Agenda Bender. Part 1


Christopher Spivey


I think that we have all noticed that this insidious transgender mind-bender agenda is now gathering pace at a right old rate of knots.

Indeed it seems the current fad of the sick-fuck-monsters-mouthpieces is to try and convince us that youngsters little more than toddlers are professing to have been born the wrong sex, nicely leading to the idea of making school toilets gender neutral in order to accommodate schoolgirls who are schoolboys who are schoolgirls.

And to be quite frank, I do not think that I have ever heard such shite in all my life. In fact I would go further and suggest that it is these sick-fucks who are openly confusing children and encouraging them into being something that they most definitely are not.

Cast a spell please Diana.


Thank you.

Indeed I would not let that drugged up looking psychopath, Dame Michael Wilshaw – the dead head of Ofsted – anywhere near a child:

Schools should consider introducing gender-neutral toilets to help trans children feel more comfortable, the head of Ofsted has said.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said he supported introducing new facilities for pupils who have changed gender as long as they are ‘well-policed and well-supervised’.

During a phone-in session with LBC radio, he said he expected head teachers would accommodate requests as ‘circumstances change’ and ‘perhaps more parents want this’. Source

Or perhaps they fucking don’t you creepy looking half-wit.


He makes my fucking skin crawl.

Thankfully even the blinkered robotic Chimp readers are not having this sick-fuck agenda being forced down our throats by sick minded warped cunts and their band of pug-ugly useful idiots.

Cast a spell please Max.


Thank you.

Course, this agenda isn’t new and half of these girly-men and manly-birds are not easy to spot, as I pointed out a few articles back in regard to ‘The Inbetweeners’ cast members, Blake Harrison and Jessica Knappett – who are in reality one and the same.


Now it did cross my mind that with Harrison getting off with himself in the form of Knappett in the film, that maybe this was true for the other three chief cast members.

kq_inbetweeners_wide-20140106204514516221-620x34951026525Untitledprockterma pa sion jenkins

Funnily enough, nearly 10 years after playing Megan Jenkins, he-she showed up in a Chimp article yesterday playing some old bird who was fined for keeping a dirty farm:


Ten years on of course… You can find that article HERE

Right, back to the Inbetweeners where I was telling you about Tamala & Joe.


So the jury is out but at best the cast is very suspect.


That is not to say that I don’t like the Inbetweeners, on the contrary I find it very funny when taking it on face value.


Course, I suspect that transgenderism – another fuckink ‘ism’ – is hmmm, quite common amongst the royal parasites, the arseholestocrisy and politicians.

Indeed when you look at Mary Teck you have to ask yourself how the fuck that wasn’t a man.


Course, our lot have fuck all on the royal-tranny front when it comes to Portugal. I mean all that Queen Maria Pia of Saveloy is missing in the photo below is a pipe and moustache.


Nuff said!

And of course the perverted, exiled, King Edward of Potato – QE2’s Nazi Uncle – was more than fond of dressing up in womans clothes and don’t forget that his old sort, Mrs Wallis Gromit Simpson was rumoured to be a Hermaphrodite:

Dubbed “that woman” by the Queen Mother, Wallis Simpson is generally portrayed as the gold-digging harpy who forced King Edward VIII into abdication and exile, but That Woman, Anna Sebba’s biography of the Duchess of Windsor, presents a somewhat different picture.

Born in 1896 and brought up in Baltimore in genteel poverty, the expectation was to fit the charming Southern belle image. Wallis went much further, though, her teenage behaviour “teasingly and unusually enticing”.

Sebba suggests Wallis “may have been born with … a disorder of sexual development (DSD) or intersexuality”, or was a pseudo-hermaphrodite, and supports the theory with medical and psychological data. The early first marriage also fits DSD or a milder form, androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS). This is not entirely new: the biographer of the duke’s mother, Queen Mary, visiting the Windsors in 1958, wrote in his diary of his “suspicion that she is not a woman at all”, because of her mannish features and flat figure.

The duke’s sexuality, too, has long been questioned: his lack of body hair and the Little Man nickname bestowed by his pre-Wallis mistresses are perhaps less significant than allegations of sterility and of homosexual encounters, including an affair with the flamboyant gay playwright Noel Coward. Source


Politics wise I have been saying for eons that Michael Guff and Alison Saunders are one and the same.

Michael-Gove-MAIN_1669047a (1)05CE13D200000514-0-image-a-57_1429480005064


Cast a spell please David.


Thank you.

And while I have been light hearted about the our Homo Secretary, the Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May, I am actually starting to think there is something in it.

I mean you all know how the MSM like to take the piss out of us, especially the Chimp with their sycophantic stories comparing Old Terry to Cara Delevingne (see HERE). And it was only the other week that the Chimp was trying to make out that El Tel was pushing his tits up and distracting Chancellor Gideon Bean:

Budget Day is traditionally a time when all eyes are on the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

But yesterday Theresa May managed to upstage George Osborne’s speech – not through any political statement but with her daring choice of clothing.

