Behind The Flag and down the Rabbit hole we go.

Christopher Spivey


Now contrary to popular misconception, I do not mind people disagreeing with me. After all, those who do are entitled to their opinion even though I’m right.

Moreover, and again contrary to popular misconception, I don’t even mind being criticised. Course, there is a difference between constructive criticism and someone taking you for a right cunt… Which in the case of the latter, I do mind… A lot.

And of course when that criticism has been broached upon time and again, it does get rather tiresome and indeed, if it is only a repeat of past criticism, then logic dictates that it will relate to either my writing style, my far from perfect grammar or the amount of swearing that I do, etc, etc, etc.

Any other reason for criticising me – which doesn’t relate to the article that the critical comment is left on – will be about me and the way that I look, in which case it isn’t criticism at all, it is an insult.

So disregarding the insults, the only criticism that I do get has no basis, it isn’t valid because to describe this site as successful is somewhat understating the obvious and as such why would I change a winning formula?

Therefore, what people nine times out of ten mistake as me having a paddy because someone has had the perceived audacity to point out a failing of mine is in fact me copping the right fucking hump with some muggy cunt or other who is just trying to make their self look good at my expense.

Therefore, I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me or offering up some constructive criticism which is wholly relevant to the article generating the comment… What I cannot abide is being patronised.

And in the case of this latest government sponsored, staged event, starring a Glaswegian dustbin lorry with a mind of its own; it is fair to say that there has been one or two patronising comments amongst those who believe the old fanny to be nothing more than a tragic accident.

Course, I am not referring to the likes of Martin Keerns, who has far too much integrity to sink anywhere near that low, and indeed, thank you Martin for taking it upon yourself to destroy Sharon whatsitstrog on Facebook the other week, after the pug ugly, sour faced old crone once again, bizarrely convinced herself that she has an opinion that people other than herself, her sock puppet accounts and a, midget former inmate of a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane are interested in hearing.

Therefore, Martin and a handful of others are living proof that those who disagree with me will not only get their comments published, they will also not be subjected to a tirade of abuse courtesy of yours truly… I will however – with my tongue pushed firmly into my cheek – reiterate the point that I made earlier about people being entitled to their opinion but mine is right… Shall we start a book taking bets on how many trolls & wannabes either misread read that statement or deliberately take it out of context?

As for those patronising cunts (whether or not the intention in doing so be deliberate or just in the deluded hope of becoming a legend in their own lunchtime), whom harbour totally incorrect delusions that I see every unfortunate occurrence or mishap that takes place in the world as either being a government hoax or an opportunity to try and belittle me for “not thinking things through properly”, I will just point out that their misguided, ill-judged, tiny minds really ought to know by now that I would not give anyone the satisfaction of being in a position for them to do so.

I rarely publish anything without being confident of my claim and on the occasions that I do, when I’m not – I make the fact abundantly clear.

And as such; despite having a ton of things to write about, I shall now put those aside in order to educate the smug mugs on the importance of being able to differentiate between the fiction that their eyes are told to see and the reality that is staring them smack in the face.

Course, there is also the fact that once again your government is lying to us, for reasons that are detrimental to our freedom & prosperity… And as such their insidious agenda’s must never be allowed to go unchallenged.

So what more do we know about this government funded remake of the 1986 Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive, starring Emilio Estevez – the slightly better behaved brother of Charlie Sheen – since I last wrote about it?

Well, for starters it has been announced that the dustcart driver and his two-man crew will never be named.

Course, instead of seeing that as outrageous and an affront to justice, the mindless morons of middle England will willingly accept that fact as being nothing more insidious than protecting the bin-men from any potential harassment… Harassment being the government’s bullshit crime designed to confine free speech to the annals of history and make your average Brit – having now evolved into jellyfish – far too scared to voice any opinion other than the one that they are told to have courtesy of the Ministry for Thought Control & Social Acceptance – the MSM by any other name.

And just to prove the point, I believe that the plod have now nicked a second fella who was taking the piss (harassing) out of the bin wagon bollocks on Twitter. Woolwich denial is also a crime apparently… On the other hand, raping and murdering kids in your luxury Pimlico apartment block is perfectly acceptable.

Never the less… Where are all the fucking bodies?

Noooo, ya daft twats, not those murdered by our MP’s. I’m talking about the half-dozen dead bodies that were run over by the runaway train garbage truck and lets not forget about the ten casualties – seven of whom were allegedly seriously hurt… Where the fuck are they?

I mean, why the fuck can we not see 16 bodies laid out horizontally at various locations between Wellington’s boots and the Millennium Falcon Hotel?

Or, am I being unreasonable?

Check out the map below.

How the horror unfolded: 1) Bin lorry is travelling north along Queen Street when it mounts pavement. 2) A woman in her twenties is hit close to the Duke of Wellington statue. 3) Two women are hit near La Vita Pizzeria in Queen Street, while several other people are struck further along the road. 4) The lorry careers through traffic lights and across St Vincent's Place. 5) It hits a silver Skoda taxi, knocking it across the road at the entrance to Queen Street station. 6) In this picture taken from inside the railway station, the Skoda and bin lorry are seen when they come to rest

How the horror unfolded: 1) Bin lorry is travelling north along Queen Street when it mounts pavement. 2) A woman in her twenties is hit close to the Duke of Wellington statue. 3) Two women are hit near La Vita Pizzeria in Queen Street, while several other people are struck further along the road. 4) The lorry careers through traffic lights and across St Vincent’s Place. 5) It hits a silver Skoda taxi, knocking it across the road at the entrance to Queen Street station. 6) In this picture taken from inside the railway station, the Skoda and bin lorry are seen when they come to rest

Now take no notice of that old fanny and refer to my map below.


And number one on my map has to be where the bird seen in the photos below was hit.

Mind you, it is fucking amazing that once the wagon had veered off the road it didn’t just carry on into the Virgin money shop – especially so when you look where victim number 3 was hit.

Even more amazing is that the lorry didn’t take the bollards and no skateboarding sign out, as it swerved back on course.

PAY-Emergency-services-at-the-scene-on-Queen-Street (2)

Course, whatever went tits up with the driver must have happened as he turned into Queens Road from Ingram Street, which is almost opposite.


 The following is from the Daily Record:

The bin lorry travelled along Ingram Street before turning right at the junction with Queen Street, opposite the Gallery of Modern Art.

Police say it then mounted the pavement where it hit a pedestrian before travelling up Queen Street towards the station, travelling 300 metres, according to Police Scotland Superintendent Stuart Carroll.

He said there were seven people seriously injured – a figure that could rise.

He said: “The lorry was on Queen Street outside the Gallery of Modern Art; its then went up the pedestrian footway.

“The lorry was travelling north on Queen Street, collided with a pedestrian and the lorry went up Queen Street toward George Square where there were a number of other collisions with pedestrians on the pavement.

“We have declared a major incident and are working to identify those who have lost their lives. Source

Now as for victims number two & three!

Well, as it happens it will be easier to explain in photos.

orangeorange11Witnesses told of their shock at the scene where a number of people lost their lives yesterday lunchtime

How very, very fucking strange.

And here is another one showing victims 1 and 3… Not that there is evidence of any bodies being present.


Okay, before we move onto victims 4 and 5, I will remind you that following the Australian and Pakistan debacles I listed my top 10 tips for spotting a false flag operation – which can be found by clicking HERE.

Course, number 1 tip in that top 10 can be instantly applied to this hoax since no one rich or famous suffered so much as a scratch, whilst number 8 tip can also be applied – number 8 being: Is the film footage of the terrorist attack of exceptionally poor quality at times and as such you cannot always clearly follow what is taking place – a sure-fire indicator of foul play?

As for top tip Number 2: Were the Terrorists responsible named far too early? 

Now, in a sense this tip does indeed apply although you have to evaluate the blame game in a different way to the usual since both the Police and local government officials alike, inexplicably felt the need to continually stress that the event “was not terrorist related”… Which begs the question; who said that it was terrorist related in the first place?

Moreover, going by the eyewitness testimony, the chaos and carnage is being blamed on the lorry driver having a “heart attack”, based on the fact that he was repeatedly spotted “slumped over the steering wheel” as the heavy metal death-trap hurtled along Queen Street in a straight[ish] line.

However, I find this quickness to put the carnage down to the driver having a cardiac arrest extremely suspicious, especially when the family of the deceased, Jack & Lorraine Sweeney along with others who had loved ones injured in the mayhem were so quick to “forgive” him and absolve him of any blame… I mean, for all they know the driver may have been as pissed as a parrot.

Yet it would seem that important to pin the “tragedy” on the driver that there is all manner of total bollocks being introduced into the old fanny as to why the two bin men – who were also in the lorry cab – did not stop the juggernaut.

All of which are frankly laughable – for instance “the two men could not reach the steering wheel” and “the hand brake is impossible to find unless you know where to look”.

And just for the record, I will state that whilst I have never driven a lorry as modern as the Dustcart in question; but if I was in that situation I betcha a pound to a penny that I would find the handbrake very fucking quickly.

However, in a further bid to shore up the drivers heart-attack bullshit, we are now being informed that Glasgow Council has been making sure that their non-driver refuse collectors are all now well versed in how to stop a bin lorry should the same thing ever happen again… I don’t buy it!

Indeed, it is too much like the Cunt Cameron’s “lessons have been learned” old bollox, if you ask me.

In fact, the very idea that a dustbin man wouldn’t have a Scooby Doo about how to stop a lorry, or even how to safely steer the fucking thing along a road until it stopped on its own accord is total bollocks… Therefore, those “heart attack” rumours – based entirely  on no one having a fucking clue as to why the lorry went into psycho mode – can only be to deter anyone from looking into other possible causes for the RTA.

Now, in terms of number 3 of my top 10 tips for spotting a false flag – Were there vastly over-hyped, contradictory, eye-witness testimonies – The answer to that is: I should fucking CoCo.

And the following are but a few of the bizarre eyewitness accounts and press releases from the day itself, to which I have added my own observations as we go along:

4:13 pm
Out-of-control truck careered along pavement for 300 metres

Police confirmed the truck initially hit one pedestrian before careering down the pavement.

It hit the first pedestrian at about 2.30pm before travelling along the pavement for about 300 metres.

One witness said it “went a considerable distance at a high pace”. Source

Now, as I mentioned in my Christmas Special article; that is a hell of a distance to travel in a straight line, especially “at pace“.

However, how can the plod justify their statement that the truck initially hit one pedestrian, an hour and three-quarters after arriving at the scene when there is clearly two victims (my numbers 1 & 3) – albeit we can’t see any bodies – in very close proximity to each other, along with the tart that I have labelled victim number 2 (the bird who dropped down deadish, nowhere near the fucking road, after arriving late), and of course don’t forget matey to whom I didn’t allocate a number since he was clearly faking being hurt.

So straight away there are 4 victims before the Bin Truck continued on it trail of terror; “travelling along the pavement for about 300 metres.”

And again, that claim is just pure fantasy because the pavement is pretty much still intact with its rubbish bins (concreted into the pavement albeit strategically positioned after being ripped out of the ground), along with the signposts all still standing upright.

This fact was confirmed to me by one of my readers known as Jay, who also kindly took a load of photos of the area.

But for now have a butchers at the following photos:


Now, despite the lack of debris on the road in the above, The Sun newspaper had a front page story in regard to this hoax which had a photo showing one hell of a mess… Take a look.


And don’t forget, they filmed the Boston hoax at least twice and they got away with that… For now at least.

Never the less, let’s have some more typical false flag eyewitness evidence:

4:23 pm

 Witness: “The lorry was knocking everyone like pinballs”

Witness Melanie Greg told Sky News the lorry travelled 150 yards along the pavement until it crashed into a building.

She said:”The bin lorry just lost control. It went along the pavement, knocking everyone like pinballs.

“There was a baby in a buggy, and it just continued knocking people down until it ended up in the building. Quite horrific, very scary.

“The only way it stopped was hitting the building.

