A Bridge Too Far Part 3


Christopher Spivey.


In this third and final installment exposing the Westminster Bridge attack as a fake Government orchestrated play act I will prove to you that no one died, no one got hurt and the attack itself was nothing more than an illusion.

Now, as we have already seen, the chances of the first two victims – Kurt & Melissa Cochran – being hit was impossible and indeed the “official” story now indirectly acknowledges that the Hyundai 4 x 4 did not even mount the pavement there i.e the beginning of the bridge on the St Thomas hospital side.

Course, the reason that we know this is because of the two sets of traffic lights situated almost directly before you drive onto the bridge, which coupled with the three lane carriage way effectively becoming just one due to the road onto the bridge reducing down to two lanes, with one of those becoming a bus lane – not to mention the sheer volume of traffic – make it impossible to pick up any real speed.

Neither could Masood have driven on the pavement immediately before the bridge because of the street lights & sign posts.

Therefore he would have been travelling very slowly as he came onto the bridge – which I have already discussed in terms of Masood and the Cochrans.

Course, neither could Masood have mounted the pavement as he drove onto the bridge because the temporary sign forewarning of Bridge Street being closed due to roadworks would have been in the way.

Now despite the signpost in question appearing to be a long way onto the bridge it isn’t. Westminster Bridge is made up of seven arches and the sign post is actually sat at around one and a half arches in.

And therein you have the reason that there is no one to be seen screaming in agony on the pavement before the sign.

However, that isn’t to say that the Cochran’s were the only ones to be pretend hurt – and dead in Kurt’s case – in that area because if you look to the bridge cornerstone you can see someone else laid out on the deck.

Therefore the fact that there are now 3 seriously hurt people scattered around an area that Masood was extremely unlikely to have been able to get to and certainly impossible to do so at any real speed makes a mockery of peoples ability to think logically.

Indeed having once again checked Wikipedia (12/06/2017) the official number of people hurt remains at:around 50 were injured, some of them severely. Or elsewhere on the very same page of the government’s website for the ‘official’ version of events: 49 (4 critical, 1 other life-threatening) of which 18 are not as yet confirmed.

And seemingly oblivious to contradiction the page also states: “A dozen people received serious injuries, some described as “catastrophic”, and eight others were treated for less serious injuries at the scene”. Twenty in other words.

Nevertheless, this third injury of whom we know fuck all about is either the Korean or the Chinese woman who are listed as being casualties on the Wikipedia page.

Now I can tell you that contained within the last two photos is a wealth of information which whilst not exactly cast iron proof of a fraud – although I believe that I have already proved the event was a fraud anyway – there is certainly enough suspicious activity to make the least suspicious minded sit up and take notice.

Therefore, what follows are the key issues not withstanding the already documented fact that Melissa Cochran is also Andreeeea Christie as well as a couple of witnesses.

Now in the first of the two photos we see a woman treating Melissa Cochran who isn’t the grey coated journalist posing as a member of the public. Moreover the photo shows Cockran laying on her side with her broken leg laying on top of her other leg.

Have you ever broken your leg? Fucking hurts doesn’t it!

Therefore, Cockran must have been in agony since her leg was so badly damaged that it had to be pinned into a cage. Yet she is laying still and calm despite the fact that she must have been in excruciating agony especially when she turned onto her back when it came to the grey coated journalist’s turn to take over her medical care.

Course, those out to protect the official story will point to the lack of screaming and writhing in agony being due to the shock… Fuck off witcha!

I broke my leg when I came off a scaffold and I experienced all the symptoms of being in shock but none of those symptoms took the fucking pain away I can tell you.

Nevertheless, the journalist bird continued to administer medical help to Smelly Cockran – even after Doctor & The Medics had arrived.

PHOTO: Armed plod arrive yet despite being qualified to treat casualties they are happy to let Jess from-the-press keep on doing what she doing… Something that simply does not happen in real life.

And don’t forget that Jess from-the-press is posing as a member of the public.

In fact she only stopped giving first aid when the fluorescent coated actors were lifting Smelly Cockran onto a stretcher.

Course having seemingly got Smelly onto a stretcher did they put her in an ambulance?

Errrr, no.

Did they wheel Smelly the short distance to St Thomas Hospital then?

Well looking at the photos you would think so… But no, they didn’t take Smelly Cockran to St Tommy’s because as we know from earlier, they wheeled Smelly over to the other side of the road… And of course Jess from-the-press followed.

And when they got to the other side of the road the “hero” medics continued to do medical type stuff on Smelly although fuck knows what there was still to do at that stage… I mean we have already seen Smelly with her patient number 2 card sitting up on the stretcher looking as happy as a simpleton.

Yet even more bizarrely still they kept Smelly Cockran there until 4 pm… An hour and twenty minutes after the fact.

Mind you, I suppose that after being looked after by an army of medical staff some overly worried doctor or other thought it best if the Fly-Boyz took a quick peek at Smelly and as such that would explain the delay in getting her to the hospital.

However, getting back to those two photos of Smelly taken 5 minutes after she had been struck down and which I described as containing a wealth of information.

And in the first of the two we see someone who appears to be Jess from-the-press on the bridge but dressed as the girl looking over the wall to where Kurt Cock is laid out below.

I get confused when I clock that kind of thing you see. In fact I did think that Jess from-the-press may have borrowed the young birds cardigan when she lent her coat and bag to the reporter who Little Tommy Tipee Robinson had a pop at on Victoria Embankment.

But then I thought that was just silly… After all Robinson didn’t give it the big-un until around 4:20 pm.

Therefore its no wonder that Jess from-the-press didn’t get to broadcast until the next day.

I also have a feeling that Jess goes by the name of Laura Morrison on Facebook.

I am of course only speculating though.

Nevertheless, the woman in the off-white woolly hat and sage coloured coat, holding a rolled up umberella, ella, ella, ella is also interesting.

And here is a better snappy snap of her.

You see the thing is, we also see her in the following photo over at the other end of the bridge – the Palace side:

Hat off, glasses on, unroll ya scarf and bobs your uncle… You are someone else.

Not sure if those two in front of her are Siamese Twins though.

But she certainly gets about because she was also up at Abingdon Street by 2:50 pm.

Minus the hat and scarf of course… Mind you it is a good 5 minute walk from the bridge to Great Peter Street (Where she is stood in the photo) so she probably took them off because she got hot or summat.

Now as for the 3rd person – a Korean or Chinese woman – she too was removed fairly quickly from where she was supposedly hit by Masood’s motor, but like Smelly Cockran, she too was just taken over to the other side of the road.

However, even more suspect was the woman who was supposedly with this victim.

I am in fact referring to the woman seen in the photos below wearing a beige coat.

And in the photo below we see the woman whom we shall call Moo Ching over the other side of the road tending to her friend sometime between 3:30 pm and 4 pm.

Mind you, the copper/actor seems to find it all very funny.

Moreover, the bird seen in the above photos with a baby in a carry harness was in no rush to gerrof ‘ome either.

And neither was the young bird the the black & white stripey skirt (seen in the middle photo above).

I mean it isn’t as if she was with anyone who was hurt or anything.

Very strange.

There were also 3 ‘hero‘ plod supposedly hurt:

Three police officers injured in the Westminster attack have been named as PC Kris Aves, PC Roger Smith and PC Bradley Bryant, according to reports.

PC Aves is in a stable condition, but there are other reports he has life-changing injuries.

PC Smith is also said to be in a stable condition following an operation after suffering a leg injury.

PC Bryant suffered minor injuries and has reportedly been released from hospital.

It is reported the three officers, based in Lambeth, South London, were wounded on Westminster Bridge as Khalid Masood – a Muslim convert born Adrian Russell Ajao – drove a car into pedestrians.

PC Palmer, 48, died from injuries he sustained when he confronted Masood as he tried to get into the Palace of Westminster a few moments later.

PC Aves is reported to have undergone hours of surgery on what are described as life-changing injuries, but it is not clear what they are.

His sister Nikki Tapner, 42, told The Sun: I don’t know that much about what’s going on.

All I have been told is he has been hurt but his life is not in danger. My parents are there with him.

PC Roger Smith, in his early 50s, also suffered leg injuries and underwent an operation in hospital, while PC Bradley Bryant was reportedly discharged following treatment for more minor injuries.

The officers had just been to a commendation service at the Met’s new HQ in Cannon Row.

They were crossing the bridge when they were hit by a Hyundai 4×4 being driven by Masood at high speed along the pavement.

One former colleague told the Mirror newspaper: By all accounts the officers were unaware of what was happening until the car was literally on them. It came out nowhere. Source

PC Kris Aves received ten and a half Grand in go-fund-me donations don’t cha know?

PHOTO: Kris Aves

Now as it happens, there are not many photos of Aves to be had – except the kind which are very blurry or in which he has a dodgy eye or summat – but I love the way that they have made him out to be an everyday bloke enjoying a pint down his local… I mean as if the filth have a local!

Unless it is of course its a copper’s ‘local‘ but those are not what you call a local local.

Nevertheless, I came across an interesting story whilst looking for information on Aves (there is a distinct lack of it), about a former professional footballer who became a copper but was given the old tin-tac in December 2016 after testing positive for cocaine:

A FORMER footballer who starred in one of Scotland’s greatest cup upsets is facing the axe as a policeman – after testing positive for cocaine while on duty.

Julian Broddle was part of the Raith Rovers side which stunned Scottish football when they beat Celtic in the 1994 League Cup Final. 

The South Yorkshire PC, who joined the service after almost two decades in the game, could be sacked at a disciplinary hearing next week. 

PC Broddle, whose career highlights include the Hampden penalty shootout, provided a urine sample as part of a random drug test in March.  Source

PHOTO: Julian Broddle

Now it is quite obvious where I am going with this so I will just do the comparison.

As always, I’m not saying it is, I’m not saying it isn’t… I’m just sayin’.

Although I will say that the t-shirt that Aves is wearing in the photo below is quite ironic… Especially given the woeful lack of photos of him on the internet.

PHOTO: Aves is James Bond. Inset: Broddle and Gordon Brown

And of course the trio of coppers had to be heroes just heading back on foot from a bullshit award ceremony given at Scotland Yard although obviously the buffoon, Craig Mackey cannot have been dishing them out… Funny time and day for an award giving too and as for the 3 stooges walking back to their station in Lambeth … Well they can fuck off with that old fanny.

Therefore there can be no surprise that I struggled to find Aves amongst the casualties in the hundreds of photos that I have of the hoax despite his “life changing injuries“… Although I wouldn’t call conning the public out of nearly £10,500 “life changing“… Although it will be if people en-masse cotton on to the monsters and their minions frauds.

A Met Police officer sustained ‘life-changing’ injuries after he was driven into by Westminster terrorist Kaleed Masood, it emerged today.

PC Kris Aves was walking across the bridge with colleagues PC Roger Smith and PC Bradley Bryant when they were hit by the 4×4.

The 35-year-old father reportedly needed eight hours in surgery and is now expected to survive with life-changing injuries Source

Very vague about those life changing injuries… In fact there is very little on the internet about the fraud trio… No follow up from Aves or public thank-you for the money that was donated… Hmmm.

But anyway, the only possible candidate for Aves that I can see amongst the massive photo library that I have accumulated is the fella in the following snappy-snapz:

However, I do know a bit about that Ginger lad which I will let you in on shortly.

And as for the other two coppers who were supposedly with Aves? Well I am not sure which of them the red arrowed fella is in the photo below.

But he looks in a bit of a bad way and he is with the laughing policeman so I will assume that he is PC Roger Smith:

PC Smith sustained leg injuries and underwent an operation while PC Bryant has been discharged after suffering more minor injuries.

Speaking about the officers today, Met Police anti-terror cheif Mark Rowley: ‘Two of our officers who were injured on Westminster Bridge in the attack also remain in hospital and also have sustained significant injuries.’  Source

Let’s have a closer look shall we?

Of course we fucking shall.

So it wasn’t only Smelly Cockran and Moo Ching’s mate who had to hang around for their photos taken.

And as another aside, the fella that I have allocated the number 2 in the above photos later turned up as a foreign tourist giving an interview as to what he [didn’t really] see.

And the uninjured ‘laughing policeman’ was an armed plod earlier on in the day.

Just sayin’.

Mind you, there is never an ambulance around when you need one so the cops and paramedics had to wheel him somewhere… I’m not sure where but they definitely wheeled him somewhere.

I don’t know why the paramedic has Smelly Cockran’s Number 2 attached to his waist though!

And of course we also see Loopy Lopez in the above photos thus confirming the lateness of the hour.

Indeed it is no wonder that Roger Smith found the whole fucking thing hilarious.

And we also see Jess from the press and Moo Ching in that disgusting photo.

Mind you, like all of the photos taken of the fraud, certain aspects were fake and this little off-shoot, photo-shoot was no different.

Nevertheless, I cannot understand why PC Roger Smith wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the two or three films and many photos allegedly made & taken by members of the public walking across the the bridge in the immediate aftermath of the hoax.

And of course the same applies to the third copper, PC Bradley Bryant whom I will assume is the fella in the photo below.

Its coconut number 3… Mind you they have tried to hide the fact that he is a copper… But he is.

Nevertheless you have to wonder why he is on a trolley – albeit he is clearly off his – being as he was barely hurt:

PC Roger Smith, in his early 50s, also suffered leg injuries and underwent an operation in hospital, while PC Bradley Bryant was reportedly discharged following treatment for more minor injuries.

Mind you I think that the Minions used the rest of his jacket to keep Masood’s Hyundai warm.

Just sayin’… Since I am fucked if I know what that is all about. However, I will get to the Hyundai 4×4 all in good time. So for now let’s have a look at how they tried to hide the fact that the fella I am assuming is Bryant was indeed also a plod.

And of course they didn’t put him in an ambulance either. Instead they took him on a mini excursion.

Indeed the stretcher bearers are not even heading in the direction of St Thomas Hospital! Now why would that be?

Mind you, some victims appeared to be proper dying over where that mothers meeting was taking place… The fella in the photo below for example.

PHOTO: Nearly dead.

PHOTO: Nearly better

Strange how the fella in front with the bandage round his bonce in the photo above is also coconut number 3 isn’t it?

That fraudster is called Owen Lambert and what follows is his account of the drama as told by the Chimp:

Pausing for a second here just to ponder whether the lying little shit saw the 4×4 approaching and made like a Bull by charging at the motor. I mean how the fuck else did his head get hit by the wing mirror?

I mean according to the fraudster he never saw Masood’s motor – suggesting that he was hit on the head from behind… By the wing mirror!

And how the fuck did the little gay-boy get his blood all over his mate, Travis Frain – whom I will deal with shortly?

The old fanny then continues:

Well at least the bang on his fucking head improved his hearing… Carry on Bullshitters:

All the hotel guests looked shocked too“? What the fuck is he on about?

And why the fuck were the police guarding his room? More money being fraudulently claimed no doubt. Yet why the fuck was he even in a hospital room as there is clearly fuck all wrong with the lying little cunt… And neither is his “friend” the equally improbably named Mr Van Arrogan who apparently sustained a leg injury and as such had a plaster cast put on his fucking arm.

Who the fuck writes this shit?

Pass me the sick-bag please! Lambert isn’t a student, he must surely be a PR Guru for the emergency services for fucks sake.

And as for that head wound needing gluing? Well as far as I can tell, the only thing that needed gluing is the lying little shit-stains mouth.

Course, if you thought that Lambert’s account of the false fanny was far fetched, just you wait until you read this next lot of shit from his ginger-ninja mate, Travis Frain.

However, before I show you that let me show you some photos of the sick-fuck little toe-rag.

