Another Circumcised Baby Bleeds to Death in England

End Male Circumsition
A baby boy bled to death after the Rabbi who circumcised him advised his concerned mother to stem the bleeding from the wound with Vaseline (petroleum jelly).
According to an online report on the circumcision death the incicision in Angelo Ofori-Mintah’s penis began to bleed a few hours after Rabbi Mordehai Cohen circumcised the one-month-old baby from Queens Park London.
Realising her son was bleeding, Mrs Maame Abrafi who is originally from Ghana, removed the bandage at home. Mrs Abrafi asked a friend to contact the Rabbi and he advised applying petroleum jelly to the wound.
The Deputy Coroner Shirley Radcliffe described this as a “tragic break-down in communication” and although the bleeding eventually stopped, Angelo became cold and pale and was rushed to hospital with dangerously low oxygen levels.
He suffered a cardiac arrest and died in the early hours of 17 February 2012 and tests revealed he had lost about three-quarters of his total blood volume and died as a result of an acute haemorrhage due to circumcision.
The coroner angered opponents of Unnecessary Male Circumcision today by ruling that the death was accidental.
It isn’t the first time Dr Radcliffe has angered campaigners. The doctor hit the headlines last year when the family of a cyclist killed by a lorry took legal action against her claiming she failed to comply with her duties to “fully, fairly and fearlessly” investigate the facts of the death
Angelo’s is not the first baby to bleed to death as the result of a circumcision. Later this year a Salford midwife will be tried for the manslaughter of the baby Goodluck Caubergs who bled to death in 2012.
In light of this recent death you are strongly encourage to sign our online petition to government – click here now to help us End Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK.