know, I know I’ve lost all credibility now… I’m fucking sick of losing that.

And what about the three fellas who died in the black/silver/Volvo/unrecognisable car crushed underneath the tipper lorry?

Well I stick by what I can see and as far as I am concerned there is no car underneath or behind the lorry.

But lets get a third opinion from the Mirror written on the 10th of February:

Three men also died when the runaway Scania truck – loaded with aggregate – smashed into their Volvo car and demolished a garden wall leaving a terrifying 200-yard trail of destruction.


The Mirror doesn’t say fuck all about the car being crushed underneath the lorry.

They do say much about the road though:

One of the campaigners, whose daughter narrowly escaped being hit by the same truck, said: “It feels like we predicted this with our warning to the council.

“We’re so angry, the whole community is absolutely devastated.“The road is really steep and narrow and it’s almost like a ski jump leading to the area where the accident happened.

“If the truck had crashed ten minutes earlier it could have been 70 kids killed.“The lorry should not have have been coming down that hill – people need to be held accountable.

“Somebody should be facing corporate manslaughter charges over this.”

Yeah, yeah, fuck all that. I have dealt with it already. What about the 3 fellas in the car:

Two businessmen and a newlywed chauffeur were the other victims of the tragedy.

Executive taxi driver Stephen Vaughan, 34, collected two passengers in his luxury Volvo saloon.

He picked up Phil Allen, a director of Western Power, and a business colleague who were both killed in the crash.Newlywed Mr Vaughan was business manager of EliteXecutive Travel.

Ohhhh Fuck! First a child and now a newlywed… No wonder I am hated:

 He and wife Sian wed at a beach ceremony in Turkey last August. Friends said she was “absolutely distraught” at their home in Penyrheol, Swansea.

The taxi was due to drop his first passenger 50 miles away in Cwmbran, Gwent, before taking Mr Allen on to his home in Swansea.

The other businessman, 59, from Cwmbran, has not yet been named.

Last August! … That ain’t too bad, I can deal with that.

Lets have a look at the cars then.

9459801Emergency services attend scene of accident on Lansdown Lane in Weston, Bath.

Angry yet?

You should be.

So who was Stephen Vaughan

Newly-wed chauffeur Stephen, 34, was yesterday revealed to be a driver to the stars who had ferried candidates on the BBC show The Apprentice.

He was driving two businessmen back to Wales when his car was hit.Stephen had also driven former Corrie actress Helen Flanagan, 24, singer Katherine Jenkins, 34, and Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley, 50.

Flanagan’s boyfriend Scott Sinclair, 25, used to play for Swansea City and he used to drive him and his teammates.

Yesterday Swansea City paid tribute to Stephen and passenger Phil Allen, 52, who was a fan of the club.

A spokesman said: “Everyone at the club feels the loss deeply when a member of our own Swans family is taken away from us. Source

Didn’t Peter ‘Budgie’ BARNES – the fella with the big chopper who died in the Vauxhall helicopter hoax – ferry the stars about too?

As for the football connection? Hmmmm!

I’m not surprised to see Newcastle United’s owner mentioned though.

But anyway, the following photos are of “newly wed” Stephen Vaughan.



Nice fangs though.

Okay, I am going to change the subject for a minute but obviously what I’m going to tell you is very relevant.

Now, anyone who reads my stuff will know who the now deceased soldier, Karl Whittle is and the extraordinary way that he died… He was from BRISTOL don’t cha know.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know who Karl is and the significance, then I’m afraid that my bail conditions forbid me from telling you.

Nevertheless, two years ago 3 soldiers were the first to be killed in Afghanistan by an IED whilst driving a Mastiff 2 armoured vehicle, since their introduction in 2007:

This is the first time British soldiers have been killed on the frontline while travelling in a Mastiff and not on a training exercise.

Mastiffs have saved many British lives out in Afghanistan by protecting troops against bomb blasts and bullets.But as has happened throughout the campaign the Taliban have repeatedly adapted to our military’s life-saving technology.

Now it seems they have started planting bigger and more deadly bombs to try and kill and injure our ground forces.