“People were trying to run out of the way. But when something was coming out behind them like that, how can they run out of the way?

Melanie Greg? Wasn’t she the Australian DJ whose prank call allegedly led to Nurse Jacintha Saldanha being suicided?

Strange how Brit Mel has managed in the space of 10 minutes to half the distance that the lorry travelled, don’t cha think?

Remember, the previous eye-witness was quoted at 4:13 PM as saying: “It hit the first pedestrian at about 2.30pm before travelling along the pavement for about 300 metres“.

Yet where are the fucking casualties then, if as Mel states that the out of control lorry was “knocking everyone like pinballs”.

And then we see the MSM’s clever mind manipulation coming into play with Mel slipping the following game clincher into her testimony: “There was a baby in a buggy, and it just continued knocking people down until it ended up in the building”.

So fucking what? The baby never got hit by the lorry did it for fucks sake… Was there an aeroplane in the sky too mel? Yet we will now have the hard of learning thinking that a baby has been killed or injured.

Never the less, by 8:41 PM the Daily Mail reported the following on their timeline of events:

8:41 pm
Witness: ‘Mother and baby killed in crash’

There are reports tonight that a mother and her baby, who was in a pram, were both killed by the lorry.

A woman claims her daughter witnessed the crash and said she saw the pair die.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: “My daughter saw them both hit and said they were dead. She has given a statement to the police.”

Now the Daily Record is the Scottish arm of the Daily Mirror, so in effect we have the second biggest selling newspaper in Britain, quoting another national, big selling newspaper, who are both guilty of promoting a lie in order to elicit public sympathy

So is that woman Mel’s mum? Is she embellishing her daughters lie?

And even if she is or she isn’t, why isn’t she named? Is she a fantasist?  Should such a large newspaper group not have checked if there was any truth to what they were being told before making such a wide of the mark claim?

Does Mel Grieg even exist? Take a look at these photos:


Are they all the same person?

No they are not, there are two people in that photo batch… Allegedly.

One of them is obviously Mel Grieg and the other is the female comedian, Janey Godley.

They did both give interviews at the scene of the crime though… And I say crime because once you have finished reading this article I am pretty sure that you will agree that what happened at 2:30 PM on Monday the 22nd of December was certainly no accident.

However, Mel wore makeup and light clothing and was filmed at an angle so as she was never directly facing the camera.

Godley on the other hand wore dark clothing, no makeup and remained looking straight on at the camera.

The lighting was very different in the two interviews, as was the way that the pairs hair was done – in contrast to each other.

I would also wager that Godley has hair extensions in… Yet I am pretty sure that they are in reality one and the same person.

Nevertheless, did Mel really report that she saw a mother and baby struck by the bin wagon? If she did do, did the plod have her sectioned?

I mean fuck me, such a traumatic report could have sent the OTT drama queens into severe post traumatic wailing like a banshee mode.

More photos are needed I think.



So at the time of writing that will be 577 days on this earth where nothing untoward has happened to Clayton and I have been with him for 574 of them… Fucking amazing.

Course, once the MSM had ramped the horror up to the point of some mourners being ready to commit Harry Ramsden – or whatever disembowelling yourself is called – they then had little choice other than to either backpedal on the old fanny or produce photo’s  of dead babies… So the lying fucks took the easier of the two options:

8:45 pm

Paramedics ‘resuscitating young pregnant woman’

Another witness claims she saw paramedics resuscitating a young pregnant woman.

Sarah Smith, 21, from Glasgow, was working in a tea kiosk in George Square when she heard the crash.

She said: “They were over her doing mouth-to-mouth. Trying to get her round. She was just lying there. She had a clear bump so she was pregnant. It was awful.

“All the security guards and first aid people working in the square had run to the crash to help. It was terrible. People were just crying. It didn’t seem real.”

That would be because it wasn’t real ya feckin’ eejut!

You watch, the bird in question will have been suffering from trapped wind not pregnancy.

However, returning to the fact that Scotch Mel shares her name with Aussie Mel; had I done my top 11 tips to identifying a false flag operation (instead of just the 10), number 11 would have been: Are the names of those involved either unpronounceable or repetitive?

For instance, The Greggs bakers shop on Queens Street appears in a lot of the photos and is referred to as being situated on “Greggs Corner”.

Indeed, the same-name-game is common to all government hoaxes.

And this Glasgow nonsense is no different.

Take Jack Sweeney for instance. Jack was the only man to be killed in the carnage and as I pointed out in my Christmas Special, most men of Jack’s age were in all likelihood christened John.

And lo and behold, the next thing that we know is that Jack, his dead wife Lorraine and dead Granddaughter, Erin – although fuck knows where their bodies were hiding – were being praised to high heaven by family member John Sweeney in every single newspaper on sale.

So, there was no surprise from me when at 4:11 PM the press timeline announced that the: “Deputy First Minister, John Swinney has also tweeted to say his thoughts are with those involved”:

And then there is the following proper old bollocks:

A SURGEON who stumbled on the scene of the Queen Street crash told yesterday how he tried to save young teacher Stephenie Tait.

Dr David Jack, 30, is haunted by what he saw that day. He said: “It all keeps coming back. It’s so horrible to constantly relive the scene.

“I tried to resuscitate a couple of people, one of whom was Stephenie, but it was pretty clear that nothing could be done.

“It was horrific. I have never experienced anything like it.”

David, 30, was Christmas shopping in Glasgow city centre when he heard screams and crashing as the bin lorry careered out of control. He rushed to try to help.

“There was no time to think,” he said. “It was instinct. I tried my best to jump in and help in any way I could.

“You just do what you can and see who needs help the most.”

David tried to help Stephenie, a 29-year-old teacher at St Philomena’s primary in the city. But he said: “She was so badly injured and there wasn’t really anything we could do.

“Stephenie’s boyfriend was in complete shock.

“We spoke afterwards. I, along with another girl, spent a lot of time listening to him and trying to comfort him. I don’t really want to go into any detail. There’s really nothing you can say that can help someone who has gone through that.”

David was one of the first people at the scene but others quickly arrived to do all they could for the injured.

He worked alongside another off-duty doctor and a nurse. Paramedics arrived within minutes, and David and the others co-ordinated their efforts with them.

“Quite a lot of people were trying to help,” David said.

“Once the emergency services arrived, it was time to step aside and offer comfort to friends and families of the victims.” Source

A Surgeon? … A very young Surgeon to boot! Indeed a very young PLASTIC surgeon to boot.

But fuck me, Dr Jack (wasn’t Jack the first name of the Sweeney fella who was killed, ho hum) is about as much use to the medical profession as the nurse I mentioned in the Christmas Day special who told reporters that she “couldn’t stop crying”.

I mean c’mon! Words that you never hear a Surgeon say: Dr David Jack, 30, is haunted by what he saw that day. He said: “It all keeps coming back. It’s so horrible to constantly relive the scene.


And since he is a plastic surgeon surely he would have wanted paying before he even rolled his sleeves up?

Never the less, the word “Surgeon” is very close to and even rhymes with “Sturgeon”  – as in Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon whom plays a big part in this fraud.

In fact her name has been bandied about that much over the past couple of weeks that the mere mention of her name now is enough to trigger the smell of Rotten Fish up my nose… Fuck knows why.

Course, by associating Surgeon & Sturgeon to prove my point I will no doubt have half a dozen or so ‘pouncers’ writing in to angrily voice their opinion – which will inevitably be along the lines of:

Every ounce of respect and admiration I had for you Chris Spivey has gone. Seems you are turning into a paranoid raving lunatic. It took you 5 minutes to decide this is all “bollox”! Your credibility is quickly diminishing and anyone who now takes anything you have to say “seriously”, they too obviously have their own issues.

I have been reading your blog long enough to realise anyone who disagrees or questions your version of events are met with abusive and immature insults. Fire away, as I won’t be back.

What I wanna know is how all of these people who keep writing in to tell me that they won’t be back ever, never, never, never, ever, ever again, all have access to my credibility reserves in order to enable them to comment… I mean fuck me, even I don’t have the key to that lock-up.

And indeed, I must admit that the fact that they are in the know as to how much credibility I have left is bloody fucking worrying… I mean, its like driving a car with a broken petrol gauge. You never know when you are empty.

Hmmm, its enough to make a person paranoid. I mean perhaps I should be closer to the 10 million hit mark instead of getting ready to hit the 9 million mark… It’s no wonder that I’m a walking bag of nerves… But anyway.

However, getting back on track and those of you who know where I am coming from when talking about the psychology behind the carefully chosen names for a false flag cast will no doubt be nodding their heads as they read this… And if you are, stop it – you will look like a simpleton to anyone who sees you.

Never the less, the same names keep cropping up time and again in this Glasgow road-show.

You see, as well as Dr David Jack sharing his surname with the Christian name of the  fella who died; he was just one of a number of David’s making ludicrous stories up about the event on the day that it happened:

6:10 pm
Glasgow lorry crash: Newcastle boyfriend tells how he saved partner in George Square

A North East man has told our sister publication, The Chronicle, of the moment he saved his girlfriend as a bin lorry hurtled down a Glasgow street.

David Lyon, believed to be from Newcastle, was walking across the road with his partner when he spotted the lorry before it ploughed into a crowd of Christmas shoppers, killing six people in the city centre, according to reports.

The crowd was waiting to cross the road outside Queen Street station by the Millennium Hotel and some people are thought to have been thrown up to 15 metres from the site of impact.

Mr Lyon said the lorry was “out of control” but managed to pull his girlfriend out of the way.

The 26-year-old said: “I was walking across the road when I saw the garbage truck pretty much plough through people.

“Debris was getting thrown into the air.

“My first instinct was to pull my girlfriend out the way, it just happened so fast.”

Now, although David Lyonheart didn’t die, I never the less feel that his story fits the criteria for number 4 in my top 10 tips for spotting a false flag operation:

(4) Were there selfless acts of heroism leading to a person – and by person I mean a woman – laying down their life for others?

Mind you, don’t you find it strange that a Geordie – shopping 150 miles away in Glasgow – can have his heroic story appear in a Geordie Newspaper just 3½ hours later? And even then Dave the Rave’s story is bollocks.

In fact, next time there is another major incident I am going to ring the Southend Echo up, claim to be at the scene and relate a fantastically spectacular story to them just to see if they print it.


Course, at that time the Chimp’s famous “final photo”, which was taken of the bin wagon seconds before it hit the hotel – and which was actually about 4 photos away from the real ‘final photo’ – was made public and clearly shows that there was only one person (a road sweeper) stood where Lying Lyon states that the lorry ploughed into a “crowd of people waiting to cross the road”… And he was that unconcerned he just got on with the job of sweeping the pavement.


Yet once again, the newspapers didn’t think to double-check the facts?

However, maybe David Lyon will get in touch and tell us where the “debris” that got tossed in the air actually landed.

And then we have DAVID McCourt… A trio of Davids then, designed by the writers to confuse and muddy the waters.

David McCourt, 25, from Glasgow told how shoppers and city centre workers tried to help the injured – and assist 999 crews.

He said: “I was walking up Queen Street from Argyle Street when I heard some kind of crash. I kept walking and noticed a heavy police presence. A lot of people were coming the opposite way looking very shaken.

“At first glance there were three or four people lying dead covered by jackets. One man actually took off his T-shirt to put it over the head of one of the deceased.

“There was quite a lot of debris from bins on the street. Shoes were strewn across the road.

“There was a lot of people crying or looking on in disbelief. Some pedestrians with first aid experience were taking charge and encouraging people to let the police do their job.”

Glasgow City councillor Austin Sheridan told how people rushed to help without thought for their own safety – just as they did after the Clutha helicopter crash and the Glasgow Airport terror attack.

He said: “Yet again people have showed the true spirit of Glasgow despite this awful tragedy.”

Straight away Davey Cockit is talking bollocks. But if you don’t believe me, the next time you pass an accident, just walk over and start giving the plod or paramedics a hand… See how long you last.

And as for the twat’s comment that: “Shoes were strewn across the road.” – and by “twats” I mean the lying cunts who make up and print this shit.

