A disturbing development.


Christopher Spivey.



There has now been a very disturbing development in the fact that the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page has been removed without reason.

The following is what Some Bird has told me in an e-mail:

They’ve shut the page down…I’m waiting on a reply as to what part of their terms I must have violated. It was at £1160 and their email says I still have access to the funds…but it’s not letting me sign in to get it…literally removed my account by the looks of things…will keep you posted.

Indeed, this insidious move would appear to support my opinion that something is afoot and I would urge anyone who is able to attend Southend Magistrates Court at 9.30 this morning.

I would also urge all those who have donated to contact the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page as a matter of urgency demanding to know what has happened to your money.