A Bridge Too Far Part 2


Christopher Spivey


Introduction to Part 2

This is the 2nd installment to “A Bridge Too Far” (which will also be available shortly to buy as an Ebook) and as such obviously continues from where Part 1 ended. This installment is 33,241 words long and if you have not read Part 1 properly you will not understand at least half of this article.

Some people have accused me of making my articles too long… What total & utter nonsense. My articles are not for entertainment purposes, they are to expose the Monsters and harm that they are inflicting upon the world.

Therefore, like Part 1 and Part 3 (which is still to come and of a similar length) Part 2 is very detailed. All three parts are in order to leave no room for doubt.

This is not a contest to see who can read it first. Take your time… There is no hurry. Certainly, “A bridge Too Far ” took me months upon months to write so why the fuck would anyone think it possible to read & digest in an hour.

The Monsters are evil. In “A Bridge Too Far Parts 1-3″ I prove that fact beyond doubt. You therefore owe it to yourselves and your children to ‘man-up’ and READ IT PROPERLY… You are not children, do not act like children.

I will also point out for those of you who bleat – yes bleat, grow the fuck up – that they cannot read the Yellow Font: It is YOUR settings that are wrong, not mine. The yellow font shows up amazing on the sites black background.

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A Bridge Too Far Part 2

Researched & written by C.D. Spivey

So, onwards and upwards we go.

The time now: 14:44:52. So, it has only taken Matey 3 minutes and 28 seconds to get here. Which to be fair isn’t bad if you are walking… I know, I have walked it a few times myself since Great College Street is where the underground car park is that I used to park the bright red MG Metro in.

Almost exactly the same as the MG Metro seen in the above it was. In fact if the mushes weren’t wearing crash helmets that could have been us going to work… Good times.

Still, moving on with the screensh… Okay, I’m lying – my MG Metro was exactly like the one below.

Except a little bit shittier… It had those exact same wheels and it was on a G plate… We must have looked like proper cunts in it.

I did used to drive it like a racing car though.

But anyway, break time over so best we get back to it.

Now that last photo troubles me for several reasons, the first being that the blue car in the distance looks like the blue taxi that exited from Great Collage Street – meaning that it has taken the motor 38 seconds to travel a ten second journey… Which isn’t vastly important but strange all the same.

The second point that is troubling me is; where the fuck has the traffic island gone to the left of the tree?

And the 3rd and 4th problems that I have with the snappy-snap are the two plod cars. You see the lead car’s right wing appears wrong to the rest of the motor and the one behind does not look like a BMW.

In fact the arrowed wing in the above left hand photo does look more like that of the Plod Focus that we saw coming out of Great Peter Street earlier… Or is that just me who thinks so? And as I say, the motor behind it – seen in the above right hand photo – just doesn’t look like a BMW 4×4.

I mean just look at the second motor in the photo below and tell me that is an identical BMW 4×4 to the one in front.

The roof of the second motor is far too low isn’t it? Indeed it is more like a hybrid BMW 4×4 mixed with a Ford Focus.

And then as their journey continues we get what you see in the following batch of screenshots where they pass a red taxi… That we never saw pass the Palace gates whilst counting cars.

Also bear in mind that in theory neither one of those two BMW’s can be that first Plod BMW to reach the Palace gates because they are coming up to being three minutes too late on the arrival time.

Well they did have to make it look dramatic for the gullible masses didn’t they?

The time now is: 14:45:01.

And we have also now reached the time that Un-El-Tel supposedly left the Palace, although obviously there is a 60 second window for her/him to have done so.

Also take note that there isn’t any police tape strung across the road as there was when our posh car and Plod BMW come Taxi-Escort car came up the road… Which is a major anomaly.

Course, both of the [supposed] BMW’s traveled – at speed – up Millbank and into Abingdon Street on the wrong side of the road although there was no apparent reason to do so and as such, unless the drivers knew before hand that the road ahead would be clear except for the red taxi, there could have been a major head on collision.

Indeed, the two motors drifted nicely into their own lane just as the taxi appeared… Which those of you who take a keen interest in these type of hoaxes will already know that the traffic flow in them is almost like synchronized swimming on wheels.

Nevertheless, 3 seconds later the ‘two’ BMW’s were approaching the bottom of Abingdon Street, confirming what I stated earlier that a car travelling at 60 MPH should take about 10 seconds to cover the distance between the Palace gates and the top of Abingdon Street.

However, those 5 seconds that the cyclist took to cover the distance between the two side wall barriers must mean that the people carrier behind him is crawling along since we are looking around about a distance of 20 feet.

That fact is then confirmed in the following photo batch.

Now what we can learn from the two videos that the above screenshots and the ones below have been taken from is that the time is now 14:45:20 and the time lapsed between the red taxi passing and the people carrier passing at exactly the same spot is 14 seconds, with the white car – possibly a repeat of our car number 17 – passing two seconds later.

And since it is around 62 meters from the furthest end of the 2nd barrier in the barrier side-wall to the first corner of Great College Street, the people carrier and white car had to in fact be doing less than 10 MPH

Again; don’t cha just love statistics?

Nevertheless, there is another couple of videos of the two plod BMW’s mad dash along Millbank and Abingdon Street so let’s see how they tally.

Now remember that the red taxi is ahead of the bike rider by about 12-13 seconds, so quite how we see the cyclist in the above is beyond me.

Nevertheless, the red taxi is also interesting when you look at it closer.

There is definitely something not right about these motors.

Nevertheless, as the camera returns to PC Big Gob you will no doubt be glad to hear that we are now coming to the end of our counting-cars mission.

Now the fact that we do not see that motor turning out of Great Collage Street is extremely strange, not least because we have so far seen every motor coming up Abingdon Street onto Millbank as well as all those exiting Great College Street… Which in the case of the latter was only the blue taxi but I’m sure that you get my drift.

However, that fact is made stranger still because we didn’t see the motor at all which means that the cameraman doing the filming must have been in the middle of the road with the mystery motor passing behind him… Understand?

A bit like when we saw Ethel filmed stood next to the blue taxi’s driver side window in one film but in another she was nowhere to be seen.

However, it is strange how only blue taxis and ghost cars are allowed to drive from Great Collage Street into Abingdon Street since others get knocked back.

And since we can see Sky News reporter Robert Nisbet in that last screenshot the time HAS got to be 2:50pm or later.

However, for our purposes the time is now 14:45:13, so you have to wonder where all the press reporters and photographers are… Not to mention Terry’s Turbo & Land Rover.

Note that Gob-Shite still hasn’t put any tape across the road indicating that he knows that the traffic is not done with yet.

The time now is 14:45:30 and yet we still have had no sign of Un-El-Tel making an appearance.

I will also remind you of that [hidden] bus like object that we saw heading towards Abingdon Street via the wrong way on the Parliament Square one-way-system.

I am obviously talking about the tall, obscure object on the far right of the photo and not our car 21.

However, the time then was 14:43:01 or put another way; a second under two and a half minutes prior to where we are now… And quite obviously that great, hulking shape had to be something and was too big for us to have missed it up at the Millbank end.

Yet even travelling slowly the bus should have taken no more than 30 seconds to reach the top of the road… And why try and disguise it in the first place – like they have in the above screenshot under the guise of poor quality film?

Very strange… In fact if that was the best that you could expect from your camera you would sling the fucking thing wouldn’t you! I mean, c’mon for fucks sake, a Blue Peter shoe-box camera would take better photos than that, yet no one seems to question why all these hoaxes are filmed in Kodak Ultra-Shite.

But anyway, talking of ‘shite’, PC Gob-Shite then turns and walks back into the road.

And we see what is shown as apparently being a single plod BMW speeding along the road having narrowly avoided a head on collision with the bus… Meantime the bus is being followed by what can only be described as a Dinky Toy.

Now I should also point out that the cameras are making the stretch of road between Great College Street and Great Peter Street look longer than it really is – albeit no doubt on purpose. I mean you can barely make out the parked up brown coach in the above screenshot!

Yet when you look at the photos below, you can clearly see that the distance in question is nowhere near in reality as long as the press are making it look.

And with that being the case, the reporters and camera crews are much nearer to Great Collage Street than they appear to be. Nevertheless, whilst the plod BMW appears to be on its own in most videos; in the video that the bottom screenshot (above & repeated immediately below) showing the motor racing passed the bus is taken from, it quickly becomes apparent that there is clearly another plod BMW following it.

Now hopefully you will remember those last two screenshots as being those of the two earlier plod BMW’s, albeit taken from different videos.

Course, unless the Monster-Minions are duplicating film footage to create more drama than there really was – Shhh, of course they are – the two sets of motors could not possibly be the same because the open topped double decker bus came along 30 seconds after those first two BMW’s were already out of sight.

However, by the same token there is no question that this third plod BMW is supposed to be perceived by the viewer as being on its own – as seen in the vast majority of available film footage… And of course the 2nd BMW out of the first pair was artificially added… It was an overlay.

Complicated or what?

Now since I did manage to get that 3 digit code I can tell you that the BMW’s registration number is: BX 66 HFD

And BX 66 HFD is of course the same BMW 4×4 that we see in the ‘official’ press photograph of Terry Tubby being evacuated from the Palace:

The time now is: 14:45:39

So could I be wrong about Terry and the crooked taxi?

Well there is only one way to find out:

Well you didn’t think that I would really give the Nonce-Trolls the satisfaction did you?

The time now is 14:45:43

But if you are hoping to see Terry’s motor leaving the Palace via the Gay-Lords car-park you are going to be disappointed… So perhaps the Prime Mincer did leave at 3:33 pm then?

Although the drama was well and truly over by then so there would be no need for the evacuation anyway… But let’s face facts – Terry is a criminal.

Not that “it” exists of course.

And as you are also aware – least ya fuckin’ should be by now – no more than a minute later on from where the video ended, the Plod Focus & Transit “officially” exited from Great Peter Street and made their way down to Parliament Square.

Course, in that (maximum) 60 second window, the Gob-Shite Plod and his side-kicks made themselves useful and taped the road off.

And I did find another couple of related photos which are worth a look at.

There is however another possibility with the plod focus.

Okay, there are a lot of anomalies there already. So now we go to the photos taken from the rear.

Now I think that it is quite possible, that the plod Focus is being cloned with a paramedics motor… Which would explain the shit sign-writing and the overlay.

However, the paramedic’s motor [supposedly] did not come along until at least 10 mins after the plod Focus & Tranny had made the journey… Nevertheless, there are clues to be gleaned from the footage.

But of course, it is just a theory.

Okay, there is now one more important series of events to show you before I tell you what really occurred with all these cars – both plod & civilian.

You see sometime after the last plod BMW (the one that went the wrong way into the Gaylord’s car park) and the plod Focus & Transit had passed by, another car comes toddling along from the direction of Parliament Square.

And by this time, the BMW 4×4 seen in the following screenshots blocking the top of Abingdon Street had appeared from nowhere.

However, just before that motor comes a-tootling up the road, Sky News reporter Bob Nisbet & his cameraman started to act very strangely indeed.

Course, that stationary car and the plod car couldn’t possibly be the posh-car and its escort because of the later  time… Could it?

However at around this time there was a police motor that left Parliament Square and drove up Abingdon Street for some unknown reason.

PHOTO: A police BMW 4×4 enters Abingdon Street via the wrong way up the Parliament Square one-way-system at 2:52 pm… The time is confirmed by the helicopter landing.

PHOTO: Police motor in the background seen coming up Abingdon Street at 2:52 pm

And that then has to be the Police BMW that we see park across the road for some unknown reason although it is a lot closer than it looks to the police BMW already parked across Abingdon Street.

The only thing is; that motor doesn’t look like a BMW 4×4 – which it most definitely appeared to be when it left Parliament Square a minute earlier… The back is too straight and looks more kinda like a Land Rover.

And keeping that fact in mind, take a look at this next photo batch.

Get the picture?

PHOTO: Police Land Rover seen entering Parliament Square just before 3 pm 

Course, there are other photos to back-up the motor pulling across the road being a BMW without the Land Rover back (see photo below).

Mind you, I will also tell you before you view the photo that I have a downer on it and not just because of the background. In fact have a bash at figuring the background out because I am fucked if I can.

Hmmmm… Most peculiar. And just so as you are clear on the matter, that long red line that I have drawn spanning the last two photos is obviously pointing out the same pier in each… Now how could that be if the photo in question was taken on Millbank?

Course, even more suspect – nay bizarre – is the fact that in the BBC’s ‘live‘ footage of that mystery, morphing, BMW appearing, which then left again 15 SECONDS later; at no point did any plod get out of the motor or even open the doors for that matter – which they wouldn’t have done since the motor never actually stopped moving in that 15 second segment shown in the Beeb’s video… As you are about to see.

And that fact of course contradicts what we see in the top photo above, showing the drivers door open and a plod stood next to the open passenger door… Here, have a butchers at this next lot of screenshots, starting with the mystery BMW approaching, which sometimes has a straight back like a Land Rover and at other times has a sloped upper back like a BMW 4×4… Also do take note that this is supposedly continuous ‘live’ footage.

Or put another way: Fuck you ya nonce cunts, it is your masters that tell lies and deceive, not me… Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, the fact that in the photo up yonder we can clearly see that the 4×4’s front doors are both open and a plod is stood in the road having just got out of the passenger side, is clearly at odds with what we see in the BBC video which shows the same motor pull up, do a three-point-turn and fuck straight back off again without a bye or leave, just doesn’t add up does it?

However, things get weirder still when you see the hybrid from a different view.

After all, the hybrid-motor didn’t just sit in the middle of the road in the BBC ‘live’ video… Curiouser and curiouser.

Yet there is a very real possibility can be no doubt that even more photo-trickery was taking place at the time that the mystery BMW (with a constantly changing rear end) pulled alongside the other BMW 4×4 – which was just as an ambulance drove by in the opposite direction:

Taking a brief pause in the photos here to point out that just because the BBC footage that the screenshots were taken from was ‘live’, that does not mean that the hybrid BMW pulled up beside the other BMW at 3:54 pm… Indeed we have just seen it pull up at 2:52 pm in the Sky News screenshots.

Therefore in all probability the BBC was just showing footage from an earlier time in that ‘live’ broadcast by way of a re-cap. However, what you have to keep in mind is that regardless as to what time the hybrid BMW arrived on the scene, the recording was still [supposedly] continuous film footage.

Now, as we have seen in that last batch, the ambulance nips past the hybrid before the hybrid completes its three-point-turn. Yet the fact of the matter is that the ambulance didn’t reach that point until 2:55 pm!

That means the hybrids 15 second turn around has now lasted 3 long fucking minutes. Moreover, we did not see that plod Focus (seen arriving at the Palace gates in the 2nd screen shown in the above screenshot) drive past the hybrid so fuck knows where that came from.

And I should also point out that contained within the above screenshots is another brilliant example of how the cameras are using lenses that make the distance look a lot longer than what they are in order to make the transport on show appear to be travelling much faster than what it is.

I mean that EMERGENCY ambulance appears to have covered a lot of distance in 10 seconds, whereas in reality it has covered 50 meters, and as such the driver is doing an average of 10 MPH… But there was no rush as it was all bollox.

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards and all that shite:

Now, although all of the above all counts as further evidence of a fraud taking place, as well as adding further credence to my claim that all of the drama’s videos & photos are faked, that is not the only reason for showing you those last few photo batches.

However, before I reveal that other reason we best have a quick recap, starting with the Hybrid BMW pulling alongside the BMW that is blocking the road and somehow remains there for both 15 seconds and 3 minutes – which we shall ignore. An ambulance then goes past as the Hybrid BMW turns around and leaves. Immediately as it does a BMW Estate car drives up Abingdon Street and nearly has a collision with another BMW 4×4 coming in the opposite direction.

And with all that fresh in your minds, have a butchers at this next photo batch which supposedly takes place two minutes after the ambulance has gone past:

I mean to say, we didn’t see that white Range Rover in the BBC ‘live’ video where the action all took place within the space of a minute… Which has since gone to three… And has now ended up as five… Baffling to say the least

Nevertheless, moving on and I just best clarify my earlier remarks about “Nesbit not really being there at the scene“.

You see, what I should have said is that he [probably] WAS there briefly, but certain clips where he strategically moves around to hide background action were doubtlessly added later in front of green-screen.

Do you see how I have to clarify every word I say to stop the paedo-trolls pouncing? Still, getting back to it and the Sky News action then returned to the studio with a split screen on display showing the ‘live’ action from both ends.

And this is where we now finally see the ambulance arriving on screen number 2, a mere 36 seconds after it sailed passed at the top of the road – meaning that overall the vehicle was travelling at an average of 19 MPH.

Indeed it is a wonder that nobody died!

But that isn’t all.

And that then – you will be pleased to learn – completes the car running order.

Therefore you will now be equally pleased to read that it is time for me to cut the crap and tell you exactly what I think was going on.

You see the reason for disguising the silver taxi as a plod-BMW was mainly so as no one would connect the posh car (believed to be Mackey’s) with that of Terry May’s Jag because to do so could – and most certainly should – have extremely serious ramifications for the British Government… And of course, although what I am about to tell you is only a theory, the official account is quite blatantly bollox.

I will therefore once again remind you that on face value the posh-car HAD to belong to Mackey because in theory it could not have been anyone else’s motor. Especially with there being absolutely no other reason for a police BMW squad car (acting as an escort) to be racing away from the scene of such as serious crime other than to ensure that the VIP was given safe passage to safety.

Moreover, the fact that the posh car coming up Abingdon Street with the plod BMW (disguised taxi) overtaking to act as an escort so soon after Mad Masood had done his thing (19 seconds), would further establish that the motor was Mackey’s – especially since the first plod BMW on the scene (that we saw in previous screenshots pull up to the Palace gates) hadn’t even arrived by then.

Course, the very fact that the posh car –having left via the Palace gates – had absolutely no reason whatsoever to be on Abingdon Street in the first place must have caused the Minions to have a few sleepless nights.

PHOTO: The red line shows the choice of two routes that Mackey’s car WOULD have taken. The blue line shows the quickest (albeit illegal) route to take in an emergency before joining one of the two red lined routes. The yellow line shows the route that the car MUST have taken yet the fact that it did and indeed was sat on Abingdon Street waiting for a Police escort makes no sense at all, what-so-ever.

However, it is my belief that the Minions had no option but to have Tel’s transport leave by the same Palace gates and drive up Abingdon Street for the purposes of the car’s photo shoot outside of the Lord’s car park, before making that 10 second mad, very slow, dash to safety.

And I will tell you why they had no choice in the matter in due course.

Therefore the Minion’s only option was to distance the ‘posh-car‘ (whose ever it was) sat waiting on Abingdon Street from Terry May’s Jag as much as they possibly could, whilst at the same time bank on the apathetic public’s lack of critical thinking leading to no one picking up on the anomaly.

