Are we there yet?


Christopher Spivey


Does anybody know how long to World War Three?
I wanna know, I’ve gotta book me holidee.
They want me in the army, but I just can’t go,
I’m far too busy listening to the radio.

The whole thing’s daft, I don’t know why,
You have to laugh, or else you cry,
You have to live or else you die,
You have to laugh or else you cry.

My friends say that we’re heading for a grotty time,
It’s just a load of slapstick in a pantomime,
We’re heading for disaster, but I just don’t care,
Shut your eyes and count to ten, you won’t be there.

The whole thing’s daft, I don’t know why,
You have to laugh, or else you cry,
You have to live or else you die,
You have to laugh or else you cry.

And that song; ‘Tom Hark’ by The Piranhas, just about sums up how I feel at the moment having just read the latest round of old bollox about the three missing Eastend schoolgirls – published by a shower of shite whose careers mean more to them than their children’s future.

I am of course talking about the Monkey-Nutz at the Daily Chimpanzee – formerly known as the Daily Mail – and their coverage of Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum, 15, and Amira Abase, 15, the trio of London based schoolgirls of whom we are rather cynically expected to believe ran away to join ISIS.


Now, although I say it myself, I did in fact take that unbelievable fairy story to bits in my long, albeit very detailed article: ISIS Productions Proudly Presents – which can be found by clicking HERE 

If you haven’t read it, then you really ought to because I worked bloody hard on it and it is – I believe – a real eye opener; again even though I say so myself.

However, in a nutshell the girls do not exist and contrary to what the naughty monkeys in the mainstream media would have you believe, there are no 15 -20 year old, radishalised, silly little girls running away to Syria to join the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – more commonly known as ISIS, ISIL or IS.

Funnily enough I had to laugh at the way that the name ISIS has now effortly evolved into an abbreviation of [the] Islamic State of Iraq & Syria… They really do make this shit up don’t cha know!

Anyway, it would seem that after running away from their London homes (where they are said to have worn & followed Western fashion and enjoyed Western music and culture) in order to marry an unknown trio of dangerous, barbaric ISIS monsters ,whom the teenage virgins (which coming from good Muslim backgrounds they should be) have never so much as clapped eyes on, are now on the run – presumably having decided that their plan wasn’t the adventure that they had hoped for in the first place:

Three British teenage jihadi brides – feared to be three London classmates who ran away to Syria in February – are said to have escaped the clutches of their militant husbands and attempted to flee ISIS’ grasp.

The girls, thought to be about 16, are said to have gone on the run from the extremists, sparking a frantic bid to track them down by the brutal militants, a source within the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul revealed.

The exact identity of the girls and their fate is not known, but their reported ages match those of the three friends from east London, who ran away to join ISIS in February. Continue Reading

And where did this tip-top top-tip come from?

Well, a source in Mosul apparently – of whom the best that the Chimp can say about him is that he calls himself Mosul Eye and that he purports to be a blogger in Iraq… And yet the purveyors of bullcrap consider themselves to be a credible source of news!

And again, according to the Monkey-Shite, Mosul Eye lives in fear of being discovered with his computer in one of the seemingly random, Nazi SS type, door to door searches of homes by ISIS ‘officials’ looking for people who have computers, mobile phones, tablets and “other devices”.

Yet in their next article, Dacre’s Dunces will no doubt once again be reporting on the former Terrorist Organisations 90,000 plus, Twitter Accounts… Again, just another example of the propaganda purveyors of poop wanting it all their own way.

And I say “former” Terrorist Organisation being as we are supposedly at “war” with the government & people of ISIS – which now seemingly, a recognised occupied area of land in Iraq & Syria – means that ISIS can no longer be terrorists can they.

Course, it kinda makes you wonder how they can cope with the science of running their [captured] oil refineries, yet haven’t the capabilities to locate people using computers and what-nots, other than by means of carrying out primitive house to house searches.

Moreover, why are ISIS not fighting back with the fighter Jets, tanks and other military equipment that we are [often] told that they have acquired along the way?

I’ll tell you why not!

It is because the three schoolgirls – whom having gone AWOL have sparked a:  “frantic bid to track them down by the brutal militants”, for fucks sake.

And in regard to that last quote from the Chimp, the given excuse must have a typo at the end and should in fact read “frantic bid to track them down by the brutal military“… Just sayin’.

Yet our airstrikes – not to mention the mighty USA’s contribution – are apparently leading to “devastating losses” for ISIS, but fuck fighting back, there are three little girls to be hunted down.

Honest to Dog, I find it embarrassing having to document these inconsistencies in reporting.

Course, just over 3 weeks ago the Monkey-Dicks had the 3 schoolgirls down as having joined the Old Khazi Brigade:

The three east London schoolgirls who fled the UK for Syria have joined a fearsome group of British female jihadis who run the lslamic State’s ultra-religious police force, it has been reported.

Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, both 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, crossed over the Turkish-Syrian border last February and are believed to be living in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Begum has forged social media links with three of the British leaders of the al-Khansa brigade – an all-women militia set up by the terror group a year ago – and it is understood the trio are now training with one of the notorious females arms of ISIS… Ohhh al-Khansa, my bad… Please, do carry on:

Covered in black from head-to-toe and wielding automatic weapons, the group has been accused of doling out savage beatings on the streets of Raqqa and spying on its citizens.

They are said to mercilessly patrol the streets of the terror group’s adopted capital and has previously declared children as young as nine should be married, women should obey men – who are their masters – and remain ‘hidden and veiled’ at all times. Continue Reading

According to the Chimp, that titbit is courtesy of Raqqa is being Slaughtered Silently – or quite appropriately; RIBSS for short.


Course, the al-Lavatory police is run by the experienced 20 year old Aqua Madmood – or whatever Aqsa Mahmoud’s name is – who done a runner to Iraq from Glasgow, home of the bin lorry bollox.

To be fair, Madmood mustn’t know whether she is coming or going – what with being the head of the busy ISIS Gestapo as well as being the ISIS Minister for Culture and Immigration, giving out detailed instructions to teenagers on how to get to Syiria.

Indeed, you would have thought that with all this land that the ISIS occupy, there would at least be an airport somewhere – save having to smuggle all these Jihadi Janes in via Turkey.

Still, at least no one can say that the trio of schoolgirls and their mate Sharmeena Begum – who left for Syria two months prior to her friends – didn’t give it a try.


As an aside, it is interesting to note that America have their very own version of Aqua Madmoo – a TWENTY YEAR OLD bird, who did a runner from Alabama called Hoda Muthana (source)… I’m fucking pissing my pants with laughter as I sit here typing this old shit up.

After all, the fact that these people are not real makes the MSM’s efforts to make them larger than life funny as fuck… Indeed, like most of the players in the government’s war on freedom, the trio are made up from either photos of crisis actors or photos of famous people.

Now I have told you how they do this in previous articles, but for those not paying attention I will go over it again.

You see, what the snide scriptwriters at MI5 & MI6 do is take any face-photo of those close to/or involved in the program and cut it in half – the face in the photo, not the photo itself.

They then flip the remaining half face, before joining the two halves back together – hence so many people in the news these days have dodgy mince pies that are usually too close together.

Other times they will use two photos of the same person and join the right hand side of that person’s face from one of the photos, with the left hand side coming from the other photo.

For example Jihadi John’s brother:


This photo is made up of one side of his face (the left side as you look at the screen), as per the original and the right side is taken from a totally different photo – hence the cross-eyed look.

And indeed that other photo is the one found below.


Course by tilting the head – like has been done in the above photo – along with the poor picture quality, it is hardly surprising that people don’t cotton on to this ruse… Fortunately, spending 20 years as a tattooist has given me an eye for detail.

And the easiest way to go about proving it is to first straighten up the 2 photos.



And a quick tilt of the head will then also give you an exact match of the face in the 2nd photo

It’s hardly rocket salad.

Moreover, as I showed you in an article from last week – the fraud arseholes don’t mind using the rich and famous to play a part.

Take the photos below for instance


Course, the first photo on the top left is the one that they used for that story I wrote about last week, but all that photo is really, is Samantha Cameron using the aforementioned one side of the face flipped over method, with a touch of very bad photoshopping added to her cheeks.

Yet the woman is without a doubt Sam Cam. Indeed, you can take a different photo of Sam and that will still match – Rather like the one below actually.


Look closely at the right side of the photo and you can even see where the poor standard of photoshopping has taken place.

Neither is the subterfuge technique a new thing to the arseholes.

In fact, amongst the many other examples that I could show you, there is the one of the world’s most ludicrous terrorist, Samantha Lewthwaite being played by the singer Lily Allen.


Of course, TPTB don’t do anything by halves even where kids are concerned.

For instance,  take 4 year old Mitzi Steady, allegedly killed in the Bath lorry bollox, and compare her with 2 year old Madison Horn, allegedly murdered by her babysitter in April 2014.

Madison is on the left, Mitzi is on the right.


And remember, there is at least a years minimum difference in those two photos… Yet the two girls half faces match perfectly and even have the exact same gap between the front teeth.

Course, photos of Mitzi are few and far between – they always are in these hoax situations  – and photos of Madison are even rarer.

Nevertheless, let’s see what I can do.

1415843670693_Image_galleryImage_Collect_shows_Madison_Hor (1)

And don’t forget Noah, allegedly murdered at Sandy Hook only to be allegedly murdered again in the Pakistan army school, shooting old fanny.


And we may as well have one or two other examples just so as there can be no doubt about what is going on here.

