A Frank, Unacceptable Diary Of Deception


Christopher Spivey


Here is a selection of today’s news (12/03/16) according to a group of egotistical writers, suffering from serious delusions of grandeur, resulting in the misapprehension that they are journalists… They most certainly are not – they are Cunts.

These half-baked-twat-fucks write for the Chimp, which is kept in line by the zionist gatekeeper, Paul Dacre in adoration of the shit-rags owner, Rupert the bear Murdoch – the Monster who pulls the Cunt Cameron’s strings.

Indeed it is worth noting that Mad Murdoch has been looking after Banana Dacre for a long while:

Sir David English became editor-in-chief and chairman of Associated Newspapers in 1992 after Rupert Murdoch had attempted to hire Evening Standard editor Paul Dacre as editor of The Times, The Evening Standard was then part of the same group, and Dacre was appointed to succeed English as a means of dealing with Murdoch’s offer.Dacre remains the editor of the Daily Mail and subsequently became editor-in-chief of the group after English died.

And as such there should be no surprise then, that at the time of writing the Chimps main story is  about how a trio of desperate old sorts, all well past their sell-by dates, having between them all made a fortune off their own backs – literally – have come together to slag off their common denominator… Namely Mick Jagger.

Mick Jagger’s First Wives Club gathered last week to celebrate Jerry Hall’s new beginning with her billionaire groom, media mogul Rupert Murdoch. And what an extraordinary gathering of the sisterhood it was.

Fucking amateurs! I can slag old rubber lips off all on me own, without any help from anyone.

As for Rupert the Bear – well having the trio of all sorts slag Jagger off does him a right fucking favour in many ways, if you think about it.

Red jelly

And Murdoch can go and fuck himself too along with all of the other Monsters… Mind you, look closely at that wedding invitation above and you can see Jelly Tall’s front tooth coming out – I kid you not.

But then again what do you expect from a fake pair of flakes?

Now the next item on what the crank-planks pass for news is a totally fraud story without a grain of truth in it whatsoever – par for the course in other words.

You see according to the Chimp Cool Cats Fool Rats, it now seems that the “official” oldest man on the planet is the unimaginatively named, four-be-two, Yisrael Kristal.

And would you fucking Adam & Eve it, 112 year old Yisrael from Israel (where else but) is a “survivor” of the Holocaust having once been locked up in Auschwitz (where else but):

A Holocaust survivor who lived through both world wars and survived the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, has now become the world’s oldest man.

Yisrael Kristal was born in Poland on September 15, 1903, three months before the Wright brothers took the first aeroplane flight.

And Guinness World Records today confirmed the 112-year-old, who lives in the the Israeli city of Haifa, was now considered the world’s oldest man.

Here have a fucking butchers at the old fraud:


Fuck me, they don’t even try to hide their fakery these days.

I mean surely you cannot miss the fake skin he is wearing… Can you? Don’t answer that as it happens.

Still the fake shite serves to give the ‘Billion Pound Plus Holohoax’ yet another money generating plug, I suppose.


There ya go. I have marked where the fella has his own skin showing and thrown in Jelly’s dodgy tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth too.

Still, with Jisrael – or whatever his fucking name isn’t – being the oldest man alive, it just goes to show you that any suffering that took place in the ‘death camps’ wasn’t detrimental to the victim’s long term health.

And of course, if you wanna believe this old bollox about Old Jizz and his longevity then you need to ignore other school type compositions also written by the Chimp-Amateurs… Such as the following for example, written by the Spunky-Monkeys exactly two months ago:

Civil servants in Brazil say they have discovered the world’s oldest person – a 131-year-old father-of-three living with a wife 69 years his junior.

The Guinness Book of Records recognises 112-year-old Yasutaro Koide from Japan as the oldest person alive.

And Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died aged 122 in 1997, holds the record for the world’s longest living person.

But social security workers in Acre in north Brazil today caused a stir by publishing photographs of Joao Coelho de Souza alongside a birth certificate dated March 10, 1884.

And of course you just know that this old fanny must be true because it is backed up with photographic evidence taken of the world oldest bastard.


There ya go! Proof fucking positive that Joao Coelho de Souza has to be the world’s oldest man. I mean just look at the length of his fucking trousers.

Mind you, at first I thought that it was a famous old geezer in the snappy snap and then I thought that I was wrong about it being him and it was in fact another famous old geezer, until I finally came to the conclusion that it was both of them… All will be revealed in the coming months.

However, for now let’s stay on the subject of the Holohoax and just be glad that Yisrael Kristal-lnachtword association see – isn’t Bender Netayardjew, who once took on the role of some made-up “Holocaust Survivor” called Billy Brass-Balls, in order to keep the cash cow going… And I think that is a fucking disgusting state of affairs to be honest.


