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I would like to start off this article by talking about Julia Carlile.


Julie Carlile… A young dancer who made headlines around the world after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, in order to tug at the public’s heartstrings – due to a spine deformity – and to make it seem that Simon Cowell gives a fuck.

You see Simon Cowell likes to give money to help children out – allegedly – and one of those children was Julia Carlile:

BIG-HEARTED Britain’s Got Talent boss Simon Cowell is paying for a life-changing operation for one of this year’s stars.

The talent show judge, 57, has vowed to fund the £78,000 treatment for 15-year-old dancer Julia Carlile, who suffers from scoliosis and needs to travel to America to correct a curve in her spine. Source

Now according to Julia, who is in fact a professional actress (see below), she needed the cash to for an operation on her back – which had to be done in America – so as she would be able to dance again:

Course, she could have had it done on the NHS but she reckoned that the way the operation is done over here means that she wouldn’t be able to become a dancer… Which is total bollox as I know someone who has had the same operation and she can do the same things as everyone else can.

Still, I suppose that the slant to the old bollox made for good viewing as far as the right-minded Turnips are concerned.

Mind you, personally I think that she would be better off having an operation to reduce the length of her arms because all that knuckle dragging she must do has got to sting a bit.

PHOTO: Long armed Julia and her ‘mother’

And in the photo below, I have straightened her arm out without changing the length:

I couldn’t stop laughing at that photo. Indeed the last time I saw an arm that long, the Prime Mincer was attached to it.

PHOTO: Mr May also suffers from “Elongated Armaritis

And I should also point out that Julia’s mother also looks very much like the Manchester fraud victim, Olivia Campell’s mother:

PHOTO: Julia’s mother and Olivia’s mother

Mind you she has had some bad luck has Julia. I mean it was only last year that she had been the victim of an acid attack… Although she had a different name at the time:

PHOTO: Acid attack victim & Julia

But then again what do you expect from child-killer, Ian Huntley’s daughter, Sammmiiieeeee?

PHOTO: Sammi, Julia and Accciiiiddddd

Course, Cowell could just be a bad judge of character, having also lent Jonathan King his bail money when he got nicked for noncing… Or he could just be unlucky. I mean he allegedly dipped heavily into his pocket to help that young cancer sufferer Kian Musgrove out:

Music mogul Simon Cowell has stunned the mum of a toddler fighting cancer for a second time by phoning her to offer to donate £25,000 for his treatment.

Kind Cowell was moved by Kian Musgrove’s plight and agreed to pay for him to fly the little boy to see a specialist in the US. Source


Say “ahhhh”… Yet Kian’s other dad, Mick Philpott burned him to death.

PHOTO: Young Philpott and young Musgrove

Mind you another of the Philpott children was Fred Barass – the gypsy burglar supposedly shot dead by Farmer, Tony Martin.

Although Tony Martin is also prostitute killer, Steven Wright:

But I digress. And besides we are getting into Book-Ends territory there.

Now then, you may remember that I touched upon the Parsons-Nose-Fuck-It-Bucket-Nonsense in Part 1 of my article called “How The West Was One”

And if these ‘terrorism scare fables‘ were true, there would be no need to invent the terrorists by continually photoshopping heads onto bodies… Just like they did with Bucket-Bomb-Boy’s head.

I mean check out the following photo.

And just because they take the photo on the piss – or at least turn the image to make it look so – doing so may well fool the gullible, but it doesn’t fool me for one second.

Same photograph see? I mean fuck me, I don’t even need to touch the two halves in!

Wanna see some more from the lazy, half-arsed wanker minions?

Of course you fucking do.

And there are plenty more like that… Mind you, they also do the same thing with the victims.

I mean if you have read anything at all about the Parsons-Nose-Fuck-It-Bucket-Bomb-Bollox then you can’t have helped but seen the photo of the “10-year-old” boy – whom later became a 13 years old teenager as the story progresses being as it would be highly unlikely that a 10 yr old would be travelling to school alone on the tube – being carried out of the tube station by firemen, having already been bandaged up.

