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T Stokes, with thanks to Nawab


Below is yet another article sent to me, which helps lift the lid off of the Holocaust myth.

However, this article goes much further into how the British government helped set up the myth.

And as it turns out, Alfred Hitchcock – one of my old man’s favourite film directors – was involved in making propaganda films in support of the hoax.

Moreover, it would appear that he was a right dirty old fucker too and a proper psycho cunt… Hitchcock, not my old man. My old man’s very conservative, don’t cha know.

The article also makes mention of all the usual suspects, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Churchill, Burgess and the royal nonce ponces.

Reading articles like this is a harsh reminder of  just how enormous the job is of going to be to get rid of these elite cunts.

A truly daunting task.






The history books on W W II are one big lie from start to finish, the bankers and elected politicians cooked up a world war that was totally unnecessary, there used to be a saying in intelligence circles that “no knowledge once gained was ever wasted” and some of what you will read was given to me almost 60 years ago.

Secret gas and germ experiments were carried out on the British people from at least the 1920s up until the present day, the 1918 Influenza pandemic which affected 500 million people was possibly an experiment, because scientists are still experimenting on this viral strain now, the head of the British Government poison gas unit was Sir Joseph Barcroft, his official position was head of the Physiological Dept. at Porton Down and his specialty was integrational science and fetal development, his assistant was Lady Moran, the wife of Churchills doctor, Lord Moran who had a close relationship with Edith Meadowcroft better known as Lady Morrison of Lambeth, who herself had connections to the Catholic convent in Rochdale run by German nuns, Lord Moran was part of the secret eugenics tests done on orphaned children and twins, and I believe from missing documents children from this convent school were used for some genetic/breeding type programme.

Oriel College had connections through Cecil Rhodes to child hothousing experiments, to enhance intelligence and psychic abilities, personality fragmentation was carried out as was ritual sexual abuse, one of my contacts could read very well at 3 years of age, Ex Pres. Clinton had strong connections here, Rothchild and Oppenheimer have links through Rhodes and Lord Moran to much child experimentation, this was part of the Rockefeller funded Kinsey sex experiments to alter natural sexual proclivities, children’s TV programmes and children’s books would later carry subliminal messaging content, the children’s books by CIA approved Dr. Seuss are a case in point.

Dr. Stephen Ward the brilliant osteopath and healer who helped Winston Churchill so much in battling his alcoholism and depressive bouts, was said by insiders to have headed the British side to the US/MK/Ultra experiments, Dr. Joel Elkes opened the LSD unit at Birmingham Uni. Hospital with a $84,000 Rockefeller grant, the local health authority paid for the upkeep and running costs, in recent years there have been successful court cases against the Hospital for cruel experimentation on human guinea pigs.

These tests were in direct competition to those done in the USA and in Germany, we hear constantly of Dr. Mengeles tests on German twins but never the eugenics experiments done at Porton Down, now Lady Morrison lost her father at age 18 in W W 1 to what was said to be a gas attack, so got funding for the medical and gas experiments from her beloved Switzerland which is famous for three things, drug companies, arms manufacturers, and banking headquarters, which is really all headed by the same people.

Lady Moran’s father was involved with credit companies with loans and finance and Edith Morrison frequently travelled to the USA to the Rockefeller building where she was told after the death of Herbert Morrison in 1965 to join the explosion of right wing groups and did get involved with the NAF ( National Assoc.Freedom) who did so much to bring Margaret Thatcher to power, Thatcher was MP for N.Finchley a constituency with a large Jewish base and Rothschild greased her path into number 10 over his other favourite Edward Heath.

The intel services at the time questioned why the wife of the Deputy prime Minister of the labour party should be involved with something from the other end of the political spectrum, she was also very close to Thatcher’s speech writer Robert Moss. One of several high level Jews in Thatcher’s cabinet, the Queen mother summoned Edith Morrison to explain herself, it should be said that at this time a group of concerned ex-servicemen banded together to form the National Front to safeguard British jobs and way of life against concerted attacks by the Left, the newspapers showed pictures of people queuing round the blocks to sign up for membership, and the powers that be were very rattled and within 10 years had destroyed it.

