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Here we have a cunt who is corrupt, warped, perverted and thoroughly rotten to the core.

Yet the Monster called Silvio Berlusconi has only been banned from politics for 2 years… Two fucking years!

In reality, the abomination should be rotting away in prison for the rest of his natural life and his vast, ill gotten gains used to benefit the country that he has played his part in ruining… He is even unlikely to serve the years prison sentence he was handed down, which was already reduced from 4.

He has no interest in the greater good for his people… He never has and never will.

You only need look at his quote: “In a few months I’ll be gone… I’ll leave this shitty country that has sickened me”, to know that.

Mind you, despite some of the things that he has said and done – which no country’s leader should ever say or do – you can’t argue with this one:

Merkel is an “unfuckable lard-arse”

Okay, I’m joking, but it did make me fucking laugh and when all’s said and done, I’m not a member of the government.

Burkusconi is however  just like all of the rest of the EU countries politicians… They are in politics for themselves and only for themselves.

Worse still, to get to a position of real power, they have to sell their soul to the devil.

And this is why a complete new change has to start.

You see, Berlusconi is only where he is now to be taught a lesson by those who really control the world.

There is a list of his crimes further down the page to back this up .

Others who are rapidly regretting getting above themselves are the Ex French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the atrocious ex IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

The latter almost certainly headed an international paedophile ring.

Berlusconi’ has only himself to blame for his downfall.

The thick fuck got above himself and like Bizzy Lizzy could no longer hide his contempt for the cattle.

Unfortunately, Sweaty Betty is a lot higher up the ladder than a lowly Prime Minister and falling asleep on the job, shagging under-age prostitutes and stealing public money in such a way that he presented a danger to the Elites was never going to be allowed to continue.

And, like every other country’s politicians, not one of ours are worthy of their position of power… Not one.

The fact that a lot of people view fat arse Tom Watson as ‘a man of the people’ is not only an example of the appallingly low expectations of the general public, but neither could their view of the cunt be more wrong.

You can find out more about your man of the people HERE and HERE

Course, some MP’s are better than others, but the better ones will never progress further than that of a local MP.

Incidentally. Check out the number of powerful people whose first born died, before or after birth and I’m not talking just about MP’s… I wouldn’t of course be so cynical as to include the McCann’s in that list, would I Cunt Cameron, Gordon Clown and Willie the Embryo?

Moreover, despite some of our self serving MP’s being better than the ill suited abominations in the Cabinet office, they are still nothing more than the best of a bad lot.

Before I go any further, familiarise yourself with the coalition cabinet before hanging your heads in shame. You can find a lovely layout of those paragons of virtue who have power over our lives by clicking HERE.

There are more than as few kiddie fiddlers on that fucking page and the ones who aren’t – if any – are without doubt, gate keepers to the worst kept secret in the world.


I would hang every single last man and woman on that page and not lose a seconds sleep over it… They are all sub-human.

Our lives are being shaped by Monsters and that is not only truly frightening, it is absolutely pathetic and perfectly demonstrates the lack of insight & understanding prevalent amongst the masses who are too fucking spineless to do anything about it anyway; should they ever get a mind of their own.

Obviously, independents like George Galloway are more akin to those they represent but even so, taking Galloway as an example; he has more than a few skeletons in his closet, put there whilst he has been in politics.

And I for one, certainly have no respect or trust in him what so ever.

Everything, and I mean everything must change if we are to continue as a species. And neither am I talking about a make over.

I am talking about an entirely different way of doing things which involves an entire shift of perception and a major effort on everyone’s behalf.

The modern saying: The system isn’t broken, it was designed that way, couldn’t be truer. 

Anyway, before you read the Chimp article, the following is a list of  the ex Italian Prime Ministers wrong doings.

However, the full extent of the allegations that the cunt has been subject to over the years are far too numerous to list.