And of course to help do so the posh car was given the police escort whilst May’s Jag had the back-up Land Rover for protection… Although you would have thought that under the circumstances the Prime Mincer’s car & back-up would have been allocated a police escort as a matter of routine in an emergency.

Moreover, to further distance the two motors, the scriptwriters left it as long as they possibly could for the newspaper reported timelines to have the Prime Mincer evacuated from the building, without causing any suspicion – as well as making it appear that the posh-car was black to the Jaguar’s silver.

However, by “newspaper reported timelines” I am obviously referring to the 2:45 pm evacuation since the 2:30 pm evacuation would have been impossible – at least it would in theory, unless the action did in fact start earlier than the official 2:40 pm – and the Satanic 3:33 pm evacuation would have been pointless.

Yet when you think about it logically, given the close proximity to the House of Conmans and the car park that Un-El-Tel’s Jag was parked in; five minutes is an awful long time for the protection officers to get her away from the danger zone.

Moreover, faced with the problem of having to get Terry’s Jag up Abingdon Street disguised as Mackey’s posh-car, yet at the same time having no reasonable explanation for Mackey to be on that road, the Minions did what they always do when faced with such a dilemma… They muddied the waters, hence Mackey’s motor [almost] giving the impression that it had gone around Parliament Square in the counting cars video.

However, as I have already told you – and just to add to the confusion – the posh car and Tel’s Jaguar are not the same motor that we see heading up Abingdon Street with the taxi disguised as the plod BMW… Which I must say was very sloppily done for a relatively simple task to do and indeed the disguise should have been a lot harder to spot.

But here’s the thing, Mackey’s car was not the posh-car that we see coming up Abingdon Street with the fake plod BMW either.

You see, Mackey’s car was not the first to leave the Palace Gates but undoubtedly did so by hanging that previously discussed cheeky right turn. And as such, the posh-car that we see with the silver taxi that morphs into the police escort car is in fact a posh-decoy-car… Albeit you are obviously meant to believe that it is Mackey’s car because in theory it couldn’t be anyone else’s.

And by the same token neither was the posh-decoy-car Terry May’s jag either. You see, the decoy car came up the road at 14:43:16 with the silver taxi disguised as a plod BMW and was in fact a Jaguar Estate car – later disguised by the Minions and passed off as an Audi Estate car.

PHOTO: It isn’t hard to spot the modifications on the Audi estate… It is however very hard to spot the registration number… And PC Big Gob’s facial features.

Now before I elaborate further, you need to bear in mind that the Masood shooting was filmed three times, which I will prove to you beyond all doubt before this exposé is done.

However, I will tell you now that as well as being filmed three separate times; all three occasions were filmed from a different angle i.e one was filmed facing the action, another was filmed from the left and the third was filmed from the right… Although not necessarily in that order.

Moreover, all three were filmed in such a way as to be able to hide the fact that there was two cars lined up waiting to leave the Palace gates.

You see before leaving the Palace gates, the posh-decoy-car had been parked up in front of the car we are calling “Mackey’s car” and had in fact been the first to exit. This is why there appeared to be a 19 second delay in Mackey leaving the Palace, despite the fact that the criminal top-knob-plod was not seen to get out of his car in that 19 second time frame in order to at least have a quick butchers as to what had just occurred a few yards behind him… After all the chances of Mackey really being in the car are zilch because he didn’t need to be.

Now the posh-decoy-car had in fact left straight away (the third gunshot was probably the drivers cue to do so) with the motor making a left turn at the [entrance] gates leaving our car number 10 – a silver taxi soon to be disguised as a Plod BMW – free to tootle by 7 seconds later.

I mean to say, would a VIP’s car equipped with blues ‘n’ twos, escaping a very dangerous situation really wait for a slow moving van to go past?

Of course it fucking wouldn’t. The van could have been packed with explosives or terrapins and as such the posh car would have been ideal for the van to ram into.

And tellingly, the next car to come along after the decoy car had pulled out was – as I just stated – our number 10, the silver taxi that morphed into the police-escort motor.

Now as soon as the taxi went past the gates, Mackey’s car pulled out (again, doing so out of the ENTRANCE gates rather than the correct EXIT gates) and hung a cheeky right – which in theory meant that the driver was risking having a potential head on collision.

However, in reality there was no chance of that happening because there was no traffic allowed onto Parliament Square whilst Mackey’s car traveled the short distance down the one way street in the wrong direction. Indeed, that distance was shortened further by the fact that the car left via the entrance gate.

Course, having the two large motors waiting to exit the gates was not without its problems for the Minions. You see, both Mackey’s posh-car and the posh-decoy-car are big motors and since Massood couldn’t be seen to bump into Mackey’s car as he made his mad dash through the exit gate; therein you have a further reason to have the two motors leave via the entrance gate… Up here for thinking, down there for dancing.

However, the producers still had the problem of not wanting to have attention drawn to the posh-decoy-motor for fear of people associating it with Terry May’s Jag and the potential pitfalls that could cause, which they overcame by using a Posh-Estate-Car, which obviously still had to look like Mackey’s when seen from the front, for the film scenes that we saw of it racing up Abingdon Street with its silver taxi escort disguised as a plod BMW.

Or put a simpler way, they used a black Jaguar Estate which no one could possibly associate with being Terry May’s silver Jaguar Saloon when it came to filming the car sideways on at the top of Abingdon Street.

PHOTO: You can clearly see the overlay on the Jag’s bonnet and the overlay giving the car a boot.

Furthermore, because there was no traffic allowed onto Parliament Square whilst Mackey’s driver made his short, illegal-right-turn journey to go and inspect the troops on the bridge, would also accounts for why there was no traffic seen passing the Palace gates for a further 37 seconds after our number 10 – the silver taxi – had tootled by.

And indeed to avoid any suspicion for such a long – record breaking 37 second – break in traffic the Minions had that – first of many – Plod BMW 4×4 turn up from the Abingdon Street end of the Palace in order to compensate for that traffic dry spell… Which we didn’t see come down Abingdon Street despite the fact that we should have done so.

It is therefore safe to assume that the plod BMW was in fact spliced into the car counting footage at the point of the camera turning to film its arrival – and was in fact in all probability the first of the BMW 4×4’s (made to look like it had another immediately behind it) that we later saw [slowly] speeding down towards the Palace via Millbank.

And as an aside, the fact that so many ‘identical‘ BMW 4×4’s made their way to the crime scene – which was all of those that parked up at the Palace gates, bar one – via Millbank is again strange given that ALL of the nearest police stations are situated at the opposite end of the Palace… Just sayin’.

In turn and as I also just mentioned, that Plod BMW 4×4’s arrival gave the cameraman an excuse to turn the camera to his right and film the armed plod entering the Palace yard via the EXIT gate, thus taking the ENTRANCE gate out of shot, in turn enabling Mackey’s car to perform the cheeky right turn without being caught on camera doing so.

The Minions then further capitalised on the Plod BMW being in position 2 or 3 minutes later, which I shall expand upon shortly.

Meantime, the 9 motors that we had seen go past the Palace gates prior to the decoy Jag leaving them at 14:42:00 (Precision timing see) had halted once they were out of camera shot, which is why we can see them all in the background of the film footage taken from the Palace window.

PHOTO: Probably the order that the motors lined up in for them to be out of camera shot after passing the gates – although that is not written in stone. 

This in turn would explain why the vehicles to the rear of the pack were slower to move off than those at the front once they started moving off again. And for your convenience I have colour ‘dotted’ the motors in the following photo batch.

The decoy car again has a false back and looks as if it is going to go around Parliament Square.

And as well as plenty of overlays being added to the above, there was also plenty of blanking-out and skulduggery taking place – as you will see in the following photo batch:

Now once again I can only speculate here but I am guessing that the top photo is showing the Jaguar Estate before moving on up to the entrance gate, despite being next to the correct-to-use exit gate.

I would further imagine that the shooting of Masood has not taken place yet hence what you see in the photo is fake and is in fact in keeping with the CGI shooting that I will show you when I get to the ‘murder’ section.

PHOTO: It is easy to see where the Jaguar Estate has had an overlay added in order to give the car a boot.

Now, for the next point that I am going to make I will repeat that batch of screenshots which the above is taken from for easy reference and to save you scrolling back – fuck me, I ain’t half making this complicated series of events easy for you.

Okay, you will notice that despite appearances – due to the different camera angles – the grey van has not actually moved at all in the screenshots. However, the Jaguar Estate [poorly] disguised as Makey’s car in the top photo has moved up to the gates in the second photo.

Moreover, the camera lens makes the photo deceptive and the car has in fact not quite reached the gates, hence it appears to be heading to turn right but is in fact going to turn left, because this is still the Jaguar Estate (despite the appearance of having a boot) with Mackey’s motor sat behind it but blanked out of the photo where the yellow circle is.

So with that being the case, the traffic appeared to look as you would expect it to do – rather than the reality which saw one car passing the gates every 1.24 seconds on average.

And after the other fifteen cars we counted following the silver taxi, there then followed a general lull in activity for two to three minutes in order to give those motors that went up Abingdon Street – including the decoy car & taxi – the chance to do so, after which Terry May’s Jag sprung into action and left via the gates to head up Abingdon Street for it’s photo shoot.

This in turn explains why we see so few people in the Palace yard in some of the screenshots that I have taken from the footage in the immediate aftermath of Masood being shot, for what seemed like ages. Indeed most of the people that we do see – if not all – are CGI.

You see, this was a case of the less people attending to Masood and Palmer; then the less people there were to move out of the way as Terry’s Jag drove out of the car park into the yard and out of the gate.

That would also explain why the exit barrier was up at the time and lowered immediately after the Jag left, although it obviously had to be up for Masood to do his bit else he would have been fucked… And I don’t mean in the same way that the fat-fuck would have been fucked from running the distance between his crashed motor and the Palace gates!

And therein is also the reason that “Our Hero” PC Palmer dropped to the ground tight against the kerb, before being moved over into the middle of the cobble road (which is apt what with the whole thing being cobblers), so as the Minions could get another dozen or so people around the non-existent body in order to make the scene look more dramatic.

Course, with May’s Motor leaving 2 or 3 minutes after the posh-decoy-motor the evacuation had to be filmed separately using the [probably new] filming technology which saw the Jag coming up Abingdon Street with a proper police BMW 4×4.

That Plod BMW was in all probability the same plod BMW that later blocked the road off by the junction of Great College Street: Reg BX 66 HDK code DNJ and which simply did a U-turn at the Palace Gates when Tel’s Turbo came out two or three minutes later on and followed up behind the Jag.

Now I will remind you that the plod BMW 4×4 in question was spliced into the counting cars footage taken on Parliament Square in order to disguise the 37 second gap in traffic and to also make it appear that the plod were on the ball and got to the crime scene in double quick time.

However, in reality that motor was either the single plod motor pretending to have a twin right behind it that we later saw heading towards the Palace via Millbank, or it had come from the same place that the plod BMW 4×4 came from in Frank’s dash-cam footage allegedly filmed an hour before kick off on the day in question.

PHOTO: Frank’s footage of the plod 4×4 joining the Abingdon Street traffic roughly halfway between Great Collage Street and Parliament Square

And indeed, to be fair that would appear to be a staging post for the plod as the following photos – taken sometime in March 2017 – would attest to.

It is a pity that I couldn’t get the exact date in March that those two photos were taken.

But nevertheless, the now empty place at the Palace gates left vacant by the BMW’s U-turn was then simply taken by the next Plod BMW that we saw slowly ‘hacking down‘ towards the Palace gates via Abingdon Street.

After which the real plod BMW, Registration number BX66HDK code DNJ accompanying Tel’s Jag (as opposed to the morphing taxi) then simply hung back whilst the Jag had it’s photo taken, after which it then pulled across the two carriageways to block the road.

And I will remind you that BX66HDK code DNJ is the same motor as we see pulling out in front of Frank in the photos taken from his film footage.

In fact to add further credence to my theory, if you look at the photos below you will see that the [real] BMW 4×4 does not actually overtake the Jag unlike the taxi disguised as a plod BMW which did.

So to recap, the plod Focus and Transit were first seen heading towards Parliament Square at approximately 2:42 pm whilst coming in the opposite direction was the silver taxi disguised as a plod BMW and the Jag Estate decoy car.

The plod Focus is then hidden behind the Brown Taxi which was prevented by the plod from going to Parliament Square and as a consequence had to do a u-turn which it does as a CGI version, over-laid on top of the Plod Focus doing a u-turn.

Meantime the plod Transit which is behind the Focus is waiting out of sight of the camera.

The silver taxi [badly] disguised as a plod BMW reverts to a silver taxi and carries on along the road heading in the direction of Millbank.

The film is then cut and joined with the footage of the motors we saw passing the Palace gates AFTER the decoy Jag Estate had pulled out.

This was done to further distance what was meant to be Mackey’s car coming up the road with a disguised Escort and forms the reason for the perceived delay in the plod transit (now disguised as the plain white transit, supposedly also stopped from going to Parliament Square after the brown taxi) doing its u-turn… Although in reality there was no delay.

The original film was then rejoined meaning that the decoy Jag Estate – now disguised as an Audi Estate – continued on its journey and the Wannabe Plod even held up the transit to let the ‘Audi Estate’ go first before allowing the van to make its u-turn.

The plod Focus/brown taxi, later followed by the plod Transit/white van man, both then made their way back to Great Peter Street to await their second cue to drive to Parliament Square, [seemingly] once Terry’s Turbo and back-up Land rover had turned into Great Peter Street.

And then, three minutes or so after the decoy Jag morphed into an Audi estate at the top of Abingdon Street, the real PM’s Jag left the Palace Gates.

The PM’s Jag was then followed shortly afterwards by the plod BMW (BX 66 HDK code DNJ) that was sat outside the Palace gates and which we were led to believe arrived at the crime-scene much earlier than it actually did.

And then, as we see the real Terry’s Turbo on Abingdon Street rapidly being caught-up by the real Plod BMW, the film is incorporated with the film showing the Plod-Focus and Transit heading towards Parliament Square on their aborted mission – End of film.

However, there is still a continuity error in so much as the plod Focus & Transit didn’t pass Terry’s Turbo on Abingdon Street because they didn’t leave Great Peter Street until Terry’s Turbo & Back-up Land Rover turned into it… Which is why you are not meant to see those two plod motors as the Prime Mincer’s car makes the turn into Great Peter Street.

Now quite obviously, the reason for having the plod Focus and transit do the dummy run was of course mostly staged to confuse and disorientate anyone trying to figure out what was going on, as quite obviously the pair of motors didn’t appear to make the trip to Parliament Square until after Terry’s Turbo and back-up Land Rover had turned into Great Peter Street at 2:45 – 2:46 pm… Thus instantly convincing any armchair detectives that the decoy Jag Estate and fancy dress taxi had to be Mackey’s posh car & police escort.

And that is also why the two plodmobiles that we later saw racing towards the Palace were not perceived to be the first to arrive at the crime-scene… Albeit the leader of the two (the second of which was no more than a series of overlays) probably was the first (BX 66 HDK code DNJ), which then vacated its spot in order to follow the real El-Tel up the road and in doing so had it’s place taken by the first of the second two BMW 4×4’s that we saw racing to the crime-scene – despite once again there only being one of them in reality.

Therefore, the next question to be answered is: Why didn’t Terry’s Jag just simply take the route that we were led to believe it did, i.e along the service road that runs through the center of the Palace?

In fact, had Tel’s Jag done so then all of that polava having to have the Plod Focus and Transit make the trip twice – Or one and a half times anyway – would have been avoided and also done away with the need to make the better quality faked film… But having said that, I will remind you that this fraud was partly staged to test the public’s awareness.

Nevertheless, that question then in turn immediately begs the question as to what happened to the Back-Up Land Rover whilst Telly’s Jag was making fake films with the real Plod-BMW.

And therein lies the answer as to why Terry’s transport was filmed separately to the main action, since it gave the Minions chance to test this new type of moving image technology… Of which I am going to show you a lot more of it when we get to the action that took place on Westminster Bridge – and which doubtlessly has a lot more to it than what I can make out.

PHOTO: A screenshot taken from film footage incorporating the new film technology (certainly new to me anyway and I seemingly spend my life looking at film of hoax events) which shows a perfect replication of events taking place at the time – or at least the same setting as we see in other videos filmed with a normal camera, in the usual way – yet on closer inspection the footage is clearly a moving painting of events, perfectly mimicking real events as they happened.

Now when I say that the real action taking place is ‘perfectly replicated‘ in this new film technology, I mean exactly that – in as much as every single movement filmed on a normal camera, made by every single person and moving object present, and at the exact time that the movements take place, is all mimicked exactly by the painted looking images.

Are you beginning to see why I told you right at the start that this seemingly hastily and very poorly put together play act is in reality an extremely complex and well thought out production that was up to a year in the making… As well as being an exercise in gauging the public’s gullibility.

I mean they could have taken the easy route and just filmed the drama in real time using clever camera angles and then cutting or splicing it all together where needs be. But then they would not have had the opportunity to test this new kind of animation filming in order to see how many people picked up on it.

Furthermore, I would also wager that the majority of blatant fuck-ups were purposely added in a bid to take the focus off the painted-type film by those of us scrutinizing the action closer than most.

And like I also told you, those apparently blatant fuck-ups can be explained away – should they ever need to be – via extra information that is not readily available at the forefront of a Google search, and nine times out of ten will only be found on a relatively obscure foreign website for the first few months following the fake event.

The majority of that extra information will then be slowly and covertly leaked into our mainstream media by which time the hoax will be yesterdays news.

Course, that is not to say that the less obvious fuck-ups were intentional and as you have already seen there are many, with many, many more still to come – so best I fucking gerron with it.

Now as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, the problem that the Minions faced was that they had to get Terry May’s jag up to the Lords car park end, but the motor couldn’t be seen to be leaving by the Palace gates.

Therefore they had to disguise the car, leading to you once again repeating the question: “Why didn’t they just take the route straight through the center of the Palace”?

And the answer to that is they couldn’t.

You see, I strongly suspect that the route through the center of the building by car is no longer possible, ever since the middle part of the Palace was extended.

PHOTO: I very strongly suspect that the areas marked in red are no longer open to traffic. If they were, what would be the point in putting a roof over them? Or why would they undertake the difficult task of having new floors suspended between the buildings, capable of taking the weight of very heavy machinery, when there is really no need to do so just for the sake of a few motors occasionally using the route?

After all, they do not need the parking space and in blocking the routes off there would be no added, potential elf & safety issues… Especially with the vast majority of our MP’s being fairies… And those who aren’t all being away with them.

