A right old pair of Charlies


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Charles Hornby

Charles Hornby is a rich cunt educated at Eton who owned a country estate near the Welsh border – not far from one of the Welsh care homes where child sex abuse took place as it happens.

His Sister Susan was married to  John Spencer-Churchill, 11th Duke of Marlborough

11th Duke of Marlborough and his first wife, Susan Hornby, at their wedding


His brother is the late Sir Simon Hornby who was the third generation of his family to run W H Smith.

Indeed, Simons death warranted a fair amount of print space in the MI5 controlled Telegraph newspaper and is well worth a read – which you can do so by clicking HERE 

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And, Charlie was a very good friend of Charles Windsor whom – according to the press – often entertained each other in the mid 1970’s and no doubt still do.


Charles Windsor

Chalie Windsor is a borderline retarded rich cunt who although well educated talks shit and has the charisma of a fused jellyfish.

Rumours abound that he had his first wife Diana murdered.


Since Diana’s death, the prized prat, often referred to by his royal name: Prince Buggerlugs, has chosen to spend his days off – of which he has 365 every year – playing hide the bone with his faithful old bitch, Camilla.

Moreover, it is one of todays modern mysteries as to why the Odd Bod Plod Squad haven’t pulled Buggerlugs in for questioning since he is good friends with just about every paedophile in the world.



And, Charlie was a very good friend of Charles Hornby whom – according to the press – often entertained each other in the mid 1970’s and no doubt still do.


Indecency Conviction

The Canberra Times

Monday 22 September 1975

In London high society Mr Charles Hornby had many admirers.

The tall, dark-haired, good-looking part-time country squire circulated among the Mayfair cocktail set and often entertained Prince Charles at dinner.

But underneath the Eton education and flashy, exuberant personality of the former Lancers officer was a depraved man who helped run a large-scale “call-boy” vice racket.

Last week, after a three months Old Bailey Trial, 33-year-old Mr Hornby was convicted of having conspired to procure acts of: gross indecency by males under 21, committing acts of gross indecency and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr Hornby, an underwriter with Lloyd’s of London pleaded guilty to all charges and with four other men, will be sentenced tomorrow.

Mr Hornby led what appeared to be a glamourous lifestyle flitting between his London town house and his country estate near the Welsh border.

Always with him were his beautiful wife, former debutante Amanda Fitzwilliam Hyde, and their three children.

But away from all this, Mr Hornby’s other life was centred around a seedy amusement arcade in London’s Piccadilly Circus,described last week by a city councillor as a “neon-lit slum”.

The Old Bailey trial was told that Mr Hornby was a valued customer of vice dealers who picked up young runaways at the arcade with offers of money, meals and shelter and then lured them into homosexual prostitution.