The investigator Cathi Morgan traced Lord Moran as the tutor to William Sargant who advised him to go into psychiatry to work on mentally injured servicemen, the policy up to that point had been to patch up damaged men and drug them with analgesic pain killers and put them back on the front lines, the last thing the authorities wanted after the war was hordes of injured men claiming pensions, Lord Moran was considered an expert in drugging and “mental manipulation” ( brainwashing)

William Sargant had a “sleep room” at St Thomas hospital which had a small secret military wing for what he called “therapies” Lady Moran was given something undisclosed in the files and spent a year in a coma before marrying Lord Moran who secretly accompanied and controlled the drug raddled beaten and half crazed Rudolph Hess to the Nuremberg show trials.

Dr. Alexander Cannon was psychiatrist in charge at Colney Hatch psychiatric hospital and refused point blank to create any Manchurian candidates and in fact started to whistleblow and was confined under Churchill and Rothschild’s orders for this to house arrest in the Isle of Man for the wars duration.

Morrison along with many Jews in both World wars was a conscientious objector and did farm work in W W 1 and kept long written treatises on socialist ideas Eugenics and other plans.

The National Child Development Survey in 1958 meant monitoring on the 1700 children involved every 3 months until age 6, Oriel College documents show twins were given many extra tests, some involving extreme cruelty which was later vehemently denied, the name Peter Parker comes up continually in the files and I believe is a pseudonym. Peter Parkers wife is listed as setting up the False Memory syndrome in the UK, Parkers name is continually linked with the Cambridge traitors and Prince Philip, and was visited fairly frequently by the Queens mother who also ceremoniously opened Alice Park which was linked to Oppenheimer money from the Kimberley diamond mines, and was known for many large organised children’s games at the park.

Interestingly the Oppenheimer funded children’s experiments continued when Tony Blair appointed Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer ) as children’s minister the Alice park Pavillion was designed in Masonic symbolism by a financial director of S G Warburg named Jellico, who also worked closely at the foreign office with Kim Philby, Donald Mclean, and Guy Burgess whom he described as “just perverts.” Jellico was godson of King George V and incidentally Jellico loaned money to the Benz Motor Corp, and part of the deal was that the cars be named after his daughter Mercedes.

This park had a huge underground bunker and its base was connected by extensive tunnels to Burlington bunker at Corsham, Winston Churchill had several luxurious bunkers built to continue the bloodletting if the Germans ever did come across the channel, and if they got too close had a huge bunker built in Canada, leaving the people as he said to fight on the beaches on the landing grounds etc, while he lived it up in comfort and safety.

The 60 miles of underground roads had connections to both the M.O.D. and Porton Down as did all those people listed above, many horses were brought here for rifle and ammunition tests before being replaced with pigs who have a closer resistance to bullets as humans, after the war German nationals were used in experiments as in the Alexander Scotland tests at the London Cage.

Lord Dawson of Penn was chief doctor to King George V, it was said that the King was a heavy smoker and his death was hastened to meet the deadline for the next day’s papers, this nonsense was entirely contradicted by members of the wartime Jewish underground based in London who said the King had lived through the pointless carnage of W W I and would not see another war with his relatives, who were the royalty of neighbouring countries, so he had to go.

The famous rhymes of the day explain it well “Lord Dawson of Penn, killed many men, that is why we sing, “God save the King.” Lord Dawson of Penn killed the King; he wanted peace, an evil thing. Similarly Churchill who had the Kings brother the Duke of Kent murdered, and fixed it so the popular King Edward 8 would abdicate, this really was nothing to do with Mrs. Simpson as he had had a string of married lovers, but because he kept trying to act as go between for peace, something Churchill refused to countenance, one of my informants said the folowing; I’m 55 next month (hence I was part of the 1958 NCDS study – all children born in a particular week in 1958). Funding for this study came through the National Birthday Trust – an organisation that medicalised childbirth. I believe the NHS was set up primarily for monitoring and experimentation and to create wealth for big pharma, although many admirable people worked for the organisation, their ability to practice true healing was impeded by the strict hierarchy and mismanagement of funds. Lord Moran was instrumental in setting up the institution for strictly personal motives.

At the end of W W II the British mandate in Palestine was becoming very unstable and under the same Jewish pressure that took us into W W II Rothschild Jews Herbert Morrison representing Britain and Henry Grady representing the USA trusted Palestine into Jewish control.