As it happens that could be Owen Lambert seen sat on the pavement in the photo directly above. After all that is the Ginger-Whinger stood looking down at him… In fact I would imagine that the fella stood next to Trappy is the fella who we saw dying on a trolley before making a miraculous recovery.

Yet Trappy-Travis was supposedly the worst of the four college students to be injured, but looking at those photos you do have to question why Travis is seen AN HOUR later laid out on a stretcher.

A cracked rib and injuries to his hand“… Roger that.

I should also mention that the Ginger-Whinger and his “friends” live very close to the Village of the Damned.

Nevertheless, have a read of this old bollox:

“A cracked rib and MINOR injuries to his hand”… Roger that. Now have a read at this old   bollox:


Did you clock his injuries in that last lot of old bollox?

Now read this:

Talk about being taken for a cunt! And do not for one second assume Prince Buggerlugs doesn’t know the truth.

Yet first Trappy has minor injuries consistent with the photos that we saw earlier. We are also told that he rung his ‘mummy’ 40 minutes after the old bollox had happened telling her “not to worry” and that he was “fine“.

PHOTO: Having taken his shoes of the lying little cunt calmly started chatting to people on his mobile phone.

And then the next thing that we know the lying little cunt has all manner of serious injuries requiring surgery and he can’t remember a single fucking thing about the accident!

Fuck me, it’s no wonder he wants to be an MP… The trainee nonce has all the right fucking credentials that is for sure.

And as if the Chimp needed to convince the gullible that Travis’ story is genuine, they published a photo of the little gay-boy stood outside of the Houses of Parliament – which had presumably been taken earlier that day.

Course, the would be journalists at the Chimp are far too unintelligent to notice the glaring contradiction in the photo i.e the 3 armed coppers in the background thus proving what I said at the very start about the plod all being armed at the Palace gates.

Now despite his ginger hair and sticky out ears Travis did in fact immediately make me think of Mason Wells, the crisis actor who claimed to have been caught up in both the Boston Bombing – which was another hoax –  and the Brussels Bollox that took place exactly one year prior to the Westminster bridge fraud.

PHOTO: Mormon, Mason Wells and his pal, Joseph Empey.

And although I am only stating that Travis reminded me of Mason Wells the pair did score 55% on the facial comparison software.

However, despite the fact that they do look half alike I probably would not have brought up the fact had it not been for Mason Wells pal, Joseph Empey.

You see, Empty-Empey (pictured above) who is also a Mormon and was also caught up in the Brussels bombing hoax bears an uncanny resemblance to the Westminster Bridge witness seen in the photo below.

Course, like all of the witnesses interviewed this fella was done so more than once (in different locations with the above interview taking place in the grounds of St Thomas Hospital) and is of course fake as fuck.

I mean according to the Met plod “thousands” of witness statements were taken yet we see the same old witnesses trotting out the same old bullshit time and time again.

Indeed we see the same fella giving another interview in the photo below over the road from St Thomas Hospital.

Yet the fella on the far right taking such interest and recording every word said did exactly the same at the interview the fella gave in the hospital grounds.

Who knows? Perhaps he didn’t hear him the first time. Nevertheless, the more astute of you will have clocked the “running man” from Millbank, recording the interview in the photo of the interview that the fella gave across the road.

Indeed it would surprise me if that was our old mate Bradford with the running man that the reporter is striding passed. You know who I’m talking about? The pair of slugs seen in the photo below taken on Millbank.

Although since the time in the screenshot above was supposedly 3:02 pm they must have been on the bridge prior to being on Millbank… In theory although as I keep reminding you: All of the footage is fake.

Still, the running-man certainly gets about a bit to say that he is supposedly an ordinary member of the public and the area was on lockdown… Not that the lockdown apparently applied to Journalists… Of which the woman in the beige coat is most definitely one.

Nevertheless, there is no escaping the fact that the mush in question giving the interview is a ringer for Joe Empey (photo below):

And after seeing the photos of the fella lurking on the bridge whilst trying to avoid the photographer there can be little doubt that he is helping to coordinate the action.

And watch the red arrowed creepy guy in the screenshots below.

Yet never once does the creepy guy distract the Empty lookalike.

And indeed, I do in fact believe that the fella goes by the name of Gordon Mogg on Facebook.

Once again, I am not stating a fact here, just putting forward possibilities.

And at the time of writing (18/06/17) it seems that the Westminster Bridge Bollox is going to feature in a hospital documentary:

A shocking BBC documentary showing hospital staff realise Westminster killer Khalid Masood has just died on a stretcher is set to be aired next week.

The extraordinary footage, filmed in a London hospital, shows victims being treated and discussing what they remember during the terrorist attack, which took place on March 22. 

Five people died in the rampage, which saw Masood drive at pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before fatally stabbing Pc Keith Palmer in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster.

The 52-year-old attacker was then shot by armed police and was the first casualty to arrive at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where he was pronounced dead. Continue Reading

Course, given the opening line of the above Chimp article you just know it is going to be bollox because according to the inquest held on the 29th of March, Masood died at the scene, not on a stretcher at the hospital:

Providing evidence to the inquest Detective Superintendent John Crossley, who is leading the police investigation under Operation Classific, provided an outline of the circumstances that resulted in the four deaths.

As a result of the attack in excess of 35 people were injured. The injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to extensive bone and skull fractures.

Two people, in addition to PC Palmer and the attacker, died at the scene.

Just sayin’.

And talk about being melodramatic:

The Hospital camera crew were just two or three days into recording the new series, which follows the Imperial College Healthcare Trust, when a meeting being filmed at St Mary’s was interrupted by news of the attack.

Staff at the hospital, one of London’s ‘major trauma centres’, are seen quickly putting a major incident plan into place as they prepare to receive the first casualties. 

All non-emergency surgery is cancelled, and doctors must decide which existing patients are well enough to be transferred to another hospital to free up beds.

Dr Alison Sanders, clinical director at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, said: ‘When a major incident happens, within 12 minutes the entire hospital has kicked into a completely different way of working, and obviously, subsequently we’ve had to do that twice more since this programme was made (with the London Bridge attack and the Grenfell Tower fire).

‘It just demonstrates, that’s something that won’t be unique to us, it’s a countrywide ability of the NHS to step up on top of what is already huge pressure.’

She added: ‘We have to do something entirely different with zero notice, and you see everybody just switch into it, and then the following day we have to go back to normal because the work is still building up, the ambulances will still be coming in, as soon as we open the doors again, the floodgates open.’

Indeed that is almost laughable… I mean c’mon, talk about total codswallop:

Staff at the hospital, one of London’s ‘major trauma centres’, are seen quickly putting a major incident plan into place as they prepare to receive the first casualties. 

All non-emergency surgery is cancelled, and doctors must decide which existing patients are well enough to be transferred to another hospital to free up beds.

Dr Alison Sanders, clinical director at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, said: ‘When a major incident happens, within 12 minutes the entire hospital has kicked into a completely different way of working.

What different way of working would that be then? After all, as far as I can make out they had 4 victims to deal with and one of those was dead for fucks sake.

And although one of the victims isn’t shown in the article, two of the three French students who were allegedly hurt are shown on camera – despite there being no evidence of them being present at the scene of the crime.

You couldn’t make that shit up although the fella in the photo directly above also brings memories of Mason Wells flooding back.

PHOTO: Mason Wells in hospital following the Brussels bollox

Nevertheless, returning to the Chinese/Korean woman in the beige coat, Moo Ching whose friend/relative was pretend hurt in the attack… Here have a reminder:

It would seem that she too fancied herself as being somewhat of a doctor. Nevertheless, with the paramedics having dragged the victim over to the other side of the road, she remained there with Moo Ching  until around 4 pm – despite being apparently unconscious throughout.

However, she did at least finally get loaded into an ambulance… Just not one of those nearby.

You see, the victim and Moo Ching also had to go on a walk-about first.

Nevertheless, much more worrying than the hour and twenty minute delay in Moo Ching and her injured friend leaving the bridge is the fact that Moo is one of those crisis actors who double up as a copper… An armed copper in her case.


But anyway, so far the casualty list consists of:

  1. Kurt Cochran
  2. Melissa Cochran
  3. Moo Ching’s friend
  4. Plod, Kris Aves
  5. Plod, Roger Smith
  6. Plod, Bradley Bryant
  7. Student, Travis Frain
  8. Student, Owen Lambert
  9. Student Van the man
  10. Lying Loopy Lopez
  11. Never before seen French Student
  12. Another Never before seen French Student

However, of that dozen we can only place 7 of them in the immediate aftermath film footage and 3 of them (the 3 students) did not look to be hurt at all.

Now the next victim to be found on the bridge is the fella in the photo below.

The bridge is very, very quiet on both sides.

Nevertheless you have to question how the mush got hit in the first place since we know that Masood wasn’t on the pavement at that point because of the sign. Moreover the bridge was crowded with traffic including buses in the bus lane… Not that we can rely on the distance shots showing the traffic on the bridge because as we know, that footage is fake.

Nevertheless, to have been hit by Masood he had to have been stood in the road… A totally bizarre place to stand by anyone’s standards.

Mind you when you see the fella in later shots – and by “later shots” I mean photos taken within 10 minutes of the above photo being taken – he has a totally different cast of characters around him and he appears to have got younger… And he has turned his body around 360 degrees so he can’t have hurt his leg too badly.

Indeed the older of the two playing the “victim” looks like Leslie Rhodes to me (Les Rhodes = Less Roads as in less roads around Westminster), although I had been under the impression that Rhodes was hit as Masood drove into the Palace wall.

Rhodes – for the benefit of those who don’t know – was the last of Masood’s victims to die.

PHOTO: Leslie Rhodes

Mind you, when you read the Telegraph’s description of how he died, you do have to wonder how the fella on the bridge holding his leg can possibly be Les:

The window cleaner smashed his head on the pavement as he was flung into the air by the Masood’s hired Hyundai. Source

Who knows? Perhaps a road and a pavement are the same things these days! Nevertheless I will deal with Les Rhodes now since I have brought his name up.

So let’s start by staying with that Telegraph article which was published on the 24th of March – the day after Rhodes died following the hospital switching off his life support machine.

You see, the newspapers claim that Rhodes died after banging his head on the pavement greatly differs from the OAP’s neighbour, Mr Philip Williams version of events:

Mr Williams said he had been told by neighbours who went to see him before he died that Mr Rhodes was attending the hospital and may have been coming from or going to a bus stop nearby when he was hit.

He said: “I’ve been told he was at the hospital, St Thomas’, and he went by public transport and he was apparently crossing the bridge when this car hit him.

“As I say, I’ve been told he was hit in the midriff. He had many broken bones. Apparently he went into a coma straight away.”

Course, quite obviously the newspaper didn’t feel the need to clarify the situation… Although the fella in the road didn’t go into a coma straight away.

Nevertheless, like all of the dead victims of these hoaxes, the Minions insist on giving the ones they feature their own spin off stories.

I mean Kurt Cockran was on the last day of his holiday when he was killed by Masood. And not just any holiday either – it was the holiday of a lifetime celebrating 25 years of marriage to Happy Smelly Cockran.

Moreover, Andreeeeea Christie was on a romantic holiday with her FIANCE who was bizarrely going to ask her to marry him… And so on, and so on.

And “Lovely” Les was no different. I mean he had spent his life working as a window cleaner with Winston Churchill being one of his customers.

Course, when you know Churchill’s true story I find that fact quite plausible since 75 year old Rhodes had never married and had no children. Moreover, his favourite song was “These are the days of our lives” by Queen… Queen being the favourite of all 75 year olds I would imagine.

Which was nice of them what with old Les not having any family at that point… And just so as not to further fuel rumours of Mr Rhodes’ sexuality I will point out that Chris Carney is in fact Christine Carney:

And straight away I clocked that Carney – like most of the actors in this  pantomime – also pretended to be a witness to the old bollox.

Moreover, the old bird is in all likelihood also the gruesome twosome seen below:

After all, these actors do like to show their versatility.

Course, having known Leslie Rhodes for THIRTY years, he would indeed ‘almost be like family‘ to the Carney’s wouldn’t he?

Nevertheless, the old fanny continues:

He became like family“… No truer word spoken. As you will find out shortly, but for now, old Les had no family:

So Les moved to the block of flats with his mum & dad when he was in his 30’s. And as coincidence would have it, his next door neighbour was Michael Carney whom Les had known since the 1960’s… Roger that… Although that would make it that Carney had known Leslie for at least 50 years despite the fact that his wife has just said that they had known Leslie for 30 years.

Still, what is 20 years between friends? The old bollox then continues:

Mr Williams said Mr Rhodes had grown up in the block of flats he was living in when he was killed“! It kinda makes you wonder if the cunts who write this shit even read what they have written… I mean one minute Rhodes is a 30 odd year old fella moving into a flat with his mum & dad and the next minute he ‘grew up‘ in the very same flat.

Purposely muddying the waters in other words.

Nevertheless, the shit-rag also contradicted their own narrative by stating – via a good friend of Rhodes – that the OAP had no family “since his brother had died ten years ago” before conducting an interview with his sister-in-law:

So Mrs Carney is lying then since Leslie wasn’t dying alone… He had family with him.

Course “Mrs Rhodes” neglects to say how she received the news at around 6 pm on the 22nd of March but we now discover that Leslie’s brother who had previously been dead for a decade only died two years ago.

Worse still – as coincidence would have it once more – Leslie died on what would have been her 60th wedding anniversary… Gosh, isn’t life unkind.

Still, if we assume Leslie’s brother and sister-in-law married at 20 then they would both be 80 years old (Roy 78 yrs old when he died), making Leslie 14 or 15 years old at the time (depending how long Roy and his Mrs were courting before getting married), which in turn makes it right that Leslie would have been a schoolboy when he first met his future sister-in-law.

I also note that Mrs Rhodes description of Leslie’s injury’s are  different to Mr & Mrs Carney’s and the Telegraphs.

Nevertheless, the old fanny continues:

And it immediately becomes clear that Leslie’s sister-in-law hadn’t a fucking Scooby-Doo what Old Les was up to when he died. And of course neither did Mrs Carney make any mention of Mrs Rhodes being present when Leslie died.

Now before I continue, I will just point out that they are direct quotes that the MI 5 controlled Telegraph has used.

So with that in mind let’s have a look at what the Scum newspaper has to say on the matter:

And straight away we learn that Mickey Carney had only known Leslie for 40 years now… Not 30 years as his wife had claimed and not 50 years as Mick-the-dick had claimed in the Telegraph.

Moreover, you can only conclude from the above snippet – given the direct quotes – that Mick Carney couldn’t be arsed to go up the hospital and as such did not witness his daughter fuck about with Leslie’s dead body.

However, the Scum does at least divulge the name of Leslie’s sister-in-law unlike the Telegraph who just referred to her as Mrs Rhodes:

And ‘Audrey’ confirms that her husband Roy Rhodes died two years ago, and not the 10 years reported in the Telegraph.

Course, come the next day and the Carney’s had some new information to tell us about Leslie’s death… The following is from the Express:

Strange how they had only just remembered those details don’t cha think?

Nevertheless, now the good bit. You see, having given the gullible masses enough time to forget all of the above bollox (around a month and a half), the Chimp along with every other national newspaper reported on Leslie’s funeral held on the 5th May 2017… And it doesn’t get more in your face that this breathtaking old fanny which I shall comment on along the way.

There is no photo of ‘Gareth Lloyd’ accompanying the article although from all I have read, Rhodes had to have been run over on the bridge.

Nevertheless, Mr Lloyd – a surgeon at GUY’s hospital – was walking (not driving) to ST THOMAS hospital when he came across Old Leslie… Meaning that Lloyd must have ignored all the other casualties he walked passed.