Therefore I have stuck to the court cases but you need only to look at the convictions to realise that Silvio Berlusconi was protected up until enough finally became enough:

Completed trials

  • 2.1 False testimony on Propaganda 2: guilty, but subject to amnesty
  • 2.2 External relationship in mafia association
  • 2.3 Massacres of 1992–1993 (archived for expiry of investigative deadline)
  • 2.4 Illegal financing of a political party, 1997
  • 2.5 Bribing a member of the Financial Police: not proven and statute of limitations
  • 2.6 Illegal financing of a political party on All Iberian 1: statute of limitations
  • 2.7 False accounting on Medusa Cinema: not proven
  • 2.8 Bribing a judge on Lodo Mondadori: statute of limitations
  • 2.9 False accounting on All Iberian 2: not guilty (law changed)
  • 2.10 False accounting on Fininvest Media Group Consolidated: statute of limitations
  • 2.11 Embezzlement, tax fraud and false accounting on Macherio estates: statute of limitations
  • 2.12 False accounting on Lentini affair: not guilty (law changed)
  • 2.13 False accounting, embezzlement and tax fraud on Mediaset television and cinema rights: not proven
  • 2.14 Corrupting a judge and false accounting on SME-Ariosto: not guilty
  • 2.15 Tax fraud on Telecinco: not guilty
  • 2.16 Country flights
  • 2.17 Trani Episode
  • 2.18 Investigation of Milan
  • 2.19 Abuse of office


  • 3.1 Tax Fraud, 2012
  • 3.2 Child prostitution



Silvio Berlusconi banned from politics for two years after being convicted of tax fraud

  • The ex-Italian prime minister has been handed a 24-month political ban
  • Lost final appeal in August over tax fraud conviction and four-year jail term
  • He is also facing a six-year ban from politics under a 2012 law


PUBLISHED: 16:14, 19 October 2013 | UPDATED: 16:17, 19 October 2013

Disgraced: Ex-Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been handed a two-year political banDisgraced: Ex-Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been handed a two-year political ban after being convicted of tax fraud

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been handed a two-year political ban after being convicted of tax fraud.

The disgraced politician, 77, lost his final appeal in August over the fraud conviction and a four-year jail term.

Now, he is facing the loss of his senate seat for 24 months under a ruling by an appeals court in his home town of Milan.

It is second political ban process to be set in motion following Berlusconi’s failed appeal this summer. 

Under a 2012 law, anyone convicted to more than two years in prison cannot hold or run for office for six years.

Berlusconi, who had already been facing being kicked out of parliament under this law, was initially handed a five-year political ban for his tax fraud conviction.

However, the court was ordered by Italy’s highest judges to reassess the length of the ban after prosecutors admitting errors in sentencing.

The billionaire’s lawyer Nicolo Ghedini has pledged to appeal the two-year ban to Italy’s highest criminal court – a move that could be rendered futile if the six-year expulsion is already in place.

If approved by parliament, the ban will prevent Berlusconi from wholly participating in new elections – but he could remain the titular head of his party without holding political office.

Last week, it was revealed that the media tycoon won’t have to carry out his four-year prison sentence – reduced to one year under an amnesty for crimes committed before 2006 – because of his age.

He has opted for 12 months’ community service instead of house arrest – meaning he will have to join other convicts in carrying out menial tasks, such as cutting the grass in public parks, painting sheltered accommodation or picking up litter.


Pressure: It is the second political ban process to be set in motion following Berlusconi’s failed appeal this summer. Above, the disgraced politican is pictured at the Italian Senate in Rome earlier this month



The political bans come after a turbulent few months for the ex-politician, who was also found guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute at his infamous bunga bunga parties.

He was sentenced to seven years in jail for that offence and for abuse of office for trying to cover up the crime, but he still has two levels of appeal before the conviction and eventual punishment is confirmed.


A Naples court is also investigating Berlusconi for allegedly bribing a lawmaker to bolt a previous centre-left government under Romano Prodi.

Although a Senate committee has approved the bans, they need to be confirmed by parliament – with a vote by the whole chamber expected by the end of the year.

For now, Berlusconi and his centre-right forces have pledged to continue their support for prime minister Enrico Letta’s cross-party government.

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