Course, if you believe that is the face of a 13-year-old (let alone 10-year-old) caught up in a real terror situation then I am afraid that you are as barmy as the cunts who write & play out this kind of shite.

I mean he would be – at the very least – as white as a ghost and most likely in deep shock, not smiling like his dad is giving him a piggy back ride to the sweetie shop.

In fact here, have a read of this old bollox for fucks sake, which I have copy & pasted in full because it has more fucking holes in it than a tramps shitty under crackers and is at best, extremely cringe inducing:

Brave: Alex Ojeda-Sierra, 13, can be seen being carried out by emergency service crew after he stumbled and fell in the melee during the Parson’s Green bombing

His mother, Maria, spoke of the dread-inducing moment she heard Alex was caught up in the outrage – but was unable to reach him – and of the nightmares he has had since the attack

Alex said: ‘One man fell on me and my legs bent backwards and my right ankle got twisted. I started screaming that I had no air.’

Only a minute earlier – 8.20am on Friday – he had been on his way to school, discussing the day ahead with his friends as their train pulled into Parsons Green station, one stop from their destination of Fulham Broadway.

At that moment, a bomb next to one of the doors failed to fully detonate but created a giant fireball, causing pandemonium.

‘I dropped my bag and we started running,’ said Alex, who was later treated at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and is now recovering at home in Morden, South-West London.

After several minutes, he was ‘dug out from so many bodies’ and was later pictured being carried to safety by two firefighters in one of the attack’s defining images.

“Bodies”? No one was dead… Weird… But do please carry on Mr Fuller Crapp:

When commuters eventually came to his aid, Alex’s first thought was for his elder brother, Robert, 15, with whom he had boarded the train at Wimbledon that morning.

See? Ten yr olds do not go to the same school as 15 yr olds, so they had to up his age:

He was unaware that Robert had earlier got off the train at East Putney station to use the lavatory.

So, having just left home and got on the train with his older brother, Robert – Robert then decides that he needs a Tom-Tit but can’t wait two stops… So he gets off, but neglects to tell his late developer, younger brother Alex that he is off for a shit… Although Alex hadn’t notice anyway that Bob had bobbed out for a bob… Roger that… Gerron with it Fuller:

Michael Perry, 29, a medical student who was at Parsons Green, said: ‘Alex had a massive scrape and bleeding and a contusion on his forehead where he had been knocked forward, as well as gashes on his tummy and side where he had been stepped on.

Always a medical expert on hand for these fake events… Probably an ‘elf & safety’ thing:

‘He had lost his brother, Robert, and he was absolutely terrified and worried about him.’

Maria said yesterday: ‘I stayed up with Alex until 5am this morning because he had nightmares. His injuries will heal but it will take longer for him to recover mentally.’

PHOTO: You couldn’t make it up, don’t cha know.

And for anyone who doesn’t know what a “Contusion” is, it is a “bruise“, but “contusion” sounds a lot worse to those reading without the aid of the photo – which was my doing and did not appear in the farticle… Obviously.

In fact I think that it is known in medical circles as “Contusion-Confusion“, although I might possibly have made that up. Still, if they can then so can I.

The old fanny then continues:

The 13-year-old was on his way to school when the bomb exploded one stop away from his destination

I suppose the Chimps added that bit of info again because of their readers short attention span:

She had dropped her sons at Wimbledon station at 8am, as she does every weekday morning.

‘Around 20 minutes later I got a call from Robert,’ she said.

‘He had got off the train at East Putney to use the toilet and had borrowed someone’s phone to ask me why the next train was being held at the station.

Why? Is his mother the Fat Controller or summat?

Nevertheless, we are now expected to believe that Bobert got off the train at around 12 minutes past 8 for a shit… I mean it must have been a shit because boys his age can hold a wee in no problem.

Sooo, Bob then finds the bog and lays a log… Shall we say that took another 3 minutes minimum, taking the time to 8:15?

