A day out for the Knoble: Bizzy Lizzy pays a visit to the nonces

The Sun

Spivs Comment.

Yeah, yeah we get it. She’s the bollocks. Shame the Sun didn’t bury this story the way they did the story of Leon Brittan raping little boys.


Her Majesty was led into No10 Downing Street by David Cameron and shook hands with top MPs before greeting deputy PM Nick Clegg.

Dressed in a royal blue suit with a diamond and sapphire brooch, she took a seat next to the Prime Minister as she waited for the meeting to start.

The Queen, who has since left, was due to be given a present paid for by each Secretary of State to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

It is the first time a monarch was at a Cabinet meeting during peace time since 1781.

The Queen’s father, King George VI, attended a War Cabinet meeting during World War II.

Rodney Barker, an economics professor, said the meeting was “daft” as it blurred the boundaries between government and monarchy.