To turn a five-ton armoured vehicle over would have involved a large explosion. 

But it’s just possible that the very thing that has saved British lives may have made the Mastiff more vulnerable.

It has a revolutionary V-shaped hull which allows the shock wave of a blast to shoot slightly outwards rather than straight up and through the floor of the vehicle – thereby lessening the effect of the blast.

However, if the bomb was placed to one side of the road and dug into the bank of the road, or slightly elevated, this might hit one side of the V head on and push it over.

It is too early to say how this deadly blast happened, but a bomb to the side of the vehicle will be one of the possibilities being considered by investigators. Source

Mastiff 2 armoured vehicle after the Ministry of Defence announced that the soldiers, from The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, died while on routine patrol when their vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device

The soldiers in question were named as: Corporal William Savage and Fusilier Samuel Flint, both of The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment Of Scotland and Private Robert Hetherington from 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment Of Scotland.

Now it is Robert Hetherington – sometimes referred to as Murray or Bobby – that I am interested in.

And as you may have noticed, AMERICAN born Bobby was in a different regiment to the other two – although I don’t know if that is unusual or not.

Mind you, statistically wise, the numerologists amongst you might find the three soldiers deaths interesting:

Their deaths bring the number of soldiers killed in combat in Afghanistan to 404 and are the first in more than a month of relative peace in Helmand Province.

In total the UK military death toll in the war-torn country now stands at 444. Source

However, unlike the other two, Hetherington wasn’t a full time soldier – he was a reservist.

In fact good old Bob was apparently an excellent Lacrosse player ranked 7th in the world:

THE Scottish lacrosse community has said it will honour the memory of an “extraordinary man” who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

The chairman of Lacrosse Scotland, Keith Robertson, paid tribute to Private Robert Hetherington, one of the three soldiers who died on Tuesday.

Mr Robertson said the lacrosse community had suffered an enormous loss following the death of American-born Pte Hetherington, who he said was “the best player we have developed here in Scotland”.

“Bobby started at Stirling in 2005 at the age of 17 and started playing lacrosse,” Mr Robertson said.

“It became clear very early on that he would be a good player and a good leader and it wasn’t long before he was playing for Scotland and at the European Championships.

“In 2010 he was ranked seventh in the world and in 2012 he captained Scotland. He was unquestionably the best player we have developed here in Scotland.

“It wasn’t just his abilities as a player, but his leadership abilities – he just knew how to lead a team. He was an extraordinary man.

This weekend sees lacrosse’s British National Championships take place in Manchester and Mr Robertson said a focus of the weekend will be to find a fitting way to remember Pte Hetherington and ensure the legacy of his No 4 jersey lives on.

He added: “In lacrosse you have 23 players on a team and the situation is very intense as you are with each other not just for two weeks solid during the European Championships, but beforehand at training.

His death is a physical loss on the pitch and also a psychological loss.

“He was a confidant for so many people across the Scottish lacrosse scene. He was the one you could count on for a silly joke, the heart of the party. Source

Robert Hetherington

Player number 4: Robert Hetherington

So, Bobby was a Uni-Bod was he… Interesting.

Now unlike most soldiers families, Bob’s family absolutely shunned the spotlight when it came to his burial:

Pte Hetherington’s service is the first to be held of the three.The funeral at Canongate Kirk, on the city’s Royal Mile, was a non-military service.

At the request of the family, it was a private event to which no members of the media were allowed access. It was being followed by an interment at a cemetery in Dumfriesshire.

In a funeral notice published earlier this week, Pte Hetherington was described as a “dearly loved son of William and June and much loved brother of William, Annie, Margaret and Tom”. Source

Very strange. Usually the families like all that “hero” pomp and ceremony.

And stranger still, I am fucked if I can find a photo of Hetherington in uniform… In fact the MOD also struggled to do so, releasing a photo of him in traditional Scottish dress instead.