Moreover, even if I am wrong about the center route now being closed off, using it as an escape route would once again negate the need to test this apparently new technology.

“Okay, So what of the back-up Land Rover“, I now hear you impatiently ask?

To which I would answer that one possibility was that the Land Rover was already in the Lords Car park thus giving the impression that it and the Jag had both exited via that route, when in reality all that the Land Rover driver did was pull out of the car park when Terry’s Turbo stopped next to the brown coach for the cars photo-shoot – prior to both motors making the 10 second dash down to Great Peter Street.

PHOTO: The Land Rover could possibly have been waiting in the Gay-Lords car park and pulled out when Tel’s Turbo arrived for its photoshoot – hence the barrier is open, although it is of course impossible to say with any real certainty that is the Land Rover in the top photo.

And as we also now know, the BMW 4×4 in the above photo, registration number BX 66 HFD code: HXW did not continue down the road to Parliament Square, and instead hung a sharp right into the Lords Car Park… Which again would explain the need for the open barrier.

Indeed the fact that we did not see Tel’s Turbo and back-up Land Rover when we were counting cars is in itself huge evidence that a fraud event was in operation.

Mind you, that plod BMW 4×4 was spotted 15 minutes later parked up outside of the Palace gates.

So at this point I will tell you that none of the footage was “live” – if you haven’t already worked that fact out for yourself – although it was obviously touted as being “live” when it was broadcast on the day.

Nevertheless, the other – more probable – possibility is that the back-up Land Rover didn’t make the trip at all at 2:45 pm and that well used photo (reproduced below) was nothing more than a photoshop, hence we did not see Tel’s Turbo or the Land Rover at all when we were counting cars – other than in that independent faked film footage which still didn’t have the Land Rover in it.

And if the photo was photoshopped that would explain why we do not see the Land Rover in the photo below:

Indeed the fact that you should is evidenced by the following overlays:

Fucking shysters.

And then there is this one below, taken from that rare to find video:

I don’t know about you but I personally can’t see the dark brown Land Rover there… Although the 10 second dash was definitely filmed at some point, albeit in all probability prior to the action kicking off at 2:40 pm.

And evidence to suggest that is the case is the difference that we see in Tel’s jag.

PHOTO: On your left is the Jag doing the 10 second sprint. On your right is the Jag having its photo shoot allegedly prior to the 10 second dash… Now check out the headlights.

And as a quick aside, Tel’s Turbo’s registration reads Bliyth from a distance as in: “Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Bird thou never wert” from the poem “To a Skylark” by Percy Shelley… Very apt since Terry May is a tranny-fanny.


Just sayin’.

Now the fact is, we did see a Land Rover parked up inside the Palace courtyard car park as the plod came dashing out of the Palace with the confused Prime Mincer, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

However we do know that a boss matey, wearing a white shirt was one of the first on scene after the shooting had stopped.

And the point of telling you that is; Boss in the white shirt was responsible for parking the Land Rover on the corner.

Course the first thing that you now have to consider about that fact is how coincidental it was. I mean just as he is about to pull up to park a shooting happens… After all, if he wasn’t about to park then he would have driven the motor right up to where the action was taking place… Which in reality he wouldn’t have done because it would have spoiled the show and looked very suspect what with it being Terry’s back-up motor.

And that fact in turn leads to the second thing that you have to consider, namely; why didn’t we see the Land Rover entering the Palace gates in the counting cars screenshots?

Therefore, the only logical explanation is that he just simply pulled the Land Rover out of the car park for some reason… possibly to avoid it being caught still in the carpark by one of the helicopters used to film the overhead footage.

Mind you, someone wanted the Land Rover out of the way pretty sharpish.

However I did have a bit of a smug smile on my face when I saw that the Times – of all newspapers – was trying to pass the Land Rover off as being Mackeys.

Now you don’t mean to tell me that the Monkee’s at the Times Newspaper were not in possession of other photos at the time. And I really hope you have the sense to see the flaws in their suggestion, such as how the fuck did Mackey drive the motor over Masood’s body.

And that would in turn beg the question as to who the fuck was in the posh car?

Yet like I said right at the beginning, they have to muddy the waters in order to confuse people paying more attention to the narrative than they would like.

You see, the fact of the matter is as I say: every single frame of supposedly “live” film footage is a mixture of real film, spliced and/or overlaid with other pieces of film and either shot at a date far earlier than the 22nd of March 2017 or at a time earlier than 2:40 pm on the 22nd of March 2017 itself.

And as such, to put together the considerable amount of film footage reportedly shown “live” must have taken months and months of painstaking work – a fact that in turn proves that there was no terrorist attack carried out by Mad Masood on the 22nd of March 2017… Albeit there was certainly a virtual reality terrorist attack that day, carried out by the British Government.

I mean obviously for the sake of appearances the Monster Minions would have had to put some kind of show on that day, especially on the bridge and outside the gates of Parliament. But that involved nothing more than parking or moving around half a dozen or so buses, the same number of taxis and police cars, a slightly less number of fire engines and a fleet of ambulances as well as a small number of cars, vans and lorries – not forgetting the air ambulance although that wasn’t necessarily there on the day either – more on that later.

Indeed that number of motors can be reduced further still since many are just overlays or spliced into film footage or are nothing more than CGI… As we have seen already.

As for the exact dates that the various film comes from is of course anyone’s guess although I find the following photo very suspect:

Now I will explain what this photo-  taken in November 2014 – is about in just a moment, but check out the [coincidental] grey people carrier going past the Palace gates and the yellow Duck vehicle.

The photo is however a photoshop:

And neither can that’coincidental’ traffic be ignored.

*The 2016 photos should read 2014

Hmmm, and when you then take into account that Duck motor – one of which is seen either side of the bridge fraud – you have to ask yourself if it is really just coincidence.

Now the article that the photo was taken from comes courtesy of the Chimp – who else:

Gardening staff at the Houses of Commons have been tasked with stripping leaves from the trees on the Parliamentary estate.

Yesterday a woman was seen manually plucking leaves from a ring of some 50 Lime Trees in New Palace Yard at the foot of Big Ben.

House of Commons officials said taking the leaves from the trees was ‘more time efficient’ than allowing them to fall and then picking them up. Source

However, the article is a proper non-news story as the trees were being pleached… Supposedly. Although if they are pleached in November you would have thought that they would be blooming by the end of March.

Nevertheless I would imagine that the photo was taken from a series of photos and therefore could have been used to mock-up the photos supposedly taken on the 22nd of March 2017.

Mind you, the landscape wasn’t the only interesting aspect of the article. You see, it also carried the following photo:

And once again we see an armed plod adding credence to my claim that the Palace Trotters have been armed for years.

PHOTO: The trees certainly do not flower much from the beginning of November to the end of March

Just sayin’.

Now another of those occasions when filming would have been possibly was Saturday the 30th of September 2016 in regard to the action taking place around the Lords car park, Great College Street and Great Peter Street – since the latter was closed to traffic on that date.

Now before I go any further I should also point out that I know from personal experience that some of these ‘diversion signs’ have an arrow that you can spin to point in any direction that you want. However, to make that possible ‘the arrow‘ sits on a metal plate attached to the sign and usually weathers differently to the sign itself.

Moreover, the attached arrows are easy to spot as they are a separate piece to the sign and they most definitely do not spin like the “Twister” game’s command arrow.

But nevertheless, let’s say for arguments sake that the arrow had got moved, be it by accident or on purpose. Would one of the coppers – given all what was going on – really take the time out to put the arrow straight again? After all, it isn’t as if that diversion was going to be used again for the next day or so is it?

And the answer to that is: Of course they wouldn’t.

However, as you will see shortly, workman’s signs were being deliberately moved around on the day and as such, if that diversion sign was originally placed where Parliament Square meets Abingdon Street and later moved up the road to Great College Street, then the sign would make sense because you would need to bear right if Abingdon Street was closed to traffic.

  • Dean Street is actually called Dean Stanley Street

Now once again you have to ask why would they be fucking about with signs on the day in question when there was so much more to worry about?

And as a quick aside, the fella smiling at the camera in the last photo (also see photo below) is another plod/medic/reporter/ actor.

I mean it is a dead cert that Masood was not really shot – no pun intended but I will prove that fact later on – so why would ‘real’ plod and paramedics pretend to be treating someone with bullets in him?

Answer: They wouldn’t and therefore those doing the treating MUST be actors.

And as I have already pointed out more than enough times, the decoy car (Focus or Hyundi?) without a driver, sitting across the carriageway at the junction of Millbank & Great Peter Street was causing a nasty tailback of traffic – least that is what you are meant to think but in reality the car was there to hide the fact that Great Peter Street had already been closed off and was acting as a feed in and out for the Amateur Dramatic’s vehicles.

Course, had the event been real traffic would have been horrendous, but as we know; it wasn’t. And as such the traffic build up is just as fake as the attack its self.

No other roads have been affected by the incident“… Fuck me London must have changed a lot since I was last up there then. I mean it used to be that if someone parked on a double yellow line to nip into a newsagents for a pack of fags, it would cause a 15 minute tailback. Yet these days it appears that closing Central London is only a minor niggle.

And indeed we only need go back to that “live” BBC footage that I referenced earlier in regard to the hybrid plod BMW in order to start working out how fake the traffic really was.

You see, that BBC footage just so happened to also contain a very revealing – albeit unintentionally so – report given by their reporter, Elanor Garnier.

Now that screenshot was purported to be live at 3:31 pm on the day of the fraud… Less than an hour after Mad Masood ‘had been shot’.

Moreover the footage was filmed just before the roundabout on Millbank that houses the MI5 building.

And in the screenshot you can clearly see another diversion sign in the background (red arrowed) which has quite obviously been deliberately taken down and which in fact indicates that the “Road Ahead” is not closed at all – in stark contradiction to the road sign that we saw earlier.

In fact that road sign behind Garnier indicates that Lambeth Bridge is closed… Therefore as the motorists drive down Millbank towards the MI5 building they are informed that the road straight ahead after the roundabout is closed. Yet once they get to the roundabout they are informed that Lambeth bridge is closed and the road straight ahead is actually open!

Therefore – as I just said – you can only conclude that the roadwork signs are deliberately being moved around and/or removed for which there cannot possibly be any rhyme or reason to do so.

Moreover, had the traffic that we see on Millbank been unconnected to the fraud, the signs would have led to even more traffic chaos

Yet when that BBC report showed the roundabout – a few feet behind the cameras – the traffic was clearly flowing normally.

In fact considering that this is one of the busiest areas of London; at 3:32 pm on a Wednesday afternoon the traffic is very light indeed… Especially since Millbank had supposedly been closed to traffic for the best part of an hour by that time.

And in the above screenshot we also see our old mate Ali and the MI5 building to boot. However, the girl in the pink coat and her pals are interesting because they are clearly acting on cue and unsure of what to do:

Course, later on in the day Lambeth Bridge was indeed closed – allegedly.

PHOTO: A plod directs members of the public off Lambeth Bridge

Although I kinda suspect that they are not members of the public in the above photo and indeed the bird with her hair in a bun looks very much like one of the dead victims (Kurt Cochran) relatives.

Just sayin’.

Likewise, the woman stood in the middle of the three ladies photographed on Lambeth Bridge is a paramedic who was still “working” on Westminster Bridge at 4 pm.

In turn I believe that they could be the two women seen in the photos below:

The two women are a bird called Hayley Hodgson and an unidentified copper both of whom are connected to The Cancer Con

Here, have a couple more.

Indeed the Cancer Con is about as low as these Monsters can go and also connects to Charlie Gard & Bradley Lowery… Google them if you don’t know who they are.

There was however a lot of the swapping and changing type of thing going on in the bridge fraud. I mean you know how it is:

One minute you are an armed orifficer arriving at a crime scene… And the next thing that ya know is…

You have turned into a plain clothes orifficer.

With a pig’s ear evidently.

And another example would be the blanket boss nurse.

And I am highly suspicious of the China plod on the far right of the photo and do in fact suspect that he is complicit in identity theft.

After all, the other plod is very photoshopped with his two radio receivers. And so is the sequence of events outside the Palace gates where Me-Old-China is stood.

And now have a careful look at this next batch:

And that is the ONLY possible conclusion.

Mind you, that armed plod who appears in some of those photos above – the fella that looks a cut above the others – is a bit of a poster boy isn’t he.

Indeed you would think that the fella was on a photoshoot rather than working “to keep us safe”.

And I just know that he would say; “damn & blast” rather than; “fuck & bugger“. Indeed he must surely address villains as “chummy” and you just know he will keep a family sized bag of “Callard & Bowser” toffees in his pocket… I like him… He’s a cunt, but a funny cunt… Although not as funny as Bob.

Not that the fact I like him would save him from the gallows if I had my way. I mean it is bad enough that you can do the following with the photos above.

But going for double-bubble is just greedy… And at least Bob just sticks to being Bob.

Nevertheless, returning now to the Garnier ‘live’ report and when the camera swings back round to face her we see the following background.

Which shows that all of the traffic jam on Millbank has completely gone – as have all those hundreds of people spectating – thus revealing all manner of roadworks in progress where that traffic and those spectators were

They certainly kept those roadworks out of sight didn’t they going by what we can see in the screenshot below.

But this is of course another example of how the press cameras can be used to distort the actual reality of things?

Mind you, looking at the temporary barrier erected to separate the traffic on Millbank, I would say that there is some skulduggery going on there too.

Must be those fancy photography lenses again.

Nevertheless, like I keep saying, these videos and photos must have been in production for at least a year and the Minions would have had a fucking nightmare trying to predict the roadworks around Westminster.

Indeed, to back that claim I would say that some filming was going on in May 2016:

PHOTO: Millbank was closed to traffic in May 2016

Indeed that sign looks very familiar.

Course with the traffic build up nowhere near as bad as it was made out to be, it didn’t take long to clear… Especially with the traffic being all of their own making.

And do take note of all the puddles at the kerbside, seen in the screenshots below for future reference.

Course if you think that the spectators did well to hide in that short film then you will think them the hide and fucking seek champions-of-the-world in this next photo batch.

How strange is the change? Especially the lack of spectators. Indeed it makes you wonder how football crowds and suchlike are not dispersed as quickly… And like I say, there were an awful lot of people needed to fuck off in order to vacate the area.

Now, although that information was not majorly important or jaw-droppingly-astonishing it does go to show how the film scenes were being manipulated and people were compliantly herded about – which suggest that they were all actors.

And I shall probably return to those roadworks & signs in due course but for now I want to get back to Robert Nisbet and his fake witness, who was in fact a fella called Alan Parry… And indeed Parry was interviewed about the ‘attack’ by all of the main networks.

However, for those of you who don’t know, Parry is actually a very successful TV & Radio Sports Commentator; meaning that three of our main witnesses thus far – Quentin Crisp Letts,  Bob from RT and Alan Parry – are all media bods.

And i’ll betcha that he is a Freemason too.

Nevertheless we have just seen Nisbet interviewing Parry as they walked passed a ‘Crystal Windows‘ van. And indeed that van was sent packing moments later.

Moreover, the van was sent packing when there will still a load of camera crews about.

Nevertheless, as Nesbit & Parry continued walking and talking it quickly became clear that they were being shadowed by an MI5 bod dressed as Bob the Builder.

And as another quick aside, the tall guy (our front runner and red arrowed in the screenshot below) was later spotted supervising a “witness” interview right the way over at the entrance to St Thomas Hospital on the other side of Westminster Bridge… So much for “lockdown” then!

Or at very best; staged…

But then again – as we have just seen a bit further up and as we are about to see again – these people had work to do.

THE BUS STOP! YOU LEFT THE TEMPORARY BUS STOP ON SHOW YOU TWAT… Quick, go and move it before anyone notices:

I dunno! If its not flowers that they are carting about, its fucking bus-stop signs.

Now, getting back to those poor actors running out of the Palace and the arrowed bird in the screenshot below is also interesting.

You see, I kinda suspect that she is the Doris in the photo below.

PHOTO: American Witnesses to the fraud, Bradford & Joanne Buck

Now strangely enough, the background on that screenshot above is slightly faked for some reason. And in the screenshot below, we see “Brad & Jo”

Giving an interview in the exact same spot.

Cept Jo is dressed different whereas Brad is dressed exactly the same… Jo is also less ginger yet both interviews took place on the same day.

Mind you, good old Slug, Bradford continued to give interviews long after Jo had given up.

PHOTO: Brad gives a solo interview, which appears to have been filmed in front of green-screen

Indeed he was very upset about what he had witnessed whilst giving that interview.

Although he was in fine fettle before he started.

And at other times, Mrs Buck was just content to let her chatter-box – or should that be “chatter bollox” – husband gerron wi’it.

Mind you, Brad also played the part of the French Mayor (seen in the inset photo below) who made himself very busy in the production.

More on that French cunt shortly.

Furthermore, I suspect him and Bradford of also being the father-in-law of dead victim Kurt Cochran.

His name is Dimmon Payne – think on what I said about these actors being allocated unusual names. And of course I will be going into detail about the victims a bit later on.

However, for now let’s get back to Jo Buck.

You see, she was also interviewed over on Millbank, but playing someone totally different.

Indeed she and the short haired Doris with her were telling the interviewer how many bodies they saw on the bridge… Unless Bradford has had a sex change or summat!

Yet if she was being evacuated from parliament, she couldn’t have seen fuck all.

Especially since no one was supposedly allowed to leave there for at least two hours after the event had taken place.

Very strange.

However, those ‘panicked‘ pricks were probably the first to leave since they left within five minutes of the cease fire… Yet they certainly were not the last.

I mean no more than 10 or 15 minutes can have gone by since Masood did his thing when the un-panicked coconuts seen in the screenshots below left the Palace.

Very fishy indeed.

I mean look at the silly cow bawling her eyes out in the above. The minions certainly like to send out mixed messages. That is to say that one minute we are being shown girly-girls with machine guns and the next we are being shown women blubbering like babies out of fear or relief of a situation that is no longer a danger.

Weird! Perhaps she stubbed her toe or summat?

Nevertheless, getting back to Nesbit & Parry’s stroll down Millbank and we last saw the silver coach with its wheels turned to the right.

Therefore, the traffic build up that-never-was could indeed be described as pathetic given normal London traffic and the chaos that would have ensued had the traffic really been at a complete standstill for 20 minutes.

However, as I have already said, Nesbit was definitely filmed in some scenes on Green-screen and I don’t suppose that it was any different for RT’s, Ali and the BBC’s, Elanor Garnier.

And it also has to be said that the BBC’s, Elanor Garnier is the splitting image of the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg…  The bird responsible for that apparently premature tweet that we saw earlier.

PHOTO: The BBC’s Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg… Not to be confused with the BBC reporter, Elanor Garnier

Now Kuenssberg reported “live” for the BBC – as did Garnier – after she and others were prevented from leaving Portcullis House (where most MP’s have their offices) after the event kicked off.

