A Political Trans-Formation Shrouded In Evil


Chris Spivey


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Apparently, on the 16th of this month BBC2 screened the first of a two part documentary about an ‘experiment‘ conducted by Doctor Javid Abdelmoneim on a class of 7 year olds.

The aim of the “engaging and provocative” experiment called “No More Boys And Girls” was – according to the BBC:

To find out whether stripping away the pink and blue will change the way this class of seven year-olds think.

And to try and achieve this goal involved:

Taking over one Year 3 class from Lanesend primary school in the Isle of Wight, Doctor Javid aims to remove all differences in the way boys and girls are treated to see if, after six weeks of ‘gender neutral’ treatment, he can even out the gaps in their achievement across a range of important psychological measures, from self-confidence to spatial awareness.

Now you should be aware that the Isle of Wight is home to some very nefarious monster-minions which undoubtedly had a bearing on where the ‘experiment‘ was conducted.

Yet regardless of the spin doctors best efforts endeavoring to portray the experiment as having scientific importance, any viewer with half a functioning brain must surely have quickly realised that the point of the programme had at the very best, a very dark underbelly.

And indeed, those viewers already aware of the insidious Tran’s Agenda – which has in fact been active for many more years than most of those who know about it realise – will almost instantly have recognised the abhorrent programme for what it really was i.e. an exercise in propaganda.

After all, the unlawful and illegal, Top Secret experimental research-programs which sprung up following the ‘forced’ dismantling of the CIA’s project MKUltra would already be aware of any scientific findings that the TV programme could of hoped to uncover.

PHOTO: A now declassified MKUltra proposal 

And as such, the covert aim of the ‘documentary’ was nothing more than a means to normalise the abnormal.

Indeed, the website Alt-Politics.Com had the following to say about the disturbing BBC programme… And do take note of the doctors hands in the accompanying photo:

In a bizarre social experiment for a six week TV show, the BBC have attempted to ‘gender neutralise’ a class of 23 seven year old school children from Lanesend Primary School (pictured above) on the Isle of Wight. The controversial exercise was overseen by Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, but even he had concerns by the end of the trial, saying that ‘All I’ve managed to do is upset a load of kids and none of this has had the slightest effect’

The show, called ‘No More Boys and Girls’, will be shown from August 16th on BBC2. Educational experts fear that the show could cause both long and short term psychological distress and harm to the pupils involved.

The Chair of the Campaign for Real Education, Chris McGovern, said:

‘There may be a case for legal action against the school and the BBC if any child has suffered psychological harm or distress, either in the short term or the long term.

‘The BBC seems unable to separate fantasy from reality. The fantasy world created at Lanesend school might be permissible in science fiction drama such as Doctor Who, but it can run close to child abuse when translated into real life’

He was back up by UKIP’s Education Spokesman David Kurten, who said that the corporation had ‘hit a new low’ with the experiment.

A BBC spokesperson described the show as ‘a bold, engaging and provocative experiment’.

It is in fact fair comment to say that the Transgender-Agenda (that has been in operation for well over a Century) has over the past few years now been cranked up to such a level that we are bombarded daily by pro-agenda newspapers, magazines, books & television news item’s along with stories designed to promote the “bravery” of pre op & post op-transsexuals – in most cases elevating them to “Hero” status – whilst at the same time branding anyone who dares to object to the abhorrent propaganda as being a half-witted, low-life bigot; not worthy of opinion.

Now this is done by  usually using fake stories about Transsexuals being badly beaten up or even beaten to death – the latter old bollox occurring in foreign climbs obviously as the fraud is much harder to get away with on home turf:

A transgender woman was brutally beaten to death by a group of thugs who dragged her from her home and attacked her in a sickening transphobic attack.  

Dandara dos Santos, 42, was dragged from her home into the street and kicked, punched, and hit with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents in Fortaleza, Ceara state, Brazil.

Harrowing footage of the attack shows Dandara begging the savage attackers to spare her life, but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

As she lies on the ground covered in blood and struggling to stand, her callous attackers simply lift her into a wheelbarrow and roll her away to a back alley where she was beaten to death amid cheers and laughter. Source  

Tellingly, someone being beaten to death in Brazil would not normally make the Shit-Rags over here, but the whole point of doings so when the victim is a bloke dressed as a bird all goes to make a case for the new in-word, “Transphobia“.

Course, the reality of the situation is that most blokes from the ‘Western World’ who have had the snip look exactly like what they really are i.e. a bloke in a dress who has had his knob & bollocks lopped off.

Or put another way, they look ridiculous and about as female as a Bulldog chewing a Wasp.

Yet the reality is not what is portrayed in the shit-rags and on the goggle-box.

For instance, below is a photo of a mush named Charlie Craggs who we are told was born male but is now a woman.

And a mighty fine looking bird he is too… In other words, perfect for propaganda purposes.

Therefore there can be little surprise to learn that Charlie is trying to change people’s perception of those who are transgender through his work as a nail-artist.


You heard:

Nail Transphobia tackles transphobia through nail art, it’s fabulous activism! Founder Charlie Craggs travels around the UK with her pop up nail salon to museums, galleries and festivals and offers the public free manicures, giving people the chance to sit down and have a chat with a trans person, because most people haven’t met one before yet often have a lot of misconceptions about them from poor and exploitative media representation.

Charlie explains, “this gives us the chance to sit down and have a chat, they can ask me questions about being trans and I can teach them how to be an ally, but the most important part of the interaction for me is just having a laugh and a chat because what I’m really trying to do with my campaign, as well as educate, is humanise the issue and show that trans people are just normal (actually pretty nice) people; I want people to go away with more than just a manicure, I want them to go away an ally. I’m trying to change hearts and minds a nail at a time.”

And indeed Charlie’s website carries glowing testicles testimonials such as:

Charlie Craggs is a radical social innovator working across the UK, making a real difference to society” – The Guardian newspaper.

“Craggs has emerged as an immensely popular and positive figure while breaking down stereotypes and creating allies” – Fader Magazine.

Charlie has made the world more inclusive, fair and a whole lot more fun too” – The Huffington Post.

Charlie Craggs is a powerhouse” – the Victoria & Albert Museum… Quite apt that they should pass comment as you will shortly find out.

However, Charlie Craggs is blatantly the actress Kristin Stewart and the closest that she has come to changing sex is having her boat-race digitally altered in photos:

And I can promise you that Stewart gets up to far worse than posing as a flash with a gash.

