A Jew Means What?


David Hansford

Now, not a lot a people know this, but I’m very big down under, if ya catch me drift?

NO! I don’t mean that.

I mean I’ve got a fucking massive Cock.

Only joking… Not about the massive Dick I’m not, I’m joking about the interpretation of my opening gambit.

You see, I am very popular in Australia and New Zealand.

In fact, the last time I looked I was more popular in New Zealand pro rata, than I was in any other country in the world.

Anyway, a month or two ago I had an Australian Journalist write to me suggesting that I start an Antipodean section, since their MSM is no better than ours apparently.

Well, that made perfect sense to me, cept for the fact that nine thousand miles is a long fucking walk to the local newsagents.

However, since this fella is a journalist I told him that if he wanted to submit some Australian news that you won’t read in the Aussie MSM, I had no problem with that as long as everything was source linked etc, etc.

And, as coincidence would have it, a couple of days later I had another Australian write to me who was also pissed off with the Oz MSM – In fact, David, the fella in question is pretty pissed of with every country in the worlds MSM.

I therefore asked him if he knew this other chap being as they must live within 4000 miles of each other… Have you ever looked at Australia on a map and compared it to the UK… Its absolutely fucking massive.

You wouldn’t believe how big it is.

You wouldn’t want to go walk about that’s for fucking sure.


Anyway, turns out that David didn’t know this other fella, but after telling him about my plan for world domination, he agreed to submit the odd piece here and there too.

However, since the first Journalist hasn’t submitted anything yet and David’s piece below could just as well have been written by an Englishman, it didn’t seem worth starting an Australian category just yet.

Never the less, David’s efforts certainly deserve an airing and if there is favourable feed back – as I anticipate – we will go from there.

I have also added David’s first introduction to me, by way of a foreword to his article.

So have a read and let me know what you think as it seems fair dinkum to me Blue… Thats real Australian talk don’t cha know.

Hi Chris,

I research news all over the world, part of my work at a national news network in Australia. I’m a bit concerned at the bullcrap we broadcast, and there’s a few of us in agreement, but we get fed this stuff to keep the bulletins going to air, and it seems that churnalism and repeaters are in the main, unaware of what they’re doing. Everyone is distracted. I don’t watch or listen to any of the media much anymore. Just to save my sanity really. Plus I get fairly angry when I realise that we’re being set-up all the time.

I understand what you’re doing brother and was recently very impressed by you allowing the rant from the christian dude. I was an atheist for a few years but recently started a journey of enlightenment that seemed to open up a few of the mysteries hidden in plain sight. I’m not a bible thumper but I use it as a means of getting my freedom back, because all law is based on the bible and in turn the talmud of the jews. This stuff is helping me understand what’s gone wrong in our system.




It’s a fucking mystery. Really, it is the greatest puzzle ever presented to mankind. It’s a game of twister, scrabble, snakes and ladders and chess, all made up in the stars and veiled in a curtain of allegory, parables, fables and mythology.

Somewhere along the way of mankinds creeping evolution some very evil Cunts of Darkness stole all the knowledge of the puzzle and kept it to themselves and burned the evidence many times over, so that no-one else could find the pieces again.

But they failed to extinguish all the remnants and with some help we are finding the scattered knowledge and putting it back together again.

The evil Cunts of Darkness have tried to keep us from finding the light and the realisation of knowing how truly fucking powerful we really are, because to them bastards we’re just cattle in the farmyard, human resources to be used and abused. Abused like we abuse and torture the animals we are supposed to be looking after.

If the word “God” feels uncomfortable, it’s because the cunts have purposely made it into a laughable and dangerous fiction through eons of misinformation and deconstruction. Look at the words. Two of them. Good and Evil.

Some clever arsehole with intentions of having control and power over us, has ever so slightly changed those words and it’s been to our detriment ever since. Let’s go back in time thousands of years and put your brain into hairy Neanderthal mode.

In other words, “quite fucking stupid and very simple”. If you never had an understanding of anything other than wanting to eat something tasty and get a fuck, which can all be achieved via a spear and a big fucking clubbing stick, why would you ever bother to think about trigonometry and geometry, let alone making a useless fucking circle thing called a wheel or even squiggly looking numbers to count with.