She then reported from another room – in da house – where she told the Beeb that she and others had been relocated to by the Plodathon.

Yet somehow she appeared to have changed her clothes in the period between the two broadcasts… Clever bird.

But like I say, Dodgy Kuenssberg is in all probability the Reporter Garnier too.

Or maybe it is just a case of that old coincidence again… Although Kuenssberg has blatantly had her cheeks widened in the bottom right hand photo.

Nevertheless, getting back to it and it has to be said that in yet another video – allegedly filmed on the day itself – it does indeed show a different set of people up at the MI5 roundabout… No Nesbit or Nisbet or whatever the fucking scumbag’s name is.

No Ali & Bob.

No Elanor Garnier.

In fact no nobody of any real note at all to be honest.

Recognize anyone? No me neither, although it is nice to see the roadworks sign back up even if it appears pointless.

So, getting back to the roadwork signs on display which were definitely being hidden or moved around on the day… Or they simply weren’t there. I mean although the Garnier ‘live’ report was revealing in terms of showing the roadworks, the reality of the situation was still not fully revealed:

Now this is the first time that we have seen that diversion sign pointing out that the on-coming traffic should divert via Great Peter Street – which if that was the case then why was all that built up traffic just sitting there instead of doing as the sign said?

And we do in fact also see that car in the above screenshot in the Garnier report (see below), which was broadcast at 3:31 pm.

Moreover, look how far the fenced off roadworks extend into the road which certainly didn’t appear to be the case earlier on in the day when the traffic was queuing!

Although to be fair it is hard to tell from the available photos because it would appear that filming straight down Millbank from the Abingdon Street end was forbidden. Indeed, the above traffic that we can see (two buses) is photoshopped.

However, the reason for that is the fact that there are so many roadworks going on around Westminster that if I am correct and the Nesbit, Ali, Garnier reports were not filmed on the day, it must have been hard for the producers to predict exactly what roadworks would be where.

And of course that would be why they were added to the video that I showed you a screenshot of earlier.

PHOTO: Bob, Ali, Nisbet have all been added to the background as evidenced by the facial cut line on the fella that I have inset. 

Moreover, we can see in the above screenshot that there is a roadwork sign (red arrowed) which shows that Dean Stanley Street is closed to traffic. And that is why Great Peter Street is acting as a Diversion-Road:

PHOTO: Great Peter Street is signposted as a “diversion” for those wishing to get into Dean Stanley Street which is closed due to the road works.

Now that fact not only indicates that the diversion sign (yellow arrowed in the above) pointing down Abingdon Street has been plonked where it has for effect only (since there is nowhere for Abingdon Street to act as a diversion for), we now also know that the “Road-Ahead-Closed” sign had to have come from the other side of the road because Dean Stanley Street was the only road closed that day before the attack supposedly took place.

Different signs granted, but it would make sense that the one that says “Road Ahead Closed” would have been on the opposite pavement somewhere before Dean Stanley Street in order to give the motorists advanced warning.

Nevertheless you have to ask why Dean Stanley Street was closed to traffic on the 22nd of March 2017.

I mean obviously the great big long fucking barrier stopped traffic heading towards the MI5 roundabout from entering the road, as we have seen.

However, by the 22nd of March 2017, Dean Stanley Street had reopened, although I couldn’t check before because until July 2017, Millbank was only shown on Google Maps as it was back in 2016… However, they are now showing March 2017 which is handy because that is when the terrapin attack took place.

Point proven I believe?

Moreover, as we have already seen those three roadworks signs in the top screenshots differ to what we later saw:

Yet that line-up then changes again:

Doesn’t make sense does it?

And we also know from the official version of events that despite the diversion signs pointing down Great Peter Street, the road on the day was being used as a traffic feed into Millbank for the play-acts traffic and the only motors that were allowed to enter were Terry’s Turbo and the back-up Land Rover.

PHOTO: Despite the diversion signs pointing down Great Peter Street, the road was off limits hence all of the traffic queuing on Millbank had to do a U-Turn… Despite Great Dean Street also being an option in reality.

PHOTO: The Number 3 bus does a U-Turn

Although fuck knows why they were still letting buses down there to stop at the temporary bus-stops by that time.

I mean we have already seen the last lorry to leave from the queuing traffic so why allow the bus down a ‘closed’ road?

Unless of course the bus is for the actors.

Mind you, the fact that Great Peter Street was closed would explain why we do not see the Diversion Signs – seen in the following photos – in others photos such as those featuring Nisbet, Ali & Garnier:

PHOTO: The diversion signs in question

See if you can spot them in the photos below because I am fucked if I can.

However, it wasn’t just that aforementioned day in September 2016 that Great Peter Street was closed off… You see the road was also closed on the 18th of March 2017  – four days before the Masood Mayhem – with all parking suspended


And neither was it just Millbank and Abingdon Street that were subject to roadwork signs all over the shop – which had been bizarrely changed around or ‘accidentally’ knocked over.

Parliament Square for instance.

PHOTO: Broad Sanctuary was also subject to diversions.

And there were certainly cars driving the wrong way round Parliament Square that day… And by cars I mean black taxis.

I told you that the MIT had plenty of taxis didn’t I?

Shall we do the helicopter next?

Yeah, why the fuck not aye.

Now the evidence to suggest that the big red chopper wasn’t there stems from the fact that no one was taken away in it despite the fact that it had arrived at the Palace a good 3 or 4 minutes before the first ambulance did.

And do bear in mind that PC Keith Palmer, Mad Masood and victim Leslie Rhodes who “died” later that night would all have qualified for a ride in the sky, yet all 3 were left on show for as long as possible – and in Palmer’s case even moved around for better viewing – which is of course alien to the medical “golden hour“.

In fact the very unprofessional behaviour of the “medical specialist” helicopter crew also adds credence to the copter not really being there, with the evidence suggesting that the orange-suited medical team were nothing more than actors.

What a lying arse-clinker… Imagine letting yourself be branded a “hero” when you know that you are really an “ear-ole“.

Mind you, I do have to say that I think the Ear’ole Tony Davies could in fact very well be the MP, Kier Starmer:

And make no mistake about it, regardless of whether or not Starmer is Davies, the MP is guilty of aiding and abetting the crime by the number of quotes he gave to the press after the fact.

Moreover, another MP who made himself busy with the fake event is Dr Paul Monaghan.

Yet as if the ‘good doctor turned MP is not Gideon Bean, AKA George Osborne!

Indeed Osborne is a perfect example of exactly how little our MP’s do, what with his other seven extremely high paying jobs… Cunt!

Still, Davies’s summing up of himself in the following screenshot is bang on:

Too fucking right you ain’t Sunshine.

Course, if the Minion wasn’t taking the piss enough he then took part in an interview conducted to the side of Westminster bridge over which a lorry owned by ‘BONDS’ drove passed just as the interviewer was bringing the interview to an end.

And obviously no one half following the Westminster bollox  could failed to have noticed that a BONDS lorry was parked at the Palace end of the bridge throughout the hoax.

Worse still, the Slug interviewing the Slug Davies was dressed up as a member of the public on the bridge when Masood did his thing.

And indeed the interviewer later gave an interview himself describing ‘his ordeal’… They make me fucking sick.

But then again there was a lot of that type of thing going on:

And in saying that I am indeed very suspicious of the Chief-Chimp, Quentin Letts who gave that totally bollox interview, describing what he saw take place – in his own limited imagination – in the Palace courtyard, which set the bollox rolling on the 22nd of March.

You do have to take into account of course, the fact that their faces have been digitally altered for obvious reasons. For example Letts has been made to look younger in the left hand photo below.

Yet the ear is a pretty good give-a-way.

Nevertheless, getting back to that Lorry on the bridge and the inference (BONDS – James Bond’s) is obvious but quite why they parked the lorry up at such a dramatic angle is anybody’s guess.

In fact when you look at the footage of Masood’s motor crossing the bridge you can clearly see that nothing to do with the lorry is kosher.

And now we need to go to the other end of the bridge. However, before we do I will just state the bleedin’ obvious by saying that in the last photo, the bridge jumper, CGI Andreeeea has just hit the water and the Bonds lorry has not resurfaced after spending so long hidden by the bus.

Nevertheless, even after the ambulance van turned up the “hero” Copter-Crew did fuck all… Almost like they hadn’t a fucking clue what too do really.

Yet there must have been two big choppers because there appeared to be a totally different air ambulance crew over on the bridge.

Although the Palace copter-crew did make a half-hearted attempt to mosey on up to Westminster Bridge.

They did in fact do so at 3:18 PM – very nearly half an hour after Mad Masood had set of on his 82 second moment of mayhem.

Now the helicopter [allegedly] landed on Parliament Square at 2:52 PM but after studying the ‘arrival‘ carefully I am not altogether sure that the air ambulance didn’t actually leave at that time.

Furthermore there was also a delay of two minutes between the helicopter landing and the 3 man crew walking through the Palace gates, That meant that the trio spent 24 minutes with Palmer & Masood in which time they did fuck all, before wandering off to do some gawping – and fuck all else – on the bridge.

So, what we now need to do is correlate the various pieces of evidence relating to the helicopter and the crew and see if it all marry’s up.

Now to start with we have yet another Twitter enigma. You see according to ‘Buzz-Feed‘ Political Editor, Jim Waterson’s Twitter feed, the helicopter landed at 10:54 AM.

Now that time is 4 hours out so I don’t know what time zone Waterson’s Twitter is following. However, I got Waterson’s information via ‘The Journal’ – an Irish publication, I believe – which had published a timeline of the events and also included other Tweet’s such as the one below from some twank called George Freeman, pushing the brave-plod-bollox:

Which is as you can see; in English time (GMT).

Nevertheless, Waterson’s footage of the air ambulance reportedly landing does in fact cast a huge doubt over the claim and indeed looks to me as if the helicopter is actually leaving.

Now the air ambulance actually has two pilots and immediately before take-off one of them stands in front of the helicopter and gives the thumbs up before climbing aboard… Kinda like you see in the last photo in fact.

Okay, now take a look at this short video clip that I filmed from another video in case it goes AWOL in the future, showing the helicopter supposedly having just landed.

But before you do I will point out that I held my camera steady and as such the jumping about that you will see is courtesy of the mush who originally filmed it.

Now the question is: Are the rotors getting faster or slowing down – although I appreciate that it isn’t easy to tell?

And then there is the following video that I took which was originally filmed at 2:55 pm – two to three minutes after the helicopter had landed.

Nevertheless, to be fair – which I always am – there are a couple of photos that I have that have had the photo information left on them which would appear to back up the official version in this matter.

So let’s analyze what we can see in the photo using common sense and logic, although that goes straight out of the window since the fly-boyz are walking in the wrong direction.

Nevertheless, first of all we can see that the rotors are still turning which obviously they always continue to do on helicopters for a few moments once the engine has been cut.

However, the helicopter landed at 2:52 PM and the photo was taken at 2:54 PM so you would have thought that they would have stopped spinning by then.

Secondly, there is no urgency about the trio of doctors whatsoever… Not that they look like highly trained doctors. However, I know better than most that you can’t judge a book by its cover so we will assume that the trio are highly trained medicine men.

Mind you, according to Wikipedia there is usually only two medical men and two pilots:

 The crew usually consists of one advanced trauma doctor, one advanced trauma paramedic and two pilots. There is occasionally an observer, who is a doctor or paramedic in training.

So we will assume that the 3rd medic is an observer, which means that we are now only a pilot short.

Nevertheless, since the trio are the first to arrive – as in the first ambulance did not arrive for at least another minute (see photo below) – you would have thought that they would have got a wiggle on.

I mean surely it cannot have taken two minutes to grab their bags?

And like I say, there is the fact that they are walking in the wrong direction… In other words, the Palace gates are to their immediate left.

Then you have to wonder what the fuck the pilot is giving the trio the old ‘thumbs -up‘ for? After all, he has just flown them there hasn’t he… Hasn’t he?

Indeed, that ‘thumbs up’ is what the co-pilot does before take off.

Moreover, none of the three are taking a blind bit of notice of his gesture of good will… Almost like he isn’t even really there.

And if we look closer still, we can indeed see that some skulduggery is taking place.

Indeed there is a midget in the background – most likely a plod midget.

Now I base the midget theory on the fact that the iron railing fence can’t be more than 5 foot high.

And neither is that midget plod the only one.

Although the midget in the above is not as midget as the one in the other photo.

Course there was indeed one hell of a crowd who witnessed the air ambulance land (see below) and who knows, there may have been a circus nearby with a specialist midget act.

Nevertheless, the time in the above photo would be 2:52 PM yet the plod are taking no notice of those spectators whatsoever, whereas 8 minutes earlier we saw the “runners” sprinting up Abingdon Street from Parliament Square and PC Gob-Shite randomly shouting at people to either “RUN RUN” or “Get Down. Get Down” despite those people being twice as far from the danger zone as the helicopter spectators.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

Neither does the fact that the two coppers turned into one!

Good that innit?

Even better when you realize that the plod in the last photo is a totally different plod to the other two.

He only has a short jacket on whereas the other two were wearing tunics.

Yet neither are the two coppers that I have arrowed in the photo below any of the above three.

You see one of those has a baseball type hat on and the other has a peak cap on whereas the other three are all wearing wooden-tops.

Indeed those two will be the two we see below.

Weird or what?

Especially when you consider that in other photos there are no coppers there at all.

But all the same, before I go any further with the copter malarkey we now need to meet Captain Michael Croft – “hero” associate of “hero” Tony ‘no shoes’ Davis :

Two war veterans were first on the scene to try and save the murdered police officer Keith Palmer after he was stabbed in the Parliament attack.

Former Staff Sgt Tony Davis and Captain Mike Crofts rushed to injured policeman and administered combat first aid, applying dressings and pressure to several of his wounds. 

Friends of the former servicemen told the Telegraph they had “fought desperately” to save the married father and were “devastated” by his death.

The two men were leaving a parliamentary meeting on boxing when they saw the suspect stab the policeman before he was shot. 

A friend of the former servicemen told the Telegraph: “They were first on the scene and shouted for a medic, but soon realised they were probably the best trained there and didn’t flinch. 

“They demanded an air ambulance which arrived shortly after, but they are both just terribly sad they couldn’t save him. They would like to say how courageous and dedicated the police were.


They demanded an air ambulance“, indeed… And when it got there the crew did fuck all and didn’t even take anyone away… But ignore me. Carry on The Telegraph:

“They tried desperately hard to save him. He was surrounded by friends and colleagues who loved and fought desperately for him; everyone was devastated by the death.”

Captain Crofts, 31, is from Cambridge and served twice in Afghanistan with the Royal Tank Regiment. 

Sgt Davis, 42, from Darlington, served in Northern Ireland for 5 years and in Bosnia for the PT Corps and Fusiliers. Source

In other words, Captain Croft was acting on his own initiative, in the same way that Tony the Toad was. Indeed, both were very lucky to have not been shot dead since the armed plod wouldn’t have known them from Adam.

And of course, apart from on this occasion and other government sponsored hoaxes, the plod would 100 percent of the time tell all members of the public to “fuck off” whilst they got on with their jobs.

Yet Lofty Crofty & Co were special. In fact Lofty Crofty was specifically allocated the job of welcoming the air ambulance crew… Imagine that? There are more coppers milling about than Pigs in an abattoir, yet Lofty Crofty is singled out to go and bring the medical fly-boys into the Palace!

Are you having that?

Fuck knows where they are all going but the Palace is parallel to the square. It is also rather convenient that the pilot is the coppers Siamese Twin and having gone to meet the crew, Lofty moves away before they even shake hands… Total, total bollox in other words.

However, there are a few things to point out that went on before the trio of medics left the Palace – much of which can be gleaned from the following photo.

You see what is going on here is the MP Toby Fudd has just had his fix of “Spice” which he probably got off the two fly-boys in the top left hand corner who are both already well ‘out of it‘ on the ‘legal high‘.

Meantime, in the bottom left corner we see number 3 fly-boy rushing over to tell a trio of coppers (who are out of sight of the camera) that it is okay to take “Spice” because it is a legal high… Least that is what he is probably going to tell them.

We also see the copter pilot in the photo and in doing so we solve the mystery of who nicked dead PC Keith Palmer’s fluorescent coat.

And to the right of the photo we see Boxer-Boy Davies and Lofty Crofty who are probably considering leaving the scene in disgust at this point… Especially with the cry-baby copper having to be led away by an older, more seasoned actor copper.

That all brings us nicely to the photo below.

And in this photo we can see that the two drugged-up fly-boys and the MP Elmer Fudd are having a proper drug-rush with the old “Spice”… Which wasn’t named after the aftershave.

Meantime, the older, more wisened copper continues to lead the cry-baby-buntin bird copper away to where she can embarrass some other coppers… Probably.

And in the interim, it is quite obvious that Boxer-Boy-Davies & Lofty Crofty are still in two minds whether to leave or not… Very indecisive are these hero types, don’t cha know.

We then go to the photo below:

And in this photo we can see Masood being put into the ambulance the wrong way. Note that he is laying on a white sheet and he isn’t covered by a blanket or anything.

We also see number 3 fly-boy explaining to the trio of coppers that “Spice” is legal and since the other two fly-boys and Elmer Fudd have all got over the ‘drug-rush‘ that should be the end of the matter. As for their part, Elmer Fudd and the two fly-by-nights have now been joined by the elusive second copter pilot who – as it happens – turns out to be the U2 guitarist, The Edge… Bono must have a cold or something because The Edge and the groups lead singer always turn up at these hoaxes together.

We also see Lofty-Crofty preparing to leave by putting on his jacket and the sniveling bird-plod still being led away in tears by the older, more wisened plod… However, somehow – although fuck knows how – the pair of frauds have taken a step or two backwards, having now jumped over to be beside the ambulance… That’s majik.

Course, all of that would be kind of okay cept Lofty Crofty didn’t bring a jacket… I wonder if the Copter-Pilot nicked it for him?

Mind you, Lofty Crofty soon realizes his mistake and feeling like a proper cunt, he walks back to Palmer’s pretend body acting like the embarrassing episode never happened.

Lofty Crofty then waits a suitable time for the magical cry-baby-girly-plod to be led away out of sight by her equally magical, older colleague

After which the jacketless, Lofty Crofty then collars Boxer-Boy Davies and persuades his fellow ‘hero’ to leave the scene with him… Which Davies is reluctant to do. (see below).

And in the above photo you can also see that having realized their mistake, the paramedics have now taken the stretcher off the ambulance lift in order to turn the trolley round the right way. Yet they are being prevented from doing so because Mad Masood has nipped off for a fag or something.

