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Fuck The State


There follows a short article written by Fuck The State, who most of you know as being one of my sites moderators, regular commenter and minder to my Christopher D Spivey Facebook Page. Course, he is also much more than that.

I do count FTS amongst those I class as being a loyal friend, confidant and one of the very few people that I occasionally seek advice from and whom I trust – and have entrusted – to handle complicated matters & issues for me.

Indeed, the man is someone who never fails to impress me, especially in relation to his intelligence, foresight, values and understanding of often complex and/or covert situations.

His article – the article in question – is in regard to those self elected champions of the people claiming to be bastions of the truth, yet who are in reality nothing more than disruptive weirdo’s, sadcases, fantasists, wannabe’s & sick-fucks who peddle dis-information.

Course, on their own these misfits are harmless what with having nothing of substance to write about and as such they have no audience other than their alter ego sock puppets, a handful of self aggrieved gossips and a few “conspiracy theorists” truly worthy of the label as defined by the government i.e. mentally deficient clowns.

However, like flies round shit these dregs of society have been coerced from their shit holes and banded together in one stinking cesspit via means of careful manipulation courtesy of paid useful idiots doing the bidding of various government departments.

And fair play to the insidious government backed useful idiots. I say that because by employing the tried, tested and approved manipulation method of; massaging the already vastly over inflated sense of self worth & importance born out of a lack of crucial chromosomes, inherent in all of these deluded clueless clown type of thingies, has evidently spurred them on into making themselves extra busy of late in sowing the seeds of mistrust amongst the Wide Awake Club..

And those skin-crawling puppets are the subject of Fuck the States article.

However, I would also urge you to bear in mind that there are other muck spreaders doing the governments bidding who are not your common or garden mentally defective puppet.

Indeed, a good example of a mentally defective puppet would be the little known, mighty puddled midget, Royden ‘lil jimmy’ Jones, whom I am told knew about my imminent arrest 3 days before it happened… Then again, so did Nicole Miles… And she’s a proper wrong-un too.

Having said that, Little Legs Jones would have received that news via his handler, whereas Miles would have received hers from her co-conspirators.

Never the less, the muck spreaders that I am referring to are those fairly well read alternative media websites, who a couple of weeks ago inexplicably chose to run an article that they really shouldn’t have.

I am of course talking about  The Tap Blog – now renamed as The Tap something or other, The inappropriately name Truth Seeker website and the lesser known Duck Do – whose owner actually queued to shake my hand and introduce himself a couple of days prior to throwing his weight behind the bullshit article.

The fact that they gave print time to a blatantly bullshit article, totally fabricated and without any foundation whatsoever and written with no supporting evidence – thus the old fanny was nothing more that a hit piece designed to undermine my efforts of the past 3 years – speaks volumes.

Had the article been remotely fair with valid points and a smidgen of backing evidence then I would have said nothing since it isn’t for me to dictate what other sites use as content.

However, when those that you thought of as being on the same side print such a blatant hatchet job, you can only conclude that they are following orders.

I certainly would not have touched the article had it been about any one writing in the alternative media,let alone those that I gave my backing to and not just because it would add to the rampant mistrust and division already taking place.

The  reason that I wouldn’t would be because the author accuses someone – me in this case but that is irrelevant –  of working for MI5, without the slightest proof to back the claim. The rest was just a personal attack on me based on a talk that the cunt didn’t watch and it brought nothing to the table.

But most unforgivable of all, is that they did at a time when I need all of the support that I can muster. Why would they do that?

Well, I suspect that the answer to that can be likened to the fact that MI5 are warning Solicitors & Barrister who I have approached, that representing me could be very bad for business… And that is a true fact. 

Indeed, they are all very sad and transparent to anyone capable of rational thought… Unfortunately rational thought is rather short on the ground these days… Over to you FTS. 

And that is that:

Sadly, there has been a heated battle for credibility in the realms of the alternative media in recent times. This battle has led to numerous accusations being thrown about by one identifiable group and these accusations have been directed at a loose affiliation of other people who like to present their views for meaningful appraisal.

Basically, the group throwing the accusations seem to feel they have the divine right to pass judgement upon all others and to slate them based on personal appearance, background, medical history and employability status.

This very pernicious cluster of detritus has utilised many underhanded tactics in order to further their ambitions. These range from setting up fake accounts to infiltrate groups of friends with the only intention being to obtain information that they can use for their attacks. Then searching online records of people’s backgrounds or marital status, contacting young children in order to browse their relatives profiles and many other very disturbing actions. So, I am sure you can appreciate it has not been a very nice experience for some of those on the receiving end.

The culmination of the these very, very devious acts has been several very vindictive video broadcasts and several false Facebook accounts that have been used to fire off their evil rhetoric from behind the security offered by anonymity – or so they thought.

The group in question likes to especially present themselves as fighters for the survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. In reality they are not about this, at all.

If they were really interested in such prevention and attaining some degree of truth with regards to what has happened to many an unfortunate child or vulnerable young adult, they would not say the things they do without evidence of any kind. They have indeed, used bitter and evil rantings in order to try and intimidate, coerce, and redirect the attentions of those in the other group who rightly like to speak their minds with regards to societal injustices and wrongdoing.

Chris Spivey, Danielle La Veritie, and even myself, although to a lesser extent, have been targeted by this group of low-life individuals.

How on Earth can this group be positioning itself as the true and righteous voice for childhood protection in this country, when they set up pages and contact people in private to call them paedophiles, sex pests, and incestuous? This is especially pertinent given that none of the people they have called through spite are in any way whatsoever anything like the things they seem to want to imply for the fun of causing upset.

You tell me how can this be so?

Not to mention some of their previous actions having had genuine survivors of abuse on the brink of suicide.

Anyway, after a lot of online rebuking, their latest little foray in the world of mischief, mayhem and upset seems to have become somewhat withdrawn.

The people involved with these actions are somewhat notorious already and may or may not be known to you. Hard evidence has been gained so as to highlight and confirm their behind the scenes dealings and information exchange so as to attempt to discredit others.

They are as follows: Jimmy Jones a.k.a. The Outlaw Blog.

Sharon Gifford, a.k.a. Sharon Damnable, a.k.a. Mother Damnable.

Jane Russell – a very close affiliate of Jones and a really nasty and venomous piece of work.

The Kent Freedom Movement, and especially Terry Smikins, a.k.a. Antislaveboy on Youtube (He is probably listed under a variety of names such as Shillby Shill, Frank Smith, and Kenny Hartman) He likes to display his video making talents more than most.

Tom “Catpoo” Cahil. Total racist and rambling idiot with a very high and totally unfounded opinion of his own ability.

Other affiliates that are more elusive are known as Rani, another fantasist who makes numerous accusations. And also, Sharon Zakis, who has a go at everyone she can if they dare to express an opinion that is not supportive of Michael Jackson.

There is also some suggestion that the above group maybe steered somewhat in their actions by a minor female journalist who likes to duck, bob and weave between the AM and the MSM when she gets the chance. Personally, I cannot state this with 100% accuracy at this time. Although she does like to do very long and supportive posts on some blog related to Jones.

Hopefully, such trouble causing may fizzle out for a while, even though those mentioned above have a long history of such activities.

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