Now for Nuttynahjew to do that, to me makes him the most despicable person on earth. But nevertheless, it isn’t hard to work out that the Holohoax was fake as fuck just by the way that it is illegal to deny the facts surrounding the  money spinning hoax in some countries, using facts that prove the “facts” are bollox – if you get my drift.

In fact you only need to look at the way that the fabled 6 million tally has whittled down to around the million mark to know that it is all bollox and I am fucked if I am going to believe the nonsense just to appease the gangster governments who are perpetuating the big lie… Fuck that.

Which brings me nicely to another fraud story in today’s Monkey-Shite which tries to take you for a dim cunt in more ways than one.

You see the story – derived out of pure fiction – is actually the shit-rag’s 3rd story about some mush or other called Leonard Berney (Burney) who has now pegged out but whom the Monkey-Nutz had in the past elevated to hero status… Although it seems that they are now about to do him down, thus keeping the Holohoax fresh in people’s minds.

Now according to the purveyor’s of bullshite, in WW2 Lenny Burney was a 25 yr old British Army Major (bit young for that wank weren’t he?) who was one of the first through the gates of Bergen Belsen – and as such he became a prime candidate for a pusher of the poppycock, despite the fact that in all probability Major Len never actually existed other than in fictitious words and staged photographs:

The first British officer to liberate the notorious Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp has died of cardiac failure aged 95.

Former Lt-Colonel Leonard Berney, who was just 25 when he helped free thousands of starving prisoners, passed away ‘unexpectedly’ on the Caribbean island of St Vincent on Monday.

He had spent the past six years circumnavigating the globe on board The World residential ship where he was ‘very happy and dearly loved by all crew and residents’, his family said. 

The former British army major was one of the first inside Bergen-Belsen near Hanover in Germany on 15 April 1945 and later ran the liberated camp as a commanding officer.

And of course Len D’hand Berney Bum, just so happened to be 4 be 2’ish, which obviously increased the horror that he walked into as he entered the gates to Bergen belsen – once Alfred Hitchcock had finished filming his propaganda shite first of course.

Burney then went on to run the place in the following months as a “displaced persons camp”… All making for a proper ripping yarn.

However, as is always the case the monsters had to elaborate on their ripping yarns adding detail that is so cringeworthingly fake that it can only lead to a marathon buttock clenching session.

For instance, we were told back in January 2014 that the daughter of one of Anne Frank’s friends finally got to thank Bernie Berney for saving her mother’s life:

The daughter of a Jewish classmate of Anne Frank rescued from the horrors of Bergen Belsen concentration camp has met the British officer who saved her mother’s life.

Grateful Elizabeth Kahn, 59, flew to Israel to meet Major Leonard Berney, 93, from Plymouth, Devon, and present him with a special silver platter paid for by the family in recognition of his heroics.

Jewish Leonard, of the British 11th Armoured division, was one of the first army officers through the gates of Belsen when the camp was liberated on April 15, 1945.

Total fucking nonsense if for no other reason than had it been true Bernie would have only been doing what any other group of men would have done given the circumstances – be they army or not – and as a Major WRanker, he would no more have got his hands dirty attending to someone dying of Typhus than our current botch of politicians would.

Therefore Liz khan had fuck all to thank the fraud for.

Course, every time that Bergen-Belsen gets mentioned, Anne Frank is also brought into the mix.

After all, who hasn’t heard of Anne Frank & her Jewish family’s hidey-hole, where they lived in daily fear of being discovered by the dirty racist Nazi’s?

Not that a mention of Anne’s name is ever enough. Indeed, any article with a mention of the name Anne Frank will always be inevitably accompanied by a side box of background information – strictly for the benefit of the harder to brainwash mob of course… You see Anne Frank continues to generate untold huge sums of money on top of the Billions of Pounds already fraudulently raised from sales of her “diary” and other money-making associations – of which the vast majority of revenue will be safely squirreled away by the Monster elite.


However, in truth Liz Khan is as fake as Bernie Berney was and as fake as Anne Frank for that matter.

I mean you only have to look – and by “look” I mean open your fucking eyes and see what is really there and not what the shitrag has told you is there – and straight away you will notice that the two girls share the same body, hair, pose and background, despite the photo trickery.

And whilst not wishing to come across as smug – because believe me, I am far from it – I can tell you that the face of Khan’s ‘mother’ in the bottom left hand photo is taken from one of the currently most famous, Talentless-knob-ed-Celeb’s in the country, who is indeed being rewarded for selling her peers into slavery… Something that is becoming increasingly obvious to me that she was specifically reared to do.