And bearing in mind that since the *aherm, aherm, bumb didn’t fizz until 8:20, the train behind his brothers (which may or may not have been the train with Cry-Baby-Bob on), wouldn’t have stopped running until 8:20 at the very earliest.

Yet because the train doesn’t move off immediately (which is far from uncommon on the tube), Bob the knob goes into a panic and borrows a strangers phone to ring Mummy Maria, to ask her why his train has been stood in the station for 30 seconds or so, like she is some kind of Mystic Meg Maria!

Meantime, Fearless Fred Alex who has endured a fireball and being suffocated under a sea of bodies is only concerned about his big brother… And people believe this kind of shite!

Gerron with the crap, Crapp:

‘I put the news on and saw there had been an incident but at first they said in Hyde Park. But then they confirmed it was Parsons Green and immediately I started panicking. I thought, “That is too close – this could be awful”.

‘I phoned Robert back and told him to get to school on the overground line because I thought he would be safe there – I didn’t want him on the tube.

Sooooo, after Bob ringing Mystic-Mother-Maria:

  • at – by her own admission – around 8:20 A.M,
  • on a borrowed phone,
  • to ask her why his train hadn’t moved for 30 seconds,

Maria tells him with rising panic that:

  • she will ring him back
  • on the borrowed phone – which she knows the number for

Mummy-M then goes and turns on the radio to get the news, that given the time must be exclusive to her – ‘Radio Mystic Maria’ or something like that – because the bomb certainly didn’t make the 8:30 news. She then:

  •  rings Bothered Bob back
  • on the strangers phone
  • to tell him to go to school, adding that he should take the overground train because he would be safe doing so (Mystic see), despite the fact that he couldn’t use the tube to go to school anyway

‘I was terrified because the school doesn’t allow phones and so I couldn’t get hold of Alex – I instinctively knew something was wrong and my panic was now in overdrive.

She got hold of Bob no problem though… Yet trying to justify her mystic talents, Maria states (in quotes) that she “INSTINCTIVELY knew” that “something was wrong“… Despite the fact that hearing on the radio that “something” is “wrong” is not a matter of instinct… Just sayin’… C’mon Fuller Crapp, entertain us:

‘Then I received a call from an unknown number and it was a woman saying she was with my son. She put him on the line and he was very frightened.

Yeah, we know… We have seen the photo. Frightened to fucking death he was:

‘He was scared because he didn’t know where his brother was – that was his main concern. I reassured him that we had spoken and Robert was okay. Alex hadn’t been at the front of the train where the bomb was but it was still very scary.’

OHHHH… I thought Marvelous-Mystic-Maria meant Fearless Fred Alex was scared because of the Terrapins… Not because he was worried about his big-baby-brother… Carry on Crapp

Maria added: ‘He said everyone started running so he did, too.

Running where? Although Alex Odious wasn’t that worried about Boo-Hoo-Bob at that moment in time… Soooo, they were both full of shit that morning:

‘He said his friend managed to get away but he has a weak ankle from an old injury and had tripped on the stairs.

“A weak ankle”… You couldn’t make it up… Personally I could do with a weak off:

‘Someone fell on top of him, followed by another person.

‘He couldn’t breathe and had cracked his head open on the stairs.

Yes he could and no he hadn’t… Carry on:

‘He said he had to be dug out from so many bodies and that it was mayhem. I was in tears – it was a very difficult conversation but I was so relieved that he was alive.

Where the fuck did someone find a shovel in all that “mayhem“? Although I have never heard of anyone being relieved that their son had been killed by a terrorist bomb, so she would be fucking relieved that he was alive you fucking cretin:

‘I was so grateful the woman was there helping him. She got in an ambulance with him to comfort him and I drove to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.’

Keep calm Chris… Keep calm. It will pass:

On the way she passed Parsons Green, where she saw paramedics, firefighters and police. ‘That made me more terrified because there were so many of them.’

She couldn’t have passed too close since the area was presumably closed off… Although she was right to be terrified…I mean the more knuckle-draggers-in-uniform there are bunched together, the braver & more violent they get.