As the Chancellor ploughed through the statistics, many could not help but find the 59-year-old Home Secretary, sitting to his left on the front bench in the House of Commons, something of a distraction. Source

Now, before I go any further let’s get one thing straight. Gideon Bean is a right fucking mug unfit for purpose. I mean there was that silly craze a little while back that saw men stood with their feet wide apart and Toss-Pot George must have thought to himself:

“Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Talk about an international embarrassment. The cunt wants to try laying off the Charlie.

Course, wanting the world to know that she has bigger bollocks than Bean, Terry the Twat thought:

“Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


How is that female?

So to even suggest that silly-bollocks-top would look at her silly-top-bollocks is just top-silly bollocks.


As if!

Not my idea of cleavage that is for sure.

Neither does Terry have the wrinkled top lip malarkey exclusive to old women.

Although she does wear them latex cheek implants… Which are used to change a person’s appearance.

Now I have already told you about these implants covered by latex type skin… It is not conspiracy, it is FACT and allows for all manner of skullduggery.


However, people are so blind to the possibility that they could be victim to such a deception that those smug-mug, useful idiots doing the elite monsters bidding will happily wear these face changing masks and actually trace it with their fingers whilst telling you about some totally fake bullshit or other… Three fucking times in the course of an interview in the case of the made up person, Sami Naïr whilst he was talking about the Diana car crash… THREE FUCKING TIMES.


No doubt you can now that I have pointed it out to you but you wouldn’t have had I not done so… Which is why the fanny Sammi points out in his next movement that he thinks that you are all wankers.


Course, you know who the mush in the mask is don’t you? If not, I MIGHT tell you in a while… It all depends on how long the rest of this article takes me to write.

However, for now lets get back to the Homo Secretary, The Right Orrible Terry May, who wears these implants too…


At least she does sometimes. You see, I say that because I think Belle Tel is played by more than one person.


Why am I reminded of Judy Finnigan?

Never mind, carry on!

Theresa-May (2)

The above left looks like Mark Thatcher to me… Just sayin.



And that is a very good score when comparing a man to a woman.

Still, I imagine that it is pointless me pointing out that I am not saying that Skid Mark is Tel the Twat.

Mind you, to be fair, Mummy’s boy Mark appeared to feel the same towards his ‘Mumsy’ as what we did:


And doesn’t he look like Dennis… Les, not his old man.


Although Les Dennis looks more like Keithy Chegwin to be fair.


In fact Kate Lawler said of the pair, and I quote: “To be fair they did come out of the same vagina“.

But I digress… Again… On purpose.

So let’s get back to Terry May

Terry May, Ladies & Gentleman – part of the problem, not the solution… And clearly not the first time that she has worn that outfit.

Course, it is no coincidence that both the UK and the USA have celebrity transexuals, both of whom were successful, fit, tough fellas and not at all the kind you would expect to want to be ladies.

I am of course talking about Bruce Jenner and Frank Maloney.

However, these two frauds are all part of the agenda and all is not what it seems especially where Jenner is concerned.

You see, I believe that like there are more than one Terry May, the same is true for Brucie Boy who I am told still has all of his tackle.

So who is the old bird mincing around Hollywood then pretending to be Bruce Dickinson… Sorry Bruce Jenner?

Well I would imagine that would be former super-model turned super-mess, Janice Dickinson.


And as for Our Kelly… Well I don’t buy it.

I mean when Kel was Frank he was a tough little fucker, who made it to the top in a notoriously hard game, dominated by gangsters… He has also tried marriage twice and had two daughters.

Moreover, Frankie had been branded homophobic when standing in the London mayoral election for UKIP… Very strange for a Transsexual:

Gay Conservatives have called on the UK Independence Party to sack their London mayoral candidate over his “homophobic” comments.

Frank Maloney said he would not be campaigning in the borough of Camden because there are “too many gays”.

His claims prompted the Gay Tories to brand him a “dangerous extremist” who “should resign or be sacked”.

But Mr Maloney defended his remarks: “I don’t want to campaign around gays…I don’t think they do a lot for society.”

The row blew up after the boxing promoter gave an interview to the Hampstead & Highgate Express in which he made a number of remarks about the gay community. Source

And what’s more, according to his brother Eugene, Frank had never shown anything other than heterosexual tendencies:

Eugene said he had no inkling his brother was unhappy as a man, saying: ‘There was no inkling at all that he ever seemed like he didn’t want to be a man. It’s unbelieveable.’

He told how his brother was always a great lover of women. He had married twice, always had girlfriends when he was younger, and would fly women from around the world to spend time with him.

Frank has two daughters, aged 17 and 13.

Eugene said Frank’s revelations have had a knock-on effect on the wider family.

Last week three men confronted him as he waited for a bus, asking if he was ‘that perv’s brother’,
before punching him to the ground.

He said their mother, Maureen, was taking the news hard.