The needless saturation firebombing of defenseless German cities had to be rationalised, Harry Etting close friend of Lord Moran, Abram Games and particularly of Herbert Morrison and the London Jewish wartime underground told me some of this some years back which has latterly proved to be true, to justify what was done to Germany from British and US bombing to the Soviet rape squads sent it to rape German women and kids to upset the genetics tables a plan was hatched using Churchill’s War Dept. artist and forger Abram Games ( Abraham Gamse) and these key figures, Herbert Morrison Lord Dawson Lord and Lady Moran and others working with the British army and Hollywood, to use the film making skills of Alfred Hitchcock to make a film called “Memory of the Camps” and be so awful it would eclipse what was done to Germany and put it in the shade, Hitchcock asked for as much uninterrupted film as possible to be taken of the German work camps, now the originals which I saw on this many years ago all bore the signature in the corner of Sefton Delmer of the IRD, ( Information research dept) which was just a government propaganda body, anyone who drew out these intel files had to give a signature, and if any “grouping ” occurred you would have to explain what you were doing, grouping is when you look up a series of related documents or letters.

Alfred Hitchcock came from Leyton in East London, and I spoke with people who did his background checks and produced letters from him sent from the USA, it should be said the first people into the German camps were bomb disposal, to check everything was safe, these men went in took photographs, checked for booby traps, put a chalk cross on the door and blew a whistle, these archived photographs and statements show no gas ovens, in fact bomb disposal documents and photos say they were small bread ovens which were enlarged after the war to claim 6 million people were gassed in them, Kim Philby has said many times, 6 million people just cannot all go up a chimney, and offered to come back to Britain from Russia to testify against Lord Rothschild in exchange for a full pardon.

Kim Philby was very aware that the Moscow archive held all the German documents for the “Final solution” which was in fact to send all the Zionist Jews to the island of Madagaskar, while 150,000 Jews who were in full support of the German international position fought bravely in its armies.

The Military use of mental confusion and fear with distorted information and trauma was in 1950 called MK/ULTRA and received massive funding to expand psychological operations (psy-ops) into the main public sectors through hospitals, newspapers, and TV news mainly in the form of subliminals, Hitchcock had been at discussions with the military, my source was old and could not be sure but thought this was primarily funded by Rockefeller.

Alfred Hitchcock’s letters which were stolen in a burglary at Bedford Row solicitors back in 1984, show he was working in Hollywood at the time, his collaborator Sydney Bernstein who also produced the film for the army claimed Hitchcock was only “treatment advisor” as he had expertise in creating horror movies, the reams of film taken were sent over to Hollywood cut had sections put in and then improvised.

Sefton Delmer claimed that truckloads of bodies were ferried in from Dresden etc. and piled up for film effects, he said they were not even Jewish as Abram Games later confirmed, Hitchcock was also helped by Edith Head costume expert, screenwriter Ben Hecht, Bernard Herrman, Lew Wasserman, and David O Selznick who repaid Hitchcock with big Jewish contract pictures on Jewish themes, Hitchcock always played on guilt which he said was “the great equaliser regardless of race colour or creed.”

Hitchcock saw what was happening and tried to lighten his films by having short walk on parts, the talented actress Tippi Hedren who worked closely with Hitchcock was one of those who said Hitchcock was also into fear and control in his relationships which bore aspects of S & M, the actress who preceded her, Grace Kelly, signed studio gagging orders on what she saw and knew, she did say Hitchcock would roughly steamroller young blonde Anglo-Saxon looking women to give in to him, Grace Kelly said several times if she spoke out she would fear for her life which ended in a suspicious car crash similar to Princess Diana.

Incidentally the severely airbrushed Wikipedia entry on Alfred Hitchcock bears no relation to reality.

My old friend in the Cold war Dr. Louise Jacobs told us once that what you read about in the Holocaust is untrue but was a very necessary lie at that time. Phil Sher who with Harry Etting ran the black marketeering for the wartime Jewish underground told me that Lew Wasserman and David O Selznick arranged all the people necessary and did the special effects behind the shrunken heads and the human skin used for wallets, SS officers gloves lampshades and chair backs was baloney, the heads came from a museum and the skin was goat not human, and the famous story about boiled down Jews being used to lubricate the Berlin tram system just never happened. Moshe Solomons the Israeli dissident repeated the story of Flora Solomons and Litzi Freidman the Jewish underground message runners and part time prostitutes who said “the holocaust is Hollywood at its absolute best” Abram Games said this man Hitchcock has a penchant for horror and will scare people shitless.

Very few people realise that the film of the camps was as much a false theatrical piece as the war itself, which was fought to give Germany back to the bankers thrown out by Hitler.


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