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I have killed no one and I have ordered no one to be killed. I may have implied on several occasions to several different people that I may have been Jesus Christ, but I haven’t decided yet what I am or who I am. I was given a name and a number and I was put in a cell, and I have lived in a cell with a name and a number. I don’t know who I am. Charles Manson to the court November 19th 1970

You may have read my short article on Charles Manson which I released on the 11th of this month.

Now the main reason that I wrote the article was because I couldn’t help but notice how young and well groomed Charlie is looking. Indeed he looks like he has had a hair transplant – something not readily available in prison as far as I know.


Nevertheless, I padded the piece out with one or two other bits about Manson and it is those bits that I now feel need a bit of clarification… Especially since the Chimp have jumped in today (17/2/15) with an article about the strange, octogenarian – who I personally think oozes evil – and his 27 year old ‘fiance’ Afton Burton, who now calls herself Star.

The Chimp article is in fact a follow up to many articles that appeared last week alleging that Manson had called time on his & Star’s relationship, after he found out that Star only wanted to marry him so as that she could claim ownership of his body, which she was allegedly going to put on display when he died.

The following is taken from the new Chimp article:

Charles Manson’s fiancee has spoken out for the first time about her engagement to tell the world: ‘I think he’s the most handsome man in the world.’

Afton Elaine Burton, who goes by the mononym ‘Star’, tells Inside Edition on Monday that she still plans to marry the 80-year-old convicted murderer despite the fact that their marriage license expired earlier this month.

She insists Manson did not brutally murder Sharon Tate and six others and adds that she wants to ‘take very good care of him’.

Her words come amid claims she tricked her murderous beau into an engagement so that she could put his corpse on display after his death.

Side-stepping the allegation, Burton reminds the interviewer that she moved to California nine years ago to care for Manson, who is not eligible for parole until 2027 – when he will be 92.

‘Yes, I’m going to marry Charles Manson,’ Burton declares.

The Chimp then goes on to quote the New York Post as proof that the marriage is off:

According to the New York Post, Burton tried to get the rights to Manson’s remains without marrying him, but was turned down.

The paper claimed that she offered herself up as a his bride after being rebuffed, because Californian law allows spouses to choose what happens to their husbands’ and wives’ bodies after they die.

The claims come from Daniel Simone, a journalist who has spoken extensively with Manson and is planning to write a book on him.

He claimed that Manson is now wise to the plot – and thinks it is ridiculous because he believes that he’s immortal. 

Simone told the Post: ‘He’s finally realized that he’s been played for a fool.’

‘He feels he will never die… Therefore, he feels it’s a stupid idea to begin with.’

Simone also said that Manson never had any intention of marrying Star – but he kept up the pretense because they would bring presents to his prison cell in Corcoran, California.

The prospect of Star becoming Mrs Manson diminished this week after it emerged the couple’s 90-day marriage license had expired. Source

Now I have to say that for someone who is supposedly on Charlie’s side, Simone is not doing him any favours by saying that Manson believes himself to be immortal.

The Chimp also states that: “Manson applied for parole in 2012 but was denied release and is not eligible to apply again until 2027″.

However, it is my understanding that Manson no longer applies for parole and in fact refuses to attend the hearings.

Indeed, the reason given for Charlie having his parole turned down in 2012 was that according to parole panelist John Peck, Manson was reported to have said:  “I’m special. I’m not like the average inmate,” Peck read. “I have spent my life in prison. I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man Source

And as you will know if you read my article Charlie Youngblood, I made a point of saying that as far as I am aware Charlie has always maintained that he never killed anyone… Something that Mason still maintains apparently after accusing Peck of talking Bullshit.

Moreover, Manson’s website has the facts surrounding the wedding:

Charlie and Star were not able to complete their wedding ceremony due to an unexpected interruption in logistics.  The marriage license, filed on November 7th 2014, was active for 90 days.  They plan on renewing the license, and things will move forward in the coming months.

In regards to the sensationalism and triviality expressed by the corporate media, we are reposting this 2013 statement by Charlie:

“Your perspectives are off-base.  This marriage is far less important than Air Trees Water, and Animals.  We’re running out of water.  We’re constantly polluting the air that we breathe.  We’re destroying the very thing our life is dependent upon (all life is one life).

