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Anyone who reads the national shit-rags cannot fail to have noticed the way that reporting on Autism has gained momentum over the past two or three years, to the extent that there is now always at least one article published every day talking about the condition – amongst the rest of the other load of old shite obviously.

Indeed, already so far today (19/4/18. 10:12AM) the amateur hacks at the Daily Chimpanzee have 6 (SIX) stories about Autism on their ‘news’ feed. 

Yet crucially, their efforts are an endeavor in normalising the condition via means of total bollox rather than being outraged at the epidemic and trying to get to the bottom of the real reason for the huge increase in cases.

In fact such is the rise in cases that you will be hard pressed to find accurate statistics dating from 2006.

There is nothing normal about that whatsoever and I would suggest that the reason for the lack of data – post 2006 – is because the first world government shit-houses do not dare publish the true statistics.

Instead – as I just said – we get told total bollox in an effort to normalise the epidemic; as seen in one of those fake articles that appears in today’s Chimp:

Indeed, a double whammy for the sick cunts: Normalising Asbergers/Autism and spreading the Holocaust myth… I mean do you really believe that it has taken over 70 years to discover that Ass-Burger was a nazi?

Get real.

So, what is the cause of the disgusting and totally unacceptable rise in Autism? Indeed, many, many people attribute the cause to the MMR child vaccination – which is certainly a very dangerous vaccine that you would be hard pressed to find a child receiving who is born into the elite world of Monsters.

And to be fair, I too still buy into that claim… However, there has to be something else.

You see, on April 4th 2018 myself and my daughter, Stacey were officially, finally given some news that we knew to be true over a year and a half ago – namely that my grandson, Clayton is Autistic.

Yet he has never had the MMR or any other of the standard childhood poisons masquerading as immunisations… Therefore logic dictates that there has to be at least one other cause of the condition.

And as such, I have come up with the following possibilities:

Clayton was born via emergency c-section and I mean emergency, with alarms going off in the room and all manner of controlled panic by the medical staff. Indeed, only minutes earlier there was nothing to indicate what was about to happen. The midwife came into the room at sometime after 3 AM in the morning to check on Stacey and I took the opportunity to go outside for a quick smoke, yet less that 10 minutes later when I arrived back at the ward, Stacey was already in the operating theater.

Course, I am not saying that cesareans are the cause of Autism or greatly increase the risk although I wouldn’t totally rule it out as there is also a huge rise in this form of giving birth especially amongst the rich whose children appear as susceptible to the condition as the poor do.

However, when Clayton was plucked out he apparently wasn’t responding well to the medical staffs efforts to stabalise him which led to a nurse coming into the waiting room and asking my permission (as next of kin to Stacey) to give him an injection of some sort or other – I can’t remember exactly what, it was a very tense time, but it could have been Adrenalin.

Now obviously that request put me in an awful situation that demanded an immediate answer. I mean as you are all no doubt aware, I am dead set against these poisons that doctors & nurses pump willy-nilly into babies and children but on the other hand, had I refused and something had happened to Clay, how was I supposed to face Stacey and tell her that I was to blame?

Therefore, after quickly questioning the nurse about the injections safety – I was told it was perfectly safe but then again that is a standard response – I reluctantly agreed… And to date, that is the one and only injection that Clayton has had in the nigh on five years that have passed since.

However, once again I am not saying that was the cause. Another possibility is the epidural that Stacey had and indeed I believe that this form of pain relief has increased tenfold over the years and as such is a possibility that cannot be ruled out… As is the possibility that Stacey passed the condition onto Clay whilst he was in the womb.

You see, I brought Stacey up alone from the age of 6 months old and 22 years ago I was nowhere near as clued up as I am now and as such, she had all of her childhood poisons including the MMR.

PHOTO: Stacey and me when she first came to live with me.

And once again, that possibility cannot be ruled out and of course reverts back to the obscene MMR vaccine.

Nevertheless, for the first three years of his life Clayton appeared to be developing normally.

PHOTO: New born Clay, Stacey & Me

PHOTO: Stacey & Clayton


PHOTO: Me & Clay

PHOTO: And again

PHOTO: And again

PHOTO: Watching his favorite ‘Peppa Pig’ DVD… My favorite too 

PHOTO: He still acted as he should at this stage

PHOTO: Helping Grandad mow the lawn.

PHOTO: Mens talk

Which brings me to the third possibility that I still find impossible to write about without gritting my teeth in anger.

You see, me and Stacey began to notice the change in Clayton after those stinking, arsewipe, coward cunts, masquerading as policemen kicked down my door under false pretenses, scaring Clayton half to death… The second ,major mental trauma in his short life if you include the birth trauma.

All I will add about those stinking, pieces of human shit and the psychopathic, criminal social workers that they colluded with to unsuccessfully try and snatch Clayton in a bid to silence me is that I haven’t forgotten about you, you stinking sub-normal cunts, I never will and I never forgive… Slug-like Animals.

For documented proof of how the police colluded with social workers to steal Clayton click HERE

And of course I was quite rightly found Not Guilty on all charges for which the child stealing action was based on – which the Police were severely criticized for bringing the charges in the first place by the trial judge, due to the cunts having no evidence to put forward.

Indeed both the corrupt little thugs and the equally corrupt psychopathic [un] social services look in the wrong place for abuse.