So lets start with Paris Brown – the controversial former youth crime commissioner sacked after a week for making obscene tweets – and Katie Cutler – the fund raising heroine.


All features match perfectly… Something that in two different, unrelated people is rarer than an honest politician.

Course, the Chimp inadvertently proved that fact in a series of three articles, whilst ironically, desperately trying to prove that ‘doubles’ are common.

Those three Chimp articles followed my revelations about the Glasgow bin lorry bollox and you can find my destruction of them by clicking HERE

Now as you know if you are a regular reader, Erin McQuade – allegedly killed in the Glasgow bin lorry bollox – has more different personalities than Midget Jones, albeit hers aren’t because she is bon-bons.

And just one of the very many of those is Ainsley Baird, whom if I remember rightly is a ‘friend’ to Gill Ewings daughter. Gill was also allegedly killed in the Bin-Lorry hoax.

Erin is on the left, Ainsley on the right.


No mistake about that one then.

Likewise there can be little doubt that the fella in the photo below is both John Morton and Callum Grierson.

You may remember that John Morton made front page news in all of our national newspapers whilst portraying himself as Jacqui Morton’s brother. Jacqui was another allegedly killed by the runaway train bin-lorry.

As for Grierson, well he was allegedly drinking in the Clutha in Glasgow when the police helicopter, crash landed on the pub’s roof.

Morton is on the left, Grierson on the right.


I may as well do a few more just so as you can see that these crisis actors go from on government fraud to the next.

Like former policeman Graeme Anderson for instance. Anderson is the brother of the [probably] fictitious Gillian Ewing, who was killed in the bin-lorry hoax. However, Anderson also had a much bigger part in the hoax since he also played Jack Sweeney – also killed by the dustcart.

Anderson is on the left, Sweeney on the right.


I actually used a different photo of Anderson than the one shown. This was because, although inferior in quality, his mouth was set more in-line with Sweeneys.

And even the forehead wrinkles match up!

But it’s all just conspiracy isn’t it… Yeah right.

You will like this next one.

In the photo below is Kat Dawson and a woman called Charlotte Bevan.

On the 16th of December 2014, Barrister and Mother of two Dawson was hailed a hero after being shot dead whilst allegedly protecting her pregnant friend during the Australian Lindt Cafe siege hoax.

And interestingly enough, her old man is none other than Australian SANDY DAWSON, who on the 20th of September 2013 became the Captain of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews in SCOTLAND – for 2013/2014.

Her brother, who is also called Sandy, is a “dodgy” top Australian Barrister.

On the other hand, the late Charlotte Bevan was a new mother from BRISTOL who walked out of hospital on the night of December 2nd, 2014, with her 2 day old baby… Sadly both were found dead 24 hours later.

Least it would have been a tragedy had I not been convinced that Dawson & Bevan are one of the same.

Kat Dawson is on the left, Bevan on the right.


Shall we repeat the exercise with two different photos of the pair even though I am as usual, limited in choice?

Yeah, why the fuck not aye.


Soooo, if Bevan is Dawson and Bevan died on the 2nd of December – how the fuck did Dawson die on the 16th of December?

Okay, we will leave it there but I could easily pull another 50 examples out of the bag like those shown above using other crisis actors – hell, maybe even somewhere heading for the hundred.

And it is in the very same way that the three jihadi schoolgirls were created.

25F4AA9C00000578-2963092-image-m-14_1424627420766 (1)s

And moving swiftly on to number two runaway, Shamina Begum.


That just leaves Kadiza Sultana to complete the lineup.


Of course, there are a load more combinations of photos that can be done with the photos of other Jihadi Janes and the trio’s families, but they are all in my article ISIS Proudly Presents, which I linked at the beginning of this article.

Therefore, I see little point in repeating what is already done.

However, I will end this article by repeating some of what I have written in the past about the army cadets being involved in these government hoaxes.

And indeed, the cadets could very well be in on this government  fraud too.


All of those photos are of Cadets from the same platoon and all the cadets are shown in comparison to the three schoolgirls, except for the 3rd photo down, showing one of the 17 year old Manchester twins – who also left for Iraq last year – and the last photo which is of the aforementioned part-time model, Jamelia Henry.

Thats it… Apart from the sing song of course… A one, a two, a One, two, three, four:

Does anybody know how long to World War Three?
I wanna know, I’ve gotta book me holidee.
They want me in the army, but I just can’t go,
I’m far too busy listening to the radio.

The whole thing’s daft, I don’t know why,
You have to laugh, or else you cry,
You have to live or else you die,
You have to laugh or else you cry.

My friends say that we’re heading for a grotty time,
It’s just a load of slapstick in a pantomime,
We’re heading for disaster, but I just don’t care,
Shut your eyes and count to ten, you won’t be there.

The whole thing’s daft, I don’t know why,
You have to laugh, or else you cry,
You have to live or else you die,
You have to laugh or else you cry.