Yet inevitably, ‘transsexuals’ shown in the media will all look worth a fuck, which is achieved by covertly portraying females (such as Stewart) as being pre-op males in the “Before” photos and who are obviously then going to look like birds in the “after” shots.

And again, by way of example, the photos below are supposedly before & after shots of a transgendered male:

Yet the fella in the photo looks more like a bird than a bloke to begin with so why he needed to become killer, Shauna Hoare is beyond me.

Here, have a butchers at Hoare in comparison.

That is a straight half ‘n’ half I have done fuck all cept alter the colour level to bring the red faced tranny more in line with the jaundiced Whore… Which is more than can be said for the newspapers who have digitally closed the ‘trannys‘ mouth.

Look closely and you can see her top teeth incorporated into her top lip.

Course, if it were a real case then you have to question why someone would use such a hi-definition ‘before photo‘ and then follow up with such a crap, digitally altered ‘after photo‘… Total, total bollox.

More abhorrent still is the positive, nationwide publicity given to the pair of clowns raising their 4 year old son as “gender fluid”:

Parents Louise and Nikki Draven are raising Britain’s first gender-fluid family, bringing up their four-year-old son Star Cloud to “not get hung up” on being a boy.

Star’s mum is Louise, who was born a man but having hormone treatment ready to fully transition to a woman.

Dad is pansexual Nikki, born a woman but who dresses some days as male and some as female.

Nikki, 30, says: “Neither of us gets hung up on the gender we were born as.

PHOTO: The 4 year old BOY in question

Now they – to me – are the type of people who the social services should be investigating.

I mean talk about confusing the kid.

Unfortunately though, that is just one in a long line of fucked-up fake stories:

A mother is allowing her four-year-old twin son to wear a dress to school because he has believed he is a girl since he was 18 months old.

Little Logan Symonds told his mother Emma, 34, he wanted to wear girls’ clothes to school and she happily let him.

Now Logan, from Gloucester, wears a pinafore so he can ‘be like all the other girls’.

He has also started growing his hair after first declaring to his mother that he was a female aged just 18 months. 

At first his mother ‘brushed it off’ and thought it was a ‘phase’ but Logan started to throw tantrums and became ‘aggressive’ when he wore boys’ clothes. 

Miss Symonds said: ‘Letting Logan wear a pinafore to school was a big step for us all.

‘I’ve been letting him life as a girl and wear girls’ clothes since he turned three, and a couple of months ago I agreed he could grow his hair long Source


PHOTO: The mother & child in question. And check out the little boy making devils horns with his hand.

Bonkers… And fake by the very fact that they are identical twins. After all, “identical” means just that so if one of the twins is that way inclined then so would the other.

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Logan & Star Trek – from the story before – are the same boy… Or even Jessica Whelan:

And to be fair, the Cancer-Con actors have been out in force of late:

For instance, Kim Briggs (pictured left) is in the news at the moment for getting herself killed after being run over by a yobbo on a bicycle (see HERE). Yet not so long ago Kim was Naomi Stanley (pictured right), raising hundreds of thousands of Pounds for her “cancer-stricken daughter”.

And then there was the story the other week about the family who were forced to live in a tent after becoming homeless

Cept a few months before that the homeless dad was playing a cancer sufferer who had in excess of half a million squids raised for him via crowd-funding… Cunt.

Nevertheless, getting back on track and the writer Dale O’Leary wrote about the transgender-agenda last year after the US Department of Education demanded that a very confused schoolboy be allowed to use the girls toilets in school:

The USA is in the midst of what has been called the “bathroom wars”; however, access to bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex for the so-called transgendered is only a means to an end. The real objective can be discerned from ACLU’s press release supporting U.S. Department of Education’s demand that the Palatine High School in Illinois (and by extension all schools receiving federal funds) allow a boy, who wants to be accepted as a girl, unrestricted access to the girls’ locker room.

The transgendered and their supporters claim that people are merely assigned a sex at birth, their gender identity (how they feel) may or may not match their assigned sex. The goal is to force everyone to accept that gender identity should take precedence over the biological reality of sexual identity and men who claim to be women should be treated as though they were women.

The ACLU complained that the school district challenged their “client’s identity as a girl,” which is true because their client is not a girl, but a boy. According to the ACLU, all “she wants to be accepted for who she is.” The problem is that he wants to be accepted for who he is not. Their client claims that not allowing him to change with the girls stigmatizes him, “making me feel like I was not a normal person.” The simple answer is that it is not normal for a male to want to be accepted as female.

The Bruce Jenner celebrity blitz and the battle over bathrooms, have brought the issue of gender to the fore and people are wondering how we got to the point where boys who think they are girls can use the girls’ locker room. What happened to common sense?

Unfortunately, many people thought that gender was just a synonym for sex, and could be substituted for it without causing any harm. However, for activists on the far left, sex and gender are not the same. Sex is biologically determined. Gender is socially constructed and does not have to correspond to sex. There are two sexes –male and female, but an unlimited number of genders. Once identity is divorced from reality, chaos ensues, fantasy rules.

The Obama administration is determined to force everyone to accept the demands of transgender activists. Girls would have to pretend that they are comfortable with a boy who wants to be a girl using the girls’ locker room, because if girls complain or show any sign of disapproval, they will be judged guilty of “transphobic discrimination”. Everyone would have to accept that wanting to be the other sex or believing that one can become the other sex is just normal diversity, when in fact it is a symptom of disordered thinking. Even if a person doesn’t believe that people can change their sex, he would have to pretend they do and call what is obviously a male a woman. The media has accepted this demand. using feminine pronouns for Bruce Jenner, who in spite of all the make-up, surgery, clothes and fancy photographers is still male.

Transgendered persons point to the psychological suffering they endure because people don’t accept them. Their suffering is real. They are engaged in a comprehensive denial of reality. Such a denial is hard to sustain as they must continually shut out the truth. The transgendered delight in “passing” – being accepted as the opposite sex in public. It hurts to be told that even if they can pass they are not and can never truly be the other sex.

The government does not have the right to force a citizen to say something he knows is a lie or to be silent in the face of evil. The people have a right to freedom of speech, which includes the right to speak the truth, even if the truth hurts another person’s feelings. So-called “hate speech” rules are unacceptable because they allow one group to veto the speech of another.

Some may argue that this is just about words, but as G. K. Chesterton said, words “are the only thing worth fighting about.” Careless use of language caused this mess and needs to be remedied, first by never saying gender when you mean sex.