This action – or more accurately inaction – would supposedly be taking place just before 3:10pm because that is when the second wave of riot coppers entered the yard… Half a fucking hour too late.

Course I wasn’t surprised to learn that Croft is with the University of Exeter… As are Jane Tanner and Dr Russell O’Brien who are of course two of the so called “Tapas 7“, who feature heavily in the Madeleine McCann fairy tale… And there is plenty to be read about the Tapas 7 in my next major release: “Book-Ends Part 1.

Therefore you can betcha life that you will hear a lot more of Lofty Crofty in the coming years – what with him having already made it known that he is interested in entering into politics… Just sayin’.

Now after the trio of medics left the Palace at 3:18 pm, they still did no life saving… They did however do a lot of posing.

And the following photo shows the trio still well within the Palace gates at 3:19pm.

And this next one shows the fly-boys walking towards the Palace gates at 3:20pm.

Remember, we are not talking Joe Average’s wristwatch here and as such these inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the timeline need explaining… Mind you, that photo of the fly-boys walking towards the corner of Bridge Street at 3:18 has now been withdrawn from the internet and indeed the reason that it is blurry is because I had to blow it up from a preview picture.

And again you will notice that by the time the trio had left the Palace, all of the traffic had been cleared… But had it – at least where this photo is concerned.

I mean at first glance that appears to be the case with the crowd having been hauled further back up Whitehall. However, when you follow the white lining across to the central reservation where that other terrapin with the open bag full of knives was arrested and then take into account the narrow width of Bridge Street (the road Masood crashed his motor on) in the photo you quickly realise that it is fake.

Nevertheless, at least the fly-boyz were now showing willing.

Although fuck knows what they were hoping to achieve because at that point every other Tom, Dick & Harry from coppers to paramedics had already been to have a butchers at the casualties… Although quite why there were any left laying to look at by that time is beyond me and certainly beyond a fucking joke.

Nevertheless, in the above we see “the Edge” taking part in a photo-shoot completely different to the screen-shot above it.

And the fly-boyz were only there for a minute; after which they retreated for a chat – them fly-boys do love a chat.

However, I think that they must have been saying their goodbyes to the ‘pilots’ because the helicopter left at 3:40pm or there abouts, inexplicably leaving the fly-boys behind.

We can clearly see the helicopter warming up in the above photo.

Now this is also interesting and not just because the helicopter took off without the fly-boys.

You see, if you look to the top left corner of the above photo you will see a police van parked on Parliament Square, blocking traffic entering the square from Broad Sanctuary. You will also notice that the time is 3:40pm.

So now have a butchers at the screenshot below.

And straight away you should notice the big red bus sat on Broad Sanctuary with a lorry behind it, just 6 minutes prior to the helicopter taking off.

In fact the bus had been there right from when the helicopter first landed.

Indeed the van is the transit that came down the road behind the plod Focus, thus clearing up another mystery.

And the following is the same van taken from the opposite side of Broad Santuary.

Nevertheless, what I wanna know is why that red bus was prevented from travelling on its journey.

After all the plod-transit would have been sitting there since 2:47 pm at the latest after coming down Abingdon Street (for the second time)… Aren’t you glad now that we spent all that time counting cars?

Of course you fucking are.

Course, I suppose that the bus driver didn’t like to move for fear of upsetting the coppers who have used the bus to tie their crime-scene tape to.

Very strange.

Now have a butchers at the screenshots below.

Therefore, that last screenshot shows what the traffic was like in Parliament Square just two minutes maximum before that Plod Transit blocked off Broad Sanctuary. And by the same token the first screenshot shows how heavy traffic was on Broad Sanctuary at the time.

We then go to 2:52pm where we see the helicopter landing.

And amazingly there seems to be no traffic behind the red bus in the distance which would indeed indicate that traffic has now been stopped from coming onto Parliament Square courtesy of the abandoned car parked across the road at the junction of Millbank and Great Peter Street and the plod transit parked across the junction at Broad Sanctuary.

Although for some strange reason, for which I have no answer, the helicopter is shown in the following photo as still not having landed at 2:53pm.

However, we will ignore that fact and instead take a look at the following screen-shot.

And here we see the red bus in the distance and the Yellow Duck transport thing, which shows that the traffic hasn’t moved in the minute or so that the helicopter took to land… And don’t forget that we had black taxis at this time driving the wrong way around the one-way-system in operation on Parliament Square.

Course, for reasons known only to the bus driver, that red bus appears to have stayed put whilst the yellow-duck-do carried on although I suppose that could be because of the traffic lights.

Although the helicopter did land in that period of time.

Nevertheless, that does not answer the question as to why the red bus blocked from entering Parliament Square by the plod transit was not allowed to travel on since it appears to have [quite inexplicably] been the last vehicle in the queue coming down Broad Sanctuary and did in fact remain there until 3:34 pm at the earliest.


Of course you fucking do.

Which makes the next photo all the more confusing.

Now I don’t need to tell you that there are three more buses behind our bus and lorry in the above.

Moreover, we know that the fly-boys left the Palace as Masood was being lifted into the ambulance the correct way round:

It was a bad day all round to be fair.

However, since we can see the doctor shutting the ambulance door in the photo below the time has to be around 3:20pm.

Which then makes the fact that there are so many people stood over by the blocked in bus extremely strange.

And as you can clearly see – or not as the case may be in this instance – there are that many people present that they are actually blocking the slip road leading into Broad Sanctuary and over-spilling onto the pavement on the other side, although for some reason the minions have tried to hide the fact… Now why the fuck would they do that?

Therefore, as far as I can see there are nearly as many people there as when the helicopter landed.

And the number 88 bus and lorry behind it certainly didn’t move to let those three other buses go and as such they must have turned around and found another route… So why didn’t the number 88 do the same?

Moreover, in between the half hour that the copter landed at 2:52pm and the time we see the number 88 bus with three other buses behind it at around 3:20pm, the spectators must have gone away and then come back again!

But that isn’t the half of it. You see, as we have seen above (and shown again below) the large crowd of spectators were back by 3:20pm.

In fact I can be more precise still and tell you that the above photo was taken at 3:22pm. That information comes courtesy of the following photo:

Yet at 3:26 pm the crowds were all gone again!

And as we have already seen – but I will repeat so as we are in sequence, the plod transit, registration number: BV 16 UXW, with a 3 digit code of: CLL remained in place blocking the number 88 bus until at least 3:34pm.

But the bus had gone by 3:40pm, when the helicopter readied itself for take off:

Yet despite the many photos and videos that I posses and that I have seen, at no time did I see the bus leave… Or the fire engine on the far left side arrive for that matter.

In other words, that fire engine proper sneaked in and the bus proper sneaked out.

Nevertheless, despite an hour having already passed in the photo above since Masood did his thing – meaning that there should be no casualties left to attend to – check out the ever increasing number of Emergency Service Vehicles later spilling into the square and beyond in the photos below.

So, simply put: Our government not only unleashed a false flag attack on its own people but it charged them millions of pounds to do so… Are you angry yet?

You fucking will be soon.

Now I did try and work out if the helicopter was in the same place as it supposedly landed but the clever way that it was photographed meant that the results were inconclusive.

However, you just know that when lamp posts start appearing in the road that things are far from being all above board.

Indeed it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Now after the copter had fucked off without them, the fly-boys took a wander on up to the bridge… Although an hour had now passed since Masood allegedly did his thing, so fuck knows what they were hoping to find.

Oh my mistake. It would seem that there is still quite a lot to do… Least there would be if the above photo wasn’t a fake.

Just like this one in fact.

You see, there really was fuck all to do by that time (see photo below)… And rightly so too.

After all, that area had already been done to death.

Are they firemen in the above photo? I mean there were a lot of fire engines on show. But they were indeed only for show since they were not needed at all.

In fact the above photoshopped picture could have had those firemen in the photo above this one incorporated into it… And as you can see, the fly-boys were only carrying their bags and rucksacks to sit on.

Although I will also tell you now before I forget that the other three stretchers seen in the third to last photo belong to a South East Asian and two plod… That is to say that those three are occupying the trolleys, they don’t actually own them.

In fact that is one of the plod being wheeled away in the last screenshot (red arrowed).

However, below is a cropped down version of the 2nd from last screenshot from the above batch which shows a mush that I have circled in yellow.

You see, that fella who as you can see is closely keeping an eye on things is MI5 and indeed a veteran hoaxer… In fact he once played the fake terrapin, Stewart Nightingale

A man who phoned a superstore threatening to blow it up with a bomb he said he’d left in a bag was today jailed for five years.

43-year-old Stewart Nightingale from Great Yarmouth made the call to Tesco in March 2015. Source

Which kinda makes sense since the only terrorists that are a threat to us are our government.

PHOTO: The MI5 Mush and his alter ego, Stewart Nightingale

Nevertheless, did the paramedics put wheelchair-man in the vacant ambulance?

Did they fuck!

After all, these frauds are all about people scaring and as such there isn’t actually fuck all wrong with him… Apart from the fact that he nicked Boxer Boy Davies’ trainers.

Course this fake victim is our old friend Francisco Lopes, the Portuguese fraud who had to have “surgery” on his knee and who doubles up as a copper.

Indeed, if we follow the ‘official‘ version of events then Lopes must have been lying in “agony” for well over an hour.

However, as I say the paramedics didn’t bother putting their colleague, Lopes in an ambulance; they just took him on a further walkabout for the cameras.

But just so as you fully understand how fucking ridiculous this is, what follows is a recap:


Indeed that area where the fly-boys and Lopes had there photo-shoot on the bridge seems to have been the place for a lot of posing by victims. However, before I discuss those ‘victims’ further, we need to finish off the helicopter charade… Here have a butchers at these photoshopped snappy snapz:

And of course the fly-boy who later got all the publicity – a Dr Tony Joy apparently – did indeed also find time to give the press an interview or two – the “hero“… And all the way down by the bottom of Millbank to boot.

Indeed the interview was ‘live’ and took place the following morning (23/3/17).

Therefore we have a case of the ‘good’ doctor getting up at the crack of dawn, dressing up in his fly-boy suit (just so as the viewer knows that the doctor is a fly-boy) in order to give an interview next to the MI5 offices so as he can be lauded as a hero!

Very professional and doctor like, I mustn’t say.

Course, we shouldn’t expect any better from the likes of Dr Joy and his colleagues – what with them all being Masons and what have you.

Just sayin’… Although none of those three look anything like our trio of fly-boys.

Mind you, I have looked at a lot of film footage of the London air ambulance & crew whilst researching for this exposé and strangely I could not find any footage at all featuring any of the three ‘flying-doctors.

Then again, the London air-ambulance has a large staff. In fact they are all pictured below in a photo taken in February 2017… One month before this old bollox took place.

See anyone you recognize? No me neither.

However, I did not for one minute believe that our hero Fly-Boy – or the other copter crew with him – was who he claims to be although you may disagree… Which would give us a Joy Division… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ‘a Joy-Division.

I really do not know how I think these things up… ‘Joy Division’… Fuckin’ crackerjack.

Nevertheless, hero Joy does share an ear with ear’ole Davies, although I must stress that I am not saying that the pair of earoles are one and the same.

But then again, do bear in mind that everyone’s ears are unique and when all is said and done we are dealing with very devious nonces when it comes to the Monster-Minions.

However, I am saying that Joy the Jelly is Sky News reporter, Mark White… Or at the very least a clone.

And of course White the Black was very instrumental in furthering the fake event. In fact he was the first person that Sky News went to in their *aherm, aherm, “live broadcast”.

I should also point out for those not familiar with my work, that when I propose someone as also being somebody else such as Tony Joy and Mark White I also allow for the possibility of them being clones or having the same parents.

You see experiments in cloning first started in the second half of the 19th century and it is thought that human cloning has been possible since the 1940’s despite the experimentation being highly unlawful… Not that such trivialities would ever stop the elite.

Moreover, and as I just stated, I also allow for the possibility of the same parentage. Not that the likes of Joy & White would ever be aware that they were siblings.

You see, the MK Ultra program – despite the fact that it was supposedly ordered to cease in the early 1970’s yet continues to this day – allegedly keeps captive women specifically for the purpose of breeding by the ‘elites’. Also see HERE

So if Mark White, Robert Nesbit, Laura Kuenssberg and Eisa Ali are all dodgy reporters then it makes sense that those reporting on the day are in all likelihood also dodgy as fuck… I mean it doesn’t take a genius to realize that nothing in this fake attack is as it appears to be.

Therefore I would guess that the following BBC reporter is also a fraud.

Now I didn’t catch his name and I couldn’t be arsed to look it up because I could tell he was a fake just by his mouth… Or more accurately his teeth & bottom lip. Or put another way, the voice coming from this fella wasn’t his own – he was being spoken for.

Interestingly enough I first became aware of this technology when I was researching for my Princess Diana trilogy although at the time I didn’t realise what was going on i.e. the people speaking on my screen were not really speaking at all.

Now I am referring to a BBC Panorama documentary made two weeks after the ‘death’ of the non-existent, Princess Diana.

And what I did notice is that they all – as in top-Pap, Romuald Rat, bodyguard Kes Wingfield & three or four others – had the same set of bottom teeth in the documentary.

Despite that not really being the case.

So, having determined that fact, it is fair to say that I hadn’t a fucking scooby-doo what was going on and as such I watched the video over and over again and it finally dawned on me that they were not really talking. Course, once I realized that fact it became easy to spot, but when you aren’t looking you really do not see anything suspicious taking place.

Mind you, after I cottoned on to the video not being kosher, I just put the fact down to overlays being added over the top of their bottom jaws which of course would be hard enough to do these days within a two week period let alone back in 1997.

However, what is going on in the video is something called Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment.

And twenty years after Diana’s faked death this sinister technology was made public to us, which is a consistent timeline with what we know about the elites having access to modern gadgetry at least a quarter of a century before we get to know about it.


Now I call this mind-blowing technology, “sinister” because being a victim of police and security service harassment myself I was quick to latch onto how Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment could easily be used to stitch people up.

More alarmingly still, this wizardry which literally puts words into people’s mouths is at least 25 years old so I dread to think how advanced it has become now.


You can witness this jaw dropping feat of technology for yourself in a 7 minute YouTube video found HERE

And after you have watched that you can watch the video below to gain an even greater understanding of what is possible.

Serious shit that!

And the point of me bringing that technology up is so as you can understand how the aforementioned BBC reporter could also easily be the French Mayor, Andrei Fidelin – whom I maintained earlier on is also the Witness Bradford City Buck… Andrei Fidelin… Hmmm, there is a definite clue in the surname.

Now I will tell you what Fiddlin’ Fidelin’s role in this government production is in two shakes of a monkey’s doodah, but first we need to Go Compare:

And I best point out that the Beeb’s reporters face has been digitally ‘ironed’ although it does get rather tiresome having to explain every last detail in order to stop those of you unable to work out the slightest little thing for themselves piping up with something along the lines of: “the Beeb reporter is younger” or some equally nonsensical old bollox.

Course half the time those donuts are government paid nonce-trolls who smugly think that I don’t know who they are… Urgh, they make my fucking skin crawl.

Nevertheless, Mayor Fidelin popped up ont’teles up and down the country after it was announced that 3 pupils over here on a school trip had been hurt on the bridge during the course of Masood’s-Mental-Motor-mayhem.

Moreover, the school in a French City (with a French-name-other-than-Paris) was apparently only just recovering from the traumatic loss of another of their former pupils who was killed in the Bataclan club during the course of the fake November 2015 Paris terrapin bollocks:

Talk about laying it on fucking thick!

I mean it isn’t as if any pupils at St Jo’s are going to remember ‘Estelle‘ since she would have left before anyone currently attending the school had started there for fucks sake… Not that the 2015 Pathetic Paris Propaganda was anymore real than the Westminster bollox.

Indeed perhaps our Transvestite Prime Mincer could show us some photos of these three pupils – Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, or whatever the fuck the nonentities are supposed to be called – because I am fucked if I can find photos of them in any reports. Certainly none come up in Google Images!

But all the same, you can read the rest of the vomit inducing article by clicking HERE if you want a cringe inducing giggle.

Needless to say then that – like all fake attacks – the minions make it all about the children… Indeed these fake terrapin attacks have to have a mention of how any ankle-biters within a 30 mile radius of the latest old bollox are lucky to survive. In fact I am quite fucking surprised that no one has lost a fucking leg in this latest production.

Still, give it time, give it time.

Nevertheless, to prove my point have a read of this next lot of Chimp shite:

And here we have another case of the newspapers subliminally telling you what to see rather than what is really there. I mean take that photo caption “Children from Holy Family School, in Birmingham, were pictured on Westminster Bridge just moments before the attack“… Scary shit. Yet if you raise your eyes 6 inches you can clearly see the Biggus-Bennus has the time at 1:50pm.

Or put another way, the kids – and it has to be said that there are not many of them for a school outing – are seen posing for photographs on Westminster Bridge 50 minutes before Mad Masood did his thing… Not that he did his thing fast enough to statistically kill a child, although that is irrelevant.

However, what is relevant is the fact that 50 minutes does not equate to being “moments before the attack” and as such the article is not news worthy of an international newspaper and indeed has only been written to sensationalise the old bollox.

And of course, if the old bollox was true, then it would need no sensationalising… Not that the Monkey-Boyz were done with the sensationalising yet. You see, as if in some way to confirm the danger that the school children were [not] in, the Chimp then added another photo of the children stood outside the railings of Buckingham Palace!

The mind fucking boggles at the relevance, but there ya go. Mind you I am sure that some of those children in the above photo are making Masonic hand signals.

However, it would seem that this was another of those tall tales that was “improved” upon since the children somehow became those caught up in the “lockdown” of Parliament… But it was okay because they were with the schools constituency MP, the Right Corrupted Jess Phillips:

An MP has written to school children trapped in the Houses of Parliament during the terror attack to thank them for “being brilliant”.

Jess Phillips told the primary pupils she was “proud” to be their MP in the letter she hand-delivered to the school in her Birmingham constituency.

The children from Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Small Heath had been on a trip to Westminster when the attacker struck outside the Palace of Westminster.

They were stuck inside for several hours while police secured the building and then led them to safety.

In her letter, Ms Phillips praised the children for lifting the spirits of politicians by waving at them, and said a number of MPs had been impressed by their calm and good behaviour.

She wrote: “I wanted to write to each one of you who were caught up in the incidents in Parliament yesterday.

“To say that I was proud to be your Member of Parliament would be an understatement. Each of you were so calm, so well behaved and so good natured in a situation that could have been very difficult.

“So many members of Parliament approached me throughout the day and after the incident to ask me to pass on their praise and thoughts to you and your classmates. They were all so impressed by how well you behaved and how good spirited you were.