‘My mum was always love her three sons, she will. But she’s hurting. I don’t want to go into exactly what her thoughts are but she is in shock.’ Source

Yet we are supposed to believe that after “living a lie” for over 60 years, Frank decides to throw-away his credibility, devastate his family and make a right fucking twat of himself in the process.

I mean, according to the MSM and Frank the Crank himself, his boxing chums were all proper supportive of him… Fuck me how they must have tittered behind his back – “Fuck the boxing, Frank’s the entertainment tonight lads”.

It just does not ring true, with all the floral dresses and what-nots. Indeed, if he was really living a lie why the need to become a panto dame. After all, he could have donned a pair of tight jeans, a jumper and a pair of high heals if he really felt the need… You know, the kinda of clothes most women wear.

In other words he would have been a lot more credible if he had toned it down instead of his in ya face, “look at me I’m a lady” persona, which in reality comes across as “look at me I’m a cunt”.

Oh and how he suffered for his conviction – allegedly:

Former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has said she feared that her head would explode after her agonising facial reconstruction surgery went drastically wrong.

Maloney, 61, who is around 18 months into her transition period to change gender, reportedly suffered internal bleeding and required emergency surgery after she had a reaction to the operation at a Belgian clinic.

She had undergone the operation two weeks ago to make her face appear more feminine, but instead her face ballooned to twice its normal size and she almost stopped breathing. Source

Nasty, I have seen the photos.

Then again they could just as well be photos of Elsa Patton from the reality TV (very apt) show: “The Real Housewives of Miami”.

elsa patton

Now interestingly enough, quite by accident I came across a long article about Lord Lucan the other week… Or to give him his proper title: Richard Bingham, The 7th Earl of Lucan.

The article itself is very pro Lucan, pointing out the flaws in the alleged corrupt police investigation whilst asserting that Lucan was totally innocent of murdering his children’s nanny and the attempted murder of his estranged wife.

Indeed, the report is particularly scathing of Bingham’s wife, Veronica – the official story’s intended victim – and blatantly infers that she willingly plays a major part in the cover-up conspiracy:

I  refer in this post to Lord Lucan’s wife as ‘Veronica’ merely. Before the seventh Earl of Lucan experienced his 1974 tragedy his wife Veronica was in the process of divorcing him, and it is only since he went missing, undoubtedly murdered, that she has promoted the title that she gained on marrying him. She has revelled in the Lucan family crest while callously slandering her husband’s name in the worst possible way. Before she met her loving husband she was a part time model and temp secretary who, we are informed, took elocution lessons and went to society parties with her fingers crossed.


Did the doctors not need to shave her hair anywhere then?

Veronica was in fact struck SIX times on the head with the same murder weapon – a length of lead pipe – that the Nanny was struck with THREE times… Each of the 3 being hard enough to kill her instantly apparently, whilst the 6 dished out to Veronica didn’t even knock her out.

Yet Veronica was photographed a month later with her children showing no signs whatsoever of injury.


The report then goes on to claim that Bingham/Lucan was murdered by gangsters associated with the Kray Twins – in particular, the notorious Freddie Foreman, albeit Brown-Bread-Fred was still in prison for disposing of Jack McVities body at the time that Lucan disappeared.

Nevertheless in the main the article makes some very good points and it is interesting that Princess Diana’s biological father, James Goldsmith, her step-uncle, Bill Shand-Kydd and John Aspinall are all implicated as being suspect.

Indeed, John Aspinall appears to have been very involved in the conspiracy and the article accuses him of fraternising with villains including running a highly lucrative playing card scam from his upmarket casino, the Clermont Club, with the one-time, top London Gangster, Billy Hill:

William Charles “Billy” Hill (13 December 1911 – 1 January 1984) was one of the foremost perpetrators of organised crime in London from the 1920s through to the 1960s. He was a smuggler, operated protection rackets and used extreme violence. He project managed cash robberies and, in a clever scam, defrauded London’s High Society of millions at the card tables of John Aspinall‘s Clermont Club.

And as coincidence would have it, Aspinalls step-father is also Gideon Bean’s paternal Grandad, which makes Aspinall, Beans step-uncle… Fancy that!

The story also takes in the Beatles, Procol Harum and Manfred Mann, and once again the author is scathing of Paul McCartney, Gary Brooker and Paul Whatsisface from Manfred Mann.

You can read that article – and I do highly recommend it – by clicking HERE

Now to be fair, Veronica Bingham – The Countess of Lucan – answers her critics on her blog, “Setting The Record Straight” (which coincidentally is the same title as a book by Freddie Foreman) and having not looked into the case too closely, she too sounds very credible:

Sir James Goldsmith was not a good and true friend of the late Lord Lucan. The 7th Earl was little more than a casino acquaintance and I quote Taki Theodoracopulos who wrote in the Sunday Times, “Goldsmith was not particularly fond of (John) Lucan.”