However, if you cannot see who she is I am not going to tell you because I have a major exposé to write on her… I am however going to elaborate on Anne Frank – once I have finished dealing with Bernie Burney.

So that brings us up to date with the Chimps series of articles written about the fraud fella.

The following is from the 11th of March:

Lieutenant-Colonel Leonard Berney was one of the first British Army officers to enter the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen on April 15, 1945.

There he witnessed horrors unimaginable to the rest of us.

‘Long wooden huts with corpses littering the ground between them,’ he recalled. ‘In open areas at the rear of the huts, more piles of corpses. 

‘At the end of the road, we saw a large open mass grave containing hundreds of corpses. The sights, the stench, the sheer horror of the place were indescribable.’

Berney, 25 at the time, became the camp’s commander for several months and gave evidence at the Belsen War Crimes Trial in September 1945 where German camp commander Josef Kramer — aka the Beast of Belsen — was found guilty of sending thousands of innocent people to their death. He was hanged with 11 other Nazis.

Berney was haunted by the experience and delivered lectures on the liberation, took part in Holocaust memorial events, documentaries and exhibitions and, last year, described his experiences in his book, Liberating Belsen Concentration Camp.

So when he died of heart failure earlier this week, aged 95, it seemed right and fitting that he be remembered with respect, reverence and extensive obituaries in some newspapers.

But it turns out all was not as it seemed — and he was remembered much less fondly by some people he encountered in later life. Indeed, since his death on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, a very different picture has emerged of Leonard Berney. Continue reading

And of course, having now proved to the cuntry that they will expose anyone guilty of wrongdoing (as long as the Propaganda-Minister-Monster says it is okay to do so), The Monkey-Kuntz do not mention Anne Frank’s name but once in this damning article… Even when Elizabeth Khan’s plate giving exercise is mentioned:

 He gave talks about his time in Belsen and, in 2014, was presented with a silver platter by Elizabeth Kahn, the daughter of one of the prisoners he had helped rescue in 1945. Anxious to combat the rise of Holocaust deniers, he continued with his harrowing Belsen memoir — finally published last year.

“Elizabeth Kahn, the daughter of one of the prisoners he had helped rescue in 1945”! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BEING ANNE FRANK’s MATE?

Honest to fucking Dog, these cunt’s couldn’t be more transparent if they were made of crystal glass.

And I also see that Burney has morphed into Lord Bramall Lane in the photo shoot.

You did know that the Chimp’s photo was fake didn’t you? Of course you fucking did.

And neither did the Chimps obsession with Bernie Burney end there… You see, in April last year we got treated to a tall tale of new-found love that sprung up out of Belsen’s liberation – with the romance coming courtesy of Major Tom Len of course:

Amid the horror of a Nazi concentration camp, liberated by the British Army 70 years ago this week, love blossomed against all the odds between an emaciated inmate and one of the soldiers sent to arrest her SS guards.

But the love between British soldier, Sergeant Norman Turgel, 24 at the time, and teenage Polish girl Gena, 20, was only kindled because of the generosity and kindness of the camp’s British commander Major Leonard Berney.

This week survivors and liberators of the notorious Bergen-Belsen camp in northern Germany gathered to commemorate the day British soldiers entered its gates and began the task of saving as many of the 60,000 starving inmates as was possible.

Fuck me, was it the Jewish Regiment who liberated Belsen then?

Belsen survivor Gena with John Wood, whose father helped sparked a romance between her and soldier Norman Turgel in 1945.

Photo: Belsen survivor Gena with John Wood, whose father helped sparked a romance between her and soldier Norman Turgel in 1945.

Why has Major Fuck-Up’s son got a different surname to his old man?

Course, someone more cynical than myself might conclude that the above photo was a stepping stone for the photo of Elizabeth Khan’s mum & dad found below:


Photo: Mrs Khan’s Mum & Dad who were saved by Len the gem – well the mother was anyway.

Shall we have a closer look then to see if I am right?

Belsen survivor Gena with John Wood, whose father helped sparked a romance between her and soldier Norman Turgel in 1945.

Not that I needed a closer look. I mean I spend hour upon hour upon hour looking at photos and studying faces and I can tell you that there is no excuse whatsoever for crap photos – other than to hide a whole heap of shit that the Monsters do not want you to see.

I mean take the following photo of the Queer’s Mother circa 1900:


So if they could produce photos of that quality going on for 120 years ago, I am bleedin’ sure that there is no excuse for shite snappy snaps in this day and age.