“The sight of your waving at us and smiling at us while we were worried made us all feel better and helped us to remember the reasons why we go to the House of Commons to defend and care for people just like you.

“As representatives of our area and as representatives of your school you did a great job under difficult circumstances.

“You are a credit to Birmingham and to your school. Thank you for being brilliant, I’m sure your parents and your teachers are very very proud just as I am.” Source

Signing those letters will have been the most work Phillips has done this year then.

Yet it is strange that the Chimp didn’t mention the “lockdown” despite them having access to those tourist-like photos of the children sightseeing.

However, having now looked at the schools website I gather that the school is a Roman Catholic Primary with 210 children and 32 staff.

The schools head-teacher (whatever happened to headmasters?) is a Mr P Foley and his Deputy is a Mrs P King – the latter being on the trip to Westminster.

And Mr Foley says the following in his introduction on the school’s website

Indeed it would seem that the HFCS have even just bagged themselves a new priest:

So, quite obviously the catholic religion plays a big part in the day to day running of the school… A fact that is reinforced by the following:

Yet I couldn’t help but choke on the scotch-egg I was eating when I read the following:

And whilst I don’t subscribe to any religion surely Catholics and Muslims believe in a different god to each other? However, as far as I am concerned religion is an evil control system based upon the teachings of an invisible man in the sky who good, well balanced people believe “really exists”, yet it is those same bright-sparks who brand the likes of myself as being crazy conspiracy theorists.

Nevertheless, it would appear that the excursion to Westminster on the 22nd of March 2017 wasn’t a school trip as such.

You see, according to the schools head-teacher, Mr Foley the trip was for the school council to specifically visit the Houses of Parliament:

The School-Council is apparently made up of a boy and a girl pupil from each class between year 2 and year 6 (inclusive) meaning that there are 10 children on the School Council (5 boys and 5 girls made up of two 7 yr olds, two 8 yr olds, two 9 yr olds etc, etc)… And I’ll bet those two 7 year old’s bring some major input into the school council meetings.

Yet none of them have good catholic names.

Nevertheless, there were only 8 children present – so two mustn’t have been allowed to go – and those 8 were in the care of the schools Mrs King and Mrs Lloyd.

Therefore, the Chimps article is at best inaccurate and confusing. And I will also remind you that the article stated:

The pupils had been sightseeing in London and they had visited tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Headteacher Peter Foley said: ‘All the children on the school trip are safe and their parents have been informed of the situation. 

‘The deputy head teacher is with the children and is providing me with regular updates.’ Source

Doesn’t make sense does it? Especially when, as I say the Chimp published the photos taken on the trip and quite obviously contacted the head-teacher.

Indeed those two photos – not quite sure why there is only two – were also published on the school website.

The arrowed girl is quite obviously Humeira???

And five days after their ordeal the school also received a letter from the Warrington MP, Helen Jones.

Fuck me, there was only 8 of them which works out at 4 kids per teacher and they are all allegedly on the school council and as such they are not your average Dennis the Menace.

Mind you I am not sure why the “Helen Jones MP”  at the top of the letter looks fake as fuck but Ms Jones was certainly pushing the rhetoric of the day via Twitter:

I don’t know about you but reading them tweets makes me want to gag.

As do Jones’ affiliations.

Nevertheless when they did let the children out of parliament they made the poor little souls walk all the way to the MI5 roundabout on Millbank.

What a lot of children visit parliament in a day… And all primary school age too.

Still, there was no reason that the children had to walk all that way. After all the time would be about 16:45 – 17:00 pm, with the road clear of traffic and as such there was no reason whatsoever that the children’s coaches couldn’t have driven right up to the Lords car park.

Okay, let’s now do the victims proper.

And according to Wikipedia – who are usually very quick to update their pages – come the 18th of May 2017 the attack had left 6 people dead (including Mad Masood) and 49 injured.

Yet the nationalities of 18 are still unknown!

Wikipedia also states that:

A dozen people received serious injuries, some described as “catastrophic“, and eight others were treated for less serious injuries at the scene.

In other words, 6 were killed, 12 had serious injuries and 8 had treatment on site bringing the total to 26. So what happened to the other 29 “victims”?

I will tell you what happened to them… Absolutely fuck all because they didn’t exist. No one was killed or hurt in the play-act. It was all just total bollox.

Yet it is really hard to know where the Minions came up with those numbers from when you look at the earlier newspaper reports:

I mean the above photo is pretty concise in details of the ‘victims’ and what have you, yet there are only eight references to the dead and injured although Palmer, Masood and Leslie Rhodes are not included. But even when you add those three to the total that still only brings the number killed and hurt up to eleven – which is a hell of a difference to Wikipedia’s fifty five!

Yet as it stood, two and a quarter hours AFTER the 82 second nonsense supposedly took place, the Ambulance Service let it be known that they had treated 10 people… That is TEN PEOPLE, as confirmed one hundred and thirty five minutes after the fact.

So are we now supposed to believe that they found another 45 injured and dead people after that? Remember, we are talking about the Ambulance Service here, not a confused eye witness.

Now I have already proved that Masood couldn’t have been doing more than 20 MPH, but the fact is he could not have driven along the pavement – as was originally reported – because of sign posts and what not.

PHOTO: The top photo shows an early report detailing how Masood drove along the pavement. . The photo directly above shows how it would have been impossible to do so.

Therefore the Minions changed their story to Masood zig-zagging on and off the pavement, but that made no sense either because he would not have been able to control the motor at speed and his tires would have been burst.

So when that thought sunk in, the Minions changed the game plan again and came up with the following.

Yep, it would now seem that Mad Masood’s motor did not mount the pavement until it was at least half way across the bridge… Which then begs the question as to how the fuck the Cochrans over here on holiday from America to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary came to be hit.

Yet that fact later changed to Masood not mounting the pavement until near the end of the bridge!

In fact this new point of first contact for the Hyundai 4×4 couldn’t have been made clearer than when the fake ‘follow up’ attack happened a month later… I am of course talking about the fake terrapin with all the knives in his open sack. See HERE

You see, whilst trying to make that old bollox sound credible the Minions had the newspapers add the following photo.

Check out what is written in the photo where I have arrowed.

Yet that is just another example of how the Minions quietly change history.

And don’t go thinking that the newspapers have simply made a mistake. Not even the incompetents at the Chimp make those kind of mistakes.

So let’s look at the Cochrans.

Now straight away we see the usual OTT circumstances that always surround those killed in false flags… I mean how bad can it fucking get? A holiday to celebrate 25 years of happy marriage and on the very last day the husband is killed.

What a crock of horseshit!

PHOTO: The musical Cochrans… Just like Eddie

PHOTO: The dead Kurt Cochran gives an interview about the carnage on the bridge… Probably

I mean even if we ignore the fact that the Cochran’s were not in a place where Masood mounted the pavement, it would still have been impossible for Kurt Cochran to have ended up where he did i.e. on the concrete floor of the underpass that is below the bridge.

How real doesn’t that look?

However, for Cochran to have ended up there Masood would have had to have gently pushed him over with the motor. Indeed, had Masood hit him at anything over 20 MPH Cochran would have either been in the Thames or thrown over the Hyundai’s roof… Total, total bollox, so pathetically unreal that I am not even prepared to say anymore on the subject.

Melissa Cochran on the other hand is a different matter… I mean, what a lousy fucking actress… Well actually I mean what a lowlife cunt.

You see, unlike her ‘husband‘, Kurt, Mrs Cochran wasn’t thrown far and didn’t die either.

Indeed with such relatively minor injuries you would have thought that she would have been screaming out for the bloke who had been her husband for a quarter of a century.

But apparently not. However I do like the way that they have turned Mel’s head scarf into blood.

And anyway Cochran couldn’t have been that badly hurt because the paramedics didn’t start wheeling her away until 3:55pm and even then she was in her element on the stretcher; constantly checking to make sure that she was on camera.

And apparently that is what a woman with a smashed leg who has just lost her husband of 25 years looks like!

Mind you she was even happier when she got to hospital.

She is absolutely devastated… Mind you, I feel sure that the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page which raised £65,000 will help her get over the loss.

That and her acting wages of course since Cochran turned up the next day as a defiant English commuter spouting the “terrorists will never beat us” bollox.

Just one of two people that she played:

And she is also the ridiculously named  Andreea Cristea – the Romanian woman supposedly knocked off the bridge by Masood, who then ‘died’ a few days later.

Course, it is kinda hard to understand how Andreeeeeeeeea got knocked off the bridge given the new route allocated to Mad Masoods 20MPH journey across the bridge… And even then the fact of the matter is that she didn’t topple over the bridge wall until Mad Masood had passed her, but there ya go.

Now what we can glean from the video that the above screenshots were taken from was that it didn’t take 30 seconds for Masood to cross the bridge as the Met claimed it did.

I mean unless the video was speeded up of course it only took Masood 16 seconds but like I say, all the other traffic – mostly buses – were keeping pace with him… Some of it did in fact appear to be going faster!


So perhaps the Met got confused and meant that it took Masood 30 seconds to get to the point where he crashed into the Palace wall.

That is a further distance of 100 meters which would then in fact make little sense if it took him 16 seconds to do 250 meters (the length of the bridge) and then 14 seconds to do a further 100 meters.

Nevertheless, if we do assume that the Met – in an effort to distort the facts – did indeed mean that the 30 seconds was meant to cover the entire distance, then that would give Masood an average speed of 25 MPH… Better, but still a long way off the 70-76 MPH that the Met claim the terrapin was travelling at… And still not fast enough to cause anyone too much damage.

However, the video of Masood’s bridge crossing wasn’t real… It was faked footage like all the rest.

You see, what the Minions did was take a snap-shot of the bridge and added moving CGI. How do I know?

Quite easy really, here have a butchers:

And we actually see what could possibly be that hidden boat in the Sky News footage.

Course you will also have noticed that there is 9 minutes between Masood’s lazy Wednesday leisurely drive over Westminster Bridge and that “River Cruise” boat going under it. But then again you will have to decide for yourself if it is the same boat but make sure that your answers take into account the facts that if it isn’t the boat frozen in time as Masood crossed the bridge, then where did it come from.

Also ask yourself why people are still freely walking onto the bridge ten minutes after the “attack“? And do not mistake the CGI boat sailing almost parallel to the bridge as the CGI Masood motor crossed it, with the “River Cruise” boat as they are completely different shapes.

Oh and whilst you are trying to debunk my claim, be sure to explain the large un-moving swell that we see in the video.

And then, when you finally think that you have your answer, you need to take all of the following into account before speaking up and making a cunt of yourself:

Now all of these next snippets have been taken from the Chimp and are in regard to Andrea Christie and her fella Andrew Burn-Ass or Andrei Burnaz as the Silly-Monkeys like to call him… I shall be pointing out the silly old bollox as we go along:

A cruise ship helped pluck a woman from the River Thames after she plunged into the water during the Westminster terror attacks.

Roger that: “A cruise ship” – Help pluck her out – River Thames… The cruise ship more than likely belonging to “City Cruises”

Andreea Cristea, 29, was visiting London with her fiance when she was ploughed into by a jihadist driving a 4×4 on Westminster Bridge.

Andrea Christie – getting on a bit in years – on her hols with fiance – knocked into the drink by Mad Masood… Roger that too:

It is unclear whether Ms Cristea was hurled into the water by the force of the car or if she voluntarily jumped into the river to escape danger.

FOR FUCKS SAKE! Grrrr… Correction needed: Andrea maybe, maybe not ploughed into by Masood… Roger that

But despite her harrowing ordeal she managed to survive the attack after a City Cruises crew spotted her body floating downstream.

Her “body”?

Fair do’s: Christie’s dead – later comes back to life – spotted by City Cruises crew… Roger that:

The staff, on the Millennium Diamond pleasure boat, could not fish her body out of the water but thankfully managed to alert a fire service boat on a ‘realisation exercise’ nearby.

Crew can’t swim – no help at all really – Christie still dead at the moment – Captain let a flare go or something – alerted Fireboat Sam, out and about on a real lies expedition… Roger that

A witness told the Sun: ‘They tried to fish her out with a pole but she was not responding. Then a rescue boat came and took her out.’

The Chimp using second hand stories – City Cruise crew can’t fish for fuck – It’s a good job Fireboat Sam was out and about… Roger that.

Photos please Mr Photoman… Who is really me obviously.

Fuck me, what they trying to do? Push her under!

I’ll tell you what though: There is nothing like being professional and they are nothing like being professional.

Nevertheless, that City Cruise boat is nothing like our City Cruise boat that happened along 10 minutes later… Or I should say 10 minutes after Christie was either “knocked, jumped or fell” into the river below.

So we have another mystery now, as in where the fuck did the City Cruise boat that was no help at all come from?

I mean it isn’t the boat that we saw chugging across the Thames seconds before Mad Masood did his thing either.

Course, the [unseen] boat that was making the mystery swell appeared to have a squared off front as opposed to a ‘V’ shaped front.

And too be fair, the City Cruise boat name the Millennium Diamond – the company’s flag ship shown in the rescue photos – does have a squared off front.

PHOTO: The Millennium Diamond photographed on the 23rd of March 2017… The day after in other words

And you will have also noticed that in the photo above this one I also yellow arrowed another boat moored at the London Eye dock. That boat could possibly be the boat that we saw going under Westminster Bridge at 2:50 PM.

Nevertheless, Andreeeeea’s fate calls, so let’s get back to the Chimp and their Chimp-shit articles:

Paramedics treated Ms Cristea at a pier and she was taken to hospital where she is fighting her life in a serious condition.

Now that sentence is of massive importance so do keep it close to the forefront of your mind and I will return to the claim in due course

A City Cruises has confirmed that a crew did assist fire services in the rescue operation yesterday.

Based on other stories that I have seen whilst doing my research for this section I am guessing that the fire services always attend to people who end up in the Thames. However, if I am wrong please correct me and then we can mull over why the fire services always appear to attend incidents where someone ends up in the Thames.

Nevertheless, we can now implicate ‘City Cruises’ in the fraud since their Kyle Houghton confirmed that their boat, the Millennium Diamond took part in the rescue.

Kyle Haughton, Managing Director at City Cruises said:’City Cruises’ Millennium Diamond was in the area of the incident at the time and worked alongside London’s emergency services to support in the rescue efforts of a woman in the water: once alerted by people on the bridge, the ship’s Captain reacted fast on spotting her, he halted the boat in order to hold her out of the water and stop her from being carried any further by the current.

The couple were due to meet a friend, retired surveyor Patrick Tracey, 64, from Derby, at the London Eye. 

Mr Tracey said: ‘I realised that my friends were over at Westminster Abbey coming to meet me and I got a telephone call from him.

The usual nonsensical Chimp reporting… Roger that.

‘But I couldn’t hear anything because of the din… That was when he said he had lost Andreea. I don’t know how seriously hurt she is. He was injured on his leg. I imagine it’s the vehicle.’

Burn-Ass makes a weird phone call to his geriatric friend… Roger that.

Mr Burnaz, whose birthday is today, suffered a knee injury but has been discharged from hospital. 

Not too badly hurt then… Roger that.

She had been due to marry Mr Burnaz this spring and they had come for a holiday from their home in the Romanian city of Constanta. Source

Romania is not as bad as the Chimp has made out in the past after all… Roger that, over and out.

Now that report was released by the Chimp on the 23rd of March… The bollox shit-rag then released another report on the 24th:

The Romanian woman who fell from Westminster Bridge into the River Thames during the terrorist attack was due to receive a marriage proposal later that day.

HUH? If Andreeeeeeea is Burn-Ass’s fiance then she must have already received a marriage proposal from him!

And indeed the article from the 23rd stated that the couple were getting married in the “spring

Andreea Cristea, 29, was visiting London with her fiancé Andrei Burnaz for his birthday when she was ploughed into by a jihadist driving a 4×4 on the bridge.It is not known whether she fell or jumped, but Romanian ambassador Dan Mihalache said he thought the car mounted the pavement and hit Mr Burnaz first.

There ya go, the Monkey Boyz just described Andreeeeeea as being Burn-Ass’s “fiance”… Fuck me the useless lying primates can’t even spot their own contradictions.

He believes this then pushed Miss Cristea into the Thames. He told the BBC: ‘It is quite a dramatic story because they were two people that were tourists.

‘They were coming to London to celebrate their birthday. He intended to ask her for marriage in the same day and this was unfortunately their destiny.

There they go again… Lying half-wits!

‘It is quite a miracle that she could survive this very complicated experience because she was practically thrown to the Thames.’ Source

However, I do love the way that the Apes quote the made-up Romanian dignitary in poorly translated English.

But all the same, after first hurting his knee which morphed into a fractured foot, but didn’t stop him running around at the time, Burn-Ass attended the obligatory memorial service for the “victims” a week or so later.

Yet Burn-Ass is a dirty stinking lying cunt because I spotted him going onto the bridge with a crowd of crisis actors just as the fly-boyz were landing… In other words; eleven or twelve minutes too late.

And since he is just coming onto the bridge 2:52 pm you have to wonder what time the following photo was taken at:

He certainly doesn’t look to be having too much trouble with his leg that’s for sure.

Now at this point I am going to prove to you beyond all doubt that amongst other things, the rescue of Andreeeeeea didn’t take place – that is if I haven’t done enough to already have proved the point.

You see using the photos & video taken between Masood’s pretend CGI bridge crossing at 2:40pm and the last relevant photo taken at 3:15pm I can further prove to you that Terry May & her government, the police top brass, MI5 and our “free press” are all stinking, perverted criminals who should at best, be locked up for life.

So lets start with that photo taken at 2:40pm.

Course, we know that it is 2:40pm because Masood is just about to do his thing although he hasn’t come onto the bridge yet. And besides, the faked hands on Big Ben tell us that it is 2:40pm… Indeed those hands are as fake in that photo as what the Palace is.

Nevertheless, that is the shower of shits own undoing. Now you need to study the top photo carefully because it is the order of the boats in that photo –and the ones that I am about to show you – which will prove that we are witnessing a fraud.

And as you can see, I have arrowed the important points with the significance for each being:

  • The brown arrowed boat appears to be heading to the Westminster dock to occupy the place about to become vacant by the departure of the yellow arrowed boat.
  • And despite the press indirectly leading their readers to believe that the yellow arrowed boat is the rescue boat, it actually plays no part in the rescue of Andreeea – whom for the point of this exercise we are going to assume that she is about to get wet within the next 60 seconds.
  • Indeed the fact that the yellow arrowed boat is moving away from the dock in the photo proves that it was due to do so anyway since the captain couldn’t possibly know what was about to take place
  • Also notice that the yellow arrowed boat is creating its own ‘swell’ thus proving that unless a boat has been removed from the video footage, the big, un-moving swell which I discussed earlier and have also arrowed in lime-green has to be coming from the square fronted boat moored at Westminster Dock, nearest to the bridge.
  • The City Cruise boat named the Millennium Diamond which took part in the rescue is nowhere else to be seen but does indeed have a square front.
  • And although not too clear in the above photos, there is also another boat moored behind the boat that we are assuming – for the moment – is the Millennium Diamond.
  • The red arrowed boat is heading  towards us and as such could possibly be the boat that we see going under Westminster Bridge at 2:50pm in the Sky News video
  • And by the same token, the blue arrowed boat could also be that boat from the Sky News video.
  • The little orange Fireboat Sam which was also involved in the rescue is nowhere to be seen in the vicinity.