The school under attack tried to accommodate the boy who wanted to be a girl. This was a mistake. They should have told the parents that their son is a boy and must use the boys’ facilities. If this is not possible, he needs counseling. Halfway accommodation won’t work; the Department of Education demands total capitulation. The defenders of the reality of sex difference should learn from this mistake. They cannot compromise the truth. They should not force the other students to accept the lie that gender trumps sex, just to avoid hurting a troubled boy’s feelings.

The LGBTQ activists and their ACLU lawyers are not tolerant liberals who respect other people’s rights. They are pushing a type of political correctness which is a manifestation of a totalitarian, Marxist-influenced ideology. Theodore Dalrymple, an expert on totalitarian societies explains how activists triumph:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

The girls forced to accept a boy in their private space are being targeted for just this kind of humiliation. This is about much more than bathrooms. Source

Spot on.

Now the mention of the actor Bruce Jenner in that article is significunt, because that is another means to the Monster’s sick-ends, since Jenner was an all American sports hero before becoming a bad actor… And then a flat-dick… More propaganda see?

I mean if an action man like Bruce can become an old-sort, then there is nothing to be ashamed of with anyone else having the chop.

Yet I do not believe that Jenner has had a sex change or that he is the bird masquerading as Bruce Caitlin Jenner.

You see, Jenner has six children from three marriages to wives Chrystie Crownover, Linda Thompson, and Kris Jenner –  the last two children being the enormously over-hyped Kendall and Kylie Jenner... And you don’t do that if you are obsessed with becoming a bird.

Indeed, Bruce only came out as a drag-queen in April 2015 stating that: ‘He had dealt with gender dysphoria since his youth‘ and that, ‘for all intents and purposes, he is a woman’.

Yet he stated that at the grand old age of 67.

Course, by doing so Jenner’s role was to break the stereotype perception of transvestites in the same way that tough boxing manager Frank Maloney did over here.

In fact the comparisons between the two are far too similar to be ‘coincidence’ with twice married, father of 3, Maloney only coming out as a drag-queen in August 2014 at the grand old age of 61.

Silly cunt!

Mind you, Maloney’s wife of 15 years has done well for herself since ditching the sad midget and changing her name from Tracey to Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron.

I mean she has only gone and bagged herself a toy-boy in the form of the French Puppet President, Emmanuel Macron.

Mind you, it looks a bit blokey itself.

Nevertheless, Bruce’s stand-in is Janice Dickinson with a little help from Cindy Crawford.

And how galling is it that Jenner was the winner of a bravery award? … For basically admitting that he was bon-bons! Especially when the runner-up was this fella:

And whilst I am not into the whole soldiers-are-heroes-bollox, I think we all know who is the braver of the two.

Yet as I say, this agenda isn’t new. Indeed I have serious doubts about Sweaty Betty’s grandmother, Mary of Teck.

And the company that he-she keeps.

Check out the back row for fucks sake.

Mind you, I kinda suspect that Queer Mary of Transvestiville and Phil the Duck’s insane mother, Princess Alice of Barkingmadpal were one and the same.

PHOTO: Top: Mary & Alice Bottom: Alice & the Duckling

Indeed Mary’s ‘son‘ Edward the Duke of Windsor was fond of dressing up as a lady, had a long love affair with Lord Louie Mount-Anything and married a suspected hermaphrodite.

Oh, we bestest not forget Queer Maria Pia of Saveloy either.

She would definitely suit a mustache.

And as for the current Queer, well up until the 1950’s she and her ‘husband’ Phil were the same person – or at least they were in photos.

Indeed, its no wonder she is always pissed.

And more recently we have had Michael O’Barmy, a definite fella.

Indeed ‘she‘ is currently in the news for beating up some other made-up person, in ‘her‘ new role as the puppet, Robert Mugabe’s bullying wife, Grace.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s wife was once dismissed as a lightweight shopping addict with no political interests, but Grace Mugabe has recently emerged as a potential challenger for power.

Aged 52, the first lady is increasingly active in public life and in 2014 became the head the ZANU-PF party’s women’s wing.

Court politics are complex in Zimbabwe, but she is thought to be backed by the “G-40”, a group of young activists of the under-40 generation that has earned a reputation for aggression.

She regularly attends rallies across the country, railing against anyone alleged to be disloyal to the president, and handing out clothes and domestic goods.

She told crowds in 2015 that she would put her husband in a wheelchair if necessary so he could run for re-election.

Grace was one of Mugabe’s secretaries when their affair began in 1987, and they had two children in secret before the president’s wife died in 1992.

The couple then married at a lavish ceremony in 1996 attended by Nelson Mandela.

She has often been accused of extravagant spending on luxury clothes and international travel, and of involvement in corrupt land deals.

Dubbed “Gucci Grace”, “The First Shopper” or even “DisGrace”, she showed her political mettle in 2014 with her ruthless campaign against then Vice President Joice Mujuru, who was then a contender to succeed her husband.

PHOTO: Bob ‘n’ Grace

Shall we go compare?

Of course we shall.

And therein is the reason why we have perverted, insane puppets running the country willing to do anything they are told.

Now pay close attention and look closely at what you see… Not what you think you see.

The Prime Mincer Terry May

Course it is well documented on this site as to how I arrived at the conclusion that our Prime Mincer is a man so I see no point in adding more about the tranny-fanny and its ‘husband.

And besides, the photos speak for themselves. However, for any of you who don’t know what I have written about Terry May in the past, you can start by clicking HERE

And as you know, Terrance sticks to the same 3 or 4 outfits so as he-she is easy to slot into ‘other’ photos.

Course, being a created persona meant that Terry had to have a created past, hence the Minions used a photo of Mother Theresa as a template to give birth to Theresa May.

Terry’s ‘Husband’, Phillipa:

The Homo Secretary Amber Rudd and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillipa Hammond 

Now hopefully you will believe the unbelievable, namely that Rudd & Hammond are the same fella… At least I hope you will once you have seen the evidence that I am about to show you for it to be so.

Course, if I am correct – and I most certainly am – that would not only take the earnings of the actor to almost half a Million Pounds of taxpayers money every year, but would also give credence to my repeatedly stated claim that these puppets do absolutely fuck all to earn that money.

Indeed they are just front-men for those inherently evil monsters who really dictate policy.

Now the following two photos are the ones that I am going to use to prove to you that Amber is Philip or vice versa… Although I strongly suspect that the actor is male.

Okay, let’s start with the Rudd photo and as far as I can tell there hasn’t been too much playing around with it although the neck has most certainly been digitally ‘ironed’.