It just wasn’t needed. So there you are sitting in your architecturally undesigned cave one day, having just wacked your woman  over the head with a stick and rooted her, feeling very contented about life because you just finished eating a badger, and along comes a fucking spaceship out of the clear blue sky, along with another seven others, and fuck me dead, they land in a roar of fire and out hops a dude all dressed up in some shiny shit like Captain Church from Star Trek and starts heading towards you.

You naturally get the right fucking hump and grab your spear and club, and head out towards him to fuck him off from your patch of dirt, only he hits you first with a stun ray and knocks you flat to the fucking ground, bang. When you come to, he’s still fucking there sitting alongside of you, wanting to have a friendly chat.

WTF, you think, what sort of a game of soldiers is this then? Ok it appears that all he wants to tell you is that you are a child of the light and he’s been sent here to help you with your mental fucking development.

You didn’t think you needed any mental fucking development did you. No, because you were a pig ignorant savage prick, intent on violence and kept busy in survival mode. But he made a big impression on you because?  .. well he had a fucking spaceship for a start, and he came out of the sky to tell you the Good news .. and that was to stop being an evil selfish cunt, and grow up and stop killing things.

After that he fucked off in his space hopper, and you were left in a state of total confusion. What the fuck does Good and Evil mean anyway, and who the hell was that masked man? So in the haze of your mental pygmyship, all that you could muster in that primitive brain is that Good is Good and Evil is Evil cos some fucker came out of a ufo and told you that and tried to tell you to change the way you act and think.

Right, with me so far?

Primitive superstitious man called this happening from the ufo, a visititation from a higher power than he, a visit from Good to warn us of the perils of Evil. Now, along the way in the course of time .. uh oh .. we lost the “o” and just started calling those interfering space-fuckers, God from the sky. As for Evil, which is Live spelled backwards, one of our more nefarious brothers of darkness put a “d” in front of it and formed up the Devil, cos he was a right clever fucker and realised that primitive superstition could be channeled for power and control if fear was introduced as a method of corruption. There’s the start of religion for you.

Let’s jump forward thousands of years to now. Dizzy as fuck, we can see where we went wrong now because the evil Cunts of the Dark Brotherhood have actually kept us in the dark literally and physically. But along the journey of enlightenment there have been some remnants of that ufo fleet that have been checking in occasionally to see how we’re going with that “children of the light” concept.

And right now they’ve gotten the right fucking hump with us because we still haven’t twigged on to what’s going on.

The evil Cunt Brothers of Darkness know, and they’ve been working at it for centuries to make sure we never catch up. Something that should have been straightforward and plain to see has been turned inside out and upside down and made into an unfathomable mystery no-one could be bothered trying to solve any more because sitting on the couch watching that fucking devils eye television is more important.

Look at all the great shit that you can waste your time in sloth, entertaining your very valuable piece of brain real estate with. Big Fucking Brother, the Football, more fucking mouthy young kids who can sing better than the last lot on X Factor, every cunty thing that wastes your thought juices and sucks your intelligence out of your snot holes,  has been programmed propaganda to deliberately distract you.

Now .. here’s a precise distillation of something that has happened that you probably never gave a seconds worth of decent proper fucking brain electricity to thinking about. The Jews.

They call themselves the “Gods chosen people”.

And with that statement, the arrogant fucks think they own the whole world because of some kind of bloody birth right which gives them everything on a platter and the rest of us who weren’t so lucky to be born into a fictitious bloodline of Jewry are nothing as special or important as them,  and in fact are right proper fruit for picking and flicking as they so choose to do at any whim or fancy.

Bollocks to that myth.

Let’s introduce a bible scripture just for fun, because that book, although it is a collection of Greek myths, has a lot of very fucking pertinent truth in it, if you could be arsed understanding the meanings and actually interpreting it properly as allegory and parable, and not relying on some religion and churchy fucker telling you lies about it by taking the words literally to keep you thick cunts coming back to be saved from the devil by giving him your wallet and your childs innocence.

The verse we are going look at today kids is Romans 2 : 28.

I promise it’s the only fucking verse we will looky at, cos I don’t want you to get bored and think I’m one of those churchy, bible thumping, money grabbing, kiddy fucking arseholes of deceit kind of preacher man. Just hang in here with me.

It doesn’t matter a fig that the character Jesus never existed, what matters is the wisdom from his imaginary mind. Forget about any literal aspect of any of the bible, just look underneath the words for the wisdom. Got it? Right.