John Aspinall was not one of the late Lord Lucan’s best friends. Both Sir James Goldsmith and John Aspinall have supported my version of events – namely that my late husband murdered Mrs. Rivett by mistake instead of me and shortly afterwards committed suicide. They did not want their integrity damaged by a murderer.

The Trustees were assisted in dealing with the 7th Earl’s financial affairs on 11th December 1992 when he was presumed deceased in chambers. (See Who’s Who 2000 and 2001). The much delayed granting of probate was nothing to do with me and was brought about by the executor of the free estate.

No death certificate can ever be issued if there is no body. If ever his remains are discovered a death certificate will be issued.

The late Lord Lucan was living apart from me in our mews cottage at No 5 Eaton Row which is behind No 5 Eaton Square. He then moved to 72a Elizabeth Street, a seven minute walk away.

The killer of Mrs. Sandra Rivett does not remain unknown. The inquest jury of the Coroner’s Court in June 1975 named the 7th Earl as the murderer of Mrs. Sandra Rivett. They were the last inquest jury to name anyone as a murderer. The right was abolished in 1977 (Criminal Law Act). Their unanimous verdict was “MURDER BY LORD LUCAN”. An application to have the legislation retrospectively applied was refused in 1978. Source

Again, also well worth a read in my opinion.

Course, there are a whole heap more stories claiming to tell the truth about Lucan, all of which are mostly bollox from what I have seen so far.

Mind you, there is one more that stuck out for me and that is the one claiming that – you will laugh at this until you read it – Arnold Schwarzenegger killed the Nanny (by mistake) and then later killed Lucan.

Told ya that you’d laugh.

However it is an awful lot more plausible than you would think – although I will repeat that I have not had time to look into these reports too deeply.

The information comes from The Online Publishing Company which as most of you will probably know is Giovanni De stefano’s website. De Stefano is allegedly 3 years into a 14 year prison sentence for various crimes such as fraud and money laundering.

And of course – as the prison sentence would suggest – De Stefano is not to be completely trusted therefore you have to treat the information for what it is, but I would certainly not dismiss the claim without a lot more investigation and I would certainly recommend you read it… You can find the report HERE

Now I should point out that there are a couple of reasons for me bringing Lord Lucan up, before I am accused of “rambling” and “darting off in different directions” – don’t cha just love those wannabees who never will be telling me where I’m going wrong?

Mind you, if I wanna ramble and dart off here there and every-bastard-where then I fucking shall.

But I digress… There is some irony in there somewhere.

Cast a Spell please Paul.


Thank you.

Okay, now the author of the Lucan report that I first told you about mentions – nay gushes at – how much Earl Lucan’s son, George Bingham looks like him.


Which although I could see the resemblance, I have to say that my trophy deserving, absolutely outstanding, second to none, not even the fucking computer, trained eye, alerted me to the fact that they look like nothing more than the least you would expect from father and son.

And incidentally, both George and his sisters, Frances & Camilla were in the house at the time of the murder and interestingly enough none of them now speak to their mother because they believe that their father is innocent and that Veronica lied about the events in order to aid the high level cover up.

But anyway, with me being of the opinion that George looks more like his mother than he does his old man, I thought I would get a second opinion to see who was right – me or the author of the piece.

Moreover, I thought it only fair to also compare father & son with the good lord facing forward, since Earl Bingham isn’t doing so in the example provided by the article in question… And just so ya know, I predicted the computer to come up with somewhere between 50-60% likeness for both comparisons, with Lucan facing forward probably yielding the slightly better result of the two.


That then is the comparison given in the article to back the authors claim that father & son are identical.

But what about the one that I provide?


There ya go.

And then a bit further on, the article publishes a photo of a youngish John Aspinall – of which I immediately thought: “Hold up! Whose son is George Bingham meant to be?”

Can we have a spell please Thierry.


Thank you.

You see, to my absolutely fucking magnificent, all seeing, simply the best ever, eye for detail, John Aspinall and George Bingham looked a lot more like father & son that Lucky Lucan & Georgie Boy ever would.


Note the face fits together, which is always a good start.

And as for whether or not the computer agrees with my assessment?


Well of course it fucking did.

Now I will take a deep breath here and explain this facial comparison site AGAIN, because either I am being a bit fucking thick or some of you are… Which is pointless debating because the answer is always going to be in my favour.

I will however take it very slow.

First off, I pick the two people who I believe to be one and the same.

I do that using my eyes… I’m fucking good at it, I spent 20 years as a Tattoo Artist – a time span that would be impossible had I been crap – before starting this shite, which involves me looking at photos for up to 6 hours a day, 7 days a week… I earned a decent fucking wage tattooing too, for considerably less hours. Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, when you study photographs for the hours on end that I constantly do, for as many years as I have, having spent the 20 years prior to that in a job where an eye for detail is crucial for the longevity of your career, you tend to become an expert at spotting if and where a photo has been altered – FACT.

I can spot a flaw in a photo in seconds.

