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Nigel Evans, the deputy speaker accused of rape says he won’t quit!

Won’t fucking quit!

The nasty little shit stabber should be fucking sacked. Give me fucking strength.

And while the odious little turd is telling us he won’t quit, it emerges that he has been questioned before about sexually assaulting someone.

No surprise then that Evans has connections to Slaggy Thatcher… As does his boss Johnny ‘littlelegs’ Bercow.

Hot on the heels of that news comes the Daily Stars claim that Stuart Hall was a member of a paedophile ring which included a member of the House of Lords… No surprise there.

The House of Lords is nothing more than 760 nonces & gangsters playing dress up and charging us for their pleasure.

Quite when the people are going to wise up to this political den of inequity is anyone’s fucking guess.

I am appearing on The Rock Show on Monday 20th May at 8.25 PM where I will be talking about our perverted MP’s.

Nigel Evans: Deputy Speaker accused of rape was interviewed four years ago about ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’

Nigel Evans, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, was interviewed by senior Conservatives four years ago about an allegation of “inappropriate sexual behaviour”.

9:00PM BST 05 May 2013

The Tory MP, who was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of rape and sexual assault, was accused of making an unwanted advance on a man he had been drinking with in 2009.

He was interviewed by Patrick McLoughlin, the then opposition chief whip who is now Transport Secretary, but the matter was not reported to police by either the Conservatives or the complainant.

According to a friend of Mr Evans, the MP explained to the whips that the matter was a “misunderstanding”. The friend said there was no “verbal warning” but Mr Evans may have received some “friendly advice”.

The complaint was not taken any further. It is understood Mr Evans, 55, and the man who accused him of inappropriate conduct continued to associate with each other afterwards.

Downing Street refused to say whether David Cameron was made aware of the allegations at the time.

Mr Evans has spoken of his “incredulity” about his arrest over an allegation of sexual assault and another of rape between July 2009 and March 2013, both of which he strongly denies.

The MP for Ribble Valley, Lancs, said he could not understand why complaints have been made to police by “two people who are well known to each other and until yesterday, I regarded as friends”.

He added: “The complaints are completely false and I cannot understand why they have been made, especially as I have continued to socialise with one as recently as last week,” he said. “I appreciate the way the police have handled this in such a sensitive manner and I would like to thank my colleagues, friends and members of the public who have expressed their support and, like me, a sense of incredulity at these events.”

Mr Evans revealed in December 2010 that he was homosexual, saying that he was “tired of living a lie”. In an interview at the time, he said: “With my background in South Wales it was hard enough being a Tory, let alone being gay.”

Tory MPs rallied round the deputy speaker as he resisted calls to stand down, after being released on police bail. Mr Evans is expected to return to the House of Commons as usual but has asked to be excused from his ceremonial duties during the Queen’s Speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Number 10 has so far remained silent on Mr Evans’s arrest. However, Philip Hammond, a Cabinet minister, said he thought it would be “difficult” for the MP to carry on in his role as Deputy Speaker under such public scrutiny.

Mr Hammond, the Defence Secretary, said: “I stick rigidly to the view that we should treat people as innocent until they are proven guilty but it is quite difficult to carry out a sensitive and high profile role while being under this kind of scrutiny,” he told The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary described Mr Evans as a “long-standing friend” and said that MPs of all parties would be “very sorry to see this situation”.

Other Tory MPs said Mr Evans has their backing to continue in the role, which involves helping to keep the Commons debates in order. David Davis, a former Tory leadership candidate and senior MP, said he finds it “impossible to believe the allegation that has been made”.

He said there is no need for the Deputy Speaker to resign over an accusation when he has not been charged, let alone convicted.

Among the MPs supporting Mr Evans was Andrew Bridgen, a Tory who was accused of a sex assault two years ago only for police to drop their inquiries six days later.

“Fortunately in this country we have a rule that says you are innocent until proven guilty and I think that should be maintained,” Mr Bridgen told Sky News. “I personally think that Nigel should be able to continue as Deputy Speaker while the police, quite rightly, carry on with their investigations.”