Kinda makes you wonder why they took Leslie to KING’S College hospital… Albeit not by helicopter.

The article then continues:

You couldn’t make that shit up in a million years!

However, what we now have is Leslie’s sister-in-law, Audrey Rhodes morphing into 72 year old Carol Carney, whose name is nigh on the same as Leslie’s 70 year old neighbour of 30-50 years, Christine Carney.

Moreover, since Leslie died on what would have been his brother’s 60th wedding anniversary his brother must have married a 12 year old.

Still, at least Audrey/Carol knows why Leslie was on the bridge now, yet this next bit is fucking scandalous:

So, Roy Rhodes has now become Brian Rhodes who didn’t die two years ago, or even 10 years ago but did in fact die around 45 years ago. Talk about in ya face!

And why the fuck was Rhodes cremated in Surrey after living his whole life in London?

Mind you, in truth there was no Leslie Rhodes killed in the hoax attack and I would imagine that the face we see reporting to be Rhodes is just a played-about-with mugshot of pipe bomber, Jonathon Taylor

Nevertheless, I think that I can throw some light on Leslie’s new found family.

For instance I imagine that alleged mother & daughter, Corol Carney aged 72 & Amanda Rhodes aged 52 are the same person.

Moreover, Leslie’s cousin Carol Mardon (seen in the photo below with Amanda Rhodes) is probably Rita Beckwith.

And Rita Beckwith is of course the joint owner of City Cruises.

Oh and best that we don’t forget Leslie’s other mate & neighbour, Philip WILLIAMS.


Indeed, WILLIAMS also gave plenty of TV interviews and couldn’t speak highly enough of poor old Les.

However, since Philip WILLIAMS is also David WILLIAMS I should think old Les was turning in his grave.


You see, according to the press David Williams was very good friends with serial killer, Fred West and was later convicted & sent to prison – along with his wife Pauline – for being a paedophile.

And that almost concludes the evidence to suggest that Les Rhodes did not exist… Or at least he wasn’t killed on Westminster Bridge during the government sponsored hoax of the 22nd of March 2017.

We shall however presume that Les is the actor seen holding his leg on the bridge since we have no better candidate for the actor.

And as such, Leslie becomes victim number 13 and coconut number 5 – as in the 5th person to be shown as being injured in the immediate aftermath of the theater production.

I will also point out that the above screenshot is taken from the film footage allegedly shot by former Polish Defence Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski... And if you believe that old fanny you will believe anything.

You see, Radish Coleslaw – or whatever the fuck the Monster Minion’s name is –  is an Oxford educated member of the ‘elite’. Indeed he was a member of the ultra elite Bullingdon Boys Club

And that last fact alone makes anything Coleslaw says total bollox.

PHOTO: Coleslaw’s very flattering Wikipedia photo

Indeed it would not surprise me if Coleslaw also played the Iranian political prisoner, Ahmadreza Djalali in order to crank up the West’s desire to attack Iran.

PHOTO: Ahmadreza Djalali

Certainly I would contend that Coleslaw played the hoax witness Graham Neale.

After all, Coleslaw wouldn’t be the first of those involved in the old bollox to also play the part of a political prisoner. However, more on that later because for now there is still an important bit of information to point out to you which inadvertently got picked up in Coleslaw’s film footage.

What are you talking about Spivey?” I hear you cry.

To which I would answer that I am talking about the couple with a young child trying to look inconspicuous in the drama caught on film by Coleslaw.

Now remember, the film footage that the above screenshot is taken from was allegedly filmed in the immediate aftermath of Masood’s mayhem and as such the time would be 2:40 pm.

However, we later see the couple with the toddler ‘running for their lives‘ off the bridge at around 2:55 pm.

Very strange.

Moreover, the fella looks like the mush we saw earlier who was giving interviews left right and center.

I am pretty sure he is the fella anyway. Certainly he was very cock-sure of himself and in this photo you will notice the running-man lurking as he chats to an Asian reporter who was conveniently on the bridge as Masood did his thing… Or at least very soon after.

And I am sure that you remember the reporter who is asking him questions in the photo.

She is of course the bird who was billed as being a member of the public being evacuated from the Houses of Parliament at around 2:45 pm despite the press stating that no one was allowed out of the Palace for at least 2 hours after Masood had done his thing.

However, I best give you a reminder of her being evacuated:

Not the arrowed bird obviously.

And there can be little doubt that she is being underhand because she is wearing a different scarf to the one she is wearing when she interviews the cocky coloured guy.

However, it is the arrowed bird that I am interested in now. You see she is the same bird as the one wearing the lime-green top, running for her life on the bridge at around 2:55 pm.

Although she looks to have put on a little weight in the 10 minutes or so timeline.

Mind you, none of those photographed on the bridge are innocent.

Take the fella who I have circled in red for instance.

He is also seen in the photo below:


And the woman next to him holding that contraption in her hand, later found a young boy to hold hands with.

A disarmed Moo-Ching also appears to have got in on the act.

The hard-faced cow then dumped the kid a week later and latched onto a fake victim’s wheelchair in order to get her picture in the paper again.

Just sayin’.

And as for that copper who is on the bridge watching the runners, well she is only there to look pretty and pose for a photoshoot.

Busy looking pretty and pointing.

Nevertheless, as I say, Leslie Rhodes becomes our 13th victim which then brings us to victim number 14.

Now this is only a few feet on from where Leslie lies (a very apt word) and again you have to wonder how the fella got hit, what with him being in the bus lane and all that.

The middle aged arrowed woman in the photo isn’t rushing up to help, she is rushing up to take photos… For which the crouching fella is very obliging.

Nevertheless, that middle-aged bird taking photos of the ‘badly hurt’ fella is quickly joined by a younger bird in a denim jacket… This younger bird is also obviously part of the hoax… And bear in mind that the above screenshot comes from footage allegedly filmed literally moments after Masood had passed by.

The gruesome-twosome are then joined by Dani Singer… That’s her jumping into place in the screenshot below.

Indeed she turns up with almost a hop, skip and a jump… Talking about relishing the part.

But who’s Dani Singer I hear you ask.

That’s Dani in the glasses looking at the camera in the photo above… And do note the lack of people on the pavement over the other side of the bridge… I mean the time here has to be at least 2:46 pm because the Ambulance Service said that their first paramedics didn’t get there until then.

So again I find myself asking where are all the pedestrians in the photos like the one above this one?

But I digress… Again. So back to Dani Singer.

Singer is a well known activist – or as she has now proved a turncoat – who is particularly well known by the LBGT brigade.

Course, I have been saying for fucking ages that there are very few people you can trust in the activism game.

However, that interview that Singer gave shown in the 2nd photo down in the above batch is particularly telling.

You see, during the course of that interview a woman walks passed from behind and that woman looks to me very much like Vageena:

Remember Vageena? Of course you do.

Now despite allegedly being filmed in the immediate aftermath of Masood’s passing, the bird who arrived at our number 14 victim – let’s call him Mr Dead – immediately after the middle-aged photographer bird, merely has a cursory glance at Mr Dead before making a hand signal to someone up the way and then dashing off in that direction.

Now you would have thought that the former Polish Politician, Radish Coleslaw would have followed her with his camera but instead he filmed the other way.

Yet even had she by chance been a doctor or nurse making her way to work, she arrived from the left of the screen and whoever it was that was calling or beckoning her did so from the right of the screen… Doesn’t add up does it. I mean even if it was by coincidence someone beckoning her from the right because they knew she was a doctor, old Mr Dead doesn’t look so well so surely her efforts were needed there and not further up the road?

However, like I said, quite how Mr Dead became so badly hurt is a complete mystery.

Because like I said, Masood would not have been on the pavement because of the sign. Moreover, his way would have been hampered and blocked by the buses and traffic and both Rhodes and Mr Dead would have had to have been stood in the road to get knocked over… In front of that traffic!

And as a quick aside, the couple seen cuddling in the photo above these two and in the photo below are worth mentioning. You see I am not sure that the bird being cuddled is not Moo-Ching, who later becomes an armed plod.

But regardless of who it is, whoever the mush was that was doing the filming as he or she walked across the bridge, passed the couple at around 10 seconds in.

And in that last photo look how many people are on the bridge across the road from loves young dream… Now the police are present and by law have to preserve the crime scene yet it seems that the bridge was deserted when Masood did his thing and then 10 minutes later the police allowed hundreds of people to walk onto the crime scene.

Now what follows are the police guidelines for a crime scene:

In order for an officer of the law to establish a crime scene he or she must know what a crime scene is: simply put a crime scene is a location at which a crime has taken place and a location that may yield physical clues as to the nature of the crime and the person or persons responsible for it.

Securing The Scene

Once a police officer has determined the area to be regarded as a crime scene he or she must make it inaccessible to all but authorised personnel such as other police officers, Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO) and a police doctor – or pathologist.It is important that the integrity of a crime scene is maintained wherever possible so as not to contaminate any evidence that may be available.

Protecting Evidence

If the crime scene is located outside then the officer may find it necessary to place a cloth or waterproof sheeting over anything that he or she might consider to be evidence. It is also important to note at this point that anything can be evidence – from the largest item to the smallest thing such as a cigarette end or piece of tissue. Anything that might look out of place in its current location more often than not is out of place and should be considered to be evidence.

Likewise if the crime scene is outside then the officer should be watching for vehicles moving around and people coming and going; it is after all not uncommon for the perpetrator of a crime to return to the scene to see how events are unfolding.

Protecting The Scene

It is of the utmost importance that members of the public and press are kept at arms length not only to preserve the crime scene but also to keep details of the crime to a minimum; too much information in the public domain can influence the outcome of any police investigation and can also lead to unwanted hoax calls and false confessions.

It is important to mark out footprints and tyre tracks that may have been left by the perpetrator of a crime and doing this can be done with tape or paper if it is available.

The police may also erect tents or tarpaulins to minimise the view of a crime scene to both press and public and also so that a police doctor or pathologist can carry out a cursory examination of a corpse before it is moved for autopsy. It is necessary that a corpse is examined at its current location so that no claims of bruising or post mortem injury can be made.

An officer who is first on the scene is also required to segregate any witnesses to the crime – if there are any – and make sure they are kept away from the media. Officers are also encouraged to make notes of strange smells or fragrances that may not be present at the time when the Scene of Crime Officer arrives.

All of these things are important and can provide vital information for Scene of Crimes Officers when they arrive on the scene. Crime scenes are often the most valuable resource when it comes to evidence and as such should be treated with care and due attention so that any vital clues are preserved and uncontaminated. Source

So, a blatant disregard for the rules then… Just like all of our coppers when it suits… Cunts.

And here are a few more photos of Dani Singer just so as you can see how posed it all is.

And once Dani had done with her photoshoot the directors took advantage of Mr Dead to try and get two casualties out of the one… Have a butchers at the next photo and you will see what i’m on about:

You see, the scene may have appeared to change but it is still Mr Dead.

Therefore our total remains at 14 victims so far, of which we can still only place 9 of them in the immediate aftermath film footage and 3 of them (the 3 students) did not look to be hurt at all.

Moving on and victim number 15 is the improbable Aysha Frade – whose story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever:

So Aysha was off to pick her 2 kids up from school at 2:40 pm – they must finish school very early.

Course when she was thrown in front of a bus which then – given her position on the ground – had to have driven over her with the front and back wheels, her husband, John Frade picked the children up instead… Despite not knowing that his wife had been killed.

So how the fuck did he know to go and collect the children. I mean it would have taken the teachers at least 5 minutes before contacting John Frade once his wife hadn’t shown up and then he would have to have got there, so how did the caller to LBC Radio know that Frade picked his kids up… Although I don’t suppose the DJ bothered to ask.

In fact the caller actually states that Frade collected his kids because he knew that his wife had been involved in “an accident“, which then confuses things even more. For example, how did “James” know that John Frade knew his wife had been in an accident?

Indeed if “James” was picking his own kids up from the school he would have been long gone by the time that John got there.

After all, for Frade to know about his wife, then the police would have had to first ascertain her identity and then trace her husband… Therefore, James has to be lying.

The story then continues:

Hmm, I should also point out that the original story had Frade as a school teacher but I imagine that made it even harder for the script-writers to justify her being on the bridge at that time.

Okay, let’s have a look at her.

And straight away you will notice that she must be related to either Bruce Forsyth or Jimmy Hill what with her abnormally long chin.

However, I did at first think that they had just distorted photos of junior doctor & newly crowned ‘hero’, Colleen Anderson who had apparently abandoned her post at St Thomas Hospital to run onto the bridge to help out there.

And indeed I still wouldn’t rule out the possibility although I have to say that I love the way the press went all out to convince their readers that Anderson was the real deal:

I mean how fucking patronizing is that: “The man I was attending to had a definite tib fib lower displaced fracture, query a right sided shoulder displacement”… She sounds like an episode of “Casualty” to me!

Yet there is no doubt that Anderson was being used as not only eye-candy but also as a propaganda tool for the ailing NHS:

Course the very fact that Anderson confirmed that Aysha Frade – note the usual, unusual tell tale name spelling – died under the wheels of a bus on its own proves that Anderson is an actor, although I will deal with the body under the bus drama shortly.

Nevertheless, with Anderson so proud to be part of the great NHS we will presume that she wasn’t one of the 98% of junior doctors who went on strike in January of this year over pay and working conditions?

The following is a Guardian interview with – as coincidence would have it – a Dr MASOOD:

Continue Reading

Course, for Anderson to abandon her post at the hospital was totally unnecessary and extremely dangerous for her patients yet we are meant to believe that she was one of many who did so… Why did they?

There were plenty of ambulances presumably all crewed by paramedics available.

That many in fact, that they couldn’t fucking fill them… Which kinda makes you wonder what all these available ambulance crews are doing when not attending hoax dramas…. Not that the paramedics did much until the general public had finished having a bash at treating the victims.

Moreover, there was an air ambulance present – which bizarrely wasn’t used – with a crew led by a doctor whom clearly wants to be a celebrity and walks like he has two loaves of bread under his arms.

Course the fact that St Thomas hospital staff deserted their posts and run onto the bridge can be dismissed by the following photo.

I mean why the fuck did they need to take the blankets outside to load them onto trolleys? Was it unbearably hot inside or something? Do London ambulances not have their own blankets?

Course the fake nurse giving out the unneeded blankets also looks like the crying copper that we saw earlier… You know, the one being gently led away TWICE by the older copper who later turned up as a witness to Masoods Mayhem having apparently been in London for a mini-break with his wife.

And just for the record I believe there to be a strong possibility that Dr Colleen Anderson is RT reporter, Laura Smith.

In fact from what we know and have already seen it does appear that these reporters seem to have the knack of being in the right place at the right time… Here, have another one:

Remember her? Friend to the MI5 fella? Of course you do.

Now returning to Aysha Frade and I do believe that she could in fact be Nazanin Ratcliffe… Or at least her photo is.

Indeed, the exact kinda thing that the elite get off on.

Now it would have been impossible for Frade to end up under the bus where she did even if the terapin was travelling at 70MPH because the bus that she was knocked in-front of was stationary – or as near dammit – when Masood’s [ghost] motor passed.

Yet we are supposed to believe that the bus ran over Aysha with its front wheels and then its back ones before coming to a stop?

Have you ever seen someone run over by a bus?

Must be something to do with the British reserve!

And despite it being written into bus drivers contracts that it is a sack-able offence to let passengers on and off anywhere except an official bus-stop the driver of the killer bus apparently had no qualms about the fact.

More like a social club if you ask me… Not that it is easy writing about this shit. Indeed I will never forget my grandad’s dying words: “Fuck a bus”!