Therefore the facial recognition website plays NO PART WHATSOEVER in deciding who I compare… NONE. It doesn’t matter if it was the crappiest comparison site in the history of comparison sites and unable to tell the difference between Yul Brynner and a hard boiled egg… Because I chose the faces to compare during the course of my long working day.

Indeed, you would not believe the huge number of photos of faces that I have amassed in my database.

The computer has picked none.

Therefore – and try working with me here – It matters not one iota how reliable the lookalike website is, because I use it for NO other reason than to confirm WHAT I ALREADY KNOW… It matters not if it gives a 0% match or a 100% match… Honest… I’m not lying… It doesn’t matter how crap the website is.

It is however a lot better than some of you give it credit for… ALTHOUGH IT MATTERS NOT IF IT IS FUCKING BRILLIANT… Because it cannot read or look at the photos in a Chimp article, say for instance, about Darryn Lyons – the former knob-ed celebrity photographer turned Mayor of Geelong in Australia who is facing the sack for swearing at his staff – and think to its self “fuck me that is Ray Winstone”:

As his expected sacking looms over his head, Geelong Mayor Darryn Lyons remained defiant against claims of a culture of bullying and harassment among councillors and staff.

Long before he even pulled on the mayoral robes, the paparazzo-turned-politician had a colourful life full of celebrities and controversy.

Mr Lyons, who is also known by moniker Mr Paparazzi, gained fame for his flamboyant fashion choices, his multi-coloured mohawk and his compromising photographs. Source


But I fucking can, because I can see past the Mohican and bleached blonde hair… Indeed, despite him having Latex skin on, I do not need anyone or anything to tell me that Lyons and Winstone are the spitting image of each other.

Course, whether or not the ACTOR Winstone is really actually playing the role of Lyons or they are clones or it is just a seven billion to one coincidence that they are identical, is anyones guess, but when you add Winstone/Lyons to all of the other Actors/Clones/7000000000 – 1 odds of coincidences, that I am continually pointing out you can safely knock coincidence off of the possibilities list because the odds then become incalculable and you would still have to believe in Santa Claus to even contemplate the possibility for a second.

Huh? Sorry? What do you mean Lyons looks fuck all like Ray Winstone?

And that is where the lookalike website comes in handy despite its limitations.


Now most researchers wouldn’t even get that far because they lack vision through a lifetime of indoctrination which is why these monkey monsters are able to get away with mugging yous all off good and proper… Yet I do not stop there.

You see, it matters not one fuck to me that the computer confirmed what I already knew, because I ALREADY FUCKING KNEW, although I suspect that a lot more people reading this – especially newbies – will now be inclined to sit up and take notice than they would have done had I not run the actor & the photographers faces through the look alike website and instead simply just added a photo of Rayo underneath the Chimps photo of Lyons.

Yet people seem unable to grasp that the Chimp routinely alters the faces of those that they write about.


I’m not going too fast for anyone am I?


You see, although I already knew that at best Lyons & Winstone are Clones and the computer – which relies on measurement, rather than vision – confirms what I already knew from just looking at the Chimp photo, I still investigate further because some bright spark will inevitably pipe up that the subjects nose or eyes are slightly different to the mush being compared… These people cannot understand that if the actor in question doesn’t alter his appearance either via photoshop, poor quality photos or wearing implants under fake skin, then the Monsters cannot get away with it… Dog give me fucking strength.

In other words you cannot rely on Ears to form a matching comparison – as in ears are unique to each and every individual person so in theory if two people’s ears are the same then they are the same mush.

In fact to be honest, it is insulting when some bright spark is that up himself that he/she thinks that they need to point out to me the fact that ears are unique… I know that they fucking are… Dog, it’s n’fucking wonder that I get so pissed off with trying to do the right thing.

Ears mean fuck all to a photograph.


You heard!

And with prosthetics and what nots, noses, foreheads, cheeks and chins these actors could stand next to you and unless you looked very fucking closely, you wouldn’t even notice who they were.

However, I am nothing if not thorough and despite me knowing all too well how easy it is to change someone’s nose in a photograph, it bugs me that the Monster’s useless useful idiots routinely change them, giving those who can’t see past the end of theirs the chance to smugly write in and say something along the lines of:

“Long time reader, first time commentator, love your work Chris but you are wrong about Winstone being Lyons, although I am ignoring the fact that you never said he was. You see, my mates sister knows Lyons and if you give her a ring she will tell you that he speaks with an Australian accent whereas Winstone growls and Lyons has Darryn as his first name – despite having the tell tale weird spelling – whereas Ray doesn’t. Oh and they have different shaped noses… Sorry fella, you can’t get it right all the time, but keep up the good work”.

Bless em… Cunts.

Although it is true that the two fellas do have different shaped noses when looked at from sideways on… Well sometimes they do.


What is it someone else commented? “Anyone can join two faces together”.

Of course they can, but if they are not the same person then their features are unlikely to match… If they did then we would all look the fucking same you half baked knob head.