There has also been some moles added, the eyes have been widened slightly on the lower eyelids and the bottom lip has been slightly altered, which all sounds a lot, but believe me, is only very slight in comparison to some photos that I see of these puppets.

However, the actor is wearing latex skin – or some form of fake skin.

And again, anyone reading this who isn’t familiar with this daily occurrence in the lives of puppet actors, click HERE for more detail.

As for the photo of Hammond:

Well his photo has been far more played with than Rudd’s has. Indeed his mouth has been tilted and his skull is deformed. This is evidenced by the fact that the line down the center of his nose should run inline with the gap between his two front teeth, which it doesn’t.

Moreover, whilst that rule doesn’t apply to the jaw (as the jaw can be moved from side to side obviously) you will still find that when relaxed the line should still extend to the center of the chin… Which is not the case with Hammond’s photo despite the fact that to be so far off center, the shift in the jaw to his right should be clearly seen… And again it isn’t.

And his nose is on the piss too.

However, regardless of the deliberate distortion, the following is what you get when you overlay half of Rudd’s head onto Hammond’s… And do take note that this is a straight overlay with none of the photo ratios changed.

Now study the two halves carefully because the proof doesn’t come much more conclusive than that. The eye colour and lower ears even tally which is something that the Minion’s usually alter nowadays.

And for a better overall view, below is the same photo with a touch of matching in.

And here is the photo that I did for my last article which is again conclusive despite the actors head being at a slightly more turned-to-the-side angle in the Rudd photo, than it is in Hammond’s.

the MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, Helen Hayes

The actor who plays the Chancellor & the Homo-Secretary also plays the MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, Helen Hayes… Kerching!

PHOTO: Helen Hayes

Now for the comparison-half ‘n’ half overall picture; with Hammond I am going to use the photo below.

However, there are a few things to point out about it, such as his neck – what the fuck is that all about – his lower cheek on your right and his ears.

And for the Hayes photo I am going to use the following.

And again there are a few things to point out to you, such as the veneers on her front teeth which again are out of line with the center of her nose. The artificially widened cheeks warrant a mention and you can see where her neck has been messed with.

However, as you are about to see; the curved line on your right of her neck, where the skin suddenly changes to an off white colour, is the line which forms Hammond’s shirt collar.

Unfortunately I bodged up the matching in of the two half faces, in my haste to get this story done and get back to editing “A Bridge Too Far“. But I’m sure that you get the picture.

As for Hayes & Rudd, well I will dispense with the preamble but just be aware of Hayes artificially widened cheeks.

Course, were any of her Cuntstituants ever to meet Hayes the last thing that they would notice was the fact that her Chipmunk cheeks were not as wide as they appear to be in her photos… Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, the whole point of staging the murder of Jo Cox and the fake terrapin attack on Westmonster was to form an excuse so as to stop the public from getting to close to them and the fakery involved.

And indeed, looking at the new influx of MP’s since 2015 would be an indication of why there is a need to distance them from us.

Nevertheless, Hayes and Co are also the Castle Point MP, Rebecca Harris.

The MP Helen Hayes & the MP for Castle Point, Rebecca Harris.


Course, Amber Rudd has more than one person playing the role:

And one of those definitely also plays Amanda Milling.

The Homo Secretary, Amber Rudd & the MP for Cannock Chase, Amanda Milling

And as a postscript to the criminal Philip Rudd, take a look at the following:

Mind you, I have in the past proved that Parliament TV is not live… Just another little scam that they have going in order to deceive.

The MP for Whitney, Robert Courts

Robert Courts, an MP since 2016 doubles up as the MP Cat Smith, as you will see shortly.

Now I am pleased to say that this actor was brought to my attention by site commentor, ‘Ags‘ – Courts being his MP.

Indeed he-she was a good find and I love it when you’s pay attention.

After all, when I first started talking about there not being anywhere near the stated 650 MP’s in the Commons because those that exist are doubling up to play others – and in some cases playing an MP of the opposite sex – most of you appeared to think that I had lost the plot. Therefore, it is nice to know that an awful lot of you have begun to realise that I am right.

Apparently Courts is also a Barrister so his surname is very apt although Barristers seems to be in the top 5 career choices for these actors.

And indeed it has to be said that our QC’s do have many doubles – A fact that I first noticed whilst my court cases were on going.

For instance:

Just sayin’.

Now interestingly enough, Courts took over Dave the rave Cameron’s ultra safe seat of Whitney which is quite surprising given his lack of experience… And as such, Court’s has only been an MP for just over a year.

Photo: There be Monsters

In fact his alter-ego Cat Smith has more experience in politics.

The MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood, Cat Smith

PHOTO: Cat Smiff 

Smith was elected to office in 2015 and was (allegedly) educated at Cartmel College, Lancaster University where she graduated with a BA joint honours degree in Sociology and Gender Studies. Hmmm!

She then went to work for Jeremy Corbyn as a policy officer for the British Association of Social Workers.

And as such my view that these puppet-muppets are maneuvered into place to cause mayhem is reinforced further.

Shall we go compare her with Robert Courts – as if we really need to?

Yes of course we shall.

Is it any wonder that our justice system is a sick joke, yet it is presented to us as being the best in the world… Is it fuck.

Moreover, since Cat Smiff is the LABOUR M.P for Lancaster and Fleetwood, whilst Court bats for the Tories, you now have solid proof that it doesn’t matter who you vote for because Labour & Tories are just two sides to a coin with the Liberals making up the edge… A shower of shit, the fucking lot of them.

The MP for Halifax, Holly Lynch

Lynch has been an MP since 2015, although I do have to say that I am in two minds as to whether Cat Courts is the MP, Holly Lynch.

I mean I am not sure whether someone so inexperienced could handle playing at least four MP’s… Although Lynch did proper push the Jo Cox bollox – temporarily taking over Cox’s *aherm, aherm, workload following the murder.

PHOTO: Holly Lynch paying tribute to Jo Cox in the Conmans

And no, that tally of four wasn’t a mistake. You see we have to add Tracey Crouch to the mix.

The MP for Chatham and Aylesford, Tracey Crouch

Crouch wears the most ridiculous fake teeth ever – bar none.

And Smiff, Courts & Lynch have some fucking big gnashers to begin with… Nevertheless, Crouch and Lynch are one and the same.

And indeed it would be hard to make a case for Smiff not being Crouch

Which would also mean that Courts is Crouch.

So basically with have just TWO actors playing NINE MP’s so far.

Yet that is only the tit of the iceberg. You see I also suspect them of being young Paisley MP, Mhairi Black.