The marriage of true minds – like Shakespeare said.  We’re marrying in ATWA.  The Air and the Water is our spirit, the Trees and the Animals are our flesh and blood.”    – Charles Manson, November 24, 2013

Never the less, Charlies nuptials are unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Indeed, it is the murders that he was convicted of that are what matters… I mean, he wasn’t present at all on the night that Sharon Tate and four others were murdered.


Now I have to say, from what little I have read on Manson’s website (found HERE) that the indications are that he was stitched up good and proper at his trial.

In fact, Manson – if the transcripts of the trial on his website are true – never had a chance of walking out of prison and indeed a major injustice has taken place.

According to Manson, he wasn’t allowed to defend himself, major evidence was withheld and crucial witnesses were not allowed to testify.

And I have to say that it all makes for fascinating reading.


For instance Manson says of those who jailed him:

Whoever you are, what you know is what you are.  Righteous.  What you know is what you are.

You know I didn’t break the law.  You know you’re holding me hostage.  You know I’m a political prisoner.  

You’re all a bunch of liars.  You’re all lying.  

 You’re lying for your jobs and your positions.  Trying to protect that phony thing you call ‘you’.

Charles Manson July 28, 2014

The 1st police report on the Tate murders certainly makes for really interesting reading.

And according to Charlie’s website, the lawyer assigned to defend him, Irving Kanarek, now 95 years old still maintains that Manson is innocent nearly 45 years after he was jailed… A claim that came straight from the horses mouth:

“I would defend a client who I knew was guilty of horrific crimes. They have to be proved guilty. I’ve had cases where people were guilty as hell but they couldn’t prove it. And if they can’t prove it, he’s not guilty. In that case, the person walks free. That’s American justice.

I got a reversal of Jimmy Lee’s death sentence, and he had been accused of killing a police officer. That made me the victim of police non-objectivity. They pulled me over, gave me tickets undeservedly.

It wasn’t a difficult decision to take the Manson case. My purpose was to fight legally admissible evidence, and the amount of that was scant. His guilt was based on a few hearsay words, inadmissible in court, that he supposedly told this guy to do a number on the Tate residence.  No question he was legally innocent.  And, more than that, he was actually innocent. There was no evidence connecting him to those murders.

The newspapers, the magazines, the motion pictures got people all excited – Manson as the embodiment of human evil. Charlie wasn’t a monster. When you look at the legally admissible evidence, you come to a very different conclusion. Just looking at him from objective considerations, he’s a personable person.”

Charles Manson and Irving Kanarek

“I’ve thought a lot about the case in terms of the legalities. I haven’t dwelt much on the human tragedy of it. There’s a lot of myth, for example that the baby was taken out of Tate’s body. Not so. The wounds were not in the abdomen. The wounds were primarily in the breast area.

I didn’t spend much time [thinking about Tate and the other victims], because they were victims of disputes that Charlie had nothing to do with. I think his direct involvement has been woefully extrapolated.

By the time I visited the house, the bodies were gone. The scene was what I’d call mechanical. Nothing about it was gruesome, per se. They’d marked where they were in chalk. So it isn’t as overwhelming as some people may feel. None of it stayed with me. The tools of the courtroom make such scenes less than human. I didn’t think about it emotionally. The victims are part of the case, but are not that tangible. I lost sleep on other cases, but not on this one.

People ask me, have I ever felt in the presence of evil, I don’t know how to respond to that. I don’t dream or even think much about Charlie.

I have regrets about every case where someone is killed or injured. Murder is unappetising. But I’ve never defended anyone who’s been accused of horrible criminal acts on children.”

– Irving Kanarek

TheGuardian.com, June 27, 2014

Irving Kanarek

There was also quite a few good comments left on my article Charlie Youngblood, which questioned whether the murders were staged, based on – amongst other things – the tacky, crap furniture in Roman Polanski’s Beverly Hills house and the unrealistic state of the bodies found there.

Polanski, a well protected prolific paedophile was an extremely rich man at the time of the murders – and no doubt still is – and as such, it is felt that the house on Cielo Drive was not furnished to a standard befitting a couple of Polanski’s and his actress wife Sharon Tate’s social standing…


… Almost like the crap furniture was brought in so as not to ruin their real stuff with fake blood and whatnot.