So lets kill a few birds with one stone here.

For instance, Matt Taylor – a man who has unprecedented success at failure in all of his endeavours – questions the lookalike software which at the very least suggests that the comparison site is half decent because the fella gets just about everything wrong that he investigates for himself… Which isn’t much.

However, I am not going to lay into him because I think that he has had some sort of nervous breakdown and besides, no one takes him seriously anyway.

Nevertheless, Matthew has it in his head that he is the splitting image of Shaun Williamson AKA Barry Evans from Eastenders.

Spell please Ronnie.

Thank you.

Now to be fair, Taylor does look a bit like Williamson… But nowhere near enough to mistake one for the other.

Moreover, it is fairly safe to assume that neither has had their appearance altered since as far as I am aware neither are in the pay of the MIT… Taylor would be too much of a liability and Williamson is nowhere near successful enough in his chosen field.

In other words, an ideal opportunity to put the software to the test… Which I would image the results would come back at around 60-70% likeness.

Nevertheless, we best see how the pair compare with themselves hadn’t we… Shaun first.


The website had no hesitation whatsoever.

Now Taylor compared to Taylor.


Again, no hesitation whatsoever… And that isn’t me taking the piss because it can sometimes take a little while to get a result back.

Okay, let’s see how the pair of barn-pots compare.


There ya go then.

Now I don’t do any moderating of the comments on here but if I did these negative comments that add fuck all to the debate would not see the light of day. I am however sick to death of having to go over old ground because people are either working to an agenda, or they have not got the foresight to see what is going on.

In other words, having explained the point of me using the comparison site AGAIN, anyone now questioning it is either a troll out to cast doubt on the hard work I put in… And to be fair, these trolls do have to break cover when I am nearing the truth.

Or they lack vision and the ability to comprehend the Monsters mindset and as such they are better off reading the Chimp.

Oh, and as for “anyone can stick two half heads together”… Fuck off away from my site.


Course, should the monsters ever deem it necessary, and all parties agreed I do not doubt for a second that they could turn Taylor into a suitable replacement for Shaun because people really are gullible and accept someone as being the person that they are told they are.


Photo: The “Peoples” Princess.

Okay, let’s return to the Lucan affair and with George Bingham looking much more like John Aspinall than Richard Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan I thought it best that I compare the latter… To give us an idea of percentage see.


Now I do find that rather suspect, especially given other information that I hold but I won’t elaborate because as I keep stating, I have not looked into this very, very murky malarkey anywhere near enough… Yet.

Certainly George Osborne’s Uncle Aspinall was in keeping with the Monsters mindset:


And the fact that I can only find 3 decent photos of the murdered Nanny – Sandra Rivett – on t’interwebb is also a bit suss. Indeed I can find more photos of her ex husband and infinitely more photos of her “adopted out” son, Neil Berriman (as a grown up), than I can of her.

Yet as ‘coincidence’ would have it, Sandra bears an uncanny resemblance to Veronica Bingham… Once you look closely.

7th-Earl-of-Lucan-Lord-Lucan-Richard-John-Bingham-with-his-wife-VeronicaaAnd the long lost adopted son, Neil Berriman – whose back story to me (see HERE) sounds total bollox and has more holes in it than my socks – isn’t to dissimilar to… Wait for it… Wait for it… Giovanni De Stefano.


I’m not saying it is, but then again, having been at this malarkey for four or five years it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Course as per usual, two months ago – a year or so after giving that first interview – Berriman’s story had changed somewhat drastically and he was now coming out with details that he could not possibly know, such as his ‘mother’: ‘Sandra looked her attacker in the face for a good few seconds. This meant she did not know her killer.

A totally stupid,  irresponsible thing to say for someone who professes to only want the truth of what took place that night in 1974.

However, interestingly enough Berrimans revised story follows that of the one involving Arnie, except the source of his story is different and the Terminator isn’t mentioned. You can find that Chimp story HERE

The other thing that bothers me about this case is the piss taking by those involved.

You see I am actually wondering if Lord Lucan actually ever existed at all or was he just a product of  Monsters Inc, brought to life via the likes of James Goldsmith, John Aspinall and William Shand Kydd.

That of course is one real possibility if you take into account that Lucan could have been played by Aspinall and Veronica – a relative commoner by monster standards – could have been brought into the act to masquerade as Lucan’s wife.


You see, Billy Shand Kydd was married to Veronica’s sister, Christine and it was allegedly through their match-making that Lucan came to marry the would be model, come secretary.

In other words, the ties and family connections needed to pull the caper off were already all in place – especially given that the event is now coming up 42 years old… A time when a computer was no more than a Casio Calculator.


Course, having said that, the event may well have really happened and with versions a plenty to choose from to boot.

Indeed, it could just be the details added afterwards such as Arnold ‘Leon’ Schwarzenegger being the hitman, which obviously pushes De Stefano’s story and would account for his ‘likeness’ to Nanny Rivetted’s long lost son.