She added: ‘When I got to the hospital I just hugged Alex and we were both crying. I just thought how lucky we had been and it could have so easily been worse. He had grazes and bruises all over him. People were just running – it was everyone for themselves.

How lucky WE had been“… Huh? And why were they running in the hospital? Was their a fizz bomb there too?

‘I thanked the woman for helping him – we were so fortunate that her and another man helped him. Alex asked me to thank the man too but he wasn’t around. Alex made me download Twitter and I managed to get a message online thanking him. Even after all that, all Alex wanted to do was find his brother and thank those who had helped him.’

I want to comment on that, but I am cringing at the child like imagination of Fuller Crapp:

Twitter user Lord Gustavo Vieira tweeted a photo of Alex and wrote: ‘I hope this little buddy is now warm and back home with his brother. #parsonsgreen #sad #ParsonsGreen.’ Underneath, Maria, 49, replied: ‘Thank you for looking after my son during this terrifying time. You helped him enormously. Very grateful. xx.’

Nope, I’m not biting:

She told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Alex is a very brave and special boy.

Errrr, I think that you will find that it is Bob who is “special“. Albeit a bit of a Chicken-Shit… In fact I am quite surprised that he doesn’t go to a “special” school.

He was released after a quick check-up and had an emotional reunion with his brother. It’s horrible to think that Robert would’ve been caught up in it too if he hadn’t gone to the loo.

He types in rhyme all the time

‘We are very fortunate and there are people with worse injuries who were not so lucky. We just want to take it one day at a time. Last night Alex had nightmares and the mental scars will take time to heal.

Whereas Bob has no scars… He is just mental… Like his lying scum-bag ‘mother’.

Yet it was only a hundred years ago that 13 year olds were fighting in the trenches… Just sayin’:

‘The emotions keep coming in waves with him and with me but we will be okay eventually.


‘I’m not sure if he’ll be back at school on Monday but we want things to get back to normal as soon as possible.’

Her husband Robert, 48, an economist, said: ‘When Maria told me I rushed to the hospital in a panic. Thankfully, Alex was not at the end of the train where there was the explosion but he’s clearly extremely shaken up.

‘We haven’t pressed him on what happened, we’ve just been trying to have fun and he’s been telling us about it in drips and drabs. He is recovering – he was annoyed because the news reported he was ten, but he’s actually 13! He’s an extremely brave boy.’

Alex was one of many pupils on the train from The London Oratory School, where Tony Blair sent his children. As always at that time, there were boys and girls from other schools, too – a fact not lost on the terrorists.

The Oratory’s choir director Charles Cole said: ‘The trains which go through Parsons Green are packed with Oratory pupils at that time of day. One of our pupils was right opposite the bomb at the time. Had the terrorists been successful, it’s difficult to imagine that that pupil could possibly have survived.’  Source

Now they are what the Monsters would call “proper useful idiots“… And what I would call ‘proper useless idiots cunts’… Just sayin’.

And talking of which, now would be as good as any to show you a screenshot that I took of an article on the Chimp’s news-feed which appeared on the 9th of October 2017.

Does he look familiar?

He fucking ought to:

And there was still more top bullshit to follow that top bullshit from Little Lord Alex Fauntleroy, because as luck would have it for the Daily Chimpanzee, Ben Felsenburg – one of their shit rag ‘reporters’ – was also on board the fake train to nowhere… These Monkey-Kuntz do appear to have the knack of being in the right place at the right time, do they not?

Mind you, I should also point out that I strongly suspect Falsenburg to be U2’s ‘The Edge – or at least the fella is who is representing Falsenshite in his photo. And for more reasons (mostly all Satanic) than I have time to explain to you right now:

MAIN PHOTO: Falsenburg INSET: The Edge

Nevertheless, I have once again published the cringe inducing article in full… Just so as you too can exercise your gag reflexes:

Have you ever run for your life? I have. I didn’t know what or who I was running from on Friday morning, but one glance at the wide-eyed horror on the faces of the well-heeled City workers fleeing the train at Parsons Green was enough to send me racing out the doors.

