All At Sea


Christopher Spivey.


It has been a good few years since I last wrote about these fake news stories telling of vastly overcrowded boats full of migrants and since another story appeared in the Chimp the other day, now would be as good a time as any to reaffirm that the stories are all just a load of old bollocks.

Not that I should have to reaffirm that fact of course, since common sense should tell you that they are.

Nevertheless, the following is the headline to the Chimps latest farticle:

Now to be fair – at first glance – the headline would seem plausible to those ‘right-minded’ people without a scooby-do as to what is really going on… But then again it would wouldn’t it since those robots are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I mean, was ’50’ the general consensus or was someone stood counting the migrants as they made a run for it?

The farticle then begins:

This is the astonishing moment migrants stormed a packed tourist beach and clambered up a cliff after jumping off their boat in southern Spain.

What is? As in what is the “astonishing moment“?

Is it the Monkey-Cunt telling us from the outset that he is astonished that we are actually reading this old shite? Or is the journalist – and I use the term loosely – just shite at his job?

Nevertheless, according to the old fanny these migrants landed on a TOURIST beach – not the brightest of ideas – and then scaled a cliff… Why? I mean by scaling a cliff they ran a good chance of getting caught by the authorities half way up. Yet if it was a tourist beach then there must have been easy access so why did they take the hard way?

Holidaymakers watched open-mouthed as the semi-inflatable Zodiac carrying around 50 Moroccans – including about ten children – beached near a luxury hotel area on Spain’s Costa de la Luz.

Okay, now would be a good time to start in earnest… I like earnest.

However, we now see that the migrant-counter-person amongst these tourists also counted 10 children… Yet Zodiac do not make a 50 person inflatable boats. In fact the best that I can find from Zodiac is a 7 meter long, 20 person max, military dinghy which costs nearly £22 Grand.

And to be fair, that boat does look a bit like the boat in the photos (see below).

However, if you put 50 people on a 20 man boat there is no question that it would capsize or sink. Yet the Chimp must think that these migrants are fucking idiots and clamber aboard anyway… Without clothes, food or possessions of any kind. After all, such things would only add to the weight… Mind you, it’s funny how these migrants are always dressed in clean, new-looking designer gear isn’t it?

And then there is the cost. After all this boat was presumably only making a one way trip since the chances of the driver being caught on the return leg are at best, highly likely. Therefore, when you include fuel, the traffickers must have to charge £450 per person just to break even – which they are not going to do since they work for profit.

On top of that there are all the arrangement costs etc, etc which means that at the very, very best, these migrants are paying £800 per person to run a 90% risk of drowning or being caught – just to go to a foreign land with no money, no clothes and no food. Yet if they have that kind of disposable cash, why do they not get a passport, hop on a plane to their destination and then just disappear?

Indeed, the chances of success are far greater that way not to mention the chances of staying alive… See, when you think about it logically, the old fanny just doesn’t add up.

Footage shows refugees sprinting up the popular Barrosa Beach at about 3.30pm on Sunday before attempting to scale cliffs.

And again, I ask why would they land on a popular beach where they would stick out like a sore thumb and why the fuck would they scale cliffs? Are they shown a Chris Bonnington video before they set off?

The incident happened near a purpose-built residential and tourist resort called Sancti Petri which boasts shops, restaurants and several four and five-star hotels.

Ohhh, that explains it then… These migrants were going to go shopping for clothes and have a nice meal before checking into a 5 star hotel for the night before continuing on their journey – which is obviously to the UK.

I mean the Monkey Kuntz do not state that the migrants are heading here, but then again they don’t need to because the brain-dead idiot commentators do that.

Shirley Bees is a disgusting piece of shit with mushy peas for brains and is probably a big fan of that short arsed queer cunt Tommy Robinson. And for the benefit of all the other disgusting pieces of shit with mushy peas for brains reading this, Tommy Robinson is a bought and paid for Monster Minion… He works for the government, you twats… Where else do you think that he gets his money from?

A tourist filming the scene could be heard saying in Spanish as the migrants leapt from their boat: ‘Look how they’re running towards the Sancti Petri Melia Hotel. They’re heading for the all-inclusive Melia Sancti Petri. Look, look, look.’

We know that must be true because tourists beaches are full of people fluent in Spanish – with proper crap cameras and B-film dialogue… Yet it reinforces what I said about the migrants looking to check into a five-star hotel for the night… Unless of course the migrants were going to rape the hotel guests, because any cunt who reads the Chimp will know that all migrants are rapists and murderers.

I mean, they come over here, in their only set of immaculate designer clothes, with no money, no home and no food but their only thoughts are to have sex with a non-consenting woman… Oh and then there are the free council houses and benefits that we have to offer… HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA… Fuck me, some people are beyond dumb.

A witness, who told how beachgoers took mobiles that had been left in the boat, added: ‘We thought they weren’t going to reach the beach because it’s not something that’s normal in this area, but they leapt off the Zodiac very quickly and began to climb up the rocks.’

Soooo, this UNNAMED witness knew that the boat was a Zodiac… I mean that detail must have been really important for the witness to say it in the first place yet I had never heard of Zodiac boats until I read this farticle.

And why did the Migrants leave their mobiles on the floor of the boat? That makes as much sense as putting butter on your footpath to make it more palatable.

However, if you look at the photos, these migrants didn’t “climb the rocks“… They morphed into them (see photos below).

Civil Guard officers said this morning 25 of the migrants had been intercepted – 19 of whom were minors. They said all were Moroccans.

So 19 of the 25 who were caught were children – not ten as first stated… Roger that. Nevertheless that is half of the migrants who were caught. Therefore they paid out over £800 pound a piece to risk a 90% chance of being killed or caught on the journey and a 50% chance of being caught once they reached their destination… Although their final destination is obviously Paradise England… Land of the free council houses and unlimited free money.

A spokesman for the force said the six adults would be taken to an adult migrant holding centre before being returned to their country of origin as part of an agreement with Morocco.

He said the 19 minors, whose ages he could not specify, would be taken to youth centres run by the regional Junta de Andalucia government.

If their ages could not be determined then how does the cunt know that they are minors? Do 17 year-olds look a lot younger than 18 year-olds?

He said: ‘None of those intercepted have been arrested as they haven’t committed a crime. They will be dealt with differently depending on whether they are adults or minors.

‘The minors will be taken to youth centres and the adults to a secure migrant holding centre called a CIE.

‘The return of the adults to their country of origin will be fairly quick.’

Where they will obviously splash out – no pun intended – another £800 to have another bash at being killed… Course, these wealthy migrants really, really do want to think this through because it will take them fucking years to save up £800 in this cuntry, whereas in Morocco money appears to be plentiful… And the weather is nicer too.

Sources said the minors would remain in Spain. One said: ‘We don’t know exactly how many people were on the boat but it’s obvious a number of the migrants managed to get away undetected. Source

We were then treated to a map of the migrants route, which obviously proves to the feeble-minded-racists that the old bollox must be true.

Yet what these cretins don’t ask is who was the designated driver and who did the navigation. Or are all these migrants rich Admirals who are daft enough to get into hugely overcrowded boats?

And how far do these boats travel on a tank of diesel? Or was there room for diesel drums too?

Course, travelling by daylight only increased the already high chance of capture, but then again it would seem that some people have more money than sense.

I hate racist cunts… Especially thick racist cunts… Which is just about all of them.

Just sayin’.