Certainly, there was a lot of Satanic shit taking place around that area, especially a few miles over in Laurel Canyon.

Film star stabbed in ‘ritualistic’ killings


Actress Sharon Tate has been found brutally murdered in her Los Angeles home, along with three high-society friends and a fifth, as yet un-named, victim.

All five died from shooting and multiple stab wounds.

Sharon Tate, 26, was the wife of film director Roman Polanski and was eight months pregnant.

In what police said appeared to be a “ritualistic” murder, she was found tied together with her former fiancé, hair stylist Jay Sebring.


Police said both had nylon nooses around their necks, and Mr Sebring’s head was covered with a black hood.

They said both probably died of stab wounds.

Horrific scene

The bodies of Abigail Folger, 25, a member of a wealthy coffee-manufacturing family, and her boyfriend Voyteck Frykowski, 32, were found sprawled on the lawn outside. Both had been shot.

The fifth victim, a man, was found slumped over the wheel of a car with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police described a horrific scene at the hilltop house in the wealthy Bel Air district of the city.

Some of the bodies had been mutilated, with blood smeared everywhere and the word “Pig” scrawled on the front door in blood. Police said the phone and electricity lines had been cut.

It’s believed that Miss Folger and Mr Frykowsky, as well as Mr Sebring, had come from San Francisco to spend the weekend at the house.

Isolated area

The bungalow-style property, in an isolated area between Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley, is owned by Terry Melcher, son of film star Doris Day.

It was being rented by Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate who had recently returned there to have her baby after working in London.

Mr Polanski was still in Europe directing his latest film, but left immediately for Los Angeles on hearing the news.

Immediately after the discovery of the bodies, police arrested a houseboy, William Garretson, 19, who was living in a guest house behind the house. After five hours of questioning, he was charged with five counts of murder.

Sharon Tate began her acting career in the television series, Beverly Hillbillies. She also had parts in the films Valley of the Dolls, the Americanisation of Emily, and The Sandpiper. Source

… It has also been pointed out that Manson was well connected, always had a lot of money and rumoured to be a victim of mind-control.

And, many of the knob-ed celebs that Manson was ‘hanging out’ with came from families whose fathers were working in Military Intelligence:

Xaviant Haze has put together an interesting article, building on the excellent research of Dave McGowan on the mysterious world of Laurel Canyon, that connected the early folk rock music scene to Satanism and military intelligence.

In particular, Haze makes mention of a strange 1983 B-movie called Wavelength, about a young couple who discover aliens being held by the US government for experimentation in an underground base in Laurel Canyon. In Haze’s words, the movie “drops hints about where to look when confronted with the Canyon conspiracy…

… Many of these musicians were involved in MK-Ultra, a known “mind-control” operation of the CIA, whose real focus was the spread of LSD through the Haight-Ashbury scene of San Francisco, to produce the 60s counter-culture scene, as per the dictates of the notorious Frankfurt School of psychologists.

The chief evangelist of the project was Aldous Huxley, the kingpin of the CIA’s subversion of culture, and author Brave New World, a dystopia about a society drugged into servitude.

Huxley also wrote The Doors of Perception, which exploded the fascination with the “mind-expanding” possibilities of drugs.

Jim Morrison, who named his band The Doors after the book, and one of the earliest to arrive on the Laurel Canyon scene, was the son of US Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison, who was in command of the warships that purportedly came under Viet Cong attack, in the false-flag operation known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964.


Key to the CIA’s MK-Ultra operation was the soundman for the Grateful Dead, known as Owsley Stanley, or “Bear.” At only fifteen, he “voluntarily committed” himself to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC where, as Colin Ross explained in The CIA Doctors, Dr. Winfred Overholser Sr. funded LSD research through the Scottish Rite Committee and was at the center of the mind control network 

St. Elizabeth’s is also where presidential assailants, serial killers or other federal cases are kept, such as Ezra Pound and John Hinckley, Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan.

After a stint in the US Air Force, beginning in 1956, Stanley moved to LA, where he worked at Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, founded by Jack Parsons. Parsons was a leader of the Agape lodge, the American chapter of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and also one of the first known contactees of the so-called “Nordic” aliens.