Well, all that I can think is that they must have been looking at the photos of the Pakistan false flag ‘attack’ on that Army School where 132 kids were shot dead… Allegedly.

However, Dave ‘the rave’ Cockitup was not the only one to allege that the bin wagon ploughed into a crowd of people stood outside of the train station/Millennium hotel as they waited to cross the road:

9:00 pm
Bin lorry driver ‘was passed out at the wheel’

Some of those who witnessed the carnage in Glasgow say they saw the bin lorry driver slumped over the wheel.

Elmarghani Hesen, 35, from Glasgow, said: “The refuse truck was out of control. It looked like the driver had passed out at the wheel.

“He was slumped over and I knew something wasn’t right. It was doing about 50mph and went through a red light before smashing into a car, mounting the pavement and hitting people outside queen street station. It was awful.

“I saw a woman lying injured on the ground her stomach was burst open and blood was everywhere. There were people trapped underneath the lorry. One man’s head was badly injured and there was a lot of blood. I saw about seven people badly injured. It was very distressing. One of the worst things I’ve ever seen.”

Mark Devine, 20, from, Motherwell, who was walking to Queen Street station, also told the Daily Record: “It happened so fast. The truck came hurtling down and shot across the road then ploughed into people. Six people were badly injured. I saw a woman lying underneath the lorry covered in blood. Everyone was screaming and trying to help.”

These lying cunts really should be reported to the Press Complaints Commission.

NO ONE WAS RUN OVER ON GEORGE STREET  (the street where the lorry ended up)

Yet according to Mr Unpronounceable (Tip number 11 for uncovering a false flag event), The bin lorry was doing about 50 MPH as it crossed George Street and hit the taxi, before being brought to a standstill by the hotel wall.

Now, even the press should have double-checked that fact out unless their intention was to purposely mislead the reader. After all, had the lorry hit the silver taxi at 50MPH the car would have all but disintegrated.

“I saw a woman lying injured on the ground her stomach was burst open and blood was everywhere. There were people trapped underneath the lorry. One man’s head was badly injured and there was a lot of blood. I saw about seven people badly injured. It was very distressing. One of the worst things I’ve ever seen.”

After reading that old bollocks you can only reach the conclusion that Elmarghani Hesen is either:

  • a made up witness
  • a convincing con man who cannot tell fact from fiction
  • someone who is working for the government and is being quoted in order to promote the hoax.

You see, as I just stated, there were no people run over on George Street so there could not have been women with “burst open” stomachs or “trapped underneath the lorry” – which was in reality travelling at a snails pace.

243E76D800000578-2884826-image-a-1_1419380446665Now the “after” photos that I used in that batch were – as I have already said – taken by a reader of mine named “Jay”. you may have seen him comment as he does quite regularly.

Indeed, Jay took 114 very high resolution photos of the area, which you can find by clicking HERE

But here is a strange fucking thing.

You see, Jay told me that he had walked the whole length of Queen Street – where, ACCORDING TO THE PLOD THEMSELVES, the bin lorry had caused mayhem by travelling 300 meters at speed along the pavement – yet Jay says that there is very little sign of any damage.

6:00 pm

 Map shows route lorry took through Glasgow city centre

This map shows the route the lorry took as it careered through Glasgow’s busy streets.

One witness said it was travelling at 70mph while another said it was “knocking everyone like pinballs”.

Police confirmed it travelled for about 300 metres before crashing into the side of a hotel.

Yet in that earlier photo batch we clearly saw a set of traffic lights laying in the road along with bits and pieces of “debris” and the pavement rubbish bin that had been dislodged… So there had to be damage.

Course, by the same token we also saw photos to contradict that damage ever having happened… So it’s a tough call then, although I will remind you that the fraudsters may well have staged a second photo shoot shoot, hence the high steel barrier walls and tarpaulins (ready made green screen almost) and which was way, way OTT for a RTA that involved a single lorry and a car.

_79902809_scottishsun2312JS53432410 (1)1

Now, with regard to that “Assembly Point” sign it is interesting to note that the Aussie Lindt Café false flag op had a similar type of sign up.

The Aussies are just a bit more upfront about it.


And I see that a poster of Big Brother is in the background taking it all in… That remark will become clearer later.

Course, in turn the Pakistani’s are even more blatant than the Aussies.


How fucking sick is that?

But I digress. So getting back to it, it would now seem that until we are told otherwise, all traumatic events must be considered as TERRORISM.

And I’m not even joking.

Yet fuck knows when this new ruling came into place, but it obviously has:

 5:51 pm

Police: “This is not a terrorist incident”

Police Scotland has now confirmed that it is not a terrorist incident.

Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson said: “Investigations continue into the circumstances of the tragic incident in George Square today.

“While those investigations are continuing, we can confirm that this is not a terrorism-related incident.”

Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson added: “This is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected, particularly the families of those who have lost their lives.

“My priority now is to do what we can to support everyone involved and to give every assistance to the police and other emergency services as they investigate this incident and care for those who are injured.”

If it wasn’t so fucking serious I would be ROFLING, or whatever ‘laughing yourself silly’ is called these days.

I suppose that the ruling made on a 20 million to 1 shot could have sneaked in when the Sniffenpissin Monsters labelled us all terrorists, but fuck me, it really does begin to get all rather pathetic.

Never the less, even that snippet of old fanny panders to ‘Top Tip 11’ (Same or unpronounceable names).

You see as well as “Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson” getting in on the act at 5:51PM; just 50 minutes later, in a blatant show of one-upmanship, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson was busy brown-nosing big boss, Nicky S:

6:41 pm
Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Let your friends and relatives know you are safe’

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has urged people in Glasgow today to let their friends and relatives know they are safe.

She said: “My thoughts are with everyone involved in this tragic incident, and especially with the friends and families of the six people who lost their lives in what is another sad day for Glasgow and Scotland.

“I am currently at the Police Scotland control room in Govan with Justice Secretary Michael Matheson, where I am being fully briefed with the latest information.

“As ever, Scotland’s emergency services have responded in a swift and professional manner and I would encourage everyone to let them get on with their vitally important roles.

Why the fuck is the dozy puppet tart sat in a police control room?  Does she think that the Bin Wagon may launch its self back into life at any given fucking second and continue on with its killing spree?

However, the way that the bought & paid for First Minister has been seen here there and every-fucking-where following this non-terrorist related RTA, involving a lorry & a taxi; you don’t need to be overly clever to work out part of the reason for this government hoax.

I mean c’mon for fucks sake, lets put this old fanny in context. On October 22nd 2012 the Chimp reported thus:

At least seven people were killed and 51 injured in a horrific crash on the M5 motorway described by the emergency services today as one of the worst they have ever seen.

There are fears the death toll could soar even higher as police said they believe bodies may still be trapped in vehicles which have been left ‘burnt and unrecognisable’. Emergency services will work through the night in a bid to search for more victims.

The smash on the northbound carriageway near Taunton, Somerset, involved 34 vehicles, including four lorries. Police said the vehicles were ‘immediately alight’ following the crash as a ‘massive fireball’ engulfed the carriageway. Source

Seven dead: Police officers work to clear the scene of the accident. Senior officers said they fear there may yet be more fatalities
And guess what?

No one heard a fucking dickie bird from Sweaty Betty, the Cunt Cameron, Edward Willieband or Nick ‘the lot’ Clegg.

Course, the Taunton MP Jelly Browne-Bum, like Nicky S, just had to get in on the act:

Jeremy Browne, MP for Taunton Deane paid tribute to the ‘bravery’ of the emergency workers who dealt with the ‘horrendous accident’.

He said: ‘There has not been a crash on this scale for many years and the implications of it will be life-changing for many people.’

 Was that it?

Fuck me, Nicky S hasn’t had time to take a dump since the 22nd of December!

Mind you, fair play to her, she is very generous with other peoples money:

8:38 pm
Scottish Government will contribute to tragedy fund

The First Minister of Scotland confirmed the Scottish Government will contribute to the fund for families affected by the tragedy.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “I can confirm that the Scottish Government will match fund Glasgow City Council’s £20,000 contribution to the Queen Street appeal fund.

“It will be available to those who need it most and I would urge people affected to make use of the services available through the fund.

“This week we have, once more, seen how well Glasgow has pulled together to support those in need, which is why it is so heartening to hear that so many donations have already been made to the fund – further evidence of the incredible spirit of the people of Glasgow  and of Scotland.”

Were the victims all in dire financial straits then?

Did none of them have life insurance?

Where is the fucking handing out of other peoples money to the starving and homeless in this country?


And just over 6 weeks ago 5 TEENAGERS were killed in a car crash… I’ll bet not many of you knew about that:

Devastated classmates of the five teenagers killed in a horrific car crash after a Saturday night trip to McDonalds have paid tribute to their tragic friends.

Blake Cairns, 16, Arpad Kore, 18, Jordanna Goodwin, 16, Megan Storey, 16, and Bartosz Bortniczak, 18, died in the two-car crash on Saturday night.

Today, friends of the group laid scores of floral tributes outside Danum Academy in Doncaster, where four of the five were pupils, and Mr Bortniczak was a former student.  Source

Course, there wasn’t a half hundred ambulances, the same number of fire engines and 800 coppers there all posing for the cameras.

And strangely enough, The Cunt Cameron had fuck all to say about that tragic loss of life… Course, the fact that he didn’t whilst having plenty to say on the Glasgow bollocks indicates to me that I am right to think George Square is quare.

Moreover, Cameron’s ‘concern’ would fall into the category of my my number 10 top tip for spotting a hoax.

Never the less, it is a bit of a coincidence that Sturgeon met Dave Ca-Ca Moron for the first time in her capacity of Scottish First Minister exactly a week prior to the Queen Street Queer Thing taking place:

David Cameron will today invite Nicola Sturgeon to help tackle major UK-wide threats like terrorism rather than continue complaining about Scottish devolution in the wake of the separatists’ independence referendum defeat.

Speaking ahead of their first meeting since Ms Sturgeon became First Minister, he said the “big debate” is about how the powers of the UK’s devolved parliaments are exercised rather than what they are.

The Prime Minister hopes to focus on major UK-wide issues during a session of the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) at Downing Street, which will feature for the first time a briefing for the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish First Ministers from the security and intelligence services.

They will brief Ms Sturgeon, Carwyn Jones and Peter Robinson on the threat facing the UK from Isil-inspired extremism. Mr Cameron is expected to ask the devolved leaders to work with him on this and other big issues affecting the entire UK. Source

And despite the fact that last november Sturgeon talked about her plans to “throw Cameron out” of office, you can treat that headline with the contempt that it deserves.

After all, Cameron is all but finished anyway and the tough talk makes Nicky S popular with the Scottish electorate – who really, really do despise the corrupt, nonce protecting, Prime Mincer.

That would also be the thinking behind the agreement to lower the voting age in Scotland to 16 years old which the pair of fake fucks shook hands on at that first official meeting on the 15th of December:

NICOLA Sturgeon and David Cameron have reached a deal to give the Scottish Parliament power to lower the voting age in time for the 2016 election.

The Prime Minister and First Minister confirmed the move after a meeting in Downing Street on Monday morning.

Speaking in Downing Street, Sturgeon said she was “reasonably confident” the legislation would be in place in both parliaments six months before the Scottish elections.Source

Course, it is all a smoke screen.

I mean, Sturgeon may talk & act tough but that is all that it is…. An act.

SNP Party annual conference 2014

In reality, Cameron was just blowing smoke up her arse and whilst it is true to say that Slick Nic is going to be touted as being the next best thing since Iron-Bru, it won’t be achieved because she is tough… Indeed, Nic is enjoying a big up period because she is weak and that suits the real power behind the government because they will be able to walk all over her.

Hence, this old dustbin lorry fraud, being set up specifically to fool the Scot’s into thinking that she gives a fuck – she doesn’t… And in turn her puppeteers are going all out to make her seem like the tits, hence the bleeding heart, “I’ll make sure that the victims families are financially sound, here’s 20 Grand to get the ball rolling” – “I really am special and up for taking a ‘selfie’ any time, any place with anyone who asks, cos I’m down with the kids” – old bollocks.  

