A Paedophile By Any Other Name.




You have to laugh at the perceived superiority complex running prevalent through the boxed brains of the indoctrinated masses, don’t cha… You certainly don’t want to have to say it too many times though.

I am of course referring to those people coming out en masse in support of the bucket kicking, Slaggy Maggie Thatcher 

It isn’t in fact, untrue to say that I have never before in my life seen such nonsense written over Facebook in defence of the indefensible .. Fuck me, I thought it was bad when Michael Jackson died, but this is something else.

So, no more Mr Nice Guy.

Anyone rushing to the fucking slag cunts defence has got to be a paedophile or have paedophile tendencies themselves.

And here is why.

If I surrounded myself with paedophiles, worked with paedophiles, asked paedophiles for advice, socialised with paedophiles, went out of my way to help paedophiles, holidayed with paedophiles and protected paedophiles, I would be branded a paedophile myself and at best, spat on every time I left my house… And rightly so too.

Slaggy Thatcher did all those things and more.

Take her long time friendship with  Jimmy Savile. He used to pop round to slaggy Maggies just to watch TV. You don’t do that kind of shit unless you know someone very well. Worse still, Savile spent 11 consecutive Christmas’s with the slag cunt.

The following is from one of my many articles on the perverted Deejay:

He claims that he spent 11 consecutive Christmases with the Thatchers at Chequers. He says of the  former  premier:  “I  knew  the real  woman  and  the  real  woman was  something  else”. SOURCE

Never a truer word spoken from the pathetic excuse of a man.

Savile even bragged that he was responsible for getting the cunt elected. Source

Now, being as the Police knew about Saviles sordid activities in the 1950’s, are you seriously saying that MI5 didn’t fill Slaggy Maggie in?

Alistair McAlpine, Thatchers party treasurer and close friend also claims to have spent 14 consecutive Christmas’s with the old cunt.

McAlpine is of course the fat nonce who was purposely falsely accused by Steve ‘in the money’ Messham as being the person who molested him. This ruse was done specifically to put a stop to the truth coming out after news of Savile’s depravity finally broke in the MSM last year.

McAlpine, , a collector of child pornography,  was also publicly accused of child rape in connection with the Welsh care home abuse  in 1999 yet he did fuck all.

This would explain why, the only people that the nonce cunt has sued to date are people who DIDN’T  name him, despite having let all those off who DID name him… Still waiting for my letter you fat fuck.

Then there is Sir Peter Morrison. Morrison was already a  predatory paedophile as Thatcher well knew when she hired him as her aide when she was the Prime Minister. Edwina Currie confirmed that fact.

Now I ask you? Would you hire someone you know was raping little children? Would you cover for them? Of course you wouldn’t.

There is only two types of person who would do that, and that is someone who is either a dirty nonce cunt their self or someone who see’s nothing wrong with the abhorrent practice.

Neither does the list end there. You have  her former political fixer close friend, and speech writer Derek Laud, publicly named as a child rapist and possibly even murderer. Read More

Laud, was also a close friend and guest at the cunt Cameron’s wedding, despite our current pervert leader trying to distance himself from the odious deviant.  Read More

Let us not forget Ken Clarke, Thatchers Home Secretary.  He  was publicly named as abusing the child actor Ben Fellowes in the Houses of Parliament – a common practice apparently in light of what the press revealed about the fat nonce Cyril Smith.

The sexual assault in question took place in Ian Greer’s office. Greer was also publicly named as being a child rapist and was  also a close friend of  both Thatchers and Laud.

Others in the wicked old sluts cabinet known to be nonces include: Alan Clarke, Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo.

Even her personal police protection officer is a convicted paedophile for fucks sake. Read More

However, I had to laugh when I found out that some ‘Conservative supporters’ are up in arms because CNN News flashed up a photo of Savile & Thatcher when announcing her death. 

Why are they up in arms? It is no secret how close the two perverts were… At least it wasn’t a secret till Savile was exposed for the low life scum he really was. So its a bit fucking hypocritical trying to disassociate the vile old slag now isn’t it? 

Strange in fact, that the old bill chose not to question her on her friendship with Savile, don’t cha think?

Thatcher certainly made no secret of the fact that she was friends with the cunt when he was alive, before people knew about him raping crippled children and shagging the dead – You can betcha life the old Satanist knew though.

Therefore, Margaret Thatcher was a perverted old whore and the only reason that I am sorry she is dead is that she has avoided being brought before a court of law.

Anyone who knows the real story and still admires the vile cunt or chooses to defend her is no better than a paedophile.

Neither is claiming to have not known about all of the above any excuse. If they didn’t know then they should have kept their uninformed opinions to themselves. 

Spreading fantasy, leads to the no-brainers believing fantasy. And that is how we came to be in this mess in the first place.

Thatcher was a whore cunt paedophile. May the vile piss taking bitch rot in hell.

More on thatcher HERE

Conservatives outraged over CNN photo of Thatcher with ‘pedophile’ Jimmy Savile

Conservative supporters Margaret Thatcher expressed outraged on Monday after CNN marked the death of the the former British prime minister by airing a photo of her with former BBC television presenter Jimmy Savile, a suspected pedophile.

In a CNN Starting Point segment soon after the news of Thatcher’s death broke on Monday, the morning show displayed the black and white photo of Thatcher and Savile appearing together atan event in the 1980s to support the NSPCC children’s charity. CNN showed the photo at least four times during the five-minute segment.

Scotland Yard announced that in 2012 that it had launched an investigation about a year after Savile’s death in October 2011 into allegations that he had sexually abused hundreds of children.


Wall Street Journal Social Media Editor Neal Mann noted on Twitter that CNN “obviously didn’t get the memo” when it ran the photo of Thatcher with Savile.

“That is the picture CNN chose to run for Margaret Thatcher’s obituary? A pedophile?” Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy website asked, accompanied by a list of tweets by conservatives slamming CNN’s decision.

“Whoever’s doing the Thatcher montage on CNN is either an idiot or a sly lefty. Repeated images of Thatcher with Pinochet and Saville…,”