In fact it is fair to say that details about Hetherington are very scarce with the Mirrors, sister paper the Scottish Daily Record very unsure of their facts:

US-born Bobby, who captained ?Scotland at Lacrosse and lilved in Edinburgh, was a reservist with sister battalion 51st Highland Battalion of 7 Scots.Bobby, who deployed to Afghanistan on March 9 as a rifleman, has been hailed as the best home-grown lacrosse player Scotland ever produced.

He only took up the sport in 2005 at Stirling University but by last year he was Scotland captain.The young soldier, who leaves a girlfriend, Maeve, was said by friends to have a wisdom and maturity beyond his years.

He graduated from Stirling University ?in 2010 with a BSc in environmental ?geography and had intended to go to Sandhurst for officer training. Source

And the point to all this?

Well, just look at the following photos.


Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of Bobby photos… But I know, I know, I’ve lost all credibility now.

As for the other two fella’s who Vaughan was chauffeuring around? Well I haven’t a Scooby Doo if they are who they are alleged to be.

All I will say is once again the family of Phil Allen didn’t look particularly upset when they came to lay flowers at the crash site… And what were the two high flyers doing in the middle of nowhere in the first place?


Now according to the BBC the 2 execs were going to a retirement do, but fuck knows where that was being held and usually you take your wife to such events.

And of course we are also told that Phil Allen’s mother has now lost all 5 of her children once again putting anyone off from questioning the events surrounding the hoax:

BBC Wales understands Mr Parker and Mr Allen were travelling to a retirement function when the incident happened.

Mr Allen’s mother, Heulwen Allen, said her son was a gentle and thoughtful man.

“He had worked so hard to get where he was in his job, he was such a nice boy,” the 74-year-old said.

Mr Allen, who was married with two children and a grandchild, was in the car driven by Mr Vaughan, 34, who ran EliteXecutive Travel.

Widow Mrs Allen said her son was her last surviving child.

Mrs Allen’s first daughter was stillborn and her second died when she was a month old.

Her second son, Paul who had spina bifida, died five years ago aged 50.

“We have always been a close family and I will carry on for my wonderful daughter-in-law, Louise, who is a wonderful person and two grandchildren and great granddaughter,” she said.

A spokesman from Western Power Distribution said Mr Allen, a resources and external affairs director, and Robert Parker, a planning and special regulation projects manager, were both well respected by friends and staff. Source

Course, after all the old bollox of the heroic tipper truck driver pippin his hooter and doing his best to avert an accident – albeit failing miserably – we are now told that 19yr old Harry Potter or whatever the fuck Philip’s name is has been arrested… So Plodess, Caroline Peters was talking bollox.

Now despite only being 19, Harry has apparently held a HGV licence for a while and indeed we are told that he had recently passed his test to drive artics… Therefore, I don’t believe that his age is an issue and as such I would imagine that either:

  • The insurance was too high for his boss – who has also allegedly been nicked – to insure Potter to drive the tipper*
  • The story is all part of the government’s agenda to extort more money out of hauliers
  • The arrests are to give added credence to the story


*Assuming that the accident was genuine and the Men in Tights seized the moment to capitalize and cash in.

And of course Potters arrest comes within the same week that the driver of the Glasgow Bin-Lorry Bollox has been cleared of any wrong doing… Obviously, since old ‘H’ did exactly as he was meant to.

And finally, in Part 1 of this 3 part investigation, which was sparked by some of you insisting that the bin bollox enacted on Queen Street in Glasgow on the 22nd of December 2014 was genuine, I wrote the following in regard to Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon:

Just over 6 weeks ago 5 TEENAGERS were killed in a car crash… I’ll bet not many of you knew about that:

Devastated classmates of the five teenagers killed in a horrific car crash after a Saturday night trip to McDonalds have paid tribute to their tragic friends.

Blake Cairns, 16, Arpad Kore, 18, Jordanna Goodwin, 16, Megan Storey, 16, and Bartosz Bortniczak, 18, died in the two-car crash on Saturday night.

Today, friends of the group laid scores of floral tributes outside Danum Academy in Doncaster, where four of the five were pupils, and Mr Bortniczak was a former student.  Source

Course, there wasn’t a half hundred ambulances, the same number of fire engines and 800 coppers there all posing for the cameras.