That is how I read the situation anyway.

And of course, the week before she met the out-going Prime Mincer – and I do not mean that the fat jowlled, fat titted, fat arsehole is charismatic – Nicky S met the Sweaty… I feel that there is a joke to be had out of that line, but I can’t for the life of me think where.

Right, shall we have some more far fetched, totally OTT bullshit?

Yes, indeed we fucking shall, and again I will comment as we go:


Piper Iain Melvin watched in disbelief as the bin lorry crashed into everything in its path.

A Piper no less.., I’m impressed. And it makes for a nice change from a Drummer too… Carry on Piper Mel – Hmmm, yet another Mel:

Iain was doing a photoshoot on the roof of the Alpine Lodge at George Square when the tragedy unfolded in front of him.

He tried calling emergency services but the lines kept cutting out because they were so busy.

He said: “The first thing I heard was a loud hard noise and I could see the bin lorry at Greggs corner.

Well he would be wouldn’t he… The whole thing was a fucking photo shoot. In fact they all come out with little clues like that. Another favourite is: “It didn’t seem real” or “It was like something out of a movie scene”.

Gerron wiv it:

It seemed to be going pretty fast at around 30mph and it was so surreal as it banged into everything in the way. I heard it hit lamp posts but the next time I saw it it was going by the big wheel in the square where I’m sure there were some people sitting.

It seemed to be going pretty fast at around 30mph”… That ain’t fast, you just wait and see. Piper Down or whatever his name is then gives another clue to the deception taking place: “it was so surreal”. Yes, wasn’t it just.

And like a true trooper, Piper Pooper made sure to mention the Ferris Wheel – which some of you have already made reference to in the comments left on the Crimbo Special.

However, you will note that Pip referred to the attraction as being the Big Wheel, because calling it a Ferris Wheel would imply that Paul Ferris – a notorious wee Glaswegian, arguably once the most feared man in Glasgow (and that takes some fucking doing Pal), who was also a former enforcer for the Scottish gangster, Arthur Thompson – was somehow involved.

And since Paul has given up hurting people for a living and is now a writer, the implication could earn yo a permanent smile.

Paul Ferris walking from Glasgow High Court after being found not guilty of the murder of Arthur Thompson

Paul Ferris walking from Glasgow High Court in 1993 after being found not guilty of the murder of Arthur Thompson Jr AKA Fat Boy

2013: Former Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris promotes a film based on his life

Former Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris promotes a film based on his life

The Wee Man film poster

Okay, the next lot of bollocks comes from Sisters Nicole & Ashley

‘We were in Queen Street, standing just short of George Square and waiting to cross the road towards the Square. I heard the screams. I looked behind me and there was the lorry, heading straight for us.

‘In a second I took in the fact that three people, young women who looked to be in their twenties, were already on the ground.’

Ashley, 17, who is studying law at the same university as her sister, said: ‘Nicole just pushed me out of the way and then jumped clear herself. Another few seconds and who knows whether we, too, would have been injured or killed.

‘The three young women were already lying in the street, already knocked down.’

Nicole added: ‘They were in a bad way. One had blood pouring from her face and the other had a seriously injured leg. I couldn’t tell if they were alive or dead.

‘The driver just kept going. The light from the Christmas decorations was hitting the windscreen so I couldn’t see what state the driver was in. I didn’t know what to think.

‘The lorry was travelling so fast, around 40mph at least. I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

‘He continued on, striking a silver car and then a taxi.’

Her sister added: ‘Thankfully, Nicole saw what was happening in time. Heaven knows what might have happened to us. We might have been among those poor people who were killed and injured.

Now I only included that melodramatic old fanny in order to demonstrate that the lorry’s speed is getting faster by the minute instead of slowing and also because Ashley states in relation to the driver: ‘He continued on, striking a silver car and then a taxi.’

And in regard to the latter, you could be forgiven for thinking that Ashley is confused and that the “silver car” and the “taxi” are one of the same… But they aren’t as it happens.



Here is another pic of the lorry. It looks even more police like here and do you think that they are trying to hide the registration. plate? Would that be because the one in the other photo ends in TOW and this one ends in OM?

Now, I am pleased to say that I also managed to find some interesting photos of Greggs Corner – or to give the place its proper name; the Queen Street/ St Vincents crossroads.

And indeed, it would appear that these new photos have been released sometime following the batch that I originally had.

Course, the fact that the photos were not all released in one go could be down to many reasons. For instance, if you buy into my theory of there having been two photo shoots, this new batch – which are better quality and show a LOT more detail – could have arisen from that.

Or it could even be a case that the Men in Tights deliberately withheld them in order to fuck people like me up. Luckily, this unplanned piece of work has now taken me so long to write that finding this new batch of photos hasn’t caused me too much revision.

Course, if the MIT did hold the photos back deliberately, that fact would speak volumes about their integrity – or lack of it in this case.

Nevertheless, there is also a lot more information to be gleaned from Hi-Res  photos… Take a butchers at these.


Glasgow-crash-victims-2 (1)Glasgow-crash-victims-7If ya think about it to long it does your fucking nut in.

Okay, I think its best if I remind you where the photoshopping has been done as the first and second photos in this next batch, save you having to scroll up and down all the time.


Now before I carry on, most of you will now know that the names of the streets that this ‘accident’ took place on are quite significant when you discard the “official” version of events.

And with that in mind, you will notice that the shop/company /branch  or whatever it is you want to call the shop on the corner, is never the less owned/rented by REISS. And it is fair to say that it looks to be purposely illuminated in the photo.

That fact led me to look at the word, which as you will have guessed – if you are on my wavelength – yielded an unsurprising result. You can find out the meaning of the word by clicking HERE



Good that isn’t it?

There is still a lot more to come yet though.

Now, I do believe that at least 3 – and probably a lot more – of the coppers who appeared in this hoax were crisis-actors – as I also believe that all of the frauds that I have allocated numbers to are also crisis-actors.

After all, the plod hate to be filmed at the best of times, yet the 3 that I am referring to turn up in staged photo after staged photo… Usually being given flowers, carrying flowers or putting flowers with the rest of the bunches that people have been conned into buying.

Anyone reading these articles on the Glasgow fraud would be forgiven for thinking that all our coppers do is walk around with flowers all day.

Flowers are moved to Royal Exchange Square by Firemen and Cleansing dept workersMSP Humza Yousaf passes flowers to a police officer close to the scene in George Square, GlasgowGlasgow aftermathGlasgow aftermathA police officer lays down a tribute

And if they are not poncing around with bunches of flowers in their hands, they will be seen pointing a lot, or simply guarding a slack length of crime scene tape.

Mind you, that is just about all that the useless cunts are good for but never the less, I am still going with my crisis-actor theory… After all, guarding flowers maybe all our plod are good for but the crisis-actor plod give the game away by looking far too intelligent, clean and professional.


Okay, the reason that I asked you to have a good look at that male copper is because on the 20th of December the Chimp released a shit article that was extremely bizarre to say the least. So bizarre in fact that I felt compelled to include the article in my Christmas special.

You see, the article was about people getting drunk on what is apparently known as Black Eye Friday – or some other fucking daft name like that… And like the other MSM newspapers the Chimp stretched the old fanny to about 3 articles.

Anyway for the benefit of those who unlike me are not; ‘with it’, Black Eye Friday is the last Friday before Christmas Day and the Chimp – along with most of the other MSM newspapers to be fair – gathered together a dozen or so photos of drunks walking/vomiting/fighting/sleeping on the streets of England’s major towns & cities.

So far, so good then apart from the fact that the MSM all ran the story using more or less the same photos, indicating to me that they had all been ordered to do so – which begs the question: Why had they been ordered to run the story?

I mean, drunken twat’s falling over on the last Friday before Baby Cheeses’is birthday is hardly news.

Still all of those photos used in the non-story were all credited to either photographers or agencies. For example; the photos taken in Bristol were credited to Adam Gray and the photos taken in Manchester were billed as belonging to FPIX.

That is except the 3 photos relating to Blackpool. And those 3 photos were all photo-shopped.

Now, the following is what I wrote about the bollox-story in my Christmas special to which I included 2 of those photos complete with the Chimps photo captions:

Now whilst I am all for any article that shows the plod up for the Numpties that they undoubtedly are, I also feel that in doing so, it should be done with integrity and honesty.

And with that in mind, the following are two of the photos that accompanied that article along with their captions.

In Blackpool, a policewoman takes a photograph of two revellers as her colleague struggles to arrest a man on the pavement 

In Blackpool, a policewoman takes a photograph of two revellers as her colleague struggles to arrest a man on the pavement

As her colleagues struggle with the man on the floor, the policewoman hands a phone back to two revellers posing with another police officer

As her colleagues struggle with the man on the floor, the policewoman hands a phone back to two revellers posing with another police officer

Do you see what I see?

If you don’t, here’s a little hint:

As two men drape their arms around her colleague, the policewoman appears happy to snap away, then seems to hand the phone back. 

And if you still don’t see, check out the arm round the copper coming from his right hand side.

Course, in the grand scheme of things, my mentioning this may seem trivial. Yet the Monkey boys clearly state that there are two fellas, not three and even then the two that are mentioned do not look right.

For instance look at the fella in the white jumpers right arm – the one around the plod. It looks to me to be bent in two places.

And as for his mate, although he is clearly leaning forward he is a whole foot length behind his mate and looks to have a false left leg.

Therefore, how do we know that the whole story isn’t just made up?

And of course, a made up news story is a very big deal. Source

Now, since publishing my Christmas special I have found myself repeatedly revisiting that article as well as the other two aforementioned bullshit articles published by the Chimp – which were both just as pointless and bizarre as their first as far as I am concerned.

And in doing so, I noticed a whole lot more wrong with the photos than just the extra arm around the coppers back.

For instance, the fella who is on the deck being arrested must have no legs and the arresting officer is also the copper who is having his photo taken… The budget mustn’t have run to three crisis-actors.

Moreover, the door seen on the far left of the top photo, I believe is not the door to that club.

I did in fact actually spend well over half an hour on Google Maps trying to track the club/pub down – a task that I failed miserably at.

Now part of the reason that I have revisited those articles and scoured the internet for more photos – again, a task that I failed miserably at – is because I believe that those police Orificers are crisis actors… As I believe the same to be true for the police Orificers used in this Glaswegian old fanny.

Never the less, I best write my usual disclaimer at this point so as those who can’t wait for me to fuck up can ignore it.

The Following Information Is Pure Speculation & Not A Statement Of Fact

Okay, I THINK that the copper who is arresting the mush with no legs and having his photo taken at the same time COULD POSSIBLY be either the copper who is stood next to the little bird Plodette in the bobble hat or at a pinch Wayne Mawson – a fairly high wanking copper.


And if you wanna be closed minded and think a high wanker wouldn’t do such a thing, then think again… As you will be made to do later on anyway.

Indeed the useful idiots get a buzz out of fooling the public.

Now obviously those of you who read my OPINIONS regularly – without having an ulterior motive to do so – will know that I haven’t reached that conclusion just on the spur of the moment… Unlike those of course who are desperate for me to fuck up because they have an inferiority complex through knowing that unless I really fuck up big time they will always be using powerful binoculars to look up at the underside of my platform, which even then will only appear to be the size of a full stop.

Not that you can fuck up big time by expressing an opinion… Well you can, but you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, I must admit that I wouldn’t have even so much as mentioned the coppers above had it not been for the much more damning evidence still to come.

However, before I clarify my reasons  for my way of thinking, let me just briefly give you an explanation as to the other reason for me continually returning to that article, when in reality I shouldn’t have needed to give it a second thought.

You see, as I have already stated; the trio of Blackpool photos were uncredited, yet they were the main focus for the first one of the three articles about drunks wandering the streets of our towns & cities.