Likewise, Crowley claimed in 1919 to have contacted an extraterrestrial named Lam, which looked much like the iconic “greys” that have now come to be associated with alien contact.

Along with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, beginning in 1946, Parsons started the “Babalon Working,” a series of rituals designed to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon, and to conceive a child through sexual magic. Parsons wanted to create a Moonchild, as outlined in Crowley’s occult novel by the same name.

Parsons associated with Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, who was also heavily influenced by Kenneth Anger, who enjoyed cult status in Hollywood as author of two controversialHollywood Babylon books, and as underground experimental filmmaker of Crowley-inspired films that merged surrealism with homoeroticism and the occult.

Anger became acquainted with notable countercultural figures, including Tennessee Williams, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger and his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, which he involved in his Crowley-themed works, Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969) and Lucifer Rising (1972).

Anger also introduced Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to Aleister Crowley, who became the owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Crowley memorabilia, including Crowley’s notorious Boleskine estate on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Ness.

As explained by Gary Lachman, founding member of the New Wave band Blondie, and now author, in Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius, “tales of pacts with the Devil followed Zeppelin throughout their career, and stories of orgies, black masses and satanic rites were commonplace, mostly centered around the infamous Chateau Marmont off the Sunset Strip.” Continue Reading

In fact, one of those who knew Manson better than most was Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. However, after originally saying that he knew fuck all about the murders, he had a change of heart but popped his clogs before he could spill the beans:

Dennis Wilson.

At some point in time, Wilson had a change of heart and decided that maybe he did indeed know a little something about the murders. “I know why Charles Manson did what he did,” said Dennis. “Someday, I’ll tell the world. I’ll write a book and explain why he did it.”

Needless to say, that book was never written and Wilson’s story, if indeed he had one, was never told. Instead, Dennis Wilson drowned under questionable circumstances on December 28, 1983, in the marina where his beloved ship was docked. Source

Course, Wilson was just one of many who had lived in Laurel Canyon and later died under mysterious circumstances.


Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson


Other notables include Harry Houdini, Natalie Wood, Jimi Hendrix, David Carradine, Mama Cass & Keith Moon, who both died in the very same room in a London flat owned by Harry Nilsson – who spent a lot of time drinking in Laurel Canyon with John Lennon. Source

David Carradine

David Carradine

Never the less, when Manson was asked about being mind-controlled in January 2013, he was either being coy, lying or he wasn’t mind-controlled at all:

There are rumors that Charles Manson was involved with the MK Ultra programs and also  Phoenix programs through prisons.

The what programs?  I don’t even know what that is.

A reference to the military involvement with the church of Satan?

Satan don’t have a church.  He is the church.  There is nobody but Satan- in Satan.

Why exactly the Tate-LaBianca murders? Why not other people?   

There was other people, you just didn’t see it. You didn’t see but what they showed you. They only showed you what they wanted to controlyou with.  You’re under control also.

I don’t know, this is a tough call. Should Charlie Manson still be in prison after 45 years?

Indeed, as far as I can make out the nearest he got to any murders was being at the LaBianca house before they were murdered – although that isn’t a Dog given certainty and if he was he had left before the killing began.

And fuck me, the American government are just as capable as the British government when it comes to stitching innocent people up.

I mean, I am told that Ian Huntley, Peter Sutcliffe and Jeremy Bamber were all stitched up and it would have been a lot easier to do it in 1969/70 than it would be in the eighties, nineties and the noughties.

I mean, when the US President declares that you are guilty before you’re even convicted – as Richard Nixon did – and the MSM spend two years portraying you as evil beyond belief then people are going to believe that… We all know that better than most.

The following is from the Release Charlie website and written by ‘Star’:

As I am sure you realize, Charles Manson is not the average inmate seeking parole. He does not play the act of a remorseful, beaten down soul (of which is a known requirement in order to be granted parole, regardless of guilt or innocence).

Manson is a self-aware political prisoner, whose trial and incarceration by the California Department of Corrections are, in fact, illegal according to the Constitution of the United States.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of “Manson supporters” worldwide, including people of all age groups, and all walks of life.