Moreover my old man was a bus driver until the accident that killed 6 of his passengers. Indeed he was made the scape-goat at the inquest. I mean talk about going on and on, the Coroner wouldn’t shut up about how my dad should have been behind the wheel instead of upstairs collecting the passengers fares.

Nevertheless, it is obvious from the above photos that there were a lot of mushes in red coats milling around in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack.

Am I saying that there is something underhand about men who wear red coats? Yes I am when there is so many of them in such a small area which happens to be in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack and some of them are carrying walkie-talkies.

And talking of red coats I wasn’t surprised to see the ‘Busbies’ being trotted out for propaganda photo-shoots in the days following the Masood Madness.

Although it is strange that they are passing the Busby Soldier’s photo off as being taken in connection to the bridge bollox. You see, that is definitely the same soldier in the photo below as we see in the first of the two above – if he isn’t in fact the same ‘soldier’ in both the above:


Yet the photo-blurb on this photo reads thus:

epa05778263 A man on stilts and dressed up as a Queen’s Guard poses for photographs with tourists on Westminster Bridge by the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. London, 08 February 2017. Members of Parliament later will vote on the bill to trigger Article 50 and Britains exit from the EU. EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA


Huh, indeed.

Nevertheless, when you take that old bollox into consideration I find it really strange that not one newspaper report out of the hundreds that I have read about the hoax mentions the Busby on the bridge when Masood did his kerb crawling… Yes you did read that right.

I wonder if that film was really taken in February 2017?

Course, either way it is just more piss taking on the part of the British Government, including the currant Prime Mincer… But then again, there is a lot of piss taking going on in the fake old bollox with the full cooperation of the British Government.

I mean, you wont see the following screenshot in many of the aftermath videos.

Isn’t that tantamount to child abuse? Wheeling a small child passed a body laying in the road? In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor little sods ‘parents’ aren’t singing “The Wheels Of The Bus Go Round And Round“.

But just think on. The next time that you find yourself caught up in a terrapin attack whilst out with your babies, make sure that you get a Bacon-Bugger to take over the pushchair duties.

That is their job after all… That and flower carrying of course.

Now, that number 53 bus that squished Aysha Frade carries the registration number YX 16 OHB which is awfully close to the registration number of a number 53 bus that appears in a YouTube video which was uploaded in September 2016. The registration of the bus in the You Tube video is YX 16 OHR… Nowt really strange about that though.

However, what is strange is the fact that the video is shot from a motorcyclist head-cam as he makes his way towards Westminster Bridge only to be turned away by the old bill because the bridge has been closed off on the traffic side heading towards the Palace.

Whats more, exactly why the bridge has been shut off to traffic & pedestrians is never made clear although one of the coppers does tell him that it is to keep the area “sterile“… Something that they were not too particular about 6 months down the line.

Now of course there may be nothing in that but I do find such things very suspicious and as such I thought that I best just mention it.

Mind you, what is definitely suspicious is the traffic on the bridge and we can use photos of the number 53 bus that squished Aysha to give a few good examples.

For instance, take a look at the following photo and notice the bus’ proximity to the bus which had been going the other way.

Now the photo is taken pretty square on although the photographer was positioned slightly more to the right – which makes the background underneath the bridge particularly strange.

I mean quite obviously the more you come to the right the more water you see but don’t forget; that number 53 bus is nigh on half way across the bridge.

See what I mean?

Of course you do.

Now when you look at the above photo closer you notice that the bus on the far side of the bridge looks elongated.

In fact to me it looks as though the bus should end where I have put the yellow arrow yet quite obviously it ends where the red arrow is.

Indeed you do in fact have to question why that bus parked there in the first place.

I mean it isn’t even in the bus lane.

And neither was it anywhere in sight when Masood did his thing.

At just gone 2:45 pm the bus isn’t anywhere to be seen.

Although the above photo had to be taken at around the same time and indeed we can see a bus next to the number 53 which clearly isn’t in the bus lane but is also clearly not the bus in question since the one we see in the photo is an open top version… Mind you, that bus too raises questions since it is clearly red (as opposed to the brown open topped buses that we see parked on the bridge) although it has a very unusual, contrasting blue & white back to it.

There is certainly fuck all there that fits the bill.

I mean there is the red open top bus in the photo above taken when the Busby soldier was walking along the bridge just slightly before 2:45 pm but common sense dictates that cannot be the open top bus in question.

In fact you have to question just where the fuck has the traffic got to and how the fuck did yellow arrowed matey get there from where we see him in the photo below in zero minutes?

And here he is again in the photo below at the same time as we see in the photo above.

Or are we meant to ignore shit like that?

Now, there is one more candidate for that open topped red bus which in reality should be a none starter… But inexplicably appears to be the favourite.

You see the red bus in question is surrounded by traffic and sat in the bus lane… Here have a butchers:

Indeed the traffic really is inconsistent with the evidence. I mean the time in the above photos is 2:46 pm or there abouts but when you look at the traffic from the Parliament Square end you get the following:

And then 5 minutes later the traffic at that end of the bridge disappeared altogether.

So go and figure that one out! Even though the time looks to be 10:15 am.

Now it has to be said that victim number 16 was almost kept hidden to begin with which I would suggest had something to do with her location.

You see, Victim 16 was ever so slightly forward of Aysha Frade.

You can see her in the photo above right up against the bridge wall.

And you can in fact just see the front of the black Fiat Uno in the bottom left hand corner in the above photo… Course there can be little doubt that the photographer-minions have done their best to conceal the location of victim 16 – whom we shall call Fanny Fraud – being as a good quality photo showing both Aysha & Fanny would have made for a very powerful picture to help their propaganda along.

Yet the Minions let the opportunity pass.

Indeed they could have made the fake Muslim bird out to look even more cold hearted had they shown Squished Aysha & Happy Fanny in the same photographs.

Although you can see them in the following photo taken from the air but it doesn’t really cut it like one taken from the ground would have done.

Nevertheless, that takes the victim count to sixteen yet we have still only seen eleven of them in the video footage allegedly taken in the first 10 minutes following the ‘attack’ – with three of those clearly unhurt.

Now on the 24th of June 2017 we finally found out the identity of victim number 17.

PHOTO: Victim Number 17 

His name is Stephen Lockwood and he is being comforted by his wife Cara.

PHOTO: Recovering nicely – Stephen & Cara Lockwood

Now the reason that we know their names is because they too appear in that bollox fly-on-the-wall documentary about day to day life & death at St Mary’s Hospital… The one which saw Masood being treated by St Mary’s staff despite having been pronounced dead at the scene.

Therefore you just know that the Lockwood’s story is going to be just as fake as Masood’s and that of the French students who also took part in the TV play.

The  following are extracts taken from a Chimp article describing the Lockwood’s journey to recovery.

It was a photo which captured the shocking terror of the Westminster Bridge attack.

A woman, crouched over a stricken man, desperately trying to help him while his shoes lay neatly on the pavement beside him.

It was unsure at the time whether the woman was a passerby trying to help, a friend, or a family member.

The Monkey-Kuntz are in fact referring to the photo above showing the Lockwood’s on the bridge.

However, it was never divulged how Lockwood’s plimsolls ended up so neatly placed on the pavement… Although obviously the placing of shoes is symbolic to the Monsters… Carry on you useless apes:

But it was revealed this week in the astonishing BBC series Hospital that the pair were couple Cara and Stephen Lockwood.

They had traveled down from Oxfordshire for a day-trip to celebrate Stephen’s 40th birthday.

Stop with the story’s within stories already:

The couple were walking across Westminster Bridge to hail a taxi. Mrs Lockwood was nervous about using the London Underground because she feared a terror attack.

‘I just see love in it really because in all that chaos and hatred all I can see is my wife looking after me.

‘I feel like I am allowed to say we’ve won. We survived and we’re safe.’

They really are like programmed little robots aren’t they? Although the prick forgot the “they will not divide us” old fanny.

Their harrowing ordeal was captured by a BBC television crew, which just happened to be filming at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington when victims from the terror attack started to arrive.

Mrs Lockwood escaped with superficial wounds, but Mr Lockwood was left with serious face, chest and leg injuries which required immediate surgery. Cumulatively, they could have been deadly.

Mrs Lockwood spoke in heart-wrenching detail about the ordeal, breaking into tears several times.

She said: ‘What he looked like in the road. He was just covered in blood. It was all over him. Everyone goes through s*** you know. But not this. Not being ploughed down.

PHOTO: Cry-Baby-Cara… I love the fake dimple added to her cheek.

‘It’s really hard when you spend so much time with somebody and they’re taken away from you and you’re suddenly really, really alone.

‘I want him back home. I want to have a Friday night on the sofa with pizza and a beer.’

She’s easily fucking pleased:

Mr Lockwood needed a four hour operation to repair the deep cuts to his leg, as well as his broken tibia and fibula.

If the injury had happened just a decade ago, he would likely have to have had his leg amputated.

Surgeons took a large block of tissue from Mr Lockwood’s good leg and grafted it onto its damaged one in a complex, long-hour operation. 

Surgeon Shehan Hettiarachy, Major Trauma Director at St Mary’s, explained: ‘It’s slightly robbing Peter to pay Paul but we’re hoping the robbery is worth the outcome.

Shehan Hettiarachy“? Are they fucking sure!

Mind you, Malingerer Lockwood’s leg couldn’t have been too bad because in medical terms an hour long operation is fuck all.

PHOTO: Lockwood the Liar taking part in the propaganda pushing documentary

‘He might be walking down the road in six months time and hear a car revving and it may somehow subconsciously flick him back to where he was on the day of the accident.’  

Following the operation he had to be kept on life support for several days

And now you just know that it is total, total bollox.

Speaking about the attack Mr Lockwood said: ‘I can remember making the decision to cross the bridge to get to a taxi on the other side, and that’s pretty much it.

‘She [Mrs Lockwood] remembers it and I don’t. So I’ve got the broken body and she’s got the broken mind. But we’re going to deal with it together. 

‘We’re just a happy little unit really. We live our lives like anybody else, we go to work, come home, watch a bit of TV, have a bit of dinner and go to bed. Source

That really isn’t living pal.

Nevertheless, did you clock what the journo-shite said about Big Old Steve’s leg would have been amputated had the attack taken place a decade ago?

would it have been?


He is certainly able to itch his poorly leg and his trousers are in good nick but even so; if Steve says it hurts then that is good enough for me… Twonk!

And as a close to the lying Lockwood’s I would guess that Cara plays at the very least, another one of the many witnesses to the fraud.

Furthermore, she is most definitely Police Constable Dead Palmer’s ‘wife‘.

I should also point out that Palmer’s ‘wife‘ has had a bit of extra cheek added to her photo… Now why would they do that?

Along with the fact that I also suspect Steve the queen of being one of the fraud coordinators who was constantly trying to blend in with the background on the day but still managed to stick out like a sore fucking thumb.

Although I appreciate that isn’t an idea photo of the Greenie, but then again he was trying to blend in with the background – more on Greenie shortly. And I also very, very strongly suspect Steve the Queen of being the invisible cop Kris Aves.


Still, moving on and the next victims along were Travis Cunt and his lying mates and although we have already counted them in our casualty & fatality list it doesn’t hurt to remind you that you have all been taken for proper cunts by the little sods.

And I am not going to count the newbie amongst the injured because he most definitely wasn’t there at the time.

Course, I am sure that you have realised that everyone on the bridge is an actor by now.

For instance:

And there were even foreman actors on the bridge… Like Green Sleeves who I mentioned earlier:

And after a hard days supervising it is back to the hotel for dinner… In this case the Marriott Hotel directly opposite St Thomas Hospital.

At least I assume that is why Green Sleeves ended up there.

Although he could have been visiting some of the “victims” I suppose.

You see, instead of taking the victims across the road to St Thomas hospital, they were instead taken into the Marriott Hotel.

A good example would be the ‘injured’ third copper whose plod regalia kept appearing and then disappearing.

And the Koreans/Chinese also paid the Marriott a visit.

The bird in those photos is of course the inflatable woman:

And it is safe to assume that the Marriott was also the destination of the ‘victims’ in the following photo given their location and the direction that they are heading in.

Although to be frank it is extremely hard to make a case for them being ‘victims’ being as they all came – on foot – from the far side of the bridge.

Indeed it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

And in the following photo a paramedic appears to be pointing an overmanned stretcher/trolley in the direction of the Marriott.

Now because of that bald fella’s presence in the photo I am inclined to believe that the mush on the trolley would be the victim that we are assuming was PC Kris Aves… Although quite what the fuck baldy has to do with the pretend copper is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, after first checking on the other actors Baldy spent the rest of the photoshoot looking busy by tending to the Aves character… As you can clearly see in the photos below.

What a hero.

However, since those two bottom photos were [allegedly] taken at 2:41 pm (probably the earliest photos taken that are available after Coleslaw’s efforts) and it took 6 minutes for the first paramedics to arrive, quite clearly baldy was tending to the fella until 2:47 pm at the very least… Which in turn makes him a super-hero since he was also up at the other end of the bridge during that period, tending to Leslie Rhodes.

Although to be fair that is Leslie Rhodes MKII in the photo… Leslie Rhodes MKI is in the photo below:

But never fear because I think that I can solve this little riddle… You see, the second Leslie Rhodes (MK2) is from a different batch of photoshops to the first Leslie Rhodes batch.

Hands up if you think that Baldy had sneaked off in the hour & twenty minutes that he was waiting to follow Aves stretcher down to the Marriott?


Here let me show you.

Now first have a butchers at the following photo:

Now you see the arrowed fella?

Well he is in the photo below with Baldy:

And despite the above photo being taken from a different angle, from a different place and at a different time the fella in the cap hasn’t changed one iota from how he is seen in the photo above this one.

Here they are side by side and I have red arrowed a couple of dodgy bits for you. Yet the fella is in exactly the same pose and taken from exactly the same angle.

Indeed the following photo is what you get if you overlay the second photo on to the first… And I have added some transparency to the overlaid photo so as you can see clearer how the fella matches in with himself.

And of course you can also see how clearly fuck all else matches.

And above is the overlay at full transparency… So, in other words the people we see in the photo have just been cut out and stuck on the background… They are not real… They are fake as fuck.

Nevertheless, I have changed my mind about not including the Korean/Chinese inflatable woman in the tally-up and with the other 3 walking Koreans/Chinese that brings our total to 21 victims so far, yet we can only place 12 at the scene and 6 of those appeared to have nothing wrong with them.

We also best include Cara Lockwood despite there being fuck all wrong with her and the Newby who appeared from nowhere and looked to get red trainers out of a bag.

And of course we must not forget the non-existent Andreeeeea Christie and her lying-fuck fiancee, Andrew.

So, with me being so generous our hit list of fatalities & casualties is as follows:

  1. Kurt Cochran
  2. Melissa Cochran
  3. Moo Ching’s friend
  4. Plod, Kris Aves
  5.  Plod, Roger Smith
  6. Plod, Bradley Bryant
  7. Student, Travis Frain
  8.  Student, Owen Lambert
  9.  Student Van the man
  10. Lying Loopy Lopez
  11. Never before seen French Student
  12.  Another Never before seen French Student
  13. Leslie Rhodes
  14. Mr Dead
  15. A walking Korean
  16. as above
  17. as above
  18. The inflatable woman
  19. Fanny Fraud
  20. Aysha Frade
  21. Stephen Lockwood
  22. Cara Lockwood
  23. Andreeea
  24. Lying-Fuck Andrew Burn-Arse

But do think on that only 11 of those appeared to be injured!

Now before moving on from the Aves/Baldy group it is worth mentioning the bird in the beige coat who was also looking after the injured [presumed] plodman.

You see I think that she is also a reporter:

Just speculating of course and whilst I am at it I will mention the lady in the boots who made up the trio around the Aves victim.