When his disciples, who were sitting around the campfire in the bush one day having a quiet chat, asked Jesus what is a Jew? He replied by saying this (in the bible Romans 2:28)  .. “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” And that right there my sleepy friends is a proper gobfull of wisdom that could take a year to explain to some ignorant fuckheads who haven’t a first clue about how to think for themselves, because their brains have been poisoned, poor fuckers, and it’s really not even their fault they’re so fucking stupid.

What it means is that those evil cunty Jews who believe they are gods chosen people are not what the word Jew means in the world. They hijacked the term “Jeu” from eons ago from the Emerald Tablets and gave it to themselves as “Jew” an outward earthly description of a race of people.

What this verse really means when interpreted correctly is that a Jew is a person who goes inside of their brains in meditation of stillness and quiet, to find the kingdom of God in their own fucking heads, which is where it was always sitting, in every one of us, ever since time began the dreaming of the great melodrama of the struggle between the Light and the Darkness.

And circumcision is not in the flesh, means that it’s not about cutting off a slither and piece of a little babies cock or vagina for God, it’s about cutting through the crap in your emotional heart that distracts you from searching for the source of Good.

In Jew land they have called it Israel, which is a trinity of words, again from eons ago when some wise fuckers tried to help us work this puzzle out. Yes Israel does exist, but not on the Earth, but in between your ears is the promised land. Listen, “Is .. Ra .. El”. Isis is femine, magnetic, Ra is the sun, radiating, masculine positive, and El is the spirit Elohim or God or El-ectricity representing the source of the whole fucking illusional dreaming we take so seriously called life. It’s the light that animates us and gives us life. In quantum terms it’s called a photon, a messenger particle of light.

Fuck me I don’t understand why no-body cares to think about this but would instead rather let some other cunty preacher/fictional entity do all the thinking for them and use all that stolen power to bomb the fuck out every other fucker’s family on the planet in the name of some bent up religion and the misconception and stupid fucking interpretation that somehow they’re doing it all for God, because .. well .. because well ? .. we’re the chosen ones, and those other cunts are not.

It is sheer madness taken to extreme and we are all suffering from this manipulative darkness clouding our minds, thanks to the Brotherly Cunts of Darkness and their fucking evil intentions of invention.

Grow up, get some back bone and take full responsibility for your own salvation.

There is no bearded old fucker in the sky who’s going to send his only begotten son of a virgin back here to save your pathetic skin you mindless twats. It’s all happening inside your freaking brain.

It was always there, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, EVERYONE says the same thing. The kingdom of God is within you. You are the Light. You have to work at seeking that kingdom through meditation and contemplation.

Oh and also by the way, love one another you dickheads was the most important message ..  aside from NOT killing. Live now, it stops when we die, the light goes somewhere else.


The old books were given to us by advanced beings so that when we eventually grew a brain that could think past our sex organs, we might be able to see past the literal storyline and realise that some very special magic exists between our ears which is actually described in those sacred writings.

The bible is a science book of the mind, it is the book of life sealed on the spine with seven seals. You are the fucking book, your spine has seven El-ectrical energy chakras, they are the seals that look like trumpet cones that you have to open up and blow to find your way through the puzzle of consciousness.

It’s not about paying some cunt in church to fuck your kids and steal your wallet and tell you not do anything else because Jesus loves the little children and he died for your sins, so just go your hardest, do your worst, and we’ll see you back here in the synagogue next Sunday/Sabbath for a spot of guilting, perversion, self confessionals and money stealing.

These Cunts ARE the Brotherhood of Darkness .. they are lying to you and deceiving you and depriving you of finding the truth and beauty in nature and  the light and life in your own brain, which incidentally, resembles the ever expanding universe of galaxies and stars we look up at in the night sky and sometimes see the occasional ufo zipping by.

They don’t stay long those ufos, who could blame them, they piss off quick because instead of having spears and big sticks, now we’ve got nuclear missiles and all manner of stupid destructive weapons.

There’s nothing new under the Sun, this planet’s been through all this before, we’re not the first batch of hatchlings, in fact we could possibly be the fourth or fifth attempt.

A Jew is gods chosen because he/she, enters his/her own brain to seek Good, or God or call it whatever fucking name you want, but it’s NOT what every one is screaming and lying and killing for about down here. Filthy perverts of religion ALL of them.

Fucking Dog help us all right, if he could be arsed getting off the couch and sobering up and turning that stupid fucking tell a vision off and dropping his apple iShit in a bucket of water.

Be still and know.