A Right Royal Crime


Christopher Spivey


The actress who mainly plays the made up persona Meghan Markle is officially listed as being 1.71m tall (5ft 6ins).

The actor who mainly plays Prince Henry of Wales, AKA Prince Harry is officially listed as being 1.86m tall (6ft 1ins).

Therefore, the story that dominates the press today (23/3/18) about the couples visit to Belfast is either fake news or Meghan Markle is being played by one of the other actresses who plays the role.

No if’s, no but’s – that is pure fact. In fact I think Henry is even addressing the anomaly in the photo on your far right.

You see, Meghan – whom I prove does not really exist in an article found HERE – is wearing 6inch stiletto heels. Therefore, in the photos of the Belfast Jaunt she should be an inch shorter than Ginger-Pubes shouldn’t she?

So why the fuck isn’t she?

Indeed given the position of her left foot and that of her right foot in the photo above Renault Meghan must be staggering like a drunk.

Yet that does not explain away the anomaly does it?

However, I am not just talking about one photo here although one photo on it’s own is enough to raise serious questions in my opinion.

Nevertheless, what follows is an assortment of photos taken of that Belfast junket:

Have her shoes got them lights on that some kiddies welly’s and trainers have? You know; the kind that flash on and off as they walk?

That last photo is clearly photoshopped as the crowd are meant to be behind a row of safety barriers set in a straight line.

Check out the dodgy leg in that last photo!

Mind you, I question whether or not Henry of Ginger-Pubes is even 6ft 1ins tall since his *aherm, aherm, brother is listed as being 6ft 3ins tall – which would make the above photos all the more bizarre:

That looks quite a large 2 inches to me. However, that 2 inch difference looks even worse in the following photo:

Yet The Duck is listed as being 6ft tall and the Queer 5ft 4ins at the very best:

So fuck knows how that works… Unless the photo is photo-shopped of course.

Now I know that the kiddie-fiddlin’ paedo-trolls like to have it all ways but the fact remains that if Renault Meghan is 5ft 6ins tall, adding 6 inch heels to her height makes her 6 foot – one inch shorter than Ginger-Pubes. And as such that cannot be Mental Markle in those photos which I have shown you above although they are also photoshopped.

But why are they if there is nothing to hide?

Indeed it is highly unlikely that the trip even took place although the tax-payer will be billed for it and the money – one £million plus I shouldn’t wonder – will certainly go in someones pocket.

Course, the [not so] royal family have been doing this shit for years. Indeed it wasn’t until the late 1950’s that someone was brought in to play Princess Margaret. Up until that point – maybe even later – she was still being played by the fraud on the throne.

Same person, same pose, same horse, with a slight bit of alteration having taken place.

Look at the eyes, the nose and the mouth in this photo. They are exactly the same. What they have done is changed the shape of ‘Margarets’ eyebrows and added some shadow to her eyelids. They have then altered Elizabeth’s hair and made a slight change to the neck of the dress.

Debunk that!

Yet if Margaret was a real person what possible need would there be to use photos of ‘her sister’ to portray her.

And are you going to try and tell me that the Queen of England – guilty of High Treason – didn’t know that her photos were being used as Princess Margaret?

Or that they are at the very, very least being Satanically manipulated to look exactly like her ‘husbands’?


And when you compare the above photo of the Queer to the one she appeared in earlier with Slaggy Maggie you get the following:

And of course the Queer/Princess Slaggy-Maggie played the part of Ann Frank:

You didn’t think that Ann Frank was a real person did you? Although it was a good work of fiction that has helped generate literally millions of pounds… Something which the Windsor actors are all too happy to keep the band-wagon rolling.

Hence we see Princess Ann of Horse-Face’s daughter-in-law, Autumn Phillips also doubling up now and then as Gorilla Parker Horse-Face’s daughter-in-law, Sarah Buys – note the different surname:

Can you tell which one is which?

Or are they just another two who “vaguely resemble each other“? Fucking paedo-trolls… No offence intended to the clowns who are not paedo-trolls of course.

And they have also been known to play Queen Maxima of Hollandish – Phillips/Buys obviously… Not the paedo-trolls… Or the Clowns:

Moreover, in order to create further joinder Princess Ann has had a long on & off love affair with the Charlie loving, Tom Parker Horse-Face’s old-man, Andrew Parker Horse-Face… Which allegedly continued/continues, whilst she has been married to Tim Nice-But-Dim.

This calls for a photo-story:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rugby player Mike Tindall had been punching above his weight by knobbin’ Princess Ann’s daughter, Citroen Zara Picasso:

The End.

Course, Tindall is posher than he makes out – his father was a banker don’t cha know. He is also content to go along with the widespread, inexplicable photoshopping of himself and his in-laws. Indeed I half suspect that Mia Tindall is also Prince George of Trogladite:

Now obviously I am not stating that as a fact, but it would certainly tie in with their obscene trans-gender agenda and they do like to try and mug us off. Certainly Kate Golddigger-Smiff is not pregnant again and highly unlikely that she ever has been, wandering around in her skinny jeans and high heels at 9 months pregnant… Yeah course she is with child… Not!

In fact either Golddigger-Smiff rolled off the production line at the clone factory or she is the French cyclist, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot:

However, there is always more than one actor playing the part – Princess Diana being an excellent example:

And I also find the likeness between Golddigger-Smiff and Princess Mary of Denmark to be a tad too coincidental:

Just sayin’ – not statin’.

Mind you, that thirty billion to one statistic of us having a doppelganger in the world doesn’t apply to the top-knobs. I mean some might say that after being married for a long time a husband and wife grow to look like each other, but I have never heard that said about a boss and his employee’s.

Yet Sir Christopher Geidt is the double of Prince Big Ears of Buggerlugs:

Although technically Sir Chris worked for the Queer… And Big Ears was responsible for getting him sacked according to the Daily Chimp:

Although I am not quite sure how that works. Nevertheless, that story was from September 2017 but the worthless-useless-twat-monkeys felt the need to bring the story up again on the 7th of this month:

I wonder what he won all those medals for?

And last week (24/3/18) the Baboon’s felt the need to mention the shite again for some reason. See HERE

Well, actually I do know the reason. It is because the Chimp has recently been running [an authorised] Anti-Charlie campaign… Probably with a view to get a measure of how popular the dick-head is.

But as I say, the Chimps are the champions of flinging shit… And I am not the only one to notice – see HERE

However, just to prove my point; do you remember the old bollox the shit-rag published in 2016 about Golddigger-Smiff “recycling” the boots that she first wore in 2005, for a Canadian junket?

She never gets n’fucking older does she!

Nevertheless, its rather strange – in my opinion – that the Monkey-Kuntz never picked up on our old banger friend, Autumn Phillips dressing the same:

But then again I am a better journalist than that shower of shit can ever hope to be… Not ego, just a fact.

And finally, since we are talking about Smiff never getting any older, have you noticed that the Queer doesn’t either?

Mind you, I would imagine that the reason for that is because she has been dead for this long time… They just haven’t announced it yet:

Ninety Three next month? Do me a fucking favour!

Course, if the press photographs were to be believed then Sweaty Betty only owns two pair of shoes – both pairs of which can be seen in the above.

And I also have to say that the press photographs are very samey:

However, once again I am only speculating, but the longer that she remains Queen – even if she is a corpse – then the longer the Millions of Pounds continue to flood into someone’s pockets and the less number of years Charles – popular as Gonorrhea – gets to be king.

Just sayin’

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