And below is the third of those Blackpool photos:

Seemingly oblivious to the struggle going on at her feet, the woman stands smiling in the street on Friday night

A total bollox story then, fabricated and given life to via photoshopped pictures of crisis actors masquerading as police orificers.

However, giving mind to what I said about the doorway seen on the far left of the other two photos being photoshopped, along with the crowd safety barrier that you can see on the far left of the above photo, leads me to believe that the photos were taken by Bristol based professional photographer, Adam Grey… Funny how BRISTOL is never far from the headlines, don’t cha think.

So best we look at the Adam Gray photos that have come from an accumulation of  the 3 [non] articles which as I say, bizarrely appeared in all of the British MSM newspapers and THROUGHOUT the world to be fair… Why? Totally, totally baffles me.


Okay, now as I said in one of the above photo batches, I believe that the female plod in the Blackpool old fanny is the same female plod who appeared in oodles of the Glasgow hoax photos.

Indeed, there was her and another fella in particular who also played a plod and who I have a hunch – nothing more than that – could possibly be Scotch Willie of the orange coat fame.


Yes? No? Either way remember its only speculation.

Just like my claim is about the two male plods being one and the same – the one doing the arresting and the one doing the posing – in the Blackpool photos.

They wouldn’t do that you say!

Why wouldn’t they, they did it in the Glasgow photos… I think.

nb 3 mad friday blackpool.jpg

And cue the trolls commenting on how much they used to admire me but after this I have no credibility left… Blah, Blah, White Noise.

Okay, lets look at the victims and we may as well start with the youngest, who along with some old bird and the Bin Lorry driver himself are the only ones left in hospital:

The youngest victim of the Glasgow bin lorry crash has taken her first steps since the accident before Christmas.

Alix Stewart, 14, suffered a broken collar, rib and thigh, severe damage to both her liver and kidney, severe grazing to her back and had her ear torn off after being dragged along by the vehicle.

Ouch! Carry on:

Alix, from Kilmalcolm, Inverclyde, had been out Christmas shopping with her mother, Jacqueline, and her older sister, Emily, before leaving them to meet two friends.

Moments later she was hit head-on by the lorry and dragged along Queen Street before being left in the middle of the road.

Now it is important to pay attention here.

Alix who is FOURTEEN years old, had been out shopping with her mum JACQUELINE and older sister Emily when she left them to go meet her two friends. MOMENTS later she was hit “HEAD-ON” by the lorry before being DRAGGED ALONG and left in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD … Got that, because like I say all of those details are important… Carry on:

After six hours of emergency surgery and spending 24 hours in intensive care on a ventilator at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Alix pulled through.

One week after the traumatising accident – which claimed six lives – the talented basketball player took her first steps, managing to travel 50 yards.

Mrs Stewart, 43, said: “I have to admit, there were tears of joy.

“It is amazing how well she is doing considering what she was like last week.

“We were so happy on Monday when she managed to sit up for the first time and watch a film.

“But we couldn’t believe it when the physiotherapist called us in to see her on her feet yesterday.”

Alix, a third year pupil at Gryffe High School, Houston, was with two other friends when the lorry swerved on to the pavement, hitting all three.

Got that? She had met up with her two friends when“the lorry swerved on to the pavement, HITTING ALL THREE”… Get on with it:

Alix’s friend called her mother to tell her what had happened but when she arrived at the scene her daughter was not there.

So, after being hit by the lorry that had done so much damage to Alix, her friends first thought was to ring Alix’s mum – having obviously had the foresight to take Alix’s mum’s mobile phone number for just such an occasion.

Never the less, you have to wonder why this friend wasn’t also dragged along by the ear… But lets not jump the gun, get on with it Newspaper person:

Mrs Stewart said: “When her friend phoned and said there had been an accident with a rubbish truck I assumed it was one of those little street sweepers.

“I couldn’t understand why there were so many emergency vehicles and so much fuss.

“When I realised what had happened I just had to bite down the panic because I had Emily with me.

“We were told Alix was in one of the first ambulances going to the Royal Infirmary but we didn’t know for sure.”

Patients people, Give em enough rope I say… Just make sure that you are taking it all in… Again, please do carry on my good man:

Meanwhile, her father Colin, who had heard about the crash on the radio, was frantically calling Alix’s phone to try and find her.

The 48-year-old added: “I think I called Alix’s phone about 30 times. You just expect your daughter to answer.

“When she didn’t I turned the car and headed straight to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.”

FUCK ME, the radio was quick off the mark… And so was Alix’s fucking dad for that matter. Did he not think to call his wife, JACQUELINE, or his DAUGHTER EMILY?

And how the fuck did he know which hospital to go to?  I mean, apparently the victims were taken to three different hospitals.

However, if my Stacey was out shopping in Southend – which is significantly smaller than Glasgow – and I heard on the radio that there had been an Accident that wasn’t Terrorist related; if I couldn’t get her on the phone I wouldn’t grab my fucking car keys and drive to the hospital on the off chance that she had been hurt… And Southend only has the one hospital..

And don’t forget, it wasn’t stated that 6 people had been killed until 5 or 6 o’clock… I’m not having that Stewart old fanny… But carry on:

Alix was one of 10 taken to hospital following the accident and when her parents arrived at hospital they were given just minutes to see her before she was taken away for three hours of treatment.


I mean, Houston to George Square is a 30 mile, half hour car journey away! Do these cunts not read what they write?

Carry on regardless:

At around 6pm she went to theatre for an operation that would take six hours and involve four different specialist surgeons.

Does that mean that Mr & Mrs Stewart got to the hospital at 3PM, saw Alix for 10 mins before she had 3 hours of treatment, followed by 6 hours of surgery at 6pm?

If so, how the fuck did her parents arrive together at the hospital for 3PM?

Or is that 3 for 3 and 6 for 6  and what a load of old fucking bollocks. Talk about Double fucking Dutch.

Tell us some more lies, why don’t cha:

Following the operation, Alix spent 24 hours in intensive care on a ventilator before being moved to the high dependency ward.

A talented basketball player, who recently earned a place on the Scotland under-15 basketball team, her parents believe her physical fitness has also helped her through.

Mr Stewart said: “Alix is usually fit as a fiddle and I think the fact she was so fit before has really helped her.

“But she has also just been so brave, despite what she remembers about the accident. She’s very close to Emily and that has helped her but she’s just remarkable.

“She is strong. She is a brave wee fighter.

“The medical staff have been amazing, just incredible, and we can’t thank them enough.

“We also want to say a big thank you to the people who were with her at the time of the accident.

“Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost someone.

“We realise how lucky we are and how lucky Alix is.”

Despite suffering flashbacks to what she had experienced, Alix’s parents say she has been incredibly brave.

Mr Stewart said: “Alix is slowly piecing together what happened.

“At first she didn’t have many memories but things are coming back to her in flashes which is very difficult for her.

“She’s not able to talk publicly about what happened just yet and we would very much hope that our privacy is respected while we give her the support she needs.” Source

Okay, lets suspend reality and pretend that we believe the impossible for a minute. Now the friend who rung JACQUI STEWART  – ohhh she has the same name as a famous racing driver then – was 13 year old Danielle Dawson.

Therefore her story should back up the old bollox that we have just heard from Mr & Mrs Stewart correct?

However, let’s have a look at some photos first.

Alix-StewartAlix-Stewart (2)

Okay, lets hear what young Dani has to say for herself:

DANIELLE Dawson saw the 20-tonne truck a fraction of a second before it hit her, throwing her 12 feet through the air.

A TEENAGE girl hit by the careering bin lorry that killed six people in the George Square tragedy spoke of her miracle survival for the first time yesterday.

Danielle Dawson saw the 20-tonne truck a fraction of a second before it hit her, throwing her 12 feet through the air.

So, Alix got dragged by the ear and Dani got launched… Twelve foot is a long way to be shunted though and I would imagine she was badly hurt.

Enlighten us newspaper fella:

Amazingly, the 13-year-old, whose two friends were badly injured, suffered only cuts and bruises in the tragedy three days before Christmas.


The schoolgirl, still shaken by the horror, described the moment the out-of-control lorry hit the group of friends in Queen Street.

She said: “I just heard screaming – I don’t know who it was – and turned round and saw green. And then I was
in the air.”

The teenager had just met Alix Stewart, 14, and 18-year-old Irene McAuley at the Duke of Wellington Statue in Royal Exchange Square.

A bit strange that an 18 year old girl – nay woman in the eyes of the law – would hang around with 2 children, but what do I know?

C’mon, get to the good bits:

The girls all play basketball for Scotland and were planning to go ice skating at the rink in George Square.

Well, Dani & Alix play for the under 15’s apparently… I don’t suppose 18 year old Irene McAuley does though.

Gerron with it:

Danielle said: “I remember I was at the statue. I just know it as the guy with the cone on his head. I was with Irene and we walked from Queen Street to there, where we met Alix.

“I heard a scream and just turned and looked over my shoulder. I was standing closest to the gallery. Irene was in the middle and Alix was on the outside by the pavement. The lorry was right there. I could just see green.”

The three are believed to have been the first people to be hit by the vehicle.

Now that is interesting. I just know it as the conehead guy giving Santa a lift.


Carry on:

Danielle said: “I was thrown three or four metres. I could see Irene but I couldn’t see Alix.”

Don’t worry about it, neither could anyone else… Pray, continue:

Clipped on her right shoulder by the lorry, Danielle landed on her left-hand side, lying on the raised area that surrounds the Gallery of Modern Art, opposite a Costa coffee shop.She remembers trying to get back on her feet to run and help Irene, who she could see had suffered facial injuries, but she collapsed to the ground as shock took hold.

Aha! Well then, in that case this must be Danielle in the photos below who I earlier referred to as victim number 2 – which means that Irene McAuley must be victim number 1:


Least said, soonest mended… Come on paper-man, chop, chop:

A young mum ran from the coffee shop to help Danielle and comfort her. Claire Wright put her fears aside as she wrapped Danielle in her own navy woollen coat until paramedics arrived.

What on earth was she frightened of then? Just askin’:

Danielle’s mum Karen, who is four months’ pregnant, had been travelling to the Royal Infirmary for a scan when she learned of the horrifying accident unfolding in George Square.She said: “We were making our way to hospital and I noticed I had missed calls from Danielle and my sister Lisa.“She told me a woman called Claire had called to say Danielle had been involved in an accident and was being taken to the Royal too.“I couldn’t think. I just went numb. I was fearing the worst.”

Went numb or are numb? What a load of old shite… Danielles laying on the deck and some random bird called Claire is ringing every number she can find on the young girls phone… Fuck off witcha!

And how coinci-fucking-dental that Dani’s mum just so happened to be on the way to the same hospital at the same time as her daughter:

As Karen frantically tried to contact Danielle’s friends and family, she spoke to Alix’s mother Jacqueline, who had not realised her daughter had been badly injured.Karen said: “Alix’s mum was shopping at the time it happened. I told her about the accident and she went around to George Square and then realised her daughter was involved.

Hold up! I thought that it was Danielle who spoke to JACQUELINE? At least it is her whom Jacqui said had rung her: “Alix’s friend called her mother to tell her what had happened but when she arrived at the scene her daughter was not there”.

“Alix was already on her way to hospital so Jacqueline relieved Claire and went with Danielle in the ambulance.“I started to feel bad and I had no idea her daughter’s condition was worse than Danielle’s.”Karen, who works as a domestic at the Royal Infirmary, added: “When we arrived at the hospital, we could hear people saying that six had died.

Fuck me Kazza works there now… Next they will be telling us that she performed the operations.

“My partner Sandy took my hand and we went to reception to find out what we could. We were told that Danielle was sitting up and speaking and that she was on her way to the hospital.

That is more than what Danielle was doing at the scene then… Nice touch, the holding hands bit… Convey’s a loud message… Carry on:

“We went to cancel the scan but they took me in and gave me a five-minute scan to make sure everything was okay. They were worried about the shock.

Fuck that scan shite. What I wanna know is was Sandy still holding her hand?