Now another problem that I have with this shite story’s credibility is that Major Len looks ever so, ever so much like Auschwitz survivor Roman Candle Halter:



And of course Roman Halter knows loved-up Gena Genie or whatever the frauds name is.


Photo (according to getty images): Holocaust survivors Gena Turgel (L) and Roman Halter wait for Mayor of London Ken Livingstone address the London Assembly, February 14, 2005 , London , England. The assembly passed two motions for Livingstone, who has accused a Jewish journalist of behaving like a ‘concentration camp guard’, to apologise and withdraw his comments

And in turn, the problem that I have with the above photo is that Gena looks very much like Esther Brunstein


You do have to ignore the altered nose of course.

And what’s more, they were both married to the wrong-un George Martin… Until he ran out of air.


They both have false noses… The women, not George Martin. I mean fuck me, if you were going to have a false nose you wouldn’t choose a beak would you?

And I can even find another John Wood for you… If he ever gets a Sainthood he will be St John Wood, don’t cha know?


Who’s a clever boy then?

Course, out of the 60,000 people who were liberated – although that figure goes as high as 70,000 and as low as 50,000 – wouldn’t you just know that Gena Semolina not only has Major Lennie the Lion to thank for her marriage, but she was also with Anne Frank until the last:

‘I spent many days with Anne Frank. She was a beautiful, sweet girl but she got ill and I was with her to almost the last. She gazed into the distance as the days went by and I could tell she had gone.

‘I was lucky and for that I can thank Major Berney. He was a wonderful man and made sure that Norman and I kept our romance alive in the most testing conditions.

‘We had him to thank for a wonderful marriage and for coming together at a time when it would have been easy to have lost touch.’

What would the odds be aye?

Well fucking astronomical as it happens because like I told you Anne Frank is not whom she is meant to be.

Far from it in fact, since she is without a doubt Princess Margaret… Yes you read that right.

UntitledaDoes that shock you? It should fucking do!

It doesn’t shock me though because I know the full story and I can promise you that is just the tit of the iceberg. Indeed, to be Frank I can Frankly tell you exactly who every member of the Frank family is, Franks entirely to the hard work that I put in… Frankly.

Not that ‘The Palace’ will comment on the fraud – and make no mistake here, there is a fucking great mass fraud taking place… And has been since at least the 1700’s.

And I tell you something else for nothing, since it seems to me that this is all that the information is worth: Neither will “The Palace” comment on why  the Duck was the same person as his wife back in the 1930’s.

Yes you read that right too:


And that is not a one off.

99e5ea5d327ab38b72ddef1b4972af16 (1)r

Or even a two off… It is in fact a fucking lot off.

So I wonder whether the Historian, Andrew Roberts could enlighten us about this bizarre phenomenon?

I am of course assuming that you are all familiar with Dandy Andy?

maxresdefault (3)

Yes of course you are… Funny looking fucker isn’t he? Although his glasses are obscuring his face.

Let me see if I have got a better one.


Any better?

Hmmm, no it isn’t is it.

Not to worry, I’ll be right back.


Ahhh, that’s better… Fuck me he loves Israel does Bambi Roberts doesn’t he?

In fact it is to be hoped that he doesn’t go into politics, with all that Israel loving shite, stuff & nonsense.


I mean imagine if we had a Prime Mincer who loved Israel like Andy does?

Mind you, looking at Roberts roving eyes he doesn’t look like he has it in him to be a Prime Mincer… Not like Dave the fucking Rave.

Our Davey Cockit has the eyes of a Politician that is for sure… I mean look at him! You couldn’t trust Dave with a Donkey let alone a country full of Jackass’s.


Nevertheless, when you put Roberts the Raver next to Dave the Raving, who does Andy Pamby remind you of?

Personally I’m sort of thinking that he looks a bit like Neil Pillock… Fuck I’m bad with names, I mean Neil kinnock.

Don’t cha think? … Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


I’m right aren’t I? He does look like Neil Bollock.

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that: Did ja say that ‘you think Roberts is a Camp Moron’?


Ohhh gotcha! ‘You think that Robert the Robot looks like David Cameron… The Camp Moron.

Well yes, maybe he does a little bit, but Cameron is very shifty having mixed with the wrong sort for years… Margaret Thatcher for instance:


Fair do’s but that is still a bit inconclusive since Robert’s could be with Princess Diana’s old step-mum Raine Spencer in that photo.


Yeah, yeah I know – the software is crap and unreliable… But then again if you think about it LOGICALLY it is me who picks the people to be compared and NOT the computer… Moreover I bet none of you can take 5 photos of 2 unrelated people (3 of one and 2 of the other) and using all 5 photos to compare one with the other in 5 comparisons, come up with scores of 1 x 89% and 4 x 100%.

