At what point do the Zombies say, enough is enough


Christopher Spivey



Who remembers the French singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg?

Not that many of you I’ll bet.

However, I bet most of you over 30 years old know his international best selling song “Je t’aime… moi non plus”

Still none the wiser?

Its that song that sounds like two people shagging, set to music.

Here, have a YouTube link, you will know it when you hear it. LINK

The song was originally recorded in 1967 by Gainsbourg and his married lover, the French model, Brigitte Bardot.

At the time, there was huge speculation in the press that Gainsbourg and Bardot actually had sex while making the song.

However according to the sound engineer William Flageollet there was only “heavy petting”.

Unfortunately, Bardot’s husband found out about the affair and went fucking loopy, leaving Bardot to beg Gainsbourg not to release the record.

Gaisbourg agreed and that version never saw the light of day again until 1986.

So far, so good, you can’t blame the fella, Bardot was fucking gorgeous in 1967.


Two years later, Gainsbourg recorded the song again, this time with his new bird, British actress Jane Birkin.

The song was released and instantly banned everywhere, amidst press speculation that Gainsbourg and Birkin had also bonked their way through the song.

Later, whilst talking about the press reports, Gainsbourg, rather egotistically said to Birkin: “Thank goodness we didn’t, otherwise I hope it would have been a long-playing record.”

However, according to Wikipedia the song was:

banned from radio in Spain, Sweden, Brazil, the UK, Italy, Poland, and Portugal, banned before 11 pm in France, not played by many radio stations in the United States because it was deemed too risqué, and denounced by the Vatican and the L’Osservatore Romano; one report even claimed the Vatican excommunicated the record executive who released it in Italy. Birkin says Gainsbourg called the Pope “our greatest PR man.

Never the less, despite being banned, the song still reached number 2 in England before being withdrawn.

Gainsbourg then changed record labels and the record was re-released becoming the first ever song banned in England to still reach number 1.

Still so far, so good.

After all, Jane Birkin, although no Brigitte Bardot was still fucking hot.

However, there was already a bit of a cloud hanging over Gainsbourg who in 1964 had begun writing songs for 15yr old French singer France Gall.

Gall’s first hit record written by Gainsbourg was released on her 16th birthday.

In 1966 Gainsbourg took advantage of the then 18 year old Gall’s naivety by getting her to record his song  “Les Sucettes”… A move that nearly wrecked her career.

The following is from Wikipedia:

“Les Sucettes” was, on the surface, a pleasant children’s song about a girl who likes aniseed-flavoured lollipops.

But Gainsbourg’s lyric was full of playful double meanings referring to oral sex, which Gall, aged 18, simply did not understand. 

She was filmed singing “Les Sucettes” for television programs, with actions and props playing on the sexual references. By Gall’s account she did not realize until later why the filming attracted so many visitors to the set.

The controversy arising from the song, although a big hit for Gall, threw her career off-track in France for several years.

In 1975, Gainsbourg, a Jew who as a child growing up in German occupied Paris had been made to wear the yellow star of David, released an album called ‘Rock around the bunker’.

The album was made up of songs entirely on the subject of the Nazi’s.

By the early 1980’s Gainsbourg was a chronic alcoholic, which led to Jane Birkin ending their 13 year relationship.



From that point on he became what is commonly known as a fucking nuisance and even when he got a booking he would appear on stage pissed and looking like a tramp.

In 1986, Gainsbourg appeared on Michael Druckers live Saturday night show with fellow guest Whitney Houston.

However, Gainsbourg who was again drunk aimed a comment in French at Whitney. When she asked Drucker what Gainsbourg had said, the show host replied “He says you are great”.

At this point, Gaisbourgh went into one and in English told a taken aback Whitney Houston that he had actually said that he wanted to fuck her.

After that, Gainsbourg staggered on from one crisis to the next until finally kicking the bucket in 1991.

So what, I hear you ask?

So what Indeed.

It transpires that in 1984, the dirty sick cunt recorded a song with his then 12 year old daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg called Lemon Incest.

The video that accompanies the sick fucks song is of him and Charlotte cavorting on a double bed together whilst singing the song

Gaisbourg is shirtless and in jeans, and Charlotte, is wearing a shirt and knickers.


And guess what?

The website that bans any video that the government deems unfit for public consumption, such as films telling the truth about 911 or Jimmy Savile, appears to have no problem with Gainsbourg cavorting with his pre teen daughter.

Then again, things like 9/11 and Savile the monster don’t fit in with the agenda, do they.

Its late, I’m tired  and I hope that is why I’m feeling weary as opposed to angry, because I don’t ever want to become desensitised to what goes on in this sick fuck world.

Everywhere you fucking turn, there are sick cunts who want to fuck little girls and boys.

What the fuck is that all about?

At what point do the Zombies say, enough is enough?

You can see the video for yourself by clicking HERE