“When we got back to A&E, Danielle was there. Sandy and I went in. We looked at her and she looked at us and we just broke down. We were all cuddling each other.”

… And holding hands?

Incredibly, X-rays revealed that the 13-year-old had not suffered any broken bones but was badly bruised. She only spent one night in hospital.

That is incredible considering that the lorry hoofted her 12 foot into the air.

Karen added: “Looking at her sitting up, I couldn’t believe it. We just saw her and the relief was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe, after such a major accident, that she was able to smile back at me and cry because she had been frightened.“We knew her two friends were injured. You are relieved because your own child is okay but you are also
thinking about everyone else. You know what they are going through because of their daughters. It’s mixed emotions.”Danielle’s stepfather Sandy, 39, said: “I’m just glad she’s okay and her pals are pulling through. I’ve tried to be strong for Karen too. We were devastated when it happened.”

Fuck me, someone tell Sandy Pandy to man up! I mean, it isn’t like he had to stay strong for long was it…

Danielle was released from hospital the day before Christmas Eve. She was inundated with visits from friends and family and had lots of support from her coaches at Lady Rocks basketball team.

“Danielle was released from hospital the day before Christmas Eve”… DO YOU MEAN THE 23rd OF DECEMBER? YOU KNOW, THE DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT!

Dog give me fucking strength.

But rather than spending Christmas morning opening gifts, Danielle went to visit her two friends who were still in hospital.Irene has been able to go home from hospital while Alix, who suffered broken bones, kidney and liver damage and a severe injury to her ear, is defying doctors’ expectations and has taken her first steps.Karen said: “They are all great friends. Alix’s mum sat with Danielle and I am able to go and see Alix in hospital whenever I can when I’m there. We are all rallying round.“As soon as Irene and Danielle were able to see each other in hospital, the tears started. Her main concern was Alix and Irene.“Alix is defying expectations. I don’t know where she gets her courage from. It gave Danielle a boost to hear Irene was allowed home.“Danielle’s aim is to get back to playing basketball and she has final selections in March.“The club motto is HOPE – Have Only Positive Expectations. They are all certainly living up to that motto.” Karen said she, Sandy and Danielle are looking forward to the arrival of their baby in May.She added: “I’ve been sleeping beside Danielle since the accident happened. I wanted to comfort her.“She has been a bit jumpy in her sleep and I’m not sure if she’s sore or if it’s all starting to come back to her.“But she has a lot of people she can talk to. Her friends and my family have been amazing. And so have her coaches.“You realise how much people think of you at a time like this.” Source

Mawkish fucking pap.

So what about Irene McAuley then, as in what were her injuries:

A TEEN victim injured in the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy has been released from hospital.Irene McAuley, 18, suffered facial injuries in the December 22 crash, which claimed the lives of six people.The university student was released after spending more than a week in hospital. We reported today how Irene’s older brother Kyran tweeted a photo of her family round her hospital bed.He wrote: “The events of George Square have brought our family together and we are lucky.”Yesterday, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde confirmed that three people are still being treated in hospital, including the 57-year-old driver of the bin lorry.He is in a stable condition at the Western Infirmary, while 14-year-old Alix Stewart and Marie Weatherall, 64, are in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Facial injuries? Wow, that’s not good. Shall we have a photo?


Taken 3 days after the accident.

Can you see any facial injuries apart from the duck pout?

No, neither can I but her sister don’t half look like her… And two of her brothers could also be twins.

Yet the other brother looks to be from a different mother… Just sayin’.

However, I will ask again: What 18 yr old hangs around with 13 & 14 year olds – I mean, imagine if she was an 18 year old fella hanging around with 13 & 14 year old boys?

Now, I do have to concede that Alix, Emily, JACQUELINE, Irene and Danielle, all have pretty good Facebook accounts, or at least “acceptable” Facebook accounts… As in they were not started last week.

Course, having said that, I feel sure that it is quite within the MIT’s capabilities to knock up an account that has apparently been up and running for awhile.

Yet to say that Jacqueline’s daughter was in critical condition, Mummy Dear didn’t seem overly worried.

The following is taken from Mum Jacqui’s Facebook account.


Indeed, Alix’s nan’s Facebook account in the name of Janet Healy has an even less concerned feel about it.

And would you Adam & fucking Eve it, despite being dragged 100 Meters (as is the distance now being touted) by her ear, broken bones and severe Kidney & Liver damage, Alix went home on the 8th of January… Indeed it may even have been the 7th, which would have been the same day as the still unnamed bus driver went home.

Now, before I finish talking about the terrible, teenage trio, there is another story that was been in the newspapers at the same time as the Glaswegian nonsense, that didn’t make any fucking sense to me at all.

“Yeah, but what the fuck has it got to do with the Glasgow hoax” I hear you ask.

And the answer to that is maybe fuck all, but knowing what I do about this old bollocks – which you are also going to be made privy to pretty soon – you just never know.

Moreover, this article – although predominantly about the Glasgow fiasco – is a bit of an exercise in showing how these false flags are put together.

And if I don’t mention the story, I know that it will bug me… Little things like that do don’t cha know.

Now, as it happens this bit of old fanny also involves a taxi being in collision with a lorry:

Zoe Turner, 21, splashed out £34.99 on her lifesaving garment said: “The thought of not having worn that dress makes me shudder”A partygoer survived a horrific crash in her taxi thanks to her skin-tight bodycon dress – which stopped her bones piercing her internal organs.

University graduate Zoe Turner, 21, splashed out £34.99 on the little red dress from online retailer Missguided and squeezed into it for a festive bash.But disaster struck when her cab home was involved in a crash with a cement mixer truck which left Zoe and her three friends with life-threatening injuries.

Incredibly, doctors told Zoe that her bodycon dress was so tight it acted like an old-fashioned corset and stopped her bones popping out and perforating her vital organs.

They said she could have suffered fatal internal injuries if she wasn’t wearing such a tight garment.Zoe said: “I couldn’t believe my dress saved my life.

That’s the best £35 I’ve ever spent.“Although I didn’t come off lightly, the end result could have been a lot worse.“I was in unimaginable pain.

My body was aching and I just remember thinking – I have to get my belt off.“The pain and restriction my dress was causing was unbearable and I stumbled out of the car.

“The doctors told me that if I hadn’t worn such a tight dress which held in place my bones as the car impacted, I would have most definitely punctured vital organs as my bones went out of place.”Zoe had slipped on the figure-hugging midi dress to attend her 44-year-old mum’s work Christmas do at Leeds United’s Elland Road football ground on December 13.

She got a taxi with a group of pals at 2.55am on December 14 for the 35 minute journey home to Wakefield, West Yorks.But shortly into the ride a cement truck was involved in a crash with the vehicle while Zoe was in the front passenger’s seat wearing a seatbelt but her three friends in the back were not strapped in.

The driver’s head went through the front window and her three friends were left unconscious in the back seat.Firefighters arrived within five minutes and cut open the vehicle to free the injured passengers.

Zoe was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary where she was sent for a C.T. scan and given a brace to hold her pelvis together, along with morphine.

She had multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebra and broke sternum. Continue Reading

Course, if you believe that crock of horse-shit, you will believe any old shite.

I mean, as if a fucking dress would hold broken bones in place. After all, bones break inwards not out.

In fact it speaks volumes that the MSM had no doctor on hand when Zoe was touting her bull-crap about to verify what Zoe claims, unlike the Glasgow bollocks that had the surgeon, Dr David Jack available to lend a hand… Despite the experience giving him nightmarish flashbacks.

And anyway, aren’t Surgeons Mr’s as opposed to Doctors?

Mind you, having said that Dr Dave can call himself whatever the fuck he want – including a plastic surgeon – but that doesn’t make it so.

Indeed from what I can see, Dr Dave the Rave owns a beauty salon selling expensive shit… Although I am not sure how he just happened to be passing since his expensive shop is 40 miles away from Queen Street in Glasgow.

But I digress… Picture please!

PAY-Bodycon-dress-saves-girls-life (1)

Now, if I have to spell out what it is that I am getting at there, I am either 30 miles wide of the mark or you ain’t been paying attention.

Either way, I think that it was important to highlight the old fanny because we are being lied to on a monumental scale.

However, if you haven’t sussed the connection – which I’m not saying does or doesn’t exist, the answer lies in the photos below.


That is obviously Irene McAuley in bed there… You know, her who spent a week in hospital after having her face smashed in by the bin lorry… Hmmm.

However, if I am honest I am not so sure that Irene & Zoe are one of the same

Nevertheless it is safe to say that Irene’s, Zoe’s, Danielle’s, & Alix’s accounts of how they all ended up in the hospital just doesn’t hold water.

But all the same, there are two more photos to add before we move on.


Glasgow 23/12/14/


This is Zoe Jarvis. Zoe is on Emily Stewarts Facebook friends list.

Zoey J’s head looks like if you shrunk it down it would fit perfect on Zoe T’s body.

And don’t forget that Zoe Turners ‘newsworthy‘ old fanny was big, big news. In fact just Google something like “red dress saves girl” and you will see that the story was printed all over the world… Just sayin’.


Okay, now with the Glasgow casualties stories not holding water, what about the fatalities? Have their stories got more credibility?

The deceased according to the Daily Mirror are:

Six people were killed by the out-of-control bin lorry before it crashed into the Millennium hotel next to Queen Street station.Student Erin McQuade, 18, and her grandparents Jack, 68, and Lorraine Sweeney, 69, all from Dumbarton, were killed.Primary teacher Stephenie Tait, 29, and Jacqueline Morton, 51, both from Glasgow, also died, as did Edinburgh woman Gillian Ewing, 52. Source

Do their stories stand up?

Do they fuck! However, I have already talked about Jack Sweeney, his wife Lorraine and grandaughter Erin McQuade in my Christmas special, which you can read by clicking HERE

And in doing so, I brought up the “same name game” malarkey that I also talked about earlier on in this article, pointing out that Jack’s cousin was called John Sweeney and we also had the involvement in the old fanny about the Scottish Deputy First Minister, John Swinney

I do however think that Swinney knows a lot more about this hoax than he is saying.



I also have my suspicions that all is not kosher with Jacqueline Morton and Gillian Ewing – both victims of the dustcart.

Indeed, Ewing’s photo was the last to be published and she was the first to be buried with none of the OTT reporting that followed for the other 3… I say 3 because JacQui Morton’s funeral got no in-depth covering either.

Now, as always there is a lack of photos of the deceased – Quite usual where false flags are concerned..

Nevertheless, the photo below are of Gill Ewing & JAQUELINE Morton – in that order.


Before I go any further, I should point out that the writing on the glass with the thick lines above and below it, seen behind Ewing, is so like writing and lines on the church wall in the photo batch of Swinney (above).

But anyway, I am convinced that Ewing and Morton are the same person in the same photo.

“Right, that’s it. You have lost all credibility now, Spiv”

Sorry, just thought that I would get in first.

Nevertheless, look to the bottom right of Ewing’s photo and the whitish bit is the same background as Mortons is at the top… No that isn’t what I base my claim on, I was just sayin’… Like I do… Just sayin’.

Indeed, the fact that Ewing is in the Kennedy pub is probably another hint by the script writers, but look at her teeth. They have purposely been blurred. Also look at Morton’s nose… Where the fuck have her nostrils gone?

Now watch and learn.


Oh c’mon. That deserves a round of applause.

Course, you now have to ask yourself which one of them is real… If indeed either of them are.

I mean, despite Gillian being buried on the Q.T on the 30th of December – ALLEGEDLY – it would seem to be Jacqui’s photo that is the least believable what with that nostrilless nose and weird bulging neck, not to mention deformed ear… Yet I am just speculating here… Because I can obviously.

Why can I?

Because I know what is coming and believe me you are going to fucking love it… But for now, humour me and let me speculate a while longer.

And in doing so, I am taking into consideration that Jacqui’s photo was the last to be released.

Whilst on the other hand the background to Gillian’s picture appears to be photoshopped… Look.