They were running for their lives and for that reason alone so was I. There was no adrenaline, just the sickening possibility that this might be it, the moment it all ends on an ordinary day out of the blue. This was terror, of some unknown event in the end carriage.

An entire packed commuter train had been suddenly transformed into a stampeding mini-tsunami of humanity surging along the platform.

Hardly anyone was screaming or shouting, but for one terrible moment it was each man for himself, and something awful and primal (I think that he means Primate) had kicked in that made me push forward mindlessly in the rush for the stairs that had become impassably crowded in seconds.

Thus giving unstated credence to 13 yr old Delta Alfa Gamma’s claim – or whatever the lying little toerag’s name is… Sorry. Please do carry on making a cunt of yourself:

I didn’t have a clue what had happened, but just 15 minutes after I had counted myself lucky to get on the train just before the doors had closed a few stops up the line, I was bracing myself for a marauding attacker armed with a knife or a gun, or a bomb blast.

My nostrils began to fill with an acrid, burning smell. Then one man had the presence of mind to cry out ‘Calm down’ to all of us crammed on to a short, narrow platform leading to steps that were suddenly woefully inadequate as an escape exit.

I snapped out of my panic, collected myself and echoed his call in the hope of stopping the pushing and shoving down the steps that were so crammed it was all too easy to imagine people could soon be crushed to death.

Thus giving further unstated credence to 13 yr old Alfie Xray Foxtrot’s claim – or whatever it is that the lying little turd is called… Sorry. Please do carry on making a cunt of yourself:

Around me terror had given way to shock. 

One young woman was in tears, shaking. Another woman repeatedly insisted ‘I’m fine, I’m all right’, and laughed over how she had lost her shoes in the rush.

I think that the Baboon has been watching too many repeat episodes of “Friends”:

Carry on:

By now the melee (oh, how quaint. That is the same word as Alex Delta Foxtrot used) had calmed down into a very British well-behaved queue waiting to file down the steps and out of the station, and amid the chatter of the crowd, a few facts began to emerge.

There had been a bang – somehow not loud enough for me to hear halfway down the train – and there was talk of a flash of flames that had filled a section of the train.

Was it a terror attack or some kind of unlikely freak accident? Whatever we suspected it was impossible to know, but regardless of what had happened I began to wonder how bad the damage was for those left in the train.

He should have borrowed a phone and rung Mystic-Mum… She could have told him:

I made my way down with everyone else to the ticket gates, where a young Eastern European mother with a toddler in a pushchair stood shaking with horror over the thought of what could so easily have happened to her child, mercifully unharmed.

Ohhhh, Falsenshite is also psychic!

Another woman – a smartly dressed office worker – stood alongside her, holding her arm in comfort.

I was, to be honest (ha ha ha ha ha ha… Cunt), in a bit of a state. I wasn’t alone. I got talking to a young man, Sam Faley, who was teary and shaky but bright and remarkably cogent.

His story came out: he’d been right there, at the ground zero end of the train, and simultaneously heard the blast and saw the fire erupt from what he described as a ‘bag for life’. He felt the heat on his face from the flames that seemed to be everywhere.

And at this point we were treated to a terror photo to shudder at:

PHOTO: I have arrowed Sam Faley for you – a 21 year old “Media Analyst”; as if 

He said: ‘There was a kind of thudding noise and the lid of the bucket popped off. The next thing I knew a blinding ball of fire just filled the whole carriage.

‘The heat and light were so intense. There was some kind of thick yellow gel that filled the carriage and had squirted out of the bucket. Luckily I was sitting down and surrounded by people.

How did he see the fucking lid ‘pop off’ then?

‘I turned my head away from the heat and only singed the back of my hair. But there were others whose faces were really badly burned (no their wasn’t arse-hole) and just looked dazed. People suddenly started screaming and trying to bundle out the train.