She too gets about a bit… As we saw earlier:

Course the photo doesn’t mean much on its own but given what I pointed out about the photo earlier and going on what we know about the fraud, it is another chip off the official story.

Especially as I also suspect the old fella on the far left to be another of the frauds coordinators – seen in the photo below stood on the corner of Whitehall

Moreover, it wouldn’t surprise me if Puss in Boots – seen tending to Aves in the photos above – isn’t the bird in in the photos below.

Okay, moving on and after Aves the pavement looked to be pretty clear.

You can just see Aves spread legs and his boot in the bottom left hand corner of the photo.

Course it all depends on what photos or screenshots you look at since the surroundings seem to change by the second.

I mean the pavement isn’t so clear in this next screenshot.

Indeed we have a bird in pink who along with another mush appears to be – quite bizarrely – either taking photos of the Palace or selfies.

And then when you look at other photos still you get the following:

Fuckin’ amazing!

And Stinky-Pinky is only slightly ahead of this next lot of casualties:

Although like I say, Masood would have had to come off the pavement long before then and the indisputable slow speed that he was really travelling at means that anyone in his way would not have been hoofted that far.

Nevertheless, never let it be said that I do not give the “official” facts chance to prove themselves and as such we will add to our list of fatalities & casualties: Stinky Pinky, the midget victim by those kneeling down, the victim after Lying Lopes (we have already added Lopes to the list) and the very last victim we see in that photo batch.

  1. Kurt Cochran
  2. Melissa Cochran
  3. Moo Ching’s friend
  4. Plod, Kris Aves
  5.  Plod, Roger Smith
  6. Plod, Bradley Bryant
  7. Student, Travis Frain
  8.  Student, Owen Lambert
  9.  Student Van the man
  10. Lying Loopy Lopez
  11. Never before seen French Student
  12.  Another Never before seen French Student
  13. Leslie Rhodes
  14. Mr Dead
  15. A walking Korean
  16. as above
  17. as above
  18. The inflatable woman
  19. Fanny Fraud
  20. Aysha Frade
  21. Stephen Lockwood
  22. Cara Lockwood
  23. Andreeea
  24. Lying-Fuck Andrew Burn-Arse
  25. Stinky-Pinky
  26. The Midget
  27. Unidentified victim
  28. The last on the bridge, Palace side.

That then more or less concludes the victims on the bridge although there is just one more to come.

However, before I tell you about her I want to quickly mention the first Tunisian fraud from a couple of years ago… The one involving the Museum not the even sillier follow-up in the hotel.

You see when the story first broke there were no British victims listed as being hurt or dead. However, the Chimp kept mentioning that there were no Brits involved which I turned into a bit of a running joke which went along the lines of David Cameron doing his bollox because there appeared to be a victim representative of every nation other than ours – giving Cameron little scope for hand-wringing.

Course, a day or two later, Cameron must have been getting on everyone’s tits with his harping on because the Tunisians suddenly plucked two English victims out of thin air… And our final victim – an Australian – appears to have come about in the Westminster hoax in the same fucking way that the English victims came about in Tunisia.

No Australians mentioned there then.

It seems to me that Ms Bashin de Bishop is making the best of a bad lot… I mean how can she effectively terrorise the Australians if none were involved in the Westminster play-act.

Although to be fair – or fair dinkum as they say in Oz – she and her cronies had a good go:

Don’t laugh, its serious… They were very dogged though:

And their persistence finally paid off:

Inches from death“… You really couldn’t make this shit up!  And technically she is German… But Australian enough to allow the Aussie Government to play the “We Are Not Afraid” card.

Mind you, the decision to allow the Australians a piece of the action had obviously only just been decided when that article was rushed out by the press. I mean they haven’t even had time to give her a name yet.

And obviously she will have to have a story within the story concocted… It all takes time don’t cha know?

There ya go… Bit crap though innit?

I mean they could have at least called her Gotta Volkswagen or something like that.

Course having ya foot run over isn’t very serious… Unless it is run over by a steam roller or summat… Which Mrs Volkswagen’s wasn’t obviously.

And as it happens it appears that the Oz-Nobs were also thinking the same about their adopted ‘victim‘… So they jazzed it up a bit:

That’s better… ‘Serious injuries to her foot which needed surgery‘, although she is bleedin’ lucky that they didn’t amputate -which seems to be the norm with these fake victims.

Course, just like Cameron with Tunisia, one victim of the hoax was never going to be enough for Turnbull & Bishop… Yet even in the Monster-Minions fantasy world it would have been a stretch too far to invent another Aussie victim given the number of days that had elapsed by then… Although they could probably have got away with having an Australian’s body wash up on Southend beach – and I use the word “beach” loosely – in that time frame.

But they are not that imaginative.

So what the Minions did is come at it from a different angle… Although given mind to the former Polish politician, Radish Coleslaw’s story it was a long way off being an ‘A+’ for the Minions:

I will tell you what? It is a fucking good job that I’m not sarcastic because the Monkey-Nutz would give me some great material to work with!

She was only steps away from the terror attacks“… Can Sue not work out in feet & inches then? I mean how long is a “step” for fucks sake?

Still, I suppose we best have a butchers at the MP, So Close – or whatever her fucking name is:

Hold up! It’s the same bird as Ness-Quick Ness Beer or whatever her fucking name is, isn’t it?

Their front is unbelievable and you’s lot must love being taken for right cunts to let them get away with it!

Nevertheless that article about So Close continues thus:

And here is a photo of Ness-Quick and her bad toe attending a memorial whatsists:

Shall we have another go-compare?

Of course we fucking shall.

And to give Ness Close some credence, the Minions even knocked up a photo of the old slapper on the bridge:

All those stretchers and ambulances yet they decide to carry her… She must be in agony what with matey using the calf on her broken leg to carry her… Hmmm.

Course you know who she is don’t you?

Of course you fucking do, It’s Fanny Fraud:

Although her foot doesn’t appear squished to me.

And un-funnily enough, the old slapper & her ‘daughter’ were posing as a medical expert and doctor in the chimp a few weeks later, chatting some old shite about hot flushes… Least that is the way I understood it:

They can only get away with it for as long as you let em, don’t cha know.

Nevertheless, that means as we move off of the bridge our fatality & casualty list remains at an extremely generous 28 victims in total.

Say goodbye traitor-scum:

If I had my way they would never see the outside of a prison wall again.

Now after leaving the bridge Masood apparently drove down the two cycle lanes on Bridge Street yet despite these two cycle lanes and the one on the bridge there are no reports of him hitting any cyclists… So the cycle lanes are just taking up much needed road space really.

Nevertheless, Masood being a terrapin – despite not being in contact with ISIS & not on their payroll – must have had a plan… Mustn’t he?

Despite that plan making no fucking sense whatsoever.

I mean if the plan involved using the rented motor – didn’t he want to damage his own car – to knock down as many people as he could before storming parliament it was an awful risky venture.

After all, he could have just started off on his venture only to find a have-a-go-hero lorry or bus driver pull in his way.

Or his tyres could have burst as he mounted the pavement – that they didn’t beggers belief.

You then have to ask yourself why he deliberately wrote the motor off so far away from the Palace gates… I mean he would have been better off –propaganda wise – concentrating on ramming Parliament with the motor than knocking innocent people over before having to sprint a good distance in order to tackle the Palace armed plod… With a fucking knife!

I mean c’mon! ISIS are supposed to be this massive army who can invade and occupy countries at will, who are financed to the tune of millions of Pounds a day via captured oil fields and what have you, yet they cannot even run to the cost of a gun for their operatives… Fuck off witcha.

Yet Masood was willing to pay the ultimate price on an operation that relied on luck!

Again, fuck off witcha.

Indeed it shows just how slow he was going when he rammed the Palace railings by the lack of damage to the pier he hit… Yet why risk serious injury by crashing the motor?

Moreover, why were the armed plod at the gate not ready for him as he came running round the corner? Or did they just ignored the fucking great bang that Masood would have created when he prematurely crashed the 4X4?

Yet it was fucking amazing luck that he was able to get out of the motor at all. I mean 9.99 times out of 10 it would have been impossible to open the motor’s doors following an accident as severe as we are led to believe Masood’s was.

However, in this instance there is no problem opening the front or back doors!

Moreover the direction that the motors front wheels are pointing makes the angle of the crashed Hyundai totally wrong.

Course, if we accept that all the misalignment is a result of the crash then there is more chance of me being able to grow a Mohican than there is of those car doors opening.

Nevertheless, let’s finish the fatalities & casualties list which originally appeared to be just two injured people at the point where Masood crashed the Hyundai.

Now the first of those two was the prostrate victim that we see on your right hand side of the photo found below.

And the second victim is the one that we see in the photo below.

Note the red trainer and the wheel angle. Also ask yourself how all those dents in the wing got there.

And how the fuck did the motor end up so far from the pier?

I mean the damage to the front of the motor isn’t even consistent with that caused by a car hitting and unyielding narrowish structure.

Neither is there any real debris in front of the motor and it is all well and good saying that the glass from the lights etc had all been lost on the bridge yet it has been proved beyond all doubt that Masood was not going anywhere near fast enough to cause the damage and scatter the debris on the bridge that we see in photos, just by hitting human bodies at say 30 MPH maximum.

Course there wouldn’t be any debris because quite, quite clearly the motor was doing nowhere near fast enough to bounce it back that far. And had it rolled back once Masood took the motor out of gear the chances of it stopping with the back wheel half way off the kerb are zilch.

Moreover, whilst the windscreen is kinda consistent with knocking someone over i.e the victim hit the windscreen – given the state of it – it would have flown out when the motor hit the pier.

And unless it was one of those two victims who damaged the windscreen – which common sense should tell you it wasn’t – then how the fuck could Masood have been able to see out in order to negotiate the sign posts and traffic lights as he came off the bridge… Let alone negotiate the curved cycle lane to end up where he did… Total total bollox and shame on you if you lack the intelligence to think for one second that the crash was real.

However, I am getting ahead of myself again so back to Bridge Street, Victim 2 – who is either a bird in a dress/skirt or a fella that has lost his trousers.

And the following is a distraction free repeat of the last photo without my lines or notes on it.

So straight away we are faced with some major anomalies – which you just know are going to get worse.

For instance the good Samaritan is clearly the first to go to the aid of the victims… Indeed the place looks deserted in fact.

Which of course it would do since everybody did a runner when Masood crashed as we saw in the counting-cars video what now seems like months ago to me… Which it would do obviously since it was months ago that I wrote about that video.

All as happy as fucking Larry look with one woman even stopping to turn round and have a chat… Indeed it is easy to see where the “We Are Not Afraid” slogan was devised from… Although they are supposedly running in fear of their lives, from Mad Masood – whom we never see in any photos or film footage leaving the wrecked car and running round to the Palace gates.

How very strange!

Nevertheless, have another happy snappy:

Maybe, maybe not. But nevertheless we know that the time was 2:41 pm when the photo was taken.

And the bird beside him gets about a bit too as well as carrying a spare set of clothes around with her.

And the gormless cow got to stay up late like a big girl.

Still on the fucking phone… These minion-directors really are short on ideas. However, the above photo is a brilliant example of how the minion-photo-editors get so many photoshops out of their work… Let me show you.


However, let’s get back to the immediate aftermath of the Hyundai crashing into the Palace wall. You see the pavement was only deserted to the right of Masood’s motor when he got out to do his final sprint – which was that fucking fast that no cunt could capture him on camera doing so.

Yet we also know that the pavement was chocka-block to the left of Masood’s 4X4.

Looks like a totally different scene from the one a few photos above starring the Good Samaritan in orange doesn’t it?

Yet I cannot even see him/her in the photo above, even though we have only missed Masood getting out of the motor by seconds here.

In fact I seem to remember that when we were counting cars Masood should by rights still have been in the Hyundai at this point.

So therefore you have to wonder where the Good Samaritan in the orange coat fits in. I mean he isn’t seen again next to the motor, outside of the above screenshots which were all taken from the same film footage.

Course Bike-Boy (seen in the above photo) is a different proposition altogether – they can’t get rid of that cunt, yet when the Good Samaritan was filmed Masood MUST have still been in the motor

And indeed another photo taken seconds later is quite revealing.

After all, given their positions around the car they would definitely have been seen in the good Samaritan footage… But they weren’t. Very fucking strange indeed.

Mind you, I have said it before and I will say it again; the old running man gets everywhere doesn’t he… Despite him not being old… But I’m sure you knew what I meant.

Nevertheless, let’s have some more photos.

Now forgive me for harping on here but the Good Samaritan cannot just be dismissed as not being important given the time that the photos in that last batch were taken.

And here is a reminder of the timeline as told by the Metropolitan Police:

So Masood crashed at 14:40:38 and 13 seconds later leaves the motor to go on a mad sprint, making the time 14:40:51 – the exact time that the last photo in the last photo batch was taken.

Therefore in that !3 second window that had people running in terror, the Good Samaritan in orange – we will call he/she Sam for short – got to the car, inspected the victims, ignored Masood trying to pries the door open with a big fuck-off knife (probably) and just as quickly disappeared leaving just enough time for a large crowd to build up to the left of the motor… All in 13 seconds or less.

Now just so as you know, ya know, I haven’t forgotten about the F & C list, but as you will find out shortly, the two victims by the Hyundai are not the last and I am not talking about Earole Plod, Keith Palmer or Masood himself.

Okay, back to where we were and I am sure that you have twigged that the above screenshots are far from kosher.

So let’s investigate further starting with that MI5 Jeep… Indeed the spooks were there that quick that it would seem that they were waiting for the play-act to happen

This is the Jeep in question and the time here would be 2:52 pm. It is seen in the photo above this one parked in the road (Bridge Street) at 2:40 pm, before Masood had even been shot. Furthermore, it did not move from where it was parked in the photo (Parliament Square, opposite the Whitehall junction) until sometime after 5:30 pm

However, exactly what time the Jeep parked on Parliament Square is another matter – although we know that it was blocking Bridge Street by 2:40pm

Nevertheless, take a look at the photo below.

Hmmm. And this one:

Now this screenshot was taken sometime between 2:45 pm and 2:50 pm. And as you can see the Jeep is parked up in front of Churchill’s statue and the red bus sat at the traffic lights (which we also see in the Good Samaritan screenshots) facing Parliament Square is still in place… As it is in fact until approximately 3:10 pm.

Moreover we can also see a red bus facing towards Westminster Bridge which could quite possibly be one of the two that we see in the Good Samaritan screenshots.

Course you need to ask yourself why that red bus sat at the traffic lights, facing Parliament Square was seen there at 2:40 pm (after Masood had crashed but before he was shot) and remained there for the next half hour?

Now Bridge Street is only a short road running from the junction of Parliament Square to Westminster Bridge.

And as you would expect, given its location the short road is usually jam-packed with traffic from end to end – despite there being a distinct lack of traffic on the day in question.

Nevertheless, the following Tweet was posted at 2:45 pm on the day – five minutes after Masood had crashed and four minutes after he was shot.

Now how in the name of fuck does the cunt know that it is a “Terror Attack”?

However, given the excellent punctuation and the fact that he has used the maximum space that you are allowed to Tweet, the actual photo had to have been taken at 2:44 pm, the latest. Furthermore, given the lack of people milling about and the other things we know about the timeline; realistically the photo had to be taken at 2:42 pm, the earliest.

So where is all the traffic?

And as an aside, knowing what we do via the car counting footage, how the fuck was the coach that I have arrowed in the above Tweet, allowed to have come down Abingdon street at that time?

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at some more photos to see if we can make some sense of what is going on with the traffic.

Now I say that the yellow coach is “handy” because we can track a lot by using it as a marker.