After all, De Stefano would not be the first person supposedly languishing in prison yet never ever seen by staff & inmates alike… And think about the millions of pounds that the story has generated over the years.

In fact one thing that I am 99.9% sure about is that George Bingo Bingham (not much to be found about his two sisters on’t web) is really Georgie Girl Osborne’s one time BFF, Nathaniel Rothschild… Which would make sense since the Osborne family – who like the Shand Kydds are also big in the painting & decorating business – are implicated in the fraud.

640x-1 (1)

And indeed were it not for Nat’s fake chins, his veneers, dodgy ears and latex skin, those comparison percentages would be a lot higher.

You may also like to bear in mind that I have not altered the photos above or below in any way except to obviously crop and resize them.


And when talking about taking the piss, by all accounts Veronica Bingham is alive & well and as I said earlier George and his sisters allegedly don’t have anything whatsoever to do with their mother.

So why the fuck is George posing for photos which are supposedly photos of Veronica?


MEMO to MIT: Reversing the face doesn’t hide the chin scar.

Course, men playing women fits in perfectly with this article and there is a lot of it about… Even on the Royal Parasite Tour of India.


Supposedly a stage show that the couple, Will & Face attended in India… It is however photoshopped to fuck – hence the dancers are in disarray and out of sync… AS IS EVERY SINGLE PHOTO PHOTOSHOPPED THAT I HAVE LOOKED AT OF THE FRAUDS IN INDIA.

Just like every single photo of Diana was, as were the photos of the Duck & Queen at that horse show that they arrived at in the horse drawn carriage that I reported about, as were the photos of Kate & George at the Polo match that the MSM readily gushed about, as were the photos of Will, Kate and George in New Zealand, as were the photos of Charlotte’s christening, as were the photos of Harry and Willie playing in a ‘charidy’ football match… And so on and so on.

Course, I was very pleased that I was not the only one to spot the fake as fuck India trip photos and the fact that they are fake – every single one of them – ties in with all that I am uncovering at the moment.

Unfortunately this is not the right place to provide you with the evidence of the Indian photos, especially since doing so is not a 5 minute endeavour, but by way of example have a butchers at the following selection:


Obviously ALL of the photos pyramid up and there is also that jumping malarkey going on which quite obviously has some sort of ritual or significance behind it.


Not that backgrounds and continuity seem to matter when it comes to ‘faking it’ – check these ones out:


How very queer… And bear in mind that these are but a few examples. I can pull every single photo of; “Twinkle Toes and the Fairy do India” to pieces.

Which begs the question did they do India or was it just an excuse to commit large scale fraud?

I mean the press knew the price tag of every single piece of clothing on show that Gold-Digger-Smith wore, all of which were promoted with details as to where the peasants can buy cheaper replicas – generating more millions for the monsters.

Yet the price of those outfits worn by Gold-Digger-Smith came to well over £300 Grand – more than a quarter of a million pounds just on clothes alone… That we paid for… Or did we? Or did the vast sum of money go elsewhere?

I mean just think about how much money that Indian Junket cost us… But did they really go? If they did why the need to fake all of the photos? … Why the need to constantly tell us how “clearly in love” the couple are? I mean if it was that clear we would be able to see that for ourselves.

Indeed, very much in the same way that if the MSM were to be believed – stop laughing – Gold Digger Smith did nothing else but moan about how she was missing her children… She droned about the clones.

And of course, during the “tour” there was the inevitable thwarted terrorist attacks thanks to the Indian MIT yet I saw fuck all in the way of Royal Security.


PHOTO: The “Indian Slums”: A bullet could have come from anywhere… The potential for a suicide bomber is enormous. Real human bombs devastate areas – and themselves… Certainly not the faked crime-scene photos that you see in the papers.

And yet even if the terrapins had done the logical thing but not manage to kill the pair of frauds, the very fact that they got that close would have been a massive victory for the dozen strong ISIS army.

Yet from what I have seen, the Clown leading the security operation (Wambo) is in the photo below.


You would feel safe knowing he is there wouldn’t you?

Course, if the trip was an illusion then who pocketed the millions of pounds in taxpayers money?

A fucking savage piss take that Betty in a Box has been getting away with for well over 60 years.


They advertise their evil… It is everywhere for all to see if people would just open their eyes.

That is to say they still advertise and the crowds are still faked but they have dwindled in number.


They are evil and they subconsciously want us to know that.


“Get thee behind me Satan” springs to mind.

And as you can see in the photo below, even these minor royals are surrounded by security… Yet not Will & Kate.


I guess that our future Kink & Queer must be that loved that all they need is Wambo AKA Mahmudur Rahman Manna to look after them, even in what was undoubtedly a bodyguards nightmare zone

Sorry? Did ya say who’s Mahmudur Rahman Manna when he’s at home?