Some had been knocked to the floor by the force of the blast. One woman was just rocking back and forth, frozen to the spot, and had to be carried out.

‘Another collapsed on the platform stairs and was getting trampled underfoot. So many people were crying. I take that train every morning and always see the same people, so in a way you sort of get to know each other.’

Sam went on: ‘Everyone was fighting to get out the station but it was completely jammed. There was just panic and fear in the air. I saw around 50 police officers at the station who arrived within minutes, around half of them armed, and they really took control very quickly.

‘I’d been involved in a terror response training day just the day before (ha ha ha ha ha) and had been in Barcelona not long before the attack there last month. I’ve always wondered how I would respond to this kind of attack but you can never truly be prepared.’

At 21, Sam is part of a generation for whom the constant possibility of a terrorist attack has been an ordinary fact of everyday life since as far back as he could remember.

Now on this fine late-summer morning in London, something had kicked in that enabled him to know just what to do in the seconds after the blast, to find the calm to get up and walk towards safety until he hit the crowd.

With the police cordoning off the danger area around the station and ushering the public away to safety, I wandered up with Sam, past the tidy patch of green that is Parsons Green and up towards the elegant little boutiques and chi-chi eateries on New Kings Road.

Seemingly oblivious to the mayhem of just a few hundred yards away, the yummy mummy brigade were congregating after the school drop-off in an inviting cafe, and leaving Sam there I went off to find out what I could about the blast.

Fuck me, those kids of the “yummy Mummy’s” must attend ‘Early Doors Primary School‘!

A little media village thick with microphones and cameras had popped up almost instantly by the green, but no one there seemed to know anything much for sure.

Being there that quick, I kinda suspect that the “little media village” knew more than they were letting on:

Was there a second device? An armed man on the loose?

Someone stuck a mobile phone under my nose and showed me a photo of what was left of the device on the carriage that had caused the blast – little more than a white bucket in a plastic bag.

STOP… I need a break from that cunt.

So, at this point we will delve into the Satanic working of the Monsters.

You see, in a further bid to ramp up the terror & public outrage, 13 year old, Alex Ojeda-Sierra-Tang-Charlie-Four later doubled up on his workload to play the part of 16 year old Jack Durston:

PHOTO: An extremely Satanic, extremely faked photo of Jack Durston & his “family”.

And if you cannot work out why the photo is extremely Satanic, then you didn’t read Part 1 of “How THe West Was Won‘, properly, so off ya pop and don’t come back until you have.

Meantime for those who have, the following is from the BBC:

On Friday morning, 16-year-old Jack Durston was on the District Line, heading to his new school in High Street Kensington, listening to music on his noise-cancelling headphones.

What was about to happen on his train, as it drew up to Parsons Green Tube station, no one could have foreseen.

An “improvised explosive device” was detonated on the packed rush hour train, injuring 30 people.

Jack, from Kingston-upon-Thames, told the BBC: “I had moved to the middle of the second carriage to get a seat. Now I realise I was lucky to be further away from the blast. Continue Reading

Shall we compare 13 yr old Alex and 16 yr old Jack?

Of course we fucking shall:

And 21 year old Sam Farley?

Now I am not saying that they are necessarily all three one and the same. But what I am saying is that their facial features have been manipulated enough to meet the apparent requirements for Satanic purposes.

And staying with the connection theme have a butchers at these next two:

This is Emma Watson and her ‘brother‘ Alex Watson.

Alex is an actor… Apparently.

They look alike don’t they? However, I imagine that they are one and the same.

And brother Alex looks a lot like Little Lord Alex Fauntleroy – least he would if his face hadn’t been so fucked about with… That is to say that his face has been fucked about with in the photo below.

They do nevertheless marry up perfectly and I would bet big money on the young Alex photo being the source photo for the little turd despite it being Alex’s photo that has been mashed.

In fact if you look at the Alex Watson photo you can see where his face has been altered at the nose on your right hand side and the side of the mouth below it which has left the lad looking like he has had a stroke.

