A surprise inclusion




I received the T-shirt in the above photo this morning. 

To be included amongst such big names is a true honour and one I am not sure that I deserve.

It does however indicate that I am being listened to, and that is the important thing.

Getting the word out is what really matters.

Lets go to war. 


Join The Dots UTD Legends Formation

Join The Dots United Team FormationJoin The Dots United Team Formation

Part of our Join The Dots theme is based around what we deem our very own ‘Dream Team’.

The Dream Team are the top 11 players who have played a huge part in not only our critical-thinking lives, but the lives of many.

To be selected for the Dream Team (or as we like to call it, Legends Formation, but often referred to as Orwell’s 11) players must bring a quality synonymous with the label world-class.

Players of world-class recognition bring with them to the Legends Formation a wealth of knowledge, information and are/were not afraid to go beyond the mainstream.

Our Join The Dots selection has been picked for a wide range of skills and personalities from the great economists, spiritual-minded, lyrical and awakening geniuses and the street player.

The first part of our Legends Formation is as follows:

David Icke

In goal is our obvious choice. Not only for the fact he was an actual goalkeeper in the professional game but because he has, for us, kept a clean sheet throughout his informing-the-masses history. When others were hammering at him little did those critics know; they were actually shooting in the wrong direction.

Jordan Maxwell

The founder and forefather of all that we as the Vox team know now, stems from Jordan Maxwell. He was the first one straight out of defence and many say to this day that they actually got their early inspiration from the great Jordan Maxwell.

Jeff Rense

Rense.com was the first-ever critical-thinking website we visited during our time of research. Stretching way back in the early internet days, Jeff Rense has been famous for his wide range of links to sources who have exposed everything in the line of corruption and political untoward

John Lennon

His words alone would make any Dream Team but his actions also stood out above the rest. It could have been so easy for Lennon to retire and dwell on a glorious swinging sixties past but he cared for humanity and at the time he was years ahead of his contemporaries. A real working-class hero who wrote and sang every single word he believed in.

Chris Spivey

Chris Spivey is all what you need in any dream team: hard-working, cut-to-the-chase honesty and not afraid of tackles. Chris might not come from an economics background and he is not as near a household name as the rest in the Dream Team but that is to his advantage. Chris Spivey is our street player; the one who learned all his stuff from the waist up. Having a background as a tattooist tells us all about his creativity but don’t be fooled by his non-famous name: he is as hard-hitting, forthright, committed and as honest as the best of them.

Martin Luther King

A man of peace and integrity and taken out because of his love of peace. Martin Luther was the pinnacle of what all humanity should be, but sadly isn’t, based upon. A man – a real man – who put human equality before his life really says it all about the great Martin Luther King.


There have been many silent greats who refused to fight fire with fire and still get a result. Ghandi was exceptional in how he brought about change to many and his philosophies are a day-to-day occurrence across many a Facebook wall today. That in itself should be enough to tell you what a magnificent player he was in the fight for freedom but without actually fighting.

Max Keiser

Keiser has brought us some outstanding reports in the financial world as well as his broadcast shows. A brilliant mind and the technical player in our Legends Formation.

Bob Marley

The second musician in the team, Marley established himself on the frontline with his political stance. His songs and preaching were all based on peace and fighting injustice and he did so with great dignity and high esteem.

Bill Hicks

Comedian/social commentator and critical-thinking legend. Bill never held back in his views on politics and life in general and we have a lot to thank him for because he told us the truth.  His presence was enormous and his popularity grew stronger and stronger. Bill was just getting into his stride when he died at a young age. A sad ending but a new beginning for many aspiring comedians and social commentators…most of the best newcomers wanted to be Bill Hicks.

George Carlin

The daddy of them all. George was a supreme writer and distributor of language on and off stage. There has never been one quite like him and probably never will be. There are not enough superlatives for this straight-talking, fast-thinking, no-holds-barred giant of our time.

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* Our Join The Dots United squad may change from time to time. There are other great names not on this team sheet but will be on our others including: Thomas Szasz, William Cooper, Gerald Celente John F. Kennedy and so on.