More photos please.

The time here is 14:46 and we see the yellow coach has hardly moved in the 6 minutes between the last two photos.

Indeed the traffic is now nose to tail in both directions of Bridge Street.

Now adjacent to the yellow coach is the light blue double decker bus which you will hopefully remember had the Budweiser advert on it (which we looked at whilst we were counting cars).

However, you probably won’t remember the exact time that it moved onto Bridge Street so I will remind you that it was 4 seconds short of 2:43 pm… Which means that it took around 3 minutes to go the short distance from the traffic lights at Parliament Square to the traffic lights at Victoria Embankment (the traffic lights immediately before Westminster Bridge).

And since we can see the front of the Jeep in the photo below we can say with a high degree of certainty that it was still blocking one of the two carriageways leading to Parliament Square at 2:44 – 2:45 pm.

Therefore the route to Parliament Square was sort of blocked since the red bus sat at the traffic lights (route number 159 apparently) was blocking the other carriageway.

Although obviously it would have technically been possible to go around the Jeep and then pull in front of it given the distance between the Jeep and stationary 159 bus… Kinda like the blue car in the photo although the Jeep would have been parked on Parliament Square when that photo was taken – but you get the idea.

However, for some reason known only to themselves – and me – no motors appeared to do the lane hopping maneuver in order to get passed the Jeep which as far as I can see must have partially blocked Bridge Street for at least a minute, maybe even two or three.

Although traffic was secretly going passed, such as the multi-coloured taxi that we saw go passed the Palace Gates and arrive at the top of Abingdon Street at 5 seconds short of 2:43 pm when we were counting cars.

It was actually our Number 16 to be precise.

And here it is again presumably having just turned out of Victoria Embankment into Bridge Street.

Now as it happened, no doubt by sheer coincidence – well a huge doubt actually but nevertheless – the CBeebies cab also made an appearance at the terrapin with a bag full of knives old bollox a couple of months later.

Although, the taxi in the knives drama isn’t quite as gaudy as the taxi in the bridge drama. I mean the patterns match but they are not quite as large… In so much as the roof is gaudy pattern free.

Which of course would explain the overlays that I mentioned when we were car counting.

Nevertheless, once the Jeep moved onto Parliament Square the traffic was seen to be flowing again.

Except it wasn’t really because it is all bollox. In fact you see the motor that looks a bit like the Jeep in the above (also see below)? Well it is meant to look like the Jeep so as to confuse you.

Driven by a plod see. However, whilst it certainly isn’t the Jeep I believe it to be the Audi that pulled alongside the red 159 bus at the traffic lights totally blocking access to Parliament Square via Bridge Street until around 3:10 pm when – like the 159 bus – the Audi fucked off with the rest of the traffic.

Now we know it is all bollox because as the CBeebies taxi turned onto Bridge Street the camera kept rolling catching on video what you see below:

The Yellow Bus and the Budweiser Blue Bus which did not reach that position until 2:46 pm… Four minutes after the CBeebies taxi had passed the Palace gates.

In fact I would imagine that the taxi that you can see in the above screenshot a couple of cars behind the yellow bus is in fact the CBeebies taxi.

Ah, well in that case it must be a different cab advertising the same company” I hear some of you cry. Although those “some of you” will doubtlessly be the stinking arsehole paedo-trolls doing their nonce masters bidding or those clutching at straws because they are too frightened to admit what is blatantly obvious to even those with limited intelligence i.e your government has taken part in an extremely serious crime to bring about your fucking downfall… Whatcha goin’ to do about it?

Fuck all I expect.

Nevertheless, it is quite obviously the same taxi and just a case of all the times have been altered. Because as I say, the drama has been filmed on many different occasions and then edited and spliced together changing whatever needed changing along the way in order to make it all appear continuous.

Indeed all of the traffic that you see belongs to the security services or is hired by the security services… Take a butchers at the following.

Now you don’t need to be a genius to work out that the blue, open top bus followed the yellow bus off Westminster Bridge. The yellow bus then carried on along Bridge Street whilst the blue, open top bus turned right onto Victoria Embankment.

Okay, now take a butchers at these next photos:

Now think back to that [fake] video of the fella driving around Parliament Square supposedly an hour before kick off on the 22nd of March.

Maybe something, maybe not.

However there is a lot more evidence of the security services owning the traffic than just that.

You see above is what the scene looked like at approximately 2:47 pm, after the Jeep had stopped blocking Bridge Street and the big black Audi had pulled up next to the red 159 bus at the traffic lights.

In doing so Parliament Square was completely inaccessible from Bridge Street . I will also point out that in between the [previously unmentioned] white Heyfordian (misspelled, my bad) bus and the yellow bus is a turquoise coloured bin lorry.

And it is also fair to say that the traffic is heavy in each direction.

Which it wasn’t a couple of minutes earlier when the Jeep was blocking the road.

Indeed you can see the white Heyfordian coach and the yellow bus although fuck knows where the bin lorry is.

However, when we see the scene at approximately 2:49 pm (two minutes later) in the above – looking from Westminster Bridge towards Parliament Square – the traffic appears to have gone again from the bumper to bumper traffic that we see at 2:47 pm, to zilch.

PHOTO: Bridge Street appears practically deserted whilst the Jeep driver was surveying the situation.

PHOTO: Once the Jeep had gone the traffic flowed until the Audi (probably the one driven by the copper in the photo) pulled up next to the red 159 bus at the traffic lights.

PHOTO: The 159 bus and black Audi with police driver blocking access to Parliament Square. You can also see the white Heyfordion coach behind the Audi separated by a white car.

Now as I have said, the black Audi and red 159 bus were blocking access to Parliament Square via Bridge Street from at least 2:46 pm until 3:10 pm when all of the remaining traffic on Bridge Street was cleared.

And I will also once again point out that if I appear to be repeating myself that is because this traffic is conclusive evidence of a fraud taking place and as such it is vital that everyone understands the lay of the land.

PHOTO: At 2:57 pm the 159 bus and Audi have been in place for over 10 minutes. You can also see the turquoise bin lorry in this photo (arrowed) sat between the yellow bus and Heyfordion coach.

PHOTO: By 3:05 pm that turquoise bin lorry has gone! How the fuck did it manage that?

Furthermore, you can also see a plodman chatting to the driver of the 159 and the Audi.

However here is another photo which shows the yellow & white coaches with what looks to be the bin lorry going the other way.

The implication being that the bin lorry got fed up with waiting and did a U-turn.

PHOTO: 3:10 pm the 159 bus and black Audi are still stationed at the traffic lights.

However, I am far from finished with talking about the bin lorry but first I need to tell you about a multi-coloured lorry cab with a hiab  (lifting arm) attached and another red double decker that pulled into Bridge Street after the yellow coach.

PHOTO: Yellow arrow points to yellow coach. Blue arrow points to multi-coloured lorry cab. Red arrow points to red bus.

Don’t worry, I have much clearer photos of the lorry cab & bus to show you but the one above allows us to establish a timeline.

However, having said that notice how we can see two faces on Big Ben which seem to show the little hands in slightly different positions.

Nevertheless, the red bus which is sitting at the traffic lights on the bridge pulls directly behind the lorry cab with the time still showing as 2:50 pm.

Strange how the Shard tower looks to be drawn in on all these screenshots… However, knowing now what we do it is a distinct possibility that the building is drawn in because the footage could even have been shot before the Shard was built.

But all the same, the lorry cab must have come from Victoria Embankment in the “official” story since it isn’t in any of the earlier bridge photos… Although it is most strange that we do not see any traffic snarl up at the junction giving mind to the fact that 10 minutes has now passed since Masood did his thing.

Nevertheless, we can say without any uncertainty whatsoever that going on the official version of events that the double decker was directly behind the Multi-coloured lorry cab at 2:50 pm.

Okay, so to recap, by 2:50 pm, in running order from the Whitehall junction traffic lights back to the Westminster Bridge junction traffic lights we have:

  • the black Audi (with the 159 bus next to it),
  • an unidentified white car,
  • the white Heyfordian coach,
  • the turquoise dustbin lorry (which later appeared to have done a U-turn),
  • the yellow coach,
  • around five unidentified cars (one of which must be the multi-coloured taxi),
  • the multi-coloured lorry cab with lifting arm
  • the double decker bus directly behind the lorry cab

Moreover, the black Audi had been blocking the turn-left lane since 2:46 at the very, very latest. Before that the Jeep was blocking that same lane for at least two minutes from 2:40 pm at the very latest (before Masood was even shot) and the turning-left into the Whitehall lane had been blocked since at least 2:40 pm by the red 159 bus.

Are we all agreed?

Of course we fucking are.

Likewise we know that the two other lanes on Bridge Street, going the opposite way – the pavement side, turn left into Victoria Embankment lane and the inner, straight ahead across Westminster Bridge lane – were choc-a-bloc too hence it taking the light blue double decker, Budweiser bus 10 minutes to cover the short distance.

Therefore, the following photo taken shortly after 2:50 pm is very strange.

So where did the red double decker bus go in the top photo.

Likewise, where did it go a bit later on (see photo below).

Or is it a secret?

Now, that white car I mentioned in the last batch of photos which I thought might be a Merc could possibly be the one in the photo below.

Course, there is so much going on in this photo that it is hard to know where to begin. Nevertheless, the time will be about 2:52 pm. We know this because the two armed coppers running down the road are doing so to protect the air ambulance that is about to land.

Although I am fucked if i know why the helicopter needed an armed guard… And not just those two Herbert’s either.

Nevertheless, there are no doubts in my mind that the scruffy bastard plod is an actor.

You see, here he is again giving it with the shouting and pointing outside the Palace Gates while the large number of people milling about look on bemused.

Course they would do since he is sending them in the direction of the crash. It is also strange that the people are coming from the direction of St Margaret’s Church/Broad Sanctuary – a place of safety.

Stranger still is the timing since we know from the counting cars exercise that the first plod motor didn’t arrive outside of the Palace Gates until 14:42:26 – around a minute after Masood had been shot dead.

Yet at that time there was hardly anyone milling about outside of the Palace Gates. However, strangest of all is the police car seen arriving in the photo.

Which is actually two police cars arriving and you will remember that the first two police motors seen going down Abingdon Street after that first Plod Motor had arrived was the aborted journey made by the Plod-Focus & Plod Transit… Neither of which are those two plod motors arriving.

Indeed the first two plod motors to arrive from that direction after the initial plod BMW 4×4 were the two plod BMW’s at 14:45:01 (see photo below)

Not that the two arriving motors in the new film footage look particularly like BMW 4×4’s.

They do however look a bit like disguised taxi’s.

Course we do know that at 14:45:13 (twelve seconds after the 2 plod BMW’s were seen racing down Abingdon Street) an open topped brown bus was seen in the same place going in the opposite direction.

And that bus had to have been the one that we see in the photo below:

Which would sort of be feasible for the scruffy-arsed copper to be outside the gates at that time (despite the gates appearing to be open in the scruffy basrtard screenshots). And there are a lot of people milling around Parliament Square in the photo although it is bizarre that he is sending them towards the danger zone and allowing them to contaminate a crime-scene in the process.

After all, that area would definitely be part of the crime scene.

Yet the two arrowed cars HAVE to be the two cars in question so fuck knows where everybody went.

Nevertheless, if we can agree that the time is 2:45 pm in those screenshots, the scruffy bastard must then have abandoned his post outside the gates and gone for a wander up by Westminster Bridge because we see him running back towards Parliament Square with the older armed plod at around 2:50 pm.

Quite why they were running is anyone’s guess as they got to Parliament Square in plenty of time.

And yes that most certainly is them in all of the above photos.

However, they didn’t stay as partners for very long after having an argument over where to have their next photo-shoot. I mean that the old man wanted it to take place by the roadworks near George Street…

Whereas the scruffy-fuck wasn’t happy with that idea being as there was little scope for his tippy-toe, arm pointing pose.

Something that the pretty copper doing the rounds posing, was happy to help the scruffy bastard with.

Mind you, the scruffy cunt is not what he seems.

All the tech & software at their disposal and the cretin minions still can’t do a decent fucking job.

The lesson there is always stick with what you are good at… The blanket nurse certainly does.

Nevertheless, let’s get back to that Merc photo.

And as you know I also suspect the flash motor of being the one waiting to go onto the bridge in front of the silver Hyundai.

But how could that be as we have already established that the traffic is gridlocked and when the above photo was taken the Black Audi WOULD HAVE without doubt been sat at the traffic lights next to the 159 bus in front of the Merc.

So the question is: Is that the Merc behind the Audi and directly in front of the Heyfordian coach?

I mean if it isn’t then where the fuck did it go?

If it is then where the fuck did the motor behind it go (see photo below)?

I mean that certainly isn’t the Heyfordian coach behind it.

And just when you thought that was really confusing you get the following photo.

And that certainly isn’t the white Merc in front of the Heyfordian coach, which in fact appears to be in the same lane as the 159 red double decker bus… In fact the motor in front of the white coach looks a lot like a grey Hyundai 4×4… Just sayin’.

Neither is the yellow coach directly behind the Heyfordian coach although we do see the turquoise bin lorry.

Also take notice of the blue Subaru coming the other way and the white truck with pipes or something on the back, seen in the far right of the photo.

How is that for a head fuck? The posh Merc is now a taxi coming from the other way and the blue Subaru is where the black Audi should be!

And why is the bus driver wearing gloves like the armed plod wear?

However, before I elaborate further on the traffic layout, let’s go back to the Merc photos with the two armed plods.

Now it is blatantly obvious that the Biker-Boy is signalling to someone. You can follow the signalling in the next batch of photos.

As for the fella who arrived very early on or should I say, “Re-Cycle Mush” – Fuck me, I’m funny – well Gord knows what he is trying to do in front of the Hyundai.

But anyway, here is that aforementioned photo-batch:

Course those screenshots confuse things further because like I say, the Audi should already be at the traffic lights at that stage yet in the screenshots we see the ambulance motor arriving.

Yet it is already there in the above photo before the Audi (if indeed it is the Audi) reaches the traffic lights.

And in this shot we see the Audi sat at the lights but no ambulance motor.

And here we see the Audi sitting at the lights with either a police or NHS motor facing the same way… So how did the latter get passed the ambulance motor?

We also need to look at Cycle-Boy who arrived just as Masood stacked his rented Hyundai.

I mean what the fuck is he doing there and where has the body gone?

Is he pretending to be a body himself now?

I mean my eyesight isn’t what it was but I cannot for the life of me see a body there! So who are the two in the photo above this one treating?

In this one Cycle boy appears to be sitting in the engine yet in reality he must be standing on any victim on the ground in front of the motor.

And the victim to the passenger side of the motor… Is he the victim that we saw orange coat man looking at?

He has certainly shifted some if it is!

And the actor is proper hamming it up.

Although fair play to Cycle Boy, he certainly got stuck into helping the victims before becoming one.

Then again, perhaps he didn’t.

Course he could have been looking for more victims under the motor rather than pretending to become one.

I mean he certainly looks to be looking… And it is nice to see that the bushes have vanished from behind the railings now.

Yes he is definitely looking for more victims and indeed he must have found some and is pushing them out from under the motor with his foot.

Fuck me he found loads including the giant… Well done bi-cycle boy.

And I see that Paramedic Car didn’t move once it arrived which must have made it really, really hard for the other EMS vehicles when the coaches and what-nots were bumper to bumper.

Nevertheless, Bi-Cycle-Boy must have found that many kicking about under the Hyundai that they were still carting away bodies at 3:20 pm when the Fly-Boys decided to leave the Palace yard to go and have a mooch about.

You couldn’t make this shit up!

However, you will be pleased to know that we can now conclude the fatalities & casualties list.