Mahmudur Rahman Manna is allegedly a Bangladeshi Politician who was pushing a government hoax on behalf of the USA and the UK, namely the stabbing to death of a blogger Crisis Actor in Dhaka-Tari.


I did write about it (HERE) so I am surprised that you don’t remember the fake-fuck Wambo.

Here, have a butchers at the great pretender in his capacity as a bodyguard and as a politician.


And I used the comparison website just to piss you off.

Nevertheless, I still cannot see that the pair of actors were actually on the trip.


Finally – and I am not going to have time to tell you who Sami Nair really is, but I will do next time if you haven’t figured it out – I see that there has been in excess of SIXTY (60) articles in the Chimp connected to Transgenderism within the past SEVEN (7) days… Imagine that, count for yourself if you think that I am exaggerating (there are actually as many as 70).

You can start counting HERE

Spell please Malcolm:


Thank you.

Those Chimp stories – trying to make the abnormal normal – include the one about the Tranny in the Canny who was raped over 2000 times:

A transgender woman has revealed she was ‘raped more than 2000 times’ while she was behind bars at a men’s prison in Queensland.

The woman, known as Mary, detailed her horrific ordeal at the notorious Boggo Road Prison in Brisbane during the 1990s, when speaking to 

Mary spent about four years in prison for stealing a car, an act she said she was punished for by having to live through ‘hell on earth’. Source

“Four years for stealing a car”? Fair dinkum or should that be fair dick-em?

So if nothing else we can conclude that Gender-Bender’s have total recall as I would have thought that most people would have lost count after 50 or so attacks. Unless of course we assume that he-she served the full 4 years and was raped no more and no less than 1.4 times a day – every day for 1460 days – in which case total recall is not a symptom of The Grady Bunch, I suppose.

And then there is the inevitable Jenner & Maloney baloney articles. Mind you, it is interesting that Maloney, in an article in the Independent newspaper published in 2014, stated:

Ex-boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has said she’s not interested in finding love and she’s preparing herself to grow old on her own.

 “Relationships are the last thing on my mind at the moment. The thing I need to do at the moment is sort out my sexual identity. My sexual orientation isn’t important now,” the 61-year-old told the Late Late Show. Source

Yet according to the Chimp, three days ago Belle Kel stated on the TV program, Loose Womennow named Loosely Women… Probably:

Kellie Maloney has revealed that dating as a transgender woman has been ‘particularly hard’ for her.

And the 62-year-old has opened up about just how difficult it has been to find love as she shared some of her horror stories on Loose Women.

The former boxing promoter – formerly known as Frank – gave examples of the reactions she received from men as she went on to admit that she would like to set up her own transgender dating site. Source

Therefore, bearing in mind that Frankie was crucified in the press when standing for London Mayor over his homophobic comments, are we to assume that Mriss Maloney is looking for a woman?

If we are we would be fucking wrong. Frank wants cock mate and no fucking messing.


PHOTO: Are the producers of Loosely Women getting their guests mixed up or are we being force fed old fanny?

So, Frankie the Crankie has a bad memory too… Perhaps then the message that the Monkey Boyz are trying to get across is that Transexuals have poor memory, are hypocrites, all look the same, are bare faced liars and lack balls?

And then yesterday there was one of the most obscene stories the vile Monkey Kuntz have ever pushed although strangely I couldn’t find it on the Chimps website when I came to write this bit just now.

In fact I had almost given up on the total, albeit fucked-up shite but decided in one last ditch attempt to Google it – which produced the goods.

I must say though that it is extremely rare that a story goes from the Chimps news feed so quickly and even rarer that they cannot be readily found… You will see why when you read it:

A mother is allowing her four-year-old twin son to wear a dress to school because he has believed he is a girl since he was 18 months old.

Little Logan Symonds told his mother Emma, 34, he wanted to wear girls’ clothes to school and she happily let him.

Now Logan, from Gloucester, wears a pinafore so he can ‘be like all the other girls’.

He has also started growing his hair after first declaring to his mother that he was a female aged just 18 months. 

At first his mother ‘brushed it off’ and thought it was a ‘phase’ but Logan started to throw tantrums and became ‘aggressive’ when he wore boys’ clothes. 

Miss Symonds said: ‘Letting Logan wear a pinafore to school was a big step for us all.

‘I’ve been letting him life as a girl and wear girls’ clothes since he turned three, and a couple of months ago I agreed he could grow his hair long. Source

Now my nigh on 23 month old Grandson, Clayton is two in June and while it is true to say that children progress at different speeds, Clay would fall into the average bracket and he certainly does not have anywhere near the intellectual capacity to formulate and express how he feels about being a boy… So the pretend mother is talking shite and the pretend newspaper is publishing it.

And although I haven’t tried it, I could put a dress on Clayton and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid… That doesn’t mean that he wants his fucking balls chopped off.


He looks comfortable doesn’t he?

Mind you, in fairness to the Chumpanzee readers, I haven’t seen so many red arrows on an article for a long time… These sick-fucks have to go.

Just sayin’.