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “It would inappropriate to comment while there is a police investigation going on.”

Mr McLoughlin also declined to comment. A statement on the Ribble Valley Conservatives Association website said Mr Evans was “widely liked and respected” and it expected him to continue with his duties in the constituency as normal.

“In our democracy everyone accused is innocent until proven guilty and therefore unless Nigel chooses himself to cease to be our MP or the electorate vote him out or the justice system intervenes, we expect him to continue as normal to fulfil his duties in representing the people of the Ribble Valley,” it said.

Lancashire Police said last night: “We take all allegations of a sexual nature extremely seriously and understand how difficult it can be for victims to have the confidence to come forward.

“As a constabulary, we are committed to investigating sexual offences sensitively but robustly recognising the impact that these types of crimes have on victims.”






PERVERT telly star Stuart Hall was a member of a paedophile group including a member of the House of Lords, one of his victims has claimed.


The woman told how the unnamed peer “helped” Hall carry out his decades of abuse.


The news came as it emerged that – in a final insult to his victims – Hall has signed over ownership of his £1.2million Cheshire mansion to wife Hazel, making it harder for them to sue him for its value.


And we can reveal they are ­concerned Hall could still evade “true justice” as the judge sentencing him has let sex offenders walk free in the past.


Sources close to the Lancashire ­Police investigation into Hall said they were “aware of the (paedophile) claims” and urged anyone with ­information to come forward.


The ex-BBC North West newsreader last month admitted 14 counts of sex abuse on women and girls as young as nine.


After his initial arrest in January he pleaded his innocence in a strongly-worded statement.


But it emerged last week that just two weeks later he was hatching secret plans to safeguard his family’s fortune and make it harder for victims to get their hands on it.


Hall and wife Hazel bought their mansion in Wilmslow in 1981 – and jointly owned it until February 22 this year.

Land Registry documents show Hall, 83, then signed his share over to his wife.


Legal experts said yesterday that only his assets could be seized to pay off victims – not those of his family.


Some have suffered up to 45 years of anguish – and, so far, around six have approached law firms looking to sue for compensation.


Alan Collins, a lawyer at one ­company which has been contacted, said it was common for villains to try to hide their assets.


Mr Collins said: “Generally speaking it is a common problem. Offenders try to put their assets beyond the reach of victims so they don’t have to pay them compensation.

“But if a villain transfers assets in order to avoid liability the court has the power to set aside that transaction.”


Mr Collins, of Manchester-based Pannone Solicitors, added: “A common problem for me in these cases is ­having to chase villains to find out where their money is because they do put it beyond the reach of victims if they can.”


When the house transfer was made, the former It’s A Knockout host had been charged with multiple sex ­offences – but had not admitted he was a paedophile.


Earlier that month he issued a statement saying the claims of abuse were “pernicious, callous, cruel and, above all, spurious”.


And he further attacked the victims, saying: “Like a lot of other people in this country today I am wondering why it has taken 30 or 40 years for these allegations to surface.”


But last month Hall finally confessed his guilt, which was made public on Thursday.

He admitted indecently assaulting girls from 1968 to 1986.


Personal injury lawyer Liz Dux, who is representing 67 abuse victims of disgraced Jimmy Savile, said: “There could be significant financial claims against Mr Hall for assault and ­psychiatric injury.”


Ms Dux said the BBC could also face a new raft of civil claims for damages.


Hall faces ten years in jail when ­sentenced – but may still walk free, like at least two other child sex offenders dealt with by the same judge.


Anthony Russell QC has, however, told Hall “all sentencing options” will be considered.


Legal archives show how eight years ago he sparked uproar after giving a cub scout leader a community ­rehabilitation order over a string of child sex offences.


And in 2009 he gave another paedophile a suspended prison sentence, ­despite him admitting five counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 14.


Last night one of Hall’s victims, who was 17 when he assaulted her, said: “For true justice, he should get the strongest penalty.”