So if we carry on in the same generous allowance way that we have compiled the list thus far; shall we allow four victims in this area?

Yes we shall and of course we have Masood himself to add as well as Ear’ole Palmer.

That then leaves our finished list as follows:

  1. Kurt Cochran
  2. Melissa Cochran
  3. Moo Ching’s friend
  4. Plod, Kris Aves
  5.  Plod, Roger Smith
  6. Plod, Bradley Bryant
  7. Student, Travis Frain
  8.  Student, Owen Lambert
  9.  Student Van the man
  10. Lying Loopy Lopez
  11. Never before seen French Student
  12.  Another Never before seen French Student
  13. Leslie Rhodes
  14. Mr Dead
  15. A walking Korean
  16. as above
  17. as above
  18. The inflatable woman
  19. Fanny Fraud
  20. Aysha Frade
  21. Stephen Lockwood
  22. Cara Lockwood
  23. Andreeea
  24. Lying-Fuck Andrew Burn-Arse
  25. Stinky-Pinky
  26. The Midget
  27. Unidentified victim
  28. The last on the bridge, Palace side.
  29. The Aussie Fraud
  30. 1st by Masood’s Motor
  31. 2nd by Masood’s Motor
  32. 3rd by Masood’s Motor
  33. 4th by Masood’s motor
  34. Masood
  35. Ear’ole Palmer

So being as generous as we have, our total comes to 6 dead and 29 injured – although we know there are nowhere near that number – so you really do have to question where the other 20 injured come from since the official tally is 6 dead and 49 injured

Perhaps the government could clarify the matter.

I have however found Orange-Coat man you will be pleased to know.

And he must have been no help to the victims whatsoever and as such fucked off as quickly as he came because he is seen in the following photo walking back towards the bridge minutes after the attack had happened.

PHOTO: Orange-Coat-Man on Bridge Street at around 2:45 pm possibly stood next to the Running-Man.

Moreover, it quickly becomes obvious that Orange-Coat-Man knows Green-Sack-Man.

PHOTO: Green-Sack-Man seen with the Woman-From-Atlantis AKA Andreeeeea Christie after she was pulled from the Thames and dumped on the Embankment at approximately 3:50 pm

PHOTO: Green-Sack-Man on Bridge Street at approximately 2:45 pm

PHOTO: Bridge Street approximately 2:45 pm

PHOTO: Green-Sack-Man and Orange-Coat-Man on Bridge Street at approximately 2:45 pm

And with that being the case there can be little surprise that Orange-Coat-Man was right beside Green-Sack-Man an hour or so later when it came to saving the life of the waterlogged Andreeeea.

Imagine that!

And the “Fat 1” also seen in the above photo tends to get about a bit too.

And I am pretty sure that Fatty also appeared as a witness to the Grenfell tower block old bollox.

Birds of a feather and all that shit springs to mind.

Nevertheless, let’s get back on to the traffic on Bridge Street where we were talking about the posh white Merc that doubles as a taxi.

And in the following photo batch we again see a white car that could possibly be the Merc which appears to be either blocking the road into Parliament Square or it has driven out of the cycle lanes on Bridge Street.

Now whereas it is impossible to tell if that is the Merc or not the fact that it is where it is in the road is suspicious because the white VW estate car and white van in front of that have just moved off and turned into Parliament Square.

Moreover, the black Audi isn’t sat at the traffic lights.

But that is not the end of it. You see in the screenshot below we see the Bike-Boy riding up the Bridge Street cycle lane from Parliament Square.

That’s him with the white arrow (which wasn’t my doing). We can also see the white van (sat in front of the VW Estate car) which is sat at the lights, although there looks to be a car sat in front of it too.

And despite the poor quality film it is quite obvious that there are not many people about… Which is very strange indeed.

Now let me explain why. You see the screenshot below is the opening to video footage of the crashed Hyundai.

And the screenshot below is when the third gunshot rings out signaling the shooting of Masood.

That means the time in the above screenshot is exactly 14:41:30.

Therefore the video footage starts at 14:41:20 – being as 10 seconds has passed from the start of the video to the 3rd shot ringing out.

Now according to policeprofessional.com Masood left the crashed motor at 14:40:51:

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has released specific timings of Masood’s murderous spree, showing he took just 30 seconds from mounting the pavement on the bridge to crashing into the perimeter fence at Parliament and fatally stabbing unarmed PC Palmer.

The MPS revealed that Masood’s attack, in which he drove across Westminster Bridge before crashing and running into the Houses of Parliament, lasted just 82 seconds in total. 

The attack started at 14.40:08 when he mounted the northbound pavement on the bridge. At 14.40.38 he crashed into the perimeter fence and 13 seconds later at 14.40.51 exited his vehicle and began running towards the entry gates.

At 14.40.59, the first 999 call was made to the police. The atrocity ended when he was shot at 14.41:30.

If we then go to a version of the counting cars video at 14:41:30 – presumably when the 3rd shot was fired – we see the scene in the screenshot below:

Therefore, when the video started the time must have been 14:41:16 with the scene being the one we see below:

Which would be 25 seconds after Masood had left his motor and as such he must have already run past those waiting to run across the road in an awful panic… Although obviously we have seen them laughing and joking, but to be fair I really am trying to give the official version of events a chance to work.

Nevertheless, with Masood already out of sight you have to wonder:

  1. Why is no one looking in the direction of the Palace gates?
  2. Why did they run in panic instead of going back to gawp at the casualties?

You then have to ask why all those terrified bystanders are nowhere to be seen in the following screenshot?

Least I don’t think they are although if that was the best quality camera that someone had then you would stamp on the fucking thing… Although obviously the reason for such crap quality film is to hide the real truth.

Nevertheless, if that was the Merc that we saw blocking Parliament Square or used the cycle lanes to beat the traffic queue then how come we see it in the following photo?

And it makes even less sense still when we see it going the other way disguised as a taxi (See photo below).

And then you have the Subaru – least I think that is the make of the motor, but we will call it a Subaru even if it is not.

I mean without doubt the Black Audi should have been parked where the Subaru is by that time. And since the traffic was too heavy to allow the Merc to go around Parliament Square, did the Merc do a U-turn at the traffic lights?

After all, the Merc was in the turn left lane meaning that once it was through the traffic lights we shouldn’t have seen it again… Yet we never picked it up on the counting cars video either which means that it must have done a U-turn.

Course, that makes no sense being a taxi as the driver would want to be out of the traffic chaos ASAP, which would have involved going up Abingdon Street.

Therefore the only possible conclusion is that the Merc was part of the controlled scenario.

Which is also true for the Blue Subaru… And all the other traffic.

Now have a look at the following pictures which are in no particular order, sincet would take someone a lot cleverer than me to show them as such.

Check out the motorbike next to the Subaru… The rider looks as if he is going to do a left.

They have a chat as the Subaru pulls away. I’m not sure if that is Frankenstein’s Monster there with the crowd.

The Biker sits for a moment.

And then turns right, but you don’t see the Subaru at all in the film footage that this last screenshot was taken from.

You can also see the Subaru and others doing a U-Turn in this next batch.

Now taking a pause here to point something out about the timeline. And for me to do that you need to have a butchers at this next screenshot.

Okay, yellow circled in the above are the two plod (one scruffy, one old) who we spoke about earlier and the two plod motors that have just arrived.

PHOTO: The two plod who are yellow circled in the photo above this one.

Now we know that these two plods arrived from Bridge Street to greet the air-ambulance.

PHOTOS: The 2 plod arrive via Bridge Street to protect the helicopter.

Yet at no time do we see the white Merc do a U-turn at the lights in the photos above.

Moreover, I have yellow circled the two plod motors arriving outside the Palace gates in the same screenshot (four photos up) as I have yellow circled the two plod.

Yet when those two plod motors were arriving the younger of the two plod was busy doing his pointing outside of the Palace gates… So how can he be in two places at once?

Answer: He can’t. They are all just photoshops. For example:

Indeed with the right software it isn’t hard to take people from one photo and plonk them into another.


Although I am not sure that she didn’t show up in the other fake London bridge bollox:

I should also point out that the Batman photo isn’t my own doing and I am not trying to pass it off as my own work.

However, there is a lot of that kind of shit taking place in this Westminster drama. The photo below for instance.

You just need to look out for the tell tale signs like the square cut on the plods hat. In fact I don’t think that they have even bothered plonking a sky into the above photo.

But why? As in why would there be the need to photoshop?

Moreover the other copper is ‘spell casting‘ – least that is what I call it and it certainly plays a big part in the monsters photos as anyone familiar with my work will already know.

Nevertheless, straight lines are always a factor to look out for.

And then there are photos like the following:

In fact try find those dormers on the Palace because I am fucked if I can!

Just more made up nonsense.

Indeed nothing demonstrates this better than the following screenshots taken from what was supposedly ‘live’ footage:

Nevertheless, to bring these strange goings-on with the traffic on Bridge Street to an end, here is another photo batch.

Now I think before I do Masood’s motor I will slot the builders in first. That will give the Westminster fraud, cheering ladies something to cheer about.

There really isn’t a lot of hope for the human race.

Nevertheless, the builders in question sneaked out of the Palace as the SAS (serious attention seekers) went in.

Strange that the plod are paying no attention to the ‘workmen’ whatsoever… Almost like they were expecting them!

After all, the plod haven’t been shy at coming forward in this drama have they?

And of course with those workmen leaving and the people that we saw earlier fleeing in terror from parliament; realistically it makes a mockery of all those brave MP’s being locked in the Palace until 8 pm (depending on what report you read).

Especially since the Palace is connected to Portcullis House by a tunnel. Therefore all of those most ‘honourable‘ MP’s who claim to have been in lockdown are nothing other than lying toe-rags who need prosecuting and sending to prison for a long, long time:

MPs were locked in the House of Commons for more than four hours and business suspended after a terror attack in Westminster.

Five people have died and 40 others have been injured after a knifeman mowed down pedestrians before fatally stabbing a police officer. The attacker was shot dead by armed police.

Earlier Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle halted the sitting of the House and told MPs, who had just been called to vote on a piece of legislation, to remain in the chamber as details of the incident filtered through.

A number of Northern Ireland MPs were caught up in the unfolding incident and were brought to safety as Parliament Buildings and the surrounding area was locked down.

After almost five hours MPs were allowed to leave the Commons chamber.

Hundreds were brought to Westminster Hall to be processed, including UUP MP Fermanagh South Tyrone Tom Elliott.

“We’ve been moved to Westminster Hall, there must be well over 1,000 people packed into Westminster Hall, and up the staircases,” he told UTV.

“Some of the other Parliament buildings have just got permission for people to leave but in the Palace of Westminster we are still here.

“It’s shocking scenes and we’ve just been told the investigation is very active and that’s why we’re being held here, all the offices and rooms in the building are currently being searched, there’s quite an intensive security operation in place, we are being told we will not get leaving until people that are here are identified.” Source


Oh, and as regards to the SAS it appears that I was wrong when I stated earlier that they must have run up Victoria Embankment from the Met HQ to arrive 20 minutes too late for their photoshoot.


You see, it would seem that they drove to the drama.

Okay, let’s do Masood and his [hired] motor… Or at least let’s do that which we haven’t done already.

Now Masood wasn’t really there hence there is no video footage of him… Indeed he was nothing more than a created persona with the now common back-story i.e “came from a good family” then “turned to drugs” followed by “radishilisation in the nick“; giving out the message that anyone is terrorist material codswallop… That is him done then.

Course, we have already briefly looked at his made-up bird, Jane Harvey – a successful business woman, blah, blah, blah bullshit.

And as I stated, Harvey was also the ‘American Tourist’ Staci (weird spelling) Martin who had her photo taken with PC Dead Palmer less than an hour before he was murdered… Allegedly:

And indeed I would imagine that the following photo is of Staci/Jane in Brussels following the fraud attack that took place there, a year to the day prior to this Westminster bollox.

And who do the following pair of actors remind you of seen in the photo below taken in the aftermath of the fake Paris attack?

Answers on a post card to the usual.

However, since all the photos of Palmer taken at the Palace gates are faked you shouldn’t be surprised that the piss-taking monster minions would add Jane Harvey to one of those fakes… Not that the minion’s tried too hard when they were knocking up the fraud snappy-snapz:

I mean to say, they could have at least tried to get the background correct!

And I also have to say that to me, Jane Harvey also looks very much like ‘runaway mum‘, Samantha Baldwin whose photos which appeared in the press had certainly been tampered with – especially around the mouth and teeth… Why would they do that?

PHOTO: Sam Baldwin – whose top teeth and top lip have been inexplicably altered – has the usual Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page set up.

All news is faked or sexed up news I am sorry to have to tell all you doubting Thomas’.

Nevertheless, since Masood never existed other than on paper and in a few dodgy photos it is safe to say that neither did his two daughters – one of whom is supposedly a strict Muslim and as such could look like Attila the Hun for all we know, whilst the other looks like she would get her bap’s out at the drop of a hat.

Indeed she looks like any other 10 bob model and could quite easily just be a reworking of Myleen Klass.

Just sayin’.

Indeed, there can be little doubt that the Masood’s are as fake as the Witlesses who vouch for them. Mind you, I had to fucking laugh when the press stated that Ma Masood lives a frugal life in the wilderness that is Wales, and earns a few bob by selling homemade cushions and what-nots on line.

PHOTO: An example of Ma Masood’s handy work

Look at it for fucks sake! My daughter was bringing better home from second year school needle class work.

I mean imagine having that shite as your living room show-piece.

Moreover, let’s not forget the dozen or so people who were allegedly arrested at gun point on the night of the 22nd of  March following the Masood Mayhem. Yet not a single charge arose from those alleged arrests… Not one.

Now just think about that for a moment and then consider this: Armed police do not arrest someone at gunpoint for suspected terrapinism offences in the middle of the night and not carry out a thorough house search.

Therefore the half-baked idiots didn’t find so much as an Anjem Choudary pin-up poster, yet potentially upwards of a dozen people will have been traumatized by the block-heads for absolutely fuck all.

And of course, those dozen or so people – if any arrests were really carried out – will have been innocent people who have upset some self-important nonce along the way… I do know from experience what the State is like.

However, like I say I would be very cautious of these ‘arrests’ since the images of them taking place are photoshopped.

Can ya see what’s wrong with it… Apart from his funny looking ‘bang-bang’ of course?

He’s pegged to the fucking clothes line the dozey twonk!

Indeed once again it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Okay, lets do the motor – A Hyundai 4×4 registration number: EX 66 RNO (allegedly)

Now I am 99.9% certain that what the production team did was have a 4×4 (most likely a Hyundai, but by no means a certainty) pull onto the pavement. Photographs were then taken from every conceivable direction and these photos formed a template for the position of the motor.

PHOTO: Probably the motor used as a template

After that some of the original photos were used with the damage to the front either photoshopped in or the lack of damage was hidden via means of having the car doors open… Or other such devious methods.

PHOTO: The damage – or lack of it – is hidden by the open door with just a tad of photoshopping added to form a false, battered bonnet.

PHOTO: Again the car door is used to hide the lack of damage although there is a lot more photoshopping going on in this photo… Not least the difference in height in relation to the car roof and the two fellas.

I  mean granted the fella nearer to the camera is stood in the road but that is only a 6 inch maximum drop from the height of the pavement.

Hyundai’s also appear to have the smallest airbags in the world.

However, another big give-a-way is the rear side window in relation to the windscreen.

Other photos have a damaged front photoshopped on to the original motor or a motor photoshopped in to place.

Total, total bollox.

Now I am not going to do all of the anomalies that crop up with the motor itself because there are far too many so here are a couple more and then I will prove to you that the motor wasn’t there except for its photoshoot.