The MP for Paisley, Mhairi Black

And again you have to look passed the photoshopping… I mean why would they do that anyway? Nevertheless, the more obvious of the alterations are her chin, her ears that have a white ‘haloing around them. Her nostrils which have been closed up. Her hair where it curves round as if to go into a bun is faked and her necklace is made out of her shirt.

Mind you, the fact that the background is all blurred out is a giveaway because like I have said many times before, doing so has fuck all to do with the artistic nature of the photographer and everything to do with making it much easier to photoshop.

However, you will have to do the comparisons yourself if you are not convinced as I have an awful lot to get through.

Mhairi – who appears to spend an awful lot of time down in the South of England – is quite possibly also Faversham & Mid Kent MP, Helen Whately.

The MP for Faversham & Mid Kent, Helen Whately

Whatley is another fairly new MP, having only taken her seat in the 2015 General Election.

PHOTO: Helen Whately MP

Indeed it is a bit hard to work out who is the more photoshopped of the two. However, for those who cannot see the wood for the trees, Whately has been added to the Commons background. You see, when you add someone or something on to a background, you have to digitally ‘iron’ the edges or whatever has been added sticks out like a Baboon’s bottom.

However, whoever did it wasn’t very good hence the cardigan sleeve and shoulders are smooth because the ‘iron’ was [digitally] too hot. Moreover the edge to her left arm hasn’t been ironed – I would imagine it wasn’t done because whoever forged the photo wasn’t confident enough to iron her arm for fear of fucking up the face of the fella sat behind her… You can see where the wank-amateur minion had a tentative bash where the fellas hair meets Whatley’s cardigan.

Furthermore, the microphones do not hang that low in the Conmans and there is a mysterious black splodge to the left of her head.

And on top of that once again her necklace is formed from her cardigan and she has strange forehead lines that women rarely get. But most of all, she has a neck like a fucking giraffe.

Still at least she got to meet the Right Orrible Prime Mincer, Terrance May… Well she would being a Tory MP wouldn’t she.

The *aherm, aherm, MP, Kelly Tollhurst also got to meet Terrance.

Fuck me, she’s a big bloke isn’t he?

Nevertheless, do I need to point out the obvious? Of course I do.

But I digress… So let’s compare Helen You-What You-What, to the Black bloke.

Moving on and I am going to slot Kelly Tollhurst in at this point. Tollhurst is seen above in the fake Terry May photo.

The MP for Rochester & Strood, Kelly Tollhurst

Tollhurst is another newby to Parliament having won her seat in May 2015 – nuf-sed for the minute.

Now in May 2016 the singer Adele announced that she was quitting music for 10 years in order to bring up her son:

She’s due to finish her 107 date world tour in November. 

And after taking her music global, it’s believed that Adele, 28, will be taking a ten-year hiatus from touring in order to spend time with her son Angelo. 

The Sun reports that the Hello hitmaker has made the decision in light of the fact her three-year-old son with Simon Konecki will start school next year and will be unable to join her on the road – but she is said to be considering a Las Vegas residency. Source

Cool but what the fuck has that to do with Tollhurst?” I hear you ask… And the answer to that is ‘Everything’ – but just bear with me.

You see, Adele’s career – not to mention earnings – skyrocketed after the singer let her face be used to portray the “White Widow”, Samantha Lewthwaite.

Now Lewthwaite’s story is one of the most bollox fairy-tales that I have ever heard, what with her supposedly being the ‘wife’ of 7/7 suicide bomber, Jermaine Lyndsey. She then went on to become a big fat boss at Al Queda International Ltd, once her hubby had pretend blown himself to kingdom – cum.

And below are a few comparison photos of Lewthwaite & Adele.

And since Adele is arguably the biggest female music star in the world, you have to wonder why.

I mean yes she can sing, but singers are ten a penny. However, the fact that she is ‘one of them‘ would give you the answer to the question.

And by that I mean that Adele is Kelly Tollhurst and therein you have the real reason as to why she is taking a break in her music career. Indeed the break was originally going to be for 5 years:

She kicked off her world tour last month, performing a staggering 105 shows across Europe and North America.

And Adele is allegedly already planning her next break, intending to take a five-year hiatus from the music industry in order to focus on her three-year-old son with boyfriend Simon Konecki. Source

Therefore I can only assume that Tollhurst has already been promised a 2nd term.

Yet both options are telling of how narcissistic these Monster Minions are. I mean what musician can take 5 years off – let alone ten – and then just expect to be massive… Although no doubt the fat Heifer will still be big around the guts.

I mean John Lennon did it and look at what he came back with: “Starting Over”! It would have been okay for the European Song Contest but many levels below “Across the Universe“.

And of course, Elvis had a bash only to find that his records were being sold on the bargain bucket Music-For-Pleasure (MFP) record label… And Adele ain’t no Elvis and she most definitely isn’t in the John Lennon bracket.

She was however very much in the Mary McLeod bracket.

The former MP for Brentford and Isleworth, Mary McLeod

McLeod lost her seat in the 2015 General Election – the General Election in which Kelly Tollhurst won hers:

I wonder if all those fans who allowed her to accumulate her massive fortune know that she is a piss taking slug who cannot stand them?

And I believe that the fat-fuck also stood in for Kirsty Blackman – The MP for Aberdeen North.

Although only part-time you understand.

Good that innit?

And I am not anywhere near done yet although I will have to cut this piece short unfortunately… Funny how I always start these supposedly quick articles because I have the information to hand yet they always escalate.

Nevertheless, in the election earlier this year, the Labour Party snatched the cuntstituency seat of High Peak off of the Conservatives – who had held the seat since 2010 – with Andrew Bingham losing to Ruth George by a very marginal 2,400 votes or there abouts.

The MP for High Peak, Ruth George 

And once again, Ruth George is another one of the new influx of MP’s and only gained her seat in May of this year.

Course, when she was looking to gain votes George took the maverick route:

But as you are about to find out, it was the usual case of talk the talk and balk the walk once she got elected.

Indeed the truth is very different to the outward reality and despite supposedly only being an MP for the last 3 months or so, Charlie George is also a career criminal.

However, she – or should I say he – has been an MP a lot longer than 3 months.

You see, George Ruth is also Oliver Downden, the MP for Heartsmere.

The MP for Heartsmere, Oliver Downden

Mind you Dowden – who has only been an MP since 2015 himself – had a good teacher since prior to becoming an MP, he was Dave the criminal rave Cameron’s Chief of Staff… Allegedly.