Those then are all the important points depicted in the two photos. I will however point out that there does not appear to be any pedestrians on the bridge in the photos which kinda makes you wonder how so many people were hurt.

Right, lets have the next photo:

Now we know that boat isn’t the Millennium Diamond yet with Andreeeeea having now been in the drink for 9 minutes you would have thought that the boat in the photo would have lent a hand in her rescue. Indeed you would have thought that there would have been a hive of activity on view yet all those people who are STILL walking onto the bridge AKA the crime-scene, are not paying a blind bit of notice to what surely must be going on in the river.

Unless of course we are going to presume that in the 9 minutes that has passed between the last two photos the Millenium Diamond has turned up out of nowhere (unless the MD is indeed the boat moored immediately in front of the bridge) along with Fireboat Sam and they have plucked her out and deposited her with the paramedics… Which is all highly unlikely.

However, these next photos are screenshots taken from film footage filmed from the London Eye.

Now what is interesting about those screenshots allegedly taken during the ‘attack’ by a pair of newly weds is the fact that the boat in the top screenshot appears to be the Millennium Diamond moving away from Westminster dock. There are also plenty of people on the bridge and we see an ambulance speeding [presumably] to St Thomas Hospital.

However, the traffic layout is totally alien to all the other photos of the traffic that we see taken in the aftermath of the attack and although the time Big Ben is giving is hard to read accurately it most certainly isn’t 2:40pm.

And obviously that anomaly regarding the lack of people on the bridge along with the ever changing traffic allegedly taken at 2:40pm is of concern to me.

However, I will discuss that matter in detail in due course.

So for now, take a look at this next photo.

Now in the above photo allegedly taken at 2:55pm – fifteen minutes after the attack and five minutes after the other cruise boat sailed under the bridge -nothing is consistent with various other photos taken of the crime scene from other angles at around the same time, although the traffic build-up that we can see in the photo coming towards the Palace via the Embankment is what you would expect under the circumstances… Tellingly, the boat that could possibly be the Millennium Diamond is still moored at Westminster dock.

Yet if the footage that the screenshot came from was genuine then the boat that we are saying is possibly the Millennium Diamond can’t be… That is to say that in theory it can’t be the same boat moored at the the end of the pier nearest to the bridge that we see in the screenshots taken in the CGI Andreeeeea jumping video.

Here have a butchers:

See it?

In the first of the two photos (allegedly taken at 2:55pm) the front of the boat isn’t visible from under the bridge although the end of the pier is.

However in the second of the two photos (allegedly taken 15 minutes earlier), the front of the boat is slightly forward of the pier which suggests to me that it is on the move; hence we see the big ‘swell‘ or whatever it is called – although because the footage that the screenshot came from is in fact fraud i.e. Computer-Generated-Images added to a static background, the boat (be it the MD or not) never comes into view.

Course  in theory they could still be the same boat, but that would mean that the video made depicting the time as being 2:40pm was actually filmed after the video made depicting the time as being 2:55pm.


Of course you fucking do.

However, if we rewind three minutes to 2:52pm we then get another anomaly.

That now means we have proof that the boat we are calling the Millennium Diamond – since it looks very much like it and it was indeed involved in the rescue of Andreeeea – left the pier at some time after 2:40pm but well before 2:52pm since it is nowhere to be seen in the above screenshots yet the boat appears to have returned to the same mooring in the very tight window created between 2:52pm and 2:55pm.

Very, very suspect indeed made even more so when you see the bigger picture… Literally.

Yet even then it is all still bollocks because at 2:55pm we can actually see the Millennium Diamond docked at the London Eye pier.

So are we meant to conclude that the rescue of Andreeeea was [invisibly] carried out in those 15 minutes? Indeed you would have thought that there would still have been untold boats on the water looking for other possible victims.

Yet even then the scene at 2:55pm isn’t straight forward.

And then if that isn’t all strange enough, something stranger still goes and happens.

Indeed if the time is in fact after 2:57pm then the Millennium Diamond has a very strange way of leaving the pier.

Yet none of the above ties in with the photos that the shit-rags used of Andreeeea’s rescue.

For instance above we see the Millennium Diamond and a Fireboat Sam with what looks like one of the two boats moored at Westminster Pier in the background. That means Westminster Bridge is to your left but we do not see anything like this exercise taking place between 2:40pm and 2:55pm.

PHOTO: Nothing to see here at 2:40pm.

PHOTO: Nothing to see here at around 2:50pm… Not even the City Cruise boat going under the bridge.

PHOTO: And nothing to see here at around 2:55pm.

Yet surely an operation like that would take more than a matter of minutes for the boats to get in place, do the do and then get back to their respective piers?

I mean in this photo, Fireboat Sam has completely turned around 180 degrees with [allegedly] Andreeeeea safely on board (the chimps red circle, not mine) and in the background we see another ‘City Cruises’ boat moored at the London Eye Pier.

Mind you, that moored boat could very well be the boat that we saw (below) going under Westminster bridge at 2:50pm.

Yet there appears to be no one looking over the bridge or taking photos of any on-going rescue operation. And of course I can understand that there is other things to see on the bridge itself – not that anyone appears to be taking any notice of the gore – but surely there would be a few pockets of people taking a peek over the side as well as taking photos?

I mean when the boat, the “Millennium Time” got pulled into Westminster Bridge in 2012 look at how many people gathered!

And indeed rescuing the boat took fucking ages.

Indeed in that rescue we see a perfect example of just how strong the Thames currents are – with the current flowing from left to right at the time.

You see, during the effort to liberate the Millennium Time from the bridge, a rope  was attached to the front of it in an effort to pull it round and away from the bridge.

Now that drama took around 20 minutes to resolve – the point being that nothing is a 2 minute job where boats are concerned.  Indeed going on the screenshots below it takes these boats over 4 minutes just to dock.

Yet we are meant to believe that in the absolute maximum 10 minute window where we cannot see for sure what is going on, the Millennium Diamond arrived at the scene despite being nowhere in sight, held Andreeeeea above water by fish-pole until Fireboat Sam arrived – who then scooped Andreeeea aboard and then dropped her off at the pier before disappearing… And in the meantime the Millennium Diamond docked again?

Fuck off witcha.

In fact let’s have a look at a few more rescue photos.

PHOTO: The Millennium Diamond and Fireboat Sam. In the background is the Westminster Pier yet we conveniently cannot see the other two boats moored there  

Now, unless the Millennium Diamond has turned around, then it must have come from the direction of the bridge, yet we don’t see it in any distance shots.

PHOTO: At 2:40pm the Millennium Diamond cannot be seen anywhere. Unless of course I am right about it being moored at the front of the queue at Westminster Pier.

Course if the Millennium Diamond is the front boat then it has to turn around and we have just seen how long these maneuvers take.

PHOTO: No sign of the MD turning around… Time here approximately 2:45pm.

PHOTO: No sign of the MD arriving from the left… Time here approximately 2:43pm – two minutes after the Masood drama ended.

Course there are countless photos of the Thames taken to the left of the bridge, yet the few that I have come up with taken from the right hand side (the rescue side) are rarer than rocking-horse-shit… Hmmmm!

PHOTO: Fireboat Sam has once again turned 180 degrees with the Millennium Diamond nowhere to be seen. The boat in the foreground is one of those docked at Westminster Pier.

Course, if the ‘City Cruise’ boat in the background moored at the London Eye pier is indeed the boat in the photo below then that would mean that the rescue was over well before 2:50pm.

Which is absolutely amazing since we know that it takes boats like the Millennium Diamond at least 4 minutes to dock and they are very slow to get going from a docked position.

And yet we still do not see Fireboat Sam in that last photo.

However, on the plus side, on another lot of film footage that I found – reportedly taken in the “immediate aftermath” of the old fanny – the Millennium Diamond and Fireboat Sam are present whilst looking for Andreeeea.

Mind you, the film footage also shows the RNLI life boat present along with the river-plod-squad… Neither of which were featured in the press version of events.

The video starts with the police boat heading towards the Millennium Diamond. To the right of the photo you can just see the back end of Fireboat Sam.

Now what we can glean from the photo is it is quite possible that the Millennium Diamond could have indeed pulled out of the front mooring of Westminster Pier as I put forward as a possibility when discussing the photos taken at 2:40pm when Masood did his thing.

Here, have a reminder.

The red arrow points to the possible Millennium Diamond. The yellow arrow points to a boat leaving the 4th and last mooring, and given the time you have to question why it didn’t take part in the rescue. The blue arrow points to the boat that is going to moor in the now vacated 4th mooring.

Course, at best it would have taken the Millennium Diamond at least 3 minutes to get into the position that we see it in the photo taken from the new film footage that I found.

Nevertheless, the police boat is going to attach itself to the Millennium Diamond although quite why is anyone’s guess.

And indeed looking at the above it is quite in keeping with what we see in the press photos of Andreeea’s rescue taken from Westminster Pier.

Although it is hard to understand why the press didn’t show the police boat.

Moreover, since it was Fireboat Sam that hauled Andreeea out of the water you have to wonder why the police boat did pair with Fireboat Sam.

Andreeeea is supposedly circled on the boat deck.

However, things get more confusing still as the video continues.

You see. it soon becomes clear that there are 3 boats moored at Westminster Pier.

Yet the boat that I blue arrowed in the photo higher up did not dock until 2:55 pm which would have meant that Andreeeea had been in the drink for at least 15 minutes and as such would surely have drowned.

Now in the top photo we see the boat still docking (red arrowed) at 2:55 pm yet the Millennium Diamond is already docked at the London Eye by then as is Fireboat Sam. And minutes after the boat had docked Millennium Diamond sets off again (bottom pic).

And with that being the case, the video had to have been filmed after 2:55 pm… That is to say that the photo evidence would lead you to that conclusion.

After all, the end boat in the video cannot be the boat that we see leaving as Masood crosses the bridge since that one had already disembarked from the pier before Andreeeeea went into the water.

Yet even with the best possible scenario the longest Andreeeea could have been pulled out of the water and still survived is 16 minutes maximum.

Mind you, if you look at the photos again you will notice that the Millennium Diamond appears to be heading over to the London Eye Pier which, if you ignore the end boat would mean that the rescue was either ongoing or over by around 2:50 pm – giving mind to the fact that it takes at least 4 minutes for the likes of the Millennium Diamond to dock.

Course, in the press photos of the rescue we see the City Cruise boat moored at the London Eye Pier which left sometime between 2:40 pm and 2:55 pm obviously meaning that the rescue took part in that 15 minutes.

PHOTO: The rescue of Andreeeeea taking place with the City Cruise boat in the background.

However, as you can probably guess, the cameraman stayed well clear of the London Eye Pier in this new film and as such there is no way of telling if that City Cruise boat was still moored there.

Yet that third boat moored at Westminster Pier is still the Elephant in the room.

Nevertheless, the video continues:

And as you can see the passengers on the Millennium Diamond are all facing away from the camera which suggests something is going on over that side.

Moreover, the crew of Fireboat Sam are all stood round the area that Andreeeeea was lifted on-board which suggests that this is the actual rescue itself taking place here… So why didn’t the lifeboat seen in the photo take over. I mean that is what it is for… That is their job.

And strangely enough the life-boat appears to have come from behind the pier.

Yet it just travels along up the river without so much as a bye or leave.

And also notice that the end of the pier is empty which you can see better in the photo above the last.

Indeed there is more than enough room to get another boat moored there or put another way, going by the last but one photo there is more than enough room to moor five boats at Westminster Pier… Which certainly does not look the case in other photos.

Although I appreciate that it is hard to tell what with the above photo being the best of comparisons available. Nevertheless, I have personally never seen 5 boats moored at the pier.

Mind you, the photos that are available are a perfect illustration of how the Monster-Minions set out to cause confusion and start conspiracy theories.

For instance take thee following photo.

And as you can see the air ambulance is coming into land making the time in this photo around 2:51 – 2:52 pm.

Yet anyone investigating this fraud would be forgiven for thinking that the boat in mooring number 2 has also gone, sparking confusion and the whiff of foul play.

However, when you overlay a screenshot taken from this new video you get the following.

And I really hope that you are not silly enough to believe that is just a freak coincidence… It is done for no other reason than to deceive.

Okay, getting back to the film footage, and once the life boat shoots past Fireboat Sam and the Millennium Diamond, the cameraman then quickly swings the camera to his left in order to film the action on Westminster Bridge… And indeed that footage is very interesting.

Now the first thing that I noticed was that the action on the bridge looks painted rather than video, although there was obviously movement going on. Unfortunately you really need to view the photo greatly enlarged to see exactly what I mean, although you can get a better understanding of how painted the bridge activity looks in the cropped photo below.

However, regardless of the moving painting effect, the traffic layout is telling in as much as we can compare it with traffic in other photos to get a more accurate time.

Now logically, the fact that the ambulance-motorbike is further away from the bus in the photo immediately above (it is behind the black fiat uno), than it is in the screenshot taken from the new video (it is in front of the black fiat uno), along with the absence of the light blue double decker bus, indicates that the new video was shot after the photo immediately above.

Therefore given the traffic layout in the new video and taking into account that the mystery City Cruise ship passed under the bridge at 2:50 pm followed by the air ambulance landing at 2:52 pm (see photos below) after which time the light blue bus was too far forward of its position in the new video, means that the 2 minute film had to have been shot between 2:46 pm and 2:50 pm.

Indeed, the whole thing stinks.

Now at 2:47 pm we see the light blue double decker moving onto the bridge in the screenshot below.

Therefore with that being the case the new two minute video – which didn’t begin at the start of the rescue and didn’t end at ‘mission complete – had to have been filmed between 2:47 pm and 2:50 pm… A three minute timeline for a rescue that surely must have taken much longer.

And to add further credence to that, you only need to look at further screenshots from the new video.

You see, according to the London Ambulance Service the first ambulance arrived “within 6 minutes of the first 999 call“… Which logically means that the first ambulance didn’t arrive until 2:46 pm at the very earliest since the first 999 call was not received until 2:40:50 pm.

And in the new video we see an ambulance motorbike parked up and an actual ambulance with its doors open and stretcher sat on the lift that has been lowered to the ground… Something that isn’t common practice until the paramedics have assessed the patient.

Mind you, as a quick aside, amongst the moving, painted CGI type people milling around on the bridge you can clearly see our policeman dressed as a bystander moving around.

And as another very quick aside, whilst Matey above was giving one of the many TV interviews that he did, there was a strange figure lurking in the background.

No one has legs like that cept the devil himself and although he obviously isn’t old Beelzebub – merely a representation – the message is loud and clear. I mean the fella’s feet have even been manipulated to look like hoofs.

Nevertheless, moving on quickly and you may remember the fabricated story made up by the racist press about the Muslim woman whom they claim walked passed the bridge victims, totally unconcerned as to their suffering.

Course the press claim that the story originated on Twitter but I can tell you that that is just bollox:

Twitter users branded the woman a ‘monster’ after she was pictured seemingly walking past a female victim lying on the ground during the terror attack on Wednesday.

But the woman, who has not been named, has defended herself and said she had actually been helping the victims and was ‘devastated’ after witnessing the attack. Source

Photo: The woman in question looking suitably distressed in this photo

Indeed the [non] story was nothing more than a covert attempt by the press to stir up anti-Muslim sentiment amongst the brain-dead who are too programmed to work out that they are being played.

Nevertheless, the Muslim woman was definitely an actor and can be seen in the photos below getting her briefing.

What’s more, she too can be clearly seen as one of the painted type CGI figures in the new video.


Now whilst I am at it I may as well deal with the “Just Eat” delivery bike which you may have noticed in one of the photos above.  You see, the moped was parked on the bridge for ages after Masood did his thing.

Nothing unusual there you might think.

However it becomes a bit suspicious when one of the houses raided that very same night – connecting Masood to Birmingham – also had “Just Eat” prominent in the background.

PHOTO: Police outside an address used by Masood.

Yet things went beyond coincidence when on the 8th of May 2017 the national press ran a story about a “Jihadi” living in England and working as a take-away delivery man:

A former right-hand man of hate preacher Anjem Choudary who fought in Syria is now back in the UK – working as a takeaway delivery driver.

The 34-year-old extremist – who can be identified only by his pseudonym Abu Rayah – was the frontman of Muslims Against Crusades.

The group celebrated the 9/11 attacks, set fire to poppies, and threatened to burn effigies of Prince William and Kate on their wedding day.

He was described as MAC’s spokesman and also ‘played a significant role’ in Al-Muhajiroun, which influenced a generation of home-grown terrorists.

Rayah appeared in propaganda videos for the banned terror group and was pictured standing beside Choudary at a number of hateful protests – but still managed to get a job in the NHS before travelling to Syria.


And of course the Take-Away that the Fake-A-Gay was working for was “Just Eat”:

And Anjem Choudary is of course an MI5 ass-ette.

Nevertheless, to get back on track I will remind you that we now have an impossible 3 minute timeline for Andreeeea’s rescue.

And since we can see no rescue type of action whatsoever in the following photo taken at around 2:50 pm – 2:55 pm it is safe to conclude that the rescue scenes come from elsewhere, filmed on a date other than the 22nd of March 2017.

Indeed a distinct possibility could be last year when Westminster Bridge was closed because of a demo (top photo below)

Check out the traffic… And the black Fiat Uno in the far left of the demo photo.

Moreover, the red bus in the demo photo has the exact same advertising on its side as the bus parked directly behind the “Bonds” lorry.

And I best point out that the advertisement is the same on both sides of the bus… Which just so happen to include the all seeing eye.

Mind you, as I have repeatedly mentioned, especially when referring to the traffic; there is a distinct possibility – backed by not inconsequential evidence – that some of the scenes were filmed earlier on in the day and Big Ben’s hands have been manipulated to suit.

I mean you do have to ask yourselves how two photos of the same scene taken at the same time can be so different.

For instance in the following two photos the top one shows no less than 4 boats actively sailing on the Thames. However, the second photo – allegedly taken at the same time shows no nautical activity apart from a boat that given other photo evidence should be coming in to Moor at Westminster Pier but does in fact look as though it is leaving.