Each of these people see through the media-created image surrounding the true Charles Manson. What is the reason for this increased support? This man is honest, righteous, and a true servant to all life on planet Earth.

I began correspondence with Mr. Manson about six years ago. For the past three years, I have been in touch with him on a daily basis.

I know a handful of people who have known Manson for decades, and many others who’ve become familiar with him in recent years. Everyone who knows Charlie, knows that what is represented to be him on television, in movies and books, is completely fictional.

In other words, the “real-life” Charles Manson is nothing like what the media portrays him to be, and we who personally know the man, are sure of this.

That being said, Charlie is trapped in a ‘catch 22’ of sorts. You can’t tell anyone anything if they’ve already decided in their minds that you’re crazy. My goodness, what kind of a person would form such a solid opinion about a man, when all they know about him is what they’ve heard from the television?

Suppose someone took a photo of your grandfather and broadcast it over the evening news for two years in a row, saying negative things and weaving a fictional story in the minds of all the people who watched it.

No one’s going to believe you when you tell them that your grandfather is nothing like what they’ve been saying about him, even though YOU are the one who actually KNOWS HIM!

You cannot overcome the television in the minds of the masses. To quote General and President George Washington, “When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly.”

At one point during Mansons’ 1997 parole hearing, he loudly stated, “I did not have anthing to do with killing those people, period!”

On a news special some years later, (complete with spooky background music) the video clip from the above mentioned instance was featured, conveniently, to show Manson saying, “killing those people”. This is a typical example of the untrue representation of my loved one, and I have seen it happen many, many times.

Over the years, I have become aware of countless evidence and proof that Mr. Manson was denied his rights in court, slandered and railroaded by the prosecution and the media, and has therefore spent the past forty years enduring heavy discrimination as a political prisoner.

Myself and others have been documenting and collecting this proof. At the same time, millions more people are becoming aware of these same facts by listening, for the first time, to the man who was not allowed a defense in the court which convicted him. Manson was denied his constitutional right of self representation.

The Court claimed the reason for this denial was due to “outlandish” and “nonsensical” motions. I am not bluffing when I say: let us review the COMPLETE trial transcripts, and we will see who was nonsensical, or shall I say, illegal.

Charlie was motioning, among other things, for the right to have access to the law library, to be allowed contact with his contemporaries on the outside, and for a gag order to be lifted, allowing him permission to personally communicate with the media. (Wouldn’t you want the chance to speak your side of the story?)

The attorney who prosecuted Manson, Vincent Bugliosi, has a documented history of perjury, fabricating evidence, coercing witnesses, and paying off more than just a few people in exchange for silence or a change of story.

His methods were no different in the way he achieved the conviction in the 1971 Tate-LaBianca murder trial, which in turn has gained him power and fortune.

My purpose in writing this is not to rehash all of the conspiracies and wrongdoings of the past, but rather, my message to you all is this: For Gods’ sake, let this man up!

If you recognize ANYTHING at all greater then yourselves, be it the Holy Ghost, Karma, or just plain morality, you must do right by Charles Manson.

He has unduly suffered a lifetime under idiocy, incompetence, and downright injustice. I believe whole-heartedly that, given the opportunity, Manson has a unique wisdom to offer our world society which is essential to the survival of the planet and its people.

You, whom I’ve addressed this letter to, you know that we are all in deep over our heads.

Charlie is my dear friend. I know him to be a gentle and concerned soul, who has no bad towards anyone. He has always walked a strict line of honor. He has never done harm to any innocent being!

Deep sorrow fills my heart because I cannot play music with Charlie. We can’t enjoy the forest together, or do anything but sit at a table in the prison visiting room, for that matter.

He is 76 years old this year of 2010. I reach out to the person who has the power to bring justice for him, however unconventional it may seem.

On my Life,

Star  Source


Course, 45 years on and the press are still calling Manson a murderer. Indeed, today’s Chimps article declares it to be so in their headline:

Charles Manson’s fiancée vows she will still marry the 80-year-old murderer despite his prison licence running out

However, it has to be said that if Manson is innocent and was indeed stitched up, he certainly doesn’t do himself any favours with the show he puts on for the cameras.

And like I say, to me he comes across as being pure evil… But then again, what you see, is not always what you get.

Just sayin’.