So, I think that we can safely say that the Parsons Nose Bucket Bollox is just that – total and utter bollox.

And now that we have got that sorted we need to look at this next story… Trust me you will like where this is all eventually heading.

Now that was released by the Chimp on the 31st of August 2017 and as you will have read, the trial started on the 3rd of October 2017.

Course, as with most stories that the Chimp does-to-death, I kept an eye on it once the trial had started. And as it turned out the ‘murderer’ – Aaron Barley, who was indeed convicted for the crimes – had been taken into the family home, having been orphaned at the age of six & kicked out of his care-home when he was 11 years old… I didn’t even know that you could get kicked out of the care system:

A homeless man who murdered a mother-of-two who had tried to help him had been reported to police a month earlier over threatening Facebook posts, it emerged today.

Aaron Barley was jailed for life today for the brutal murders of ‘Good Samaritan’ Tracey Wilkinson and her son Pierce, 13, at their home in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

He was handed a sentence of at least 30 years today as it emerged he was reported to police a month before the knife rampage.

In February, Barley’s former foster mother read violent threats on his Facebook page in which he talked about ‘taking down’ his family and wondered ‘how many he could get before he got caught’. 

She contacted him and suggested he get help but he refused because he did not want to take medication or risk being sectioned.

The former foster parent was so concerned by the posts she reported them to West Midlands Police, the court heard.

One read: ‘To all my family that haven’t spoken to me for years, go f*** yourselves…. You are all going to pay… You cold, heartless, motherf******.’

In another chilling post, he wrote: ‘Got (to) try get some help before I go on a killing spree.’ Source

Or put another way, a made-up story with all the usual bollox such as:

  • the police were warned but did fuck all,
  • Facebook is at fault
  • and the world has lost another hero-type-person

And as usual the gormless public fell for it despite the photo of the extremely weird looking culprit… When the press had finally finished knocking it up that is:

PHOTO: Aaron Barley

Are they fucking sure!

Although now I think about it, I actually think that I knew his brother, Charlie Barley:

PHOTO: Charlie Barley


Well they started the stupid silliness bollocks, so I’m just joining in pal.

I mean come on. Of course you would take him in… Take him into the vets to have him put out of his misery.

And obviously, until the Minions came up with that piss poor effort we were treated to the usual extremely grainy, blurred photos that no one in their wildest dreams would keep. Either that or they were photos that could have been showing your next door neighbour for the amount of facial features on display.

He’s wearing 3 different coats joined together in that last photo.

But anyway, what this pain-in-the-neck does is crawls into the house, stabs to death the good Samaritan who selflessly took him in off the streets – and she predictably lived life to the full obviously.

He then stabs to death the clean-cut, lovely young man with a bright future who though of his killer as being his brother.

And he also had a bash at killing the only real dad he had ever known by stabbing him 6 billion times in the face and leaving him for dead.

PHOTO: Knifes is bad. Knifes is bad. Knifes is bad… Must ban knife and ting

Does he look familiar to you?

You see, I think that he may also be the following mush:

Mind you, even if he isn’t the daughter is surely adopted.

I mean with her jawline she is quite clearly “American Dad“, Stan Smith’s daughter… Or the “Beano’s” Desperate Dan’s.

Nevertheless, Barley then calmly leaves the house and despite no one knowing that he has done the do, he leaves the dog to run free and makes his get-away in the family 4X4.

However, so as not to attract police attention he drove down the full length of two pavements at between 30-45 MPH and pulled out at a junction at 30 MPH without stopping, forcing two motors to make emergency stops to avoid a collision… Having attracted the attention of the police!

He then crashes the motor somehow, whilst doing 12 MPH on the pavement – which strangely enough has been made to look like 42 MPH on the dash cam that was filming his getaway.

PHOTO: That is supposedly a 4, and not a 1 with a dodgy dot added.

Now somehow, although Gord knows how, after hitting the wall the heavy motor spun round more than 90 degrees although the dash cam doesn’t show that happening so obviously Barmy Barley must have switched the cam off as he was crashing.