And strangely enough, The Cunt Cameron had fuck all to say about that tragic loss of life… Course, the fact that he didn’t whilst having plenty to say on the Glasgow bollocks indicates to me that I am right to think George Square is quare.

Moreover, Cameron’s ‘concern’ would fall into the category of my my number 10 top tip for spotting a hoax.

Never the less, it is a bit of a coincidence that Sturgeon met Dave Ca-Ca Moron for the first time in her capacity of Scottish First Minister exactly a week prior to the Queen Street Queer Thing taking place:

David Cameron will today invite Nicola Sturgeon to help tackle major UK-wide threats like terrorism rather than continue complaining about Scottish devolution in the wake of the separatists’ independence referendum defeat.

Speaking ahead of their first meeting since Ms Sturgeon became First Minister, he said the “big debate” is about how the powers of the UK’s devolved parliaments are exercised rather than what they are.

The Prime Minister hopes to focus on major UK-wide issues during a session of the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) at Downing Street, which will feature for the first time a briefing for the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish First Ministers from the security and intelligence services.

They will brief Ms Sturgeon, Carwyn Jones and Peter Robinson on the threat facing the UK from Isil-inspired extremism. Mr Cameron is expected to ask the devolved leaders to work with him on this and other big issues affecting the entire UK. Source

And despite the fact that last november Sturgeon talked about her plans to “throw Cameron out” of office, you can treat that headline with the contempt that it deserves.

After all, Cameron is all but finished anyway and the tough talk makes Nicky S popular with the Scottish electorate – who really, really do despise the corrupt, nonce protecting, Prime Mincer.

That would also be the thinking behind the agreement to lower the voting age in Scotland to 16 years old which the pair of fake fucks shook hands on at that first official meeting on the 15th of December:

NICOLA Sturgeon and David Cameron have reached a deal to give the Scottish Parliament power to lower the voting age in time for the 2016 election.

The Prime Minister and First Minister confirmed the move after a meeting in Downing Street on Monday morning.

Speaking in Downing Street, Sturgeon said she was “reasonably confident” the legislation would be in place in both parliaments six months before the Scottish elections.Source

Course, it is all a smoke screen.

I mean, Sturgeon may talk & act tough but that is all that it is…. An act.

SNP Party annual conference 2014

In reality, Cameron was just blowing smoke up her arse and whilst it is true to say that Slick Nic is going to be touted as being the next best thing since Iron-Bru, it won’t be achieved because she is tough… Indeed, Nic is enjoying a big up period because she is weak and that suits the real power behind the government because they will be able to walk all over her.

Hence, this old dustbin lorry fraud, being set up specifically to fool the Scot’s into thinking that she gives a fuck – she doesn’t… And in turn her puppeteers are going all out to make her seem like the tits, hence the bleeding heart, “I’ll make sure that the victims families are financially sound, here’s 20 Grand to get the ball rolling” – “I really am special and up for taking a ‘selfie’ any time, any place with anyone who asks, cos I’m down with the kids” – old bollocks.

That is how I read the situation anyway.

And of course, the week before she met the out-going Prime Mincer – and I do not mean that the fat jowlled, fat titted, fat arsehole is charismatic – Nicky S met the Sweaty… I feel that there is a joke to be had out of that line, but I can’t for the life of me think where.

Nicely written me… And on Monday just gone (23/02/15) the following headline appeared in the Chimp:

Is Sturgeon already measuring the curtains in Whitehall? SNP demands talks to prepare for government after the election

Nicola Sturgeon has demanded talks with the UK’s top civil servants ahead of the election, sparking claims that Scottish Nationalist MPs are ‘preparing’ to enter government at Westminster.

The First Minister wants to brief Whitehall mandarins on the SNP’s expensive shopping list should the party hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

It is tradition for civil servants to meet opposition politicians who could form the next government before an election, allowing them to prepare for sudden policy changes.

Miss Sturgeon wants to prop up Ed Miliband in Downing Street, even if Labour is the second largest party after the Tories. Source

Just sayin’.