Not that that is the end of the matter where Gills photo is concerned… Or JACQUELINE’S for that matter.

And there is something funny going on with Gillians hand in that top photo.

However, before I elaborate further on the pair of frauds, lets have a bit of background:

Neighbours at Miss Ewing’s family home in Mortonhall, Edinburgh, said she had moved to Cyprus with her partner several years ago and had only returned recently for Christmas. The mother of two worked in hospitality and often planned weddings and big events for people.

Her younger daughter, Lucy, still lives in the family home while her other daughter, Robyn, has moved away. One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ‘She was always very glamorous.

I hadn’t seen her in years because she was living between Cyprus and here and would only come back sometimes. She moved out there with her partner, who worked in Saudi Arabia.

They were flying out there all the time, and then just moved to Cyprus. I can’t believe it though. It’s so sad. Those poor girls.’ Another said: ‘It’s terrible. I just can’t believe she was involved.’

Funny you should say that, because I can’t either… What about Jacqui though – where does she fit in:

The sixth victim, Miss Morton, is understood to have worked for HM Revenue and Customs. A spokesman for HMRC said: ‘Our thoughts are with the families and friends of all the victims of this tragic accident.’  Source

Okay… More photos I think.


Okay, keep the above photos in mind and I will elaborate further in two shakes of a gnats doodars.

Now do you not think it strange that the Sweeney’s, McQuade and Stephanie Tait’s funerals got so much press and tv coverage, yet there was hardly anything written about either Ewing’s or Morton’s send offs – no photos, no tv footage, absolutely fuck all… Zilch.

In fact the information above their photos and the following are just about all that I could find on the pair:

GLASGOW bin lorry crash victim Gillian Ewing has been laid to rest.Friends and family of the mum-of-two said their final farewell at a service in her home town of Edinburgh yesterday.Her brother Graeme Anderson posted on Facebook: “Rest in peace, wee sis, love you so much.”Gillian, 52, was back in Scotland on the day of the tragedy to visit family after moving to Cyprus. Source

Now all of that information came via the Press Association, meaning that it was already written and ready to be slotted into the various newspaper’s editorials… There was no variation of wording.

Course, the fact that Gillian lives in Cyprus could point to her being Military intelligence.

I mean to say, what kind of a fucking job description is working in “hospitality”? Ewing’s career is certainly very vague and expansive anyway.

Jacqui Morton on the other hand supposedly works for the tax office – so she was unlikely to have many friends present at her funeral anyway… But even so, the press could have made a token effort.

After all, they purveyors of bullshit could have played on how much the pair had in common –  not least of all the fact that they share the same face.

And then there is the fact that they each have two grown up children.

Moreover, they are both more or less the same age what with Glaswegian, Morton being 51 years of age and Ewing from Edinburgh being a year older.

I bet that you are all thinking “fuck their background who are the two women in the above photos with Morton & Ewing” – although to be more precise that should be who is the woman with Jac & Gill (just another coincidence there or part of the same name game) being as the two new photos are allegedly of the same person.

And that person is also called Gillian Ewing and she is also from Edinburgh, albeit she had emigrated to Canada – which I suppose like Cyprus begins with ‘C‘… But we won’t count that latter in with the coincidences so far, since its a crap example.

Mind you, Jack Sweeney took his family to Canada didn’t he? And John Thaw played Jack Regan in the Sweeney.


John Thaw played DI Jack Regan in ‘The Sweeney’

Yes it’s a bit of gratuitous nudity, get over it… I like to remind myself of what a tit looks like and beside it is still on topic.

As for Gillian Ewing number 2?

Well she also has 2 grown up children – both daughters – but she was only 48 years old when she died of stomach cancer in 2005.


Investment & private banking ay? Hmmm, I don’t trust theses finance people… Jack Sweeney also worked in finance when he lived in Canada don’t cha know.

Moreover, like her namesake above, Gill Ewing also had two grown up daughters who are both around the same age as Dead Gill’s offspring – although they do have different names:

Another victim Gillian Ewing, 52, had jetted in from Cyprus to spend Christmas with her parents and daughters Lucy, 21, and Robyn, 25, in Edinburgh.

A neighbour said Gillian and Lucy were on a trip to Glasgow when tragedy struck on Monday afternoon. Source

So, as you can see, there are more than a few coincidences going on here.

And as I have already said, the other of the two new photos is also of Dead Gill. Here have a butchers.


And there is another obituary about Gill, which you can find by clicking HERE  – although it isn’t so much an obituary, but more an account of her death written by her husband, Mark Bennett… Funny how she doesn’t share his last name… You also see that a lot in false flags… Just sayin’.

However, there are more photos of Gillian to be found on her and her daughter’s Facebooks*, which in turn would answer the question as to whose photo of the two is the original: Jacquie Mortons or Gillian Ewings… If you agree that the photo of Morton & Ewing are one and the same of course.

*Since writing the above, Gillian Ewings Facebook has disappeared from the net.

Tellingly, that photo of Morton is the only one that I can find.

I should also repeat that Ewing lived in Cyprus which is synonymous with the British Security Services and indeed, there are quite a few details about her life that set my alarm bells ringing… Lets have a look at some more photos.



Now before I go any further, I will just point out that the inset photo above came from Gill Ewings Facebook, which as I say; has now vanished… Indeed, someone had even commented on that cropped photo on Gillian’s Facebook asking Gill why her daughter Robyn had been chopped in half.


Gillian’s brother, whom I strongly suspect is also Jack Sweeney (the inset photo is very old) is named as being Greame Anderson.

Gillian’s daughters do not have their surnames displayed on Facebook, calling themselves Robyn Alexander & Lucy Jane.

Greame Anderson used to be a policeman and his missus is called Susan McKelvie – different surname again.

Sue McKelvie, as well as being a dead ringer for Jacqueline Morton also has a Facebook profile under the name of Di Colborne – as do most of these people have multiple profiles depicting them with totally different lives… As you would expect for crisis actors/Security Service assets.

I will however elaborate on these multiple personas later. For now, lets have some more photos… I fucking love photos.


So, that proper confuses the situation and to be quite honest, I could easily confuse it a lot more. However, I think that there is enough to be going on with there for the time being – so I will save the further muddying of the waters – the muddying being on their behalf not mine – for later.

And if you are confused now, then I’ll bet you wished you had paid more attention,.. You better start if you haven’t been because we will be disappearing down that fucking rabbit hole good and proper, very, very soon.

Okay, lets have a look at the now deceased Stephanie CATHERINE TAIT… Whose name is almost like the comedienne Catherine Tate… I like her, she funny.

And of course, Miss Tait was the greatest teacher ever:

Around 800 people gathered at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church in the Riddrie area of Glasgow today for the funeral of Ms Tait, who was a teacher at St Philomena’s Primary School in Glasgow .She attended a carol service at the church on the eve of her death, a service which featured some of the children and members of the deanery choir who were at today’s funeral.Ms Tait is survived by her parents Alan and Margaret, sister Pamela and her partner Martin. 

The private mass was led by Canon Peter McBride, the local parish priest and a friend of the family who knew Ms Tait well.

Don’t they always. Sorry, do carry on…

“All of us are still in a state of shock at the loss of Stephenie and that sense of loss will continue for those closest to her for the rest of their lives.“However, we also gather as a people of faith, inspired by Stephenie’s own faith – a personal witness which energised her to dedicate her short life to teaching children and directly helping them to understand and feel God’s personal love for each of them.”

Former pupils described Ms Tait as a “fantastic” and “amazing” teacher who would be “sadly missed”.At the time of the tragedy, headteacher CATHERINE Gallagher said: “Stephenie made a wonderful contribution to the life of St Philomena’s. She will be sadly missed by both pupils and staff.” Source

Now, with Steph being a teacher, you would have thought that there would be any amount of good photos of her flying about wouldn’t you?

I mean, when my Stacey was at school and they had their yearly class photo professionally taken – and professionally fucking priced too. Nevertheless, Stacey’s class teacher was always in on the act.

Yet all we get to see of Stephanie Tait are the following proper shite photos of her.


And that is as good as the photos get of Miss Tait.

But it gets fucking better… It always gets better don’t cha know?

You see, the following is how Steph’s order of service was described in the papers:

On the front of the order of service was a photo of Ms Tait, and the words “We celebrate the life of Stephenie Catherine Tait”.The back featured two photos, one showing her with family and the other of Ms Tait and her partner.Underneath the photo of the couple were the lines: “When it rains look for rainbows. When it’s dark look for stars … and think of me.”

So lets have a look at some more photos.


Right, before we move on, lets have another couple of witness statements… I like this first one in particular… Kinda makes me wonder if the Press Complaints Commission ever monitor the newspapers:

6:49 pm

 Eyewitness: ‘I will never forget what I saw’

An eyewitness has described seeing “blood everywhere” following the crash.Speaking to the Daily Record, Anjan Luthra, 23, said: “There were people running away from it: it was like they were being chased by the lorry.“It was sheer panic everywhere. I saw body parts lying on the street and one man with his leg up at his face.“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; it was disgusting, I will never forget it.“There was blood everywhere.”

I’m fucked if I could see any body parts laying around… Or a fella doing his stretching exercises.

Then there is the bird who was obsessed with CPR:

 5:00 pm

 Witness: ‘Like something out of horror movie’

Another eyewitness, Scots comedian Janey Godley, witnessed the horror as it unfolded on the scene.Janey was making her way from Buchanan Street when she heard sirens and saw ambulances rushing to the area.

As she looked down Queen Street she heard screams as three people lay on the ground being given CPR.She said: “It was like something out of a horror movie.

The traffic poles in Queen Street were bent like straws as they had been run over by vehicles. I heard there was a taxi involved as well as the bin lorry and when I reached the scene I couldn’t see the bin lorry.“I saw one person on the ground being given CPR in Queen Street and then another two. It was really awful and you could hear the screams above the sirens.”

Indeed it was like a horror movie… A very badly done horror movie at that.

Course the witnesses in all false flags have to say “it was like a movie”“Or it didn’t seem real”… Or something along those lines anyway.

Okay, you SHOULD be aware by now that there are various stories about Erin McQuade’s mother JACQUELINE McQuade. Some reports say she was yards away, getting some money out of a cash machine when she saw her daughter and parents get squished.

Other reports have her round the corner at a cash machine getting cash out so she saw fuck all.

But did you know that early reports had the whole fucking family there:

The victims were killed when the bin lorry careered out of control at speed for 250 yards down Queen Street before it came to a stop at the Millennium Hotel.

Erin’s dad Matthew and two younger brothers Liam, 15, and Aidan, 14, also escaped as they were browsing in another shop nearby when the lorry ploughed through the crowds.

Erin’s mum Jacqueline, 43, was yards away at a cash machine when the out-of-control vehicle into her family in Glasgow city centre.She heard screams and a loud bang and ran over to find them dead. Source

I really am fucked if I know how the press get away with it… Really I am.

Never the less, the Sweeny’s and McQuades stories – as you already know – don’t stand up to scrutiny either.

Lets have some photos, I fucking like a photo me.

Now that really does deserve a round of applause.

But where does that leave us. I mean, if Erin is Emily, then Erin is alive and if Jack Sweeney who is John Sweeney…


Just sayin’

… Isn’t really John Jack Sweeney, then John ‘jack‘ Sweeney is still alive.

Never the less, if Jack Sweeney is Gillian Ewings Brother, and I sort of have a feeling that Lorraine Sweeney is Margaret Tait – mother of Stephanie Catherine Tait… Where the fuck does that leave us?


Course, with so few photos of Lorraine Sweeney about, you have to appreciate that it is a bit hard to tell.

Alan Tait meanwhile is George the car-crash expert. And as for their dead daughter Steph? Well, fuck knows who she is but we do know that all of her pictures are photo-shopped… Even the ones on the order of service, for fucks sake.

So, that begs the question; who was in the coffins?

I mean, obviously there is not a single photo from either Gill Ewing’s or Jacqui Morton’s funerals, which of course is fortunate as it means that they haven’t got to be staged… Saves a few bob too.