Although I don’t know how because as far as I can see, Dowden is Orpington MP, Jo Johnson, brother of Boris… Quite apt that Johnson should spell his name like a girl isn’t it?

The MP for Orpington, Jo Johnson

Now as for comparing Ruth George to Jo Johnson I had a real struggle since there is a distinct lack of suitable photographs on the interweb… Very strange for two politicians.

Nevertheless, I still think that the two that I was forced to use are pretty conclusive.

And interestingly enough, whilst searching for a suitable photo to use I came upon an article which was published on the 30th of March 2016 in a local London newspaper, about a bird called Ruth Clark.

The Tory Council Leader, Ruth Clarke

Now the report was about a TORY Councillor, named RUTH Clarke whom had announced that she had been chosen as the Conservative Candidate in the Roding By-Election:

The Conservative candidate in a councillor by-election has promised to tackle the chronic lack of school places in her campaign.

The Redbridge Conservatives today announced that their candidate for the Roding by-election on May 5 will be Ruth Clark, after Cllr Sarah Blaber stepped down from the ward last week.

Ms Clark has already been a Redbridge councillor, representing Aldborough ward for eight years.

She said: “I am especially keen to campaign for more school places to give local parents a real choice. Source

And here is a screenshot that I took of the accompanying photo.

Now what would the chances be of a Tory Councillor named RUTH Clark, photographed on GEORGE Street seeking election in the May 2016 by-election and then a year to the day later, a LABOUR candidate named RUTH GEORGE seeks to win a seat in the General Election, when the pair are so close in looks?

And why even mention the fact that the Slug had its photo taken on George Street if there is no hidden agenda?

Now I say close in looks but they are far from identical. What is important is the origin of Ruth George’s name, which came about by Ruth Clark having her photo taken on George Street… That is not a coincidence… In fact I am just about to prove it to you.

And besides, Ruth George is Oliver Dowden and Jo Johnson.

Nevertheless, Ruth Clark, the Conservative Candidate for Roding did indeed win the by-election on May 5th 2016… Which is strange because she is also DOCTOR (yawn) Sarah Woollaston – the Conservative Party MP for Totnes.

The MP for Totnes, Sarah Wollaston

Woollaston is obviously on your right in the following half ‘n’ half comparison.

And  Woollaston has been incumbent in that post since 2010.

However, if ya want a second opinion, here ya go:

Moreover, both of them (or at least the actor playing both of them) is also Mary Robinson the MP for Cheadle.

The MP for Cheadle, Mary Robinson

Robinson is also a relatively new MP having become a Member of Parliament following the 2015 General Election – seen below in comparison with Cllr Ruth Clark

And to save time messing about with another half ‘n’ half comparison of Robinson & Woollaston I am just going to use the go compare site.

Now the thing about Mrs Robinson is that she is also the former MP, Andrew Bingham.

The former MP for High Peak, Andrew Bingham

And as you may or may not recall, Bingham lost his seat to Ruth George… Mental isn’t it?

Now look at this comparison between the pair

Bingham was Lord Lucan’s last name don’t cha know?

Yet that is not even half of the deception yet.

You see, with me finding the photo of Cllr Ruth Clark stood on George Street whilst I was researching Ruth George, I then couldn’t just ignore Clark – given their connection – so I had to look at what I could find out about he-she.

And that search brought up a listing for The Essex Communities Foundation – or more specifically a photo of a “Charity” run by a Mr Charles Slug CLARK.

Now the following is what the ECF do, according to their home page.:

We are an independent charitable trust improving the quality of life of people in our community by investing and distributing funds on behalf of a wide range of donors.

Since 1996 our donors have distributed £30 million of charitable funding directly into Essex, Southend and Thurrock making it a great place to live, work, learn and grow. 

As one of the UK’s leading, accredited community foundations we have the expertise and local knowledge to help individuals, families, companies and public agencies to support the local causes and charities close to their heart and close to home.

We have awarded over 7,000 grants to support a variety of voluntary organisations and projects. To view some of these, click here.

I then went to have a butchers at the “Clark Family Fund” and below is a screenshot of what the ECF say about the Clark’s and their fund.

The Clark Family

Hmmm! Let me enlarge that photo for you:

Bless them… Do I need to point out the bleedin’ obvious?

Of course I do.

Now revealing that high level of criminality will surely lead to an arrest… But I will let you know when they let me out on bail.

Mind you, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when the third ‘charity’ on the list turned out to be that belonging to the criminal, former Essex Police & Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston.

The former Essex Police & Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston & Lincolnshire top-cop, Neil Rhodes

Old Nick isn’t who he claims to be either, since he also masquerades as the Lincolnshire Chief Cunstable, Neil Rhodes


And in regard to that last photo of Alston; bear in mind what I told you earlier on in this article about the center line of your skull in relation to the center gap between a persons two front teeth.

Or put another way, the right dishonorably Nicky, Nacky, Noo’s photo is as fake as what he is.

And whilst I’m at it, has anyone seen that nice Mr Kavanagh of late? Just inquiring.

However, I was so outraged at the Andrew Bingham fraud that I decided I best contact a ‘journalist’ with the story. I mean there would be no point in me telling the police thus hastening my own arrest.

Now knowing that our journalist are mostly all monster-minions I thought that I best go further afield to contact one.

The useless tool, Eric Baxter

And after a quick shufty I settled on Eric Baxter from the Greenock Telegraph… Until I saw his photo.

Photo: Eric Baxter

After all, I may as well have gone straight to Jeremy Corbyn with the story as go to Baxter.

The shadow Prime Mincer, Jeremy Corbyn

Do you remember when Corbyn first came to the forefront of the news and the ‘Wide Awake Club’ all thought that he was the real deal? Kinda like the 2nd coming of Russell Brand… The gullible Grapefruits.

And I will point out that the above photo of the Slug is a fake… He isn’t really giving the thumbs up. You only need to draw a line through the photo where the two different shades of blue meet to see where the digital alteration occurred… Now why would they do that and why wouldn’t Jelly complain?

Well the answer to that is Jelly C is a useful tool. Have a read of this:

A former RAF engineer and motorbike racer could become the UK’s first openly transgender MP after being selected to stand for the Labour party in the General Election. Sophie Cook, 50, will stand in the constituency of East Worthing and Shoreham, challenging Conservative MP Tim Loughton.