So, just to give the 3D skidmarks a hint, the following is what a happy, much loved child looks like:

And the following is what to look for in children who aren’t:

And again:

I personally find that photo particularly disturbing.

Nevertheless, the trauma caused to Clayton by the corrupt Pigs was followed by him then having to move out of the only home that he had ever known after Stacey was fast tracked by housing after it was deemed by the housing association to be too dangerous for her to live here in case of attack following the disgusting lies printed about me in the national press and the detrimental affect a fear of the police returning was having on her mental health… Well done you muggy cunts. You might be able to scare the shit out of toddlers and teenage girls who are not used to your bully-shit-thuggery but you didn’t and still don’t scare me for one second… Pathetic, Paedo-Protecting, Nonce Cunts.

And there is of course plenty of documented evidence to suggest that severe mental trauma can trigger Autism.

Other possibilities include chem-trails and the shite that is added to our food and water. Nevertheless and as I say, the shit-rags have no interest whatsoever in getting to the real root-cause of the problem although I very strongly suspect that they already know the real reason… Just like the cunts know that Cannabis Oil cures cancer but repeatedly refuse to shout it from the roof tops.

And so, as an aside to this article about Autism I can tell you that I have definite proof that Cannabis Oil cures even the most advanced cancers being as my Rottweiler, Jessica was diagnosed with terminal cancer in August 2016.

PHOTOS: Jessica on the day that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Now the vet showed me the scan photos, pointing out the large tumour and categorically stated that Jessica had two months MAXIMUM to live. She then asked me if I wanted her to put Jessica down there and then.

However, after being assured that Jessica was not in any pain at the moment the vet told me that what would happen sometime in the next two months is that the tumour would burst and Jessica would bleed to death internally. However, the vet added that when the tumour bursts, I would know because Jessica would become very lethargic and refuse to eat or drink. The vet then said that when that happened I had plenty of time to bring Jess back to be put down before she was in any pain.

I therefore took her home and immediately started her on high concentrate Cannabis Oil and nearly two YEARS later, Jessica is still with me and doing fine.

But nevertheless, back to the Autism and another of the Chimps propaganda articles out today is designed to get Autistic children – and others with special needs – out of mainstream school:

Derrrr, because it helps the money go round you snide cunts.

Indeed much of the problem lies with teachers who do not have a clue how to handle children with Autism – although that makes Autistic children sound a lot worse than they actually are.

That problem is compounded by the time it takes to get a diagnosis – in our case a year and a half which on average is very quick.

In turn, that highlights just how many children have Autism these days because that [quick] year and a half that we had to wait for a diagnosis – yet was already blatantly obvious to us and Clay’s teachers – was not filled with Doctors Appointments and Assessments. It was filled with waiting time for cancellations to come up in order to get Clay seen.

And until a school is in possession of the official confirmation, they cannot apply for funding to employ a teacher with the training needed to accommodate Autistic children’s needs.

Nevertheless, Myself & Stacey have had a number of meetings with the school and educational welfare officers and at one, where we made it clear to Clayton’s head teacher that we wanted Clay to stay in mainstream education, he told us that it was OUR choice and if we wanted him to remain in the school he was quite happy to go along with that whilst also making it clear that Clayton would also be allowed to attend a ‘specialist’ school if we wanted to go down that road… So the Chimp is once again talking bollox and working to an agenda.

Now that we have the official diagnosis and the school has got the go-ahead for funding, things are moving very quickly and we did in fact have a meeting with Educational Welfare on Monday (16th of April) after Clayton had been discreetly observed by the officer, at school earlier that morning.

She too was happy for Clay to remain in mainstream education but also gave us the option of a specialist school – which we were adamant that we were not interested in not least because it would mean a car journey and Clay is happy and settled where he is.

I did however point out the concerns I had with the school teachers not really knowing how to handle him. For instance, at the moment Clay is allowed to do whatever he wants rather than being made to sit with his class at “circle time”.

To me that is unacceptable and there is no reason that he cannot be taught to do so other than the fact that the teachers know that he will kick off when he is made to do something that he doesn’t want to do… But that quickly ceases once he knows that he no longer has a choice.

The same is true with P.E which he doesn’t do, yet I know that is only because Clay knows that by refusing to take part he will be able to play on the computer. He is also on a reduced timetable and we collect him at 2 PM as opposed to 3:15 PM. This practice was originally requested by us because he went from doing half days at the school nursery to suddenly having to do full days once he started in ‘Reception Class’.

However, his school teacher does not feel that he is ready to do that extra hour and a quarter each day – something that I strongly disagree with. His problem is mental not physical… And what’s more, the educational welfare officer agreed with me on all those points.

Indeed Clay and all Autistic children are more than capable of learning to follow the rules. They just have to be handled with kid gloves.

PHOTO: Clay at school 

PHOTO: Clay after having his hair cut

PHOTO: Clay looks and acts normal but has poor speech, poor attention span and is prone to tantrums… No different from most teenagers as it happens.

Indeed it is fair to say that I idolise the boy and he thinks that I am 10 ft tall. My main concern is that he is happy and since he is I have no concerns, but make no mistake about it, Autism is caused by something that the first-world governments are inflicting on the population.

And that my friends concerns me greatly.

PHOTO: Me picking Clay up from school today (19/4/18) at 2 PM