PHOTO: Both scenes taken at the same time.

Now in the two photos Big Ben is meant to be showing the time as being around 2:56 pm although the big hand is extremely faint. However, on closer inspection the time appears to be around 3:20 pm with that faint big hand appearing to have been added.

Yet the time could not possibly be 3:20 pm because all boats had been cleared from Westminster Pier by 3:15 pm at the absolute latest. Moreover the lack of police cars outside the Palace gates is further testament to the time being 2:56 pm as is the traffic up Whitehall which was all cleared by 3:10 pm.

Now I will remind you that the clock hands on Big Ben are very fucking distinctive.

Especially the little hand which has a large end to it not dissimilar to the shape of a Spade playing card. It is also very short and does not overlap the first inner-circle on the clock face, whereas the big hand extends to the outer circle but does not have a big end to it. However, both hands have big tail ends which overlap the center point.

And with that in mind, have a butchers at the following:

PHOTO: Does the time read 3:05 pm or 1:15 pm?

PHOTO: Does the time read 4:05 pm or 1:20 pm? And where on earth did those trees come from which are totally blocking out George Street.

Course, in that last photo the clock hand pointing to the one clearly does not extend past the first inner circle of the clock face whereas the hand on the four does which would make the time 1:20 pm… Or put another way: An hour and twenty minutes before Masood entered the Wacky Races.

Well if they can take the right fucking piss then so can I.

Now according to the press, when Andreeeea was fished out she was bizarrely dropped off on the pier, supposedly after being handed over to the paramedics.

Hold up, that doesn’t look like Andreeeea, they are not paramedics and it doesn’t look like a pier:

Paramedics treated Miss Cristea at a pier and she was taken to hospital. She had surgery overnight which was described as ‘successful’ but remains in a critical condition. Source

So, just a case of believe what we tell you and not what you see.

Yet the press stuck with the woman who looks fuck all like Andreeeeea being Andreeea and the bird in the pink tracksuit being a paramedic as well as the treatment taking place on the pier.

But that certainly is not the pier. It is in fact Victoria Embankment… So the boat crew dropped Andreeeeea off at the pier and she was then carried up to road level where she was treated by a bird in pink… Roger that.

Is any daft cunt believing this?

Mind you, the fake plod and the actors giving Barbie a hand to suffocate the surrogate Andreeeea are doing an admiral job of looking like they believe it? But then again it is their job to do that… Not sure about the empty milkshake glasses though. Indeed you would think that the last thing Andreeeea needs is a drink.

Moreover, the long haired fella wearing the yellow watch gets about a bit.

In the above photos taken right by Big Ben the fella is very shy and the cameraman equally careful not to get his face in the film.

Moreover, he is also possibly the fella seen in the screenshot below eavesdropping in on a ‘witness’ (who is probably called Kurt) interview, filmed over on the London Eye side.

Nevertheless, I told you that they were on Victoria Embankment as opposed to the pier… And Victoria Embankment was where an awful lot of press were gathered as it happens.

Mind you, the Embankment looks awfully quiet doesn’t it to say that the ‘official‘ evidence would point to the above scenario taking place no later than 2:50pm? Note: The ‘official‘ evidence as opposed to the actual evidence.

I mean there you have in the above, clear proof of all the traffic having been cleared… And fuck me, there was a lot to clear as you can see in the photos below.

Yet the above photo was taken at 2:55pm – fifteen minutes after the drama had taken place.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

Indeed the Embankment backdrop is more in keeping with how it looked when the crooked MP Mary Creagh gave an interview there at 4:40pm – two hours after the drama took place.

It is also worth pointing out that the fella on the far right of the photo, wearing glasses looks very much like an American relation of Kurt Cochran’s who flew all the way over to England after the drama to take part in what amounts to a photoshoot.

And of course whilst I am not stating the above as fact it is also worth noticing that the big fella (3rd from the left) in the drowned Andreeeeea photo looks very much like Cochran’s friend Bret Layton.

Probably just a coincidence of course.

Mind you, I do wonder how Andreeeea was carried under the bridge by the current when the tide was actually coming in… Indeed although I am not a tidal expert, as far as I can see she should have been carried the other way.

You see, on the 22nd of March 2017 low tide at Westminster Bridge was at 2:07 pm which carries the figure 1.83 meters. Course, exactly what that 1.83 meters (6 foot) represents, I couldn’t tell you for definite because it would seem to me a bit low to be the water depth… Although I repeat, I am not an expert although I do get tied having to repeat myself… Stop groaning.

Nevertheless, at 2:27 pm that figure was 1.85 meters.

At 2:47 pm the figure was 1.92 meters (nearly 6 ft 3 ins).

At 3:48 pm the figure was up to 2.36 meters (over 7 ft 7 ins).

At 4:28 pm the figure stood at 2.82 meters (9 ft 2 ins).

And high tide was at 8:57 pm when the figure was 5.46 meters (nearly 18 ft).

Therefore, in hindsight looking at the hide tide figure, the meters could indeed be water depth. Nevertheless, the important point is that the current should have been flowing in the other direction to what Andreeeea went bob-bob-a-bobbing… Just sayin’.

PHOTO: 2.50 pm and the tide is coming in not out

In fact to add substance to my way of thinking, on March 29th 2017 (a week after the Masood drama) a man and a woman jumped off Westminster Bridge, 2 hours apart.

Now the video that accompanies the article (found HERE) does not make it clear if it is the woman or the man that we see jump but again that is irrelevant… Take a look at these damning screenshots.

Now that took the person 3 seconds to climb over the bridge wall, jump and hit the water. It then took that person a further 4 seconds to resurface and they were still in the same position 5 seconds later when the film changed to the activity taking place on the bridge… Although moving the camera away from someone in the wash is not a natural reaction.

You will also notice that the bridge’s concrete foundations are visible right over to the depth markers… Something that we do not see in the videos and photos allegedly taken on the 22nd of March, despite their only being a maximum 3 inches more in depth 10 minutes after the Masood drama had ended, than there was at the tides lowest point.

How is that possible? Answers on a post card to Teresa May – Major Criminal. 10 Downing Street. London.

Course, coincidences know no bounds in these dramas and it was in fact the same Fireboat Sam that took part in the rescue of the 29th as that which took part in the rescue of Andreeeea.

And there is more. You see, the jumper in the video ended up on the same side of the bridge that he or she jumped off… Which was the same side as Andreeeea jumped off yet she ended up down by the London Eye despite the tide coming in.

PHOTO: Top screenshot shows where the jumper on the 29th was rescued. Bottom screenshot shows where Andreeeea was rescued.

It just doesn’t add up at any point does it?

Which it wouldn’t do because it is fake… I mean Andreeeea must have taken a lot of pumping out since she was in fact still be “worked on” at 3:50 pm – an hour and 10 minutes after the “Romanian Tourist” had taken the plunge.

And despite the fact that it sometimes became a bit like playing “Where’s Wally” whilst I was sifting through all of the evidence, you can quite easily make out the pink-lycra-wearing ‘paramedic’ and the hippie with the green rucksack in the photos.

However, the yellow arrow that I have added to the bottom photo is pointing at a fella called Bobby Nagi (allegedly an Indian tourist), who according to the man himself was over here on holiday with his wife and ankle-biter when they all became caught up in the mayhem.

And indeed we saw plenty of Old-Bob – who works in the media – but precious little of his wife & sprog.

Just thought I would mention him… Carry on me:

Now on my travels I did come across a very interesting YouTube video which was filmed on April the 2nd 2016 which you can find HERE.

The video footage is in fact of the emergency services attending an incident where someone has ended up in the Thames.

Therefore, what follows are some screenshots from that video along with comparisons to the Masood bollox.

PHOTOS: Both videos featured scenes close to the Lambeth Bridge roundabout on the St Thomas Hospital side of the Thames… The 2016 footage also showed a grey Hyundai 4X4 – just like Masoods. 

PHOTOS: Both videos showed the Air Ambulance in flight

However, the oddest thing of all is that the 2016 footage shows an ambulance heading towards the Palace via Millbank and… Well, take a look for yourselves.

I am afraid that an almost identical car blocking the carriageway at the junction of Great Peter Street & Millbank in the exact same spot is just too much of a coincidence for me… Especially with the Duck-Wagon also being there.

In fact there was also a Duck Wagon with a red double decker bus behind it on the bridge back on the 2nd of April 2016… Just as there was on March the 22nd 2017.

The Duck-Motor in the terrapin attack is actually named Elizabeth… Just like our fake queen. Although I couldn’t tell you if it was the same one in 2016.

Indeed I believe that there are about 4 of the amphibious vehicles although I haven’t actually confirmed the number as it really isn’t important.

It is also worth noting the following:

Yet the coincidences just keep on going. For example the police van registration BX 16 UVX  Code CLL features in the Masood Bollox as well as the April 2016 video… And also in the old bollox surrounding the fake terrorist arrested with a bag full of knives in Westminster on April 27 2017, to boot.

Mind you, most of you will be aware of a major terrorist drill which was staged on the 19th of March 2017 – three days before the Masood bollox took place – which concentrated on a scenario that predictably saw terrorists take control of a City Cruise boat.

PHOTOS: Terrorism drill, March 19th 2017.

PHOTO: The Am-Dram on the 22nd  of March 2017

Now Anna Logical who makes YouTube videos about fake events is of the opinion that one of the actors playing a hostage on that City Cruise boat could very well be the same actor who played Khalid Masood.

And whilst I appreciate that the photo of the hostage in question isn’t the best, Anna logical does have better ones but at this stage I couldn’t be arsed to nick them. Therefore if you want better evidence then just click HERE to see Anna’s take on things.

Mind you, I still don’t think that the few photos of Masood that we have been privy to are all of the same fella anyway. And of course if the made-up terrapin was a real person then there would be any amount of photos of him since “bodybuilders” are a vain bunch who are forever having their photo taken.

Therefore, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if “Masood” wasn’t also the American [fake] killer Steven Stephens 

Or perhaps the Englishman Mickey Freeze:

Course, whether or not the actor taking part in the drill is Masood is always going to be a matter of debate although I will say that using Masood in the terror-drill photos is exactly how the Monsters get their kicks.

And that is probably why all of the national press carried the story about about a fella taking ‘selfies‘ at the Westminster event:

A passer-by who appeared to take photos with a ‘selfie stick’ in front of victims of the Westminster terror attack has sparked fury.

At least five people have died when a terrorist brought carnage to central London today, mowing down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and attacking police with knives in the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. Source

Now personally I believe that the point of the story was more to do with the fella to the right of ‘selfie‘ man. You see that fella looks very much like the fella who was arrested in April in the Westminster bag full of knives old fanny.

Nevertheless, with all these City Cruise boats involved then surely the top man of the firm must be also?

Yeah, of course he is.

City Cruise is owned by the Beckwith family.

PHOTO – L-R: Gary Beckwith, Clare Newman, Matthew Beckwith.

PHOTO: Beckwith and his wife who is also head of the firm.

Now take a look at these photos:

Just sayin’.

It is also very coincidental that the former EDL Muppet-Leader, Tommy Robinson was in London on the day in question and indeed given a platform to vent his obnoxious, racist views.

Robinson was in fact in the same area as Andreeeeea was dropped off at on Victoria Embankment and despite the “lockdown” in place he was also photographed on Great George Street.

PHOTOS: Top – The distance between Victoria Embankment & Great George Street. Bottom – Tommy the Turnip on Great George Street.

Mind you, it quickly became obvious to me whilst researching this hoax that the “lockdown” (how often do we hear that word these days?) didn’t apply to Monster-Minions/Useful-Idiots like Robinson… Or Lennon… Or whatever the dickheads name is.

Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised if the midget was on the bridge when Masood pretended to do his 82 second road-rage old fanny.

I mean even if the fella isn’t Robinson – although I am 99% confident that it is – the Minions have gone to the trouble of hiding the arm logo on the fellas coat.

And indeed his play act on Victoria Embankment was very telling.

You see, he began by calmly giving an interview to ‘Rebel Media‘ – a newish venture that he is involved in – at around 4:15 pm (an hour and a half after the ‘attack’) in which he was condemning the Westminster nonsense and putting it down to “terrorism“, before it had even been allocated as such.

That fact prompted another stooge reporter to ask Robinson if he had information that no one else present had.

And for some reason that sent the government paid short-arse racist and his gay-boy sidekick into a frenzy… All of which was obviously staged and quite funny to watch.

Nevertheless, Robinson’s rant drew a crowd (of reporters obviously since in reality the general public were excluded from this area) one of which was the woman arrowed in the following screenshots.

Indeed she was very casual in her approach but the fact is she is one of the events stage managers.

Mind you, I believe her to also be the woman in the photo below.

Although I wouldn’t rule her out as being Clare Newman from ‘City cruises’.

And in turn I believe that there is a chance that one or all of them could be the woman in the following photos:

Now this is very important because what I am going to now show you goes a long way to proving that our top policemen are nothing more than actors… Actors who are not the full fucking ticket and cannot be trusted to perform as their handlers would like them too.

What’s more and to my mind a massive unearthing of spy subterfuge taking place in this country, is the fact that the woman with her back to the camera is Annie Machon.

Who“? I hear you ask.

PHOTO: Annie Machon

Who? I hear you ask again.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Annie Machon (born 1968) is a former MI5 intelligence officer who left the Service at the same time as David Shayler, her partner at the time, to help him blow the whistle about alleged criminality within the intelligence agencies. By doing this, they had to give up their careers, go on the run across Europe (August 1997), live in hiding for a year, and then spend the next two years in exile in Paris.

They, and many of their friends, family, supporters and journalists, claim to have been intimidated, and some of them were arrested and put on trial. A death threat was announced against her on a Middle Eastern radio station.

In 2005, Machon published her first book, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair in which she offers criticism of MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service based on her observations of the two whilst in the employment of MI5.

Machon read Classics at Cambridge University and after her graduation began a career in publishing.

In 1991 she was recruited by MI5 where she was posted to their counter-subversion department, officially known as ‘F2’. It was there she met Shayler. She then spent two years working in ‘T’ Branch, investigating Irish terrorism, before being re-posted to the international counter-terrorist division, known as ‘G Branch’. In 1996 she and Shayler resigned to blow the whistle on a series of alleged crimes committed by the spies, none of which were subsequently followed up by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Indeed, how very appropriate that she should be involved in terrorism… Carry on the Wikipenis:

In 2006, Machon ended her relationship with Shayler due to his alleged use of hallucinogenics and his claims that he is the Messiah. In 2008 she worked for Make Wars History.

Annie Machon is serving as European Director of LEAP and has announced the starting of a new whistleblower protection organisation called ‘Courage’ at the 30C3 conference in Hamburg on 29 December 2013.

PHOTO: Machon & Shayler

And according to Wikispooks:

Annie Machon is now a pub­lic speaker, writer, media pun­dit, inter­na­tional tour and event organ­iser, polit­ical cam­paigner, and PR con­sult­ant. Commenting on allegations that Russia was engaged in influencing the 2016 United States presidential election by hacking into Democratic Party computers, Machon said:

“One of the things the Americans need to be very aware of is that voting computers themselves, when they go and cast their vote, have demonstrably been shown to fail over many years now. They can be hacked remotely, so that when you vote for one party your vote is immediately transmuted into a vote for another party. So I think actually the Americans might have more to fear from hacking from the American establishment or whomever, than perhaps from Russia.

She also did her bit to promote the Diana myth and had plenty to say about the Westminster bollox (see HERE)

The only thing is, she was supposedly in Brussels when she spouted her old bollox.

So first off I best clear up any doubt that the bird I am talking about – who was stage managing the top cop interviews – was indeed Annie Machon.

Okay, now have a gander at how she watches over proceedings starting with who is now the Deputy Chief Cuntstable of Essex, B J Harrington who has to be led into position to give an update on the Westminster bollox.

Throughout the update, Machon squatted to Blow Job’s right and hardly took her eyes off him… Which was strangely the opposite where the gathered press were concerned because they hardly took any notice of him.

Pausing here to point out that the fella I have arrowed is in all probability the fella that we saw earlier up on Millbank who played a builder and also an ambulance driver inside the Palace gates. He also took the piss during Tommy Robinson’s racist rant.

Now, all was going swimmingly for old B J up until people started asking questions… And then he became tense:

Blink and you’d miss it but when you clock it you can clearly see that top-cop BJ is prone to melt-downs… And I thought that I would just point the Masood lookalike out to you whilst I’m at it.

And as an aside clock the fella in the blue top filming on the pink phone in the above photos. You see I am sure that this is the same fella who was kicked off the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ program, in June 2017.

And the following is from the spy-run Telegraph newspaper::

An audience member kicked off BBC Question Time by its presenter David Dimbleby is today revealed as a hard-line left wing activist with a long record of campaigning against the Conservative Party.

Steve German was asked to leave after repeatedly heckling the panel and shouting that the Tories had lost the general election.

When the pro-Remain campaigner Gina Miller began talking about the hung Parliament Theresa May will have to deal with he shouted: “She’s a zombie Prime Minister!”

Course, top-cop, Blow Job Harrington has nothing on top-cop, barking mad, Mark Rowley.

Indeed the bloke is clearly mentally unstable which I hope is of grave concern to you all.

And this was of course the interview in which Rowley made the monstrous cock up of saying that the dead PC Palmer had been armed.

Indeed it has to be said that he was a lot more confident playing the Australian witness to the ‘bridge attack‘.

One Hundred Percent match every time… Therefore the chances of  Rowley and the witless being two different people is over 7,000,000,000 to 1… That is seven billion to one.

Now the fact that the despicable criminal Rowley is posing as a witness to the old bollox should be enough to bring the Establishment crashing down on its own… But it won’t, because the nation has no bottle.

Shame on you all.

Course, where I would say that Rowley is most definitely the Australian tourist there were also plenty of other people who were [possibly] not who they were supposed to be.

For instance the fella in the photo below who was most definitely keeping an eye on the Robinson drama.

Now the fella who is pretending to be on the phone despite not saying a word is likely to be another MI 5 Agent who turned up later playing an innocent bystander who was unlucky enough to get caught up in the “terrorist atrocity“.

Amazing how different you can look just by your facial expressions, yet I am pretty sure that you will find that it is him.

As is this next fella who was supposedly on a break in ‘That-London‘ with his wife.

Possibly much more incriminating still is the fact that the mush could also be an MP.

Although at the time of writing I have not been able to establish exactly who he is.

Mind you, in his role as a witness, his ‘wife‘ was just as naughty since she also played multiple characters.

And there are many, many more fraudsters just like them taking place in the hoax.

Therefore I think that it is time that we had a walk across the bridge in order to cast an eye over the still as yet, unidentified exact number of casualties.

However, you will have to wait for Part 3 for us to do that.