Indeed, no one is saying that the comparison site is perfect but it doesn’t need to be for crying out loud.

After all, it is just an instrument – that although not perfect, it is far from shite – which I use as a kind of second opinion… I pick the matches by what I see with my own eyes, with no help whatsoever from anyone or anything else.

And even if the computer says “no”, I still go with what my eyes see, because I fucking look… Not glance… Not see what I am told is there. I look and I tell ya fucking what, I’m not often wrong.

So now that we have that out of the way, I think that it is only right that we let the computer adjudicate on Cameron & Roberts… Although it doesn’t really matter what it comes up with because I’m in charge here and I am telling you that Andy Roberts is played by our fraud Prime Mincer, David Cameron – along with many other characters that he juggles his time playing whilst conning you out of your tax money.


Nuff said.

Now I can assure you that there has been no photo trickery on my part – I am not the bad guy and I don’t cheat to make myself look good or to deliberately decieve… Who I am is someone who has tons more evidence of treason and murder committed by The Palace and those at the very top in world governments – indisputable evidence that will shock you to the core as it happens.

Or put another way:

But all of this information takes a lot of time to document and to just come out with this shit willy-nilly would get me locked up in a mental institution… I mean even when I painstakingly set it out step by step with hard evidence to back what I write as I go along, the stuff that these Monsters get up to is still nevertheless way beyond your Average Joe’s comprehension.

So like I say, it takes a lot of fucking time and effort.

Indeed I know why these Monsters are doing what they are doing and I know mostly how it is done, and you better believe me when I say that what I have still to reveal puts me in great fucking danger.

I should be a millionaire!

So why the fuck is my unpaid Tech-Guy having to send me £100 for food?

Why have I not got enough money to pay the site fees next month? Worse still, at least as far as I’m concerned anyway, why can I not even afford to pay my rent on this poxy, damp pokey flat that I live in, to the point where the housing association are about to commence eviction proceedings.

And before I think about the site fees my car has to be taxed and MOT’d by the end of the month. Put simply, I cannot pay what I haven’t got, yet I only see the same names over and over again donating to keep the site going.

Is a pound a month – 25 pence a fucking week – too much to spare to keep this site going, because let me tell you this: Be very, very fucking careful about who you put your trust in because I now have the evidence to back what I know to be true about an awful lot of people who write a lot but expose fuck all.

For instance one of our number who some of you must visit is really a dangerous (to children), convicted paedophile – first name Warren, which isn’t the name he uses to write under obviously… Dirty stinking cunt.

Another two appear on mainstream TV a lot and are very much a part of the problem, although you wouldn’t even know that it was them… I will show you how that little bit of trickery is done in the coming months.

And one of our number played Ralph Bulger to further a very sinister, insidious agenda, yet I never said that he was Romualdo Rat – since I didn’t even name the person or elaborate further… Indeed, much in the very same way that I never said that the Bulger ‘killers’, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were girls – although the two boys photographed were in fact girls with short haircuts.

Here is the Jon Venables photo and the girl who posed for it… Which is not the same as me saying that Venables & Thompson are girls:


And there is obviously a lot more to the why’s and wherefores than just that comparison.

Yet I have now been forced to release stuff that isn’t ready for publication and none of you are any the wiser for it… Stop it, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

If you are going to quote me or bring up something that I have written that you believe may be wrong, at least quote me properly, stating what I have said and not what you think that I said… Or pull me about something that you know that I have got wrong based on a viable alternative rather than pull me up about something that you think may not be right despite not having a Scooby fucking Doo if it is or isn’t.

Worse still, it is all over the internet that Madeleine McCann looks fuck all like Sarah Payne and I must be fucking bonkers to even say it… Yet no one has seen the strength of my evidence yet and as such they are undermining what I am attempting to do.

It’s no wonder i’m fighting a losing battle and we are all fucked.

So here is Madeleine McCann looking extremely like – nay, looking identical to Sarah Payne… Because that is who Madeleine McCann is.

Yet once again I am not ready to release the reports yet, and you still don’t know how it was done, and I think that I have more than demonstrated over the years that I am a man of my word and if I say that I can prove something then you can bet your last quid that I can.



Scarily, I would wager that somewhere around 99% of you have no idea what we are up against… And it is mind blowing and frightening and it absolutely fucking stinks… And if the majority of you stop being tight cunts instead of leaving it to the minority, you might just get to find out.

Or perhaps you like the MSN news about fellas in latex masks pretending to be the world’s oldest man when they are at best a 95 year old fraudster who supposedly died last week… As always, I’m just sayin’.