And neither did the dash cam footage allegedly taken by the plod throw any light on the situation.

In fact their video makes it all the more confusing. Especially when you compare it with Barmy Barley’s dash cam!

Makes no sense does it?

Neither does the time stamp since Barley didn’t leave the house until just gone 8 AM.

Nevertheless, moving on and never let it be said that I can’t admit when I have made a mistake. You see it seems that I was wrong about those pesky patio doors.

It is in fact the wonkiest house in the world!

Course, if the Minions didn’t photoshop everything I wouldn’t need to be admitting my mistake.

And why the fuck are the wholly corrupt coppers taking body bags into the house when the two diseased ‘victims’ died in hospital?

See HERE for confirmation of where Ma & Lardy Dah died.

It is a good article that… Comes from a Brummy local shit-rag that carry’s the following photo.

Barmy Barley must have driven the motor home afterwards.

Now I am not going to call the Millionaire Wilkinsons fucking liars, but the thi… Well actually, yes I am going to call the Wilkinson’s fucking liars… Sick-fuck liars at that… And the plod.

Indeed, I had to chuckle at this next bit though:

Built it and renovated it themselves they did… And that is from the donkeys mouth himself.

Yet I found the following property for sale – well sold actually – on Right Moves.

Half a million quid! Not worth much is it?

On Greyhound Lane… Ironic then that their dog is a Greyhound.

Lovely dog… So lovely they gave it its own photo shoot.

Although fuck knows where that last photo was taken.

The dog was heartbroken y’know. In fact by the time it got to the funeral it had been crying that much that all the black had washed out of it’s eyes.

But I digress… So back to the house that Jack built:

The house that was sold for less than half a million.

Perhaps the lying arse-wipe means that he had a new wall built… With new gates since they curve in the opposite direction to the other house… Which clearly is the same house.

And changed the house behind his too of course… Like ya do.

The funeral was a total piss take also with all the snappy-snapz photo-shopped.

Nevertheless, I am not going to go into all that as I think that I have done more than enough to prove that this story is also bollocks.

However, I do want to show you one more photo batch which really takes the piss:


Nevertheless, the unfolding court drama was on the Chimps news-feed at the same time as the other stories above and as such it had to connect.

So let’s have a butchers at those connections.

And first off I notice that Barmy Barley connects with the foster brother (Pierce Wilkinson) that he murdered.

And I will state again that it is the connection in this instance since neither person ever existed.

Mind you there is an Aaron Barley on Twitter:

But what’s in a name aye?

Mind you, it really would be a nightmare joining them two as they are not symmetrically a good match.

However, on the other hand, Pierce Wilkinson fits together with Twitter Aaron like a hand and glove.

Now the fact that Barley & Barley are not a good match symmetrically – albeit they are passable to the eye – can not be dismissed as coincidence when Twitter Barley fits in so well with young Wilkinson given the history.

And of course Barmy Barley is so photoshopped anyway it would be hard to match him symmetrically with anyone… Even himself.

You see, tellingly there is a fairly decent photo of Barmy Barley as a youngster. Yet not only does this photo not match in with him as a Giraffe, it doesn’t match in with young-dead Wilkinson either:

Which as I say is indeed very telling as they should match a lot better than that… But who knows, perhaps Barmy had a nose job.

Nevertheless, I will tell you who young Barmy matches perfectly… Child murder victim, Rhys Jones that’s who.

Young Barmy Barley also has a look of child, child-killer, Robert Thompson about him.

But I am moving into “Book Ends Part 1” territory again so I will say nothing more cept that the Barmy & Jones photos come from the same source.

Meantime, Pierce Wilkinson is a ringer for Little Lord Fauntleroy and Alex watson:

And as for murdered foster mum Tracey Wilkinson? Well she is the dependable Carole Middleton – mother to the future Queer of England:

I’m not sure what is going on with Carole’s back teeth in that photo, but I am sure that all the world is a stage played by actors… Some major, some minor.

Just sayin’.