Mr Loughton has held the seat since 1997 and won in the 2015 election with a comfortable majority of 14,949, securing 30 per cent of the vote. Ms Cook now lives in Brighton and works as an official photographer for AFC Bournemouth Premier League football club. Until 1991, she was stationed in West Germany with the RAF during the Cold War. She began transitioning in 1998 but did not come out until 2015. Source


The useful tool, Sophie Cook

Now first off you should note the clever wording of the opening sentence in that article: “A former RAF engineer and motorbike racer could become the UK’s first openly transgender MP“… The operative word being “openly” – since I think that I have more than proved that Westmonster is crawling with he-she’s.

Secondly I suspect that Cook wasn’t serious about winning the East Worthing & Shoreham seat since the evil cunt Tim Loughton was never going to be unseated… No matter how many votes he got.

And thirdly, I also strongly suspect that Cook is already an MP under the guise of Karen Lee who became the MP for Lincoln in the 2017 General Election… There is a bit of a pattern opening up here, don’t cha think?

The MP for Lincoln, Karen Lee

And I would guess that they are both the veteran Irish Labour Party politician, Joan Burton.

The Irish Labour Party politician, Joan Burton

In hindsight, the following two photos would have been better but I can’t be arsed to do it again:

And as for a Burton & cook comparison:

I also note that the Liberal Democrat election candidate for Chippenham was the drag-queen, Helen Belcher, who took over from Duncan Hames – husband of the extremely dodgy Jo Swinson.

The Wannabe, Helen Belcher – despite still being a man

Photo: Helen Belcher

The country has gone fucking bonkers… I hope you are all angry about how this state of affairs has been allowed to happen.

Indeed I wouldn’t trust that daft twat with anything. In factI wouldn’t trust Belcher to even be its self!

You see, to me Belcher looks like Sophie Cook.

It would indeed be hilarious if it wasn’t so fucking serious.

I mean take a look at the fuck-up in the following photo.

He has the kind of name that you would expect a bod like that to have, hasn’t he. Yet there were some proper nutters attend that Green Congress 2017. Including Aimee Chanellor.

Who is really a man.

Yet they share the same photo:

However, that is as good as your getting on the pair of freaks because you only need look at the nose and mouth… Course there is an age difference there which could indicate clones or that Per Johanssen has fake skin on.

So to get back on track, and while Ruth Clark was canvasing to win the Roding council by-elections & having he-she’s photo taken on George Street, the drag-queen’s Lib-Dem opponent, 23 year old Rich Clare (as if) was doing the same… As in canvasing and having his photo taken on George Street.

A Liberal Democrat candidate in a council by-election has said mental health care and responsible development are top of his campaign priorities.

Rich Clare, of Lorne Gardens in South Woodford, was announced as the Lib Dem candidate for the Roding by-election last month, after Conservative Councillor Sarah Blaber resigned.

If the 23-year-old is elected, Roding will be completely represented by Lib Dem councillors.

He said: “Although I really got involved in the party at university in Sheffield, back home in Redbridge I saw how Lib Dem councillors like Ian Bond and Gwyneth Deakins were having a positive impact on local people’s lives, and I wanted to get involved in that work. Source

The would-be Cllr, Rich Clare

Photo: Rich Clare… Good job his first name isn’t Eric else he would be an E Clare… Instead of being a fucking donut.

However, as a quick, yet important aside, notice that the knob has his name on his rosette… Which is right that he should have. However, a lot of photos that I am seeing of politicians wearing them, have had the name removed… Thus indicating that their head has been plonked onto someone else’s body.

Joke Ox for instance:

The ‘murdered MP, Jo Cox

It really isn’t rocket salad to figure out don’t cha know:

So let me repeat for you: Jo Cox didn’t exist… Ever.

And yet the sick-fuck Monsters still went ahead and gave an actor a medal for his bravery for trying to save her – talk about a fucked up state of affairs!

The man who tried to stop a right-wing extremist from murdering MP Jo Cox has been awarded the George Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Bernard Kenny, 78, was stabbed as he intervened when Thomas Mair attacked Mrs Cox in his home village of Birstall, West Yorkshire, a year ago.

PCs Craig Nicholls and Jonathan Wright – who arrested Mair – have also received Queen’s Gallantry Medals.

Unarmed, they pursued him despite knowing he may have a gun and a knife.

The late politician’s senior caseworker, Sandra Major, who witnessed the killing, receives an MBE for parliamentary services and service to the community in Batley and Spen.

Mrs Cox, the Labour MP for the Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen, was stabbed and shot outside Birstall Library on 16 June 2016.

After the attack more than 80,000 people signed an online petition calling for Mr Kenny to be awarded the George Cross for his bravery. Source


But let’s get back to Rich Clare and I don’t suppose that he was upset that he didn’t manage to become the council leader since he – or more specifically; she – is already an MP.

Indeed, she is the SNP’s, Angela Crawley who became an MP in 2015 (yawn) after winning the seat for Lanark & Hamilton East.

The Lanark & Hamilton East MP, Angela Crawley

PHOTO: Angela Crawley

And as you might expect, Crawley is not Heterosexual and according to Wikipenis:

In February 2016, she was included in The Independent’s group photograph of 28 LGBT MPs and peers

Course, I haven’t a fucking Scooby Doo if she classes herself as a Lesbican or a Fanny-Tranny but shall we have a look at her/him side by side with Rich Clare… Of course we fucking shall:

And the following is Angela Crawley’s official Westminster picture.

Don’t laugh, and I will take it as read that you can see the photoshopping involved.

Course it should have been obvious that there was summat odd with Rich Clare since his surname is a woman’s name and his first name is usually abbreviated to another name for a ‘Cock’… Dick Clare = Clare with a dick…. They are funny these fucking Monster Minions aren’t they.

Mind you, talk about a coincidence since we did in fact have a fucking half-wit troll called Richard Crawley leaving comments on this site for fucking years… But that was probably just coincidence… Probably.

Nevertheless, I think that all proves the non-coincidental connection between the MP, Ruth George and Cllr, Ruth Clark photographed on George Street. And indeed ‘Clark’ is only one letter different from ‘Clare’… Perhaps those E’s are Special K’s… I’m fucking good,me, don’t cha know.

Or are you not convinced yet, because I can roll out many more [disturbing] connections. For instance have a butchers at the following photo:

Now the photo was taken by RUTH Victoria who are based in King GEORGE, Virginia in America. And obviously this photo came up in the Google Image search that I made for Ruth George.

However, the bird in the photo instantly reminded me of the MP, Stephanie Peacock who was elected to parliament in 2017 – no surprise there then.