Course, that fact is made all the more bizarre given the huge coverage that the Sweeney’s, Erin McQuades & Stephanie Tait’s funerals received.

But even then, all was not as it should have been. Indeed, the whole affair follows the same successful formula of the Helicopter trying to land in a Glasgow pub hoax, a year earlier.

ad155714289an-order-of-serv-e1420302990284Glasgow-crash (3)Mourners-leave-the-service-for-tragic-familyarticle-2519836-19EDB5C700000578-347_634x410

Now before we move on, there is one more thing that I need to point out in relation to the Tait family.

You see, in November 2014, twenty year old Becky Tait killed herself in the exact same way that her boyfriend had in September 2014 – they both jumped in front of trains:

A heartbroken girlfriend killed herself by copying her boyfriend’s suicide just weeks after he threw himself in front of a train.

Care worker Becky Tait, 20, stepped in front of a speeding locomotive on Sunday evening after struggling to come to terms with the death of Phil James.

The 19-year-old had died two days after being hit by a train along the same stretch of tracks, near Stone station in Staffordshire, on September 7.

Shortly after his death, Miss Tait posted photographs on a Facebook tribute page of the couple on holiday in Portugal. Source

Okay, look at these photos of Becky Tait.

Becky Tait with boyfriend Phil JamesClose: Miss Tait (left) attended a match at Stone Rugby Club last month to raise money for a memorial bench for her friend Mr James (right). Robbie Williams was among those who paid tribute to the rugby player

Now I have to say that most of Becky’s photos taken with her fella look very photoshopped and I think that Becky looks very like Alix,Erin & Emily… But once again, that might just be me.

However, if I am right – and I’m pretty fucking sure that I am, you then have to wonder just what the fuck is going on?

I mean, did the press say that Becky’s suicide was terrorist related? Or was it just a slow week for news that particular week?

After all, there can be no denying that the story got far, far more press attention than it deserved… Just sayin’.


Okay, returning briefly to the Sweeney funeral and it was interesting to note that Archenemy Spaghetti – or whatever Archbishop Philip Tartaglia is called – conducted the fraud funerals for John & Lorraine Sweeney and Erin Stewart  (or whoever the fuck she is).

And of course all the Scottish big knobs turned up, which is obviously another sure sign that the whole event is a hoax. After all, when do you hear of a top clergyman and political bigwigs officiating over & attending the funeral of three people who were run over?

The answer is; you don’t, it is all complete and utter bollocks.

Moreover, Archie Phil Spaghetti held a memorial service type thingy on Christmas eve (two days after the fraud had taken place) for the victims of the hoax, where he revealed that he had been to see Jacqui McQuade on the evening that her Mum, Dad & Daughter had been killed… Course, I would have thought that by the time she had left the hospital, been sedated (although there is no mention of that happening), sorted her younger kids out and started making arrangements for the funerals, etc, etc, etc, the last thing that she would have time for is the Archangel Spaghetti knocking on her door with a 6 pack of Carling Black Label & a Haggis.

Never the less, the fact that Spaghetti says that he did – and that they had a little “cry together” – again all goes to point to a false fucking flag operation.

I mean fuck me, the script writers had a senior pathologist crying his eyeballs out in their Woolwich play, and now they expect us to believe that an extremely important man of the touching cloth, drops everything very late on a Monday night to go and visit a family who have had 3 relatives killed in an RTA – and when he gets there, he can’t keep his own fucking emotions under control… Fuck off witcha.

And don’t forget the Surgeon – who has a shop selling anti-wrinkle shite – who declared himself to be plagued by flashbacks, two or 3 hours after the fucking event! And lets not forget the nurse witness who was there too and told the press that she couldn’t stop fucking bawling.

In fact, the MSM is absolutely fucking obsessed with people “weeping”.

Yet if the injured, who apparently had legs stuck to their noses and so on, were in that bad a condition, how come ordinary citizens were “administering CPR”  – another practice that the British press constantly referred to… A bit like the Boston Bomb scriptwriters went over-board on the “tourniquets” & “severed femoral arteries”.

Never the less, unless you’re some kind of brain dead moron, then you will have realised that Jacqui McQuade isn’t who we are led to believe that she is.

Therefore, unless Don Corleone Spaghetti is some kind of half witted “more tea Vicar” type pleb, he too would have seen through Jacqui straight away – I did and I haven’t even met her.

Unless of course, he knew all along that he was following a script… As did the high-wanking coppers… As did the ‘Top of the Scots’ politicians. And then of course, it all starts to make sense.

Indeed, it is fair to say that even the MSM drew on their experience from the previous year (the helihoax) to replicate their role in this tragi-bin old fanny… As did all of the main players – photos please:


And I could have kept going on the bin-lying/heli-hoax theme seemingly forever.

Okay, lets move on as this article has taken far too much time as it is and in doing so, I think that an update on the traffic lights that were allegedly knocked down is in order.



The traffic light doesn’t look very new does it. I mean, look under the white arrow on blue background. Its rusty as fuck.

Course, if that doesn’t convince you that this is just pure bollox, there is plenty more to come… And it gets really good, I can tell you – even if I do say so myself.

Okay, lets put the lorry crash part of this story – because that is all it fucking is; a story – to bed by looking at the taxi that allegedly got clobbered.

Now in that last batch of photos we saw a mush in the front passenger side of the taxi, giving the impression that he was helping the driver, which in turn would indicate that the driver was hurt… Was he bollocks.


In other words, a carefully constructed scene then.

Now there is a connection between this hoax and another hoax that I have written extensively about, other than the loose connection that I have already mentioned – but before I tell you about that connection, you have to realise exactly how these things work.

You see, as I have demonstrated already in this article, these Crisis Actors/Security Service assets play multiple roles and have Dog knows how many social network accounts all depicting different lives, different partners, different locations, different children etc, etc, etc… They have that many in fact that it does your fucking head in – well it does mine in anyway.

Indeed, it’s fair to say that I spent infinitely much longer pouring over Facebook accounts trying to remember where I had seen such and such a person than it actually took me to write this article

And of course you have seen how sly the arsewipes are… I mean to say, unless like me you spend hours on end really concentrating and scrutinising every single detail seen in countless photos, you would never spot details such as Erin McQuade being Alix Stewart who is also her sister Emily Stewart. Indeed, you wouldn’t think the cunts would be that fucking brazen.

But they are that brazen and they can afford to be because no cunt pays attention to detail anymore.

And that is where the slyness comes in. You see, the photos depicting these fake characters start of consistent but then they introduce other peoples photos into the mix who will have the same basic features but never the less the character will then take on a different look.

Indeed, most of these fake characters are made up of at least two different – yet similar looking – people and of course some of the photo’s used will inevitably be heavily photoshopped making their likeness to the person they first used as a prototype now look quite, quite different.

An example of this would be Erin McQuade who uses Emilyy Stewarts face as well as another – or at least a heavily photoshopped version of Emily’s face and in turn Emily (who as we also know plays her sister Alix) does the same.

Becky tait is another although her character was definitely played by two different people and a heavily photoshopped version of at least one of those.

Course, Erin and the Stewart girls, along with the coppers and the other fake fucks that I have pointed out to you are not the only ones doubling up on their roles in this play act… Not by a fucking long chalk.

In fact most of the main players were at it and once you get into the same way of thinking as the cunts who plan these things, it then becomes so much easier to see what’s what.

I mean, people are forever saying that “they couldn’t get away with these things because there would have to be too many people involved and someone would blab”.

However, that simply is not true although a lot of people are involved in these thing, but having said that there are a lot less people taking part than you would think.

You see, when you have families of crisis actors who also play different roles in other play acts – often separate of their families – it then becomes clear exactly how they get away with it.

Now I have in fact touched upon this subject a time or too before in other articles that I have written in the past. Indeed, there were at least four whole families who took part in the Boston Bomb hoax, yet the characters that they were playing were not all related to their families in the scenario.

Likewise, the press were continually stating that there were a 1000 people present at the funeral of the Sweeney’s and their “grandaughter”, Erin McQuade. The lying bastards also stated that there were around 800 people present at Stephanie Tait’s funeral, but once again that is just pure bullshit.

So lets have a look at their bullshit.



Okay, so there we have proof of crisis actors/Mit assets playing multiple parts – or I should say giving credence to these stories, false flags, hoaxes, play acts or whatever you want to call them.

After all, Robyn and Lucy haven’t really come into the Glasgow play act at all apart from having their names mentioned in the newspapers a couple of times.

However, any nosey bastard –  myself for instance – who goes and checks out say Gill Ewings Facebook, will quickly see that her two daughters (Robyn & Lucy whom were both mentioned in the press) are both active on their “mothers” profile, and there are photos in which they are both tagged along with their comments and a bit of banter, etc, etc.

In other words, its like I said earlier in this article – their Facebook profiles all check out, and no doubt their other social networks will as well, albeit Gillians Facebook has now disappeared. But then again, the Bin Lorry crash is old news and as such is no longer needed.

Indeed, I would imagine that the profile is now being converted to something like Gillian Ann Ewing from Coventry.

You see, once you really start looking into these profiles, they do not stand up to intense scrutiny – as I believe I have already proved.

But then again there are not many people who are going to scrutinise them like I do.

I mean on some of them that I have looked at there are 100’s of photos, yet most of them are photoshopped and indeed two perfect examples would be the Facebooks of the ‘Stewart’ and the ‘Ewing‘ families.

However, you would not believe the sheer scale of just how many of these accounts there are set up and when I stated earlier on in this article that trying to memorise who is who or trying to remember where I had seen so and so before, was doing me nut in, I really wasn’t fucking joking.

Indeed it is now quite, quite obvious to me that the security services must employ these people full time and all that they do is create lives and I mean PROPER lives, for one another. Yet, I cannot stress enough the scale that this is done on… It is absolutely massive… In fact, I am getting frustrated by the fact that I do not feel that I am getting it across to you just how fucking massive this is.

In fact scrub that because I already know that I won’t be able to get across to you how big a scale this is being done on. It is one of those things that you have to find out for yourself.

I mean as you know, there is not much that shocks me, but fuck me the scale of this has… And that is why it has taken me so long to write this article.

You see, I have spent every waking hour for the past week or so just trawling through these accounts… And obviously, all these actors or whatever they are, are all on each others Facebook friends list because obviously these people all have to be tied in with each other for when it comes to being their turn to take part in a government play act.

Yet some of these profiles are so photoshopped that the person they are supposed to be could never appear on TV as a survivor or hero type chap because they would look fuck all like their Facebook photos if you understand what I mean.

For example, take Lucy Jane “Ewing” (although her surname isn’t listed). As well as being her sister, Robyn Alexander “Ewing”, Lucy Jane “Ewing” is also Rachel McCullum, Cheryl Beattie, Carla Jane May… Too many to mention in fact.

Course, these people living fictional lives via social media do all seem to lack imagination. Indeed, their photos – especially in the case of females – will be made up of nights out in the pub with 5 or 6 equally fake characters all standing in a line with one leg straight and the other slightly bent. Then there will be at least another half dozen made up of them drinking their cocktail through a straw or giving the camera a thumbs up.

Another half a dozen or so will be photos of them cuddling up to 3 or 4 different blokes and then there will be the cleavage shots, the kissing their bessie mate shots and the bikini shots – which are usually my favorite.

Indeed there will also be at least one big event included, usually an exotic holiday, but concerts and even Wimbledon are not out of the ordinary.

Moreover, many of the photos are taken in “their” homes… Yet as it happens they all seem to share the same couple of homes which must be laid on by the MIT’s. In fact, it is little wonder that the Cunt Cameron keeps upping the security budget, what with all the money that is being spent on decorating these homes.

Shall we go deep down the rabbit hole then? … And I mean deep down the rabbit hole?


cherylfpauline mcL

I have now uncovered even more quite unbelievable information that is all relevent to this article and to be quite honest there is still so much to document on top of this new info that I am going to have to now split it into two articles.

Therefore, here would be as good as any place to stop… So I will.