I mean if you reversed that motor and compared it to the SAS’s BMW there isn’t much difference.

Indeed I can tell just by looking that the SAS BMW would overlay perfectly on the “Hyundai” as would the bonnet of the SAS motor in front of it (red arrowed).

And certainly the wheels look a better match!

Shall we do an overlay?

Of course we fucking shall:

Now as one of the worlds ‘good-guys’ risking everything to highlight the danger we are in, to my way of thinking and sense of fair play, that discovery alone is worthy of a quid. And if every person in the world sent me a quid I would be a multi-billionaire instead of stressing over how long I can keep a roof over my head… Just fuckin’ sayin’.

Indeed I would also suggest that the Hyundai in the photo below also plays a part in the fraud.

Do you see the arch in the bottom two comparisons? Do you see the bonnets in the top comparison photo? It is not Rocket Salad, really it isn’t.

But nevertheless, it is in fact not unfair to say that the Minions were once again taunting us by dropping actual Grey Hyundai 4×4’s into photos of the fraud.

PHOTO: Grey Hyundai 4×4 turning in to Bridge Street.

It wouldn’t be ‘that’ Hyundai 4×4 though… Would it?

Quite possibly, I mean why would it have been photoshopped into the image if not to taunt us?

See? Photoshopped… Now why would they do that?

And at a quick glance the reg reads FBI.

Furthermore, if they were not taunting us with Hyundai 4×4’s then they were taunting us with motors that looked very similar.

However, for now, look closely at the following 3 photos which were taken in the space of 8 seconds.

Did you clock the anomaly?

Well done if you did and it is a fucking good job that I am here if you didn’t.

And just for those of the latter, take a look at the following 3 screenshots which are cropped versions of the above.

And that is because the Hyundai isn’t really there.

How do I know?

Well for starters the Hyundai hit the 6th concrete rail column.

And just for you’s, I have numbered the posts 1-6.

I should also point out for the benefit of those who cannot be arsed to look for themselves that the post next to column number 1 is a gate post and different to the 6 numbered posts.

Now the inset photo is just for cross reference purposes with the blue dot relating to the white Heyfordian coach, the red dot relating to the paramedics motor with the open boot, which I should also point out was the first EMS motor to arrive and stayed where it parked up for a long time – well after all the traffic had been cleared in fact.

And the yellow dot relates to the plod hut.

Therefore we should see the Hyundai within the white circle area in the main photo – which to be fair, the Hyundai could be there or maybe it isn’t. Indeed it is hard to fucking tell… At least it is in that photo, which certainly isn’t the case with the photo below.

Much better and indeed the Hyundai would appear to be where it is supposed to be albeit it looks a little small.

That’s better.

Now look at the following photo.

No Hyundai 4×4.

I repeat: NO HYUNDAI 4X4… You have been taken for a cunt.

And just to add extra credence to those last photos, take a butchers at these:

Indeed both of those photos are taken from images that I have blown up and cropped down and then I have enhanced the best that I can. There is no doubt that what is taking place is being hidden behind smudges and fake trees and I have no doubts in my mind that these are photos of the Hyundai being maneuvered into position for the photoshoot.

Okay, now since there are no photos of Masood leaving the motor and running to the Palace – which obviously there wouldn’t be – we will go straight to the stabbing of PC Palmer its self.

And as I have already told you, this was filmed at least 3 times.

Now predictably Palmer was portrayed as the greatest police officer ever… Bar none.

And people fell for that old bollox in droves since a staggering three quarters of a million pounds was raised for his family following the drama… Not a bad golden handshake at all.

Indeed the following from the Scum Newspaper is representative of all of what the national press wrote about PC Dead Palmer. And I should point out that I have commented along the way where I felt it necessary to do so:

PC Keith Palmer was brutally stabbed to death by terror killer Khalid Masood in a frenzied attack outside the Houses of Parliament.

And straight away notice that Masood has become a “terror killer” rather than a “terrorist

The hero cop was murdered as he defended the Palace of Westminster from the sick fanatic on March 22, 2017 .

The Scum then notes that Palmer was a “hero cop” as he “defended the Palace of Westminster“… So presumably Palmer is a “hero cop” for doing the job that he was paid to do… Even though – as you will see shortly – he didn’t.

Mind you, at least the Scum hasn’t totally mugged the reader off here by declaring that Palmer died defending “us“, which many press reporters had him doing.

But who was the man who so bravely gave his life to protect the heart of British democracy? Here’s what we know.

Errr… He didn’t bravely give anything, especially not his life… But carry on for now:

PC Keith Palmer was a member of the Metropolitan Police’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection command.

He had been on the force for 15 years and joined after leaving the army, having served as a member of the Royal Artillery.

And here is the fucking thing: Palmer – as you shall shortly read – was lauded as this great copper, excellent thief taker and came second to none, yet after 15 years of service he was still a POLICE CONSTABLE… The lowest rank in the police force.

PC Palmer was also described as a loving a husband and father.

He “was someone who left for work today expecting to return home at the end of his shift and he had every right to expect that would happen”, top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley said.

Now we all know that Rowley is no more than an actor but as a Police Officer surely the very nature of the job decrees that he could not have possibly expected to go home unscathed on any given day… I mean, surely only the flower-carrying plod can expect to do so.

PC Palmer was unarmed when Masood – who was wielding two large knives – came charging towards him having mowing down pedestrians in his car on Westminster Bridge.

The funeral of PC Keith Palmer will take place on Monday April 10, 2017 at Southwark Cathedral in central London.

His coffin will be taken from the Palace of Westminster, where it has lain in rest overnight, to the cathedral for the funeral, followed by a private cremation.

The Queen gave permission for PC Palmer’s body to rest in Westminster’s Chapel of St Mary Undercroft – an honour normally reserved for heads of state. Source

Now I will deal with Palmer’s funeral a bit later on but here we now see the Queer of England getting involved in the fraud – with us having already seen Prince Buggerlugs getting involved.

Course, that is hardly surprising since the whole of the [not so] royal family were in on the con.

PHOTO: Prince Little Bald Willie and the “hero” paramedics… Of whom I can not identify a single one as appearing in the drama.

PHOTO: Little Bald Willie, Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff, Maple Syrup and Harry Hewitt attend the Service of Hope (gag*) for the victims of the terror attack.

Okay, I admit that I added Maple Syrup – or whatever the fuck it is that the fiction Meghan Markle is called – to the photo but it seems the press forgot to do so on this occasion.

Either that or they couldn’t find a suitable photo of David & Victoria Beckham to photoshop.

Fuck me Maple Syrup has some big hands doesn’t she!

What’s more, if I could have been arsed to look I am sure that I would have found the exact photos… But i couldn’t… But the one I have used will suffice.

And of course all of the frauds involved in the drama were at the bash:

PHOTO: Poor old Travis but at least the cast was off his leg quicker than it was his arm.

PHOTO: Happy Cochran meets one of the paramedics who helped with the fraud… The paramedic couldn’t be arsed to change for the posh bash.

PHOTO: Three coppers who are in all probability the same fella attend the service.

And of course that service was no different from the rest of these type of services [allegedly] attended by our royal family and which inevitably always follow these shite shows.

PHOTO: Harry Hewitt lays a wreath for the ‘victims’ of the Tunisia Bollox.

Nevertheless, let’s get back to PC Dead with the following from the Guardian:

Addressing MPs in the House of Commons on Thursday morning, Theresa May called Palmer a hero and paid tribute to his service. “He was every inch a hero, and his actions will never be forgotten,” said May.

She praised the police for stopping the attacker. “We should be clear first of all that an attacker attempted to break into parliament and was shot dead within 20 yards of the gate. If his intention was to gain access to this building, we should be clear that he did not succeed. The police heroically did their job.”

Officers who had worked alongside Palmer also spoke of his dedication to his job. PC James Aitkenhead, who worked with him in the Met’s territorial support group, said: “Keith was a genuinely nice person, nobody had a bad word to say about him. When I heard what had happened I knew it would be him because that’s just the sort of guy he was, to step straight in when others might step back.”

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, also paid tribute to Palmer and to the police and security services in general, who “keep us safe every day” on the parliamentary estate.

Corbyn added: “I express my condolences to the family and friends of police officer Keith Palmer who gave his life yesterday in defence of the public and of our democracy. We especially pay tribute to the bravery of those who took action to stop the perpetrator of yesterday’s assault.

“When dangerous and violent incidents take place, we all instinctively run away from them, for our own safety. The police and emergency services run towards them. We are grateful for the public service yesterday, today and every day that they pull on their uniforms to protect us all.”

On Thursday MPs in Westminster observed a minute’s silence in commemoration of Palmer. The tribute occurred at 9.33am in honour of his shoulder number: 933. The Commons Speaker, John Bercow, later confirmed to MPs that books of condolence would be placed in the library of the house and also in Westminster Hall.

Tobias Ellwood MP, who performed CPR on Palmer and put his hands over the police officer’s wounds in an effort to save his life, was in tears as he listened to the tributes in the Commons. He did not speak himself.

Among those who paid tribute to Palmer was the Conservative MP James Cleverly, who had erved alongside him in the army. Cleverly told the Commons that Palmer was a “strong, professional public servant” and said that it had been “a delight to meet him here again”. He asked whether the prime minister would consider formally recognising Palmer’s gallantry and sacrifice with a posthumous recognition.


Cleverly also wrote on Twitter: “I’ve known Keith for 25 years. We served together in the Royal Artillery before he became a copper. A lovely man, a friend. I’m heartbroken. My thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of PC Keith Palmer. A brave man.”

The Met’s head of counter-terrorism, Mark Rowley, said the motivation of the attacker was assumed to be “Islamist-related” and that he had tried to enter parliament but had been stopped. Rowley said Palmer “was someone who left for work expecting to return home at the end of his shift, and he had every right to expect that would happen”.

Explaining why Palmer was unarmed, Rowley said: “Our parliamentary protection team are a combination of armed and unarmed officers doing different roles and sadly the officer who lost his life today was unarmed. He was supported by armed colleagues, who shot and killed the attacker.”

On Thursday a woman who gave her name as Nina and said she was a former colleague of Palmer’s, said he had once rescued her in a car accident.

She told LBC: “I did know him very well. He saved my life in fact. So I just wanted to ring up to let everyone know what a wonderful man he was. He actually did save my life in a car accident on duty when I was a police officer in 2007 … I owe him everything.

“He was a wonderful dad and a wonderful husband to his wife. He was fun, he was a laugh, he cared. I know everyone, when someone passes, why do they always say he was such a lovely person? But he actually really was. And he cared about what he was doing, he actually cared about his job.” Source

And according to Wikipedia:

In November 2001, Palmer joined the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as a police constable. From 2002 to 2009, he served in the London Borough of Bromley. He then joined the Territorial Support Group, a grouping that specialises in public order and operates across Greater London. In 2015, he was nominated as “best thief taker” at the Commissioner’s Excellence Awards in recognition of making 150 arrests in 12 months. In April 2016, he joined the MPS’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Group.

Yet he was only a PC… Strange.

Stranger still is the fact that Wikipedia only give Palmer’s birth date as being 1969.

Nevertheless, the best footage – albeit not the best quality – of Palmer’s killing comes courtesy of boxer, Frazer Clarke, who was with Ear’ole, Tony Davies’ group.

That is the group arrowed in the above… Although you will note that the Land Rover driving boss in the white shirt has not arrived yet.

And sort of begs the question: Where the fuck have they all gone when he does arrive? Count the lamp posts if you think that there is some clever camera angle going on.

Now I should tell you that I have actually seen two versions of Clarke’s video but like most anomalies, we are just meant to ignore the fact.

Nevertheless, I took screenshots of the longer version a few months back when it was first released and at the time of writing you can still find version 2 – the shorter version of the video – by clicking HERE

However, it is quite interesting that Clarke begins the introduction of his video by saying the following:

* Should read “Not Plural” as opposed to “Plural” in the middle photo

Clarke is of course as bigger liar as what Davis is, but nevertheless, the following are screenshots taken from Version 1 of his video and are all in sequence… And obviously I have had to enhance them as best as I could:

So, total bollox so far… Carry on:

And that was it for version 1 of Clarke’s old fanny.

Version 2 was pretty much the same only edited:

Now the video highlights Masood at this point meaning that all those coppers we see before including Ear’ole Palmer (and Masood???) MUST have been running away in terror… Just sayin’

Carry on:

The End.

Now nowhere in the video did I see the “two challenging policemen” as described by head Monkey Boy, Quentin Letts who was one of the first to describe the confrontation in the press… In fact Clarke’s video shows a series of events totally alien to those described by Letts and other prominent members of the press… Why would that be?

Course, that is not to say that Clarke’s video is not a load of total bollox too but you can betcha fucking life that I won’t have anywhere near £750,000 donated to me for exposing it as such.

Nevertheless, how in the name of fuck do the following screenshots correspond with those above?

Answer? It doesn’t really correspond at all.

And neither do the following two versions of the immediate aftermath of which Version 1 starts with an armed plod running through the now lowered security barrier as if it wasn’t there.

Now compare that with Version 2:

So there ya go, two different versions of events there alone.

Mind you, I did have to chuckle at the Keystone Cops… Cop a load of this – no words are needed:

WHAT A FUCKING TOSSER… And there was no need to go that route anyway.

Course, as you would expect, Palmer was given a heroes burial despite not being dead.

Thousands of police officers from across the country today lined the streets of central London to pay their respects to hero PC Keith Palmer after he ‘laid down his life for us’ during the Westminster terror attack.

In stirring scenes, more than 5,000 rank-and-file officers from every British force spread along the two-mile cortege route from the Palace of Westminster to Southwark Cathedral, where the constable’s funeral took place ahead of a private crematorium.

The 48-year-old, a loyal Charlton Athletic fan from south London, was murdered by Khalid Masood on March 22 as he stood guard outside the Palace of Westminster. Minutes earlier, the knife-wielding terrorist had mown down scores of innocent pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in an 82-second rampage.

Paying tribute to the officer during today’s full force service, the Reverend Prebendary Jonathan Osborne, Met’s senior chaplain, said PC Palmer had ‘laid down his life for each one of us’ when he intercepted Masood.

Met commissioner Cressida Dick – the first female head of Scotland Yard who took the helm today – then read the WH Auden poem Funeral Blues, which starts with the line ‘Stop the Clocks’. After the poem was read, Rev Osborne added: ‘Keith died doing his duty, and it was as if in those moments the clock stopped.’ Source

So quite obviously we have 5,000 plod too many just in London alone… I mean we must have if the MET can give that many time off to attend  the ‘funeral’.

Mind you, I imagine that some of those present were on duty… Y’know, to hold the crowds back and what have you.

Oh, perhaps not then!

Course, the press managed to find some public mourners actors to shed a tear or two.

And would you Adam & Eve it, she just so happens to have a “Help 4 Earoles” hat on… Although if there was any honour amongst our government members, they would see to it that all the help our ‘heroes’ needed was provided by them… Not charity… Although of course, H4E is more of a cash cow than charity.

Yet the fake funeral must have cost the taxpayer millions of Pounds.

And since the number of coppers there was faked, which is easily provable by the number of duplicate plod present in the press photos, you just know that the piss taking top knobs had a bonanza pay day… Again.

It’s like playing fucking snap.

And that is just about it despite me still having a mountain of further evidence to show you… But with the drama unfolding as I wrote this, I think that it is ‘bitty’ enough without making it even more so.

Therefore that further evidence will have to wait for now, i’m sorry to tell you.

And with that being the case, I will leave you with this reminder:

Only you can make these evil creatures stop… If ya don’t, then things are only going to get much, much worse.

Christopher Spivey 01/09/2017.

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