The MP for Barnsley East, Stephanie Peacock

And just so as ya know, y’know, the following is a comparison of the two:

Now as you can see, even if I am wrong about them being one and the same they certainly look alike and the Ruth George connection is extremely coincidental.

However, what makes me more suspicious still of Peacock is what her Wikipedia page says about her, and indeed what the page doesn’t say:

In 2015 Peacock fought Halesowen and Rowley Regis, but was defeated by the Conservative incumbent James Morris.

Only weeks before the 2017 general election, she was selected to stand for parliament in the safe Labour seat of Barnsley East when the previous incumbent Michael Dugher retired.

Her maiden speech occurred during a Grenfell Tower debate during which she mentioned the local issue of Orgreave.

Now ignoring the Grenfell issue, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the Labour Party put her forward for the Halesowen seat in the 2015 general election despite her lack of political experience. And having lost that, the Labour Party then put her forward for the SAFE SEAT of Barnsley East in the 2017 general election… Which being a safe-seat, she obviously won to become an MP.

So quite clearly someone wanted her to become an MP very badly.

However, what Steph’s Wikipedia doesn’t say is that she has been the MP, Fatty Watson’s bird since 2012.

Smug Fucks.

And the Tranny-Fanny Eddie Izzard was also keen to have her elected.

Peacock looks very young doesn’t she despite being 37 years old apparently.

Okay, Shall we have another example of Ruth George?

Of course we fucking shall.

PHOTO: Ruth George

Now this George came up in my Google Image search and appeared in an article about ‘higher education’. However, Ruth is darker than what she looks and most definitely came from the same photo source as the NEW Saffron Walden MP, Kemi Badenoch.

The Saffron Walden MP, Kemi Badenoch.

Now my guess is that Ruth George of higher education fame doesn’t exist and she is just a made-up persona for which the Minion’s used Kemi’s photo to create.

And indeed that photo of Kemi is used a lot.

PHOTO: All four photos – three of Kemi, one of Ruth George – all originate from the same source

Indeed, any lingering doubts about Kemi & Ruth originating from the same photo should be dispelled by the eyebrow scar.

And of course, when blown-up that large you can also clearly see the photoshopping to Ruth’s chin.

Mind you, quite why they are trying to portray Kemi as a youthful looking bird is beyond me. I mean she has only been an MP since May 2017 yet most photos do not reflect how she really looks.

Very strange… Especially since they have done the same with Fatty Watson’s bird.

Unless of course those younger looking photos are not really Kemi. I mean they are without doubt the same photos used for 16 year old Amira Abase, the bird who ran away to Syria with her two mates a couple of years ago… Which I proved was total bollox in my articles “ISIS Proudly Presents” & “Are We There Yet“.

And funnily enough, Mohammed Uddin, the father of Amira Abase’s fellow absconder, Sharmeena Begum was played by the MP for Norwich South, Clive Lewis.

I fucking love it when things that I have written about in the past as being frauds are given credence later on down the line.

And then there is the following:

Okay, one more example of Ruth George and then I really will have to start wrapping things up. And besides, if you still don’t see ”it” after this next one then you never probably will.

Now below is a screenshot of another result that I had come up in my Ruth George search.

And as you can see it is a link to the ‘Linkedin’ profile of a bird called Ruth George… Cept that isn’t Ruth George. It is in fact the MP for Edmonton, Ruth Osamor

Okay, I am going to finish by showing you some more MP’s that are doubling up but are not necessarily he-shes. Moreover, some of them will be other personas played by people that I have already written about here, but have only come to light as I have been writing this piece.

The MP for Edmonton, Ruth Osamor & the MP for Windsor, Adam Afriyie

Osamor only been an MP since May 2016 whilst Afriyie is almost a veteran having been elected in 2005.

Its all to do with shadow placement don’t cha know.

Bristol South MP, Karin Smyth and Wolverhampton South East MP, Patrick Bosco Mcfadden

Karin Smyth (Karen Smith) is a newcomer after being elected for the darkly satanic seat of Bristol South, whilst Pat McFadden is a Wolves veteran taking up his place at the trough in 2005.

The MP Patrick McFadden and the MP for Weston Super Mare, John Penrose.

Penrose became an MP at the same time as McFadden.

Unsurprisingly Penrose married into the aristocracy.

The MP Patrick McFadden & the MP for North West Norfolk, Sir Henry Bellingham

Bellingham is a grand old timer of Parliament having first become an MP in the Thatcher government right back in 1983… Indeed it is strange that given all his time as an MP I haven’t come across him before.

Now why would they do that?

Peter Heaton Jones MP and Alistair Burt MP 

Valerie Vaz MP & Lisa Nandy MP

The MP Neil Gray & the MP Graham Brady

Kate Green MP & Judy Murray

Peter Mandelson & Jacob Rees Mogg

Jacob Rees Mogg & Hilary Benn

Peter Mandelson & Hilary Benn


William Hague & Maidstone Green Party Candidate, Stuart Jeffery

The Labour Party Candidate for Erewash, Catherine Atkinson & the Transgender author & activist Juno Dawson

Course, Atkinson was never meant to win the election. You see, she was used as a divide and rule instrument, what with he-she being heavily pregnant at the time and subject to snide comments made by a Tory Councillor:

A TORY councillor suggested a pregnant Labour candidate should not be elected as MP because she will be “too busy” – sparking outrage.

Jon Wright was slammed after he said Catherine Atkinson would be “busy changing nappies” and asked how she could be “an effective MP”. Source

As for Juno Darwin? Well the name or word possibly has its origins in “Youth” and of course you all know who Charles Darwin was and as such the name ‘Juno Darwin’ would be the evolution of tranny-fanny’s.

Course, by the same token ‘Juno‘ in Roman mythology was the wife of Jupiter and the queen of the heavens. She was the protectress of marriage and women, and was also the goddess of finance.

However, whilst looking for a comparison photo for the he-she it struck me how much he looked like the typically hyper sensitive, emotionally fragile, narcissistic fruit-loop that are common traits amongst tranny-fanny’s.

Indeed, in my humble opinion I would say that in most cases these maniacs are not interested in equality and instead feel entitled to be treated as a cut above the rest.

Anyhow, that is your lot for now as I have spent far longer than I intended on this piece, although I have enough material for at least two follow ups. But those will have to wait for the time being as I really do have to finish editing “A Bridge Too Far” and get it released.

Nevertheless, think on:  We are not living in a democracy and we heterosexuals are very under represented by the freaks of nature in positions of power who will continue to impose on us that what is anything but the norm… That is to say; at least they will for as long as we let them.

Nuff sed… For now.